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Entry 28  Barry Fulcher  Progress Tour  Bridging the gap in competition

Kris Soutar�s Tennis Journal

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Entry 28 Barry Fulcher Progress Tour Bridging the gap in competition

"Hello and welcome to another entry into my tennis journal. My name's Christy setzer hence the absolute genius title of the show. If you're new to the show thanks very much for tuning in give you a little bit of a flavor of what is I am looking to achieve by producing the show. It's very simple. I'm bringing interesting people to you for you to listen to to learn from to hopefully be inspired and motivated to make decisions that might take a slightly different pass or apply through the past that you are currently walking so far the feedback has been fantastic in terms of people actually making life decisions based on what they're hearing so that's always nice and currently we have about fifty two different countries people listening from all around the world. We're we're getting there. I'm a one man band. I'm doing all by myself I literally bought all the equipment produce it myself. Naught trying to set the world on fire just trying to bring interest in people to your ears that leads me nicely onto. Today's guest is the twentieth different guests that I've had on the show so far. His name is body future and he is the founder and really the leader of the progress tennis tour in the UK is next tennis professional ranks career high seven seven two. I believe in singles and top five hundred in doubles and listen to him. You will hopefully want to help support what he is trying to do. Because there is an absolute genuine need for this in the UK. And I'm not gonNA give you too many insights to what he says. Just yeah I think is better coming from his most but I will say is once you hear them. You'll hear me make a little plea at the end debate supporting him. Please think outside the box in different ways that we could help create or make the vision come to life for body because he is doing all by himself and as you'll hear he is actually sometimes being of his own pocket for it so it's a great person with a great story genuine motivations to to make a difference in the tennis world or the UK tends world at least four pass onto body. I would be extremely grateful if you could press your subscribe button to make sure that you don't miss out in any future episodes share any episodes with your pals that you think are worth them listening to and take a minute to write a review wherever podcasting apps that you have as I said. I'm doing it by myself. Am doing it for the most genuine of intentions and so far is actually making a difference to a lot of people and the are looking for great advice in their careers. So not for me. Rabbiting on hand you. Over to Mr Fatty Suture. So Barry Future. Welcome to the Schulman I Chris. Let's let's tell everyone where you are right now. I have just landed in gloves. Co Ed Murray trucks yet. Scott's down okay cool and what What brings you to the Challenger. Do you have players? They it or come up a couple of meetings today so soak up the atmosphere guys at one Iran earlier last month so they are playing this week against none other than Giannis himself in the end. Okay here are they just giving them a show to Brian? Marshall Tutu Okay okay very good and Zam so one of the things I want to try and get to is touched on their one of your events will if you could give an overview what you are currently doing and then what we'll do is we'll go backwards and bridge the gap. I'm a coach. First and foremost I run program in Sussex but three or four years ago having coached to a number of Plays College. I E Joe I suppose low level. Atp Futures Level talked a lot about doing running tries Monday event. Trying to get more events going K. the a runoff prize. Money event. You Brighton which is the biggest grossing. Prizemoney knew that years when he seventeen. Dan Evolved into me setting up a a national torchlights the progress which was underpinned by the Utah but my primary driver was to providing all prize. Money off -tunities for those struggling sparring pies level. I was I guess. Seventy eight hundred eighty eighty and those really trying to make way fashionable ranks. And so what we're GONNA do go back and we will build up to that I'm going to revisit. The struggling tennis player sitting around the seven hundred in the world. Mark a lot of people listening. We'll think that that that's a very successful tennis player. But so we're going to piece it all back together. So let's go right back. How did you first get into tennis? I was one of five kids and we were constantly around the tennis and Squash Club. My mother was a squash player and my three of my full siblings. All got stuck into squash tennis from the age of four five cy right from an early age. I was playing a lot squash Kind of ten eleven. I started state. And it's more seriously I guess I was. I was always kind of in a top ten country around that kind of area for my age Guy. Growing up to yeah. I live and breathe tennis guests from a very early age and just have interest. Wait are you in the pecking. Order of your. Your siblings were age. I am born forced born our family. I remember reading some research. I think can't remember who came from last year. Somebody suggesting that was the head of the siblings loose. See there was four would be the third I five. It would be the force that would be the most successful so just a slightly. I was gonNA use the word. Shame but that seems to be quite topical moment but your siblings. How how much success did they have? Let's put that theory to the test. Well my my older brother. Who's three to two older sisters? The three boys and enjoy my older brother goes good level. Who is kind of top twenty guests? Fifteen sixteen you'd be playing nationals and stuff but stopped got distracted. I would say the age of fourteen fifteen and stop playing altogether so I was there. You want to continue. I suppose into teenage years and beyond My other siblings didn't play too beyond county county close level so the CD's right then. That's it just the secret. So appearance of want a successful tennis player. Just have five kids and invest all your money in the fourth one cakes out there would have been that of course if he just had the discipline and perseverance. And all the things you need to be fresh so the my right and