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192: Bruins Still Alive In The Second Round Against Tampa Bay & Recent Boston Hockey News

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192: Bruins Still Alive In The Second Round Against Tampa Bay & Recent Boston Hockey News

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And my colleague this week not hockey related but otherwise holiday week it was good. It was. Outside of the hockey, it was good as another week alive breathing and doing my thing with the the whole company and Blah Blah Blah also. It was good. You know it's a getting ready for another week as is Sunday and Next week because there's another grind. But after that, it's a three day weekend which I'm kind of stoked about. Labor, day's here already. Gone Needs Twenty twenty almost over I can't wait to see what nuttiness happens in two, thousand and twenty one. As shitty. BEEN FOR Humanity. Is Not just one area. It's everybody in the world on the planet right now and you know this year has gone by pretty frigging fast so. Yeah I'm looking forward to just just getting everything back to normal whenever that happens but. We don't WanNa talk about that. Is. Joking with someone the other day member at the beginning the kept going Oh, it's the roaring twenties. It's Roy twenties that's the nineteen twenties but at least the nineteen twenties had enough sense to have bathtub jenning gangsters and all the craziness of the room twenty four they added like the world shut down. But part of that was a reaction for they are the ones that came out of the last time. This kind of crazy shit happens. So yeah on with it humanity he said Hurrah, we survived another week as a world. How was your week before we get going? You know save they would work. Take some bike rides whenever walked I like to try and be outside you know me I like shade but I'll the outside all the along. So be outside when can. Whatever Nice touch the. Bra Yeah You might as well, just jump right into it but before we do that, I do want to talk about our exclusive. Show sponsor bet online DOT AG sports keep coming back and so does your chance to bet on them with our exclusive wagering partner but online dot AG Major League Baseball's coming is back hockey's back basketball's back. 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So let's start with our agenda cause we do have a Pretty extensive list of topics to go over as the Boston bruins are currently in the second round of the National Hockey League twenty, twenty playoffs we'll have the one we get started with. With that agenda. Okay, well, we don't really WanNa talk a lot a lot about games, but we thought that maybe being in something to talk about because game was the only game of the four games this week that the bruins actually looked like the Bruins, right? So we won three to what to which I thought looked like he got effort you know you come out and swing in was like, Oh, you know Tampa Bay isn't Carolina and I think unless you're an idiot, you know Tampa Bay is Carolina so. I. Think we looked good coil I? Mean he's on thing we who else scored marshawn scored past scored. And hadn't is going to goals I think in the third to make Tampa all ideas that couple minutes at the end near the Bruins game where Bruins fan starts going. Aw. Still four and a half minutes after is this happening? You know kind of thing but we won overall good game where you feeling good on Sunday after we beat Tampa leave feeling good inside as a Bruins Fan. Yeah. Yeah I, was feeling pretty good I I mean I kind of knew that this was going to be one of those series that you the two best teams GonNa just battle it out as they did in the regular season in concerning the standing so. I mean I kind of knew this was going to happen I, didn't exactly know that they were gonNA truck over Carolina I I was totally wrong on that. I had the Bruins as a as a die hard fan win the series but I just thought that when you look over the other side, the offense and in the skill that that team had in the hurricanes. Put up a better effort, but regardless, bruins move on but it's been tough. It's been tough after this game because you know they go in in the just to need just didn't show the effort needed to get back in the series. But I'm sure we're GONNA talk about Allen Yeah we're GONNA get to that point but this game overall was pretty even right our power play was still. By our PK has been pretty awesome. Unfortunately, they've had to work a lot but game was pretty much what you would want to Boston Tampa series like yellow. Yeah. Yeah we can go. This is the series. I think as a hockey fan, you should be rooting for a seven game Tampa Boston series. I mean maybe not after watching our team play the last couple of games, but generally one would want to happen so. Yeah but not a lot of stupid penalties or anything like that. Of course, you know vision about officiating -ficiating whatever you can't went on a way either way. Then we went to game too. Yeah. We we lost in overtime for three. Not. Our best effort but still not a shit show right? Like you know we had our issues. I think that might have been the no was that the game. I don't know that might have been really hard game game three I. Don't know it's all blended together. But if you go back to game two on Nibiru Ritchie actually scored a goal which is funny when we get an extra later, it makes you wonder why Nick Ritchie one of the ones scoring and not some you know. People that you would expect more to be fall in the amphitheater he's being our snipers but I, guess that's probably the one good positive thing. We can say about Nick Ritchie this week. Yeah I. Did during the Tampa. Bay Front. Right. So Nick Ritchie has scored an that one coleman at even do not Brad Marchand came back. Kucherov ecorse them Blake Coleman marshawn. Again, marshawn is one of our only like top end players that is doing his job. To the fullest six. You know what I mean like he's had his moments. I'm sure we'll talk about it. How how many times can we should have very the night on this goaltender this kind of goaltender when you have to bury it and we haven't but that's all right and then Polat who when we discuss what's going wrong with this team. He's probably one of the biggest things going wrong with his team as a refusal to cover polat who can clearly beat. Andrew Defense and everyone else on his own team on this. So but anyway so we lost in overtime I wasn't feeling too like whatever three is gonNA, be awesome. Can You? He's GonNa be tough he he's going to be a apparently the worst game, the Boston Bruins GonNa play this season because everything everything about Wednesday's game three was wrong. Now we will specifically I know you WanNa talk about goaltending thing anyway. But just in a general sense, we won't talk about it now but I am an estate. If you're, GonNa put Dan Dr in this game. Having him have to come in for his first NHL game after team is shelling of. goaltender WHO's defensives and protecting him maybe not the best idea like I understand you had to pull on but this idea that they were suddenly going to be playing better defense just because lock wasn't and. That was if you're going to put them in for the back to back or whatever. You should've just been putting him in for the back to back that was that's just my thought on that whole process but everything was everything was Tampa now gives out wise the game before they did out, shoot us and they generally outplayed us. But there were moments we looked like us, right well, let's go really bad seven to one. Let's just look at these numbers for a second now it's not. We weren't shooting 'cause we were. We just couldn't put the puck in the NAP right? Stupid stupid penalties. Around penalties that may or may not been penalties whatever it was crappy all around. Tampa owned the bruins ass. On game three. Owned them from about minutes into that. Well, the first period wasn't so bad. It was like I don't really like this Danny guardrail bad real quick and never came back and sometimes even best teams can't come back. But you know what? They didn't do yesterday that they were supposed to do. They didn't come back swinging they should have gained four the most pivotal game especially when you play in a power house, like this is a you should expect seven games if you want to win the series kind series and I don't know about you. Even though we only lost by two goals, Tampa has literally scored. The goals that have been scored this week that concerns me. Anish. Yeah. No, you've mentioned the shots, the shots there, but then not. In my opinion quality shots against a vessel St type A goal time to that guy. I love that behind the the the net cam. Goal move in is it? He's quick in these big is. He's awesome and he's probably GonNa win the Zina Vezina. However, you spell it. I got roasted for that ink listen I say both ways as it cracks me up. As far as I know. It's the Venza trophy are as. Rosen says in anything I know about how you may pronounce that I think it's not and that's how I hear most people who are in hockey say. I do both because who knows I told them I I told the person that called me out on it. It's like I talk shit anyway. So don't worry about it. Yeah that's a nice how it's at least in my mind. So Yesterday. This is the thing that this is why Tampa's listen because again, yesterday wasn't the most horrible effort better than game. But as good as game for should have been no. Okay. But We had thirty shots. They had twenty six, but it doesn't matter if you can't put it in the net guy everyone's tinling shooting. Or as we'll get to on shore, this has been annoying you because it seems to be annoying anyone. I know who likes hockey? Can you just shoot the puck? You don't need the perfect pass. You don't need to hold the next three seconds Oh Vassal Alaska can square up and block the shot like just shoot sorry We had sixty five percent of the face off wins, which is great if you win the game. Giveaways we were even with them. They took away twelve and we only took away for. So that was indicative of some of the problems yesterday. But? Yeah. So we lost. So now we're looking at, we're going to go into the restless schedule. Win being down three, two, one and. Someone said have a on twitter. This morning said have we have come back from three to line and Maria from watertown said no but tomorrow's a good day to start and I said thank you Maria positively because I'm a very negative person not like in general but just you know me, I'm a pessimist on. Yeah, whatever. Okay but the thing because it's the great equalizer that you can have hope your team who should not be last year Tampa team this year and I would like to point out if we lose, we will still have gone out in the second round and not the earth in sweep. We did win a game. Thank you. Dr. Though we get to talk into the nitty gritty, just the general, what the Hell's going on with his team kind of talk did you do the I? Did I did what I also mentioned that we have a new sponsor and this is going to be a segment that we're going to work on for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, the bruins stay in because this is very relevant to. The be sticking around in these playoffs. So hopefully, they turn it around and we cannot continue talking about them but we are now in a partnership with Bernie Sports. It's kind of like a fantasy sports thing but it it's it's It's. It's very unique. 