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Shannon Leto, Yola & Cookie Butter?

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Shannon Leto, Yola & Cookie Butter?

"They WANNA know. Pain. Welcome to weekly the podcast learn everything you need to know about the celebrities you don't I'm bobby. Finger. I'm Lindsay Weber. And this is this is a who we haven't talked about in a few weeks but who popped up on my feed for the best reason I mean, she always pops up on my feet, but then she popped up again for this reason listen. Okay. Tab Guy He. Amylase behind he this ain't just. This from Dunkin and guess what guess. Kinda. Milk. OATMEAL honey come home. Dunkin planning. Okay. is now available at Dunkin honey starting today whole beer be good. Another non dairy obsolete. Is Tabitha Tabitha. That's amazing. Because not that I'm like pleased about you know I'm so pleased because Duncan put a lot of money recently into Charlie Demilio, the other tap, the like teenager tectonic. So it's nice that they're spreading around the marketing money because you also have Tabitha who is a prominent Vegan? Text traffic, which is exactly what we're talking about here. Again right and Charlie who loves dunk regular Dunkin. They're giving them both money which is thrilling to me, and also, I mean the most willing to me is oatmeal Duncan which I went and had yesterday the day that it came out add to go. Was Great. What did you think you liked it. Yeah. It was not too sweet. I had it in a lot today. It was a great. Love to have it as an option. Yeah, I love is great. Obviously I was going to get it this morning because you know to treat myself a with a coffee pot cafe ball copy on Thursdays and sometimes Fridays but for shrinking duck is a great cafe. Yeah. Yes I, know and then I realized my favorite coffee shop on the whole world reopened. Finally when I was worried, they wouldn't open at all until I went there instead I just couldn't what's your favorite coffee shop through your favorite? Daily Press Oh you WANNA delivers. Did you see the new Lincoln Market on the corner? That's so huge crazy. That building is cursed not building. See this building. Oh, I saw anyways I was but daily press us open their amazing I'm but you do need to go to Dunkin to try the almost Like a very. Big For this this is truly the funniest most like deep-seated bit but I don't feel as bad about it because we did get paid for by Dunkin once lake in the past. So it's not the saddest kind of like thing and you know I do feel like just like Charlie demilio was passionate about Dunkin for years before she got her big spawn I'm also the goodwill is growing between me and the brand What's funny is that like you cannot win. So I was looking at the comments on on this on now on this thing and it was like hi Tabitha like I'm also Vegan I. I don't think that it says that it's Vegan friendly soap milk and she's like, no I. Assure you it is. So it's like she must have gotten the press release from them. It's like no, it is and then someone else said that's really great habit that I loved that they're taking these steps doing plant based staff but also single use plastic cups. Tapa and then she's like well, you know what they used to have styrofoam than they got rid of science phone. With us out here like you got to pay her more because she's out here like putting replying to comments like that is. The Styrofoam. Hey. I wouldn't be doing I. Could not be me lending Dunkin further I would take the paycheck and I would make the tick- talk and I would you know move the hell on all right so you're listening to, who's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions, comments and concerns at six, one, nine, who them we have a lot of. We have a lot of comments today. We have a lot of questions most common. The shows become the comment show, which is us. As always sort of been, the case was not really what we had planned but shaw were you know when the comments are good the comments are good. We can't deny but I will say like a lot of comments today haven being bobby if Emily you're definitely not going to pay this call site I just wanted to tell you about my experience. Muslim. Fetish strain inch massage I'm not sure why I decided. I needed to go get patronage massage I literally have no memory of the inciting incident that led me to eventually walk through the door of like a slightly shady midtown doctor's office latch decides finish. MASSEUSE operated out of. And I think I paid her via though. But what happened was I was on the table was that sheet put these two like Plastic. Bags on both of my legs certainly. like I do by not with a toll Shughart and then she attached them for something that. Tighten them up like a blood pressure cuff and then released them again and they did that over and over again like throughout the whole rest of the massage experience this the city of. Electrodes and she rubbed them on my abdomen and sort of like A. Probing rhythmic way for quite a while I don't know I kinda went into that. You know that zone and you're getting any kind of isn't so bad it felt a little. Like definitely felt like she was touching specific internal organ with the electrode very deliberately like probably my liver or like my gallbladder something and after the first one because I got. Treatment, I'm a one woman low rent a goose lab for some reason I felt totally normal and nothing really out of the ordinary happens and it just. Went. On about my life and then the next time I got one I really noticed afterwards that like racing just felt sort of like. Better in my. Organs I don't know how to describe it but It's just like made everything seen lined up and like it was in the right place like doing things very happily for you know sometimes the other thing that I wouldn't scandal invasion fascist that my friend she got in from the same person person to put on his champion. Sticking per after a lymphatic drainage size and it was just crazy like. Something amazing. That looks like a species under a sea slug that you would never expect some out of human body and I was kind of hoping that has happened to me, but it didn't Anyway, thank you for allowing me to share. Sorry. good form. So sorry, french-spanish. I think you probably do thank you for calling. Don't apologize because I encouraged you to leave that call. I I don't even know if we can play that call in full because it's so long I'm going to have to cut it down just a little bit but thank you so much for calling emily I. If I'm going for a massage, it's not going to be Olympic massage I. Don't know I don't know why I'm making that judgment I don't know. I don't think I would get it. It's not gonNA be Ellen fabric massage while you're I mean I'm sure there's you know I'm not. Like, I just wanted to human. Touch my my wedding big. Do whatever. Yeah I, don't know I mean yeah I don't know. Great. Highlands Bobby. I just listened to the Joe Joe. Conversation and I was really confused until you brought in. Bo, Joe Joe, and grow Joe. Gel I. Thought. You meant go Joe. Joe was teaming up with trader Joe's for their Joe Joe Cookies and maybe was having some special line of Joe Cookies. So, then I thought. From a WHO to them scale? Where do you go Joe Joe Blow Joe Joe Trader Joe's Joe Joe. Cookies. And Joe Joe Rabbit Fall. I might have just done it for you, but love to hear your take. Thanks French. Got So we have to rank the Joe Joe's. I think you were right Joe, Joe Rabbits. The new was number four four. Is that the ranger rabbits last Georgia Rabbit I'm sorry you. Okay. But like WHO's in the list of Joe Joe Again Boho go Joe Trader Joe's and Joe Rapid. This is not a fair. I'm a niche cookie, a youtube star, and of Eleni icon. weirdly the millennial icon is to me is going to be last like barely above trader Joe's. But trade deals love trader Joe's and they love traderjoes. So what are you gonNA put Josie Wa then Joe Joe Rabbit I'm just saying loved trader Joe's as much as they like Joe the millennial icon. That's true. Go from one to four. I'm probably just going to agree with you to make this easy. Number one is number. One is Josie Wa number two is. Joe Joe Rabbit number three is Joe Joe. Millennials love her and number four is trader Joe's I. You know what? Honestly? That's already wrong. And then this one, this freak me out this call I'm I'm still lost after this call. Halen being Bobby some calling just because I wanted to provide some information that I, thought was interesting So about the to go joe, you kind of talked about how they went on different paths and how Joe Joe the. Singer of too little too late kind of looks at Joko See Wah in a different light and Mike how? Stop would have been. Different Path but I think it's interesting because a Joe Joe the leave presidencies get out there actually was offered role of Hannah Montana I'm pretty sure Disney channel made that show with her in mind and Joko. Turned it down and she didn't want to be down because she didn't want to go down that path and I really think that she did go down that path she would've been super. Joe Go see Africa and Yeah I. think that's really interesting. Anyway. By, well, you know when the execs came to her and offered her Montana you