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"niagara stevie" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Extraordinary Craig. Obviously there was no Solano phenomena. You had to redesign security out fronts yet still. I did yeah. We ended up You know discussing more. We're going to talk about around the League in the both the Liverpool and talk games. Were pretty much done and dusted you fall. And when you when you think team selection another team that was available and the team was playing against it made it all the more incredible can between things. Nothing was boscell imploded. There's not there's no doubt I mean this is just the basics and Liverpool were magnificent and they went for the jugular and they had everything they needed to do helped by a great crowd. Anfield on an up to brilliant Niagara Stevie. I think off coming back in a jump. He's league final begged of the two. But that was just another amazing unfilled. Let's not forget as well. The rhetoric coming from Barcelona was banging the drum. We learned a lesson for Roma. We won't let it happen again yet. They let it happen again. Stevie I think Liverpool for actually taken off them yes they defended horribly but I'm not sure what she's the rhetoric was well. We've learned the lesson won't happen again. This team must have realized that even though they beat Liverpool three nil and the fos leg home they play Liverpool the best site. You know you can. You can point the finger a Liverpool and see this being free nil down obviously a law. But he's don't emassy because that's who's Massey's night but a law that was done. Finishing from Liverpool Liverpool created Yvonne Season. Not False leg and for me. It wasn't so much. Barscelona that that pulled themselves through messy. Prove them through and Liverpool let themselves down in the Fox lag file finishing she'll Bassolino must have known that they were going on feel then. There's a good chance that we're going to lose again. And I thought I would win the game but biggest problem was willie start messy and we'll be stopped boss again because one goal is going to kill it. Do you know we're not enough. Thank you but this game done in the so many so many points the performance from Liverpool. That were magnificent Steve. You mentioned that the other day when we're talking was disabled Somalian deal Eliane which should remember which we shouldn't forget but the one thing that just whenever think this game rightly or wrongly? The one thing that springs to mind first thing comes to my mind is the corner kick the Trent Alexander calder. Cac for that goal because I think pets amazed amongst all the other great things love appeal that the performance of the two teams. That was the quick in the sharpness into quality of Liverpool and the downright sloppiness and lack of doing the basics from Barcelona. We saw senior players like PK. Bush catch all these guys with a box tummy play. Macabre kicked was coming in and the game where they were under the coach and losing an a boat to go out. I mean that was all forgivable and whenever a thinker but this game dot men of that moment of Alexander Ronald Putin the ball not quadrant as defendants springs demand. Craig mentioned say the lack of professionalism everything that surrounded this game yet valverde still kept his afterwards which is extremely as mentioned before. After having AS Roma's.

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