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"nicholas band bam" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"Tin Band which I was I I laughed at but then I realized it's his initials Thomas. Nicholas Band Bam on. He's a musician. He has a band. He has a Patriot he is doing all this stuff and he's they just came out with a new album I didn't listen but you could play a clip here. I wonder if it's good will singer and he was kind of funny is that in some of the projects that he does when he's still acts occasionally he pulled the tiffany amber theissen meaning he dropped the end. So in some of his projects, he's just Thomas Nicholas which I don't really. As, he went from having three first names to having to first names and it doesn't really work for me. It doesn't I was GONNA say it's it. The ESPN actually helps sort of soften the edges of having to first names don't write three hills exactly what I said Ya. And he's in his one of the most recent movies that he's in this movie called adverse. That's coming out this year that clearly was like kind of delayed and whatever because of cove it is a very who we film I thought. You know it has not just him as the lead, but it also stars Lou Diamond Phillips, a classic Sean Astin. Mickey, Rourke and Penelope and Miller Jake t Austin member from this pot. Why? How is this? Again. I was going to say, okay. Well, here's the thing. First of all, this cast is like straight at Nineteen ninety-six but yeah. I was GONNA. Say Thomas and Nicholas has like the best case scenario and Andrew Pecans the worst case scenario is Andrew Keegan part of Nexium is interviewing totally on no no no, that's false. That's false. Andrew Keegan did briefly have a colt that or cult over the other call, but it was sort of like the. Be called it was. Really Yeah it wasn't like a bad. It wasn't. It wasn't a screwed he was like weird and A. Next rests no no no it back. He got a lot of press for like that reason where he was like Oh, we have a house in Venice and they're like we come and do. Like Meditation and then. Co Wallich Ray. Right. He definitely got the press for that but it wasn't. It wasn't nexium. But anyways, they're all in this movie that is like about like drug something. So it's a neo noir interesting right but it's definitely like Vod kind of project. What's her name come on? What's her name? The girl from? Iraq, who then became the Disney Star Oh I carly carly, and then the the mean where she's looking at the computer and just interesting that's me Oh. There's a new neo noir out starring. Mickey Rourke and Penelope Ann Miller interesting. Right like that's kind of the that's exactly how I feel too. I'm sure people will watch this like it's definitely the right genre for an for vod film. Movie speaking of Neo Noir is the movie that I tunes and Amazon keeps recommending I watch and like it's like now rentable for nine dollars in the next week, it's like for four dollars and it's like the ninety nine cent rental of the week Arkansas. What is that? It's like Vince Vaughn and the him the other Hemsworth no, it's not the terms with Liam Hemsworth and they're like in Arkansas. What are they doing there? I don't know. But one of the letters of Arkansas is a skull. So I feel it gets dark. Yeah. Anyway movie just came up for me recently, the Eva Eva with chastain. What is that movie? I don't know what is that. It's a movie called Avon. It's ours Jessica chastain and the posters like her in the middle of the I'm telling you right now the movie things are so confusing it's like up his down right now like even true movie heads are like what's going on like because the Vod's getting mixed in with the real stuff is is very confusing whole. The most annoying thing is like some vod quality ship that's going to actual theaters and it's like, no, no, no Sir I wanNA watch the Russell Crowe. Movie where he hits road rage at my house I, don't want to have to Canadian theatre to watch it like why are they were leasing? Why are they releasing the Russell Crowe gets road rage movie, which is the most vod thing. I've ever heard in theaters during cove it and not on I tunes for nine dollars because I would pay nine dollars to watch him go crazy a truck, right? So No, saying that's a very confusing. So the other interesting thing about Thomas Nichols or Thomas English. Nicholas Thomas Nicholas is that his wife is this woman named Dj Colette who is Dj? She had a bunch of dance records and albums and one of her songs was on the devil. Wears Protestant. Would you play it because I can't? Do to my Internet being down yet again. What song is that I don't really recognize it from the movie I've Seen I've the movie a million times I'll recognize. When IT COMES I know what it is. It's the moment that she like comes home or something if. Adrian Grigny is like an agent grenades light. Your six now like a scene where he realizes she's sexy for the first time because she's Wearing the like the expensive lingerie from. Gotland. Will. Yeah. I. Think that's when it is. You have to fact check that. That's That's fucking crazy I will. Location of this song. Hi, this is future bobby reporting from the future. I scrubbed every second every few seconds of Devil Worship Rodman, a longtime scrubbing that movie looking to the soundtrack I was wrong. It's not that scene that song is actually the Atlantis more set cover of seals crazy which is a good cover. All probably play a clip here or after this little bobby segment, I couldn't find this. Dj Colette Song Anywhere Yes. It's on the soundtrack. Yes. It's listed in the credits I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm assuming it's playing subtly in the background scene with Simon Baker but that sounds like a difference on also so I really have no idea what's happening as far as I can tell that song is not actually in the Devil Wears Prada. Correct me if I'm wrong. Okay..

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