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"nick jonas chris evans" Discussed on Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai

"Sorry harry we much i love him and i will watch as he breathes his last breaths inhaling the mud but sterling k brown shoving down his throat but it sterling k brown next daniel radcliffe versus alexander skarsgard god i think it has to be alexander skarsgard daniel radcliffe is like three feet tall i know but i do feel like he would use that to his advantage and just like go for the legs of bunch with scars guard and like maybe it'd be able to get him on the ground in that way also i think alexander i think alexander skarsgard is like so beautiful that daniel radcliffe would just look at him and be like get distracted yeah it'd be a nice last image though just oh yes i wished that's the last thing i see before i take my final breath anyway alexander skarsgard are iceland at queen wins next tom hardy versus michael b jordan i think it's going to be tom hardy he's his own marvel character not aside character sorry michael jordan you had your boxing movie but tom hardy wins this one next chris evans versus nick jonas chris evans of asli next chadwick versus henry cavill henry cavill would win in a mudfight he's not winning if he has the thickest chest of anybody i've ever seen not going to aim for the jets only thick thing he has thick thighs a thick jaw he's to a thick mustache that cost a studio millions of dollars to cryogenically remove i pick henry cavill and that is it next joe mansions yellow versus john krasinski.

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