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Ingram, Williamson score 30, Pelicans beat Nuggets 113-108

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Ingram, Williamson score 30, Pelicans beat Nuggets 113-108

"Brandon Ingram in Zion Williamson each scored thirty points as the pelicans overcame another triple double by Nick Cawley okay each to beat the nuggets one thirteen one oh wait Josh Hart says he loves having Williamson and Ingram his teammates both get a bucket of water hello no or or get a free online so they do a really good job of playing off of each other you know that neither Adam now it's kinda dominated ball then again you know when the body movie kill Alexander Walker added twenty points as New Orleans one the finality of a road trip after dropping its first two games of Portland yeah okay check twenty nine points ten rebounds and ten assists for his fifty second career triple double eleven coming this season I'm very very

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