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The Informal Settlements Reshaping the World

TED Talks Daily

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The Informal Settlements Reshaping the World

"When i was six years old growing up in columbia. I made one of the most baffled decisions of my life. I asked my mother to change me in the school to this cool words. She was teaching my surprise. She say yes so. I switched from my reach private catholic school to a public school where ninety nine percent of the students leaving condition of extreme poverty. Only meal some of my friends ate today was the one that was given a school. My friends and i live close to each other worlds apart. I live in a neighborhood with a museum a library parks and they live in a neighborhood. We lack of the most basic necessities. So just whatever. Water tweeted more importantly leaving a place surrounded by danger from guns two landslides. There's still funny was not unique up. In the mountains and dean informal settlements thousands of families were having the same problems that my friends under families fearing that the police or the rains will take their homes away. I learned so much from my friends. With what continue to surprise me. The most is there. Asean and optimism in the face of adversity. Growing up with people that i care. He's with had lived me to this informal settlements. I teach now at the university of colorado boulder in the province of environmental design. I still waiting for moments. Because even if they're invisible to most of us. Dave represents one of humanity's biggest challenges and yet they provide great insight. Yuko cd's develop and innovate.

Columbia University Of Colorado Dave
How to Avoid Making a Gigantic Mistake When Buying or Selling Sponsorships

Entrepreneur on FIRE

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How to Avoid Making a Gigantic Mistake When Buying or Selling Sponsorships

"Are brands really looking for. When they purchase sponsorships well. I think you're actually an excellent example of what brands are looking for. And that's something that feels natural where the audience actually cares about that product and you've managed to endorse that brand or that product to your audience and show them how you're using it yourself or why such a great product and they should get behind it if it doesn't feel natural if it doesn't feel like the creator is genuinely behind the brand. It's going to be disaster. And it's really difficult to fake that i do that. Warren buffett quote that it takes twenty years to build trust and five minutes to destroy it so fire nation. When you're running your business. You want to make sure that you know you like in you. Trust the product the service whatever. The company is behind those that you are promoting to your audience because your audience a bad taste in their mouth like literally. It's a food product or figuratively. If it's like a software or service they may never trust you again no matter how much value giving them over the years because sometimes just take once so be very cognizant of that so let's get into like the specific details of what their definition of success means like what keeps these brands coming back for more were they looking for for quote unquote. Success will look ninety nine percent of the brands. That are buying sponsorships today. Have some sort of performance metrics that they care about their looking for conversions whether that's sales of their product sign ups to their website downloads of their app. Registrations leads to have some sort of conversion that they're looking for and they have a price that they're they're willing to pay for that conversion happen and i think that a lot of times i felt this a lot myself as a crater is. Sometimes we get kind of we. We think that our content is the most special thing in the world. There's nothing like it. A brand has to pay top dollar no matter what to be inside of my my content and it's definitely true that that you bring something really special to your audience and you build up an audience that is loyal to you and trust you but i think we also have to realize that the end of the day that brand is going to have some kind of ceiling of what they can pay you which is going to be calculated down to some sort of performance metric so the best thing at creator can do is have that conversation with the brand beforehand and and really set expectations of what the brand is looking for. And what's they believe they can

Warren Buffett
Sam Darnold's Time Is Coming

Fantasy Football Overtime

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Sam Darnold's Time Is Coming

"I'm gonna start with arguably my most controversial take of the day sam darnold. What's the heartache. And if he is he gonna go sir. Not darnold in slinging. Sam darnold three year career. He's never finished inside of the top. Twenty five at the quarterback position. He's also never thrown for over thirty one hundred yards or twenty touchdowns in a year his career completion percentage sits at fifty nine percent in addition if we look at last year specifically. It's his worst year of his career. Twenty two hundred yards through the air nine touchdowns and eleven interceptions in twelve games. If your take is that sam darnold is bad like you. Just prove that. He's bad like. I don't know where you're going with this but darnold is bad. You're trying to say is gonna finish outside of qb. Thirty two sam darnold careers. Been absolutely terrible. Nobody is going to argue that including myself. It would be pretty easy for somebody to up his career as of bust in move on and in fact. Almost everybody is already done that rightfully so sam. I am one of the few people that still truly believes in you. I'm here to tell you why showtime darnold is going to finish the season as a top twelve quarterback showtime where nicknames coming from you top twelve top twelve quarterback darnold the prospect in darnold product have been polar opposite so far. But let's remember that he was a number three overall pick in the two thousand eighteen draft. He went ahead of josh allen and lamar jackson. The reason he was drafted ahead of them is because scouts were drooling over his size his arm strength and his playmaking ability on the day of the two thousand eighteen draft dane brugge a well-known senior analyst for nfl draft scout listed darnold as the clear number one quarterback in the draft. Obviously that hasn't been the case but the point that i'm trying to make is a talent was there and i know space jam to just came out and unless the monster stolas talents. I'm confident in saying that. Those talents are still in that

Sam Darnold Showtime Darnold Josh Allen Lamar Jackson Dane Brugge SAM Darnold NFL
2021 NBA Draft Preview With Mike Schmitz

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2021 NBA Draft Preview With Mike Schmitz

"Really wanted to get answer is nice enough to fit us in mike schmitz who does nba draft analysis for us. Here at espn mike. Thanks for taking the time man. I know you're super busy. Yeah no problem. I actually in on my way to new york here for the draft so We're we're getting closer all right. Yeah no kidding. Perfect timing so we got you in route just in the next couple of days. I mean obviously every year is different. But how how much you think things will change in the first round between now and the actual draft. Yeah i think that teams for the most part you know. I've kind of their big boards set to some degree. But you know the biggest thing. I think that can change things as traits honestly And you know that's where from a betting perspective you know you're you're locked in on you know your your lock the draft or whatever it is your can't miss batman some team moves into the top ten and you know That kind of throws everything a for loop. So that's that's the only thing. I think That can really change things but you know other than that. I have a pretty good sense that you know the way we see things in the top ten or so Feels solid but again. It's it's always fluid. We've got more than forty eight hours to go here. Great so let's talk about just the first pick because you know the the betting odds are we saw a trevor lawrence at the jets. Pretty pretty extreme. But you know the pistons is whether it be doing their due diligence or whatnot. They've tried out a bunch of guys. How solid we with cunningham because there are reports of trade at least interest from other teams now not necessarily detroit but teams wanting to go up. Yeah i think pretty solid you know. I i think vegas has this one right You know i think cunningham will ultimately be the guy and you know even if it is like you know. Say detroit in this. I better say detroit. Is you know more interested in having moberly or jalen green and they wanna swap with houston houston to cunningham at number one i think ultimately cunningham is gonna go number one regardless. I feel like ninety nine percent. Pretty confident about that I think the league feels the same way but you know detroit doing their due diligence. I don't think it's more than that. We saw that basically a few

