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"nicola pecker" Discussed on Maltin On Movies

"Yes you've you've also landed or discovered if we can use that word people Sort the beginnings innings of their careers Who fulfilled the promise that they showed in your films? I'm thinking first of Sarah Pauly. Who who's talented at three years old yup talented today and talented director? She didn't it didn't learn that skill for me though and learn all the things not to do. It's what it was so just brilliant child and when we were shooting Munchausen she was like the oldest person on the set she was the professional and it was always worrying because we were working weird hours and I think afterwards at some point she was made made several interviews about the dangerous she was in. That was apparent. Bajor wasn't real danger because I'm not gonNA sacrifice whatever main characters it's but so it was great. I get what makes me think about working with kids in in you know in time bandits that in Bush house had been untied lamb with Joe del Fairly and and this was the most extraordinary child she was nine and a half years old. I think Sarah was a half for your older who I did one Chelsea and and you find these kids who are so. They are kids but they're so smart and beyond on their years. I don't know where this comes from and again Joe. Del just made that film work. She's she's the lead she's never offscreen. Hardly and and have a little kid holding it. I just I don't know what it is. It gets totally instinct. When I'm casting I I have some information about them Aw and then we talk at. It's really about. I really like this person. I think it'd be fun to play with in the midst. It's kind of like that. Well that's the perfect motivation. It is important. And if you're going to be honest set and you're creating your world both onscreen and in real life you don't want to be around someone you can't stand. I know you've got to spend time in advance. Sounds to do that. We're talking about the same movie. Yes that's always nothing so that's that I don't have to direct other than saying stand there and move over there. It's it's not like I'm sitting here. Getting performance of somebody by being clever manipulated them. It's just basically being a good audience because with my wide. Angle Lenses is. I've always very close to the actors and I'm right there and I'm a good audience when they're funny. I laugh when the tragic I cry and they can see. It's it's not me sitting back in an airstream trailers some video. You're not in video village in there. And we're communicating really closely. And I don't try to tell them much at all. I just hope that we've talked enough in advance. We understand what we're trying to do. And then we go to work and then an actor in that situation wants to please you. Yeah I mean if you're performing and you're like being a coach I imagine this sport you want the coach to give you words words of approval. You want approbation for what you done. I know I don't I mean what I read about. How Hitchcock deals with actors? Now now I don't know how to do that. I you can just be a buddy there by the one. That intrigued me was fisher. King is Jeff Bridges. I mean it's a great performance but what I didn't know and people tell they don't realize he's doing you to really and when I look at the film his movements. He's not doing me but he's a certain energy in the way of moving at and that's what I do. Well he chose a good inspiration then worked but when you work with somebody like that you're working with with a genius and you just I marvel. I just sit that God. How where's this coming from house? He House yeah. Well he's the best. There is what what impressed you about heath. Ledger Heath Ledger again. I met him. The first thing came up with Nicola Pecker in my DP was doing a film called it was called the Sin Eater and Atlanta and he called me and said this kid is great because we had just unfair so this kid Barron. Johnny said you've got to beat him and so he turned up in In Hollywood and I met him and it was just just one of those things he thought this guy is so tremendous just the aura that came off him and we laughed and played and I thought this is fantastic and it proved to be that he was one of those people. Everybody who met him was amazed. There was something he just gave off vibes. That were so extraordinary and member. One night we were in Prague shooting brothers Grimm and I just dragged about into see a gypsy band at a place where every pizza before and I said. Hey Th- how old are you twenty four. I thought he was like more like thirty thirty. Four he was he seemed older than Matt Damon. And and everybody who spent any time with said this is a very wise soul he he comes from something very far away very deep and he had I think the moment that really hooked me on them with Lysol Monster's ball and the moment before before he kills himself in it. It was so how. Where did this conference? How did he do what he did? Because it's so subtle and simple apple is nothing overly dramatic just hits you just hit you right in the got and and that's what it was like. I remember when Monica Bellucci came on and she was in the makeup department in there was pictures of Matt and