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Ep 30: How Real Estate Sells Cars with Gina McCartney from Realestate.com.au

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Ep 30: How Real Estate Sells Cars with Gina McCartney from Realestate.com.au

"Hi everybody, welcome to Talking Automotive . I am John Sinclair and my Hi co-host Mark Palavestra. John, today we've got Gina McCartney. Gina is the executive manager for customer experience at REA group which is real estate. com and Gina covers off detail on the real estate market, the key drivers to real estate and how the two intertwined with the automotive industry. The similarities between the two, the key drivers and the key takeaways are really an eye-opener. If you like what we cover please click the link and like us on youtube. Also, subscribe to the channel below and also follow us on LinkedIn on talking automotive. Let's get into it. [music] With thirty years experience in auto logistics and state of the art locations in five major cities Prix Fleet Car Services is an independent division of Prix Car Services offering specialty fleet fit-outs for commercial applications ranging from simple tray and tow-bar fitments to fully bespoke service, body and accessories installation. With quality assured safety compliance and standardization builds, of Prix vehicle Car Fleet Services are the premier all- in- one solutions provider for commercial vehicle fleet operations, leasing companies, and original equipment manufacturers. For further information on how Prix Car Fleet Services can assist in solving your commercial vehicle fitout need s, please visit prixcar . com. a u and click on the link to Fleet Services net. Hi Gina, welcome to . the It show is great to have you speaking to us today. Maybe just to kick things off can you maybe just tell us a bit about Gina McCartney - who you are and some background. . to thank Yes, I'm yourself sure, you so Gi for na McCartney having me here today. Super excited to see both. So my background if i go back to perhaps my brief - youth and into professional career. I really my whole life was distant creative: sculpting, painting, designing and off the back of that passion went to uni studied creative advertising and was destined. ..my path was to become a art director . My very early career was in advertising agencies and spent ten years ing servic some like pretty big clients ilo, . kohl's meyer group. Cbi off foundation and then some order client bmw and many were because of mine and it was during that time that i realized how much i loved as and surprised no surprise. I joined renault. Stralia and joining renault at the time was at a really pivotal point for the business. And that was all about preaching and finding every possible opportunity we could in the market and myra was to introduce the sierra digital program. Really lift the capability of the dealer network from a lead management perspective. Sur getting out outta rot on building confidence back in the network that we were providing leads to them in generating value from office and then from neymar roll moved into a brand and events role and so the full marketing swayed had an awesome time with the business and great team. And then my time was up. When i was tapped on the shoulder for all at anchor pinellas area group been realized real estate dot com to you joined the business not really knowing much about the role. I was joining. He'd go to market manager role and of bain there now close to seven years and moved my way through various segments. So we're two now. Residential business at develop a business emotional property meteorologisy and clients and also to stint in malaysia. And i leave the win. We acquired a southeast asia and helped with the integration of that business side at an awesome korea here. Rei and now run. I tame called the customer. Excellence team and so my team move. Twenty incredibly talented people help support our two hundred thirty sales teams across australia. And that includes the learning development perching old training ogata market siles support collateral and operations analytic. Kpi's commissions incentive sprints and really big a big team mission and vision is to pave the new way of selling and selling clock when you work for rei. Let's bit about my story. Love love gardening love dancing and eighteen. And that's how i spend most of my time let's it's an impressive story. How you you've migrated from during the karate stuff through to or i will now into real estate now. We can't get a bit of understanding as to real estate dot com o. Rei group and what's the back story of real estate. Dot com abc business was born in the garage. Dome koster and for those familiar with john. It's in the eastern suburbs of melbourne and in nineteen ninety five and they came up with a crazy idea of water. We put the photos of property onto online so people can see them on the internet and so literally scanning photo by photo by photo built this web sought. That looks very different today than what did obviously up. Twenty plus years ago and over the years to really brilliant simple idea to gos- and today with the leading australian property portal and we have hundred million plus is it as a month coming to thought trillions of photos from a perspective and yeah we service most property clients around australia and that includes real estate agents property manages developers homebuilders land developers media clients of less amount of probably. But almost all and anyone that wants to reach property. Sega's we do business. You know you've got a really interesting background. Having spent tom and credit in automotive value in real estate can you. Maybe just discuss some of the similarities. Between automotive and real estate i remember when i joined. Ra and it was probably a month thing. I thought wow. I didn't realize there was so many similarities between the two industries. And if i stop from a business structure perspective the similarities of utah franchise groups independence at relationship between head office and you know the small small businesses that are running in local