know what she said she's good out. Thank. You you know. You know the other funny thing caller called and told us that the original Hannah Montana was supposed to be Alexis. Texas. I more hand Montana before Hannah Montana, they were considering other names and one was Alexis Texas and then our friends Stephen said Emerald Nevada and that like. To Hell. Nevada is so funny. There are no other good ones, and then also it says in that article that they were GonNa, call her either Zoe your Khloe and what rhymes with that what rhymes with Zoe Khloe. She wouldn't have had a state name. Then, what's the concept? I don't know I don't know. Idaho that's all I could think of unless it's a city Zoe Idaho is actually pretty good. Zoe Idaho is pretty good by guest the question the question that the call the thing that the caller is positing I totally understand, but I will say Look at Miley Cyrus she's actually broken out of the Hannah Montana think pretty effectively I would say miley Cyrus Y-yeah so like that like. Like. Joe Joe go joe would have ended up kind of like more like Boho, maybe in terms of like fame and attention because Miley got a lot of fame and attention from that. But. Miley was able to like go beyond that teen image like though it was probably traumatic and it took a lot but like she did breakthrough and she's now totally. Kind of her own entity although you know there's also an argument that forget somebody made that maybe Hannah Montana been a successful without without Miley Cyrus as its lead maybe go JOE would've been. Whatever but like different Disney shows have different modicum of success in different Disney stars have different variables of success like Hannah's big one mile is a big one. And it's arguable that maybe Hannah Montana was only successful as it was because Miley Cyrus even though she herself was famous billy Ray Cyrus was sort of a draw there like it was like, oh, she's nepotism like she's coming she's from a country family even though ray I wasn't even a tremendous them. He was sort of a one hit one not even your non even like she kind of did but I'm thinking about like Demi Levato and I'm thinking about like other Disney stars that did do break good breakout but then there are some Disney stars they didn't hey. But I do think that Joe Joe go Joe looks at Bo Joe and says Oh God you know like in a way. That's why the interview was. So she sees. If you. If you could sit through it that interviews interesting because you see Joe Looking at Bo seen sliding doors you know like what we? Could have done or what she would have done ten years later in her career she was slightly younger. You know when what a career like hers looks like. Now, I was trying to think of city with a long e-. Since like you have to give a state long you voice Khloe Boise. Doesn't doesn't rhyme. It's not it's not the it's not the exact rhyme. Zoe Boise. It's harder than you think to do the name running with the state. Think I mean send us some of them but like it's hard when someone came up with Hannah Montana they probably like left work for the day they were like, Oh, my God it's Up On. What's the opposite of I am laws like play I am lost backwards and that's how that person felt. The in body medium time first time. Prince Harry has definitely used a spreadsheet because he is a qualified Apache helicopter pilot. They have to do a lot of training they have to know a lot of math. So minimum. He has done the math i. don't know if still uses one I don't know if he knows how to use a pivot table. But he's done at least basic spreadsheet. living with a laptop. Thank you. Bye. Good. Good to know. I. Thought about that video where he like in the interview and then he has to run and get ready there in the airport hangar remember the radio ea but that's WHA that's Harrier. Is that William Terry Oh. That's right and then they then people put the song we talked about this on part is for the song like do do do do dum when he runs when it okay. All right okay. Yes moving. I had to. Tuesday's episode when you were talking about Cain Brown because. He put out a song with that he cheese at a lot. And then the couple of months later came brown gets lost in the woods behind his house. This is further proof that Becky g person's real. She cursed him. While they were recording that song together and now look what happened team. Brown's got lost in the woods. That each purchase real and it. Strikes. against. contract. No, that's right. That's that's exactly right. That's what happened. The becky g curse is real and real. It's real. It's real. When's the last time we to? Oh, with the lesson we talked about you I remember is whenever she got. which you got kicked off the stage by security because people thought but she was just A. A woman. But she was she's gotten very successful since he was more successful. So the Becky g curse doesn't quite really. It doesn't really apply to Becky g applies to people who are who she's next to. It's like it's like Oh becky does song with like all Mahone who she dated or whatever like, and then he he flops like Becky a song with he did Arianna Guerande on her vocal cords hammering. It did happen becky joint on tour the wanted and then they break up or whatever you know like the point is she curses people and she cursed came Brown I'm just saying we're talking about fake pop culture curses. There are much more potent curses out there than the baggage cars and we won't even get into. This is a funny curse and even Becky pokes fun at and also Becky G has gotten only more and more successful as the years have gone by. Yeah. Remember shower everyone that's the one song lot on remember right but she right now she mo she's primarily. Right but like her songs are are huge hits. Bigger than shower honestly, Hey So I don't. I don't even know what you guys would say this, but there is a third one rose. My Son has been watching listening summer sing along like nonstop and one of the Disney characters on it or not I. Guess Disney Star Is. Maybe Rose Turner. I. Don't know who she is but I just think it's funny about there's like. At least three roses, I-. Ruby. Rose Turner. Turner also, you can't be a ruby rose Olympia Ruby rose done. Ruby wrote, those are the rules now. I think it's pretty alarming that there's another ruby rose at all even if she is a turner. We did really need like a young be rose. That's true like to make the Trifecta the true Ruby rose trifecta. GotTa. have. You gotTA JERRY'S Go Jo, Jo, and Joe. Joe's trader Joe's so now we have Ruby Rose Ruby. Rose and Ruby Rose Turner I wanNA know what drugs the Disney creatives are taking to come up with the names of these shows. First of all Alexis Texas Hannah. Montana the one that she's on. What's it called? Hoop and Cammie asked the world like what is this top hat of fucked up words that they pull from every? Ricky Dicky ticky unusual. That's. There on a completely different drug. They're both on like dueling. Drugs. This shed kids love that stuff. Are you kidding cloudy with a chance sunny with a chance and the name Sonny I love that Hey. What did he tell you that they went to the restaurant that the changes things kid worked at a few weeks ago and we saw him when we were like freaking out and we asked him, why do you have a job? Like we kinda thought he was preparing for a role and he's like, Oh, I just wanted to take a job like normal could have a job. So I just wanted one. So I got one. Whole so Anyway crunch. Going up to Gotten Mata routes while you're in new, Jersey and going, hey, kid, why do you have a job? We recognize you from net flicks I mean that's like a perfectly reasonable question in my mind it's a little rude shore but you know we're building character. What is he supposed to do? Sit home play video games like on the horizon at. With his friends know he's building character, he's out here building character. He not not characters for the hit show stranger things but care but character inside himself Meanwhile has buds are out here promoting a nola homes now that I'm doubting the future success of gotten. Oh but I will say that it is it is probably smart to learn a few other skills other than acting for a child's Dr in general. No. Someone else called an asked have gotten and heather. Macho Rutta were related. They're not. We've we don't work did that one? We did that one. Oh, next up, I'M GONNA play a montage of AU- a lot of your suggestions for other co hosts of the view to work with Kiki Lindsey Bobby at. Cash obviously just in terms of the Kiki. Millennial you I know if you noticed how many of your tweezers were child actors even on either nickelodeon channel. Kiki. Hillary Raisin so I think the obvious answer. Genuine spirit. She's mom. She's She's scandal Jason. Because she got her show canceled for being pregnant. She is. Has A has family drama which they won't have. They won't ever be able to talk about. she's not really doing much and I just think that she would kind of have that like Chevron Monster Energy to add to the people and you features like ten. On the fact that all of these people are like grown up. Disney channel and nickelodeon stars so. Yawn like. Other. People just something to think about. Okay. Hi e Bobby calling after