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Australian Open 2021: Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev Meet for the Title

The AO Show

03:09 min | 2 years ago

Australian Open 2021: Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev Meet for the Title

"The crusade for the men's singles crown comes to an end tomorrow. And when the undisputed king of rod laver arena novak djokovic takes on russian number-one neil medvedev the world number one djokovic. Gunning for a history-making ninth championship in melbourne. While the russian authors seeking his twenty first consecutive win and first major title to preview the match. I'm joined by not edwards and commentator. Nick mcardle nick at the start of in fact two weeks before this we had you on the show podcast and you picked this matchup is that what led you to make that cole way back. Then let's say lucked out. Let's be honest that wasn't necessarily total. Total fluke made many wrong picks before but coming in you know we talk about the twenty one matches in a row for osaka. It's twenty in a row for daniil. Medvedev the non includes a win over novak djokovic close twenty twenty i think medvedev has really come into his own as someone expects himself not only to go deep. Atp events which we've seen the last couple of years but now to really do at at the grand slam so the drop laid out for him. I think he's played to each match to the level now. Can he bring an eight time. Grand slam australian open champ. Seventeen time major winner novak djokovic. Can he meet that level in a final thoughts really eighty s. What i love most is after medvedev bates itsy pass in that semi final is that he said stride away. All the pressure is on novak. He just load him up because he's plight fonsi before and never lost and it sorta. But i love how he just playfully. Put that out there and look. I think he'll come at. He'll show you'll be a little bit nervous. But i think he's just going to swing freely and that backhands i mean. Gosh they both have terrific backhands. But it's going to be like jock itch playing a twenty five year old vision of himself. It's going to be such an interesting match. I really count. Wait for the all similar. It can not just in court croff necessarily but as personalities both very eloquent and sort of personable somewhat chiming in front of the camera but they do have this white line fever as we know totally. I love those points that you've made and i think medvedeva's become more comfortable without. We sought the us open a couple years ago in the crowd. Really got against him and he used that as fuel which i think djokovic has have that in the past that in the past for sure for sure for jovic against rafa roger. He's felt that too. I really think that it is an opportunity for medvedev lake. Nona saying just swing for the fences and the scary thing is when he swings for the fences. Oftentimes the ball goes in. And i really think he's going to use that experience of beating novak in london last year at the atp finals. He'll really be geared up by that. Yeah i think so too. And i'm really looking forward to. I think the one area that novak can probably try to exploit daniels is that netplay. He's not very good. Let's let's be honest when it comes to netplay so if he can drawer him in a little bit and maybe draw that out. I think that puts pressure on daniel. Bit amid gets off to a flying start is going to be hard to stop.

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