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"nick saving nixon" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"nick saving nixon" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"That 100 grand will go a long way. People said Russell was gonna carry a team at the Legion of Boom was over. Yeah, baby, we stairs, speaking of leaders. You can make the case that Nick's saving maybe the best coach in sports in the United States. It's easy hate on Nick's saving, or depending on where you live next, Satan. Look what he's been able to do not just with players. Reviving the careers of coaches. I use these Sarkeesian. His name was toxic. Not that long ago. Let's be honest. He had a serious drinking problem and drank himself out of the dream job. You always wanted USC. And Nick Saving, as he'd like to say brought him into the healing hands of saving that Steve Starkey is gonna be the head coach of Texas. Butch Jones washed out of Tennessee. Also, he's gonna be the head coach once again in Arkansas State. Vontae Smith, Nick Saban said. You come back for one more year. I promise you're going to be a better NFL player, Vontae Smith took his coach at his word. He has collected eight Trophies, postseason trophies. Before playing national championship game, including Heisman Trophy You don't have to like Nick Saving Nixon really doesn't care. That process thing he talks about seeing the work out pretty well. Alabama and not just with players. With reclamation projects you give a misfit toy. Also that becomes brand is shining new in the next seven. You can make that case and no one will laugh at you. That is bad is he has been in terms of not being that personal coach. Maybe the best coach in professional sports or an amateur sports in the United States. Lane Kiffin, Kyle Flood into Rapid white look at Brian Table after he came down to Alabama for year two, and now look what he's doing. A Buffalo's OC might be a head coach in the NFL in 2021. Yeah. Mike Stoops is there right now than analysts as well. He will be a head coach. About two or three years subject you, man. When you get to the Church of the right regulations, hands upon.

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