listening to last week. Who's there episode and you're talking about he palmer's millennial view and I have to say, I, think he made some great choices but you missed out on a crucial wildcard, which is Caroline Calloway. The energy she could bring to that table is just Unmatched and I would love to see it. Personally, I would like to see it. I would like to see it. Okay. Well, just wanted to get your thoughts on Caroline Calloway at view millennial table. Crunch. Crunch women do belong to Lynn than. Caroline. Kelly belongs on the. Island to Bobby I was listening to the segment about who would be the best palace. Perky Palmer show and I really think that. Like a great option for someone who can do a segment who is also? Kinda unpredictable and has strong personality like a strong personality is Jay. Wow. From the Jersey Shore she's super recognizable and then on her instagram she. Is has a segment where she cooks with her kids and she's always doing like cocktail. And so I just think that she. Could really bring the right balance can show. I don't really know what jails politics are. Because I don't actually follow her I just check in or sometimes but I think that she's a through the right flavor like the right fit for this. good. On He meantime. Client it gives you the best suggestion for. Another host at the tables and I think for a chaotic host, maybe not evil but can't catic semi evil. Sarcastic evil would be sie lay. Her interim. I faded show ovationhair very, very chaotic and I think she would. Just serve the pot like crazy easy. So that is my suggestion. I who was your favorite suggestion that you heard? Jay? Lynn Spears was a great one demons. Bears was very smart one of course she's like she's like a young mother because we were because we're kind of stuck on the like a conservative leaning young mother to have that argument. But I, think we forgot we forgot kind of a category of like pundit that we really could have dug into more. But I think though maybe not our journey like we thought of more like Ceelo celebrities when we could have thought of. More like because you you've a lot of like kind of yours and yeah, like people like that because people did call in and say like like authors names, you know what about like these different or like writers in the media a lot of them were mentioned during I mean and it's like, yeah that actually would be a good fit for the show but we're just thinking of the ideal see list line-up. But yeah, I mean they were good suggestions to last comment last comment. Hi Lindie Bobby I'm listening back to. Of. Who Weekly and I got back to the North Dakota one where you're talking about Josh Jamal and I am not going to bring up anything but let's go to but I live I'm going to school in Fargo. and. One of my roommates was working. We see at North Dakota. Board of Tourism on a commercial he's like in film and. Trust do well honest weeks ago, and when I was like, don't mention Josh. Jamal. So we can't figure out what happened but Josh is no longer getting paid by the state of North Dakota. They have decided that he is not a good brand ambassador. Thanks bye. Josh do mel has finished his run as the ambassador for no north. Dakota this is an important thing to note. No longer affiliated with north. Dakota, what happened there? Whatever happens Josh them all. Well he is affiliated with a new movie on Netflix, randomly stumbled across the other day called like the new wife for something the new husband, the lost husband, the law. It's Josh Duhamel Mosley Bib in a very lifetime. Ask Rahm Kami thing that was quite high on the net flicks chart numbers. Nobody's. I'M GONNA WATCH IT I'm definitely GONNA, watch it. It's right up my alley. The clip was just like my friends over there. Think I'm dead at you have to approve it. And he kissed her and then you. Like that thing. Down spiced my husband's gone. Lost her house. This is James O'Connor. He said Teacher Momma how to run the farm. Minutes out in the barn. Red Structure Outback. Hot farmer hemp. He's the reason we come here. We go watch like the lost husband. The Lost Does justice new GIG Post Ball. CODA dumol Lindsey. I will accept you mispronouncing any other word but Dumol you gotta get. Right you gotta get it right What happened to Josh Dumas in North Dakota. Though what happened? WHO's not who's better who they have now if you do, you think he showed like more allegiance to South Dakota North Dakota got pissed they were like. Insurgent. South Dakota I bet they're very sensitive the Dakota. Next call this is so where we're wait hold on hold on hold on in two. Sorry. But in two thousand, nineteen, December thirty, first two, thousand, nineteen, the AP reported that Josh Do Dumol got a new contract to promote North Dakota in two thousand one into the nineteen December two, thousand, nineteen, he got a new contract. So the I guess the contract that wasn't that long ago, but it says the contract extension while there's to my first of all, you can tell his weird because there's too much information. It says, North Dakota's tourism department confirmed Tuesday to the Associated Press at the star of several transformers movie will be paid hundred, seventy, five, thousand dollars to. Be the face of the state's tourism campaign. For the next two years they've had contract doesn't thirteen the contract extension that expires December. Thirteenth two, thousand, twenty one he doesn't twenty that may be true. But according to this caller, we have some allegations that this contract is no longer valid. So I'm well the the Goss's the Goss's hot this the tea is steaming and it seems like somebody broke their contract seems like it seems like we don't know maybe maybe maybe it was a one time deal maybe it's one commercial shoot that he was unavailable for maybe just pissed this person off, but he still under contract I duNno, he pissed off the whole damn state perhaps. We don't know what happened, but I will say I'm Nama Little Numb US questions for moving onto questions moving into questions. Even though your morning or evening routine may have changed the past few months things have changed a lot of things about our lives. What should not be changing or just should stick around you and your routine, your oral care routine what you what you do overnight you brushing your teeth reliable thing you brush your teeth and morning at night and sometimes in the middle of the day that part of the day right routines are good. You know the best part about what? 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Love that with a dispenser, love that you keep for life and expanding string that helps to clean in between your teeth quip brush heads, toothpaste floss refills, or automatically delivered on dentist recommended schedule every. Three months for just five dollars. Each a friendly reminder that it's time to refresh and stay committed to your oral health and shipping is free join three million happy customers and practice good care easily affordably with quip, starting at twenty five dollars. So if you go to get quip dot com slash who right now, you'll get your first refill free. That's your first refill free get quip dot com slash shoe that's get Q. U. I. P. Dot Com Slash who quip the good habits company. In bobby I am calling because I can't sleep and GOING THROUGH The Daily Mail as I do and I found something that was interesting for a few reasons. apparently Jesse Metcalfe's X. Kara. Santana has a new man. And it happens to be Shannon leto AKA jared's brother and drummer very smart. and. I find this interesting that this is in Daily Mail today and they're. Packing on the PDA. When just yesterday an article came out about. Fussy and how he has a new girlfriend and he's moving on. So knowing that he cheated on her apparently allegedly. wondering what you guys think. Using that she saw that and then call the cops cow the follow her Jenin out while they're making out in a deep. Let's not think credit. Well the news is out, they probably were like well, now that that's out there now we can like smooch and Publix. Let's call the Daily Mail that's what it seemed like to me. We're like car was trying be the bigger person you know, and then maybe Kara and Shannon had been dating for as long as Jesse and whatever or it seems like Jesse. allegedly art seems like was the cheater member they had to live together. Anyway we talk. In Corn Rain, they split technically eight months ago but then we're still living together because of Kobe. And so it was like, yeah, we're still taking walks together. But no, we're not together this has complicated it's cope in nineteen. So we've talked about them in that context, but it looks like because he broke the seal car was like, okay. I'll go public with Shannon and Beep Beep beep here come the paps I'm making out with Jerry does brother WHO's wearing a silk shirt because I assume the guy who always wears silk shirts. So Shannon is in the band in the LETO brothers band thirty seconds to thirty six. I'm being rude, it's a big band. It's a relatively big band. Honestly the band is almost the end the. Band is like as big as jared leto movie career at this point. Lego. If you think about it journalists movie careers actually pretty