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"nick kessler" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

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"nick kessler" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"A ride it was for constitution lawyer and for Dylan Davis that was back on January 2nd. At aqueduct, John embryo had the call. Cruise to an easy three and a half length win over a muddy surface that day. It was a mile and an 8th, the same distances today's withers. Constitution lawyer is trained by ray handel, who was born in Sacramento, California, grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, but from the age of ten, he knew. This is all he ever wanted to do was be a horse trainer, and now he is in a position with a very talented three year old starting on the Derby trail that could make his dreams come true. We'll see. This interview is presented by the way by our friends at jellyfish water and ray handles with me now here on HR N ray good morning. Hey, good morning man. Thanks for having me on. Yeah, happy to talk with you again. And look, constitutional lawyer, he is talented. He has improved with every career start. Tell me what you've seen from him from even from a very young age. Well, we bought him at keeneland September sale, and he was very raw like talent, I thought he was kind of going through a little bit of a growing spurt. His high Dan was kind of it was higher than the front end, and he just kind of looked a little awkward. But we loved his pedigree. He had all the right points. You want to see what the racehorse is really high forward hip, big gasket, great angle behind it and a good shoulder on him. And I thought, you know, being he's a may full, maybe we take a shot here. We knew he was going to be expensive. He was obviously by constitution and who was bit hot for a while now. So we stretched to our max budget for and we were able to get him. I believe actually Steve asks, it was under better on the horse. And you know, just early on, even when they were breaking in with the farm, we kind of knew he was going to be all right. Nick Kessler at Sanders down in Ocala was breaking him and saying how nice he was, but he was always just a little bit mentally kind of green. He took he took a bit of time kind of coming around mentally even though he kind of had those physical attributes that we always really like. So he actually came in about a month or two later than all of my other babies and you know what they came in. He showed us a lot of time in the morning, but he was always the thing with him was always at the mental game. And that's what I've noticed coming has he's been racing and getting the experience mentally he's really coming around and really putting it together. And I'd say especially since that last race, he's really kind of I think winning just he figured out what his job was and the proverbial light came on. And he's just been very forward, very plugging up my rider, very willing to do whatever we want. And yeah, no, I'm excited. I think he's got a big shot today. As a kid growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, wanting to be a horse trader. Did you ever think ray that one day you would be outbidding the sports all time leading trainer on a young horse at a yearling sale? I've just been dreaming this dream for so long. It's wild that every time I will raise it, I feel like it's a big accomplishment. So I mean, you can imagine doing some of the things that we're doing and we're not going to let anybody stop us. Do you already have a little bit of Derby fever? You know, I've done I've gone down this path with some horses before. I've actually got three different Derby horses I've sat on the horse in The Kentucky Derby when I worked for Tony tetra and yeah. You know, you know, you just got to keep a level head and not get too excited because these horses are just they're like cherries that can just go bad overnight and strawberries. It can go bad overnight. So just trying to keep a level head and go day to day. But yeah, you know, it's exciting. It's exciting to have a horse that's at least as a talent that might have a shot so you make his way there. Because I tell you one thing about Dolores, he's a star, and that's the hardest part, I think, with these having the talents one thing about having a stay or a horse that can go a true two turns is hard to come by these days. Who were the three Derby winners you had the opportunity to gallop? Derby contenders. Nobles promise for Kenny mcpeak. Finish for Tony Dutch and visionary who actually from Michael Matthews actually the first grade one winner that I ever way back in the day. Wow. I actually just sent me a picture of me leading him off sighting him in the bluegrass keelan like that look like I was like 12 years old. So you obviously are very familiar with the characteristics, physically and mentally that it takes to go through the Derby trail to get to the first Saturday in May and be in the starting gate, right? You know those who those types of horses as well. Does constitutional lawyer have some of those traits? And.

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