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"Maybe we put your hand up, Put hand down but had done but I'm not sure the Requip I didn't quit, so I'm not gonna talk about ultimate about myself. At the very least, Michael Malone and Nicole Yokich, have this good cop, bad cop thing going on. And maybe that's Either. That's just the natural dynamic they have. Or maybe they said, You know, we're going to do the good cop bad cop routine again. Because Nicole Yokich pushback against the soft comment that Michael Melo made after Game one, Nicole Yokich push back on it. And while maybe Nicole Yokich is not the verbal leader Or the necessarily emotional leader. He is a leader. He is their most important player. He is their best player. I kind of. I think at this point, it's more The natural dynamic is Michael Malone comes down hard, and Nicole Yokich has the back of his guys. I just think that's the dynamic that has emerged here. Michael Malone cannot continue to play this card. He can't He can't call out his team to the extent of which he has over and over and over again. Because after a while that will run out. Look, he is not Gregg Popovich. He is not Phil Jackson. Okay. He has done as much winning in the NBA as any of the guys on the roster hat. I think that the core of the Nuggets roster, including Nicole Yokich, Somewhat appreciate. The way Michael Malone is Yeah, he's honest. That if he feels that you did did poorly. He will call you out on it. If he feels you did great. He will go on for 10 minutes about how great you are. And I think this team overall Has responded to that over the last few years. But there's only so many times that you can throw around the words quit and soft. When talking about grown men who make millions of dollars. And I'm not saying I'm not saying that that's right. But I've watched enough sports and you've watched enough sports. You followed sports for long enough, you know. That some of these coaches who may appear overly critical Or ride their players a little too hard. Don't stick around for long. Tom Thibodeau. There's a reason why He's been to a few places. He is terrific at building up a team. We saw it this year with the Knicks. Minnesota really never got going. Because they're just a bad organization with bad players, but we signed Chicago. That his act War. The players thin And all of a sudden it wasn't as effective. How hard they would practice how Tibbs would call him out. How critical he might be how much he would yell at them. It's great for a young team. It's great for a team that has no tradition of winning. And I mean, obviously the Chicago franchise and the Knicks franchise have experience winning, but the players themselves have not. And tips is great at coming in. To a team that hasn't done a lot of winning and make them win. But the indictment of them And why he was let go from Chicago. And why I would imagine. That he will be let go before he wins the championship in New York. Is because once the core of the team starts winning That Kind of coaching wears thin. Now the best And look, I, uh I applaud Michael Malone. Right. Let's allow me to get my Feeling across. He didn't lie at all. And what he said last night. He was absolutely right. And part of me applauds him for that. It's on the players to play better, so their coach doesn't have that license to say those things about you. I am not on the Nuggets Players side on this. Michael Malone was absolutely right in everything, he said. But I know basketball enough. To know. That coach is like this. Can wear down their players. Especially their star players..

Tom Thibodeau Phil Jackson Michael Malone Michael Melo Nicole Yokich New York Gregg Popovich Knicks 10 minutes Nuggets this year Tibbs Chicago last night Minnesota Game one NBA millions of dollars last Nuggets Players
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"Nicole Yokich followed his 47 point performance earlier this week by torching the Kings for 50, but it wasn't enough for the Nuggets to avoid a third straight loss. 1 19 1 14. Harrison Barnes hit 53 pointers and scored 28 points. Barnes hit 10 of 16 overall, scored 13 in the third quarter and made a pair of free throws with half a second left yoke. It's just missed, adding to his franchise record of 46 triple doubles with another huge night. The big man had 12 assists and nine rebounds and scored 23 points in the fourth quarter. I'm Dave Ferrie. Nicola Yokich followed his 47 point performance earlier this week by torching the Kings for 50, but it wasn't or not for the Nuggets to avoid a third straight loss. 1 19 1, 14 Harrison Barnes hit 53 pointers and scored 28 points. Barnes hit 10 of 16 overall, scored 13 in the third quarter and made a pair of free throws with half a second left. Look, it's just missed, adding to his franchise record of 46 triple doubles with another huge night. I think of that, just really locked in like my focus is really high level. Um Because I'm not playing just from us, and we had a couple young guys, So in the game, I was tried toe help them a little bit. The big man had to have a sister nine rebounds and scored 23 points in the fourth quarter. I'm Dave Ferrie. Nicola Yokich followed his 47 point performance earlier this week by torching the Kings for 50, but it wasn't enough for the Nuggets to avoid a third straight loss. Harrison Barnes hit 53 pointers and scored 28 points. Barnes hit 10 of 16 overall, scored 13 in the third quarter and made a pair of free throws with half.

Harrison Barnes Nuggets Dave Ferrie Nicola Yokich Nicole Yokich
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"For the free agent outfielder that is the largest contract in franchise history. The Mets were finalists for Springer earlier on Tuesday. They fire their GM Jared Porter. After only a month on the job, and ESPN report detailed, unsolicited and sexually explicit text messages and images that Porter sent to a female reporter in 2016 team president Sandy Alderson said he was shocked and called it a total surprise Also from baseball, the Angels and lefty Jose Quintana Reportedly agreed to a one year deal. MBA from Tuesday the Nuggets getting 27 points and 12 rebounds from Nicole Yokich. They beat the thunder 1 19 101 Jazz Stop The Pelicans 1 18 102 28 points for not even Mitchell Zion Williamson 32 in Los Carry. Irving returned to the Nets after a two week absence for what he called personal and family reasons. He is expected to play for Brooklyn. Wednesday in Cleveland College basketball number three Villanova played its first game since December 23rd because of covert the Wildcats got by Seton Hall. 76 74, Florida Crushed number six Tennessee 75 49, Michigan v Maryland 87 63, Purdue knocked off number 15, Ohio State 67 65. Alabama blew out ls she won all 5 75 Duke lost a pit 79 73. The Blue Devils are five and four. NHL. Sidney Crosby scored the game winner in overtime, Penguin beat the capital's 54 Also n OT Panthers got by the Blackhawks 54. Chicago, still winless jets over the Senators, 43 and over time Red Wings beat the Blue Jackets 321 OT Avalanche three Kings two Devils over the Rangers 43 Flyers Shut out the sabers. Three Nothing. The hurricanes and predators postponed because of Cove. It Tiger Woods had a procedure to alleviate nerve pain in his lower back. He will miss his next two scheduled events. The farmers Insurance Open later this month and the Genesis Open next month and Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton has died after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was 75. I'm Brad Heller..

