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"nicole day bauer" Discussed on The Omega Particle

"When they were doing production of card they when the episode with the rikers Michael Dorn in the visited the set and so these people are still a super closed in real life. I would not be shocked to see a wharf or laforge comeback into Picard at the same time or maybe separately but it was. It's definitely going to happen. It's just a matter of when and WHO and he even said. Burton goes into while if if Jordan did come back. This is what I would want him to do. I'd want him to be teaching and passing on the knowledge that he learned throughout his career. So those are very specific notions and ideas. That he wants so wouldn't surprise me if it's already in the works However sad news the have been doing although writing cards season two but they haven't actually gone into shooting and they were planning to do it this summer but it's been pushed back to Kobe. Nineteen for safety reasons and I completely agree with that. It's just it's a bummer. Because there may be some big gaps between Picard season one and hopefully discovery season three comes out on time but this is hard to say because of the safety issues with Kobe. Nineteen and social distancing however it is nice to see maybe we'll get some Burton action in the future speaking of Kovic. Nineteen kind of wrecking everything. We're going to start out with some a little bit bad news in rapid with some good news as we finish this relaxed fit episode is that. I'm sure you've probably already heard but comic con. San Diego has officially been canceled. He was originally going to be for the weekend of July. Twenty third through the twenty six and in a I mean I I agree with shutting things down I know that seems super far out but to have that thousands and thousands of people from all over the world is a smart concept. And if you're angry about that I mean it's it's for the greater good and trust me. Nobody understands cancellations more than me personally. I'm a marathon runner and it's very difficult to plan for a marathon. Because you have to have at least three or four months of training all these cancellations of come out and it's like wow. I've just wasted the last three or four months for nothing and I'm registered for the Chicago Marathon. The beginning of October and then one called the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October. And everybody's gas because it's like they're probably going to be canceled. Should I even begin training? I understand cancellations and how frustrating they can be and then you lose a bunch of money on plane tickets and hotels but there is a little bit of good news out of this. Is that the Convention Center that they've been using for the San Diego. Comic Con has actually been turned into temporary hospital in slash cove in nineteen testing area. So I think that's an amazing use of those resources instead of remaining empty and it's frustrating. But you have to think the quicker we can beat this the quicker we can get back to normal so. I know it's frustrating some bad news. However here's a little bit of good news and to help again kind of in the same vein as the cocktails with Kate is that there are a lot of new streaming services that are coming out with this watch. Party APPS and watch party capabilities one of them is from paramount and they will be holding live virtual screenings of Star Trek to wrath of Con. The closest one will be April twenty fifth through an APP called. Cya Live not cover here. It's called Cya. Live and I think you can pay a dollar ninety nine to be a part of this live streaming and it seems a little much but they are bringing in two special guest host. They are the host of the inglorious experts Whose names are mark. Altman and Darren door chairman and they will be doing a intro to the movie and they're doing a QA afterwards but the cool thing about Cya live is that you can talk and communicate throughout the movie with the guest and then with whoever's involved while watching the movie so it's a cool concept at kind of in the same vein as the Netflix. Watch party. No you haven't heard of this. It's a chrome extension. The netflix came out with that. If you're on a desktop or laptop you can share specific code. Your friends and you can watch Netflix together. In this kind of private room where you can chat and talk about which. I think is totally cool and I need to do that. Because there's so many good Star Trek episodes that I can watch with some of my friends so I encourage people to do that. He doesn't have to be Star Trek but try to watch party together. I thought about doing that something on like an instagram live. Kinda just held the social distancing and maybe not have people seem so far apart and alone so you can do that on net flicks however Amazon prime is starting to work with twitch. Now I've never used twitch before because I'm not a huge Gamer. But they're trying to work out. Some Dior Amazon prime members can use the twitch software to have the same thing. Have the same watch party. Nothing's been announced yet. I think it's still in Beta testing. So if you WANNA be a tester for that I would definitely go to twitch DOT TV if your name is on. Prime member go to their main prime website and see what can be done but but circle back around go to see. Why live two dollars a ticket to watch that wrath? Akon live with those podcasting guys and there are other streaming cons that people are starting to come up with like I think cameo did on April eighteenth they did this massive iconic characters virtual panel and it had of course had Jonathan Facts. And so they had a lot of by common characters. Show up so I don't know if you can go online and watch that. I think it's for Free Cameo but upcoming is that on April twenty fifth and May Second. There is a kind of a virtual. They're calling it a hollow Khan and it's through the lambda quadrant podcasting network. They're going to have special guests. Nicole Day Bauer. She Played Dax on designed for the season. I think it's a neat idea to kind of check in and even though we have to be distant physically doesn't mean we can still interact and attend these quote unquote virtual COMECON panels. So definitely check them out like I said it's on Twenty Fifth April twenty fifth of May second through the Lambda quadrant. So I think that's all the news we're gonNA cover today but let's wrap up this episode and move on. I'm under if I can come cheer up but I still had to find something new in this one for you to recall your wars Freeman. Who so free as of the waves always ready steady boys any real five. I'm recalling out again so I'm in the middle of researching and getting ready for Borg Three while I can't believe it's already been to other episodes and in that episode we'll cover The main meat of all board history mets the twenty fourth century as well as the heavy hitters Captain Picard and Captain Janeway. The main two captains. I've interacted with the board more than anyone as well as a little bit of Cisco he doesn't have a lot but we'll just throw it in there because it fits neatly snugly in that twenty four th century once again if you guys WanNa debate or one comment on the show. Please hit me up at Omega Particle podcast on Instagram. Or you can email me at Omega Particle podcast Edgy. Jimoh DOT COM. Feel free to reach out. It's not like we have anything to do. Our lifestyles are super busy right now. Just WanNa say thank you for listening and tuning has only been a blast. We'll get back and I can't wait to cover our conclusion of the Borg series. Now remember second sort of the right straight onto morning.

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