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Seeing that before we get to like. Before we go into the really dark place of. You know the team. Let's talk about I. Before we get into, this is a way to be political or anything else. But we gotta talk about how you know this week sports and pausing all that. By I know mark like it's very important like we are not political and we don't believe human rights issues and things like that are political and this is just obviously important because there's movement going in our country and moments happening in the sport. So before game three. Or the day game three. On Wednesday. Wasn't Wednesday of Tuesday. anyways I'm sure by now everyone Jacob Blake and was shot seven times by the cops. Last week Kenosha Wisconsin has been a lot of stuff going on all over the country about this but the NBA chose to not play their games a few baseball teams and a few Amal. MLS teams chose not to play on Wednesday and. Hockey was. So this kind of before we get to what actually happened and what the HDA had you know came out with was finally their pledge was released to the public to look You know whatever the hockey diversity alliance if for those who don't know and talk about how sports just a little bit about sports in was the right call, not the ranked call and how. This really I wanted to talk about it because I had. All over twitter was everyone doing the I'm so disappointed because the NHL, the only league playing or whatever. Then there was this lady girl. I. Dunno, whatever she's probably she looks like maybe she's in our twenty. I don't know about social media advocate and I don't really care. Doesn't tell six weeks ago I didn't even have social media and don't care because they don't use it to necessarily whatever. So she tizzy in. It's fine. I'm not I'm not trashing this Donald saying what led to me think about a lot of things about how we as humans getting help like athletes do their part, but we citizens can do our heart. So you got pissed because I called her on basically blamed me like it was bad hockey I I'm not mad at her I. Also I wasn't going maybe say her name, but I will say only because she's hockey with Hannah, she's very popular. What does that she's a young writer and I'm all for supporting women. So I'm not I'm not trashing that. What I'm saying is if got me thinking that we as citizens are starting I think to even people we do agree with people on our side are turning and let's not do that. Let's. Think about. So the sports it was big outright and so my boy was Like if we're going to be mad, that's fine. But like for me personally sports being canceled or not it's not about, yes, you get the attention for that minute like what are we going to do in this moment and i? The NHL did not cancel their games that night but they did talk after the player initiated a pause for two days which I think. Things coming from the players and then using that position with thoughtful kind of whatever is going to be more effective in the long run to help. You know whatever just Going on so I just wanted to mention the HDA. Like an eight statement kind of pledge I'm not GonNa read the whole thing. You can see it. You've probably seen on there but. I just wanted to mention on some of the things that they're asking because I feel like it's a good way to start I think that we're in a place where everyone wants positive change no matter whatever your feelings are on things but we don't really have a plan to action. So like for me I think like I said what are the things we can do we can vote weekend nature polling places are available. We can start community groups to have community discussions to make change in our own communities and these athletes can do some things that. are a little bigger, but I do have to say that the NHL, of course, all players and teams put their statements of you know where supporting this and as much as the NHL `Bout Bass knock canceling games and also like to point out and I think Ryan, Reeves did a great job when they walked in that conference room a couple days ago to articulate at least for the NHL players that no one's asking anybody to be an advocate for everything all the time. But some of these things are asking in this pledge I think are very. Tina. Do you know what I mean simply expanding your. Executives from two three point five percent being a minority or wherever you know what I mean things like that is something that the League can make meaningful steps to back up their words not just empty. You know I'm not saying they want it to be empty but I also think it's dangerous when people just come off a cop you know expanding like evil in the you know from coaches, players or whatever accessibility. These are all things I think that you know. I know everyone wants action but I liked to see places making real meaningful. I guess plans Jeremy like how to attain your progress. So under saying as much as we love sports were obsessed with sports, right? It is not sports job to be social commentators but as good citizens if they want, they should use their platform to stimulate real attainable change. You know what I mean 'cause everything can't happen all at once but my boy noses. With all the Real World Shit Cove, whatever everything going on in this thing, let's not lose sight of what we're actually trying to do right by attacking each other. Let's listen. Let's say, Hey, like all right I work in a youth Schwartz Organization, how can I help translate some of these goals say from the other organisms community organizations to stimulate change. Because in the real world, twitter is not the real world. These is not the real world. It's not enough to just be mad about something on the air. It's also important that those that have power like athletes or celebrities are somebody used their platform to actually make real change not just be outraged for the minute like everyone keeps saying not a moment. It's a movement and in order to do that I think we should all kinda rough like to a week into you know if you have. Whatever is going on in your own community because you know run via local boards, whatever you need to do but I think I just I'm not gonna read the whole thing. That's awesome. But there's eight points basically hockey pledge everybody should go and look at it and really examine NC, and also as fans of the sport I would like us to if the players are on board and they've talked in. I mean and they're they're willing to help initiate these really in their communities when which they represent as players go out, make me achieved I know there's a lot of leagues and being and they're trying to maybe make their sportscenter is polling places. So there is a larger access things like that. We as fans need to hold the NHL or the NBA or the MLB are whatever if we truly want art sports? Platform to mean something in the big world. We. Need to hold our leagues accountable to follow through not just empty promises to help these athletes create these environments. That's all I wanted to say about that I personally more probably the NFL's players came together and made a statement from them. I think stew I think it would have been more powerful if on Wednesday the NBA players did play took over that Mike for the first hour and let them. You don't say what they need to decide what Ben More Paul of everyone in hockey took a knee or whatever out anybody expects them to do stop telling each other how to be allies yes. But they didn't. But I thought listening to Ryan Reeves speak was way more impactful than not playing the game and not just for me. So that's all I wanted to say about that and now it's weird to transition. We did have a two day pause it was a big deal thing that went on sports this weekend it would just be remiss to not mention it. So do what you need to do just be good citizens and good humans to each other and let's work it out together and not in our I mean. It's it's tough and. and. Just, it's. It's it's just disgusting. All everything. As a citizen of the United States and what we're going through the diversity and so on. It's just it's just seems to be getting worse and. I'm not happy about what I'm seeing. You know it's it's a scary situation and but I also don't want to comment much further on it because the fact is that. Social media is a dumpster fire, and if you don't agree or if you disagree you're going to get taken out of context anyway. So why bother you know but I do understand that the the message does have to get out there and and I'm not very good at speaking about this stuff because. I know my anxiety goes through the frigging of roof when I see stuff like this, and it's actually happening where I live. In it's troubling and I'm not a very good like I said, I'm not a good speaker about all of this stuff but. It just got to stop and I just I don't know what to say I. Honestly just get to a point where I don't have words enough to like comprehend what's going on I'm in awe it's like stop you know but. That's just not enough but I just want to move on. I'm sorry for everybody that's gone through this and and if family members and friends. And it's just disgusting and I just can't. I can't handle it. So someone asked me about the other day I said see this is why I don't understand like I understand why what's going on going on meaning like people being pet improved and all that I get that because. In order to have the society we want. We have to demand that. That's how a democratic republic if like you know it's not going away we want. But not just our voices like I said we have to also start a community. Whatever you have gains in your community or whatever you even we live in Suburbia, right? So, what some towns or more diverse than others, wikileaks start diversity call, and that's why I'd like again I will never like I wasn't upset about because I know my juice because I've started diversity like years ago not when it was easy not saying it's easy now but what I'm saying it's a lot more acceptable to be accepting people of different races religions whatever now even which is what makes me to is to see this because