interesting because it's we comes back with Dallas buyers club but any wins an Oscar for this role that was immediately offensive and yeah even though it was immediately offensive, it's aged quickly and it's aged terribly so like that. Oscar. Win. Yeah. I guess at amounts for something he's all he will always be academy award winner, Jared Leto but like no one looks back fondly on that role, his movie career didn't like blow up after this his joker was the one that everyone forgets about because here comes. Being like, I'm going to do a better joker and win an Oscar for it. So like bite me right but I would say in terms of jared leto being known as a movie starring goes band being big I would say they're kind of at the same level in terms of leg thing. But they have a do a big fan base like it is weird when it's the band is covered outside of being band now, which is like interesting to me like they will like it used to just be like journals band thirty seconds to Mars just like thirty seconds to Mars was like Oh, when I see them all the guy from my so called life has a band now because what they came out and like the early two thousands right and now they're like A. Enough to stand on their own. But I honestly did not know that his brother was also in the band doesn't surprise me but like I guess he's the drummer. He's the drummer. He doesn't. I. Was pleased that there'd be something interesting about him but there really isn't. He doesn't make a lot of headlines outside of like. All Jared leto sweetie he brought his brother to the Golden Globes Audrey us a sweetie. He brought his brother to like the Oscars all jared leto, his brother on vacation together. That's kind of it. He got arrested for Dui like years ago. That's the most. That's the biggest Daily Mail story that I could find about him but a nice thing about him not the. Dot where we're heading? Yeah. You start a coffee company He started coffee company. Yeah. Okay. This isn't a cool black fuel caufield trading company. Or backfield trading shared his kobe recipe within style of the years ago at those very nice. But it looks like the coffee company shutdown literally during Copa Nineteen which really sucks like a casualty of the pandemic maybe they'll come back they say it's temporary but who knows Is there anything interesting about car Santana that you know about? No well, there's like barely anything interesting about Jesse Metcalfe I'm just saying like these this couple like we I, guess we've knew about them when they broke up and we knew about them living together after but like I wouldn't say this is a couple that I'm like playing neither. One of the members of the couple is anyone I know really at Tanah about aside from like him being a semi millennial person because of the movies he did when we were like sixteen years old and Sir being rang. So she's on Berbick thing is she's on Vida veto vitas that showtime, Show Stars and it got cancelled Wilcox Okay Sorry Sorry loops. Yeah. anyways that sucks that the show got cancelled I have a car Santana game before I get into that game, she gave you enough to get a game actually yes she did. There's a interesting seconds tomorrow, Mars Story they got sued and like two, thousand, eight or two, thousand, nine because they didn't deliver the promise number of albums that were in their contract that they had signed in nineteen, ninety nine. So I guess in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine, they delivered they signed a contract with their label that was like we will deliver x albums in x years, and then like eight years later, the label sued them it was like you didn't deliver the albums and time. But they fought back against kind of they. They were like this is this was a shitty. This was a shitty contract was a shitty contract also the reason that they that they settled and that they were sort of allowed to win, they probably had to pay something but the reason it sort of star were able to get out of the contract. Yes. was because of none other than our Ip Olympia to handle it who comes. Every once in a while I know let me to Holland comes up a lot on this podcast. Listen to this. This story from the La Times in looks like two, thousand nine. The lead of this unbelievable a few weeks ago jared LETO got a letter in the mail. It was addressed to the thirty seconds to Mars Singer and formal feminine script and arrived on Dick Azer. Colored Paper The return address was the real surprise however the Paris of Libya to Haviland the gone with the wind actress who in a roundabout way helped save the band's career last year the group is staring down thirty million dollar lawsuit from apparently will emi over future ball but the contract case involving Jalan decades ago seemed to offer legal precedent for a way out quote the California Appeals Court ruled that no service contract in California is valid after seven years and it became known as the Law after she used it to get out of her contract with Warner Brothers then you're like, oh, we're friends now were pen pals Astra to be documentary, and she said no, but we pen pals like oh He he wanted to marry about making the album and like hot on the drama behind the lawsuit. Well, it's interesting Olivia hobbling is quite litigious because member she also sued Ryan Murphy Feud because she was like you may be looked like a real you maybe look bad. Life. Right. Every old ladies like I drink two shots of whiskey like a day and I'm one hundred and thirty and it's like I smoke. Land fighting for her right to get. Should he contract help save Jay Leno's band? Labor rights, labor rights fighting for labor rights yes or no you have a you have a game about Sarah Santana. So I found this buzzfeed article couple of things you need to know about car Santana Okay and I was like thirty. You know how much you know how you know how I love to be told what I need to know about somebody. S. Respect that a lot of things. So what it was was it was a quick little rapid fire interview. They asked her thirty quick questions and she answered them and then that's all it is. It's just this list and so arguable whether it's thirty things I need to know versus thirty questions. Thirty things about her thirty thinks she said once and so I would argue that there are things that I should know above these things but that's fine. They're live things. I don't know you know this be I wouldn't put these above anything. I need to know like my social security number I'd put above this. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. No and by the way. Car Not Kara someone read review the question and then the answer and you're GonNa tell me that answer car or not car because I made some of them real. So it's is true or false really true or false. It's okay but I've never okay I don't know any. Okay fine. I'm going to scan me hard. What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning car or not? Kara check my emails that immediately followed by Coffee Kara. That's true anything. Okay. What's the last thing you search for on Google and then Entrepreneur Rick Devices we compete here page. Carbon. That's car. That's car. Okay. Who is the last person? Who called her texted you? My best friend just Karachi car or not Kara. Is that car or did you make up that name? That's not car. The answer is my best friend. Kelly chill the Dinko. There no one that's just her best friend. Okay. What was the last awkward situation you're in and how did you handle it car or not? Kara I farted in line at Dunkin donuts yesterday in two people in front of me turned glared and then I started laughing and they started laughing and then I ordered my usual which is a large dice coffee with two pumps a French Manila's world is that Hara? It's not okay. Last. Awkward situation was I was doing a photo shoot at my home. I am a total neat freak. We had to rearrange furniture when the photographer's assistant move my couch what was underneath can only be described as disgusting and I was mortified I literally almost died I basically yelled at my assistant to sweep it up and gave my cleaning lady talking to just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there she yelled Oliver staffers. Okay what music are you currently listening to car or not? Kara I never really listened to music because I. Love Silence. Not Kara. That's Kara Okay God. Oh. Okay in sync or backstreet boys. Coronado Kart. No strings attached towards my first concert. So it's going to have to be in sync. My as she younger than me Kara. Not Kara she answered neither a synchronized and choreographed grown men. Dancing is a no go for me. Isn't that crazy like ants that's also just rude. Okay fine. Your she is like just approved that she has no sense of humor, Netflix and chill just netflix car or not. Kara isn't that redundant when you net flicks aren't you in essence chilling. If that's car than she can honestly fuck out. So she can fuck up. Hannah, Montana or lizzy McGuire Kara Kara wrong age demo. No clue. Dumb Oh demo demographic. Oh I thought she called Netflix I thought she called Buzzfeed Demo. Rude is. That car. Does, she sound like a terrible interview I couldn't believe okay. Play along at least and finally tell us a secret car or not