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"nikhil harry brand isabella" Discussed on Patriots Beat

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"nikhil harry brand isabella" Discussed on Patriots Beat

"The 5th round is the special team's grand for the Patriots. Maybe they take Annie Isabella and 5th round pick for Nikhil Harry. Maybe you even get something a little bit better than that. I don't think he will, but maybe you can get two day three picks or something like that for Nikhil. That's the way that I look at that trade. I think Nikhil Harry brand Isabella straight up the Patriots are giving up a little bit too much there. In my opinion. I'm with you, a 110%. When you watch the kill Harry's tape, another team is not gonna say, oh, snap, that's about a thousand yard receiver that we can get from the Patriots because they're not using them correctly. But they are looking at them and saying, he's a big body guy. He can block, we can use them in the red zone, maybe a little bit. I think that they have more tape to back it up, like you said. There is something a little bit more there for you to sink your teeth into. If the Patriots traded for Andy Isabella today, the only thing that I could pull up to be optimistic about bringing him in is his college tape. There is no tape for him against from Arizona. Maybe I could look in pre season. Maybe there's some pre season Arizona tape that you could pull up and he Isabella. So that would be an interesting move for the patrons, though. Isabella coming back to the New England area. Nikhil going back out to the Arizona state of Arizona. Both going back to their college programs. I know Nikhil Harry lives in Arizona for most of the off season. So I think he'd be pretty happy about going back out west. I think that would be something that he would welcome as well. So we'll see. I think that that's a possibility, but I wanted to get to that quickly. All right, let's go watch the drills. Go watch the combine. Alex and I will be back on tomorrow. We will recap what we see tonight out of the wide receivers will also talk about offensive line and running backs, apparently, too, where you're talking to me into the freaking come on. You know it's important. In minutes important. The third down back roll is important. That's all I'm looking for. But that's who's working out tomorrow. That's just working out tomorrow. That's all I'm saying. All right, so Alex and I will be back tomorrow. We'll keep it right here on patriots beat and on patriots press pass all weekend long during the combine. So stay right here with us and we'll carry you through all the way through until Sunday. But enjoy the combine tonight and Joyce Celtics grizzlies if you're gonna watch some basketball tonight as well and we will see you guys all tomorrow. Thanks so much for watching. Thanks for watching our content of the 6 time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. Please subscribe to my podcast patriots be on our YouTube channel patriots press pass or wherever you get your podcasts for a lot more exclusive content right here on the CLS media network..

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