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"nicole royer" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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"nicole royer" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

"You love. I had breakfast for dinner on a Saturday night. I had a toasted bagel with butter with scrambled eggs. Extra crispy Bacon and American cheese was so good Gandhi. What'd you have over the one that you love? I ordered a ridiculous amount of Indian food. It was one of those things just kept saying add to cart at Dr Bags. Oh it's for me awesome. Was that Friday night a Saturday night Friday night. I ordered a ridiculous amount of Indian food same thing you did so good of course you know so full. I almost send you a photo because I just wanted you to see the damage that I had done some still working on it. We should start comparing because I I did a lot of damage to Saturday morning and I ate more. I was up all day Yup froggy gene Saturday afternoon and had a ballpark hot dog into college football game had a ballpark hot dog and Nachos with everything thing they had on it. I mean everything they can throw on it. I said put it on there. I love that covers eating is so great but when you're a week away here's two things that I really screw me up a a week away from a big event. It could be jingle ball. It could be a wedding or whatever I get a pimple on my nose which I have. I have a pimple on both sides of my nose right now collegiality Alex and the other thing is I gain like a pound or two and we don't usually WANNA lose weight you can fit into your whatever so yesterday Alex and I were at the a grocery store right and I I got temples. He walks over with seventeen pimple products including this oxy oxy the light Neutrogena light that you put on your pimple for two minutes and make that work. I don't know we're we're doing doing everything we're putting gasoline. Seriously you try it out with like alcohol usually like rubbing alcohol just driving while we had drinks for dinner and that kind of uncle I heard toothpaste is supposed to work yeah. I'm GONNA put everything that's Alex. We only need one or two of these things. He said No. Oh we're going to take them all. Get them all we and and I'm not kidding. I it's six different products so I don't know I'm hoping these pimples go away. She's GonNa test estimate. How are you going to know which one worked? Its will find out. You'll see a big old bumper minnows so anyway. I never wedding talk. Let's move on to any talk. This is your week week. Old People get tired of hearing it. So what do they hate. Love Yeah love this love. Love shut up so you've been dating brandon for what three months now like five all right have you even thought about a life with him forever and ever and ever like marriage or just like being with him for a long time because being with them for a long time marriage kind of gives me a heart attack sir. Can you don't have to get married nate head pen purdue for for the weekend Brunch and I betcha scary doesn't know what that is. Is it a chicken chicken. Yes yes. It's a chicken purdue. It's like French toast French toast. Wow Wow this guy that calls it his fruits France when you're in France. You don't call French toast French toast. You call it pamper. Do we're not in France so nate's just being pretentious. Oh strong always miss you. Would you like they get into the phone tap randy Elvis durant phone tap today. Someone's going to get pissed off because it's a brody phone tap yeah pretty much. It works. What's going on? Elvis on listeners. Nicole wanted us to phone tapper boyfriend George Nicole a couple of weeks ago was in a car accident guy hitter in a in a van she saw the guy saw the van saw them drive off so she calls her boyfriend George and says she sees the van then in a parking lot and she's going to approach driver when it comes out of the store. I'm the driver all right. Let's see what happens. This could get four. I see the Minivan George hit me and I know it's their car. They have the same sticker it's the Same Cup oh and they have to. I know their car. What do I do take a picture of the license plate and then approach them no way canal when they see something fine yeah? Do you want them to come out and say something. Don't scared cared. No don't be saying the phone. They're coming out. They're coming out. Go go go. Hi GonNa do some girl that you were with. You hit Mike you're crazy. I don't know what you're talking about. I've never saw on you hit my car you. I don't know who you are going for me. He loses yes. This is Nicole Royer. She just told me I the lawyer and you better not lay a hand on her shut up. I don't even know who you're gonNA have a minivan. This is my minivan. Yes this earliest telling me I hit a quarter to take a picture of your life. As you go through with the insurance. You can't prove anything. I can't prove it because we have a police reports there so does ugly girl shut up is looking at me. Put your camera ugly. Hello Hey why I am her lawyer and I swear to God if you say one more discriminating factor this woman Liza get away from my car to move on to clone you get the phone back you psycho cycle