Kara. I'm pretty sure I hit some with my car twelve years ago. But I never stopped to check and make sure they were okay and I think about what happened to them every single day of my life. Gets Kara. That's not Kara. The secret as I hardly cry but I love the feeling of it show my God. Interview that she she sounds like that's scary. So Interview. Okay Let's move on. Then I hit somebody with my car twelve years ago. Didn't stop to check like I Not Understanding what Netflix and chill is, and then being like I'm not going to answer that also saying grown mentioned dance like get out of here who How does she's talking to my sister about Thomas in Nicholas and how attracted? To him? As children watching. Hits like rookie of the year Hidden Arthur's court. and I was like what happened to him and let me remind me that he was also in the American heist film curious which I had totally forgotten about. but that was a long time ago. So wondering if he's up to anything now and If. So what might that be Please let me know he was. A heartthrob of my childhood. So I'd love to make sure that he's doing. Okay. Oh. Hey That I saw for. A a child's he honestly weirdly like a very successful child Dr who made a successful transition to being like an adult star could link American Pie he was technically an adult played call. He played high school everybody was in twenty years right. Like the Second Tier Fr- The friend Group of American pie like he wasn't Jason Dixie wasn't John William Scott. He was like second tier in that whole cast but still yeah, he was. Such a big kid star because like king. The King Arthur's movie and rookie the. Near come on Big Komo I. Think he's still also does stuff with the cubs like he's still kind of like has like a role with the cubs as kind of a weird honorary mascot. He links follies sings a song or something for them. I feel like I had a crush on him but I didn't know I had a crush on him. I was like I love rookie of the year you know sort of like, yeah, it's like Yeah I. Love. It must be that I love baseball. Baseball. His this school seem school. Why do I feel special things about this film it must be the baseball. Dad Can I have a baseball glove? I did try to get into baseball card collecting for like one weekend and I was like stupid. EMINEM? Your mind. Back to. My Dad's probably privately thinking. This is GonNa last as long as the EMINEM tubes. Okay. So if the good news is that he's fine, he has a band, his twitter, his twitter name. Tin Band which I was I I laughed at but then I realized it's his initials Thomas. Nicholas Band Bam on. He's a musician. He has a band. He has a Patriot he is doing all this stuff and he's they just came out with a new album I didn't listen but you could play a clip here. I wonder if it's good will singer and he was kind of funny is that in some of the projects that he does when he's still acts occasionally he pulled the tiffany amber theissen meaning he dropped the end. So in some of his projects, he's just Thomas Nicholas which I don't really. As, he went from having three first names to having to first names and it doesn't really work for me. It doesn't I was GONNA say it's it. The ESPN actually helps sort of soften the edges of having to first names don't write three hills exactly what I said Ya. And he's in his one of the most recent movies that he's in this movie called adverse. That's coming out this year that clearly was like kind of delayed and whatever because of cove it is a very who we film I thought. You know it has not just him as the lead, but it also stars Lou Diamond Phillips, a classic Sean Astin. Mickey, Rourke and Penelope and Miller Jake t Austin member from this pot. Why? How is this? Again. I was going to say, okay. Well, here's the thing. First of all, this cast is like straight at Nineteen ninety-six but yeah. I was GONNA. Say Thomas and Nicholas has like the best case scenario and Andrew Pecans the worst case scenario is Andrew Keegan part of Nexium is interviewing totally on no no no, that's false. That's false. Andrew Keegan did briefly have a colt that or cult over the other call, but it was sort of like the. Be called it was. Really Yeah it wasn't like a bad. It wasn't. It wasn't a screwed he was like weird and A. Next rests no no no it back. He got a lot of press for like that reason where he was like Oh, we have a house in Venice and they're like we come and do. Like Meditation and then. Co Wallich Ray. Right. He definitely got the press for that but it wasn't. It wasn't nexium. But anyways, they're all in this movie that is like about like drug something. So it's a neo noir interesting right but it's definitely like Vod kind of project. What's her name come on? What's her name? The girl from? Iraq, who then became the Disney Star Oh I carly carly, and then the the mean where she's looking at the computer and just interesting that's me Oh. There's a new neo noir out starring. Mickey Rourke and Penelope Ann Miller interesting. Right like that's kind of the that's exactly how I feel too. I'm sure people will watch this like it's definitely the right genre for an for vod film. Movie speaking of Neo Noir is the movie that I tunes and Amazon keeps recommending I watch and like it's like now rentable for nine dollars in the next week, it's like for four dollars and it's like the ninety nine cent rental of the week Arkansas. What is that? It's like Vince Vaughn and the him the other Hemsworth no, it's not the terms with Liam Hemsworth and they're like in Arkansas. What are they doing there? I don't know. But one of the letters of Arkansas is a skull. So I feel it gets dark. Yeah. Anyway movie just came up for me recently, the Eva Eva with chastain. What is that movie? I don't know what is that. It's a movie called Avon. It's ours Jessica chastain and the posters like her in the middle of the I'm telling you right now the movie things are so confusing it's like up his down right now like even true movie heads are like what's going on like because the Vod's getting mixed in with the real stuff is is very confusing whole. The most annoying thing is like some vod quality ship that's going to actual theaters and it's like, no, no, no Sir I wanNA watch the Russell Crowe. Movie where he hits road rage at my house I, don't want to have to Canadian theatre to watch it like why are they were leasing? Why are they releasing the Russell Crowe gets road rage movie, which is the most vod thing. I've ever heard in theaters during cove it and not on I tunes for nine dollars because I would pay nine dollars to watch him go crazy a truck, right? So No, saying that's a very confusing. So the other interesting thing about Thomas Nichols or Thomas English. Nicholas Thomas Nicholas is that his wife is this woman named Dj Colette who is Dj? She had a bunch of dance records and albums and one of her songs was on the devil. Wears Protestant. Would you play it because I can't? Do to my Internet being down yet again. What song is that I don't really recognize it from the movie I've Seen I've the movie a million times I'll recognize. When IT COMES I know what it is. It's the moment that she like comes home or something if. Adrian Grigny is like an agent grenades light. Your six now like a scene where he realizes she's sexy for the first time because she's Wearing the like the expensive lingerie from. Gotland. Will. Yeah. I. Think that's when it is. You have to fact check that. That's That's fucking crazy I will. Location of this song. Hi, this is future bobby reporting from the future. I scrubbed every second every few seconds of Devil Worship Rodman, a longtime scrubbing that movie looking to the soundtrack I was wrong. It's not that scene that song is actually the Atlantis more set cover of seals crazy which is a good cover. All probably play a clip here or after this little bobby segment, I couldn't find this. Dj Colette Song Anywhere Yes. It's on the soundtrack. Yes. It's listed in the credits I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm assuming it's playing subtly in the background scene with Simon Baker but that sounds like a difference on also so I really have no idea what's happening as far as I can tell that song is not actually in the Devil Wears Prada. Correct me if I'm wrong. Okay. Back to the past. Dj Colette is his wife's. Family and she's got a song on the soundtrack of product which I would argue is you know timeless timeless school family. Yeah. I think Bobby I just told them minute ago but my call was range anyway. The basic. Message was that I just wanted to give a little shout Sheila I don't know that much about her, which is why I went off the rails in the call in terms of explaining his year or sandwiches I I don't know. but she has an amazing album that came out last year and was featured on highland song all. Righty Yola. is absolutely a WHO but she is. Who and I think a lot of people know who she is but here's my thing about Yola. I was so mad when I had never heard her I heard the name but she was nominated for four grammys this past year and guess who else was nominated for best new artist grammy alongside her fucking Billy Irish Lizzo. So Billy Irish and Lizzo sucked all the air out of that room and it's Kinda. We focus we do a good job