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"nicholas brummel" Discussed on Woman's Hour

"Six other signatories that have put their name to this letter. But for those who do remember this case. They'll be pops thinking wasn't it bernard hogan how the police commissioner when your investigation was active. Why are you holding cressida. Dick responsible. Oh i hoped bernard hogan howe responsible to. But he's not the president commissioner. He was put in the house of lords. The present commission a- says not operation midland when she worked as assistant deputy commissioner they The mets in two thousand fourteen remember on the eighteenth of december two thousand fourteen before any investigation of oppression midland took place detective-superintendent mcdonald went on television. Press conference and radio and said nick. The person you're led to other Call beach they fantasist and accusa Was credible and true chrysler. Dick as being on radio and said oh. She heard it while she was driving her car. She knew the words that he adopted were wrong. What did he do about it. Nothing by not doing anything about it. She has help cost. The public purse puts off ten million hounds and she has not accepted responsibility for. That's or a number of other matters to in terms of her and the top bras at the metropolitan police have met her of you ever spoken to have you had apologies. I received an apology in person. From bernard hogan how. I received an apology from krista dick but because of the treatment of may her words and the metropolitan police's actions did not go hand in hand therefore i rejected a holiday and this goes to the heart of what you again just broadening out from operation midland we just heard the words of baroness story lawrence. We've all of course aware of who else is signed this just to to give our listeners. the full list of mentioned lady. Britain alliston morgan. Paul gambaccini nicholas brummel michael mcmanus and south Some people remember various elements of those stories. But it's about the you as i understand it. You tell us more that you're concerned that the culture isn't changing and isn't correct under her leadership no so years.

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