I have one tribe that's the American in my citizens and my fellow citizens of my fellow citizens and. That's it, and like you said, we just want everybody to take a breath not just use words but US action and we want everyone to be healthy NC and move on and that's not. Just, an get on, but it was a big deal in sports generally like I said and we are you know you don't want to get into it, but you don't want to avoid it either. So that's all we are saying about that. Now it seems where we're going to swing back to hockey but my big thing is everyone going read the each as what they're asking of the League. So we as fans can hold them accountable to help players of that coalition current and former and go out and help them expand their coalitions so that We got the society we want. Right. You Go. All right. So i. think that's positive but I understand that it can go either way. But now we to circle back to the Bruins after all this is the black and gold hockey podcasts. So mark were I'm GonNa. Let you let out the goal Teddy. You had it on two different things that I just summarize here. So your first point was what is happening? With did you want for the goaltending talk about. I'm GonNa let you lead that I absolutely don't understand what the hell is going on with this guy. You know. I will definitely talk about. Emotions in the bubble later on I. Just I just don't get it i. mean this is the the next guy up when when. You're starter. You know is not around so His glove hand is absolutely terrible. He's way out of position. I don't know what happened I mean we saw some glimpses of I mean he hasn't been great throughout any of these playoffs. I mean even even when he got the win, it was it was ugly so. I don't know what's going on and I'm not. I'm not proud of what I'm seeing is just. that one a one B mentality is not right now this is a one A and one C It's it's it's disturbing, but I gotTa tell you. We're GONNA. Talk about the rest of the team later on, they'll stop right now. Yeah. That's what I thought. We would start goaltending had had obviously you WANNA talk about battle obviously or Dan. Blood Dash Dr and has debut. But just we'll talk about the rest of the team because I although your ro has his fair share of how he's been playing A. It is when they say the goal is on the island by himself, this goalie is been on the island. I if you want, we can talk about defense and with. Yaro or I didn't know if you want to comment about. Can everyone just stop with the Damn Vlad our hate the dash eight over a period and half of that he inherited we'll go the team breaking down into into defense and full woods. It's been crap in front. It's been absolutely crap. There's no support. And it's not saying that the goal tending isn't the blame either. But the team in front of is has been very disappointing in my opinion. And it's just it's it's frustrating because they just don't look like they're into it. They look like they've checked out physically mentally and it's I'm not mad at that. I'm not mad at that because it's twenty twenty and this has been a shit show of year. This these people they're not near their families and I don't give a shit what people say about that. You know they've only had five months to be with their families. They can all spend a couple of months. You know the not and this is. This is a grind. This is an absolute grind when you guys get when people get to this level of hockey, it's a huge grind and it's important to have family members close by I know this stretches of road games and so on. But it's nothing like this. The separation is totally different. You. Need family members too like mentally recover sometimes from the stress levels at these guys go through playing in the NHL. It's fun. It's exciting to get to that point, but is stressful on your body and your mind so. It I, just don't understand the the the fact that just because the narrative is just so frustrating when you when you hear that they've had all this time often they're bunch babies I almost said something I shouldn't have said but. It's not even so much. The I I know a lot of it is the family but I think you hit the nail on the head when you're like this is how they distress is doing these other things and I don't know if they underestimated needing to have more with. You have them all stuck in the bubble. Makes Sense everyone signed on a great but a few of the players have commented on how you normally go get away from hockey. I know the teams of doing their bass in the NHL doing their best to try and do like movies and try to get them out golfing if they can things like that. But. There's not enough. Right and I think especially because they didn't were at home in there was a lot of. The video whatever. So the thing that would normally use on the road or whatever to help distract a not being with family to press is not decompress after a big game. So like this week, right so game three, right because Yaro driving me not in this way he is saving all can shots needs to mostly right? But the goals giving up better solely on him are the stupid ones that he's been stopping since score level hockey kind of thing, right? But. The defense has done a big thing and I'll say, right so like everyone hates Tori crew now everyone go don't resign now I'm not saying he's not playing let crap but you know what? At least where he's not doing who also was away from his wife and his young daughter and everything else at least he has a fucking else and even to be getting a game has conduct when he shouldn't be this and that at least he's trying defensively his socks but he has been trying still to pull everyone together on that front and when he's on the ice, he is not perfect and Brandon Carlo I do not know what is going Olive Brandon Carlo. He has been our most consistent defensive player all year just even Keel Yanni. and He's struggling struggling hard and when you have kroger together and say, they're ball struggling obviously that pairing is going to look like crap but the lat yesterday or tour A. One of those goals, he's like and he's on the boards trying to goes out we have four people standing in front of Yaroslava Lock in a box, not doing coverage not one on one coverage on any of the lightning half of them not even facing the Tampa Bay lightning and then you wanNA wonder why A Couple of them close enough. They could've at least moved to act like they were going to help their goaltender, but they did it right. Then there's some you can't put on your like it was weird bounce on yesterday that that just one of those freakish lake heads the slush and whatever. But. It's not just cruising harlow people. You can hey and be way and whatever you WANNA do. But all I ask is that if Tamar was going to be the last day that these boys are all going to be together obviously to not be you know what I mean. At least fucking. Go down swinging. Don't go down like this. I. Mean Lease Force again sex. Totally. Totally agree you are a better in the you've been playing and Tampa nausea about a team and that's why they're capitalizing on you looking you're not. You're not I mean so like Pasta, I don't know he must be injured. I don't know what's going on with him but. So. Maybe he shouldn't be on the blue if he can't keep the puck in on the power play right and can't get a good shot off going to go net maybe we take pasta off the first unit power under saying let it maybe that helps heal whatever. But I, do think we can win the series even if other people don't and that's gonNA solely decide on. How they play what Bruce Cassidy does with the lineup can do you before we move onto other aspects of what the Hell is going on this week mentioned about the the Dan Mixes Nhl debut? I'm not overly happy about the decision to put him in like that. You know you you obviously not going to get a spark onto making that change. So I don't get that that was more or less embarrassing to him. Because of the way, the barrister play in front of the goaltending in you know and. Yaro is just it. It's so frustrating. Throw them in to start give them the confidence. Give him the confidence to like. Hey Dan I just want to let you know we're going to start you and say that on. Sunday. So they can get mentally prepared and ready for that like Yaro talk to him yards in the hallway trying to talk to this kid it's all right. But like yeah, probably say Jim. This is not your fault and whatever happened like literally everyone else might have been bashing him on this than that which I think is insane to Baxter kid who literally has not played one minute of. Thought about it that was the bashing. You re versus Tampa Bay in the second round Oh. Yeah. This is his faulty inherited shit. I know twitter could be a dumpster fire sometimes. But when you look on there and you see the comments from passionate Bruins, fans that I do enjoy you know talking to. When you see that I, do I do scroll I I see. And it's already set in this one for failure much like they would yoga. It's so frigging sad that this guy comes into the game to recover from one of happened with Yaro trying to create a spark fo- cassidy and then did not do very well because he had no support in front of them it was an embarrassing thing to do in my opinion. And I like Dan a lot I've interviewed him several times and he's he's very passionate goaltender and he wants to do the best he can, and that frustrated him because it was just unexpected. I can get the emotions from a young kid like that twenty three years old assigned a three year deal. He is our future in my opinion and we should just. act like he's going to be a part of this organization said of already forcing them out of the frigging bubble. It's like come on give Kenneth Chance I the way they treat goal turning around here just. Just, mind boggling you know. Yeah I Know that obviously before the game, the debate was who to start. Yaro lock I think can win for us. You know what I mean but I do think again like Dan da probably should lead dash sorry I don't offend him if he ever he experience. Overall. All right. So I agree with you that. Yaro, can win for us because we're good solid team. We're playing like a team and not like whatever has been happening especially the last two games, right? I gained three I feel would have gone that way whether. Dr Started or whatever, but they probably should have if you I personally think maybe they should have started. Ludar. Game before 'cause gain threes more pivotal and let Yaro be arrested for that game but either way. One it is a lot to ask Yaroslava lock to be in peak form as he did not play any of the Round Robin Games. In he did not so. He's tired. He's not conditioned probably the way you know like the game action I'm not saying on him. He didn't really play him the round robin to