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"nicholas gate" Discussed on Geeks Under the Influence

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04:52 min | 3 months ago

"nicholas gate" Discussed on Geeks Under the Influence

"The views and opinions expressed on Geeks or the influence or that of the panelists and our sponsors mtpa. Parental discretion is advised. Are you saying that? Nicholas cage created country pop Pickup no no fuck I watch con air and it was like I have an idea I would never put that on him. Thank you for that allows you put on. A cage is not one of them. There are a lot of things the first uncle kracker record is I want to and Nicholas K Nick Cage for making this possible because his terrible accident made this thing we. Why didn't you just put the bunny back in the boss? Put the body back in the box. But why couldn't he have just used is like a wild at heart accent that he no? He had just create some random. Like I don't know what the fuck was shooting for is that I've met people melanoma. They do not talk like that bought to say I mean they barely speak English truth but also Nicholas Cage evening even when he's talking normally doesn't talk like a real person. Yeah Watch recently where he talks about his most famous roles most roles that he was proud of right and he he goes into like who he was channeling. All this stuff and lists watching like a fifteen minute man. He does not tolerate nor person at all like at all no he talks like Nicholas Cage. Nobody he has to throw it if you had to put Nicolas Cage's accent somewhere. Where would you put it? I would put it in I mean he's American. So Oh could put is that I had. I had a buddy whose I will name. I will leave out the drinks so much that I thought he was from Boston. And it turned out no us from Virginia. It's just drank to the point. Where his accent changed. I think that's not surly Boston accent. But I think that's what Nicholas cage slightly drunk he did. He did drugs and drank to the point where his accent literally changed right right so where the ends of his words and they made it specifically his own accent but he leaving Las Vegas is yes. That's Meyer. Yeah nobody can place where Nick Cage trump did do we know. So He's related to the Copeland's I know that. So but he doesn't like he's from an Italian vineyard somewhere. Yeah right so real talk. We actually found out on over the valley during this is exactly where the dude from From fucking the rooms Rom. They're from the same area. Tommy Wiso Cage Ohi Nick. Oh one town that creates mysterious. Weirdos that randomize accent is not fit he is Long Beach California. Of course he talking. Yeah I've been to Long Beach. The number of times guessing. Guess how people talk in. Long Beach laid out like fucking Bradley. No from sublime. Lbc Yeah Yeah. It's like hippy. Gangster. Yeah exactly yeah back. I don't know where would place nick cage from coming from but not not want why. This is the first time I've seen. Why the fuck would you have your signature? A picture of you're seeing your on your wikipedia page nice like no. Why why? Why does that need it? If he's from long does that mean that he knows Snoop Dogg. And he is a critic Yes Sir is wearing blue. In this picture I would go to here biggest. Gay Jesus Cage is a trip. And be killed biggie. So we're getting into the nitty gritty. We're we're at bats. It's an expose on Nicholas. Cage the subset of inside knowledge. But I'm saying Nick H. G. Y. K. G. G. Y. investigation. This all about Nicholas Gate forgetting your teeth and dark about Nicholas Cage on this episode up Pallet Cleanser after all the work that we did at Gallagher. Oh by the way I want to thank everybody that came out to Galaxy Khan and check out the live. Show thank you so much for talking to us. After the show's being there for the events at taking time to actually out of all the stuff happening I know it coincided with like pause play wrestling all sorts of other stuff. Thank you for coming out enjoying. Gyi Live and I'm really excited to have this conversation because this is like a easy one for me. This is a alleyoop of an episode about. Yeah Yeah so. Thank you for joining us and welcome. I'm Nicholas Cage.

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