Mike Schmitz Trevor Lawrence Espn NBA Cunningham Mike Detroit New York Pistons Jets Jalen Green Houston Moberly Vegas
Reaction to Tesla's Q2 Earnings Report & Earnings Call

Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

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Reaction to Tesla's Q2 Earnings Report & Earnings Call

"We're here we just got tesla's cute cute. Twenty-one earnings report and shareholder letter and wow the results are phenomenal. I'm extremely impressed with what has been able to accomplish in the second quarter. Uh going to quickly go through. The financial results will look at a couple of takeaways from the shareholder letter as well and then we are going to segue into the earnings call. Afterwards of there'll be a different link for that down in the show notes but we'll get this out before then so right off the bat. Let's just look at some of the numbers here. Shift over to excel and we can see how tesla's actual compared to the analyst consensus as well as the numbers that was forecasting so deliveries. No surprise there came in right as we expected them to as they usually do automotive sales. tesla significant beat here versus what i was expecting in versus what analysts were expecting a three percent above my levels two percent above the analysts consensus that was driven by Better actual average selling prices because as you can see here regulatory credits which we talked about. In the preview i've consistently been forecasting those two high this time forecast them to her forecast tula previously. This time forecast them. too high. as at five hundred million deaths reported three hundred fifty four million meaning non automotive sales excluding regulatory credits was way way higher than what i had expected meaning average selling prices. Were much better than what. I had predicted Same thing here. With energy tussle beating my expectations by twenty six percent. Animals consensus by thirty nine percents Driven by just greater They say greater recognition of mega pack sales as quarter. Scroll down here. We can see that. A tesla over about one point three gigawatt hours of energy storage. A second highest ever. I and significantly up quarter over quarter about three times. What tesla did in key one. I'm quite a bit higher than my expectation as well as analyst consensus so that drove a beat on the energy line and then the service and other line that also came in ahead of analysts expectations. About right where i was. Forecasting it at So tesla delivering a pretty big beat about a four percent beat on the top line number there with about twelve billion dollars in revenue up ninety eight percent year over year

Fauci Says US Headed in 'Wrong Direction' on Coronavirus

AP News Radio

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Fauci Says US Headed in 'Wrong Direction' on Coronavirus

"The nation's top infectious disease expert says the country is in an unnecessary predicament of soaring Kobe cases fueled by unvaccinated Americans and the beer let delta variant describing himself as very frustrated Dr Anthony Fauci says we're going in the wrong direction and that recommending vaccinated people wear masks is under active consideration by the government's leading public health officials conversations he's taken part in he made the comments yesterday on CNN also saying booster shots may be suggested for certain people who have already been vaccinated more than a hundred and sixty three million people or forty nine percent of the total U. S. population are fully vaccinated I'm Julie Walker

Dr Anthony Fauci Infectious Disease CNN Government Julie Walker
The Mask-Mandate Debate Is Back as COVID-19 Cases Surge in the U.S.

NBC Nightly News

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The Mask-Mandate Debate Is Back as COVID-19 Cases Surge in the U.S.

"In the us in that fourth wave of covert. There could be a major shift in the cdc's mask recommendations men. An alarming number of new cases. Nationwide making fitzgerald has the latest tonight. The worst case scenario among the unvaccinated. If you're like going back into battle again and it's definitely it's definitely a another way. The highly contagious delta variant fuelling a surge of new cases across the country dire warnings from the nation's top. Dr going into the fall with the delta variant we could have a really serious problem with a considerable surge of infections the variant sweeping through the south texas arkansas and florida accounting for forty percent of new cases in the country but in miami thousands packing a stadium for a live concert here literally drowning and people as the cdc now says they could recommend mass for the fully vaccinated indoors joining cities like los angeles. St louis and new orleans but in arkansas a new law banning mass mandates goes into effect. This week it's important and not to have the current debate about mask wearing but have the current emphasis on getting a vaccine only forty nine percent of the country's fully vaccinated those without the shots making up ninety nine point five percent of cova deaths frontline workers once again with urgent please to the public. We are seeing younger patients. All unvaccinated are sicker. Dr michael building has been working in the cove award in fayetteville arkansas. Since the start of the pandemic he seeing more kobe patients now than ever before. What would it mean. The union collie more people vaccinated less pain and suffering and call less families to tell them their their loved. Ones didn't make it.

CDC Arkansas Fitzgerald South Texas St Louis Miami Florida Dr Michael Building United States New Orleans Los Angeles Fayetteville
Soy and Cancer: The True Soy Story With Dr. Neal Barnard

The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee

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Soy and Cancer: The True Soy Story With Dr. Neal Barnard

"One of this podcast series. We learned about the wave study and the promising results that it offered. And then we also learned as i said that soy is a huge part of the study but i would imagine because of the prevailing theories about soy that. There are a lot of people who are going to hear about this study. And they're going to be like it. Sounds pretty good. But switches makes me nervous You do hear these miss quite a lot in the the big one is this. Soy products have eyeso- flavonoids in them Natural compounds but maybe those compounds could cause breast cancer because they might adhere to the estrogen. Receptor if you go online you'll see lots and lots of writing like this and which also means it. Scientists have had a lot of time to study it and see what it is Chuck let me show us a couple of slides really quickly if you don't mind because it's important to look at the data on this sure In two thousand eight researchers did a meta analysis. And that's where you combine the results of prior studies in this case it was eight prior studies and the groups that they really focused in on where people who consumed a lot of sorts. So he could see. Is it safe you Quantities tofu soy milk me so tempe every day. So they looked at asians asian-americans and what they found kind of blew everybody away. The connection between soy cancer was it. Soy reduced the risk of breast cancer and it did it quite a lot by twenty nine percent in other words. The women could suing the most ahead twenty nine percent less risk of breast cancer compared to women who kind of neglected soy so looks like a preventive but they went further a at least five. Different studies have looked at women who had cancer treatment already and in some cases they avoid so afterwards in some cases they continue to have it. It turns out that those women who who continue to have soy those having the most soy greatly reduced their likelihood dining of cancer.

