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"Nineties back on Sunday. W B, A P News meteorologist race Did you got the Weather channel right now? Mostly cloudy and 79 degrees. Vice President Kamala Harris's trip to the Southern border later today comes amid criticism from Republican vice president was in Central America earlier this month, addressing the root concerts of migration, But Texas Republicans like Senator John Cornyn say the vice president's trip to El Paso comes much later than it should have. The humanitarian crisis has got nothing but worse. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott critical of the location, saying Harrison's trip Be a failure if she doesn't speak to landowners in Del Rio, who, he says or having their homes and ranches overrun by gangs and smugglers. Clayton Neville W B A P News Private donations for border while in Texas continued to pour in governor, Abbott announced an avenue for Americans to donate to the state's effort to build a wall on the southern border more than a week ago today, the governor's offices donations total more than $527,000. In addition to that the state reallocate it a quarter of a million dollars as a down payment on the wall. The governor will tour the border next Wednesday with former President Donald Trump. And officials in Miami Dade County, Florida have given an update on search and rescue efforts following the collapse of a 12 story condo and Surfside. At least four people are dead and 159 are now missing. Family and friends of the unaccounted ones are praying for a miracle as search and rescue efforts continue. Time now for Texas business here, Spencer McGowan from Network Radio. Well, one of the top stories of the week has always been the crypto that It now Totals one in a third trillion dollars. The spanking resumes this morning. There are predictions that Bitcoin will drop by another two thirds. Wow. The Dow at 113 points 34,200, West Texas Intermediate crude starts the day stable. It 73 26 per barrel. I'm Spencer Miguel and President Miguel and group network radio dot com. From the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update is at 8 24 7 coverage at w b a p dot com The Mavericks may have their new head coach and general manager, at least in theory. Good morning, everybody, Scott said. Way here in for Steve Lamb from the W BPI sports desk, sources telling ESPN. The team has decided. Jason Kidd is the front runner to replace Rick Carlisle on the sideline could, of course, part of the 2011 championship team, not a great coaching resume. So far, he's lost more than he's one in five seasons between Brooklyn and Milwaukee. We didn't win a title as an assistant coach with the Lakers. Also, by the way, got an unsolicited endorsement from Rick Carlisle when he was talking about his departure from Dallas as Carlisle signs on to be the coach of the Indiana Pacers, now for the Open GM spot sources tell ESPN that the Mavs Zeroing in on former Nike executive Nico Harrison Harrison reportedly has been a prime target for a lot of NBA teams, mainly because of his connections to high profile NBA players. Harrison was higher up. Nike Guy shoot guy he signed Kobe Bryant to Nike back in the day also works with a lot of other big time athletes. So maps going for the connections route more so than the skins on the wall route. They are keeping Michael Finley in the front office, hoping they'll work together, so we'll have to see how that dynamic plays out. Meanwhile, this happened in Arlington toward right, Gallo hustling over and he's not going to get it and it's going to go buy him and roll into the corner..

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