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"nick suriano" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"B. and Q. B. they begin with a social media post from Tom Brady thank you New England for twenty years as the day began to wrap up word would come that Tom Brady would be heading south time for straight talk brought you by straight talk wireless it's Tampa Bay that's the expected landing spot for Tom Brady that the official announcement still to come the Brady expected to be a buccaneer ESPN's Jeff Darlington this kind of is because it goes back a little bit in February when the Buccaneers behind the scene started to realize and recognize that Tom Brady was also serious about entering free agency something the sports world couldn't get their minds around but the bucs were early and realizing that it was real so fast forward to this day I I'm actually not all that surprised I I the sources close to him that I'm familiar with have always indicated that what really really appealed to Tom Brady right now at this stage of his life is the autonomy that he's never had the true ability to say hi I am in charge of me I'll choose where I wish to be what ultimately was most important to him as he was making this choice for the first time well first of all that's a great point and I think that the idea that he was running away from something in New England is very true but at the same time I think he loved the idea of chasing after something new and I think both of those things can be true in that regard he was looking at a number of different elements here too he was looking at trying to be with a coach who is maybe more collaborative not trying to be the general manager of the often supported but just maybe have a little bit more input also wanted a roster that maybe had those offense of weapons to reinvigorate himself and then two other factors maybe to some people warm weather actually like the idea of warm weather and the second thing was proximity to New York City for personal reasons and family reasons so they checked a lot of the boxes in Tampa and that's when it really to me when I started to recognize what he was looking for was when Tampa really started to make sense the news of Brady heading to Tampa Bay coming on the heels of Brady saying goodbye to the patriots in a series of posts on Instagram Tuesday which ended his twenty year run in New England ESPN analyst Dave young we got a guy that I think really wants to enjoy the last little bit of his career get with Bruce Arians who I I was a Steve Mariucci Deanna my career you know mood shows a lot of fun it was really the best was the best antidote for the end of a career because you kind of it kind of grows a little guy I don't have the coastal these same thing and so Bruce Arians is perfect for the situation so granted that's what you get is Tom Brady I think you'll see a guy joyful he loves football and have seen him love it in a unique way not gonna see Tom Brady love it and I knew Tom Brady with it's not you know and that's what it was all positive for the pages of president we get that but I guess I think even tomorrow when he gets introduce is going to be just a you know a joyful happy guy with a great coach have a great time I think more than anything it's time celebrating the right to go beyond for true free agent I just finally got a place where a coach can could have a lot of fun and okay so what I'm hearing you say is this is gonna be fun for Brady but but I mean ultimately for buccaneer fans that think it's gonna be fun for them like are they selling themselves a bill of goods because we are talking about a guy who's forty three is not thirty five thirty six thirty seven I think the idea do you have Scott you have to kind of James was was reckless yeah he also was very productive yes he was decided to move on and I think you've got to save yourself we can get that productivity special to pull out of the play action game with the talent that we have a Mike Evans and others the we can get that production of Tom Brady even though we recognize there is in decline and that we can bless and we leave behind the recklessness and look at all of the seven point games that we lost under seven and under with nine games they lost quite a se cond Tom Brady win those games and I think you have a tough time saying no we can't this is not a set deal is not a team that's Super Bowl ready by then you know I get that but it's a vast racial from the box from Tom Brady and they're gonna mix it in and I think a lot of fun enjoyable still comes out worth noting we're talking about the Buccaneers after his time in the USFL Steve young was a quarterback for the Buccaneers Tampa Bay then drafted Vinny Testaverde because they thought young was going to be a bust Steve young all of him while Brady is heading to Tampa Bay there's also the departure from New England ESPN's Adam Schefter this signs all along the breadcrumbs laid out of Foxborough there was nothing that took place within the last seven eight months that would lead you to believe that Tom Brady was going to return to New England again let's keep it all in mind let's go back and retrieve some history he voided his contract which actually voice today is the day that the last two years on the deal void he said up to avoid that way she said it up to become a free agent there were no substantiated contract talks at all between the New England Patriots in Tom Brady despite the fact that there's been speculation that there would be that the patriots will construct never happened Tom Brady was open minded about leaving New England and basically exploring what was out there listening to other teams yesterday the negotiating period