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"nick antonis" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Right now at gatt factory and banana republic factory faith seventy percent off everything store seventy percent thing good banana republic again batteries morning for your nearest gap battery the republic batteries door seventy seven from food to flawed and so much more joan hamburg show the exclusively on seventy seven w abc well now that summer is officially here many of you are gonna head out to the east end of long island and a question that i get all the time is give me your favorite restaurant here we've been to some of the old timers like nick antonis light the grill we we've gone to montagne we love them all but wants new i turn every year laura always knows laura donnelly whose food editor of one of the beloved local papers these hampton starred that's our go to laura not only a chef a pastry chef but she knows everything there is to know about food on these stand so here we are again feel like i just talked to you hi how are you talk to you i knew laura and of course the food seen in our lovely part of the world is booming you know there's a new play fair that i've already been to a couple of them and i'm very happy to say that they've been really good i've been to cook fact a tell us about that who's restaurant is that if mark who also took over dairy montado yeah place we all love for lobster kept it iraq upi more and also he opened a place called arbor and montauk near the train station which i went to laugh here very good code and i think you have a woodburning oven so they have wonderful chicken whole can really good people and then the other one that really good and empty it is cold however tavern hamka nowhere on mac where gap and that's the old from shelter island one of my favorites yes the vine street ed cafe yeah and up to really charming mall koigi beautiful play but what i'm sure everybody wants to hear about and i'm sure here curia you know about eleven madison park opening up a restaurant to pop up here we now i need you to tell us that by.

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