complete most of the Games until to go was gone. Yaro did not get a lot of warm up as what I'm saying he didn't get a lot of real meaningful lake gapes. Here, Star wasn't being what I'm saying is what's on him is on him, but there's a lot of other things that are making his job a lot fucking harder to be the goaltender of this team because he is the one be knocked the and he's trying to use the best that he can. He hasn't left the best. Neither has the defense. But it would have been much better all around probably from both goaltenders psyche. To have started the kit on game three gave barrel a day or two to kind of talk them into like no matter. What happens you know what I mean just like you know and give them a little bit. Let our arrest and he had to get pole put jahrling instead of vice versa because you created a situation where this twenty three who's never played a game a hockey is already five bowls down again. The goaltenders partly, what's in front of the goaltenders? Alz. But again, like you said, what sparked did you think that was gonNA create no-one leaks if they're not? If the urgency of what's happening in this game three and protecting their starting goaltender isn't happening. Why do you think suddenly this team's GonNa be like oh? Jeez. Now you know Dan and that we better get together, they could've actually before Yaro ever got pulled they could have shortened that leading that's the problem they're not stunting the bleeding when it stops in. Yesterday was slow and boring to watch hockey game. It was very methodical, which is funny because that's the hockey we grew up with more thoughtful hockey but it's like we're bleeding to death and Tampa's just circling in the water. Smell in the blood just waiting like cover victor. Hedman. Okay. So all right headlines, GONNA do it every once you don't waste your energy, but you could cover someone else. Why is there no man on man coverage you know and you look at this team defensively one minute they look awesome. They killed four and a half minutes of that Richie penalty yesterday before they let up a goal, right? Then they can't stop a weak ass like all you had to do with stop an inch to the left and you could at least afflicted it and gave you goalie. Maybe a little better chance on that I. Don't know. Can we talk about the Ritchie hit bell. We're going to talk, GRA Yeah. Let's talk about it so. I don't know How Joey preference this first of all are you mad about a five minutes in the box? I am. Very distraught about the hidden general. Guided wanted either wanted to say I. Totally blindsided I. Don't Care How many times you look at the video and say it was shoulder to shoulder. Yes it was shoulder to shoulder, but it was totally blindsided and so many people that old school hockey and I get it. This is the game back. Then this is the game that they grew up with and I I did too. But this is a this is the evolution of the game in trying to be Safe Abou- playing this game. He wasn't meiring his pass is outlet pass was totally admired. That's not on him. The safety issue here is how Richie came in on the side that he was not even seen, and then threw him in the boards. Now listen he we go. Was I'm sorry who's the player again because I'm so aggravated about this? Yanni Gord. Yanni Gord. Okay. This I don't know. I think when I say this. So he takes the hit thrashes into the boards. It's kind of you know shaking moment. He goes down. Day. So. Yanni does look up and he looks at the rough. And stay down until he saw his hand up and then skated off the ice we all thought the worst. He, he did get up. And then came back into the game. So. Was it I mean listen the hit was bad very, very questionable and I'm actually surprised. I'm actually surprised nothing was said from play safety yet. But? I think I might have got the player gives us let me just double check of yesterday. Let me finish. So You keep going so. The hit was bad but. Him Getting the extra penalty and possibly faking it. Is also a very valid question. So this might not been so bad that it hurt him but still it could have been avoided because it was still blindsided i. don't care how many people come up to me and say that it's I'm gonNA come. It's blindsided. He was admiring is passed and you didn't see Richie coming that still illegal in my opinion and. Was it five? That's questionable. I agree with you because I. Even. If it is shoulder to shoulder. I absolutely. Believe that was the blindside head and I know. We weren't the only bruins fans that also were on Tampa's like that's fucked up side because. Yes. You may be too long look at your past. That's fine. But that's the whole point. The pass was long gone out of his hands up those jobs and you hit him and had he been side to side with him? I would be onboard for totally clean hat, right? He was behind him when he went shoulder to shoulder, he was absolutely Ignani gourds blindspot and even ricky probably still would across him. That was a bad hockey decision. And We'll and Tampa's in our ask the way they in the last few days I don't need dad hockey decisions that may lead to thirty. Go into the box for long spans. Timely said four and a half minutes about five minute penalty they killed off and just what can you do? That's a long for on five. The Tampa Bay lightning. So this was a response of Ritchie for the idea, the air quotes there for the people that aren't watching on Youtube. This. Response for the Coleman hit who Komen Gut thrash into the boards very similar. So I can get is trying to stick up for your teammate. But if you're going to do that, make sure you're looking at the player that you trying to get off his game or rub a little bit for what he did to your teammate seat. Let him be a man go straight at him not from the side I thought that that was very cowardice in my opinion. Side Back I. Don't like that and. I. Just. And then what happened is selfish. It's a selfish blade because he got a five minute penalty and the and the Tampa Bay lightning a power play goal. You know it's it's just unbelievable how this whole thing went through when it could have been totally avoided. Let's not just that but there's been a few times with 'em. This know like everyone slashes into. And I'm all I get your job is just stand up and like, yeah, like early in the game people took like you're gonNa Crash Coleman like I get that. But that particular hit I, have an issue with I. Don't have an issue with people stand up. On I don't have an issue atop guy plays I haven't actually west. You weren't even with him. You're coming behind him and there is no way that he would have seen you and the elder it's not like. It's a little different to me than I know people say Oh, well, the Charlie mcelroy hit on all the difference is, is that join Staal is playing heads down hockey which he knows he's not supposed to play and his body was turned towards mcevoy even if mcelroy turned his body backwards into him at the last minute. Enjoyed install had looked up he would at least been maybe racer or something. Richie did not give Yanni Gordon situation. That he could have recovered speaking of on defending the head and again like you said, and they'll be the bait whatever we may be wrong. That's will like we don't need hate mail about it. If you bring, it was a perfectly good head. That's fine. You can think that and there's a lot of people who think that. I'm not shitting on buddy, don't work for safety or review, and by the way gives me. Just, checked on twitter just a couple of seconds ago NHL Player safety has not updated anything. The last time they updated was on eight twenty and that was ten days ago so. Bring up there could be no time when they come out and say something to. They may or may not because they probably expect the Bruins. To Go home I know most people do even bruins. He's. That's the other thing. Don't want. I'm in a bad mood because my teams getting their astle up seven to one, my football team lost four straight. Super Bowl's almost thirty years ago and I have to hear that every single year. So I'm a little tougher than a Wednesday going wrong rub any so sorry. Cassidy defends the head, right? Yeah Yeah, which that which I'm surprised about like even if he was neutral about it, that cassidy was vehemently be eminently defending this play which shocks me from what I know about Bruce Casting how he expects the place Lee expects them to be tough. Not Dirty. You know what I mean. To me, this is a sign of how frustrated this team is just generally but maybe some of that comes from the director of the general so I would like to ask you. How much of these losses is on coach Cassidy lineup changes defending that you know what I mean like. Can you speak on it because I got you know we all get into it but. You like. I would like to I say the line talk about the lineup changes The that whole thing when that happened. You know game one, the bruins winning over time, which is awesome. Game Two comes around and you go to overtime and you lose. Okay. and. So it's like this. Exactly what we thought the series was gonna be like is going to be back and forth possibly need more than sixty minutes you know throughout? So I'm feeling good. As a bruins fan feeling good about getting into overtime twice. But Bruce Cassie seems to think that this is not good and I need to shake things up and he and I just think that the response of going to overtime twice. And Making these lineup changes I'm not crapping on Lynn home and I'm you know this nat- but what he did I don't think was. Positive enough and I don't think he's sent a good message to the the players that were actually in those games. In those two overtime Games corrales injured. I know why he's out. In you need replacement, I'd get that but then the other moves wanted just in quite understand so. I I'm I'm like use alike. After we lost into I wasn't mean again they mostly look think. They still look like themselves there were time, but again Tampa Bay's Tampa Bay. I'm not trying you know like we are going to have times where you know. But gains three started just a what on the living. Are you doing because like you said you don't. I think. And this is just a general comment. You underestimate chemistry when you get to this kind of point especially like a quick flash Japan let's get together kind of thing right and you've been putting the young kids in. But then now you're not even the young kids who have of created some chemistry. And I agree with you, you're making unnecessary changes to the lineup. Now is out. So pollen home you're in again I always forget your team, but when you are on the ice. You are solid. You don't really make things worse than you know you at least try to help get played like a fourth liner should be you know what I mean But then some of these other