opened it was the first day he was allowed to hear from other teams he believes that he is far enough along to make the decision that I'm not gonna go back to normal which tells you that he had to be in this spot all along and he had to know that when he was walking off that field in Foxborough after the playoff loss to Tennessee he had to know his mind at that point in time that there was a real possibility that he would not be returning there as the quarterback of the New England Patriots I don't think this is a football decision only I think this is a life decision this is a decision involves him his wife his children his family his lifestyle his TB twelve models it goes beyond just football and someone said last week why is there tension wires are just why did you want to leave New England and I don't think it's a negative situation this was a group that was together for twenty years the one six super bowls that accomplish more than any combination in history and of course Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians really spoke highly of Brady earlier in the offseason he was asked at the scouting combine who the one quarterback would be that he picked up the phone if he was available and they didn't hesitate said Tom Brady now Brady is heading to Tampa Bay and Bruce Arians straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart SportsCenter all night ESPN radio Tom Brady not the only quarterback on the move ESPN's Adam Schefter reporting Philip rivers heading to the colts one year twenty five million this is a situation where we talked about before we are headed into the most challenging offseason that any NFL team has ever had because of what is going on in this country at this point time plays are not going to be allowed in the building for organized team activities of already been postponed suspended indefinitely and there's a real chance that coaches and players don't get to see each other until training camp if then and if that is indeed the case then teams that are making changes on the coaching staff changes at the quarterback position they're gonna need a quarterback that knows that offensive system well Philip rivers worked with Frank Reich in San Diego has worked with the colts offensive coordinator Nick Suriano in Saint Nick Sirianni in San Diego so he's got a familiarity with that offense it's not going to be as far as it would be coming into a different system with a different course like Tom Brady going to Tampa Philip rivers gets a head start in the nose the system at a time like this with everything going on in the world that is an advantage and one more reason for the call to go for a quarterback like Philip rivers we'll go back to Matt Hasselbeck about your old stomping grounds of course what it what do you think about the the brief deal it's a one year deal for Philip rivers with the colts I'm glad to hear that Philip rivers is moving his entire family to Indianapolis we did that at the end of my career my family loved Indianapolis but I will say this the standard has been set so high at the quarterback position for the Indianapolis Colts organization it started with Peyton manning I came in there when Andrew luck was the guy you could still feel Peyton manning's finger trips your fingerprints on that organization just the way that things were wrong if a quarterback wanted to go out and throw some footballs with some wide receivers you would get out there and meet the wide receivers out on the field they were athletic trainers out there that work with the guys out there there might even be a film guy out there this this organization is dialed in and they have an expectation level at the quarterback position to plan an all pro level and they didn't necessarily get what they were looking for wasn't only the fall Jacoby percent last year but they didn't get that standard they're used to spending money and maybe over doing it at the quarterback position twenty five million dollars on a one year deal they cannot afford to not have it right this year and so that's what they've done there's familiar Iritty like Adam Schefter just said with Frank Reich and Frank Wright said you know what who can I count on who can I count on to deliver the ball every single time when you guys open and who can I count on to bring that level at Peyton manning and drew locked tight level of leadership to our locker room and Philip rivers is the guy that did he seem to be seeing them do it before when they were together in San Diego he knows that he can do that and he's well hello Brevard replacing Jacoby Brissette who got a two year contract last September led the colts to a five and to start with a knee injury and accuracy problems and he struggled down the stretch there will also be a quarterback change in Carolina Chris Mortensen reported they're close to a deal with teddy Bridgewater and that comes on the heels of the Panthers announcing Tuesday they've given cam Newton permission to seek a trade cam Newton clapped back on Twitter blaming the franchise for twisting the narrative he says you never asked for a trade ESPN insider Louis Riddick case in at this time of year is paramount it's important to be clear and precise and concise and precise in Carolina not really doing that when you wishin statement saying we have granted him permission to seek a trade all that implies that he was asking for he said look I don't ask for anything you guys are the ones we're setting this in motion and I and I understand why they're setting into motion you'll be seeing new regimes do this all the time when they come in they're being hired as the people were supposed to clean up.

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