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"niloh rose sikora" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

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"niloh rose sikora" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

"And i'm actually supposed be dealing with these motherfuckers in a couple of days and She was stuck out there for a good minute trying to catch her flight. Home and everything So you know kind of adding all that into the mix it's just It's fucking headache. Man i it really really is a headache. So i'm trying to push forward through that and You know get through it and everything. This may be kinda born talk for some people. But you know it'd be very easy for me to just come on here. Raw came to us from the staple center and frano fourteen thousand people. This person beat this person. This person beat that person and that person beat that person. the show's over subscribe. It'd be very easy for me to just do a show just like that. And then just roll the fuck out. Lord knows there's already gazillion fucking shows. That already operate that way. I would like to leave. You guys might now you you you know and it shows you know you guys like your substance you like to in type of stuff in all that But yeah that's that's currently what's going on with me design. See i'm excited. Getting ready for. It is crews Going to be taken. Lots of pictures gonna be recording. Lots of video footage So make sure you stay connected on the social media pages as i'll definitely share what i can When i can with you guys but honestly the way. I'm doing this believe it or not. I'm going to be doing this. Straight up aren't are not at us. Honestly i'm going to be doing this because it's a longtime common as far as that. Good argos rollin off the air. We'll talk about that. In a little bit you know nice little go home. Show for thursday's crown jewel pay per view and everything. I am telling you. I said already. I can't stress it again in all my years that i have been on the air. And i've done podcasts. After podcast post show after post show you guys have no idea how a pains me that. I'm not going to be able to watch all these great shows that's going to be coming up later this week going into the weekend and then coming right back here to talk about them with you guys would potential new listeners. New fans of the show I'm really bummed out about it. Because everything that i have been doing when we get these weeks like what we got right now where there's just so much good shit. That's common about love being you notice by now you've been checking out the show long of i love being on top of that shit talking about with you guys. So i'm i'm really really bummed out but trust me when i'm able to get some nice chill moments I'll definitely next time. You see me on the air after crews. I'll definitely give you guys. Some nice bullet point thoughts because i mean by then will be days removed from all the stuff to had went down with all these shows. But i'll definitely give you guys bullet points as far as my thoughts on all the shows overall. I promise you guys but a lot of cool shit. Going down this week Awa dark elevation results by the way for this week Not really results. I won't spoil it for you guys. But i will tell you how the matches look for week's elevation. Dustin rhodes gustavo santana ortiz phase. Jake and sean mama. Luda mullah believe. I'm pronouncing that right. Meanwhile wardlow took on well austin. Niloh rose sikora teamed up to phase diamanti. Actually no this was a Six woman tag match. So nile rose an emmy sikora. They teamed up with diamante and they faced the team of red velvet real.

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