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"nico gioacchini" Discussed on ExtraTime

"I think credit to the us for creating an environment. That gino destined daryl deacon yunus mussa wanted to come into and also it didn't feel like they pushed any of those players to cap the muna thing rather like he he didn't play in the nation right league and like we're still not one hundred percent clear. Why but it feels like berhalter saying you know why. If you're you know even one percent unsure about this take your time. The you know you will still have a spot in the team for the next game and for qualifiers We'll probably need to know for qualifiers. For what it's worth but like an mussa came out against costa rica and was dominant in that friendly after the nation's leak and i i like seeing that culture i i like seeing that what berhalter is doing. Really show some respect for the fact that these kids have fifteen years to think about. Not just the next three games and on that note. Take that italy. Joe capuccio as ours the ass and have him and nico gioacchini to kansas city. Kids you were all in on. The home is reporting that The just the final sign documents in the medical or weight this move to for john busey. Of course tanner testament already. There taylor is reporting. I'd seen previously numbers like in the four to seven million euro range and got to translate a little bit here because this is in dollars that the final number between transfer incentives. That's basically like does he reach the plays x number of games. Does this that. And the other is ten point. Five to eleven million dollars. That's the range taylor. Santa should be mid week now. This is extra time. Bingo we gotta get general caboose yo transfer rumors into every show. I just want you guys reaction to those numbers from what i heard. An entailing is sort of intimated at this follow up tweets like it's going to be at least seven. The the incentives to that level are very easy to hit. It gets progressively harder. But i don't think anybody should be if it ends up being a ten million dollar transfer And this is what we talked about for years weaving david like getting the alphonso davies transfer done. And the way he's played for buying munich getting the tyler adams transfer done the way he's played for rb. Leipzig getting the brennan errands. Transfer done the way. He's played for rb. Salzburg has increased the perception of the league and hence the value of the players in the league..

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