Breast Cancer Soy Cancer Chuck Tempe Cancer
Biden's Spending Plans to Increase Inflation

The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

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Biden's Spending Plans to Increase Inflation

"Walking back. I am joined by brian. Westbury of i trust portfolio is the chief economist for i trust portfolio. You can follow him on twitter at westbury brian. I are going to atlanta and october to talk about the biden. Inflation and brian i am. This is so counterintuitive inflation went up and the ten year treasury went down. It is now at one point two. Oh nine percent at the lowest. I've ever seen it. Can you explain for the steelers fans and indeed me how it is that inflation can be on. everyone's mind. The ten year treasury dropped the one point two percent. I mean you there. There were a bunch of things going on what happened And we have the new delta variants out there. we have We we have the potential of a slowing economy. We have the biden administer administration and congress working on another three and a half trillion dollars spending you know and when you put all that together what what i think. A lot of investors were worried that we could shut down the economy again over that delta variant or That we were going to have a much slower growing economy as spending waned You know government spending government stimulus weight. And so i think that helped like worry. Investors that the economy would slow down but i think the real reason that the ten year treasury yield is so low and in fact a whole what we call the yield curve. Everything from three months to six months to one year. Five years seven years ten year twenty year bonds. is that the federal reserve is promising to hold short-term interest rate at zero. That's where it is. And so if you sort of think about this. If the fed says we are going to hold short-term interest rates at zero for three years well that means the three year treasury yield. well also be zero

Westbury Brian Treasury Brian Biden Administer Administratio Biden Steelers Atlanta Twitter Congress FED
‘It’s Not the Government’s Job To Protect Anyone’

Late Night with Seth Meyers Podcast

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‘It’s Not the Government’s Job To Protect Anyone’

"Morning. Steve doocy strongly earned viewers get vaccinated. Brian kilmeade insisted. It's not the government's job to protect people who listen if you didn't get a backsaw nation. That's your choice if you did like i did. And and they did. And maybe you did then. You should not wear a mask and if you didn't if you wanna go cliff diving squeak you don't have to check with me. It seems a little dangerous. But i'm not going to judge you and if you go ahead and put yourself in danger if you feel as though this is not something for you. Don't do it but don't affect my life. Maybe ninety nine percent of the people who are dying from. Kobe are unvaccinated choice. They don't want to die so they are. The administration and the government is saying we need the mass mandate to protect the ambassador and that that is not. That's not their job. It's not their job to protect any bottle. Yeah if the government was supposed to protect you have an apartment for like the department of defense or

Steve Doocy Brian Kilmeade Government Kobe Department Of Defense
How Anxiety Affects Our Body and Minds With Dr. Dain Heer

Anxiety Slayer

03:29 min | 2 weeks ago

How Anxiety Affects Our Body and Minds With Dr. Dain Heer

"Most of our listeners. Reach out to a nanga. And i i would say almost every day worried about the sensations that they're feeling in their bodies when they start to get anxious or when they feel an anxiety attack coming on or maybe they just have a sour stomach or heart palpitations nausea and the list goes on and on but it is the number one concern that we hear from our listeners. That what what do i do in it sends them to the er and causes all of this health. Things id and so. As i was reading the book reading body whispering. I was like oh. Who does this belong to is probably a place i want to start with with damon. Talk but certainly take us where you wanna go well. It's an interesting time. We're living in as we all know. and what i found about those who experiencing dieting is the huge majority of them meaning over ninety percent. Okay probably over ninety nine percent somewhere in the ninety nine percent range Tend to be highly sensitive highly aware individuals who have never been given a reference point for that much awareness. Nobody's ever told them and you know and they're the ones that are that are these oftentimes these sweet creatures or at least. They started like as as he's really sweet creatures who just wanted everybody to build better wanted everybody to be healed and such a high level of emotional sensitivity that the it seems like an overwhelming to be aware and nobody else is talking about it from this place that it's actually an awareness. Awareness is actually a capacity and so if we just turn the turn the spotlight here in the lighthouse just a little bit well that also applies to our bodies and we have a lot of people having a lot of stuff going on with their bodies right now and and it's an interesting thing because a lot of it seems a lot of it is. There's a lot of fear which is one of the things that if you if you take. Fear fear crazing dieting. But if you take that in amp up a stepper tour ten then becomes bordering on paranoia. Which is a high state of anxiety. And what that. That's one of the things if you look at what that does to our bodies physiologically or me etc. I'm dr at many. Other people discussing those aspects of it. So i won't. I'll just acknowledge that it's there what that then creates is. Is this sort of ramping up. Because anytime like if you think about it this way if you've got one of those degree wake up in a great mood. Everything is working. everything looks beautiful and everything looks possible. And you're like wow. This is so cool but if you wake up one of those mornings where you got the snooze alarm twenty seven times you don't want to get out of bed got massive anxiety. Everything seemed grew that lens. And so there's probably many but at least two conversations going on right here. One is that people's level of sensitivity is not just mental physical.

Heart Palpitations Nausea Anxiety Attack Damon
Confirmed: We Played a Lot More Video Games During Pandemic

Talking Tech

02:01 min | 2 weeks ago

Confirmed: We Played a Lot More Video Games During Pandemic

"After the show to learn about special financing for talking tech listeners listeners. It's mike schneider here and i'm proud. Molina wilkin back to talking tech. Mike i know we wrote stories during the pandemic about people playing video games as we were forced to adopt a stay at home lifestyle but now there are some actual survey findings support. This tried brett. The entertainment software association. And that's the trade group that puts on the annual electronic entertainment expo which we refer to fondly as e three That association just released its annual essential facts about the video game industry report and found that more than half of video game players fifty five percent so that played more games during the pandemic and most players ninety percent so they'll continue playing after the country opens up. This is based on a four on four thousand. Us adults surveyed by the market research. Firm ipsos For the usa now some other findings Respondents said that video games provided stress relief. That was from fifty five percent of them and forty eight percent. Said you'll games provided a distraction Parents also said that video games churches in escape in a break for the kids. That's seventy one percent of parents surveyed said and more than half a parents. Fifty nine percent said their children play educational games in two thirds of parents. Sixty six percent said video games made the transition to distance learning easier for their kids. Some other interesting fact survey overall two hundred twenty seven million americans say they play video games and that's up from two hundred and fourteen million the year before. I don't know what you think. The average age of video game players brett but they are thirty one years old. How many games identify as female. Forty five percents Eighty percent of the game players in the us are over. Eighteen