that no tell them to move jeep. Now I got I will put it on the phone. What kind of man are you to move uh-huh me? Thank God right now. I'm not afraid of your you. Don't be intimidated by your stand or what what you don't even have when he does he goes doctor. You're stupid boyfriend very own comedies. You tell them to come come. I am coming to us and then I would. I would make out what you in front of him. I'll be right there. You're not very Ari. Break your mom. GimMe the vote and I will leave him. No no no don't give them the the GO-TO right now. They'll be right that was put in China hit me you thank me. Don't you touch that Damn Cardi daughter next on the phone. No I'm not going and you put on the phone. You know what I'm going to put on the volume stupid best guess but I I have to tell you something right. This is daybreak mail in the morning the jazz away seek to fall for that like God by the way first of all. What was that accent? Where are you from Daniel tell you I nailed it? That was Indian you fell short. There was nowhere near Indian food. Indian accents blur together yeah. I thought it was eastern a European of some sort anyway you pissed him off so mission accomplished. Thank you brody. If you have an idea for a phone tap let us know Elvis dot com and click on the phone tap link permission granted by his story and phone tap in the morning show you. There's a million reasons why I love doing the show first of all if ever we have a problem we talk about it people texting immediately so I talked about the penpals on my nose here we go texting in fifty one hundred twelve Elvis Neutrogena acne on the spot treatment. That's what we're using. That's what we have also ready. Cut a piece of garlic and half an rubbed the pimple scary Let's see Google. There was another one a million of them a lot. Drying Lotion is good to the same yeah Mario Badescu coup yeah. They're saying that's good preparation H. Hemorrhoids cream they have little stickers. You put on your pimple facial aw that could be the problem. Here's what I'm GONNA do. Do you think it would be reverse effect. If I used all these things at the same time I mean I mean if one thing works great than fifteen. Things must work fabulously but you're GONNA dry your face out. You need to test it on someone else. I all right around that you don't care what their face looks like animal testing. Where's my schnauzer all right? We have on your on line one. She wants our help since you guys helped us out with the pimple thing on your is your your name is on your correct. Yes complain. Oh my gosh you your voice. You've part of her voice. Are you okay. I'm so sad I lost my voice between last night and this morning thanks and I'm scheduled to go for my dream job interview and you know as it can be unprofessional when I call out you know you as an employer. How would you feel if this happened? I waited week for the interview and I'll tell you what I feel and I may not be the same same type of person you're going to talk to or you're supposed to talk to today for this job. For this interview I would say oh my God. Please come and sit down. Oh can I get you some water. I would like I'd I want to nurture you if you came to my place downing like that for an interview hoop why not well but then again I don't know where you're going. The type of place that you're interviewing of at I mean are they is the very very very concerned sure I haven't been working with recruiter for about three weeks and and the recruiter really stick up for me and you know they said you don't have all the qualifications for the job but we're going to try to get you the interview and just going and sell yourself anti here. We'll look so you're going into this interview in the minus column Anyway. Would you have to lose. I I would say go go to this interview and try to get you. Should you should work. This should use your voice to your advantage but you didn't. It's not yeah I did. I tell you why I want this job so badly. I WanNa work with you guys so much that I was willing to come in here in risk it buy sounding like this and by the way I get sick a lot. This is like you gotTa tell me. I don't get too sick a lot going on. You guys work it. Wouldn't you use a fake leg include a leg cast rep a bandage around your put a patchwork naturally. You're going to sound like this and say Oh my God. I want his job Gandhi. What do you think that that's a great idea but I also think so when when I first started here I lost my voice for like three weeks? I don't know if you guys remember that but the one thing that helped my voice was ludens. menthol drops not a client it actually they've really really worked. It helps so I don't know if you pop one of those before you go in no voice worse. Okay squeezes got absolutely right but you know what I think. If I was a an employer looking to hire someone first of all I would use ziprecruiter yeah. I would think you really cared so much to show up. Even though you showed up like that I think it will. I think it would make a difference Daniel. What do you think I agree but there is another side if the employees in the office that you came in.

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