like looking at that list of best new artists in like. The love of we love a best new we totally overlooked her and didn't get into it because amazing. Actually the kind of music that we're in the moment I was like, Oh, who is this? This sounds interesting like, oh, I don't see, and then then the car mentioned high women and I was like what? She's not part of the high women I don't know that name and then you look her up and it's this woman. She's like thirty late thirties like thirty seven I think and she's been making music for like twenty years but she's done a lot of backup singing and supporting singers evenly she did backup song backed up for. Failure she went on tour with massive attack. To do the vocals part of like you know like electronic music and she's British. Also there's a really good interview with her in the Star Tribune and she talks about how like for the longest time I just didn't have any confidence like I thought this is where I stood and like I didn't feel comfortable being the leader and she says I never ever wanted to ask anyone helped me with something I, wanted to do before I was thirty never no one was willing to help everyone wanted me to stay indebted to them. In some way I was a utensil to be used and at the moment she's like you know. What fuck this I'm going to go to Nashville she was always very endeared to like country music and folk music like American country and American folk music because that's the records that like mom listen to in the UK and she moves and she's like I'm going to go to Nashville and I'm GonNa fucking do this now that I've had a little bit of experience and then she made Dan Orbach saw one of her like videos and then like reached out, and then they made this album together and it's amazing like it's fully like I was listening to it and sometimes you hear like an artist and you're like, Oh, this holding. Our back did. He did ultraviolet heated ultra vires. To have him work on your record, just gets you a lot of attention which is cool and he's very supportive really had to like go to Nashville and not restart herself but even with twelve twenty years of experience just it was like a new genre that she had to like kind of ingratiate herself into and figure out where she fit into because her she calls her music country soul and it's like, I think you know that's accurate. But it's still one of those things where you're like you're like one toe in and you almost got to go like full in in yeah. Will you be respected by the industry if you try to deviate from the industry norm and it seems like she is, but she got nominated at the grammys for best new artist, Best Americana Album Best American roots, performance and best route. Song there her single was far away, which is amazing I will play a clip here like hesitant amazing chorus. It's also just cool that like a black British artists like is getting nominated for best Americana. Album. Really Right. Like it's just truly like about the quality of the music, it has nothing to do with like where you're from or whatever. Over full name is Yolanda courteous. That's why she's Yola for Yolanda Pacific over spotify. It's like the number one song her spotify is the high women even though it is on her spotify, she's on the cover she's just sort of the women did the home is that's she's an unofficial number one. Of My favorite album of the past whatever. So like they did an album and one of the songs was kind of a song where they brought in other women's voices to like kind of tell the stories of different women throughout history and she was part of that collective like she's not in the high woman but on the high woman tracks, she's a featured artists on that track. Yes and so but this, that's the song that's like. They sort of like gender switch. That's why that's so cool because it's like a song by name traditionally, and then whenever they have to play this cover of goodbye yellow brick road because I've listened to it like one thousand times in the past forty, eight hours as a song that I already liked it was like I'd never heard it before hearing this version. It's like I finally get it and even though I already liked it whatever playing here. She's made for she looked at him a tiny desk which I feel like the NPR like music seal of approval. You got a lot of momentum coming behind you which is. Really lame but it's the truth. Okay. You're you're rambling a little. I wouldn't have known about this caller. Okay. Next call. Hey, Lynn's yet It's. A along ten long time. So, Christ issues about us and it says. R.I.P, makes me think of something that I think about calling about a lot but it's really not that interesting but is very who he which is sometimes when I get gas. A, little TV show is just Marie the new know and she has a gas station TV show. And I. think that's a really really funny. And it's always really jarring because I can't remember who she is or why no her then I'm like Oh. Yeah E. News. and I just I don't understand how she has really pivoted to gas station television or white gas station television exists I guess. being cuisine confronts. This is so fucking funny because they realized that Maria Menounos has not just one but two gigs where you are forced to watch her while waiting for something Mitch Hold Television you are literally being held hostage and you're forced to watch Maria Manetti both at the gas station and also as the host of new V. If you go to like an AMC are regal, not like kind of a fancy, not that these aren't fancy but I would die to go to any movie theater who we kidding. But like a standard movie theater, they'll be a new intro where they do like behind the scenes and it's hosted by Maria Menounos who's like welcome to movie. Spell like movie but with two Os in an end, your movie experience is about to get even better guys because the arcade is almost here. That's right. Starting Friday the big screen will bring to life some pretty awesome augmented reality games. All you need to do is download the new the arcade APP head to movie theater early and get ready to play see. Literally Maria is like hosting both of these things. She's also the host of gas station, TV, AK TV, and which she has a show called better i. think it's called better better together with Maria Mode Monosso when you're like gassing up your car which I have experiences before and you're putting gas in your car and you'll hear Maria menounos out of the corner of your eye and you'll see her and she'll be like. Pay Your taxes. It's probably a good idea like that's a tip from me. Maria Menounos like it's always like or she'll say, did you know that frozen vegetables are justice nutritiously packed? If not more than fresh vegetables exactly is TV presents better together with Maria menounos nutrition tip of the day Rosa vegetables healthier than fresh produce actually because frozen veggies are picked blanched and frozen at peak freshness often preserve their nutrients more than the fresh vegetables sitting out for days at the market. Who? For more check out better together with Maria menounos against always like a fun wellness a Jesus in fact from Maria Menounos and you're like I didn't ask you know but that's she's out here. Just like in your face at the gas pump you know and I was reading their website like gs TV gestation TV, and they're like our demographic is everyone because everybody is like has to watch this when they gas there's a really funny. There's a really funny like A. Line graph to be made like a really steep bell curve in regards to Maria Menounos relationship to like interest and time where it's like people are really into Maria Menounos for. Thirty two eighty seconds, and then the more you pass eighty seconds it's like I can't stand Maria menounos anymore, which is exactly the type of person you want to host this stuff. Yes, and chat to at an anxiety who did tweet this who put it all together for me? I. Don't know who of my new kings and Queens needs to hear this. But if you have a car, Maria Menounos also has a program on the TV SCREAMS AT GAS STATIONS AKA GAS TV I am not kidding because somebody had said I, miss her bro and it was a picture of Marina move. On. So you don't need to watch, you don't need to go to the movies to enjoy Maria. Menounos presence just go to. Fill up your car with some gas and she'll be they're telling you to like I. Don't know frozen vegetables lows. Make sure you close the windows in your car, but you know so it doesn't rain when it if you don't know you know. So doesn't rain inside your car that's a tip. The tip and the other tips such a natural she's able to say things that are unnatural. So naturally, you know like the word movie. You. The most unnatural word is movie a misspelling brand version of movie. And it rolls off her tongue like butter right and me I'm struggling to say them like new movie know I'm trying to say movie. But I'm saying Newbie or you're saying movie and then you're laughing out loud like Maria Monroe says. Exactly and she's just able to say no problem. She's a professional and that's the difference between us. She's a professional know unlike when someone points a camera and Maria Menounos his face and says, now remember Maria you're to be speaking to