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"nigel shiohara" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"To the hammer and nigel shiohara of 93 windings evening now before you do the feed hammer of the question was posed earlier who is the most hated in despise most despicable human being walking free in america jason oj simpson probably at the number one spot sure derek tweet at us at hammer nigel rosie o'donnell is terrible as well all in may two sherry derek tweet at us at hammer and nigel we're playing the feud new yet this morning on morning joe joe scarborough and ted cruz going at it so both of these guys attorneys lawyers however ted cruz was more of a second amendment constitutional lawyer so joe tried to get ted to debate if the second amendment actually covers a rv teens now joe's argument joe scarborough is that okay yes you have the right to bear arms but that's not the right to carry an a r fifteen every american doesn't have a constitutional second amendment right to carry they rv take let me i'm not going to debate that the core no no that's not what a denial assert means the court often on an area of constitutional litigation we'll let the federal court of appeals they call it percolating which is to let's analysts here has no presidential there are a lot of people lawyers right now that are rolling their eyes at what you're saying because this percolation has been going.

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