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"nikolai owen hart" Discussed on The Jim Ross Report

"Ricochet is thirty a offing thirty. On Friday, the former member of Taylor longs thug in a bug in fries. Rodney Mack before eight. Rodney is the husband agendas, and she is indicate women's champion and a of an athlete. Jess was a great best welfare in college. Very tough point guard. And tough to say the least on Saturday lay great Kyoko Oscar have been ninety two board career yet. What a body, what you just what a nice man. He really was nice man. He's his biggest contribution as a teacher was triple h. On Sunday when half the w hall of fame tag team, the black jacks, Jack Lanza we'll be eighty three. Jack was a huge, huge part of our team in town relations as an agent on the road. And you know, providing me for mation feedback and things of that nature. Great set of eyes on the road in a very smart guy from schoolteacher Jacqueline's Eighty-three on Sunday, Nikolai Volkov would have been seventy one. I can't think of anybody wrestling that is more well locked. Universally, the Nikolai Owen Hart comes to mind, nNcholas that sink on a guy. There's another better than little weight of mercy. Danny's five sixty six years old on Sunday. I love the Waylon mercy character. I just wish that Danny had been able to acquire that entering persona a little earlier in his career because he would have been printing money baby, big money. The late buzzsaw fifty, nine years old. This Sunday, the WW babe of the year in two thousand four. Stacey Keever thirty nine of issues. This beautiful today. She was, you know, ten years ago twenty years ago on also this Sunday, the eldest daughter, Eddie and Vickie Guerrero Raquel she'll be twenty eight when she was just a little bitty baby. On monday. Are w fee tech team champion. Ten Taga will be thirty six. I'll tell you folks that team in the match with the young bucks they they went to different level is Tonga Loa ten Matanga. They should great athleticism. What they give you some raw guttural animalistic tendencies. They make you feel that they will kill you and probably to most of us could I like that team? I like the passion motor. They make you believe that's far the battle on Tuesday. Missy high fifty, five. I did a lot of TV with MRIs days and not as much midsouth but she was valet. But with in WCW on our Sunday show, we do the wraparound together. I'm told that they're all over YouTube. Those reference haven't seen them so bad. So MRI be fifty five years old on Tuesday, happy birthday to her at also. Now the big birthday on Tuesday, you'll be only Chris Joko crews. I'm talking about the identity heavyweight champion, Kenny omega Kenya, mega thirty five years old this day. And of course, Kenny omega won't. Friday night will defend his title on access.

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