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"niko primo" Discussed on ROADIUM RADIO

"We got something in the works. Okay now Where can people expect to purchase this music? Would it be on all platforms as well as you gotta be at a specific website or on on a deserted platforms? Okay okay whenever you drop any of this. Please let me know and we'll promote here. Okuda were promoting the maybe you can Which brother or maybe some of the artists. Yeah Chop it up and talk about it and push it and you know help you help you do what you love. Yeah thank you know what I'm saying because I'M GONNA take one of the reasons. Why one of the reasons that encourage me to start this. This podcast is because when I was crying when I was still filming. Were editing. This documentary too. When you're when you're at it almost three hour documentary. I was literally reaching out to a lot of people that what did they had a small podcasts or big podcast where even radio stations and believe me. I think I've got a lot of turned like people would turn me down now. It's okay but and a lot of these were not only Chicano websites Chicano podcast and some of these will be radio stations. If you will and were turning me down men that they were down and I'm GonNa say this and a this really hurt me because I'm not all to try to make people look bad. Yes but these were my own people telling me this when I would play him a clip of my documentary. They said No. Because there's blacks in its that's what they that's what they said and I and I said well I'll Mexican you know aren't you gonNA. Isn't that good enough. You know know you know. How does that sound to everybody in the outside listening you know what? I'm saying I would never do that. I would never do that so I got turned down. Here's the funny part when this podcast taken off so most people that turned down wouldn't get into any of us. They hit me up. And then when are you going to interview like they had really fucking audacity to ask me you know and I just say you know what role I can't help you. I didn't wish no. Ill will on them. But I just can't help you because they shut the door on me. You know what I'm saying and get biddle not here you know anyways other than that. How can people reach you? I think we've been putting up your part of your own. I'm sorry you're on Instagram Jonah. We put up his instagram. Okay yeah so people can reach. Your instagram is that would it could reach you for possible booking or whatever. Yeah Yeah. Everything's on facebook. Nothing I do have a facebook. Hardly ever on their same thing. I like to post on my facebook and get out. Yes you know. I'm already old but I consider facebook to be for old people like you know what I'm saying like walkers yet and believe disrespect. I know some people are going to say fuck you Tony but believe me. I like instagram. A maybe I'll get into quitter my daughter try to convince me to get on twitter but I'm not going to get into twitter but other than that at this time any shot. You WanNa give a while. My boy org grabs a chair is just right down next to you to my family. My my wife Melissa. My Daughter Research Artisan Mason there are. There aren't really kids. My family are big big. Big Big magic manager matters. I'm here he's always looking out Blanca from Bobby. She's always looking out for me And other artists my my brother. Love's sicko focus little brother Bundy dog dope while you're passing the MIC to him. I'M GONNA go ahead and give my shot outside so he can get a little bit comfortable Once again Johnny after my shot. I'll put the camera back on. Og Big wicked first of all. Thank John The book and Elkins and I want to take my boy Digi Daniel Jones and also. I wanted to give a shout out to bobby presents. Because she was supposed to come here she actually wanted to come here and show today but I know she kind of lose a distance from here but once again I support those that support me by up his apparel by him out shirts hats everything you want. He gave me the website or you can hear them up at On instagram you saw his instagram. Their OJEP- big wicked him up there or he will lead you to the website or whatnot and you buy him out. I want to help him promote and sell all of his ship. Okay so once again Would you be wicked? You have a couple of shots. You had a couple of things you wanted to save him a job though you think you avoid her meeting me for the platform issue network as I mean. That's only this dollars reviewing still are appreciated. Real quick almost shadow but I wanted to say to the haters shade. First of all I mean bullet Dick. Thank you for watching us in the comments. Lambing again help. I go fucking issues but other than that. I mean for God's sake nominee autonomy. Your took the job Tuesday to they. We have a special guest okay. So you're GONNA WANNA tune in all the way from the LBC. You're going to want until Tuesday upholstered supplier tomorrow for Tuesday and I'm also going to post it tomorrow for my Wednesdays guest on Wednesdays we have a west coast legend And in my opinion on Tuesday West Coast legends from the LBC. So stay up. Stay blessed Rhodium radio episode. Thirty seven. Little Blackie only big weekend from the big Ole See. Go ahead you. I saw a collaboration. Some make this an amine wicked from Brown side The three boys little dangerous drave these are upcoming collaborations. So y'all know shit so get that voice little danger and probably be Otiji from Senator Dole threats from Compton Stopper. Sim Center from a crime. Family tests from Riverside differ steel snooze. GonNa Legrand Yatta from Columbia Corey out there in Egypt. Madam. Ashiq orders. Part of Brown's side and author may go we got a little southside worldwide. Remix coming up magical course. Thank you for always showing love Adriano. See mahomes Abloy Boy Baby Casper Mobile Rascal other. Oc music artists out there and shit and collaborations can't forgive him up boys that already gus odds with and Shit. I wonder dominiol throughout the interview. But the lake also known as most wanted familiar enemy a screamer restaurant Beasley. I mean much loffer for lung showed. I mean the only got in a car accident. I mean recipes my boy. Don't it'll five Goblin? Little g from crime family also got a track record with them back in two thousand and released it two thousand eighteen. I haven't released it because all WANna put it in the album as some reason not out how why smoke He never dropped the or the B but tracks little one record. Two Thousand Fourteen maiwod. The Barber listen those little red school from my Hood Alison. Let's face Mr de Southland. Because king go one eighty seven above the law. They've been writing that track dear king. Niko Primo Moolah Melody Man. I hope I didn't forget anybody visuals. Fuck in I mean I got a whole mother fucker this or everybody ring. Boy Put me right in his camera. I'm going to say one lasting cut us off because I'm about to go. Donald takes a pitcher. Take some shots but drinks or more so Once again Tuesday now mean now..

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