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"nick kwiet" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"Spleen injured his shin somehow in warm ups and was unable to play so roberts splaine was limited on wednesday with that shin injury and joining him as a limited participant was defensive. Tackle carlos davis with a knee. That was it pretty surprising not see well. I guess it's not surprising but deontay johnson was not on the list. He did leave the game at some point against the buffalo bills in week. One also chase klay pool after making a catch kind of got off. The field slowly went to the blue tent. Didn't hear anything from mike. Tomlin on tuesday about it also. He was a full participant on wednesday. So there you go. Pittsburgh steelers injury report pretty clean after week one. And then we get to the. Las vegas raiders. Oh my goodness of the raiders. Have a slew of injury issues right now. And it's worth mentioning that this injury report is an estimation. The raiders only did a walk through on wednesday. They just played monday night against the baltimore ravens. They won an overtime here. Is there list. Okay get ready. Buckle up guard denzel. Good did not participate with the knee richie. Incognito guard with a calf did not participate running back. Josh jacobs with an ankle did not participate. Nick kwiet tug we add. I came this guy's name. He has a concussion. He's a linebacker. He's not participate quarterback. Marcus mariota with a quad did not participate. Gerald mccoy with a knee did not participate. Carl massive with a pectoral and detail did not participate broderick. Teamer with an ankle did not participate fullback. Alec ingles with fibula was limited ni- goodness. He hurt his fibula defensive. End yanic than gok way with a hamstring was limited denzel perryman linebacker. The hip was limited. Divine diablo with an ankle was full wide receiver. Brian edwards with an elbow was a full participant clown farell. The back was full. Johnathan hankins with a knee was full. Andre james than elba's full and safety dallin leave it was with a hip was full. I'm sure i butchered some of those names i apart. I don't even apologize. I'm not a raiders fan under these players nonetheless. That's injury report again. Wednesday take with a grain of salt for the steelers. They did practice for the raiders. They did not. So for the raiders. You look at this giant list. And you're thinking. Wow that's incredible. It's a long list thursday's the day to keep an eye on for the raiders. As some of these players has already been reported that some players like gerald mccoy. Janiking gutten agok way. And even maybe marcus mariota are not going to play. As well as i think den denzel good was potentially having an injury that could make him land on injured reserve. We'll see we'll see. Thursday is the day so make sure staying tuned to behind the steel curtain dot com. For all your pittsburgh steelers needs and make sure wherever you get your podcasts. Check us out. Search steelers or behind. The steel curtain subscribe followed. Would ever you have to do.

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