Mets Jared Porter Nicole Yokich Irving Don Sutton Sandy Alderson Tiger Woods Nuggets Blue Devils Sidney Crosby Jose Quintana Mitchell Zion Williamson farmers Insurance Open Brad Heller Springer NHL ESPN GM Los Carry
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"Two. A particular level. This year, right? He thought he was turned around last time. Not so much. But he started to find His rhythm, his stroke. And he's supposed to get to this point. But if he doesn't all of a son You look in the cooler Yo Kage. Might be light years. Ahead of everyone else on the Denver Nuggets. Again. I'm not a little too soon for this talk, Which is something to keep in the back of your mind if Jamal Murray, for some reason does not emerge here. We're gonna be looking at we're gonna say Wow. Nicole Yokich is so much better than everyone else on the Denver Nuggets. Is that a problem? Not for new polio cage. For the Nuggets in general, that Nicole Yokich is so far ahead. We didn't We expect by the end of the year that That wouldn't be the case. Seven or eight games in too early. But right now Nicole Yokich is light years better than everyone on the Denver Nuggets. Right now he's playing light years ahead of everyone else. Just not So impressed with Nicole Yoke. It's just not impressed at all with everyone else on the Nuggets. Everybody else. And we'll get a good look. I mean, they got Dallas tomorrow night that's gonna be on national TV. So That's going to be a heck of a chance for.

Denver Nuggets Nicole Yokich Nicole Yoke Jamal Murray Dallas
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"Now. Clippers are so far above the cap that replacing either of those guys will be nearly impossible. They decide to leave Williams by the way is. GOING BE THIRTY FOUR BEVERLY WILL BE THIRTY TWO There, there's no guarantee that the supporting cast is gonNA remain and Maintain that productivity but in that sense. Every season is championship or bus for team like the clippers when a team exhausts its resources. Put a group of expensive veterans together it. Can't afford. You just hunt away seasons. Whether it's due to lack of urgency I I don't know. You never know how long a windows going to remain open. That's why you try to pried open for as long as we can. But. The clippers. That window might have closed and they didn't go through it. You know who's to say that one of these guys isn't to get hurt or get disgruntled or what have you. You know or hate the coach I mean there's just there's all sorts of things that can go down. That's why it just amazes me like. Well, every year Katie will be at the warriors in the finals. Well, what if he gets hurt or what if he leaves or? What does he gets ice cold one night. And, you know the stars didn't come out. Four La Certainly came out for Denver look at Nicole Yokich. Way He passes the ball. He shoots the highest arguing shot for a big man I've ever seen in Kareem had that Skyhook. Just, he shoots a jumper like like steph curry because Steph Curry House to get over guys who were six eleven sometimes. It must be some Yokich has been doing since he's a kid. All right. We'll talk more about on the other side if.

Clippers steph curry Kareem Williams Skyhook Nicole Yokich Katie Denver
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"And I think tomorrow one way or another. We're going to discuss what impact if any, the wrist injury had on Nicole Yokich. But look, if he plays the Nuggets got figure it out. Right. If the injury is so severe that Nicole Yokich doesn't even play tonight, then that's a completely different story. But if he's good enough to go, even if he's hampered slightly, the Nuggets got to figure it out. Other guys gotta step up. I think Nicole Yokich can still affect this game, even not at 100%. But it will be interesting to see how this game plays out tonight. That's for sure. We'll have more discussion on this, particularly about Nicole Yokich in his injury. What's his status? How will a hamper him and who will need to step up? If he is hampered by that injury, we'll talk about that. With hair. Some wind of D N V are coming up in our number two but coming up next There has been a groundswell of support from students from parents and from coaches. Calling on Chasse, A and governor Polish to reassess their decision to not have fall football here in the state of Colorado. I want to get a coach's perspective and one of my favorite coaches around here's Jake Novotny and Fountain for Carson, and.

Nicole Yokich Nuggets Jake Novotny Colorado Carson
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"Talk about. One thing that really sticks out to me not this is not a great. Nicole. Yokich. But I think you know normally we see Nicole Yokich played go bare pretty well but I think really go bears the not like totally shutdown. Yokich but I mean Yokich is you mentioned he's hardly even taking shots in the paint now and there's reasons for their iago bear has just been a monster in this series and I, think Obviously..

Nicole Yokich
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"Run to joker. So I guess A guy's gotta pick my spots. And I says I hit one in the fourth. Um, tell maybe this, of course, only you guys have been. That's why I did so. I'm staying with the wind and I get out. You're giving him too. It's almost like Jamal Murray has the mentality that we wish Nicole Yokich would have at times. And this was a running theme throughout the playoffs last year. And it's been a running theme since Nicole Yokich. You know, arrived. On the scene when he went from, You know the second round pick out of Serbia. You know, drafted stash like this guy's not, you know, they just bring him over because they're kind of interested in his skill set And then all of a sudden he becomes one of one of the best centers in the league. Now he's the best center in the league. But when he was just In the conversation. We sent it throughout the playoffs last year. It's great that Nicole Yokich has a deferential mindset. That's what makes him special. For a guy that plays at his position is that he does want To facilitate And that's his his primary objective. And Jamal Murray's primary objective as a point guard, even though he's more of a scoring. Point. That's still in his job description, and it's great that both of them buy in to the larger team mindset, which is share the basketball ball movement. Get the ball pop in get a lot of guys involved. Use the A widespread talent you have on this roster. But what we saw from Jamal Murray late in that game yesterday. Was what we want Nicole Yokich to doom or which is say. Oh, I got going..

Jamal Murray Nicole Yokich Serbia basketball
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"Top of the eighth. Laurie Garcia homerun. That's what the White Sox now in front of the Yankees, five four bottom of the six the Rockies a seven four advantage on the Padres. The bottom of the third inning. John Lester going up against Clayton Kershaw. Advantage, Lester so far. The cubs with a three nothing lead on the dodgers in LA Darwin's book. This is Nicole Yokich from near Denver Nuggets. You're listening to Xtra sports thirteen hundred. When people do things that make you question their intelligence. He calls them out on it. I think it's the worst thing ever invented in sports is a no trade clause. I don't think frankly anyone deserves one to me. It's the dumbest thing ever to put yourself in that corner. It's so easy to get rid of him after sign that contract pays more than God is not going anywhere. Is he by who's picking up that contract, what the Sam how was he doing out on the baseball field in uniform, what the ferrall is that all about? You're listening to ferrall on the big. We're in the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans studios in New York rocket mortgage is.