thinking you born in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty. Yeah so you've got big foot or coming up next year. So could you describe what I'm going to say? The either was for your generation of Letsie not can of National Age group that you talked about and you said I wasn't in top bunch. What can of what was the easier then. In terms of the system was at that age was the rover squats and stuff. Yeah it was. Yeah it was. I was Kinda guests on the second to it was known as Young Challenger. Mumps thanking In Bisham is the peso. The top boys Dave show it down kin and I'm the the Gauzy your youngest son Hilton coming to the top bunch Yeah that was the system that supported a great system. Actually look those young guys and for him because we fought down on the show before and he taught fondly of Louis Times. What was it like being that? Let's see I'm gonNA use the word upstarts if you know what I mean. They can a level below. Think dan think he mentioned it fell a little bit. The downside was that you had a target on. Your back were you. How would you describe that feeling of being in that level blue? Shall we say yeah? I guess in hindsight it was a bit like I think when you're in it I don't remember it that way. There was a sense of who the top guys were still to this day. There's a lot of funding a lot of support into a select few like everybody else. Cracking on investment hamper. I don't remember that sense of the time but yeah and your opinions on idea of investing a lot into a few. I have a very strong opinion. Chris I think We we lose out on too many ways by doing that. We ultimately such a young age. It's very difficult to know. You know which cream arise off and I think we we lose a lot place to some way demotivate locked by by not suggesting twelve or thirteen. Anyone in their right mind can say yes you will make or no you want my cat so I felt it was actually as the system as it was back then was less selective as much as I know in hindsight I look back and I maybe the results in them but I don't remember that time now also it seems more transparently that we the three expression as it may be it social media the Internet and stuff at that but it just seems to be much more obvious that there's a hierarchy and where I think it was seen to be a genuine challenge to get up even seeing up and diner hitter because it's fictitional if you know what I mean. It's just in my imagination thing but it did feel before there was motivation to climb the ladder and trying beaten these people but there seems to be a lot more bitterness about or maybe there's the downside of tennis sometimes there's a sense of entitlement so when people don't get what they believe that entitled to the actually don't fight through maybe the way that we used to. I'm kind of waiting. Roost tinted spectacles year slightly. But do you have any thoughts on that in terms of the resilience of clears now? Is it the system or is it more than life is? Do you think that I feel like the rating system in this country and I feel like the structure of how we do regional national training that the the joy of competition I remember as a kid it was not the number beside my name is go challenge myself against some of the other guys win and not feel like the ranking rating system that has almost become competition yeah not play his parents vying to get through certain ranking so they on national trying regional training. I guess amount of funding. I'm not saying we lose out. In a a core of what competition is not for me the ratings and rankings and all of that should happen in the background and I think feel necessarily. That is the case in resilience. Yeah I think that in selecting diesel acting it can be you know. Plays into like the sale before they've even begun so yeah you know whether that boils down to being more or less Indian but it just goes back to your original crush sniff. Night will impact as Abbess of the have have not like nothing. Nothing effect definitely. Yeah you're right. It's the competition has become the number so therefore the doing get the same the. Let's see internal benefits of actually the competition itself not learning as much from the competition because they're so focused on the impact to has owner racing number. So the going back a little bit so you are a mid to late teens can. Can you remember a moment where you saw right? I'm going to give the pro ranks shot. It was quite a funny one for me really either. I wanted to go pro at sixteen once word. Not I think it was the done thing time Dan Bankin and I guess those the top bunch were doing it and to do anything else. Who's seen as a failed route light but I'm very thankful to my parents or not necessarily do that so I stayed home. You know a strong group of is my ear. And in my hometown in Norfolk Small County. We were In the top ten in the country that age and continued playing so I stay dead in my idols and applied for advice. university straight out levels. And I know I kind of wasn't show what I was going to do and I. I went to play three futures. I think in September and I did horrendously badly. I'm still you know this isn't to me I can't do this. Not good enough Cetera et CETERA. And I I went to play Brito and a play. That and I'll I'll kind of get on my way to Manchester University that that. Brit tour I found my wife and my count. Totally James O'Keefe in final Who Coach you ended up? Touched me for about that year and a half Chris. Bailey was what she meant He also near places squatting Sutton of contract with really I'm said he wants to coach now coming to watch that on a week later or less than a week later in Asia playing a bunch of futures commit ten ten points I'm Kinda was on my way in their university. Went into the background So it's kind of I was very unsure and I guess I'll had doubt throughout that period where I was going. You know I started do quite well. The team innovate sixty eight hundred. Eighty and really kind of stumbled my way into it and you largely again wife Progress Tour. Come to full. Say the program. I'm running at the University of Sussex is that I felt I. I didn't really know what I was doing. I was kind of traveling having a great time but really was ill-advised didn't know which direction done now just just making do we saw. It hasn't really have clue. Yeah it's It's quite dog. Eat Dog it's a bit of a nomad slann. I think that I run of the tour in terms of preparation. I think that's the way I see a lot of young men and women. It's like they're just walking through it. The no actually navigating themselves through it. So hopefully we can maybe Join up the gaps there when we talk about the progress tune and so on just one more thing before we go onto that they. How would you describe the competition landscape back? Then when you were when you were mid to late teens and you're on your way into the future. What was the landscape of the UK competition structure? Like think I remember that British tour was something to behold it was. It was good money. Week-to-week now came up again. Scott Thomas Banks Nick Whale much much my senior. You know there was still playing. 