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"Our direction do expect that mostly cloudy sky after noon and high temperatures nearing degrees is slightly warmer today going mostly cloudy at least tomorrow and snow lowland snow possibility through tomorrow, in fact, just looking more likely as a winter storm watch goes into effect tomorrow. Oh afternoon all the way through Saturday afternoon, but a few inches likely throughout much of the Seattle metro. I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center. Still twenty eight downtown under mostly sunny skies 11:05, and we continue with our top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center on the top stories. Of course, do include that snow with another storm on the way, many areas still digging out for that last one. Komo's Corwin Haeck reports from Bothell on this fifth frigid day in a row. It's a toasty Twenty-one degrees out here believe it or not that represents a slight warming trend compared to yesterday arterials are in decent shape in the north end. Thanks to several days of us. That is sure to change dramatically when this bigger heavier snowfall descends. Not everyone's dreading it though, Nick Garber is a gardener here in Bothell for him. Snow means money in the Bank will have an a snow plow. Businesses sorta picks up people love to see you. They love except the kids trying to slow down the hill. You know? You know, I hook him up though, I make big pile for their jumps and things they love loving it less or folks who are compelled to drive or otherwise get around when this next big snow event hits in buffalo. Corwin hake. Komo news. Many of us have been busy shopping as we brace for tomorrow's big store. Shovels and salt or flying off shelves the as hardware in Seattle maple leaf neighborhood. They sold out of both of those items in just forty five minutes after getting restock emergency management crews also recommend he should put together an emergency kit with warm clothes blankets radio flashlight, you need water and some non perishable food and we've been talking to folks this morning who were getting ready to be snowbound at home. And we'll get some extra groceries. Make sure we have everything we need milk sugar bread. Cat food dog food. Got lots of that. I'm already did that one this last storm a reminder for parents talk to your kids about the danger of thin ice. Now, they may be freezing over but our local lakes. They never freeze solid enough for people or even pets to walk on. It's almost errands on turning from the weather for a moment. A US Senator for the northwest continues his push to shut down to tension camps for undocumented migrant kids, would we want our ancestors to be treated, well, certainly not to be criminalized and have children torn out of their parents who need to end the criminalization of fleeing persecution and seeking asylum. United States of America, Oregon democrat Jeff Merkley now putting pressure on the government to shut one such camp in south Florida after another in west Texas closed last month. The state's attorney general Ken Paxton says Democrats simply aren't wanting to see the problems being caused by illegal border crossing. I wish more of them would come to our state come to the border and see what's going on with the drug cartels. What's going on with crime? And what's going on with human trafficking issue? The government added one thousand beds to the Miami area camp after the one Texas closed the superintendent of public instruction says state lawmakers need to eliminate these super majority needed to pass school bonds as komo's Eric Heintz. Reports Chris reykdal says it's time for them to put a constitutional amendment.

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