John Lester Laurie Garcia Quicken Loans Clayton Kershaw White Sox Denver Nuggets Padres Nicole Yokich Yankees LA Darwin cubs Rockies New York
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"One twenty four to ninety eight was the final Nicole Yokich. Outstanding again pulled down occur a nuggets playoff record, nineteen rebounds. Also, scored twenty five points, six assists. Fifty six percent from the field. Only three turnovers in defensively wasn't half bad either. And his canter really non factor. And I keep saying it and a sound like a broken record. A record for those of her younger listeners tuning in is what happened before tapes that played music. What are tapes, right? So before Spotify. There was CD's before CDs. There was taped before tapes there were records. If you forget eight treks will we're eight tracks. Is that after records must have been? Yeah. And then before records was the homina phone that Thomas, Edison. I don't know. Right. Exactly. I don't wanna be a a double track on Spotify. If that's the thing. Oh my God. I am. I'm only thirty four. Say the nuggets one through five especially four and five in their starting lineup are better than the blazers in last night. The plan of attack was simple. We're going to get it to Paul Millsap. We're going to get them to get off of Nicoli. Oh kitchen a little bit. Paul Millsap set the tone early. Then when Nicole Yokich wasn't getting so much always gets attention, but they had to they couldn't leave Paul Millsap because Paul Millsap was hitting everything and that opened it up for Nicole Yokich. And then he went to work and the nuggets did what they've been doing all year, they rebounded. And they moved the ball on offense. I heard something interesting last night from Kenny Smith on TNT after the game. He said. That in his opinion, these blazers either subconsciously or consciously thought. We live to find another day. We're going back to Portland and once the nuggets jumped on them and got a twenty point lead fairly early on in the game. Maybe a little bit of mentally. Leading up on the gas pedal, knowing it's just not our night. And I think if that is the case that is a bad game plan or bad thought process for the blazers because this series, although there have been some nuanced differences is basically playing out the way the last one did. Team split the first two games at Pepsi center. Road the nuggets on the road lose game three they bounce back game for they blow out a team game five. They won won twenty four ninety eight last night. They win by one. Oh, eight to ninety against the Spurs in game five, and we know how the Spurs series ended up. So. If the blazers. Think oh we live to find another day. That's true. But you're not going to catch the nuggets by surprise in a game seven because they've been there before just like two weeks ago, but a dominating performance by the nuggets to be sure I do think they are heading into quite possibly the loudest building in the universe. Tomorrow night, Portland is going to as once again, the kids say Portland's going to be lit tomorrow night. They're going to be loud. They're going to be engaged. They're going to be booing the heck out of Nicole EEO catch and the referees. And it's going to be a tough environment for the nuggets to get a victory. But they know that going in Nicole Yokich and Mike Malone. Bo said after last night's game that they didn't fell feel like they gave their best effort against the Spurs in game six last series. They're going to give the blazers their best shot in game six tomorrow night story. Number two. I think you look at some of the games that we played down the.

nuggets blazers Nicole Yokich Paul Millsap Spurs Spotify Portland Kenny Smith Pepsi center Thomas Bo TNT Nicoli Mike Malone Fifty six percent two weeks
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"Home for the nuggets and avalanche. Xtra sports thirteen hundred. If you in this show late last week, you probably know how I said that maybe and his canter was becoming a villain in this series. After knocked over Tory. Craig even though Yokich pushed him in game two I thought with no use of Nurik. I thought that NS Kanter could fill that role kind of be pest to the nuggets a little bit of a villain. You know, given the way that he reacted. After getting pushed into Tori, Craig getting intentionally hit him. But he also wasn't like oh, dude. I'm sorry. Just blew up your face. And I just plowed over you. His thing was more Yokich push me. How they you know. So I thought maybe he could fit in that role. Now, I realize NS Kanter is a just a word. I can't really say on the radio. That starts with b. In ends with the sound because that's what he is. There's like I don't want to be that. Guy. But. I don't I don't know. How else you could describe the way he's been he's not worthy of nuggets. Feigns booing him. He's really not. He has the incident blames the, and obviously this has very little to do with that jerk at the Pepsi center. Yelling. What a yelled at him like that's still not excusable. And it's what I'm talking about really has nothing to do with that. But his reaction afterwards. And I gave him a pass. I said, maybe just pleura lies fans. Autocorrect oversight. You know, whatever I can give him the benefit of the doubt. Surely, and his canter doesn't believe that an entire arena. Full of basketball fans were all chanting. What was yelled by one idiot, Adam? But then there's some more stuff. There's some more stuff that comes out throughout the weekend. And you're like, well, maybe it wasn't an oversight. Maybe and his canter was really lumping in nuggets fans altogether. He tweets out after game three that he would like the NBA to look at Nicole Yokich and showed a video. Of Nicole Yokich. I mean, I can't even it's NS FW. If you look at this video, I mean, it's graphic. It is a Nicole Yokich. I believe the term is boxing out. Oh my gosh. It's gruesome. I mean, Nicole Yokich is trying to box him out. And he's tweeting at the NBA. Please look at this. This guy's mugging me. It's like, it's it's pathetic. And then, you know, he hurts his shoulder, which is legitimate. I don't think he's faking it all but Kanter says this after post game after game three since the more..

