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"nine ding project" Discussed on UN News

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"nine ding project" Discussed on UN News

"Is not only concerned with designing new buildings to the highest environmental standards. She's also helping to transform those extremely leaky buildings. She mentioned. we are in grove street in brooklyn and these are four buildings that are part of a nine ding project called casa pacifica and the project is to take existing buildings and bring them to the passive house standard. The passive house is based mostly on creating an airtight enclosure. That is insulated with continuous installation. Ventilation that is done with heat recovery. So that when we're taking heated air or air condition air out of an apartment. Were taking energy that we put into that conditioning and putting it back into the incoming airstream you've really put a new brand new skin on outer layer on the existing building. A how complicated is that to do. Well you know it kind of looks simple when you look at it now but it was It was a puzzle to figure it out. Most projects such as cassava are encouraging examples of innovation. Climate action. agenda. It's clear that they contact place in isolation as giant. Joseph explains joined up thinking is needed if the city and state to achieve their goals. We need high-efficiency electricity to heat and cool our buildings so that means moving off of the fossil fuel based sources of heating that. We have today for buildings. We need to make our buildings. Energy-efficient contain the costs associated with expanding the electric grid because we are going to need to build out the electric grid if we are to electrify the four million buildings and in new york state. And then the third thing we need to do is Incorporate more load flexibility into buildings so that buildings can communicate with the electric grid and buildings can ramp down and ramp up their loads to balance the overall systems and whilst established cities such as new york are grappling with the legacy of their past other parts of the world or urbanizing at breakneck speed. Potentially storing up problems for the future. Christofle is the head of the housing unit at un habitat the un agency that promotes safe and sustainable urban environments a supporter of retrofitting products like cazar perceive which improve existing housing stock. He's confident that the developing economies of the global south can benefit from the kind of innovation seen in new york from the best figure. I'll work on housing with his very large share of the emissions to come about of like the new housing stock that is required to be built in your future. So when we work as you touching on the future of cities your forensic for it's really key consideration to make sure that decision and this new housing stock can mitigate the impact undo on the climate but also contract to reduce greenhouse gas emission. some companies are pretty printing houses in africa sub saharan africa. And some years ago this would have not been really maybe like the most attractive approach to reducing greenhouse gas emission. And especially from the lakers. Joel point of view. But it's a very. It's a very interesting solution to be able to produce housing at scale at cost but also By streamlining the way that you are building house in the also like sourcing sourcing materials. You can really have a positive impact on the environment by reducing emissions christofle alone head of housing at un habitat back in new york. No one is underestimating. The scale of task ahead but there is a sense that the political technical and logistical stars are running and that we have a fighting chance of achieving the goal of bringing down global temperatures one building at a time. It's not rocket science. The challenges that we need to achieve. There's just a a lot of issues. We need to work out on the ground. We gotta get the costs down. Are we going to get care. I've traveled to some european countries where they set these goals. And they say they're gonna try and that's what we're gonna do. We're going try. I'm katelyn and you've been listening to the latest on the flagship podcast from news for daily texts audio and video stories. Go to a website. News dot u. n. dot org..

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