Mike Schneider Molina Wilkin Entertainment Software Associa Brett Mike United States
US Overdose Deaths Hit Record 93,000 in Pandemic Last Year

AP News Radio

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US Overdose Deaths Hit Record 93,000 in Pandemic Last Year

"U. S. overdose deaths hit a record in twenty twenty the centers for disease control and prevention released an estimate that a record ninety three thousand people died of drug overdoses last year that amounts to a twenty nine percent increase over twenty nineteen the nation was already struggling with an opioid epidemic and experts say lockdowns another pandemic restrictions isolated those with drug addictions and may treatment harder to get Shannon mon it is an associate professor of sociology at Syracuse University she says what's really driving the surge in overdoses is increasingly poisoned drug supply contaminated with fentanyl she says her research found increased deaths were more likely to be people who had already been struggling with addiction along with nearly three hundred eighty thousand deaths attributed to cope at nineteen the overdoses contributed to what is overall the deadliest year in U. S. history I'm Jennifer king

Centers For Disease Control An Syracuse University Shannon Jennifer King
Some Warn of Market Bubble, Bitcoin Bull Bill Miller Disagrees

CoinDesk Podcast Network

02:18 min | 2 weeks ago

Some Warn of Market Bubble, Bitcoin Bull Bill Miller Disagrees

"What's going on guys. It is tuesday july thirteenth. And we're talking about why bitcoin bill miller doesn't think it's a market bubble even though others seem to think so i up however let's the brief i other brief today it is. Cpi day and i don't need to tell you guys as regular listeners of the show how contentious debate around inflation is right now. The fed is invested in trying to convince everyone that the numbers are high but transitory based on specific dislocations related to the world coming out of corona wall street is invested. Because they're worried that the cheap money party will come to an in their minds. Premature end if the fed is forced to take action and raised rates. Bitcoin is are invested because inflation eating people savings and generally making their lives. Harder is a key part of their philosophical thesis for bitcoin. In the first place all of this added up gives the release of new numbers a pretty serious significance. Well the latest numbers are out and they're pretty sure to make this debate rage even hotter the consumer price index jumped zero point nine percent in june month over month. Five point four percent year-over-year. The monthly change was the largest. One month changed since june. Two thousand eight when you excludes food and energy the so called core. Cpi month over month was also zero point. Nine percent in year-over-year was four point five percent. This was more than expected. Bloomberg economists had predicted zero point. Five percent monthly and four point nine percent year over year. The big drivers of inflation are sort of what you'd expect. Increased demand particularly around things like travel. And they're also continues to be supply shortages. Although many commodity prices like lumber are starting to come back to earth there also shifts in employee expectations. A lot of people are making different. Decisions are looking to be paid more for the first time in a long time. Some of these costs are being passed on. Forty seven percent of small businesses rose average selling prices in may and that was the highest share since one thousand nine hundred eighty one now as always. There is a ton of hemming in hong about the implications of all this. And i'll just point to one tweet. That i think nails it from melting mirrors. She writes cost of living. Cpi is up five point four percent year over year with june alone. Seeing zero point nine percent increase median price. To buy a home is up twenty. Three percent year-over-year wage growth is up three point. Seven percent

Bill Miller FED Bitcoin Hemming Hong
Factoring Health Care Costs Into Your Retirement Fund

Motley Fool Answers

01:56 min | 2 weeks ago

Factoring Health Care Costs Into Your Retirement Fund

"Are the most important steps in retirement planning is basically determining how much it'll cost however this could be a challenge when the price tag of one of the biggest items in your budget could be anywhere between a hundred and fifty thousand dollars and more than a million dollars lace. That is how much a sixty five year old couple couple retiring in twenty twenty one could spend on their lifetime. Retirement health care expenses according to health few services. The range is so wide because the cost will depend on all kinds of factors such as where you live even your incomes. It's medicare premiums are based on your tax return. You know your current health health status and of course any future ailments that may happen to you and to add. Insult to the cost of injury. That estimate doesn't even include the possible price tag. A term care. Actually it turns out that healthcare is unique among the retirement expenses for three reasons. I it's likely to the expense that will go up the most when you retire unless of course you go out and buy rv or something like that. Bank estimates that on average the cost of medicare premiums are almost triple the amount that employees paid for health insurance coverage when they're working people who retire before medicare eligibility at age sixty five can expect to pay more than six times what they're paying for employer provided coverage secondly most expenses actually stay flat or even declined over the course of retirement. The one big exception is healthcare healthy services estimates. That kurt retiree should expect their costs. Will rise five point nine percent a year every year for the rest of their lives and then third healthcare likely be the most unpredictable expense. You'll have in retirement. The amount you spend on things like you know housing food transportation entertainment. They'll be within somewhat narrow ranges that are at least somewhat within your control out but healthcare costs. They're gonna vary up on all kinds of things like government decisions. The healthcare industrial complex and most importantly whatever maladies afflict. You over the rest of your life.

Medicare Kurt
Uber, Lyft Woo Drivers as Prices Soar

WSJ Tech News Briefing

01:49 min | 2 weeks ago

Uber, Lyft Woo Drivers as Prices Soar

"Maybe you've had this experience. You're running late to meet a friend or maybe you're headed to the airport. You've got no time to get on public transportation. And when you open up your favorite ride hailing app. Boom prices are surging. Well that's the situation facing more and more people. These days uber and lift prices for the second quarter are estimated to be seventy nine percent higher than they were during the same period. Twenty nineteen before the start of the pandemic according to fair tracker grit wise. so why are prices so high. And what does it mean for passengers drivers and the ride hailing companies themselves. Joining us to discuss is tech reporter. Redick arana high predica. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me on the show so there are a couple of different angles that we can look at this from. Let's start with the passengers. What differences are passenger seeing when they use the ride. Hail apps well. Zoe fares are at an all time high right now. So what passengers are seeing. Is you know skyrocketing fares just to go from your home to maybe your office As people returned to work they're taking to social media to say. My uber ride now costs me five times as much as i used to pay before the pandemic they're also seeing wait times go up so the landscape has absolutely changed for passengers as well. And why is that. Why are prices so high right now. Well the companies are facing a massive shortage of drivers. So what's happening is more and more writers are coming back to. The roads and a large pool of writers are competing for a limited pool of drivers because not as many have returned to keep pace with demand. So what's that doing is that it's pushing the prices of those rides

Redick Arana ZOE
Are We Looking at the Wrong Jobs Numbers?