nuggets NS Kanter Nicole Yokich Craig Adam NBA Pepsi center Nurik basketball Tori
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"Hundred. Drivetime sports here on Xtra sports thirteen hundred not another Aaron on Twitter. Good because I can't deal with anymore errands. Not another Aaron on Twitter says I'm sick of nuggets not getting the attention they deserve. But it's not always being bad being underdogs. Look at the Super Bowl fifty Broncos. Like, I said I'm going to sit here and complain about it still like that's not stopping. I'm still going to re tweet things that show a level of disrespect like Damian Lillard ze. Two more points than Nicole Yokich isn't enough. But I really hope that it always continues. Because it's it's who they are. And they use his motivation. I'm totally cool with that. And it's guys like the one. That's joining me now that perpetuate this fraud city stuff at Mars from Denver stiffs in the locked on nuggets podcast joins me. Now. Adam be honest. It's just us talking here. I you get irritated with the amount of disrespect the nuggets get on a national level. But secretly you want it to continue because this team thrives on it, right? Oh hundred percent. I won't even take away the first part of that. Yeah. Another. City in terms of the NBA or fly over city. I think there could be an underdog and the fact that they were year one fifty four game in some ways, it has placed them and their fan base into this weird situation of being a front runner, despite the fact that prior to laugh series, they had never even made the playoffs or won a playoff here. So that's what the fraud city stuff is all about so many different high profile people at called the nuggets fraud. And I it's kind of a way of both throwing that back at all of the doubters, but also reducing that underdog status for the baggage where I just think there could be can we go to Denver stiffs and get the shirt, by the way. Of course, you have a great local artist Eli co create those they're they're really really cool. Oh, they're fantastic. And he is done tons of stuff for the nuggets, obviously. But they're you know, if your fans of some of the other Denver teams he's done stuff with those as well. So Denver stiffs dot com, by the way, if you want to pick up the front city shirts, they're pretty epic. So let's let's talk about the game last night. That the defensive tactics employed by Michael Malone. Gary Harrison, Damian Lillard, Tori, Craig on CJ McCollum were you surprised at that at all? And do you think that it's something that will continue throughout the series? Well, actually, flip that Corey Craig on on Damian Lillard and no, right? Right. Sorry. But I'm not surprised by it. Really? I think the better player, and I think down the stretch you'll see Gary hairs guarding here. But one of the things you have to do when you're having a leak guard like that you want to try to put as much length as you as you can obviously length and reach those things provide just a little extra margin for error and at forty Craig I think getting good, and then also we saw in the foul. Trouble. Damian Lillard would put Gary Harris. Anybody that guard him is going to have a hard time guarding him contesting shots without fouling. And you eat dairy hairs go look four of an important player or the two way player. So, you know, I think it's smart to sort of start out with him on. On the other side. Is there are there? Any adjustments coming from the blazers when it comes to nickel Yokich? Oh, absolutely the playoffs. They're all about adjustments. And that's what makes the NBA game in particular so much fun as in addition to being the physical and athletic matchup talent skill matchup. It's also a bit of a chess match of especially over the first three or four games when teams really start to tinker and figure out their strategy. But yeah, I think for the blazers what's nice about the nuggets. And what I think a lot of people are sort of learning about Nicola Yokich, and this nuggets team is that Yokich is one of the most versatile offensive players in the NBA. There's not a break Popovich talked about this rave about it and their series. There's not a defense for Nicole. Yo you can try to they try to double team him early on. He put up fourteen fifteen fifteen assistant fourteen fifth in those games. So then they said, okay, we'll guard him straight up. We're not going to send the help. We will make him beat. If you have forty three point. So there's whatever you do. It's sort of pick your poison type situation with him and the blazers this. One tried to use the NS Kanter and said, okay? Well, let's see if Yokich competed. He goes out for thirty seven points. I think in the next game that judgment. I think they might try to make the one I would intimidate them making his guarding him with alpha community who's a smaller guy a better defensive player, but he's such an important part of their both their office and their defense and just like with Lillard when you put one of your important to players on the best player on the other team you risk getting in foul trouble. If yo- construct styles on amino early in that game. Blazers are really hampered. Anamour is joining us. He's the host of locked on nuggets podcasts. Also part of the Denver stiffs crew. Joining us here on drive time sports, given the potential adjustments that the blaze you think the blazers will make how important was it to have Paul Millsap have the game. He had last night. Well, that's what's kind of interesting. Why Amina switches a great defender of years Bill really took it to him in that first quarter ten points. I think in the quarter most of those is right out of you know, a meter with good defensively. Maybe that's a bad batch of former maybe they think, okay? We'll we'll put them on Yokich, and we'll see real to go around the bigger NS Kanter. But it is huge. I I've said all your when your kitchen Murray play. Well, Denver is really really good production from one other guy there almost unbeatable in last night. The story of the game to me with the chemistry between ovary and the coal Yokich. We've seen really all season long. But especially in the December to January months, I think that's what those two really clicked and figured out their chemistry last night's game. In my opinion, was advocate as we've seen a two man game in the pick and roll between those two guys assist back and forth each other's unstoppable offense. But then when you get that third guy. By whether it's Gary Harris, Maliki Beasley last night. Paul millsap. Denver doesn't just win. They usually win big. You just gotta stop asking him about him in Jamal Murray, though, Adam I mean. Was that? Did you ask that was that you last night or who didn't of course, not? There's a lot of new media town, right? With with the playoff a lot of new people who maybe, you know, have haven't followed the team as closely. I'll just say you. You get a lot of these like repeat questions we saw this with Gregg Popovich game set at somebody asked him about the coal yoga. He talked about Nicole Yokich every single pregame postgame. The whole theory is finally guys just copy each other's notes s somebody around you said this one hundred times that was more or less Yokich is response last night when he was asked about Murray. Everybody writes this down I answered this question one hundred times in the last few weeks. So it's kind of funny. I liked the little light humorous prickliness. Would you like I know you love covering the nuggets, obviously? But would you enjoy the Spurs beat? Man. No. The Spurs are second in my opinion in the NBA only through the Oklahoma City thunder in a PR stuff that is so protective of their team. They almost don't air about coverage up six nine every interview Gregg Popovich, I kinda liked that he keeps everybody on his toes. But at the same time, you know, not everybody is is doesn't eight plus job at their job every single day in great Popovich is one of those guys if you trip up even just here's the wrong word in your question. You know, he's gonna blow up so as much as I find it funny. I would not enjoy being on that beat three hundred sixty five days a year. Yeah. It's like I watch those and I'm like, well, do you really want to sit there and pepper Gregg Popovich with questions after they lose a game seven like it's not fun. No matter who the coaches to rehash the most crushing loss of their season. But it's like, nobody's even asking questions out of got one question out of the gate. Then everybody was quiet. It's like it's got to be just terrible to be on the on the Spurs beat. But there was a pre game pre-game presser where he didn't get a single question came in. He sat down for about five seconds and got up and left. Nobody had anything because nobody wanted to risk it. I guess and and I'm trying to get them on the show because he's getting inducted in the air force hall of fame this weekend. We'll see how well that goes with that PR Steph. Well, that's a near and dear to his heart for sure, right? I think it's getting through the wall of the PR staff is what I'm more worried about. I think Popovich would love to talk about his days at air force. But we'll we'll see. Well, Adam really appreciate the time. And the inside I would encourage listeners very much to fall you on Twitter at Adam underscore Mars. Great. You know, breakdown of of what's going on with the nuggets right now backed up by video evidence you become such a better fan following Adam. And then don't forget to catch them on the walked on nuggets podcast and check out. He and everybody at Denver stiffs such a great job. They have done all year long covering this nuggets team. And they're trolling Nick. Right. Which is obviously fantastic atom. Always. Appreciate it bud and enjoy game to coming up tomorrow night. Thanks so much. Really? Appreciate it. You bet. Anna more September stiffs joining us here on drive time sports. Yeah, we can complain. But in the end, we don't we don't want it to go away. We want the nuggets to remain disrespected. It's even though you think. These are grown men who are getting paid millions of dollars to play game. It's like. Just make me a horse clown. Or what's the what's the line from what what is the kid one on wedding crashers, Vince to make them just? Make me bicycle clown. There it is it's like we just want them to play like why do you have to take offense? But at the same time, it's such a powerful thing in sports to feel disrespected into feel like you are not getting the love that you deserve. And I think just like we wouldn't want it any other way. I don't think the nuggets Hanway. I think Mike Malone loves it. Mike Malone is the biggest fan of front city of anybody. So two eight six zero zero four six your thoughts on the nuggets. And Chris Harris got a few.

