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"nico nikita" Discussed on Venture Stories

"Everybody. Welcome to another episode of village. Globals venture stories I'm here today joined by two very special guests Nikitas ready investor are ventures and Nikos. You've ASCII founder and president at. Redux. Nico Nikita welcome to the PODCAST. Happy to be here. So we're here to talk about healthcare and and some of the newest regulations, but also more broadly in the space you really you recently wrote an article as summarizing what's so interesting about the latest new regulations what unpack with we're trying to do in that. Yeah. This is something I think a lot about at someone who invests in healthcare. Aria, as a big healthcare portfolio, but there's a tremendous amount of inertia in healthcare and I think it's more pronounced in healthcare than a number of other spaces I. Think the close corollary is probably Fintech and financial services where you have these really large incumbent players and also as in addition to that deeply fragmented on the customer side So that might look like SME's for the fintech world. And just the sheer number of people that companies that need payment processing, and then in healthcare, it's just the sheer number of provider organization and vendors and everything in between. So when you want to innovate in healthcare there needs to be a number of driving factors that really force it to happen, and we've seen it happen a couple of different times and healthcare but I think really following regulations and easy way to see this materialize one good way I think of framing that says. If. You look at the high tech fell in two, thousand and nine. which was a related to the American recovery reimbursement. act. That was one of the first times that the government said you need to adopt and demonstrate meeting use of your Marzano HR's and it's not like the industry didn't exist before that epic was already one of the biggest players in the space and so is Turner. There wasn't that forcing function from the government to have to do that, and it really solidified all healthcare institutions, not just the big health systems but also that kind of Taylor, on smaller provider groups have to use EHR's as well. But you see this in, you know not not just with electronic medical records you see this happen over and over again with different acts. So some random examples and other ones. To mention the fairness construct the fairness to contact lens consumer APP in two thousand and four that really created one, eight, hundred contacts.

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