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"nick brown brown" Discussed on The Skylines Podcast

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"nick brown brown" Discussed on The Skylines Podcast

"If you try to incentivize people to use public transport. I think that's probably the best way to go about it. But yeah, buses orbit ropy. Metro hard a extension, which took it to Sunland which you went on. I think for a brief moment which is good which is good. It's it's two different cities. But also you go out east to the coast. You don't really go that far west? Life. You look at the map of the metro stops James's James's. Yeah. Lays, which is very slightly west of the Santa. It doesn't go any further. But I understand that they call extend any further because of the building happened since they were to try and do a metro west new call. So we were basically have to be a travel some such. Yeah. And we haven't even thought about the fact that there is middle's were food the south that there is no assemble into the new these things would benefit from being connected. I have a friend who works in Hesam, which is a market town. About half an hour's drive west of Newcastle and for him to get he doesn't live in Newcastle anymore. He he sometimes comes and stays with me when he's working. For him to get from my flying gates at which is very close to Newcastle to heck some in time for nine o'clock kiosks to leave at like seventy m yes to get up Sunday. I'm walk out my door walk to Newcastle. Central train station. Get on one of those beloved paces. We love talking about in the north and moving heck's. And then not regular is the thing. This is the difficulty crazy. I mean just to Russia. What what you think the what do you mean, both the city and the white orgin? What would you asks if you're like gum with a wishlist to join of us yesterday government? We'll does it need unlimited pot of money. Obviously we will want. Yeah. I'll actually Brexit's going to Brexit's going to deliver that I think's good a few. Okay. I seem to remember that from some point. Yeah. But we'll have up. Yeah. No. I think more respect would be a bad voice. So. Late nineteenth new labor. Tony Blair, prime minister is northeast MP Nick Brown. Brown Nick, prime still is Nick Brown. His power us chief whip but his power in a Blairite. Labour government is slightly different to his power overnight government. So we need voices in the north and the difficulty is that we have some middling strong voices in current political class. But we don't really have that dynamic leader who is able to shout reload -ly about what is good about this region because the real long good about it. You'll time here kind of demonstrates. I place full of surprises that when you go think, oh, actually, this is this is a pretty decent place. The stereotypes I have that wrong about this. So we need to show about I think I mean, I would genuine recommend free weekend somewhere in Britain. You you could do a lot worse than this. There's a lot of bad this is gorgeous. So as well. So why not go the Newcastle? I'll wake welcome promise. That was a couple of hours ago now on the train where have been for some time. I was hoping reading them all on failed miserably. Brexit is happening. The government is falling. This. But it's a very exciting sub. It's been. Twitter watching door really doing. Anyway, February time in Newcastle. I reiterate my my suggestion if you have some retirement and get these change them why. No, she go his genuine. They're very cities. I've been used about as this one this country Glasgow Glasgow earliest GMT, we haven't done that we should do that. Which Brantly to the reason kind of Brooklyn. Skylines as going to go for. Weekly just over a year. Now. It's been fantastic. Quick me yet, so mega so, but as you know, if your regular listener or someone reads, my tweaks I- switching to sledding, new

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