nuggets Denver Gregg Popovich Damian Lillard Nicole Yokich Yokich NBA Adam blazers Twitter fraud Nicola Yokich Paul Millsap Jamal Murray Gary Harris Aaron Michael Malone Broncos contesting
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KOA 850 AM

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"nicole yokich" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"He's got six points. Yeah. I can't I can't sell that. Molik Beazley's got seven off the bench nine points for thrill. You got four for Monte Moore's, but more importantly, Nicole Yokich as is leading everybody. Well, now tied with Lillard thirty one a piece so Lillard got thirty one. I just said something nice about will thrilling throws the ball away. Don't do that will make me look back. Again. I don't what are delay. Is that people are watching this game and listening to me? I don't know if that's really happening. But. The right now thirty one points for Dame thirty one points for joker. The two best players on the floor going toe to toe. That's what you wanna see gotta see production from other players Paul Millsap, Scott nineteen he second on the nuggets. Mom, or he's got seventeen looked at. My my buddy Michael couvert who produces these executive producer over on AM, seven sixty. That's the station. You hear me from ten to one weekdays with Steve atwater. He said something that I thought was very appropriate about the nuggets. He said they go as Jamal Murray goes now Joe yoga chasta to have his production. There's no question about that. But if Murray who by the way, his down right now, please get up Jamal. If Murray struggles the nuggets will lose and you saw that in the Spurs series. Oh, yeah. He got. He just got jacked cross the chin out your sometimes. Maybe a little bit. But sometimes NBA players, you know, maybe they don't wanna know this or say this about themselves, but they do have a little bit acting that happens. It's like in soccer where you see the guy like flavor while place because you know, somebody brushed up against him as they walked by. Well as kind of like that too. There's a little bit of acting if you're wrestlemainia fan, you know, exactly what I'm talking about. It's all real sorry. In that case Jabil actually did look like he got he got hit across the chin with a with an elbow there. There's there's clearly context, right? Go nuggets. They're leading right now. What nine ninety six? So they're they're hoping to obviously close us out torque as only got three points a starter. But that's not why he's in. I'd still like to see more production from Tory Craik seventeen minutes in the game will be interesting to follow. How they do the rotations. How Mike Malone does is rotations here for the nuggets in this series because river we'll Barton started off the series against the Spurs in the starting lineup. He was eventually benched in favor of Tory Craig just tended to fit them a little bit better on what they were trying to do defensively. Now, I'm wondering with Portland who wants to play a little more uptempo? They've got they've got some legit scores. They got some guys that are going to try to break with their scoring if that's the direction they they continue to go. I like to see me Beasley little extra run in starting lineup ni-. He's gives you some punch off the bench. I respect that. But I think Milly Beasley has earned an opportunity to potentially. Now you've courses also to you'd be playing him at the three. And I don't know if that's necessarily the most prudent move that Mike Malone Kadduh Pule really have a lot of small forwards anyways on this team. Barton's a bit of a a Twitter, right? Beasley would be the next kind of guy. And then it said story Craig I mean until mpg Michael porter junior is available next year. That's basically what's going. What's going to be? But they got to close this one out and really game twos. Came to kind of crucial to I mean, like, I said Portland. And playing at Portland is is not the you're you're not guaranteed anything over there. Just like you weren't do. You realize Angie that the nuggets had not one in San Antonio since two thousand and twelve what really they didn't even been in longer than I think it was like two thousand seven was the last time the nuggets had one in San Antonio in the playoffs so hit pin? And I'm terrible at math. Carry the one I think twelve years since they had one in San Antonio playoffs. To longtime at is. Now, they finally got they exercise of demons. They got one win in a series. And that's all they really needed. They've got the one win and they were able to win and seven, but the point is when you're a younger team and the nuggets are get this the eighth youngest team in the history of the NBA playoffs. The eighth youngest. Now is an interesting thing with that. Because on one hand you could explain away a loss in their opening series. Maybe even in this series. But I'll counter that with you never really know when you're going to get back there. You never really know. Injuries happen things happen over the course of a season. I'm not trying to go to cliche on you here, but the nuggets to play this series as if they never get back to the semis because. Yeah, they're going to have Michael porter, jR with them next year who's going to be the small forward, and he looks like he competed absolute beast in this league. I mean, it gets projection because. Just coming from college. He hasn't played in the pros yet. But you're you're going to be better next year. And fact, the play you have this year, you might even attract a free agent or two that wants to complete for the nuggets L that house long's it been I mean, Paul Millsap Paul Millsap was arguably the greatest free agent signing in the history of the nuggets talking about an all star Calver player signing when he's still an all star caliber player. This wasn't him coming to the nuggets. Now granted it's it's later in his career. He's still playing a high level Lanta when he signed with the nuggets. So so it's not the nuggets have not been able to attract top in talent in a long time. But now the coli Yokich Jamal, Marie Kerry, Harris and Paul Millsap there. Kind of opening surmise. And they they probably could use a pretty solid three. I bring Michael Puerto unless Michael porzingas ready to go. I bring him off the bench next year because you know, he's still young. And he hasn't played in the NBA, all it's all projection. I'd rather have somebody in here that could contribute right away. But the point being it would be very easy for a lot of us to explain away the nuggets and say, it's okay. The eighth youngest team in the history of the NBA playoffs it it's okay. Next year textures their year. That's that's ridiculous. I it's it's insanity. You can't say that. Because what if they don't get back there? What if they don't get back in this position? The thing that the nuggets have that is really really working for them is this path to the Western Conference finals that they somehow lucked into now there's a little bit of design, but they need. And a lot of help to make it happen. They got the Spurs which was a pretty favorable matchup considering the Spurs are this year. They're definitely not the team that was going to win the championship. And the the thing is they didn't have to face either the rockets or the warriors in the semi-final round. They were getting Portland now Portland is a good team, but they had their flaws. They're not Golden State and they're not Houston, which both teams would blow the doors off the nuggets. And that's the thing about this. Even win win the nuggets, I say not if win the nuggets win this series against Portland. They're going to face either the warriors or the rockets, and that's not that's not a good deal. But the thing is at least you get them there. At least you get to the Western Conference finals that experiences valuable. So this isn't this isn't an orange slices argument. Cannot not sending you're saying. Hey, look, it's great that you showed up. Everybody gets orange slices and juice boxes. Okay. You can have plenty of those you've earned it your professional basketball player. Bless you, by the way. It's not it's not me saying there's an orange slices. You showed up -gratulations. Here's your slice. You know, go go sit on the bench and chill out for a little bit. And just soak in the sun, and the butterflies that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that the nuggets should have a bit more of a killer mentality because they are the two seed they should they've earned some respect to this year. They've been a very very good team, and they have better depth than the Portland trailblazers. And I think they win this series. But they're going to have to somehow carry that momentum, and they're gonna have to get a little lucky. And that I hate saying it, it's just it's just kind of where it is. But the NBA predates that because they don't wanna see the nuggets in the finals anyways, the NBA wants to see Golden State again, again Q the IRO nobody wants to see Golden State in the finals. But oh boy. Wouldn't it be great Katy Steph when this dynasty, they're building for what it's worth Golden State by the NBA standards. It should never have happened. Golden State is not the major market if it was up to David Stern knowledge. He's not the current NBA commission. But he's the one that's set all this in motion. If it's up to David Stern Steph curry, Kevin Durant trae mongering, Klay Thompson, all these players would all be in LA playing for the Lakers. If is up to him. That is what the NBA wants. But I really really want the nuggets to mess it all up so desperately. How great would that be? And they would've earned it. Despite the fact that the model is built to break them frigging Kuhlman one thirteen to one zero four with three twenty remaining hit us up on the text line. If you wanna react to any of that tomorrow night. We're going to be back here following the Rockies. Hopefully, it's it's following a win against the dreaded Milwaukee Brewers of the Milwaukee Brewers so good their bullpen pitching Christian yelich the MVP from last year. It's got a bum back. He's all banged up. You're thinking sets a pretty nice, you know, not facing the best baseball the best player in baseball right now. And as I mentioned at the start of the show. The Rockies must have had a similar feeling because they took on. Hey, Seuss Aguilar as though. He was not to be paid attention to understandable, his one fifty six batting average. He he's he's barely look in. Desmond has a terrible batting average. And it's better than hey, Suzanne, galore, like everybody sits there goes. Like what's wrong with the Desmond? Why is this guy not hitting the ball? He's sue sag. Lars, one fifty six in Desmond's got a one ninety. In.

