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"nibiru ritchie" Discussed on Black N' Gold Hockey Podcast

"Right. So let's start with our agenda cause we do have a Pretty extensive list of topics to go over as the Boston bruins are currently in the second round of the National Hockey League twenty, twenty playoffs we'll have the one we get started with. With that agenda. Okay, well, we don't really WanNa talk a lot a lot about games, but we thought that maybe being in something to talk about because game was the only game of the four games this week that the bruins actually looked like the Bruins, right? So we won three to what to which I thought looked like he got effort you know you come out and swing in was like, Oh, you know Tampa Bay isn't Carolina and I think unless you're an idiot, you know Tampa Bay is Carolina so. I. Think we looked good coil I? Mean he's on thing we who else scored marshawn scored past scored. And hadn't is going to goals I think in the third to make Tampa all ideas that couple minutes at the end near the Bruins game where Bruins fan starts going. Aw. Still four and a half minutes after is this happening? You know kind of thing but we won overall good game where you feeling good on Sunday after we beat Tampa leave feeling good inside as a Bruins Fan. Yeah. Yeah I, was feeling pretty good I I mean I kind of knew that this was going to be one of those series that you the two best teams GonNa just battle it out as they did in the regular season in concerning the standing so. I mean I kind of knew this was going to happen I, didn't exactly know that they were gonNA truck over Carolina I I was totally wrong on that. I had the Bruins as a as a die hard fan win the series but I just thought that when you look over the other side, the offense and in the skill that that team had in the hurricanes. Put up a better effort, but regardless, bruins move on but it's been tough. It's been tough after this game because you know they go in in the just to need just didn't show the effort needed to get back in the series. But I'm sure we're GONNA talk about Allen Yeah we're GONNA get to that point but this game overall was pretty even right our power play was still. By our PK has been pretty awesome. Unfortunately, they've had to work a lot but game was pretty much what you would want to Boston Tampa series like yellow. Yeah. Yeah we can go. This is the series. I think as a hockey fan, you should be rooting for a seven game Tampa Boston series. I mean maybe not after watching our team play the last couple of games, but generally one would want to happen so. Yeah but not a lot of stupid penalties or anything like that. Of course, you know vision about officiating -ficiating whatever you can't went on a way either way. Then we went to game too. Yeah. We we lost in overtime for three. Not. Our best effort but still not a shit show right? Like you know we had our issues. I think that might have been the no was that the game. I don't know that might have been really hard game game three I. Don't know it's all blended together. But if you go back to game two on Nibiru Ritchie actually scored a goal which is funny when we get an extra later, it makes you wonder why Nick Ritchie one of the ones scoring and not some you know..

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