people who are filling up their gas tank and they only have ninety seconds to enjoy your company and she's like, got it. Great. Nation. Really, warm for someone who's like only happing touchy because they're worried about how expensive gases she's actually is a really funny like the direction that she's given in both of these jobs. It's like Okay Maria you're GONNA you're speaking to an audience who was sitting down there like turning off their cell phone, but they're still out to use it. They're starting to eat the popcorn there like talking to their friends they really don't WanNa wash they WANNA to watch the movie, but you need to engage in any way. They like movies, but they don't like what you're doing and you need to give them movie adjacent content, but it is not the movie that they have paid to see. Your presence is making them miserable. Just make sure you don't personally make them miserable. Okay. Don't make it worse for them Maria. It's already bad enough for them. Terrible. Audience is somebody filling up their gas and there is no tool for them to clean the windshield. So that doesn't. I you have to get there at an unannounced. The tool is there's just no water in the bucket so. FUCKING HATE THAT ISSUE That's going to get caught watching Maria menounos. Also Maria you're on a tiny screen probably had dirt all over it. It's bit you're barely visible also wait oh, my I just realized liquor is on the small screens and she's on the big screens that's called she s the range. Honey small screen took large scream. She literally the range. Queen of both small and large format. I can't deal and she spent a lot of time on the middle range screen which I would argue is TV so she's done everything she made her mark in the middle and then she realized her moment was large and small Maria extremely news. That's what we call her the extreme. Honestly what's next for her I can't even imagine what could be next for her like outer space TV or something I. Don't even know I don't know but I'm officially calling Maria Menounos the extreme from now on like in twister or they call Bill Paxton, the extreme no move away Bill Paxton. Well, he's dead that said Maria Menounos is the new extreme. That's incredible. She's officially Canon. She's extreme. Stunt she. Can Now let's move onto a very quick game of who were them. What is the? What is the cereal that Tony's always eating in Sopranos? There's like Tony Soprano was always I appreciate the Tony Soprano's always eating sugary cereal in the Sopranos which I've now finished and is now like old news at this point but I was like, oh That's part of his character like he likes a sugary like childish cereal, not all of us all of all of us I understand my so many people would want to like revisit the series of their youth because it is fun but maybe you think that's not really the healthiest thing in the world try something with a little younger and a little less whatever. That's a magic spence here for I love magic spoon so much i. just got another frequent box of it with flavors I'd never even had before I just started eating the honey nut and peanut butter. And let me tell you i. like those two flavors as much as I. my previous favorite, which was Blueberry Magic's has zero grams of sugar eleven, grams of protein and only three net carbs in each serving the got cocoa. They got I got frosted they got blueberry I got some and peanut butter. I don't know where that came from but it's great. It tastes amazing and it honestly tastes too good to be true. It's it's Kito. Friendly Gluten Free Grain Free Way Free low-carbon. GMO. Free and imagine dot com slash shoe to get a variety pack to try today. To promote who at checkout, you'll get free shipping and magic is so confident neurotic. This is the best part. It's back with one hundred percent happiness guarantees. So if you don't like it, they'll just refund you and then like whatever win win it's amazing. That's magic spoon dot com slash shoe enter code who for free shipping. Highlands in Bobby longtime longtime. So as something you can help me I just cashed for lovecraft country and I saw that included Mike Okay Williams who for me living in Baltimore is like an institution for his portrayal of Omar little on the wire. When I said his name to my boyfriend who is also from Baltimore it was like no name recognition didn't we was until he saw a picture. So it's Michael Michael Liam's a who or them thinking so much indoors dry. Michael K. Williams who are them one two, three who? He's character actor I think he's character who like if you watch the wire like if I call my brother right now, he'd be like, Michael wanted to Saddam the iconic I love Williams but I don't. I. Think it's I. Think he's character appearing outside the wire he's like mostly uses a character actor. He just is I. Reckon he's in a million things. He has a lot of by connick little roles Yeah Omar's an iconic character but I feel more Omar than he is Mike Okay Williams you know interesting. What he I don't know. No. I don't know I i. thought he was he's he's had other iconic roles but. Omar is still the biggest, the biggest one, and if if that's not enough then yeah, I don't know He's also in a movie starring Vince Vaughn and Liam. Hemsworth called Arkansas. Heard of it. The there's have you heard of Arkansas skull. He's in Arkansas, the skull there. He's in Arkansas he's in are credible. He's Third Bill Leopold's worth Clark Duke. Michael Kenneth Williams. They give them the full Kenneth, their vivica Fox this I don't think I knew what the case at its Kenneth Needed Eden didn't rolling who assumes nepotism Chandler Duke, John Malkovich and Vince Vaughn. Is we I'm sorry I'm Vince Vaughn and John Malkovich are like at the tail end they must be like one scene. No Vince Vaughn is featured heavily in the trailer. I think it's just like he gets the fancy. The fancy like an and right. Hey. Who Weekly first-time me Jim Time Ambrose. Beers. Literary. For them. I think this is so funny. members stop. Bigger. I think we just got a couple of like English majors calling in and being like L. Awhile like high. English. Majors who like. Ambrose Beers, were having a fight one, two, three who. Absolutely. I'm honest wikipedia was like, oh no. His book, the Devil's dictionary was named as one of the one hundred greatest masterpieces of American literature literature have not read it and historian occurrence at Al. Creek Bridge has been described as one of the most famous and frequently anthologized stories in American literature have read it don't I know I had to read that in school that name sounds familiar but let. Appeared which is pretty cool and interesting. Disappearances or them e right like that's thought good what I'm saying but like he disappeared. Wait that they did he come back. Oh they never saw him again disappeared and they never saw him again. Yeah. Oh disappearance disappearances a whole section of Kapadia. Oh don't go there. Don't go there. Don't know. Oh This guy's got a story. We've just I just didn't know it. He's got one more story to. Looks like I got read more about this dude. WHO Is a WHO, let's kind of hands off the. List of people who disappeared as the worst wikipedia page I could ever click on like it's just like list. No. Don't go there. I WANNA go there though list of where is that? It linked. Who Disappeared Yeah Pre nineteen seventy Oh my God there are several of them only other several post nineteen, seventy for other lists of disappeared persons, lists of people who disappeared. Oh, my God Oh, this is dark as hell. That's what I'm saying is snoopy still them. Like, when was the last time anyone under the age of twenty saw anything resembling snoopy in advertising or anything else? Anyway, it's something I. mean. Just, newbies still do those like life insurance ads everyone snoopy leg weird spawn. It's a really weird. It's like, okay. Really Weird that snoopy was the face of a life insurance company. Think about it. It's weird but snoop about it. It's weird snoopy who are them one, two, three, them. Still have mccomb on people still show their kids those. Like in. The cities and all the peanuts, seasonal films, your. Home Your Halloween Dog Gig the snoopy dog it's like Oh your friend had a kid like get a snoop stuffed snoopy and woodstock like that's a cute queer relationship like we like to be in woodstock but it's I just funny to me. Now I'm thinking about snoopy selling life insurance. It's really weird snoopy's. Anyway, so he's always like to be has your. Hope you're insured because like it seems like it's dangerous that he's always like in a plane. Yeah he's always like fighting in a plane like that says like weird obsession which is like trying to creepy right luckily, he's life insurance and. Metlife, you know who the money goes to woodstock. No. Though the money doesn't go to woodstock because they're not like domestic partners like there they were never allowed to marry. So it's just like tragedy and like the money goes to Charlie Brown and in Woodstock it's left high and dry, and then Charlie Brennan's like. It doesn't have any money to woodstock even though he should exactly what happened does exactly what happens that's exactly what happens. Woodstock