'cause they will get an awesome with plans money any monies liked always beginning to kind of making your way on the tour so they were kind of benchmark those events you know and even seven hundred. I would be just about from the top right. So there were strong There was a bunch of those you know the time run by peak peak right trixie and it was a bona fide monies for and I know when I wasn't traveling I was playing those was so I remember rightly. Be Twenty twenty five of those events a year. You could not huge money. You're making profit. You're starting to be able to be a living expenses for flight here So in that respect I think it was much much healthier futures. That was probably blessed. I remember by twelve years ago. I know it fluctuated a lot Ninety eight ninety nine. I remember that being really full swings if you want And that went up. Twenty odd teaches a year of at cheese I remember that being plenty of options that that kind of pasta awards two three years ago and I just think being a lot of cuts you know the British tool suffered almost the point of extinction. Join US on a great job in keeping going bust. Sheila there's less defied money event Gore aspiring client where the progress tour gang came. And you know we. We don't need more junior events. I think we've got an absolutely landslide. If senior. Thanks out the what was the great money toy become an extension of junior to Yep Yep so much more strength in depth and also not the the desperation to travel to gain or to gain points. Make money there was much more on your doorstep. Yeah I did. I traveled a lot and ultimately that's what led to me stopping expensive doing too much and I suppose also the awareness knows I on route twenty two. I was still floating around. That dawned on me that I wasn't going to be that top hundred players. Jim thome yeah now. I traveled Usually lots in my kids and I'm players that time there was opportunity. And that's why I feel like we've missed a little bit since then I guess. Yeah Yeah Such A. It's a strange one because we had you probably lived through that era where it was almost deemed. If you hadn't made it by certain age that you were a failure and you even touched on earlier on. It's like if you went to. Us College failure. Whereas that's now seen as a a genuine route to prepare your your body and your mind in your game to potentially give pretend to go and that we we now in in Media Ito where the average age is getting older northern mainly because of a bunch of thirty plus yards and the same in the women's Game. And there's no system in place to actually prepare you or give you the time to to build your game and Bilger physicality too because people kept me money. Yeah I mean I was I was like you said one of my regrets. Not GOING TO AMERICA I come back. Pri Pre the days of email and internet and I come back and my mother would have less. Answer the call from California Berkeley actually in places like that and I kind of nom on my wife and I felt more points and is one of my regrets physically and mentally and everything I had. I was just not in any way shape or form ready to play at the age of eighteen. You know I've played a couple of times. Lights are on in my life twenty-five to get into people And did so by shall hours more physically ready at the aged twenty five twenty. Six twenty seven. Five USA is that she's still playing on the. I just twenty two th that you've seen this too old all yeah again. The era just neath me from unlikely Charles is a great example You know having having had a lot of support got ti twenty two twenty three rank two to sixty three hundreds and now that that's tough that you've got mortgage and that's why I think the most support when they're trying to away not that into the nation we have lacked again links back to my motivation fact the progress toe and indeed program running. I'm in Brighton by now with thirty and I have a love of playing what why companies a structure that allows that definitely so. Let's get stuck into then. So give an overview of the progress tour the idea behind it the practicalities over it and so on a liken it to the French Money System Frenchman the events or the VW event The UCR groups plays by level. You Start Your Never. And you can progress through Section my section Joel by drawer you know by the final stages of the tournament. You've got the the higher ranked plays Battling out the prize money if he likes. And that like you said the money thing I me and then some interesting stations about the Utah and that you know my exhaust. The Russian was the British writing system kind of listening. If you like to directly into using something different and I I love what the. Ut are often So you know I did that one off. And then I don't I sixteen events in two thousand eighteen that were now ranging from two hundred pounds to win it for a lower level one. Um to the biggest biggest win this check in the country lost two and a half thousand to win the main draw which been dropped one event in Brighton billion. That's me kind of so cheerful. Try Funding on cerebral wealth and small She's been great supporter of the the tour in the events in the sponsored a number of them But it is extremely and then found myself doing those small and money event if you like which nine as I mentioned before they they. I think that very important and the June. Yeah Juniors massive interest in Utah Or College applications and things like that on benchmarks that I was aware that I was coming going down the route. I didn't set out to the prize. Money was that I wanted to provide at some of the guys that I coach provide for those guys to go and you know after a few twos go and play a two day event possibly pick up seven eight hundred quitnow that today than anti-fraph flight somewhere else. So that's