The Indicator from Planet Money

01:57 min | Last month

Are We Looking at the Wrong Jobs Numbers?

"So the first thing you have to know that unemployment number that we hear every month. That's not the whole truth there. Six unemployment numbers at the bureau of labor statistics puts out every month. You one all the way through to us. Six stands for unemployment and normally like different kinds of unemployment numbers. This is the kind of thing that is interesting to like labor. Economists like nick but right now it is crucial. So with that in mind. Darrien led us wade in to the wildly technical world of unemployment numbers the universe if you will level one you one so you. One is for people who have been unemployed for at least fifteen weeks or longer. Okay you one. This'll be like a recent college grad who has been applying to jobs actively for four months. Hasn't gotten a bite to you too. So that brings us to you to which means no waiting fifteen weeks to be counted and youtube. But you have to have lost your job or had your job end so the graduate probably wouldn't count but youtube would con somebody like an ice cream truck driver in new york. Somebody whose job goes away when the summer ends level. Free free yes you. Three is the unemployment that we all know in love. U-3 three the big cahoon app. This is the number we hear every month. This was the five point. Nine percent youth recounts she was unemployed if you are actively looking for work and are ready to start right away so this is the recent college graduate plus the ice cream woman. Nick says you three is very clean. Very simple not a lot of room for ambiguity. That's why people like it. That's why everyone looks at it. If you want to censor what the hell way market looks like you. Basically say okay of everyone who was actively looking for a job. What percent of them don't have a job at what one right now and. that's what you three. That old trust unemployment rate is trying to get at.

Bureau Of Labor Statistics Darrien Youtube Nick New York
In Diversity Push, Oscars Invite Several Stars To Become Academy Members

AP News Radio

00:48 sec | Last month

In Diversity Push, Oscars Invite Several Stars To Become Academy Members

"Some new invitations have been handed out to join the motion picture academy among the new names being asked to join the people who vote on the Oscars are performers but you probably saw on this year's ceremony they include Marie about clover and Andre day as well as Oscar winners Amaro fennel and singer songwriter her other task to join the Oscar party include SO ray Robert Pattison Janet Jackson and Leslie Odom junior invitees include performers and directors as well as others who work behind the scenes to make the movies there are three hundred and ninety five people invited to join this year as the academy looks to become more diverse of the new invitees forty six percent are women and thirty nine percent are from under represented groups those accepting the invite will have voting privileges for next year's Oscars I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

Motion Picture Academy Amaro Fennel Ray Robert Pattison Leslie Odom Oscars Oscar Party Clover Andre Marie Janet Jackson Oscar Oscar Wells Gabriel
"nine  percent" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM


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"nine percent" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Concludes that forty nine percent of austenite should have the ability to to break into home ownership that's down from the historical level of fifty nine percent according to the firm yeah the average percentage of households that can afford an entry level home in the one hundred and thirty major markets the firm analyze nationwide was fifty four percent the statewide average is fifty five percent so again I want to ask the question is that about it I mean I understand for the first time homebuyer yeah that's that's a problem if you want to live here in Austin but is it truly a problem when the economy is going so well here when the whole market is on fire like it is here is it a problem I and I would say it depends on who you ask I I think largely it's probably not a problem it's it's a problem if you want to hold that yeah that that I got that I got that but yeah what is the urgency to address this this well as the party affordability issue obviously right here in Austin in the affordability issue across the board what is the urgency to address this on over that city officials were talk about yeah we're gonna do some about it but they don't and they never will what's the urgency if if things are just on fire here in Austin jumping here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety you're talking a few minutes ago about the the pay raises the Travis county commissioners gave themselves yeah double digit pay raises in percentages over the next several years it's it's kind of like salt in the wounds if you think about it because it wasn't just days ago that that very same Travis county commissioners court was **** and moaning Cryin about that three point five percent cap on the roll back tax rate should that lawmakers approved if you want to increase taxes above three point five percent you got to go to the voters county commissioners city council's all across this area they said all it's going to break the bank we're going to go bankrupt we just can't do that we can't be restricted that way and then days later given themselves these big old fat cat pay raises right people in Travis county should be incredibly pissed off right now then look at the entire Travis county commissioners court except for general daughter who's out against this right he said this is despicable we can't do this kind of thing does look at us he says look at us forty doing nobody and nobody showed up for this hearing show yeah I have nobody shows up to Travis county hearings it happens in the day when the red taxpayers are at work I gather Lotto enjoy it but it speaks volumes as bad optics it's it's it's bad it's bad everything and it's hard to get my head around it how how you have given all the other places that money could go in the city right now that would make a difference it doesn't make sense and they are not happy with the fact that we will see it and take a thirty thousand dollar raise this year after a thirteen thousand dollar raise last year there you go at the same time they're just nickel and dime minutes trying to find money for county employees who obey been begging for pay raises here's Jerrold I mean I just don't know how we do that and look at people in just you know because we can do it because we're the commissioners isn't it odd that we have and that we have a public hearing today and no one shows up there you go but they did approve all that they got themselves a pay raise should be nice to to be able to vote yourself a pay raise on the backs of taxpayers yeah who are complaining about high taxes I want to work that bush seven twenty five here on the tide.

five percent thirteen thousand dollar thirty thousand dollar fifty five percent fifty four percent fifty nine percent forty nine percent
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"And they say, okay, rob. We can't float anymore. It's time to go to closing. You have to lock the rate in before you can go to closing. And you know what? My sisters brothers best friend was wrong. Oh rates did not get better. And in fact, they're much much worse. And I'm not going to give you a nine percent interest rate. What are you gonna do? And you're gonna ask me to bring more money to what are you gonna do? Rob. I mean with you got me hand, are you gonna walk away from the dream home? Are you going to walk away from the home that you're in? That your wife's in love with that. You've showed the kids, and you put the pictures on Facebook and you've enrolled the kids in school and everything or you're going to take the ridiculous nine percent right now. That's obviously, a very outlandish example. No one's going to raise the rate that much. They could what would you do? I mean, what are they raised the rate to four or five six seven eight nine ten twenty. If it's the day before closing, what are you gonna do? You're stuck your stock? You have two choices take the higher rates or walk away from the house and the industry knows that most people will take the higher rate, and if he actually attached if I walk away. There's also penalties attached, right? I'm gonna lose my escrow. Absolutely. You can even get sued by the seller at that point. Because see the thing is you have financing in place. Now, some real estate contracts are written that you're financing has to be below a certain rate or else it doesn't qualify. But even that expires with the finance contingency. So it's just a bad situation. So the way to protect yourself from. This is simple. Make sure you get the the rate lock locked the rate in up front do not let them convince you to play the float game the only person who benefits from you playing. The float game is the mortgage company. Okay. Because remember it costs us money to lock your rate. Rated right. So by locking your rating upfront we take more risk in the market because I have to lock your than if the inspection comes back bad or the appraisal comes in lower. And he's things I could potentially have losses in the market, and we have really complex formulas. I wrote for our hedging software that that I wrote the does all this here at our funding. And and I think we do it better than most people. So we don't take as much risk. But some lenders have a really high risk, especially when when you're dealing with a mortgage broker because the. Mortgage broker the Leonard is even know if they're actually going to get the loan. So the mortgage broker to lock the loan with the lender. And the Leonard is even if the mortgage broker really has a file interview met you. And so there's all this cost built into rates around locking..

