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"Thank you all for joining. I, AM super excited that we're doing this. Thank you everybody on sit I. Don't know if I call it a panel or or a family I don't know but I'm just happy that the family is here. Again thank you for joining us a safe Negro podcast live and we are going to be talking about everything concerning the first. Hopefully I say, I with a lot of hope in my heart but the first season of of of lovecraft country, it's myself Tatyana King One of the host of the Safe Negro. pod And I'M GONNA ask my co host to also introduce themselves. As DJ been I, mean the other coho serve the Save Negro pod In Push. The other. Other other. We also have a group of amazing people that have join us today to chat. They're going to be your live speakers. Today we have I'm just GONNA say their names, and if you could just introduce yourself shortly a brief intro, we have the bouncer here. Going on everybody my name is rebound soup would also Chuck Collins I. Draw a Little Web Comical Bounds and drew a couple of. Awesome. Awesome Fan art for lovecraft country. Yeah. That also fan are detail means actually wearing. If you all remember especially people who are listening listen to show you remember the now we episode Ben Wears that religiously Sufi Bradshaw who played now she actually received the merch. So thank you again so much for that. Dowse. Yes, we also have tied. Everyone I'm tied good and I am be contributing editor at writer at noticed and I had. The best time. Season covering. You know lovecraft tree and just everything that happened from all sorts of perspectives. I'm really excited to be here today. Thank you so much. We have a huge you sawyer every what up. A high on on the writer publisher at like down productions and I'm also the coordinator. Of the Women in Comics Collective National Wink for sure and I'm so happy to be here. I've been derided in Dine Sake Negro podcast. This is just the beginning of. Hundred here for everything fire fire. We also have a tag team here with Rod and Karen from the Black I. Out doing avenues. Co host of a comedy podcast, and we also do a little bit of love we happen to name. And rounding out, we have been Nicole Hilton the cokely's introduce yourself. Hi Nicole. Covered low-carbon energy in In Yeah I've had a blast a covering the show I feel I'm still living in that role in my head. So mind really heavy here banks so much and also the blur will be here. Shortly, will introduce her in a moment when he gets in but less just started. Joshes. S Let's remove him. I. I will say I expected at least one person to kind of come here and bomb the zoom but not got little ash shaking. Let's get into the detail. What did you think of this season of lovecraft country? Just overall not as you've seen all ten episodes what are your thoughts anybody speak up? Yeah, I thought out I. Love. I. Love Behold he's alcohol. and I think that. Stand out the more of like. Relive them and they will always have something new fine i. don't think I was happy with the ending. But I think is not like. I would never get this is. I. Think more like. We're going to be something different. You know what a hit harder but I think. I. I mean to me so many episodes and properly I am. On in life. You have to have any kind of connection to the show and I think that's call about the people who are in and out here of word like how I love that episode. Timmy that was really cool about just the episode that you can kind of put on into the shower like into horror. Absolutely. Absolutely. Shocked. You say something no I was just sighing because the host the host so. This one alongside side maybe yeah. I mean not in a in a bad way it was it was more like. It. Was a lot to process in. You know I'm I'm assuming that this is all spoiled with free so we can just oh nothing I'm sure everyone listening has seen the show you will be spoiled. We're not. We're not. You know give a leg up on that. So I felt that the season was great but the last episode felt rushed. If ally the writers everybody else when show was like look we don't know if to be it season two if we're going to even have a season two, let's try and round everything up and we don't have any more episodes lots. If I think if if it was like. Two three episodes till the final season, we would have had a well rounded story. But overall I wasn't dissatisfied. But hoping I really liked it. Okay I'm hearing the similar sentiment from you from online throughout the week. Everyone's kind of Massena. Same thing pretty much. They've enjoyed it but this that lasts episode. Off To them does anybody WANNA to speak about what it was about the last episode that you had a problem with the finale episode Oh, okay can. Chime in just real quick. We loved it. We begin in the end. Yeah, we love. About it. There were some things that with the two spirit you know, I don't think that was handled properly, but you know overall. I actually liked it I night. I'm coming from somebody who who was a blank slate I didn't know anything about it never heard of it before. So my perspective would probably be different from people that may have more background in it but for me being as far as the storytelling and what they told I actually enjoyed the story every week and what they told me and I loved it as well. Why from beginning to end it felt like a lot on. Something that was very finite. You know black life in the nineteen fifties and segregated. In America and made it infinite and they touch so many John Ras. You'd never knew what the show is. GonNa be every every episode it was almost like an anthology, but in one season and even final episode the biggest concern that I saw before the final episode was that they were going to have loose narrative strains. Yeah and this like they didn't they they tied things up pretty neatly an accomplished had no great way and of course, we can spoiled that ending with the. thought. I'd see that on TV, ever I don't know how they like right room life that. Sleigh desperate like let's just say what they say. Let's let's see what holiday. Amazing. That was like how everyone wanted to. We call it. We call the D. One thousand after terminated. So. We get into that next question I just WanNa one introduced Jeremy. Horn. The blurb. She is here just want to introduce yourself real quick. Everybody on Camera Horn. Girl, just content creator. Thinking Highest Dugway.

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