he. She didn't know who he was. And who is that. The picture started it and it was just from then on C.. He he he thinks it's I think it's one of the to me. It's one of the really true tragic great on losses. Yeah because I think he was without a doubt going to be the best of his generation. There was nobody close. It had the range he can do comedy he tragedy. It was a romantic lead on every level and it was it was Bearable basically when he got out of that tragedy. And I'm not making light of it in any way. Came an interesting solution to your dilemma of losing your leading man in the magic area. My doctor for gas. Well more in two thousand. You didn't have for the moon back for this film you're right and says it was when he died we we. He just finished shooting in London halfway through the shoot and then we all went our different ways. We went out to Vancouver. He went to New York. And and I'm getting endings ready in Vancouver and my daughter comes in. I was in the art department. Try to save some money off and she said come on you gotta come into. My Office is busy. I can say fifteen thousand dollars here and there was an an all we had was the on her computer. BBC announcing heath debt. And I it just it was impossible. It was impossible to believe because we've just been working together. Thanks and and anyway I was. I said well that's it. I'm I'm going home. This is over because I just love this guy and I just couldn't see anyway of continuing my daughter. Amy Just will not let go you got we got to fix this. We're going to do it. Nicole mine DP the same thing come you gotta do we gotta get somebody else size in the end. I said wait. There's all one actor that could replace heath as far as I'm concerned and I said let's get three and that was hit eh. First person I called was johnny and interviews Johnny Depp and an Johnny said whatever you want I'll be there and and that stopped the retreat retreat of the Finance Finance Insurance Company. Were just the film is over. He and I said my daughter said we got Johnny. Depp agreed to come on and then than Than Jude Law and Colin Farrell. Because I only wanted people that were close to heath friends I was offered some really big names ames. Who wanted to be in there to take over the part and I said no I want Scott family and that's what it was? They did a brilliant job and they worked for nothing they gave their money. All to heath's daughter I mean that's you don't experience things like that very often in show bizz to have that much love and appreciation of One Person Eighth Ledger and and the fact. The film works brilliantly. But it's still the one for me. I would have liked to have seen the film that he thought they were making now or I will never see that but what we made with the three begin. uh-huh was fantastic. They were all because they all knew that they were able just feed off of what they felt about. Heath it was great. And you've three brilliant actors actors mean you know it's it's three as you say it's it's the perfect combination so of all the people that you could choose from who know he happens to be three of the best actors dot the trick is every film. You're doing case you lead is big. Sure you've got a magic mirror. Crucial filmmakers I says my big advice vice. Well it's that aspect of the film is seamless. It's only worth it. So work seems organic and there is a scene in there that has heath in it and he was dead where we shall see We found a real good little trick. we pulled it off and not going to tell you this magic. Get a mild rant on my part I don't want to. I know how everything is made. I understand that some people want to go behind the scenes deep dive but then especially before movie comes out at least if it's come come out and I've seen it then it's not as intensive and experience but I don't WanNa Watch anything where you said. Okay so you know how in this scene will that wasn't unreal boat and that wasn't real and this isn't this isn't this isn't because movies are meant to be magic. Yup and if all I'm doing the entire time saying wow it's a really good magic trick. Then that's not the thing that's what to me is even like I'll go into like CGI work. I don't want it to be seen to be. CGI US all the time but people aren't aware I'm using because it's good magic. Good magic as you look over in this ham but I'm really by right. Head is in another so another nice piece of casting is to see today's man of the moment driver all of the movies in the lead of Your your belly. No Man who killed Don Quixote. I know I mean how many films in at the moment he's a has no life outside aggressively Adam again again my daughter. Amy gets the blame for everything she said out of driver because I had seen Ian Star Wars with him the first Kylo Ren and I thought okay. It's kind of interesting. But it is what it is. And she said this guy's good. And he's bankable see always it's always got to be. And he's bankable say whether it's Robin Williams. And he's Bankable Ed so she arranged a meeting on. We had luncheon a pub in London and I met him. I hadn't seen I've never seen girls. I've I've never even seen Patterson. I had only seen him as Kylo Ren he. Es C Patterson. I will tell..

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