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"Original reporting. Fine. Debra Rodriguez, There is fresh evidence Americans are getting fatter and unhealthier, and it's happening at an alarming rate. The US adult obesity rate now stands at nearly 42, a half percent. It's the first time the national rate has passed the 40% mark, the national adult obesity rate has increased by 26%. Since 2008. Mississippi has the highest adult obesity rate in the country at 41%, Colorado has the lowest at 24% rates of childhood obesity are also rising with nearly 20% of young people ages 2 to 19 considered OH BASE GYM Krystle, A CBS News attorney, general, William Barr is under fire for his characterization of Covad lockdowns. CBS's Candy McCormick Bar compared locked down orders during the Corona virus pandemic to a dark time in US history, you know, other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint. This is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history. He's drawing sharp criticism for that comment. One congressman said his remarks were tone deaf. Slavery was not about saving lives as the lockdowns were president. Trump says he's looking forward to his first debate with Joe Biden, he tells Fox Sports radio can tell you who's going to show up with Joe because I've seen him where he's grossly incompetent that I've seen CNN where sort of normal like against Bernie. He debated normally, I don't know what he did. The debate is less than two weeks away. Biden takes part in a CNN town hall in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania tonight Ah Court victory for Democrats in Pennsylvania The state Supreme Court says the Green Party candidate for president didn't follow proper procedures for getting on the November ticket. So Howie Hawkins is out. Ballots will be in the male parts of Florida and Alabama are a soggy mess. A day after Hurricane Sally slammed into the coast Wkrg TV's Nick Alexiou allies Mint is in Dolphin Island, Alabama. There are multiple.

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