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Remembering 'Girls Aloud' Singer Sarah Harding

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01:47 min | 2 years ago

Remembering 'Girls Aloud' Singer Sarah Harding

"So sarah harding. I saw this on twitter. Actually no i saw this on e. news online. And i wanted to talk about who. Sarah harding is as a person i because people probably won't know about her since she's over from the uk. So sarah harding was born sarah. Nicole harding on november seventeenth nineteen eighty-one. She has an english singer model and actress. Who rose to fame in late. Two thousand two when she successfully auditioned for the it reality series popstars the rivals and this is kind of relevant with some topics that i've talked about in the past as far as love island because love ireland. Uk like the original. Love island is based in the k. And there's people from all over the uk on that show and it also is on tv. So i have a feeling. That's kind of like the mtv of the us em tv of the uk but mtv loss in the us if that makes sense The program announced that harding had won a place as a member of the girl group girls aloud which girls aloud is a british irish pop. Girl group that was created through the icy be talent. Show in two thousand two and it comprised seniors cheryl cole nadine coyle sarah harding nicola roberts in kimberley walsh. They achieved a string of twenty consecutive top ten singles in the united kingdom including four number. Ones they also achieve seven certified albums of two. I'm sorry of which to reach number one. They've been nominated for five awards winning the two thousand nine best single for the

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