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"nicole  yokich" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"nicole yokich" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Monte Moore's hasn't left side of the mid court circle. Put it out there by long locker. There's a pseudo zone defense. Again, throws it over to Harris back out on top Monte inside the art Yokich, kickout Beasley goes baseline dunk to but not gonna count stepped out of balance starting his drive so back to back turnovers for Denver such good vision by Nicole Yokich there to recognizing that Patty mills was up defensively Maliki snuck right behind him, really unfortunate that he inbounds. They always do that tracks start we step back before you go with a running start to it. Yeah. Erna follow did that at least twice a game. When he was here. Drove me crazy, Patty mills has it on the high right side at the mid court circle. Bertrand's answered off the he'll take three jumpers up. No, good rebound comes down to Tori. Craig? I don't know. Katie. Maybe they will shoot the three this. That's exactly. Teams through the lane goes Monte Moore's to Beasley for three that was too strong. And there's a foul on the rebound on Jaka Pertile. He was grabbing onto the arm of Mason flow motor, and that's another area. Win team is playing zone that you really have an advantage because it's much harder to find a body to box out when you're guarding and area. So the never have done a pretty good job of crashing the offensive glass. In getting extra opportunities. Mason Plumlee last night, ten points. In the loss of Golden State free throw form is on the way that one is up and in. How to record at least ten re but ten points or rebounds and five previous. And five the previous seven games. Second free throw form that wants no good on the rebound comes down to trucks outlet pass off over the Patty mills two and a half left to go in the third quarter. Mills has it at the mid court circle guarded by Jamal Murray. Gets a high pick from hurdle moves off of that takes a deep to that was way off the Mark rebound and traffic to Pertile, and he has poked away from behind late whistle in a foul. Call Mason form with Denver was off to the races on that one..

Patty mills kickout Beasley Monte Moore Jaka Pertile Mason Plumlee Denver Erna Jamal Murray Mason Mason flow Nicole Yokich Bertrand Tori Katie Craig Harris Maliki
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"Hit a wall was dealing with injury. Issues was really struggling lamarcus Aldridge thirty eight points and thirty six clutch minutes, fourteen twenty four from the floor in those in those situations. And like I said just put the Spurs on his back when there other all star candidate really struggling. So how Ronald. Toronto mentioned for the Coyote for catching the bat. I tell you what that's that was as good a defensive plays. We've seen in the NBA this season. No question about it. But that. That was that was in February though, fair. So he's the Coyote is certainly in the early running for honeys factor player of the month for February. But you can have to be patient for that. Third place, and I saw this guy alive on Friday night. And man is he good and should be generating some discussion in premature MVP talks, Nicole Yokich this dude had the best clutch, plus minus of the month, plus thirty eight in twenty one minutes Twenty-three numbers Jackie's bringing the number. Like. Those close numbers, and he had he's a sinner who had an off dribble. Wrong-footed floater with two seconds left to win a row game in Miami, Nicole Yokich, and man, the nuggets are good. They are young. I saw our Bank the rockets without their starting backward. Maliki Morris thirty. They do they've got the best young guard. Craig they got lots of good. Craig was amazing. They want a game over the weekend. They they didn't have Jamal Murray or Gary Harris, and they I was there, and they beat the crap out of the rockets and they damn near snap heart streak. They're they're mad that they didn't. And that was the game after Malone might Malone after that game says we we've been everybody we we'd beaten all comers because it was the first one over the rockets and nine games and the bucks or quote, quote was like two has. I guess they hadn't been Milwaukee. But anyways, call Yokich is the third place finisher here. The man who previously his best clutch moments only came in Gatorade commercials. But man, he's had some talking all George, of course, had forty three points. Forty one minutes. He had that four point play with five seconds left to beat Philly in Philly. That was his second Gatorade commercial moment in the season after he was for a whole bunch potential game winning shots in the last ten seconds coming in. And you know, again, I think hardens the clue cut favourite for MVP at this point. I think Janas number two Paul George in Yokich to me that's three four and what whenever order you want to discuss right there. But this maybe the biggest honor his career, despite the fact that is rain MVP James harden is getting Kahane's factor player of the month. For January yet again. I mean, the storing the score and was ridiculous all month long averaged forty three I think forty three point six six hundred points in a month something that hadn't been done since Michael Jordan, March of eighty seven but in clutch, sixty points, thirty seven minutes, and we all watch what he did in Oakland that game in and of itself to drill the game winner from my twenty nine feet out with Draymond green all in his face. Klay Thompson up and his grill. That's the cone factor shot of the season, so far so -gratulations James harden. Put this mythical trophy right next to MVP trophy York after he made that shot too. A quality quality trash talk after he made that Jackie. Certainly very impressive presentation there for Mr. MacKay was argue, although I would say, and I know it's not always has to be on the court, but we should have given Anthony Davis. Honorable mention for just the cojones is not true trade, but having the machine working on overdrive to get him where he wants that takes Davis senior gets. I deducted points from Anthony Davis because I wasn't impressed with his press performance. Okay. You've got the cone is to make this happening..