Leonard Facebook nine percent
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"Movement Mortgage is, a national company and Matt was just telling us how they. Give forty, nine percent of, the. Proceeds fourteen nine percent of their proceeds to a cause that goes out and helps construct. Schools churches the whole nine in in in countries that. Need it you know probably the, most yeah, the, next part of. My career is to get more involved in that part of it so you can sign up and go to mission trips customers can sign up and go. You know we we host them. Then there's a, cost, of like a plane ticket and. Whatnot to get there and everything else is paid for? You stay with the, community help two kids you meet a lot of people. You, bring this, you you become very much humbled by do you think you're more valuable here bringing business in 'cause I, mean, you you. Are one of the top producers in? The northeast so I mean don't you think that you'd be more valuable. Here. Instead, of swinging And a. Hammer because I I don't really. See you swing, a, hammer as I look at an. Opportunity to explore the world because we you know an? Over around very well, I do have a fantastic team that works behind me. That, supports me, so couple of days I'll be back yeah you'll be you'll be You know when I when I want vacation Matt radio just went to, Bahamas I I gotta tell you I. Was so excited because for the first time truly the first time since. I've started my business it ran so. Well, probably better without me I would, not say that I'm kidding but I when you're talking about your team and, your back and support for your clients and and that's really what it's all about and there's so much that, can happen in the real estate transaction there's so..

Matt Hammer fourteen nine percent nine percent
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"The nine percent is a fallacy the governor is pushing there we go going right into the governor governor actually gave you enough money to give you the raises and it's a fallacy only because now you're gonna have superintendents the local side and school boards agree to give that some of that nine percent to people that aren't teachers love it so the twos on education associates really oh my god this is crazy all right billy welcome to kansas city hello billy hey guys how're you doing all right all right so listening to the show here obviously and i hear about a sodium getting rain they wouldn't that kind of raise the money because they're supposed to be the first line of the shooter situation you maybe they should get a raise for that then rachel cedric wants them to be the eyes and the ears to be unarmed and go hey that guy is a gun maybe they should get hazard pay that very true i guess you know an increase to tell somebody i love you instead of don't shoot me it's probably the way it's exact yeah you know what my job has gone from being what normal custodial duties to go over and try to give a a shooter a hug to try to stop shooting up the school i should get a raise maybe the right thing maybe they're right too much going thank you i appreciate it brother thank you appreciate it well there you go this is why you like the show you know maybe doug should call in and talk to us because this doug ducey oh dougie do no chance i know but here's a chance to go hey teachers look at i told you i'd give you this i gave it to you in now you should go on the offensive the the actual people who control your salaries are the ones not giving it to you so what are you what are you blaming me for you want more winds from trujillo the message has been clear throughout the red for me who way way way way way the message has been clear throughout the red fred movement this isn't just about paying me as the teacher i want to go into a classroom where the ac works i want to go into a clip well there's a hundred million dollars to that he put in the budget to get the capital improvements i want to go into a class where the ac works i wanna go new classroom where we have textbooks that take us pass the reagan administration now i thought it was only bush anyway are there really only books that i was michael hicks listening are there really books at usd that only have reagan as president i wanted to go into a classroom where the wifi works i want to go into a staff lounge where the fossil works i want my monitors who have my back to have a livable wage i want the librarian to have a livable wage but four million won't go very far towards sobbing the district's massive infrastructure needs this this is epic right here new school buses we need thirty of new this new that.

nine percent hundred million dollars
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"Yeah yep guys i'm actually got a pretty good idea on the horizon i want to get your take on it and see if maybe you want to be a interested in this and stop you there zac i'm gonna start off a saying i'm a i'm a like a ninety nine percents no really for job ninety nine percent yeah okay well then ford i have the offer for you evacuate still be decades could jake you have that one percents right now i want to open up a breakfast place called i hop because move because there is no i hop anymore now it's i hob and i was thinking wow i'm totally going to jump on that name i'll take all their stuff for l trade market they've already got the signs up i'll take him oh you're in you're in also the name i hop well whatever you want and we can make it now that's up for discussion i thought you know international house of anything to the p i guess instead of pancakes baby paninis panini shop international house of people uhhuh yeah pie possibly imagine how's the pebbles like fruity pebbles.

jake ninety nine percent
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"Ninety nine percent of our our specialty is working with hr directors has they put together programs as they're transitioning people out downsizing rightsizing whatever you wanna call it as well outplacement firms in that being a firm that helps people find their next job so during that twenty five year period when nine out of every ten new individuals that i need just lost their job that that's really become a focus a lot of these individuals as well as the outplacement firms and even a few hr directors that want to help individuals is they're transitioning now they would ask me if i had something that i could give them so that they could kind of read up on what to do what not to do during this time and i research trying to find things that i could provide people as a resource i discovered that it did not exist so that's what really prosecutor write the book i want people to have a tool that they can turn to during the period of transition so that they do not make financial errors that destroy their short term in in greatly reduced the possibility of them accomplishing their longterm objectives as well so let's get into the little what can a reader expect well i i i let me tell you what they should expect and that's a boring block with a bunch of financial terms and ratios and boring grass i wrote this book because i wanted it to be an easy and engaging read so i used to road trip with road signs as metaphor because i think we can all relate to a road trip in using gps to navigate our way and i hear i said you know navigating the financial bumps in the in the unemployment road in a very wanted to guides the reader through every stage odd financial planning registry during a stressful period especially what that what do i do immediately for the short short term and that's what we're talking about really wet to immediately do and then you can worry about the longterm once you you've taken care of what matters.