like. Like Colon. is in and I like Coleman but like yesterday should coleman be are deriving force on the offense I don't think he should, and that kid twice walked right in on Bass. Alaska trying to set something up or couldn't just get a shot off. So I don't fault him out of him I like Carson Coleman. Let you know. As the coach. Why if you one game one? And Game Two you went to overtime for three. It was still again numbers evenly matched things. Why would you? And then game three do nothing to fix the problem for game for you put pretty much. So this to me is the psychological aspect of it. Right these players can't get away from the game like assassin kinda ducked like so. Dory grew gets are probably helping him DISEA- on social in I'm not saying he doesn't. Get you blame but like He's Arden fucking probably jacked up enough of this is probably the last round with my guys, right? He's a waiver of his wife and his daughter whatever you know they're all stuck together all the time and it mean even with your best friends, right like by the end of summer yelling shit in full start I. GotTa Get away from these people a little bit and talk to other people, right it's a crap show and then they don't home and all that go back to the hotel and all they have is cush ball in. Ferguson looking on social media. See what's going on in the bruins players they know on on everybody's getting thrown under the bus you know for. Obviously, this is all Dan. Dashes. Look. You know what? I mean the guy showed up twenty minutes of his life, but does as well. I'll let in this kid's GonNa have he saw ochs doesn't act really the same goes it April like on. Sweetie sign for whatever there's that like shot up dude like we fans good better. Ugly. It is what it is. Yes. We all want them to improve but what I want to improve is cassidy's need and he does it all the time to for no reason at all. Make too big of a shakeup when all you needed was a little hit bump. You know like I want he does that stop doing that also gonNA play Golden Young goaltender in, do it before your batteries then. So shout, he needs a little bit of A. Quiet music like. I. Don't I academy. In my opinion cassidy matches up the physicality totally wrong and would. It I'm not saying he does it wrong and he's way better than this than I would ever be. But when he does it like when he needs to, okay, we are planning lightning I need to do something to get more physical and he brings in Nick? Ritchie. When he does stuff like that even in the past, I'm not talking about these play offs the results a normally agonizing and hard to watch. But I'm not saying that if he brought in a young kid likes Nica that things would be any better. What I it's just. When he wants to match up physically physically against another opponent it's just something that is just. Are Terrible Sarah and we saw it in. A hit like that, and we see Ritchie's play and he does have a has been contributing. In the factor and so on. But I just don't think that he's that much of a you know a guy that you're going to go to to to actually win a game. That's not it's a team I think he's not fun fact. Yeah. It's not enough of a factor at all I mean it's been. It's a team effort and what we're seeing right now is is is something that I don't think that everybody's all on board with to be honest with you. It just seems very. Interesting and. It's tough. Yeah will you can see it right. So in the Carolina series, you can see like after the wreck rallied around Yaro get Carolina's no joke. So you I mean we don a quicker than I you know probably would have thought we would but we did by the team seemed comfortable with with a late just as a team. Right they were beyond like themselves a little bit. They had that bruins happy and they looked like the bruins game one burst Tampa Bay. Seemed comfortable like themselves not the you know game to the overtime nothing I think they should be beating themselves up about maybe regroup. Let's recess like, Hey, how about we? I don't know like I said put someone Andre a lot because he seems to be able to put the allotted RS team. So just one person cover him right recovery has been terrible owing on what is up with. You can't like so when we look like the Bruins Not, doing man on man necessarily where playing are solid walk and move. Don't ever open up place and with Tampa Bay the team again, our tk has been awesome right. But like defensively as a team we suck, why can we played better defense for five than we can five on five doesn't make sense to me whatsoever game three years shake things up a little. I mean, even on game three everyone's like, Oh, where lineup. What's going on this? And like you said, the players don't seem to like our respond to this, and now I get your the coach and you're the guy who makes the decision like Marxists. Are Way more brilliant at us. We're just to fans gathered and no, we know you know what I mean, but it would seem to me. If my team took a seven to one shelling. Before game or I would probably talk to. I don't feel like the leaders are leading the way they should or they maybe they're not being able to lead the way they should. I just. I. I feel this team is the best when Chara is run and the show and whoever. So maybe he's not the mess defensively but like. These all inclusive beziers also giant man and if he just goes on their big Slovakian voice and says the fuck out like you you have to. Use Your. Exactly because they do right. Don't let this team don't let this team own that neutral zone I don't get help plays like polite can go right through them like Swiss cheese and create opportunities for them and we're just like, oh, it happened you know Ole, it's. It's it's so frustrating to see when. You know this is tough. I just got to remember they're a better team than they've been playing with their a better team in in Tampa knows you think Tampa has not shown up because they know if the Bruins win game five, they're back in the series and Tampa because of bear history and the history between the two clubs. Right? We would one they went. We went one you know to like on the march to the Stanley Cup. They're probably but like I said, they're like shocks in the water but you know what we could shall them a few rounds the way we did to Carolina in that third period that game. And if we do that like. Like, I just don't understand you cannot give vassal se times square up every time he's going to and it's weird to me because that's not our game where the best one were cast past past move past you re bound past. were. Not An all Tampa Bay has to do just like Saint Louis after they scored that goal in game seven is sit back. and. The bruins be their own worst enemy and we can change that they can change that we can't do anything but sit back. To, Holland dire game. Pigs that we gotta do. This. Team can still win. So can all the Bruins fans regardless of the fact that tomorrow probably may be the last game of the season? Possibly, right. That's what an elimination game as could possibly be the last time that Tori group ever has number forty seven on in this organization Jay debris, any of them for that matter, Macara's link whatever I say Grizz trying to get something done to. Be Bs and it's just like it's funny because as always we fall back on I third and fourth lines. And our second and third pairing defense and yet will not even the second year on the Crowd you know whatever but I also don't think it's productive like the cashier plays eighteen minutes, one game, and then he's on the ice. Bonine minutes the next game that kind of thing I'm just picking a name because I can't think of someone specifically time that doesn't help either I think that doesn't help the confidence level either. So you know what? If the game's going south, just let the game go south just let Wagner still have wagner's minutes instill earning because. Sometimes, shortening the bench thou a yeah. Maybe schefter too. But like a whole period if you're struggling that doesn't help either just wears everybody else. Then you get the power play. Patrice Bergeron has a little less energy and whatever also please take pasta off the power play. He can't get the puck the net right now. I'm not mad at him. Put someone who might able to put the Puck and and let him Russ that check. You know who's you know who's really pulling their weight around blocking Gold Hockey LLC company. That's Thomas nystroem our it guy and he came out with the Swedes summertime goal lacking gold hockey podcasts, shirts these very unique. I. WanNa thank him for this we had. A. Nice. Little Sale. A bunch of people bought some stuff and they got mailed out mind got here yesterday. So I'm pump for that. I wanted to wear it but I wanted to give Thomas show out for everything that he's done over the blocking gold hockey, dot com website and the podcast. So glad to certainly glad to have him of long. 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By, something really cool stuff. We have some stuff that we bought two. So we're going to do in our giveaways coming up by the way. I do want to mention that. If you do WANNA be become a Patriot number. Please go to Patriot dot com slash black and gold hockey podcasts donate a dollar per show and get some of those items from the store next door. So, we bought some of that stuff to give away. But. We are back with toxin Bruins. had the where we're going right now. I everyone game five is tomorrow when you probably won't be hearing this. So hopefully, listen to US pretty game and you choose to send positive is I'm choosing to send positive vibes because what else can I just if not, I'll just fester angriness So gave by tomorrow at seven. PM In if there is a hockey God hopefully game sexual play Wednesday the second and game seven. On the third. So next Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, but that's TVD obviously as. Knows if they'll need them also, they never scheduled that far ahead because they don't know what's going to happen in this crazy two, thousand and twenty they're smart only a few. At a time so that they can quickly. Change up that. Okay. So I JUST WANNA. Ask You do you think we can win game five? I hope so I really hope so that we can try to extend this series, and like you said earlier, there's a good chance that if they win this game, they can get back in this series and and and Tampa Bay. We'll take notice of that saying here they come. You know we poked the bear and and buckle bound and get ready for this one but. Listen I'm I'm going into it very optimistic in all. It's what I've seen so far. Hasn't been pretty, but there are some things that are good I'm it's not all doom and gloom I know I understand that but. it's just this temporary team just seems do. WanNa be that that that powerhouse this