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"nine thousand shows" Discussed on Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald

Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald

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"nine thousand shows" Discussed on Fake Doctors Real Friends with Zach and Donald

"None of this all bills's humans don't have thought listen. You hit it big would spin city. Then you hit it big again with scrubs and then you've got an even bigger with ted lasso men like this. It doesn't happen like this. For most lightweight. Hit and then everything after is like oh it was good. But it wasn't no were wasn't about his new thing that isn't even announced. You can't talk about off announced here touching on its official window. Because i want the exclusive on this probably in the next week or two and then come on and tell you guys about car. Well we love you bill. And i'm so proud of you. And i guys i really. You're everywhere in all these articles. I don't want to jinx you. But i'm not superstitious. All these articles like lassos gonna sweep the emmys. So i you know it's weird and so you was to have is to promotional stuff for all that you guys both had to do that. A lot before in the show is so the antithesis of that is so. It's really hard because like the whole premise of the show is you don't care about winning and losing it's how you play the game and you know how you treat each other so it all feels disingenuous spot. I promise not zach always gives me shit you guys if i pretend not to care because i'm good at pretending nothing i'm bill. Jeanie said many things but acting is not his best thing and when he acts he doesn't give a fuck about awards it really shows through now. What about merge bill. Because everyone including this little boy want jerseys and stuff when it took me forever but It's like the first place i says. There's there's initial stuff that will come out and be available in the hopefully right in the trailer comes out which is a the official trailer for season two comes out in like three weeks and then And then all the cool like named kits and a like with a special premier league type kits come out in september. I'll club teams all of a sudden start having jerseys and stuff like that that replicate. There's already so much murtaugh. Fc and by the way what happened. I wanted to make this little boy's day. And i went on and i knew that you guys did never merch yet. And i went and like just covered with. But that's non official. So what i did was even his eight. I gave him the sweatshirt that you'd given me. Because i love this little boy so sweet and like and and just wanted to make his day his name he should probably send me fifty bucks. It's not a big deal. I like you said body. I'm joking around. Of course. I'm glad you gave it to him. A super cool. I'll put my shoulders back. Donald around and watch solos okay. I thought that's right. You have other things to do a great team. Think a great thing for this episode of talk to you guys about when you get gone by. I wanted to know how everybody's lives going miss you. it's been it's very good to see all dahlia stakes. Like golf for the first time in eight months yesterday's cow. Congratulations on now. Right me as a golfer. bill. Ted sky everything the donald the at just reopened. Va over in westwood veterans. I think they have young beautiful. Nine hole course. No one goes to in the veterans area there. It was really cool. I went there with a place that all the time with his buddies told pitch. And putt thing. But it's he loves it is beautiful. You graduated to real courses. You're the real deal now. And i see your videos and stuff. Now it's fun. It's a lot of fun with asking about my life. It's like a roller coaster right now. Are you allowed to talk about what happened or no. Yeah absolutely i mean the whole world knows about. It was the craziest thing so the day that shows her announced. I get a call at like ten forty five and it's my agent and he's like yo. Give me a call as soon as you get this. And i'm like oh shit. It didn't get picked up like when when not when your whole team doesn't call you. You know right away. It didn't give up. They only want all be on the call when it's good news right and so i call him. He's like so look. The show didn't get picked up and it's being reworked and immediately i was like oh did i cast. And he was like no. You didn't recast and i was like oh great. Cool great news. There's just so heartless. Well bill you can give them a pep talk. This shit happens all the time all the time. But it's good sign. I mean bill. I mean you know better than me. But isn't an extraordinary sign. That they want to reinvest another like nine thousand shows. Have this success story of getting of re platforming reimagined. They're currently it's already picked up making How i met your father for the second time and this one's going right onto streaming and they made the first game of thrones same. Original game of thrones out there with completely different people in it There's a scrubs out there with by the way with Notice not recommend recommend myhill ryan doing. They went onto good things anyway. Their name 'cause they both saw great careers. I you know. it's it's really interesting now because we put a lot of work into it and it was and genuinely thought that you know the the network would love it and at the end of the day they loved the characters and they love the formula idea. I love the cast. Yeah but something was missing. They said they wanted to and they wanna rework which is better. There's no better when they when you think about it. When you go. Remake game of thrones. You've learned so much from a test audience and from just your own eyes go. Here's what works. Here's what doesn't work now. he can. I mean it's such a rare position to be to go make something with so much new information and so i'm sure they tested your thing and said this doesn't work. This does work. Obviously they loved the cast. Let's keep the cast and you're going to. They're going to go into production with so much new information. I think it's a blessing in disguise. Also remember that. is imperfect business. What if you thought you guys made the first one straight care and all that you don't know that it wasn't great it's just so weird cause no one can tell you know and i don't mean this to be Been dictate or anything. But it's out there to like one of the stories of ted. Laso is jason today. Kherson i went to every streaming site and It wasn't a bidding war. No one bought it except apple demean. I'm not doing it now to go like ha ha you know but it's And people wanted to like it. And they're nice. People and i know people at different companies in still past past past past past It's just kinda hard because you're asking people to roll the dice on guessing. How people are gonna react to something and that's kind of an inexact science you know. There's a reason why breaking bad's on amc because every other place passed so it's part of the game it's the weirdest part is better. We could all watch the original game of thrones and go. This is awesome but all right well we talk. We talk about that. A little bit on The black side When it does come out but we talk about how you know..

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