prosecutor Ninety nine percent twenty five year
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"Nine percent are doing it in a porta potty is the most disgusting thing ever it's not possible it's well it's probably possible dan because if you think about mile high club stuff that's really not that much bigger than the space on an airplane just disgusting don't we disgustingly not possible just it's so goes against every instinct of survival to be well if they are feeling like getting intimate i suppose i have to believe and the only thing that would make me feel better about this as if they're just a nieve rated and don't know better or something like there's just no way in a with a sound mind do you think that that is i feel like the just the very aromas that come off porta potty they light up something of me something something primal that says go the other direction get away from this this is so gross awful awful awful and the other places at festival settings where people more private thankfully or tense maybe an rv of those things make sense even a vehicle or you know back of a vehicle or something more sense than a porta potty the porta potty rockin don't come knockin i cannot is no way no way now i will never be able to look at a porta potty the same guess exactly the same as it grows thing is to be avoided at all you can read more about it on the toby until he page awash fm dot com and coming up in a few minutes what mothers really want for mother's day and i'll share kind of what i'm hoping for although i feel like it's very selfish for me to want this that's coming up in just a few minutes time is running out six.

dan toby Nine percent
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"The general feeling towards immigrants in the survey was positive seventy nine percent of californians support a pathway to citizenship for dreamers sixty six percent are against the mexico border wall but fifty nine percent said they find it important to increase deportations of undocumented immigrants despite believing they should also be able to purchase state health insurance so they should be able to they should be able to purchase state health insurance as your deporting them okay nari california's typically hold positive views of latino asian american and african american people white people were viewed most unfavourably with sixty nine percent of respondents claiming they hold held held positive views of the race by the way i couldn't answer that question what they're asking me to judge an entire race wait a minute i can't answer that question what's your what's your view on blacks you have a rebel what are you what's your favorite race what wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute is this is this the hitler survey group i've heard about them what what what what are you talking i'm sorry you asking me to judge an entire race what go white meat a judge an entire ethnicity horrible his identity politics are you go that's what you get with identity politics.

hitler seventy nine percent fifty nine percent sixty nine percent sixty six percent
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"In other sometimes sometimes the height of of a movie that uh anything can beal no matter how good it is the doesn't heal the planet and save your marriage partnered up to the high wife tipper vets promise keeping siliconsomething ninety nine percent on rotten tomatoes i'm i react badly to that i'm like well it can be accurate right you want to be the you want to be the one guy them on i don't wanna viewers at just who i am okay that's you know i don't want to be checked off while ninety nine percent will love it we will uh will uplink you factor should we will we will pick it up i i guess we shouldn't spend too much time talking about a movie we haven't seen in don't know anything about the so a although hayuth our show we can do what we want and we will once again next week when we come back and do three more brand new shows it's been great having you all with us this week look forward to being with you again and until next time lived to see it inspiration to help you do insurance of okay turned out you're going to let your budget be the boss of you take control with progressive name your price tool tell us what you want to pay for car insurance and we'll help you find options to fit your budget here's the music to get you pooped down don't don't don't i i hear your budget laughing at you oh wait that's just those kids laughing at me.

beal ninety nine percent
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"Meditation practices but as we talk about in the book we've done a case study of a very very long term 'practitioner in our lab pu his consented to be identified in his name is media rinpoche a in he's a tibetan lama who has done many years of intensive retreat practice in his brain ages in the ninety nine percent tile of a large group of individuals against which we compared it uh using these objective parameters when you say ninety nine percent of all you made he he's if if you had a hundred people in the room of his age his would be correct on just brain thus convene a reverse mortgage slows it i think it's important to make that point yes than we have cereal mri scans over a 14year period with him and his brain is definitely changing an aging just like your brain or my brain is but the what is showing is that his brain is ageing more slowly so what we just said is that there is it in the vendee diagram of you know what meditation is good for and purpose for and all the other things about the mind and human life that concern us there is imperfect overlap between those two circles but we should say that there is significant overlap so what meditation is good for and what meditation was designed for an we've used words like awakening and deconstructing the self and they're they're other terms like enlightenment and insight these are at least as conceived advertised antidotes to human suffering at its most basic or lease as as it was conceived to be its most basic in the traditional buddhism and it's also i'll add one more piece here is also an antidote to or at least connected to.

ninety nine percent 14year
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"Children seventy nine percent are you assistance according to our guest lordhill from the nonpartisan ppi see so these statistics indicate that a good number of children in california schools come from families with an undocumented immigrants what are the numbers it's about twelve point three percent of an a k through twelve schoolchildren are undocumented california and that's probably at over eight hundred thousand students in the state and that that impacts them i'm guessing stood the scores of of of some of those schools because these kids are having probably different more did little more difficult time in school and well we don't look at them separately in any of the data that's collected by the state uh many of them are likely to be english nurse and we do have a variety of curriculum in place to help english honours and then the state has been focusing on at uh with local control funding formula the government attempt to his legislature the governor been at attempt to kind of phone those programmes more let me kind of switched to let's talk about daca uh the deferred action for childhood arrivals program the news a lot lately can you briefly describe the program and the number young people who are affected nationally and also in california so nationally it's about eight hundred thousand young people who have successfully applied for dhaka and in california it's something like two hundred thirty thousand that have successfully applied so again where that about a quarter or more of the on undocumented immigrants that fall into the daca category large number it is a large number and the daca program what it does is provides a way for young people who came.

california dhaka seventy nine percent three percent
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"The other day who's in a bachelor pointed this out to me on the federal income taxes nine percent is paid by corporations nine percent of the total nine percent of the total which means the overwhelming majority of federal income taxes that come into the federal government is revenue our paid by individuals individuals now if you own a home and your live in a blow stadia who a red stayed in you pay tax insists way you look funny that way and all these things on the table cutting your interest deduction or capping them on your mortgage cutting your property tax deductions if you have a property tax bill from the state some one a cap at someone who eliminated cutting your state income tax reduction again depending on your state we have a handful of states and a small handful states that don't have income taxes the vast majority do including red states or the red states but stage don't pay federal income taxes you do stop listening to this crap from these republicans about why are you know let the blue state pay more were subsidizing that they're not subsidising anybody when you fill out your federal income tax form or somebody does it for you you are signing under penalty of perjury has nothing to do with the state red blower indifferent our goal is to protect individualism private property rights promote capitalism complication wealth creation opportunity job creation how come it's okay on the corporate side which on four but when it comes to the end of it well side were bernie sanders and they're already being attacked tax cuts for the rich there are no tax cuts for the rich unless you're croke what twelve million dollars well look at that a tax cut for the dead guy well this a juggernaut it's on his way and you know what really annoys me i'm opposed.