and regional areas. I think that that pressure that applies with a small business to find the raw talent retain talent when there is no professional requirement This note there's no huddle to get into other industry. And i think that is a challenge that are still share today and another real estate industry in particular institute really trying to introduce their professional courses create more opportunities for the right people to enter the industry. So they've got really quality staff sieving consumers invincibles. And i think our remember. That was a challenge in the automotive industry finding the right talent and apprenticeship styles perspective perhaps a bit of bid process. But that was probably one thing that i saw straightaway is a big lesson. In automotive that i think real estate can learn with the handshake. Between sales and after-sales and if you think of the real estate version of that is the sales and rental market now rent rolls the most profitable part of a real estate agency and if you think about the handover in the importance of one to the other the ongoing retention of the customer. I think that's a really important similarity between the two some. I think some best practice sharing could happen more. And then the probably the other big similarity i would say is the is much smarter and much savia and this is probably not exclusive to automotive in real estate but their expectations have increased tenfold. And no longer. Can you get back to a later inquiry within a couple of days. We're now seeing consumer expectations at a couple of minutes. And i think that's something that dealerships deal with daily and you know the the now now now economy that exists within cosima world. I think probably other thing on the consumer front is that the journeys are linked. If i'm pregnant and on nita anita house extra bedroom is a good chance. I'm going to need a bigger car. And i think those moments is a absolutely everyone knows. It's often not always but often shapa to finance your car off the back of your heinlein. So the journeys and lost moments of really similar and jana. What data do you use to compare the consumer trends that you're saying so when you're talking about the financing of the house or those life changes that with with people. I've got an extra by the on the way on a three bedroom unit of a two bedroom or downsizing nato three bedrooms dance. So what data do you use. Insane is probably wouldn't be a surprise that we have got a ton of data From our website and saw we sort of a moga mate. I'm qualitative and quantitative data. Suppose you could call it so basic things like how many papal of getting assad how many Looking at certain houses in certain suburbs Which gives us a really good idea of demand and then the thing that will overlay allied with that thing. Excessive is which really easy way for us to get quite large volumes of really rich insight. So why you here today. What's driving your decision. what are you looking for. And then getting overlying that some demographic law change talk datta so that would be out a cold fish. Potty dada and then sued potty data that we sometimes things roy morgan neilson dada john. I used to be really big in the automotive industry. I'm not sure if it's still so. Prevalent and that alike is offered as an example which tells us how many commitments and how many lodge dwellings will be built over. What period of time is us a really good sense of supply which is indicative of demand because closely coupled a really high end have a bit of outdoor living though an example of where we say supply and demand giving us really good insight into what is looking for is empty nesters and that segment whether they're in hawthorne areas amadeo eagle more than i'm picking areas that i know have a huge beautiful arms californian bungalow with five bedrooms. Two kids left the nest. And i won't something that's as high end still has spice for all the grandkids to still come over and and visit But don't wanna go to a high rise apartment so there's this a sokoll of demand driving supply and so we're seeing a lot more smaller developments. That are really high. End boutique emerge and so is thakur ican conceived with the supply being an indicator as much as the demand so it's a really interesting industry in terms of the mind. Cranes intoned of renters buys. What are you seeing. then you say bent. The the market from a demographic point of view probably -cation as i as the primary segmentation. And that's mainly driven by the way that we serve customers and their oversee very location incense and a big trend that we're seeing and this is probably no surprise off the back of the wonderful cardio head last that people are looking for big arms and bigger land and we've seen massive surges in on regional property interest and earlier last year. There was a strong indication that people were migrating out of victoria. When we're in the lockdown and people were looking to move queensland interstate migrations northern new thing but that certainly increased and towards the end of last year. A think kurt me from wrong but the twenty nineteen wasn't a great year for automotive author and it was. It was a very soft for real estate inside towards the end of last year. We were saying property sales and barring quarry exceeding exceeding twenty nine quite confidently. So we've sane. Barring tristen barring clarion old time high and what will be really interesting. Is this year to say how that have that demand continues and think when consumer confidence continues to return and it is slowly but surely the market will start to really fire up back to coal at the pre twenty nineteen days the other the other interesting thing in. Its look at sars stipe sensitive as well so for example in queensland it's really really really hard to find a rental rental demands extremely high and there's just not much stock available and w is in a similar position that each state has its little nuances of the moment and i think i think the overall trend it will want more spicer if they think they're going to back down into a lockdown and they're