year and not be a pushover like they were. Last season in the postseason with the against the combs blue jackets so It remains to be seen what team what Boston Bruin team wants to show up in which one wants to participate knees. And continue forth. That's bought it for me. Yeah I'm going with I. We have the perfect capabilities even though we haven't looked like it so much at times in the last few games especially game three. Let's all just like forget about that. It has a fluke when do the Bruins ever get? Doubt their asses like that. Don't that's the point and yes one thought game four would have been the wakeup call, but it wasn't so gained five has to be right. Oh home. Right. Exactly, trying anything like do it if anything force yourself to have one more, maybe run out and I. Think it's because they don't want to no matter how they feel. And no matter how they might be thrown off being in that bubble. I can't believe it because this team is not a good team and the whole of it. They are at least as good of a team Tampa Bay as no matter what all the pundits say. And I think if we win gave five, we can win the series. It's going if we win game five, let's go and seven. So it's going five a seven game. So sorry, anybody who predicted six you're probably on just getting now just trying to be hopeful about it. Okay. So you mentioned about Joe Haggerty had tweeted a vote like the team structure going forward type thing or something I admittedly I have. Read. So many things because you know everyone's always writing great articles are stunning tweet backings whatever. I don't specifically remember it by e wanted to bring it up someone. Let you ought to take lead when you're ready I took a screen shot of what Joe said, and it really hit home for me and I wanted to mention it but he says. At hacks tags on twitter. The unfortunate truth would bruins fans is this if the Bruins can't beat the lightning when they are without Stamkos and mcdonough, they are a long long way from winning a Stanley Cup. Now that is not only relevant for this year. But it also. Goes. Into Future. Chances in the postseasons. To, Get Stanley Cup I don't know what's going on with the core where there's a lot of these. Players that are leaders what we've seen them lead in go. It's just I. Don't know what's going on. It's not there. So moving forward. I think there's going to be a need for change. And I'm not saying drastic but there's gotta be something done to get this back. Together we do. You want to get the wound as soon as possible when it's opening gashed. Let's not set on this. Don Sweeney's got to do his due diligence. He. He needs to be that that GM that goes out and gets aggressive might be very very short off season this year. And I get that. But if you want to get back and competitive, you've got to start making changes whether it be if you can buy people out, you do it and you create roster spots that are going to be available for people look compete whether they're young veterans I don't care. You just gotTa do what needs to be done to get back on board with some of the core that you currently have I e Berge on Marshon and you know. And so. It's just something's gotta be done now, I if if they go in rolling with this almost same lineup next season and I know the caps flat. I know it's going to suck for at least two two or three seasons with that stupid cap but he's got to do something he's got to address this. In. In ways that are gonNA be able to. Manipulate. That calf, you know so. Yeah I just I. I want to see these guys went again as as a core, but I just don't see it happening completely I really don't it's things need to be changed and if it comes down to. You know. Do. We have to be that type of. of. BRUINS NATION TO, consider. It how much don? Sweeney. To blame for a lot of this stuff you know. I mean, it's a valid question. I mean his job is going to be seriously looked that if they get an early exit. Just, my opinion, this is a weird yet judge I think overall just because honestly the whole entire world has been crash out since. Actually pretty much like at least in this country sentenced January spend some kind of. Going on on all levels and usually multiple things like now. Like again, begging of the people in the Gulf right now because the last thing they needed in life was a hurricane you know kind of thing. Is Crazy. So this year is kind of like I think it's valid question to ask what dawns doing. You know what I mean sometimes and to question things I think some of it though too is like you know when everyone always wants to bring up the two thousand, fifteen draft well. I'm sorry but those kids are now like twenty, twenty three I think it's still a little too early to totally judge those players because what we've seen from those players are good things like you know what? I mean like debrusk. Sorry you might not be consistent yet you know wherever but he shows good things like he was a good pick you know. Who who else was a borough hall I know you high on right and I haven't gone to see him as much by. He seems to be you know what I mean like yeah. Has He what you? He's not Charlie McCoy Charlie. mcelroy was afraid that usually most people are Charlie mcevoy not-so-young ready and mostly you to be level and. I'm sorry I. Wish You all Zach Saination. Right he was the other one session group I. Forgot I I got but you know so things like that. But you certainly can say I won't blame him for the trade because that just have injuries. You know what I mean whatever Andrews. I can't blame him for getting ready to Din Hainan I'll say I can't blame him for sending Danton Heinen to the docks our placing he'll with Nick Ritchie who yeses a bigger body but I don't think as exactly helps because again, it least like Dan was a part of the team and like you know what I mean like the twitter twitter mentions of the Danton Heinen thing. Like when Nick Ritchie had a chance a barrier, an empty net goal of radically Tina goal. Shortly, after its the memes come out, of Danton, Heinen, Berry that that. Oh i. Love Danton Heinen but I understood something was gonNA happen at the trade deadline. But I really honestly did not think that scene was going to walk away from Tori crew like I thought and I'm not saying they won't there is still you know what I mean or whatever but. Also can ruin stop saying trade grew you can't trade him. He's done. He's done the minute free. You know you FA. FAA after the minute, he walks off his ice tactically. Doesn't that like once you leave the bubble, the free agency market in trading. Open Gio which I think is kind of after up because. What a? Cap Everyone's trying to get players by. That I think. They going to lose them both and one year like that. All the people I've defended at all these times. I do I do agree that things have obviously people are aging out like I love Chara but let's be honest. Chara may or may not be. His teeth. And he's the type of player to that. Maybe it's a little circumstantial Cova that he is the type of player that's not GonNa make a big deal about leaving either. But. It would be still growing resign him for one more year. Let's go for more time. Okay. Can we be honest if a net Karachi and dump his salary I'll teach our for another here at one under. Not like get rid of Richie and get rid of Moore. Yeah. I like John More but Oklahoma, can I say the other day though when the Excuse my language. I'm trying not to swear as much considering how angry I am at the soccer team this week I think of Domingo job especially with efforts and but. John Wa yes. Does not help the situation right by game three everyone mostly as to blame. Okay it's not Yaro. It's not Tori and Brandon. It's not John Wall. I'm not saying that help the situation has everybody everybody is include easy to blame Dan Glenda get all over him right because you don't want to say what? The Pasta Bury the PUCK, right you don't WanNa say that to him or whatever everyone it's easier to blame. Kasha. Who is not doing anything else to the top six aren't doing not getting the puck in the net necessarily what not looking at you Brad marched on doing your job You know. But if you look at it actually that kid has been helping generate a lot you know at least again, some of those players look like they have no pulse on the ice and the other ones who do have a pulse or so frustrated, they can't be effective you kind of thing or. As a team. So But you're right. The core is like we're not gonNA have. The Low Weight Patrice Bergeron? Be a bruin forever, and that's a reality and not do display a hard fifteen years of hockey. He's not a soft. Even when he was a kid and that's why like a minute we had him as like Oh yeah. This is GonNa be good and it's been a pleasure watching his career but marshawn all of them they're aging out. So we really do have to take a hard look of what we can do with the call we have which probably is not this year I. Think I'm not saying we. Would have won the COP, but we were on pace that we were going to be deservedly a couple of hours right regular. You're the best team wins. That's not an excuse if we lose, we lose because we didn't show United I'm not using that as an excuse but if there were a range into this core and it did kind of burn notice one year of our playoffs in some way. Non Excuse they can show up tomorrow and get back at Union. So the bill didn't happen. But we're also need to, and this is something may be something for you intend to think about just a Muslim round though is we also have to do a deep dive of exactly what we want happening in our far. Now I don't WanNa say farms the baseball. Star, but you know like in. Our affiliates and The players we have signed around who are we seriously trying to make the next core of this team? We Know Charlie mcevoy, we think random Carlo. He's had a rough about the last few weeks. But again, until two weeks ago, Brandon College, you know for defense like we're moving on is Matt grizzly going to nuys beat toy group but they are you know they are pretty similar in play also as much as they are different. Is, can he fell in the gap help their anyone down that can come up to help fill in the rest of any gaps. If you lose Jarrah in whatever you know what I mean off at just the structure that is now you have to have a real conversation though how many of these prospects are you really truly do like how long the I know? I'm not a trend. Frederick Person. But if you truly think threat Frederick can come up here and be a hard line player on this team I'm not against him coming up to I haven't seen it. But if that's the case, how long do you hold onto players? Who for you say like we used to joke how many centers is won? T need you know whatever? We need to look at too. It's not just about salary cap and you need to make