kind of the direction. I'm looking go again now. Looking to twenty twenties is having more more serious money event. Essential Wildcard feeder event. The smaller ones that. I think we've got no shortage of those talks to Tony. Direction looking and trying to turn tunneling cap as much as possible with a performance team at the see. Now where those avenues to walk off feature events progress. Yeah so if I'm hearing you correctly realistically what you're looking to do is create a. I'm going to see a safe place for people to or at least an opportunity for people to compete at a decent level. Earn money without having to travel too far in the hope that it keeps them in the game for longer so it's almost eeking like plugging that gap between. Let's see eighteen and twenty four for example. Well Yeah I'm beyond. I think girl who I've just taken on working for me at the university and she you know she was traveling. Play much like I was Dick Seven hundred. Wti and she's being coaching New Zealand. Came back to play a couple of progress for one Sense that she gritty competitor. Love to compete. She's one of those players. We've we touched on earlier that you know what for her to do. Eight seven hundred. Now why am I not kind of said to? What if you could continue flying? I sense that he loved competing what she could continue playing golf pro. You can come and coach my facility. The University of Sussex and play coach and the coaching can help fund your tournament play and it was exactly what she wanted sent design and I think that kind of sums up the same with the progress towards a love for her to play. I would love to Michigan. Forty two last year and I I played a couple you I think. In other countries they manage that. I think it's important for the health of the game across the board and also for the yeah coming junior pies have a benchmark like had nick wheel and stuff me up. I at least at the bigger picture fit. Yeah because that's that's next question almost for the tennis coach and tennis enthusiast listening. Now what are the the health benefits to the game in keeping players competing a decent level for for longer? So you touched on them. They're really the. It creates a bigger pool of players to to spar with and get get duffed up by the also. If you think about it could potentially give us Let's see a bigger pool of people to recruit from to get into tennis in different areas. Is that something that you've thought? He mentioned obviously coaching. But there are other avenues that people could venture into tennis for potential career from staying in the game longer. Yeah I think so. I mean a healthy again I. I have used on as much as I regret not going to. Us College. I think at the moment it seems like this is the only avenue as encouraged into and again spot one trying to advise and educate in terms of program. Is this different? Routes you define the coaching route British university. Ms should be enough. You want stand play full-time Tennessee. There should be options and I think out that advice and guidance is that we we lose losses plays. They might catch. American college might became more together and those those plays that go to college at the eighteen. They will become and his coaches tonight. Head coaches if colleges become tennis administrative come in all different areas of the game that we might lose them to remind lose them to other sports if I stayed within the UK. And I think for the why the health of the more we can keep people engaged in that kind of window. Eighteen nine hundred twenty two probably twenty seven twenty eight now if we keep involved in the game and keep them engaged. It can be a good thing for the Chinese world and you one hundred percent couldn't agree more. I've been thinking a lot recently about people who potentially could become competition organizers or officials in some capacity because. I think I'm not sure if I'M BEING HARSH YEAR. Not so slapped me on the rest of 'em but they're definitely because that hierarchy. I was related to the American football system like in the high school and the college system. I remember into to watch a college game. No it's a high school game in doubt. No Houston in two thousand. And I was blown away by the hierarchy in terms of the DADS there with their. I'm the quarterbacks dad you I am the cheerleaders mom you know all that. Kinda stuff in tennis. Historically been hierarchy in terms of. Let's say if you can't be a player you'll be a coach. If you can't be a coach she could be become a referee or line judge I etc and then maybe a competition organizer the more I think about it and this this again could get me in trouble but I think you voted. I think it would be stronger if we had players. That had competed for a long time. A good level who had potentially let's say Don Business Studies at or done some sort of have a marketing degree or wherever the actually then apply that and use it to create a tournament structure that the likes of the progress tour. You know so that actually using their skills they have a little bit more empathy with the players and the actually understand what they're going through and they provide a more welcoming environment. Where there this thing CAIXA box to create more activity for the players just around the tennis itself. Where is I mean? Yeah I one hundred percents agree I thank you know I like I said in full my summer coach and I. I still compete compete. I by no means a qualified bona fide competition organized by in some good events. A good event looks like and I think my view is I suppose the same Jamie helping to support the event sweet but named the event is week. It's going to be a great event. Does he know Swat event loops long. Thank things said before the Mauri engage with plays. And I'm coaches coaches. If you don't have to be pigeonholed into one or the other. I feel like we can engaging encourages you say with got business background or an entrepreneurial background there's lots of different ways to make your way in the tennis. I guess in China encourage guys and girls and keeps coming back. It doesn't matter of what we talk about. It keeps going back to them staying in the game for longer and having plenty of opportunities to compete and test themselves. Yeah Yeah I think I think you sign there. The advice guidance of exactly what options are open to not took the progress tour up. Initially you've got certain amounts of matches and newest free play a parent workshops