this fucking left high and dry at some shitty. Tree that doesn't even want to live in. Age. Raggedy a true tragedy. I'm sure I wanNA find some peanuts fantastic because I'm sure none of it is positive like I'm sure all peanuts fantastic is like bleak because how could it not those kids? They're not growing up well adjusted they're growing up miserable all of them. Okay. Remember when the today show people dressed up as being further proof. Further proof. Look up those photos. If you haven't seen those photos I'm we've mentioned before but if you haven't seen the photos on today, show people dressed up as the peanut characters you have to google them was with the motor hold it was. One of the most insane experiences I've ever had looking at them dressed as the snoopy kids whoever did that make up? WHO's the? Who's the like dirty? Carson Daley. The dirty one pick minus maybe no, that's the blanket one. WHO's the dirty one victim Bam pick ben speaking of mysterious disappearances. Pig Pen would disappeared like when he turned nineteen, there's no way pen like is still around. Okay. Like. peppermint patty like when's the last time you saw pig pen and she's like Oh we don't talk about pig pen his his tax measures is green and then just never heard from him again. God. Stern. I know I, feel like if you're tackles just turned green, you need to announce got an android or else I'm worried about you to call the police. No. Yes. True. If your text messages have previously always been blue yes. If they turn green I'm worried about you need tell got an android or I'm calling please Miss Weber you can't make a formal disappearance claim until forty eight hours have passed. But the turn green. It's like we were sitting car. We're sending a car. Where's that a guy right there we'll be right there. Okay moving on. Next call. High again, I just call it was really long rambling message about cookie cutter our I'm GONNA call again. And part of that because I really really would love to know if it's who are them so wholly. Over Specter, guys. If you don't WanNa play the short call I get it but. Still. I mean, come on like that's a good question cookie butter. Like. Moose tracks like I was that conversation went on for too long but that's supposed to be out of. Line in the sand. And of the date. who were them response around going to call back in the second thing? We I'm sorry. What was this call cookie? Will there was a really long call about cookie better and then she called back and was like I need to make a shorter call cookie butter and two. Shorter. But it's. Much shorter diverse call speculators also known as cookie butter also known as also. Sorry specula- is the name of cookie butter. A brand, it's because it was made out of these cookies that were called speculates cookies there like. Cookies fucking. Like like specula-. That's not a good. Kilo Be Scoff? That you get an adult flair. Cookie I know a cookie butter is. Conic brand of those little cookies, Scherer specula-, Sprint and so that. Out here but no one is out of your calling them speculates they're out here buying them from trader. Joe's cookie butter cookie butter is mostly a I've never had cooking butter and I only I only recently learned but cookie butter was like in the last six months like during quarantine I find it with cookie cutter I didn't know what it was. It's a who it's a total who you butters a hill. I'm dying to have cookie butter. Oh, it's really fucking good. But the thing is it's a total who just refund one, two, three, who, yeah. Looks it spreads like peanut butter, but it's made of crushed cookies and then like, yeah, it's shock like it's A. Dick Yeah is What do you do? So you like spread it on like top. On so you like eat it with a spoon like you know like, yeah, I guess he does but like you eat with a spoon, the most popular brand is bisque off and then the trader Joe's the second most popular like even knew Telo which I would argue also can just eat with a spoon has things you can spread it on but cookie butter like you're not really spreading that anything like I guess fruit or like fruit fruit chart fruit whatever fruit. I would and I would just eat it with a spoon. I found fifty ways to use trader. Joe's speculates cookie cutter got on my recipes DOT COM I'm not gonna read fifty but are read the top speculates doesn't sound like some like fake technology company in like be felt like a sugar. It sounds like sucralose all yellows like. Begged Tros. Yeah. Listen number one spread it on toast to eat it with apple sal three top of fruit and yogurt breakfast Parfait. Okay. Top waffles and pancakes integer five mix into homemade scones I mean it's going through the first over the weekend they were really good. Okay but I. It's an extra cream anyway mix it into a milkshake that sounds a an idea that's been nice cream about a scoop speculation. Oh. I don't even know what it tastes like. Your Attitude, homemade rice crispy treats also sounds amazing. Okay. That's stupid. Why did you do that? Make Buck is. Oh, those midwest I love buckeyes swap and cookie butter peanut butter use it in homemade cream cheese frosting ooh bake it in an ethics auto chatter. Okay I I'm done with this because this is not actually unique things. It's like just add it to things where you would add other things. It's like sure. Yeah it's like a butter you can use it instead of any other type of leg. Number thirty seven is just added to s'mores. Fuck that. No that's fucking. That's insane. That's crazy. You can't just add it to smarts what are we adding peanut and stuff to s'mores? No, we don't do that. Okay. Thank you for listening to another episode of another. Lovely eternally relevant episode of who their. Family? Every time someone calls like ham listening tobacco episodes like what's wrong with your brain? The. By what do you call it like the the year age the age year what's the with the terminology the dating on this the the. Carbon spray the the expiration date on who weekly sell by date. Something like that whatever you got it know. What is this a Friday? This is dated by Saturday, this is data by Friday. sell-by. Thank you for listening. Calling at six one nine, who them to leave even more questions, comments, concerns that could get us talking about extremely permanently relevant things and. We, will love you forever also support a some patriots, dot com slash who weekly for twice-weekly bonus episodes. We just finally talked about our full series minus season to watch real housewives a Potomac, which was so much fun We're going to do more commentary soon as well. What else falls instagram twitter and just you know keep on keeping on y'all. Gets flicky butter. Enjoy the day either with an with a spoon don't listen to those people that say you need to add it to anything just buck and eat it with a spoon like a normal person. I'm going to get some this weekend I think, and you're gonNA eat it with a spoon. By Everyone He Bobby and I'm not too. High who weekly First Time Long Time. I just left you a message, but it was wrong. So I call to make instructor in two thousand eleven. I was a conflict booker at my college and we both Ellie. Goulding and she put up a huge fight he after we have signed the contract because she had just gotten a little more famous she thought that she was worth more than we were paying her and the whole thing nightmare. But you know whatever legally binding contract she shows up it happened at the most demanding person I have ever worked with in the. People that I worked with. The Strangest part of the whole thing was that you know part of one of her demands that you really want an iron So I, you know got the iron for my dorm room which I had in college for some odd reason and. Brought down along with like my mini fridge and all other stuff, and then at the end of the night, we're packing up and you know accounting for everything in my heart is gone. So illegal thing or someone I heard crew stole Mayes Shitty, twenty dollars black and decker iron. Years ago and you know. If somebody connected to her here's this I really appreciate it if you would find anywhere That's it. crunch crunch helped us good celebrity guys. It's not Love you. Both women belong balloons, Megrahi's. Island Bobby I just called and I actually have to call back and revise my statement. So I'm one of the Hooligan attorneys you have actually the worst journey and I you know that I do sometimes advise my clients to send messages in text message ending their marriage is. Because the dissipations often contested and you put it in writing attack message to yourself that you're over if you consider separated Anyway. I don't know where they are but. You're printing bugs. That's when you have decided to stop property dais only if you win the lottery the next day. It's not community property. So sometimes, I talk it's like, yeah, go ahead and Sanitec Bang like confirming that we're broken up. but I, did some research on what happened with this. Thing, and it does not. How would you like he filed and tech her baby he filed and filing affirming was also greatly without assimilation so it seems like he's just Douche women don't belong.

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