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"nice trench co" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"And corn. There is still screaming at Balzac. Name went on a tour together and proud of them. It's the ball Scott both both sex green tour ball scream tour twenty twenty dreaming balls I'll think of angry underway to put that thank scream Paul scream ball sacks green sack scream who sack scream tour sack scream tour sacks. Green Ball got interesting dress up for this. If you'RE GONNA get your sack screamed at to Jonathan Davis you gotta put it on your best goes and get your fancy wallet. Chains means out. You better clean your chain to be honest. I don't like have that scuffed up chain at that concert also a decent wallet with a decent fold. Yeah don't don't wear wallet buy yourself a new one and get yours. Flames are real faded. On your wallet. You know what I'm talking about and get that really nice trenchcoat out of the closet. You're Nice Trench Co Nice trenchcoat. This was exactly what my prom date war for all my G. He fucking late full. Yeah Yeah Wow we went on a tangent. I Apologize O- 'cause I was talking about how Guitar Solos weren't a thing. Oh Yeah and then we got new medal. Okay wow that was awful. See what the odds due to us. The darkness is the one shining one of the few shining lights. Yeah see really is so. Here's this band. They're coming in singing great having great guitar. Solos America's not have it right now because we're just like love and our garbage music right so enter MTV the channel that used to be responsible for exposing us to music that you needed to see to the here and now is responsible for killing all of our brain cells and putting out content. That is just pointless. Useless and Doesn't help anybody walk. We all have our Jersey shore phase. It doesn't mean we're proud of it. I had my catfish fees I still watch. Catfish is like yeah. But you're right it's garbage. Melt your brain stop doing it. They got their hands on the ultra ridiculous music video for the song and toss it in airplay for the masses to eat it right away. We fucking did they did. If you haven't seen this video you can pause for a hot second and go watch it. Yeah it's grand tastic. But also my entire I'd say Sophomore Year of College. The all of my visuals all of my memories have this video playing in the background. Because if I was as in every time I went to the dining hall which was at least three times a day because you ate three meals three meals a day ago. This video was on the fucking TV. Like I five times of four. I left the dining hall. Oh you had a core school than I did. I never TV my dining hall and then a we had a bunch of them and they would just play MTV. You nope nope and then I go back to my dorm and have MTV you on and the fucking video played fifteen times before. I went class and then I would go somewhere while I'm walking on My Way to class to a cafe or something that had a TV on it. Fuck videos playing every single memory. I have my sophomore and probably my junior year has has I believe in a thing called love playing in the background. I was your college soundtrack. It really was man. New Poll Tesla. TV's yeah only really in the dining room that's fair. That's where they belongs well in the states we weren't gonNA understand that. The song is fun until we saw the band performing on a spaceship while all fighting a giant octopus monster all while wearing tight SPANDEX and glitter. Yes yes it's just about one of the most ridiculous videos you could ever watch and it's fantastic and even though this was the beginning of the digital special effects age they didn't actually use any CGI to create this video it was all motherfucking. Puppets was all practical effect. Yes everything the hired director Alex Smith who initially worked with them to create a low budget video video for the song and it just the boys running around a grocery store wreaking havoc. It was all fun complete with Justin singing into a sausage. It's all L. sausage acids to me. He was definitely not playing the insulted sauce. It wasn't he was just playing the sausage on land but they were later later given a larger budget and decided to really go big with the second attempt though they did keep the justin singing into the same exact sausage said Eh couple months got Kinda ripe I can imagine but do you know that part re singing into a sausage in the video no I don't yeah watch it real close I yeah I remember. I was recently watching it while researching this and it was excess sausage. When I found this is Mike? That's a sausage. I haven't seen it in a very long time. I'll I'll went out to. Yeah it's the same sausage in the original video. A big help on the creature creation was Jim and John Friedlander Dr. Jim is well known for his work with the doctor. Who Franchise where he made props and puppets for the show like the daleks Alex Taco? Neither do I but I do watch the great British breaking show where multiple people have tried to make Dolac from like cookies. Excuse as me biscuits sounds delicious. I'll eat it. He also worked on things like the the robot dog canine. He did a lot of work for the show. I believe that is pronounced robot. Oh I'm sorry. The robot dog Kanai story they had some real legitimacy going into this. They wanted their camp to be taken. Seriously God Damn it God give it. The song did amazing and shot the darkness into the mainstream. However it never quite hit number one losing out to black eyed peas? Where's the love my fucking God? Canny this was not eighteen. This was the era of the black black eyed peas omitted the fucking radio for like a good. What four years thousand? Dark time we don't. That was the dark ages history books if he knows the Dark Ages were the dark times. We don't talk about the dark times. Coming in second would would be a thing they got used to. As that year. They also released their holiday jam. Christmas time don't let the bells end of that song. That is pretty much. That and Christmas wrapping by the waitresses are like the two Christmas songs. I can ge- actually actively jam two. That's far they're both pretty solid hits. Yeah well it did not hit the UK number one Christmas songs slot that we've discussed codes that that's a thing in England you gotta get that coveted. UK number one Christmas Song. Yeah they all do Christmas songs. Don't do Christmas songs. And they're trying to reach number one the all do the TV shows do Christmas specials all of that. Oh Yeah No. Every day. Downton Abbey would like crawl out of their hibernation Russian holes and do a Christmas episode. Sherlock did the same thing. They fucking love Christmas over there. It's Dr Easy Stop Up. I mean I guess I don't know if you're from England and you think differently because you know differently. Please let us know. I mean granted. We do go fucking overboard for Christmas business here. But I feel like it's in a different way like a grocer way in fucking disgusting capitalist kind of way we do that. We don't celebrate so much as we WANNA fuck instead people over getting elmo toys shit gross well. The as great as the song is uh-huh did not hit the number one slot. It lost out to that God damn cover of mad world by Gary Jules a travesty like that fuck fuck. I hate that song. I'm GonNa Shit on fire. Well I guess this is a good place to take a break. Then so Ashley can go set things certifiers. I'll be right back all right. We'll be right right. Back is go get a beer and.

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