ranging from a parent of Division One. Ncwa T- kind of talking through their Jimmy sports psychologist or someone from the British university setup to give a little bit of guidance as to not kind of doing anything other than going you know. This is an option. There's dusting that has historically been a massive boyden players parents or seemed to know that doing it. I done the mind. Yo Down there too. Yeah it's it's it's bad enough. The when I start their tennis journey and trying to figure out the competition structure or ratings and rankings and so on but when it gets to that mid teen age the genuinely most people don't have a clue what the options are and if even if they did it's how to navigate their way towards it or through it and so if I fast forward a few years. Let's assume that you fight through the struggles that you have. Because I'm guessing the whole money thing is is your biggest or one of your big struggles so let's imagine. Hypothetically chip sponsor comes on board and you have the facility to or the opportunity to do what you WANNA do. What will that look like? I would like to have an I said gearing up to I mean I I run a bunch of one day event. Which really suits those college fifteen sixteen seventeen you get good level based matches which is now whether it's ut are or the new system we've got coming in here the wgn that promotes level based in the real benefit of those systems. Royal go if you know the same level you can compete and get good matches so you know I'd like to continue working with people regionally to get more of those one day events going to my passion not poses that so that designed to have a five money tool akin to the you know. The French chefs cutlass an event or two events on each week and my Vying so good prize money and vying for while Khad opportunities for it. My My desire to Lincoln into that As a means of players support going on under Krejci to van you can go down mange walkout for winning more more transparent plays supports is financially and also interns us while Khad opportunities better united link back to the event. Jamie the all month two two two young guys that I coached many years ago. You know they both coaching out. They came through a strong field. Motoring plays than is a great example of the level of Clara is out that you know. That's general feedback. Is WE WANNA tie? There's not not not enough opportunity for us to play. Yeah I would toss for in my vision of is to have the resources. I guess it's just me doing it. And I find that out that the various projects that I've got going on but have the resources financially First and foremost to Guy Right. This is twenty events and they all represent Mont what my initial passion for it is which is good 'cause money a good five you know the seat DOT COM and get. The event played in the different spirit. And I couldn't tell you exactly why that is. Wow I mean kills me up to hear that compete and get stuck in it not be about the necessarily out the number beside the nine. I think it's a variety of reasons. I think the you've touched on Some of them in terms of you doing what it says on the tin you are providing opportunity for people to compete on progress. Literally you know if if they find their level and they can push it and move on to the next level. The other reason is that you're doing something outside of the system and people appreciate that that you're going above and beyond the third reason. Is that people respect and appreciate what you're trying to do so you'd be pretty hard pushed you'd have to be a bit of a. Git to turn up to one of your events and start morning complaining about. I mean it's like an that comes back to the entitlement thing. I think sometimes when people play the system they feel that entitled to the next level. But what you're doing is if you WANNA get. If you want to progress to use the word you have to earn it and if you work hard and you earn it then you get your opportunity and you you can take it but yeah no. I think you know I think is. May and I very very thankful to log my friends. Colleagues like tennis coaches venues clubs up. I'm asking for For laws. Casey Charity Intern Window. Time and space on clubs. And I you know I'm hugely grateful clubs and venues to host the event because now I don't have a budget. Some of the events might loss that come market So yeah I mean. I think there's a lot of people who are of me and it it's different because it represents I guess back to the core of what a lot of people believe we're missing here which is player. Lock Jimothy yeah definitely so this is going to be my place for people that are listening. I'm speaking to you right now. Tennis world is quite a small place and I think that degree of separation is becoming smaller than six. No and I genuinely like I one hundred percents. I'm on board with what bad is trying to do. And like there's no anyone in the world that could argue that there's not a need for it and there must be ways of funding and helping body achieve this vision that he he wants to achieve so if anyone has any ideas about how we can develop this and provide more resource or even if it is just spread the word and more clubs are willing to host and more people are willing to get involved. Then please get in touch with me Paul. My email on the show notes and also by. Reggie be happy to do that as well. Yeah of course. Yeah yeah perfect. We'll get links up and all sorts in the shoe or not so. Please think outside the box and get in touch because there's one thing I realize ten is's it doesn't take that many people to make a big difference and the more people we can bring together to actually work towards a common goal. I think the quicker. We'll get there and if we wait for and it's not a slight to the powers that be You know if we wait will be waiting forever. So action is needed so so badly. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa let you get good Glasgow. Airport is not the most inspiring place in the world to be and the thanks very much for giving your time Good luck with your meetings this week and a like. I said I'll support you in any way I can to try and help procreate progress the process to develop the progress tour into what it is you want it to be thick. Thanks for having me a pleasure thank you.

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Will Newfoundland turn on Trudeau this time?

The Big Story

21:32 min | 1 year ago

Will Newfoundland turn on Trudeau this time?

