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"nicole zimper sarah" Discussed on Izzy and Spain

"It was a rocky night for the cubs, see what I did there. And now the question is what comes next. It's pain and Fitz on ESPN radio, the ESPN app siriusxm channel eighty Jason bids hanging out with Nicole Briscoe in Nicole Zimper Sarah and there's no cubs sweatshirt. Tonight I'm keeping an arm's length distance, the wind sweatshirt, though that that we've gone from that to that talks to where you are in the recovery process. It was a very long night for you last night, and it's raised a million questions for the cubs as they move forward from a loss to the Rockies. The Rockies advancing cubs season comes to close, and it really sort of becomes a bad news day for the cubs because on top of the season ending now. Have Addison Russell that's been suspended, so so you're looking at a situation where the the news today feels particularly bad for the cubs and the future feels particularly head-scratching at this point. Can we take it separately? Yes. The Addison Russell thing is an entirely separate issue. And of course, I don't think that had anything to do with the game last night. I mean, I don't even have to be a cubs fan to look at that season and be like it's disappointing given the fact that they have so much talent on the roster. They've so much talent there and they had forty games this season tied with the Orioles that lost one hundred and fifteen games. The oils that just had to release Buck Showalter today. Like we're done like they scored one run forty games this season with that roster was Kris Bryant with Wilson controllers with Baya's that had a hundred eleven RBI. Okay, go. That's going to take us to the question. We're going to be asking a lot tonight. Who's that on? I mean, when you look at forty one run one run games over the course of the season, then we have to start to ask the question, who's fault is that because the rumor mill churning already today, the Joel Madden and I don't want that. I don't want that. I'm not in that camp. I, I think it's really hard to say. You look at the guy that got you your first championship in a one hundred years. Two years ago, it was two years ago, and the problem is it's a problem because cubs fans have suddenly got, we've gotten spoiled, right?.

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