Nicole Yokich nuggets MVP Gatorade lamarcus Aldridge Paul George James harden Anthony Davis Jackie Toronto Ronald NBA Klay Thompson Craig Maliki Morris Milwaukee Miami Michael Jordan Mr. MacKay Malone
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"Hasn't Archie goes it inside the arc Oded, Nicole Yokich Millsaps wide open three I could not back in the league by twenty nine points on Chicago. I'd love to see tomorrow Murray hit a three go for twenty in the period. Here comes to mom, very less than two minutes to go in the quarter. Berry has it on the left side pick from Plumlee step back three. Got it. Twenty points and a quarter for the blue arrow altitude sports nine fifty nuggets a thirty point win over the bulls won thirty five one zero five Jamal Murray. Twenty five points on seven of eleven shooting from three point range his second most made threes in a game. Tonight to respond the way you guys did not to let Tuesday night's game linger. We are close at this. Homestead w so thought fans give us like they always do come in here and get a win. What changed in the second quarter? I know coach wasn't happy with your defense in the first. But then you hit pedal to the metal and the second. We change our deepest and start little more effort than we did in the first and. Kc started talking about more. The job done. We got to make sure we hit. I and know other teams coming here. Here's I twenty five points for you twenty two of them alone in the third quarter. You had that look in your you wanted the ball. I mean that was fun. We are having fun out there. No. Move on to play really great for them. One thing. I noticed tonight that Doug by Millsap in the first half. My goodness. He looked younger game. Are you impressed? We're gonna nuggets with a thirty point win over the bulls. They become the first team since the Spurs in January of two thousand sixteen to win by thirty points following a thirty point loss thirty five points. Second most Dave scored in the game this season two hundred thirty eight against the hawks in mid November. Sixers one twenty two ninety six win over the Pacers for Philly first time they've had five different players with at least five assists in a game since nineteen Ninety-one. There are also the first team to do that this season as well. Eighteen three pointers their most in a road game in franchise history and in London on Thursday. Here's how things ended for the wizards. And the Knicks. Porter with the ball.