"If Canada's government is going to change hands on October twenty first we will get the first sign of it on election night in Newfoundland Finland and Labrador yes part of that is because the polls out east close earlier than anywhere else in the country but it's not the only reason this province as as a whole is often pretty red and stop me if you've heard this before in two thousand fifteen it was completely red trudeau and the liberals currently own all seven seats and as much as Newfoundlanders may be disappointed by some of the things that liberals have ever more accurately haven't done in their province. A repeat of the last selection is not out of the question. So what can the other party say to flip a few of those seats and send a sign things are changing what have liberals failed to deliver deliver that their opponents can capitalize on what do newfoundlanders need they aren't getting and which riding in this province is the most likely to be a harbinger Brynjar of what's to come on election night Jordan Keith Rawlings and this is the big story. David Vidmar is the legislative reporter for the Saint John's telegram in Newfoundland where we head for our latest in our lay of the land series the Saint John's telegram is part of the Salt Wire Fire Network Hi David. How's it going. It is going very well. Thank you for joining us from the East Coast. How is the grand experiment of democracy going out there. Well things are I mean changes changes. The norm. I think is a is a quite frequently in Newfoundland Labrador typically. We just came out of a provincial election which is back on back on. May Sixteenth where there was this massive liberal majority where they had thirty one seats in the provincial legislature and that has cut down to twenty which gives them a one seat edge over the you know over the opposition parties and whatnot so that was a that was a big moment obviously for us out here to see that amount of seats being cut down in Atlantic Canada. Generally I mean there's been there's been I it's only Nova Oh Scotia that hasn't gone to gone to the polls fairly recently they went back in two thousand sixteen you know but but we're seeing the Greens obviously making some eat some interesting in roads and whatnot in an and in an MP and New Brunswick they didn't quite formed government but my God did they come close so you know being close to the water being close to you know relying so much a natural resources. I think is is starting to rear. Its head just a little bit here on the East Coast. What are the chances that you're provincial election earlier. This year is a microcosm of what will happen to the federal liberals in Newfoundland and Labrador which were a complete sweep last time yeah and that's always the question you know. How much can we really read it into provincial politics to federal politics. you know it's it's. It's it's not a one to one ratio. There's we'll see how that plays out but I I wrote a story. Worry about this. about you know we can have of course online that talking to pollster. Don Mills Search Area Whatnot and the way that he phrased in terms of whether or not the liberals can sweep across Atlantic on to Canada with all thirty two seats He said that there's zero percent chance that happened on October hangover twenty so couldn't really be more more definitive than that a you know there and in Newfoundland Labrador everyone is kind of pointing at Saint John's east as as really Kinda main battleground. Perhaps even the only battleground. I think the Liberals will still see some success here in Oakland lambreau because we I have never in our history sent sent no liberals. There's has always been at least one liberal. That's insane from Labrador to up to Ottawa but we've sent all seven easier as liberals at twice in our history so there might I don't to be one opportunity Lucy. you know an interesting thing about about. Saint John's is that it's a direct rematch from two thousand sixteen election Harris Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's it's a one to one Nick Whale on it is the incumbent and in two thousand fifteen he beat Jack Harris who was a he was first elected in nineteen eighty seven that he lost real quick in the in the election after that and then he was years for the as the DP leader in the province and became the d. n. p. once again. I believe in two thousand eight hundred I elected and and now they're just having another crack at it. You know in John's east. I remember Canada conventional wisdom at the time which I guess didn't turn out to be completely wise was saying that Saint John's was was the most safe seat in the country for the new Democrats on the federal scale and then you so yeah yeah there was another really tight race so at the time in two thousand fifteen Ryan cleary was was was the incumbent for the MVP going up against the shameless regan whose name we all know much more on the federal a federal thing these days so any kind of went all in on Ryan cleary and maybe kind of forgot about it was just a little bit but this around it does not look like they are forgetting about checkers. You know Jagmeet facing was here before the election was even called so they really seem to be kind of investing there so you know in this province if any district is going to not be liberal liberal by the time October twenty first. It's probably John's east but you know nick. Whale is not going to go down without a fight no question about that so what makes Newfoundland and Labrador because we're doing this with all of the provinces what makes Newfoundland Labrador different from the other Atlantic provinces first of all but from from voters and the rest of the country to the biggest thing for us is that most of the people who live in Newfoundland Labrador live on the island of Newfoundland and most of us who live in Newfoundland live on kind of the northeast avalon which which is you know I'm I'm speaking to you from Saint John's right now which is really about as like it. If you're going to look at what the geography tells you it's as though everyone in on the island roofing like gathered as far away from mainland Canada as humanly possible which is essential for something but yeah which you know we'll we'll get back to that one but the fact that we are such big island really doesn't make us unique. I guess be is obviously an island is in the it's in the name but we you know we really are massive expensive land with a with a with a relatively small population by five hundred twenty five thousand people according in the two thousand sixteen sentences counter counted here and one particular thing that makes us unique across the country is that that population is going down the demographics of Newfoundland Labrador. We are getting older faster than anybody else. I believe that the the average population or the average age of newfoundlander right now is like forty six years old and by twenty forty. That's GonNa that's GONNA go up to above above fifty yeah. It's you know so we're getting older and the fertility rate is is is downward. We're dying faster than we are being born for one thing and then on top of that to oil downturn turn in say twenty two thousand fourteen twenty fifty and really really hit this province hard we in the last provincial budgets and twenty eighteen. We made a billion dollars off oil and gas. Ask and you know that's that's all guests are inter. Inter the royalties one for the government you know and that's on a pretty average price of oil. You Know