federal government perjury bernie sanders property tax income tax blue state nine percent twelve million dollars
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"They're just shuffling the numbers around our going to reduce taxes over here were to raise taxes over here to pay for it at the end of the day whatever change happens to your tax is going to be so inconsequential for ninety nine percent of you as to not even be worth discussing the ideas of radical tax changes were we clean up the tax code where we eliminate the mountains of pages and gray area that exists in our task owing to go to something like a flat tax or a consumption tax or one of the other really simple and straightforward tax programs that have been proposed time and time again he's not even on the table aside the being discussed what we get our a bunch of people in washington acting like they're fighting for you acting like they're doing the right thing for your benefit and working for the people when in reality behind the scenes nothing changes it makes me want to pull my hair out and you want to know what makes the change because governments not gonna just implode on itself in venezuela is collapsing in on itself right now in the government those in power are still in power and when venezuela ultimately implodes and they have their whatever their coup is in their rebirth and whatever the next thing is that comes along they'll be a government there too this idea that we're going to live in a government list society is is a grandiose dream.

venezuela washington ninety nine percent
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"And these are some of the incidents that took place but the ninety nine percent of people they protested peacefully and they were there to protest what they said as racism and bigotry and white supremacy and for that i applaud them now oddest thing about the whole weekend is in i i never saw the crowd from what i saw the people that were the free speech rally i only saw highlights of one speaker who was talking about the need to all be united and and again i didn't see a lot of it was only tiny blurb but i don't know what happened is that tv stations didn't air it and then you've got an anti for purse and cursing out a trump supporter and ntv protesters telling a black female police officer you're supposed to be on our side and then we got some of the sounds of van tifa and what i'm saying is you'll live early have in these events you do have agitators but the good part is that was not the representative group of people protested peacefully for all the right reasons and you've got to give an awful lot of kudos to the mayor of boston and to the police department they did their job and they had people getting in their grill in their face coming up to a push in them shoving them and it's amazing how prepared they were and how professional they were and how nobody as far as i know got hurt in this thing but that but those agitators were the with the small amount that was not the overwhelming ninety nine percent and for that that that's that makes america stronger stand up against racism and bigotry and hatred and a people want to want to do that i support them and some of you got mad at me this week and 'cause i said yeah it's it makes america strong when people speak out against white supremacy racism and bigotry four you know whatever the protest was amount anyway let's let's play some of these sounds and bringing up to speed everything you yes um i want us and we should have be afraid throat right right hearts now trump's what one ooh.

officer van tifa boston representative america trump ninety nine percent
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"That's down to fifty nine percent now fifty nine percent of republicans strongly approve of the job he's doing that that proves potentially problematic it was 73 percent february sorry about that seventy three percent in february of republicans strongly approved of the president john performance it now down to fifty nine percent in march it was sixty nine percent so it's gone 73 sixty nine fifty nine among his most core republicans strong approve errs of his job performance that's been chipping down that is also a troubling sign for the white house so that is where we are on approval but what is probably the most eyepopping number in this entire poll is the trust issue now i know a lot of trump's supporters miss eight nobody in the country elected him president thinking that he was some angel truth teller and had a very good bond with the american people when it came to trust that wasn't true and i say to those folks who are uh trump supporters you're right you're right this may not be as crumbling to the trump presidency in the trump a brand as it is for other presidents because he did have a trust deficit going in to the presidency here's the difference at that time in the election people were making a choice and the person he was running against hillary clinton was also seen as totally untrustworthy not honest so in making a choice between two untrustworthy people that is what they did the voters did last november it is a very different context now with donald trump.

president hillary clinton donald trump john fifty nine percent seventy three percent sixty nine percent 73 percent
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"I'm not trying to argue that the lord was on one side or the other of the debate about europe my my point is that when he your when the gospel writer who was looking for the supreme symbol of political control he picked the coin of course he did the economic policies and some site issue that ministers get around to in their spare time offer harte's governing it is the fundamental purpose of government and if your economic policy is set at a continental level then eventually that becomes a political union that was all radic was always honest enough to make that argument as we're most people on the continent if not here and the logic of that argument it seems to me now becomes inexorable it will it will either break apart or it will have some as the germans have done incredibly well out the you run a massive balance of payments surplus with the rest of the eurozone indeed until the eurozone italy actually ran a balance of payments surfaced with the germans now because they run a massive deficit with the germans you join the euro zone of the euro at a highly advantageous rate so you now run a balance of payments surplus nine percent of gdp nine percent highest in the world highland china's against european lull by the way which doesn't allow nine percent surfaces it doesn't allow both than six percent over a threeyear period is this not sometime when you have to give something back in the form of a transfer union of moving funds to countries that are not doing so well out of the european out of the eurozone 900 you'd have to make me feel embarrassed with being from gemini but this comes back to your question the month 'transfer union is it is the political will on out.

writer harte china italy nine percent six percent threeyear
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"Point nine percent accuracy knowing what was on the original manuscript protocols we don't have now because they were up of power they disintegrate a long time ago but we're in incredibly fortunate position uh uh you know with the new testament of having an extraordinary way to detect pitstop price of of actually getting back to the original and and that's something that will make no other documentation of that period has in terms of the reliability and so what oh what bought cost you know at the gloss off empty kind of approach to scripture a today williams with every shot she glock glass half full and i am brimming over really because we've got these amazing results is that really do show us what the original fat that we can be very very uh you know a happy about reliable uh to show so soon and so on it the me that was an interesting example wet you you hit you see one thing you hear an argument an argument which if you any red bought book you might go away thinking wow that's really put the nail in the coffin of christianity by its any once you have the conversation with someone who knows what bought about your nice kind of where he's coming from that you realise actually does away to fight judge to every story yeah well that's that's will put and i i think that um i had just come to say when i read f f bruises famous book the new testament documents are they reliable and i remember thinking how i never dreamt did there was so much proof that the the new testament estimates documents are in fact reliable 'cause you hear these silly things like well they were changed in the middle ages or of you know and it's it's really based on nothing when you actually look at it you say the reliability of these these documents and of these narratives smart outstrips the reliability of anything leaking compared to it i mean if you talk about what evidence do we have that aristotle or socrates ever existed it's instantly less than the evidence we have you know for the new testament accounts and so and so forth and but nobody ever.

williams nine percent