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"nikki moog" Discussed on FT Banking Weekly

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"nikki moog" Discussed on FT Banking Weekly

"Let's move on to of final topic of the day and tsb nine this story that we will be watching for weeks the systems crisis at tsp still hasn't been resolved and the chief executive pool pester is looking ever more beleaguered a pretty exceptionally tough intervention from the treasury select committee as well last week caroline yeah that's right it's a pretty grim week fatiha spe and a sort of nydia following the nas few weeks since the it outage and nikki moog who's the chair of the treasury select committee captain aloft by saying that tsp board should give serious consideration as to whether mr pestis position as chief executive of tsp is sustainable so pretty powerful and totally unprecedented action by the treasury select committee if you think back to all the chief executives that they've had in the stocks over the us book diamond for goodwin flowers none of them got that treatment from the select committee fennell the board is saying that porpoise still has its full confidence but those being some drip drip new story since then even regarding the amount of money that tsp's having to pay sabato tubs of its it unit sabadell being the spanish bank that owns has built a movie correct that's the parent company and tsp is reportedly paying one hundred ten million pounds a year to sabah because it uses it subis unit for this it system and also there was a leaked ibm report over the weekend which raises more questions about porpoises evidence to the treasury select committee andrew bailey who's the head of the financial conduct with already had already labeled mr pestis first set of evidence to the committee as overly optimistic yes it's not looking great for him and it does conjoined up memories of the treasures let committees inquisition.

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