those decisions why you have a lot of these young people under their entry level deals and stuff like that before you have to start asking how much you're GONNA pay him so We, do need to but we also right now need to look and see what the hell we can do right now to continue in this round you know. What do you think? What do you think is the most that we transition because whereas INARA transition we're kind of at the end of this two thousand. Eleven Cup winning era are a even though it's not the same team again, there is a a chunk of the same players that were affiliated with this team. What do you think we're going to have to I think you're pretty confident with our goaltending looks like future, right? Yes. Say Biden. I. Do I do. At least for one year, I believe that grass is GonNa come back and contractually obligate his last season and I think we obviously know that. Yaro signed for one more year so that that creates a a really nice. Our space for for Dr the swimming Jeremy Wayman to get his first. Aid Shell Action I believe. And and develop properly and in you know we'll see what happens. If they play very good down there, you could see I could actually see. US WAYMAN VIDAR NHL tandem as soon as next after next season. You know. If. They WanNa go and my thought is driven by the CAP if you want to insert two goaltenders and Roll the dice. You'RE GONNA save a ton of money because they're all the both both are going to be under a million dollars under their current deals. Voter is not ELC swimming would be so. We're going to be under a million. Piece so And you can save. You can get as much money as you want out of that to put it towards other players like a right wing on the second line or wherever you need. A space fill? So. But is that smart idea? Not really not really at all and I've heard so many ideas right now that people is frustrated with two because what he did, he bailed on his team a whatever you know and people just don't have the rights anymore as a human to do what's right for family and so on. So stick it but. You know it's I believe that they could do good but it's it's not an ideal situation and there's a lot of ideas out floating around that they they should trade to. Or if he doesn't if he doesn't. If he doesn't come back and he retires to go get Marc Andre Fleury I just think ten. You Nam I like I like I like maf everything but man, it's just you don't WanNa goaltender like that. He carries a pretty significant amount of cap space. So that really doesn't do anything when it concerns that so I mean it remains to be seen. With two I agree with you I think he's coming back to play his last year. Menendez. He's retiring. He wants you know you don't leave money on the table like that. You just don't want that. He'll finish his last year. I'm not saying he won't retire and not even mean like he might be done after next year. That being said. If, he does choose to retire and that's between him and the team, and that's a huge buyout unanimity Mo- it's not a Biot-. He's he's he's walking away on he's walking. Out Tires no money is oh damn. Okay. So I'm confused at Sunday morning. Jesus man what I was GonNa say is that I'm perfectly comfortable if we're going to struggle either way as some of these people aren't members of this evens, Dana Jar, who's you know who actually is looking better our knowledge getting his legs on ear like he's still functioning a little bit you know. But again, it's hard to put him under the live or stove when everyone has but as players leave right like whether the laws it char hate him whatever he is someone who either way you can't not respect him and you. CanNot not respect the fact is by one of the longest serving captains and as always done his best to make this team, the best they can be right. So players like that know whatever Tories went there whatever but we are Lee said is sometime to is not gonna be the goaltender and Patrice Bergeron isn't going to be our top line center and even David Krejci might not be is not GonNa wind sent me you know our our top to such as I'll just say this as we said interchangeable and our hearts and in our lineup as necessary I am comfortable with Yaroslava. Lock. And I guess you would say Blida Right? Because I mean swimming he's GonNa Still Dip as toes. He can't be you know that's Titan don't develop someone with coffee is by doing that. I'm comfortable with that for this next year because I know Yarrow show up next year you know. Maybe this playoff would be you know. We're not the way we visited it right with heaven to complain off of each other as necessary to get the team through. But I am comfortable if for a transition yeah, we need to next share ride out into the sunset with KALAC plane on his last year and whatever. That might be hawks last year because he's thirty five, holly has last year I wouldn't sign him a long-term. Why just meet him generally as a player he's had his career. He's been a been back. Why wouldn't find him one serve me. But? I agree with you I think to we'll be back I. Think the minute to goes back I. Feel. Like because everyone loves to give took is playing by actually speaking to guide do WanNa touch on something else the they'll have the Boston. The Boston Police patrolman's association. tweeted out fourteen hours ago this probably now sixteen hours ago. say what you want about to grasp but few pro athletes have done more behind the scenes charity work he's been working with the. Boston Police Department hockey team for years in a program Blue Line pals created to give inner city kids a chance to meet and see the NHL Bruins for free and that's the Hashtag to gusts all. Day going back to the zoom video that was captured with him having the hat on and so on Out of you know to make a point. It's because he's been so close with his team in the actually had a hat on hand happen to be a bpd hatsaw. Stick it again to all the haters out there that think that he was making some kind of political statement saw. Hate that Shit. God. But anyway. Like it's not politics but like it is possible that. You know. Not. All. Sides of whoever whatever I don't you know specific things it's like. Everything doesn't have to be political and you can actually support many different community organizations that perhaps all work towards the same goals. Again. We envision a society that we want right and I not judging either way I. do think it's stupid like I do think sometimes a hats, just a hat and a Blue Line is just the Blue Line and whatever your. Party very, very sensitive. Say That's part of the like you know sometimes where we get. So messages get lost like you know and 'cause we're always young but. It is possible actually that there are communities and this is just an observation as a kid that grow up in Metro Boston the Boston Police Department when it comes to although not perfect race relations generally are so much better now than they were when I was a kid, I can remember like after Charles. Stewart like literally just going into Natapei. unceremoniously making every black man in not in which you've never been to matter a lot of black men. Suspects in a murder that none of them committed because while that's white privilege asshole research. Me So I just mean like there are communities that different groups that right now because we always are our divide ups in this and that you know that actually are doing what I said earlier like we envisioned the society we want and we're all working to hopefully all go goals that we're raising good citizens who are responsible for kind loving that also give back to their communities and that's A So, it just seems sometimes a hat to hat. So you brought enough guy I know. You did bring it up I. Know I know but look style at Bruins. Talk we got. Actually. Looking thing I'll. Say. The next things. Well, that was last Pacific Berlin thing we only have a couple other just I would like to say as much as Mike Milbury has an grubby hockey guy who may or may not be a misogynist or an imagined massage whatever and Jeremy Reuben is definitely like. A crazy guy. He always has even when he was a young player, right? He is not done anything to help themselves getting the hockey hall of fame. Let's just say okay The NBC announcers are boring I love and respect them. But you what might Mellberg in Jeremy that not all of you I'm not calling anyone specifically I would like to say I love and respect. All of the people work hard at and BC. But this is not gonNA grow young fans to want to tune in to hear. Some of these talk people talking. They have less pulse than half the Bruins team yesterday and on you know whatever game three. I can't if you want to grow the sport if you don't first of all, not GonNa, let us always have access to the games and you're gonNA black things and this and that, and that's how you stupid contracts right now with the TV. That's fine because you at least entertain us a little bit. I'm just saying I. I again, I love and respect all the NBC's of not just me because I saw fans like I never again WanNa hear that Mike. Milbury is a homer when Eddie Olczyk who I love I respect more than anything is also giant homer and no one says anything about that. You know just I I, like Mike Emrick in everything but I just don't. I'm just done I've done with Mike in we move on get some youth full. People in the in the in the booth. Only, there's only so many times you can actually hear David, Krejci. A native of Czech Republic and is a potato farmer in Bruges his own fucker you know come on. I'm so sick of hearing stuff like that. I get the feeling. that. The NHL really wants the Bruins to not succeed even when they are succeeding whenever you listen to it and I think I've made it clear how I feel about our home broadcast. So it's not a look if I was doing it. No, it's not even that it's just gotta be young broadcasters, four players or someone who can help spice up these Brian Castle little because hockey is fast. Exciting is is instill encapsulated in an old crusty dusty kind of like. Back in my. Day Way Gretzky. I'm only kidding enough to Halloween Garrett's gain to. I'm just. Yeah, I need them to stop and I mean. We we sadly, we do need the Mike Navarrese in the row necks and the. Stars of the world to help keep the debate in the interest owing. Agree Catherine Tapa give it a try. I WANNA see what? On totally. I'm totally for a Catherine. Tappin lead. In this. Yeah. I'm not being facetious either I think she's had enough experience she call. Ash She's in she's grown with the sport or whatever then. anyways that's my NBC. Announced Iran. You had also brought up about this. Crazy. NHL. Wanted yet this is an idea that the NHL and the NHLPA are discussing. Moving forward, into next season. It's it's really going to be interesting how this all