Beckon Twenty before early two thousand twelve twenty fourteen or something like that. was you know we're looking at over one hundred dollars for a barrel also so my God we had money and now we don't so we have people people who are literally dying and not being replaced and people are leaving so the demographic challenges for Newfoundland Labrador really what's it's top of mind. I think that at this point. How does that impact what voters want from their government. What are they looking for right. Now that other younger younger more prosperous provinces might not well. This is a maybe a little bit of Jason here but but but but the main thing that we're looking for I think right now is is support from the federal government when it comes to Muskrat falls because that's the other thing that makes particularly unique in the country you know we talk about large hydroelectric dams you. I heard a sightsee and whatnot but but Muskrat falls was started by the provincial government or sanctioned in two thousand ten and at the time that the the sanction to the to the population or the the number that was put out there for the cost was six point two billion dollars. Not You know not a small chunk of change at the time for a prophet to five hundred thousand people now. It's twelve point seven billion dollars and there's a real risk that electricity bills in this province are going to double as a result of this and you you know the provincial government people were trying to work in trying to figure out how to how to prevent that from happening and one of the direct ask that. I think it was a little while ago. The finance minister just made a direct call just before the election actually the finance minister. Tom Osborne made a direct call to all party. Leaders saying we need money. We need about two hundred million dollars a year from the federal government a direct federal subsidy to Newfoundland Labrador's power bills in addition to about another half billion dollars annually that the that the province is going to have to come up with on its own court to try to to try to keep electricity rates down but but you know we need a commitment of two hundred million dollars from the federal government and so far none another federal leaders have kind of explicitly committed to that outside of saying you know we commit to working with Newfoundland Labrador on this particular issue so that I think think is kind of the biggest barrel on that. We're staring down so to speak right now that we need the federal government to help out on what about the things that the liberals promised would would help Newfoundland and Labrador back in two thousand fifteen you mentioned that may be only one of the seven seats there is really endanger of flipping to Newfoundlanders feel that that they've delivered in any sense on on what you were hoping for well they have and they haven't the funny thing about covering federal elections in duplan. Labrador is that you know we're sure we've only been in Canada for seventy years more so you know we we only have seven seats. We only have half million people so you know oh comfortable election time. We don't tend to hear a lot of really kind of detailed promises that are specific to Newfoundland and Labrador here one of the things that the liberals did come through on was there was a search and rescue center here in St John's that was closed down under the Harper government and shortly after the liberals gained end they went ahead and reopened opened that one so you know with the province as large an enormous has nine laboratories and Lord knows how cold North Atlantic is out there that was a search and rescue is a big deal here because we still have a lot of people on the water that was a commitment that they did follow through on and went there but one thing that they did not follow through on. That's playing out at this moment. Moment is is hesitant with municipal wastewater. There's a river head wastewater facility. I won't get to down in the weeds on this one but basically just you know in two thousand twelve there were some rules are brought in to say that you need to bring wastewater standards up to a certain amount and that means. There's going to be upgrade so just joking down here in two thousand fifteen and said hey look at that thing. We're going to give you two hundred billion dollars. That number just keeps popping up with something about two hundred million dollars really really popular but he committed that money that I was gonna come here and and when he was here about two weeks ago he committed that money again because it's not done and it's not just John but here's this concerns with the municipal wastewater one of there's places all across the province so we're facing the same same issue of raw sewage just being dumped into lakes. It happens here here in in in a number of municipalities because the municipalities don't have the the money themselves to do these expensive upgrades and the federal government hasn't put in hasn't put in their share at this point quite frankly so so you know in terms of what promises haven't have happened to and we're still going to wait and see what happens with with yet another province on wastewater that we got from trudeau ago so it's there's a there's a lot of reasons that I think that the federal elections take a little bit of a backseat here a Newfoundland Labrador because we're it quite frankly not as engaged in its by the you know by the way the parties who are running their largely due to how how far away we we are how small we are so we don't really get a lot of attention is what it comes down to well that was going to be my next question. Anyway is a lot of this election so far has been defined by scandal candle. I buy a SNC level and obviously men by the Liberals Bernird some opposition research about multiple conservative candidates and then of course course Trudeau's Brown face and black face scandal and from where we sit in Toronto it can feel that that dominates so I'm always interested in in more remote I would provinces that have more specific needs if that's a deciding issue for people or are we kind of an immediate bubble. I mean I think it matters to people you know. We're we're. We're seeing some of the national polls one at that. Don't seem to so much of a tick here and there for Trudeau. He's seen a dip. It was on the national scale. It's been written about and talked about plenty here in Newfoundland and Labrador but but the thing about Newfoundland Labrador and Atlantic Canada in general is that we we are really really white like I think it's ninety. The most diverse province I take from the twenty. Eleven cents is so we recognize. This isn't the most up to date number but according to the to the twenty eleven cents is the most diverse province in Atlantic Canada was Nova Scotia at at ninety. One percent white white or Caucasian candidate is is is you know we're we're primarily there there so a lot of people that I spoke to locally are suggesting that Oh asking why is this a big deal there and it's it's because we don't have a lot of people living in this part of the world that have you know an experience with black face racism of an understanding why that is such a such a problem you know and as such a racist action there so in that particular scandal in terms of in terms of how it matters you know. It's definitely going to take you know take votes while I mean I don't know and how can you really say anything definitively but but but I mean I