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"nichols leary" Discussed on Venture Stories

"But I think starting focused is is where we allow more companies be successful. Nichols leary era is said in in in that as well. Was You understood the challenge working at epic? You deeply understood what the problems of data exchange. was going rebel was the issue with EHR's as they were a epic built them. But also as competitors, the Turner's the Athena's with the world. Yen One of the things you also just said was around deeply understanding the challenges of data exchange and interoperability as they relate tm Mars because he worked at epic and because you hadn't understanding of this is what the competitors look like for Turner Athena's walls all these like Taillon are ours like web pt for physical therapy, etc.. That is the same thing and healthcare and building great healthcare company. As you were saying, don't properly have a sense of the real challenges and live. This thing doesn't work if you haven't seen in a very intimate way, this is how that aspect of healthcare. would. It actually looks like this is what it looks like if you are a social worker thinking about social determinants of health. So some social deter of health company or if you haven't worked in it, you don't have a sense of these or what middleware companies may look like or how you actually work with enders on the same thing anyone that's trying to sell into a pair or a health plan having sat on the other side of that for myself at Oscar in the intimacies of insurance operations. And how it works how internally within the company things get done in prioritizing not prioritizing is the same for any industry I don't want to over to overstate that healthcare is super special in that way but there is something quite unique to the way. Healthcare is still operating. It's the early two thousands. Julie. There's some big farms who choose not to get get into healthcare abuse. Maybe they just don't think you can have the type of big outcomes that big firms need. What do you see differently about the potential to be sort of? Decca corn plus potential in healthcare companies that maybe some of these other firms are are missing and maybe that's why they don't. You don't enter them as often use a deck of corn but what does that? Plus. Don't bring it up then we'll bring it up at the next board meeting. Great. I think that there's obviously a native even obviously there is a list of ideal buyers for any kind of healthcare company or any company right that you're trying trying to sell your product into and I think that there are certain spaces in healthcare that are just much much harder than the others because of fragmentation or because of overconcentration. Too. Easy buyers of this as trying to sell into provider groups of which there are tens of thousands. And then trying to sell it to win insurance company. Of which there aren't really that many I mean most people know the big five health insurance companies and so when you're thinking.

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