pans out because of the. Asan seats factor and ownerships each individual NHL, ownership making money. But there's a there's been talks they have sat down and talked about a bubble situation for the regular season next year it looks to me and from several sources that I've spoken to is that they want to move forward with this for at least a year. So there's an idea of this of four bubbles across. Either to in Canada or two in the United States will all four in the United States? Before separate sections to hold. Several. Teams more than several teams but. And do like an eight game day schedule. I don't know how it's GonNa work but. I kinda think they have to have this in place much like they had the twenty twenty playoffs and the return to play in place back in March you have to have an idea moving forward. In case, it doesn't work. You have a fallback plan I believe that these talks have to happen because the fact is that there isn't a vaccine yet. So moving forward, they might consider the bubble four separate bubbles as a way of getting on a regular season done which is not is not ideal in my opinion because the way the Boston bruins playing in the bubble right now has been less than attractive thing to watch, and that's just me I'm a passionate guy but. It's certainly going to be tough. So it's going to be so important to get a vaccine on whether you get it done halfway through the season next year or at the beginning who knows but we'll see what happens. But that is the general idea moving forward I don't know how the L. and lower minor leagues are going to operate with this mentality to because they're also Seto began their seasons in early. December so. It's going to be interesting how we're going to move forward with all of this. But it is important that they do have something to talk about moving moving forward. In just to be clear, we're not saying that no one's voted on it. It's not what's happened is just what something it's what's been talked about. It actually sounds kind of the way that they Well I mean obviously, it's not like details but like Woodley doubt because I know in the first kind of tweets came out about them considering this the players association and they were all. Members to be like. Well, you know it's not like we've actually just talked about it. It's not like you're not even before it gets out there like oh we're around bubbles. Actually seems kind of interesting though to think. Especially if They could alleviate some of the stress of what's going on Maybe, now that they've learned what to do if things are a little better come December when we're starting if you have the bubbles, maybe there's a little more opportunity for the families to join them. If you're going to do regional bubbles, things like that I think that's interesting for them to talk about these kinds of situations because they're going to learn from this bubble and. I believe I believe that's a big thing what they're gonNA do because they have the time. In, the offseason saw the way actually my wife Courtney, we were talking about this yesterday have been watching the game. The you need to have fifty four days off mandatory. That is a union rule. It's much like. The common workers weekends you know we we have to have time off to. decompress Blah Blah, and then start another workweek so much like that you have to have fifty four days. So I did account and as of October six, when the NHL is technically supposed to be done with their the playoffs fifty four days from that is technically. That, you have one day free before you technically supposed to start the twenty. Twenty one season. So it is is extremely tight but here's the thing though is during that fifty four days off I believe it's going to be mandatory that you figure out who you're gonNA bring into the four bubbles. Well, it depends on where the bubbles strategically and geographically and so on. And then you're going to have to quarantine together if you're moving forward with this group of people. You need to like do the same thing and then when you get into the bubble were all safe and this and that, but you'll be together you'd be with family and you'd be able to do some of these. Things that like Toronto what they're doing is remarkable. The workout facilities that they have ping pong tables, smash ball the field right next door. It's it's pretty cool. But the element of having your family there is also important too. So I think that that's a big thing moving forward between these two sides when it comes to just discussing I think that if that's the route that go and again, there's no, you know that's. GonNa be a very hard ask though not just on the players, but to get places to agree do what? Toronto late is the city of Toronto going to be willing to continue to keep their bubble. You know what I mean things like that like If you're looking for to other, you're going to have to find to other cities whether they being Canada or in the United States. we've talked about this due to the fact. That most of the teams are in the United States if it's possible to find a place to quarantine, but again, you can't wait just stick them in the middle of Nowhere Wisconsin which I'm sure has plenty of lovely hockey facilities by. Not, going to help with the. Keeping normal life you feel like when you're working for an NHL city, you know. That's why they had the offseason. So they can go except for you know obviously some of them lake bright burns cooking up some burgers on his ranch. She does that is odd time but. That's going to a big ask for governments and cities is especially. 'cause we don't know what's going on health wise though whatever we don't really know keep even just hearing those viruses like we are in the third wait. No, it's like but some people say we're in the third wave of the first wave of the second wave whatever all I know is I'm a new Englander and that means flu season's going to start in two months. So the more we you know. So just I mean there's a lot to consider. In it's not a lot of time to get it done. So I don't know if they do go for with that planet that doesn't throw off the December fourth year on your birthday timeline for the hockey league's north. America to really get going like ones. In. The major minor ones you know what I mean job 'cause they all seem to be starting around that time right? the first book. Stuff like that. So well, the junior leagues up in Canada they're they're they're looking at. Late. October. They normally they normally start late September the. Beck major junior hockey league, the Antero Hockey League and the WHOL normally just September late September styles, but they're going to bump it up a month. So that's good news. There's no bruins prospects up there. So I'm not really overly thrilled about that but we'll see because the draft is GonNa Happen. But. Kind of Sucky. This fricken thing because the drafts going to happen, but then these players are going to be playing. You know it's Of Weird So anyway. Let's end that there. Right. Yup that's all we have besides are. Unless you have anything else. That's all I have I don't. We did not have any SPN PNG's today kind of. Was a brain fart on that one I just been so busy. I'm everything else. But so follow Marc Black and gold pod is the podcast on apple acting goal to sevens out and flattened bolt hockey DOT COM go reality writers fall all awesome writers on twitter whatever else they may use I don't know you know everyone has they. Check out the new shows marks starting to. Check out the new podcast network. I'm sorry macbrayne like whatever. Volunteer don't follow me like we don't like me I, don't care. But DAKO review the podcast on whatever platform that you are using mostly checked it with apple as that's what I used as I'm old and I don't like changing unless I have to and. Be Good humans and patriotic subscriber shoutout and I guess that's all I got go bruins Jeez hopefully. Next week, we're talking to go onto the third round. Let's hope. So ending, but we do want to say thank you to our financial supporters whether you use the website black and gold hockey dot com the fanatics banner to shop anything sports related. It's not just hockey folks you go on that banner. Click on it you're GONNA come up to Bruins but if you use the fanatic search bar and put in NFL or a specific team name, it's still connected to us. So please do all your shopping there. We would certainly appreciate it. We get the commission on that. Also if you want to help out, we can donate a dollar per episode to maximum probably of eight dollars per month we're probably going to do something like that. So. We would certainly appreciate that to help cut are out of pocket. Cost to run this program on weekly and everything also were doing Yes. The podcast network is coming up. We're GONNA. Do some advertising on that. So that's another way of earning but we're, GONNA, add ten shows my two shows how got something in the works that's going to be not be de Maria from Wha Town Jack could sell northern lights. They're they're with us. So we got a lot of things going on. So I with that being said, if you want to get involved, please go to patriarch dot com slash black and gold hockey podcast and donate a dollar. We have t shirts we have signed pox we're GONNA get signed fictious we have. This new merch this is going to be involved in the giveaways too. So I said one dollars that's it to be eligible for our drawing, which is probably GonNa Start. When the NHL. Starts back up or maybe a little further that into the off-season to get everybody pumped up for the twenty twenty one campaign with that being said, I, bid you all the do and you do and please. Had the said. Bisbee Kinda wanted shelhah one another and just do right. You know what I mean we we we're. We're here for a purpose and we're here to live and try to be As coherent as possible and I totally hacked APP but whatever tired need some food saw. Thank. You very much love and happiness go bruins I really WANNA. Come back positive next week and talk about this team possibly moving forward into the third round but we will see exactly what happens at all remains seen. So take care money. Positively, yes, exactly. Fleas repulsive. Anyway, we're we weren't very positive in this show but whatever. We tried. But anyways. But Anyway we will talk to you next week take care bye. Thanks again for listening to and sporting button bulky. The share the show with your friends and family and don't forget to subscribe to and leave a five star rating for the show on your favorite podcast platforms such as apple podcast iheartradio. South. Between shows help us be road going by visiting our website. Gold hockey DOT COM by sending an email to black and gold hockey's. 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