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"nibley landa" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

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"nibley landa" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"I'm really put compromise on the series pressure. But you know, as I said last night, how you slice and dice it. If the guy in the lead is a strongest counterparts is very, very little. You can do stage twenty then today hundred ninety four kilometers early start infiltrate, and we were finishing well, on the mountain above us, where we're studying the crunchy Donnie, which I when I had the, the, the that group set. That name being by company new back in the day. And that was the group that came in just I think between chorus record. And if your campaign ULA. And it was a Ford -able version of the record groups, not call in those in those days before I knew Daniel or rob hatch those glorious days of carefree and careless. Pronunciation, I called it the crush stone. I think everybody called it that anyway. All these groups today, big day five claims and break went quite early. And it was we were looking for, you know who was going to be in that break from the big teams. I stand ahead two guys in there. They had peyot Bilbao and Dario Cataldo Andre Amador's AR for movie star and miekel navy. Reserve mention Scott as you see Caruso, was the only guy there from Bahrain Morita on the Paso, Mongan, which was the big claim up to two thousand meters, Astana, really where the team took on their setting up Lopez for an attack. And as I mentioned, already London campus, the, the writers, who able to go with them nearly enroll glitch, loss of groaned, but they came back very strongly on the descent. And there was a regrouping. They're still long long way to go on a low valley road before the last few claims. And so that group kinda swelled the break, you know, kind of broke up reform broke up Julia, Chico neighbors. They are very convincing king of the mountains. He was one of the man who was doing damage navy. Was there tunnel. Conger anytime bar from team. Any also here for me but later, and my wife's from FD, they were the main protagonist my dos had the golf the front at one point themselves. But in the end it was CARA. Pas LA Landa Landa loot that one moment that he was going to maybe right off and win the stage on his own. He looked incredibly strong. Not very fluid way that Lonza mouth closed incredibly smooth. But what has attack did was to really get rid of rogue lich once and for all, and Nibley Landa and CARA pass formed a bit of an alliance bridging up to the, the survivors of the breakway, many of managed to stay with them? I didn't find it was one of the survivors breakway peyot Bilbao, who sprinted in a head of me calendar to win his second stage of his Chiro salvaging the day for Donna. Let's. It was a bad day for sound because in the end Lopez spectate Lopez Spider-Man hit a spectator. And, and, and then attack the spectator there is some Witten get of the incident, but we're going to hear an eyewitness account of what happened in the moment or two on rich. We're recording. The podcast aren't seven three local time is the current time and we still don't I've has superman is going to be in the race tomorrow. Because the real estate quite clearly if you hit a spectate. Yeah disqualification role is quite explicit. So this is UCLA rule. Twelve point four point zero zero one point two two point two two acts of violence towards any other person so that beside a rider, incurs elimination under two hundred Swiss franc, I think is fine. It will be switched Franks. He'll be less concerned about than possible. Disqualification the TV cameras didn't capture what actually happened, but Powell civic was on. On Lopez will wena happened. So let's hear from him. Ni- what happened? So, yeah, maybe it was five hundred meters into the climb and one fan was running on the side, you know, and she just fall in front of Lopez, and I couldn't do anything he just hit him and crushed was just beyond now also at to stop, you know, in not outs. What's situation? I mean we're older and. She asked some guys crazy civic off with, you know, a bird's eye view of what happened. And to hear another account of what happened from John hurt, who was the rider, the Asana teammate who was seen putting life has backlands bike after the secure incident. I don't know. I didn't see it exactly. You. He took his bike oh, you gave him your bike note. He's on his own bike here. Just I think.

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