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"nicole khaw" Discussed on The Big Picture

"And when what should we put our heart into i mean think about the next five years of the podcast. What are we doing house of gucci. That's coming out in the month and we're going to talk about it again. I will continue talking about it. At least two oscars come on. Ben affleck's you know forty fifth career. Transformation why is bed affleck not in the last duel trailer. I know why because he is a small character in the film. But do you understand how to market movies. You do not just put the photos from the venice film festival in the last duel trailer. Jesus christ how hard is this. I don't know that's happening glass duel. That's coming out soon. i now. It's really scott season. i'm open to it. Feels like it's being buried a little bit from being i mean. I don't really think that it's going to be a hugely transformative experience. But whatever just put put ben affleck in the trailer. Let us have our movie stars. We have like five movie stars left. I think from a purely on paper perspective. That movie has more going forward than any movie. I can think of in the last couple years. Affleck damon cole road. Along with nicole khaw center right whom we love directed by ridley scott and jodi comber who now after free guy is a movie star so on paper now after free is star. It's true though. I mean. I decided about movies and now i just have to walk into the ocean. Well it'll be a very different performance at a performance and let me just say jodi comber is not the problem free guy. I thought she was great in it. Just like i thought she was great and killing eve. So there's weirdly a lot to look forward to their. We'll see what happens. I found more things to be excited about. Okay tap into if we ever see it. Sure we're gonna be dead comes out. I know related mission impossible movies. Have you been following just now. Paparazzi a tabloid staple in the uk. Is tom cruise. Parachuted into someone's backyard. And because they're filming mission impossible and every week he's surprising some hikers because he's finishing the stein or you'd like to use like some random british person's backyard for a helipad like every week. My guy is just out there doing his own stunts and glad handing the british people. He's he's trying to win something totally. No it's going to be just the heart of nostalgia probably what he's after but we shall see. Let's let's talk just a little bit. More about transformations chastain transforms entirely into You mentioned incredible makeup work. This film will be nominated for best makeup and hairstyling because of the work that is done on her that it seems like it was a huge investment of time for chastain since look like a lot of time in the chair to get that look going. She does transform. I would say physically in a meaningful way into that character kind of regardless of what you think about the movie. It's really impressive. And over time in the context of the movie because as you said it unnecessarily starts when she's like five years old yes and then he doesn't play the break. I mean it shows her like nineteen being like. Yeah jesus or whatever and credible i thought you know considering. She's like in her mid thirty s. I thought she pulled off. I've only lived. She looked great. And then all the way through tammy faye bakker's at just like embrace of permanent eyeliner and lip liner and an and permanent eyebrows. I believe as well truly truly a you know. I don't want to be mean spirited but quite a freakish look that she had by the end of her life actor. Transformations are tried and true.

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