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Fresh update on "nick" discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News

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Fresh update on "nick" discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News

"For the restriction. Of the use of Nick and karate restraints in all circumstances, A real and shoe ban. There are also calls to reopen the case of Robert White, the silver Spring man who was shot and killed by Montgomery County Police officer in April of last year That shooting was ruled justified. Kate Ryan w T o P News Double Ethiopia, 12 05 Most people arrested in Arlington last year were black. Then most don't live in Arlington, Arlington, now on a local community group asked for and got their 2019 arrest data from the Arlington County Police Department. It shows police arrested 3613 people last year, 51% were black. Just over 1/3 live in Arlington. Almost 60% of those arrested were between 18 and 35. Of the young people arrested ages 12 to 17 more than half were black. About four out of 10 were white. 12 06 Wednesday morning. There's a move now to defund school resource officers in the state of Virginia, coming from different groups in a local lawmaker who wrote the governor asking for support on the letter to Governor Ralph Northam, signed by over a dozen organizations across the Commonwealth, led by the end of a C P, president of Fairfax and District 38 delegates, Que Corey asks the governor to use the upcoming special session to take over $9 million away from SA Rose is an opportunity to experience what de funding or the disappear. Prince of the Sorrow program would be speaking first the W T o p delegate Corey says one place some of the money could go is more school counselors, especially in the wake of the pandemic. We're going through such a crisis every day many many Children are going to need assistance and support. The governor is expected to call a special session of the next few months. Michele Morello w T. O P. News governor Larry Hogan will be doing a virtual book tour to promote his memoir that will be published at the end of the month. The book is titled Still Standing Surviving Cancer. Her riots and the toxic politics that divide America. The work will include details of the governor's battle with non Hodgkin's lymphoma shortly after he was elected along with how he dealt with the aftermath of the Freddie Gray killing in police custody in Baltimore. The book is being seen as an indication that Hogan will likely run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. 12 07 There are certain people who are forbidden from buying guns. But next year, Virginia will have a new law on the books to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have. Virginia lawmakers have passed a voluntary do not sell list. You're.

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