bulls Jamal Murray Millsap Oded Berry Archie Knicks Chicago Nicole Yokich London Kc Pacers Porter Sixers Dave Doug Philly two minutes
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"nicole yokich" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Drive time sports of the year. Twenty nineteen off to a great start good. I our wheels. And Ryan with you in studio. This will actually be our final hour on the airwaves because Harvard in North Carolina in hoops. Of Harvard my safety school against North Carolina this evening that was your safety school. Do you believe me, not even close? My you ended up. My New Year's resolution is to try and make people believe something completely fantastical about myself. That was my first attempt. Wordy right. I know you too. Okay. Pipe down over there. I'm gonna say it, and let certain listeners be like you to well too. Right. Just say, you know, what would harbor be a safety school for like, I get the jokes with a Yale in whatever. Harvard vice safety school. I went to Yale like, Cambridge or Oxford. Yeah. Probably. Harvard is as safety school to anybody in the United States now there so bone maybe in in Paris. But if you if you're in the US, if you go to school, and you say it was your safety school. You're lying. That's true harbored and North Carolina coming up at four forty five. And then we have the Avs and sharks. The ads have lost five four five five in a row now. All the bad teams to and it's just one very much as Vegas was in there. True. So. Mostly bad teams. And it's a one goal. I mean, I know it's it's a lot. It seems that way very much because like especially against the kings and against the Blackhawks. That it was a an overtime goal that ended up beating them. But if you look at the Avs over like, it's not just the OT goals. It's always like one goal that. You're just like why why did you give that up grew Bauer or Varlamov? So frustrating times for the app. So have another guy. That's like brand new Frank who's? Yeah. That's right. He didn't farewell on his. The war. Yeah. It's dubois. So Avs tonight. Last night the Denver Nuggets with a victory over the hapless, New York knickerbockers, welcome back. Emmanuel moody, take the l on the way out. Dakota Yokich last night. Did something that only Larry Bird. Has done. And Larry Bird. Did it twice for the record his stat line last night? I mean. Pull this thing up. So I get it. Right. Because with Yokich it's every column has something in nineteen points, fourteen rebounds, fifteen assists, three blocks that stat line right there. Has only been done. Or Nicole Yokich is the only person to do that in the NBA sense. Larry Bird did that twice. David phys. Del take that for data guy is now the head coach of the Knicks. I don't know if you knew that he called him a seven foot three Magic Johnson Nicola Yokich is not like the rest of us. And if there's one guy going into the year twenty nineteen that is most vital to the future of his team. It is Nicole Yokich. He's just not normal. And in the best way. Possible is definitely not a normal center now ages, and 'cause you tweeted something out last night. Right. Stamp new stat muse had this. I'm glad you brought that yes, I'm about triple doubles. I centers this year. Was that what I think it's? Yeah. Yeah. Le-? Let me see if I it wasn't too far away. The other thing I wanna talk about in. This segment was the discussion that I've been having dates, and I got scroll past that here. It is triple doubles since two thousand fifteen twenty six Nicole Yokich has nineteen every other NBA center combined. It's twenty two. Yeah. That's insane. He's not a normal center. No, not normal at all and the nuggets. And I think what would be a move. This seems to me like connecting dots rather than I'm hearing. But their reports today based on the report from Mark Stein of the New York Times, Mark Stein of the the New York Times says that the Cavaliers are willing to listen on Kevin love they will deal Kevin love for the right price. I hate that. Because that's what John Harbaugh is available for right? The right price brace. Yeah. It could be exorbitant. Well, everybody's available for the right price though. Ain't that the truth? Just how high is that price. Yeah. To me, if people are drawing connections, like remember when the nuggets before they signed Paul Millsap tried to land Kevin love in a three way deal, which would have facilitated Paul George going to Cleveland. If you remember this. I didn't like the move in. Because I didn't like the idea of the nuggets like they did with Dwight Howard going the Lakers now that end up hurting anybody right because Dwight Howard was a complete disaster in LA, but the nuggets were that third facilitating team that made a star go join with other stars. And I didn't like that the nuggets were going to do that again and get Paul George in Cleveland. Reportedly it was. It was cranky. And it was the Pacers owner Simon who pulled who pulled the plug on the whole deal. Cavs were game Connolly was game. The Pacers GM was game and cranky and the Pacers owner pulled the plug. I believe is even more the Pacers owner pulled the plug on it. More than cranky. But I think Kroenke was like an like that deal either. But. There are people connecting dots today that Kevin love. Would be interesting to the Denver Nuggets. And. I think that. That is absolutely a good idea. And here's why and I. And I know a lot of you gonna say Steve is already sound the text line. I'll get to that in a second. Kevin love fits better with Nicole Yokich than Paul Millsap. Paul Millsaps does not stretch the floor the way Kevin love does. Kevin love. Also, let's not underplay this at all. Kevin love has championship experience. I know that everybody that plays LeBron has championed ship experience. But if the nuggets are serious about going after the warriors and saying we're going to take on this team. We're gonna take this team head on. And we're going to try to beat them this year. I think to make that swap because that's what you're doing here. You would be basically trading Paul Millsap four Kevin love, and what the nuggets would have to take on is a contract that lasts for more than this year. Paul Millsap has an expired basically expiring it's a team option. So whatever team has the right to Paul Millsap right now. It's the nuggets they can say we're not having you back. And that's what the nuggets are going to do with Paul Millsap. They're either going to say you're going to. Very much restructure your deal to make it team friendly or you are gone that is what the nuggets are going to do with Paul Millsap. There's no way he gets paid thirty million dollars next year. No way. So what the nuggets would be doing is saying we're going to trade Paul Millsap four Kevin love, maybe the Cavaliers need a young piece may be me. Beasley to be thrown to be enticed to make the move by. That's the move. That would be made is basically you're trained Paul Millsap for Kevin love. And I think it's absolutely the right move. If this team is going to go after the Golden State Warriors because Kevin love is a better player than Paul Millsap. And he also fits better with the guy that we just talked about is not like the rest of us and not like the rest of his center peers in the NBA in Nicole Yokich because Kevin love can hit the three with more regularity than Paul Millsap, can and he can rebound almost as well. You're giving up a little bit on the rebounding side, certainly low bid on the defensive side, but you're gaining more. When it comes to a fit with Yokich and the rest of the team. Let's be honest here. Jamal Murray leads the NBA in hockey assists, secondary assists. This is a team that likes to move the basketball Paul Millsap does not do that as well as extending love. So if you're trying to look at the Denver Nuggets and say, okay, they're staying in first place. That's great. What? Can they do? To make themselves better. There's not many things other than waiting for. Isaiah Thomas will Barton. They got Gary Harris back last night. The one move that they can make that makes sense and should be fairly easy to pull off is to swap Paul Millsap for someone else. And that someone else could be Kevin love. I think it's a great move and the obvious retort to it is Kevin love has been injured. But guess what Paul Millsap has been injured? So you're really taking the same injury risk with Kevin love that you are Paul Millsap. And if you're not keeping Paul Millsap, and he hasn't been that big of a contributor to the Denver Nuggets. I think that makes all the sense in the world to go out and get Kevin love. Because again, I think that the nuggets should I'm not saying they'll be successful. But they need to go after the warriors head on. They need to get to the Western Conference finals, and they need to play the Golden State Warriors. It's the best thing for the the the.

Paul Millsap Kevin love nuggets Denver Nuggets Nicole Yokich Paul George NBA Harvard North Carolina Avs Cavaliers Yale Golden State Warriors Larry Bird Paul Millsaps United States Dakota Yokich Nicola Yokich Pacers
Paul George of Oklahoma City Thunder sides with Jimmy Butler

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Paul George of Oklahoma City Thunder sides with Jimmy Butler

"Reports have. Surfaced, George Sodano from ESPN is the main source of this. He says that the heat and the timber wolves had a deal done for Jimmy Butler. The two teams were exchanging medicals, which is the universal sports. Signed of a trade is done is. Now, let's make sure that this guy doesn't have a need. That's about to explode. They were exchanging the medicals and Tom tibidow called Pat Riley and asked for an additional piece to throw in at the last minute in the deal, Pat Riley called him in for and hung up. The phone on him. But as you've read reports all week for major awards and asking others. The two teams will certainly the heat hope to reengage with the timber wolves here before too long. My question is. How long till the nuggets get in there. How long till the nuggets decide you know, what let's throw our hat into the ring we have been through this as an organization before at some point this situation becomes untenable with a superstar that wants out the nuggets dealt with that with Carmelo Anthony. So. Could we potentially take advantage because my my guess is? That the nuggets have. You know, thrown at taxed maybe sent a Facebook message to the timber wolves. My guess is they haven't pushed very hard. Nothing more than just overtures and normal GM GM speak. Because one if you believe reports the nuggets label, Gary Harris is untouchable along with Nicole Yokich Jamal Murray, which I think is a nice thought, but. Let's be fair. At what those three guys are one of those guys does not have as high as ceiling as the other two, right? Like, I love Gary Harris. And I love what he's become but to label. Gary Harris untouchable is a little bit. Surprising. So there's that. But then there's also the idea of why in the world would the timber wolves wanted trae Jimmy Butler to the team that they just barely beat out for the postseason last year. And while that's still a valid question. If I were on, Minnesota's sports talk radio. I would be saying do not trade Jimmy Butler two the nuggets if you got to get rid of them get rid to the Eastern Conference. But again, how long? Can put up with questions like that. How long can Scott late in deal with being yelled at at practice by Jimmy Butler? How long can Karl Anthony towns Andrew Wiggins and Jimmy Butler awkwardly tiptoe around each other in the timber wolves locker room? I would say

Nuggets Jimmy Butler Gary Harris Pat Riley George Sodano Carmelo Anthony Facebook Karl Anthony Espn Nicole Yokich Jamal Murray GM Minnesota Tom Tibidow Scott Andrew Wiggins Eastern Conference