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"nicole kimball" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"God biblical amen. So it's sitting here drinking a beer. Talk god amen. Yeah terrible copying god person cavaliers like i prefer to stand. I only drink wine. I don't believe in god. And i'm going to bed. So that's who she is allegedly dating. It's pretty funny perfect name. Can you believe his amos chase rice. And he has a song called drinking beer talking. God amen dreams which is the fake name of the justin bieber character on two two two of us two of them. The other two lindsey. Our big question for you. I saw that storms z. A rapper who i know is dating amber gill whose reality star you know telling amber gill amber one love. I losing she's winner. She was a fan favourite. She won with this guy named greg. They obviously didn't last. He was in the olympics. This all could say he was as roxy some reason. He went to the olympics but they were already broken up. She's amurri player named greg. O'shea i'm going to google images. He's hot she was a fan favourite. She won love. i look and she remained. You made the noise should does this guy that's interesting. He's hot right. yeah okay. This is great because she's kind of like an alien l. reality star in the uk and storms e who i feel like is definitely list. Uk but like certainly has not broken out over here This is a perfect pairing like. They must be going crazy across the pond for these two. I love the way it was confirmed to. Because it's like. She added festival where he was performing but she was in the vip section. And it's like the way this has written about is very like we read some tweets and have to act like we did reporting fellow. Festivalgoers started to jump to conclusions after they spotted amber who won violent back in two thousand nineteen alongside irish rugby player. Greg o'shea watching storms. He performed during the lead section of the to city festival. That's the gophers have suggested. The pair could be dating. As the show's organizers traditionally only allow close context of performers to watch from the side of the stage. What's that's the only confirmation wait. They weren't spotted together. They weren't holding hands. They weren't smooching. She was really just watching his concert. From the section but lindsay festivalgoers have suggested the pair could be dating. I show organizers traditionally only close contacts performances from the side of the state. This is bullshit the mirror. Go fuck yourself. There's no evidence. This is not evidence who else storms. He dated and we talk about him recently. He dated my jama. My jama. who's now dating kyle. kendall jenner's accident scandal jenner's x. I believe it though. I don't need physical connection. Epa if you have the side of the stage. I believe the festivalgoers who have suggested the pair could be. Dating organizers traditionally only close context of performance to watch them from the side of the stage. Stop saying that. Stop saying next. Dating news on page is dating. A woman named emily brown. Who's essentially we just did it. Wasn't he dating someone else. When like a law she was a mystery one at first. And now she's a copywriter okay. On antonio embarrasses dating a woman named nicole kimball who would love. I love this woman. Nicole campbell okay. Why call because she said she saved antonio mendez's life. She said she just gave him an aspirin. Will aspirin saves lives. Oh my god okay. Well she she saved his life he was like. I don't feel well something's wrong. She bought an aspirin. He took the aspirin and he woke up. He was like fuck. I'm having a heart attack. The aspirin as the blood thinner aspirin saves lives. When you have a older boyfriend. You gotta make sure they don't have a heart attack. We have an older boyfriend. Keep aspirin in the house. Aspirin in your palm just to make sure. Just keep it in your pocket. I should the house have aspirin aisles. Oh that's crazy. why not. It's great for hideo should have asked for heart attacks. Do you wanna talk about garrett borowski and sarah emig will there truly to. Who's and i thought you'd enjoy that like you know any people. Do you tell me about your both like reality. Garrett morowski one f boy island the show that like nobody actually watched always want max v. I started what never mind the one of the girlies chose him to be the the gut her boyfriend and he said a nab edge. I'm taking hundred thousand dollars. So he was a boy. That's funny but was weird about that show would that. I barely watched towards the end. They knew that the boys some of the boys were f- boys but they were like we're reforming like i came into this competent as an f. boy but i met you but then you are in boy because you lied the whole time and then he took the money Isn't that so funny. I just thought the show was funny because it had multiple layers where it was like okay so we thought this show was originally to find out who the f. boys and who were the good guys then. We revealed all the boys and the girls still chose one who was an f. boy proving that you really can't win kanye so this guy says i'm taking a hundred thousand dollars. Goes off the show. Then he starts dating jake. Paul ex girlfriend her whose name Is mia francis who was also at one point. Dating harry josie who was dating girl. Francesca who is bisexual. Who is dating. It's literally the same pool of people now. All these people are getting thrown into the same pool is like reality show losers who just like date each other to stay relevant and keep their names in. Tmz which they're doing a good job of because i'm reading this tmz south. Perhaps you know yeah moving on really quickly. This wasn't in here. But you text it to me and i love it chris. 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