can't imagine that it's not going to move the needle. But how much is it going to move the needle you know for people who maybe aren't super duper engaged in federal politics to begin with who don't have a symbol oh of lived experience to the people who who might have been directly affected and offended by this and then to some of the people who I've spoken to from you know from from progressive organizations and whatnot here in the province. They're saying forget about that. Let's talk about you know about a transportation institution into infrastructure. You know about about jobs. Those are the things that are going to matter to round newcomers one out of here so obviously it's complicated. Obviously there's a whole lot to it but it is jack error is going to win. Saint John's because Justin Trudeau mates really really really really really bad decisions back in the day probably probably not but you know but but jobs elsewhere well what could have him winning Saint John's east. If there was I mean you've mentioned money for for wastewater but if there were other issues that conservatives offenders share is coming to newfoundland before the election and he's promising missing things that would actually move the needle for Newfoundlanders. What's he saying. It should be something about Muskrat falls. You know once again about about federal support worked there. You know it. It's it's a provincial lead project but it was but there was a two point nine billion dollars in loan guarantees that were guaranteed by the federal government so the federal government has their finger in that you know has has a role to play their you know if if he were to come down and say do not worry about your electricity rates we got us and that's not even specific the sheer. That's that's. That's where everybody any party leader. If they're gonNA save you know don't worry we will bail you out. Hey money helps. Always you know yeah yeah. Sometimes you gotta see the Federal Government opened up the box dreams or over the strings. I need to say and we haven't seen it. You know we I ask them directly. Ah You know about it so that's the big issue because as it stands right now if people's electricity rates do double than people are literally in Newfoundland and Labrador Obrador in Canada in two thousand nineteen you're going to have people who are going to be choosing between heat and food you mentioned off the top one talking about Atlanta candidate in general that you you know the green parties made huge inroads in Pi and Atlantic Canada in general and I just wonder are they a presence in Newfoundland and I know the MVP has previously been a presence in Newfoundland Finland but all around the rest of the country were increasingly talking about a two party race and is there any chance of a third party playing spoiler in Newfoundland will the Green Party the funny thing about the Green Party not here I believe they do have a seven candidates or if not they have you know five or six. I'm not sure off the top of my head here but the Green Party is kind of nonstarter in Newfoundland Labrador in terms of their interests of their popularity because they have they haven't expressed anti-seizure hunt stance in their products out that they oppose the seal hunt and obviously the seal hunters is he's controversial here and there but in this province we supported in this province province is it's hunters or going out on the ice and taking what's there naturally you know and maybe with well primarily with guns the image that you see see their on screen white coats that are super super cute and cuddly those ones aren't the targets of the seal hunt and has been a lot of frustration over the people. You know who who are or are not recognizing you know at so anyway hill a little bit of a tangent there but but context. I didn't know that yeah that is the the that is the the number one roadblock for the Green Party and and I did actually talk with me about this. you know and and the basic stance is that well here's the funny thing about about kind of the Green Party policy there it seems as though the Green Party policy to say that the leader will not dictate and what issues the integrion. MP's would end up on and we saw the kind of Biton bite them in the rear. You know when it comes to comes to talk about separatism and when it comes oh you know maybe even reopening it would abortion debate. You Know Elizabeth May's kind of kind of stance there was was they can do what they want. You know I'm not gonNA stop them from opening up these this conversations and and and that policy which you know burn them here and there in the media there is also their defense mechanism against a about their dicillo hunt pitch because Elizabeth would just say while you know a a newfoundland and Labrador Greenpeace would have every single right to support the Green Party. Maybe even if the Federal Green Party opposes the seal hunt and wants to shut down so you know they have a they have a well known candidates in Avalon. His name is Greg Malone from Costco and wonderful grand band Jane and he's. He's run a couple times. You Run for city council he's. He's never had success on on the on the political scale. Oh and fun fact. We talked about black face. He also wore black face as part of what part of a sketch that he did. I think it was I think it was twenty eight days when when when it hits media here with all respect to the Greens and you know and and I know that the Green Party supporters you know here in the province but in terms of them playing spoiler in Saint John's. These are really any other part of the province. I'M NOT GONNA hold my breath personally so if Canadians are watching the early returns because you guys are I on election night. They should just be looking at saint. John's east to get a a sense of whether or not true is in for a good night or a bad one. Yeah you know that's where it will literally start because I think that would depending on how quickly the count that might Steve I decided writings is Saint John's but but yeah nick whale and holes on there. That's a good indication that that they're gonNA do okay here. you know if if these does change hands. I wouldn't necessarily read that as kind of overall condemnation of you know of how they're gonNA do but if a second writing in this province where to switch switch to the role that would earn your way from liberal to say that would be pretty jaw dropping that hotel a lot if I if they manage lose more than one sees a here in Newfoundland Labrador that's wouldn't I think that they're going to be shaking in their boots up in Ottawa. Thanks for this David. Thank you so much for having me David Marr legislative reporter at the Saint John's telegram and that was the big story another episode our our lay of the land series if you'd like you can head to our website the big story podcast dot. CA and right up there in the header Mary section where you can get all of these special episodes Komo before the elections. You know what happens if you'd like to talk to us about what's going to happen where or tell us who we should interview for these things up at the big story. SPN We want the best journalists from around the country and we might not know all of them you can also find us everywhere you get podcast on apple and Google institure on spotify. Please go in ahead of those five stars. Thanks for listening. I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings. We'll talk more.

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