working from home twenty four seven is their work. Fly everything they want to be the biggest spicer We think that trend will continue to emerge and another trend that way soul really pick up towards the end of last year was dies. On saw days on sought is metric. We watch very closely. As it's an indicator of how quickly properties the selling and days sought owed is on market decreased quite dramatically towards the end of last year. Which is a great sign right on customers in The selling so what did you see as the leading indicators this when you guys look at the data that that tells you the story like is on a search. The property talks and suburbs to get the the So where do you see. The drive is coming from what. What do you look at to sira. Interest rights is that disposable count one of the leading indicators. Tell the story that something. Goro bad's going to happen. Issue will say interest rates a really k. Drive up and that obviously means that more people can afford to buy a house which means that with greater demand. Prices go up. So there's a there's a with process going up on established property that means that demand full new property increases so that creates a lovely healthy sokoll where we have new neighborhoods new properties being built and created and you will choose more affordable housing when there is little demand that that creates a bit of a bit of chaka the other factor that whether it's an indicator all perhaps i fat da again similar to the automotive industry government legislation and policies. Can michael industry. I've not not there was a period. Where a few years ago. Where i felt like a new government policy around foreign investment was being released every five seconds and when far by is struggling to get into the market that puts a negative impact on local by it means that property can be more expensive means less availability when their list of elements and less again affordable housing another indicator that we use and probably starting at the very top of the funnel if we call it. That is our audience audience numbers and we watched them and we watched that number lock hoax day in day out and in the next probably the next led down from that is bar inquiry. So it's great having a really large audience. What you really want is an audience. That are actively seeking out properties in engaging without agents and customers and then other indicators that we look at as i mentioned earlier days on sato dies on market that gives us a feel for how quickly properties a moving and therefore how no challenges that customers my face and we've released numerous things to help them move properties pasta because it seems everyone's best interested or b cell and we have lots of property selling at another another factor that we look at great folks consumer and industry confidence because one feeds the album. And it's important that everyone feels really confident about they. Property journey and that businesses and again many agencies out there a small very small businesses with nine three or four people chosen when small businesses are thriving. That's helped to out. Bring a lot of discussion about how automotive marcus lucas next year. And we think is is good choices going to be a pretty strong market. What do you see the big challenges for the real estate industry coming into this next coming through this year. I think probably share views. And we've got economists who Very very clever. That have got. They've us on this to which all sort of eight from i think. From a customer perspective. I think the challenges of always adapting and being really all with a potential for the lockdowns and i think we were incredibly impressed by the way the industry fitted dare i use it and probably example of that was we introduced virtual inspections and digital inspections and. That was something that went from. Let's say you know one. In two hundred real estate agencies used pre covid and then close to one hundred percent of agencies using during covid and so i think the challenge will be how industry continues to adapt in challenging times and creates new ways of engaging with prospective buyers and us ongoing blended virtual in real life welled. They're resilient bunch. Anyway of the real estate industry goes through cycles and those that have been in the industry long enough have battery many of many asako. This presents a really interesting challenge where it's about of flipping what everyone knew as gauging with potential clients on its head and being quite brave and creative. I think funding on for that year. Once we get either covered. Where do you see a guy. Do you think there's going to be a plane between digital and physical. I think one hundred percent it will stay blended and drive that one bay what the industry wants. It will be what consumers one and this is a similar to. You know we've got nine hundred. Odd people melvin office is a similar thing. Where saying i don't state is any different win now that we've had a taste of what's lock to have more work life balance and beat highmore with their families and friends. We want to let gulf that. We want a bit Interaction and face to face and in person time but they'll always be from here on bolaise a desire to do things virtually and if you think about interstate is or people who had you know. Get from work to a inspection within our traffic off. The clock is a whole new door opening to more by new opportunity. So i think for our customers and industry daren't except acknowledge and make the most of the opportunity that will lose out. There are many that are adapting and realize the opportunities and before and more accessible that jimmy talk about the customer driving the the industry driving experience in the industry having to cape what the customer's expectations and we say the same. The parallels are amazing with the auto business because as a colleague of as poll fishy to say customers will put you at a business If you get them wrong so it talked about industry needing to adapt adopted and one point. You might was the helmet tax to respond to a laid that has the south process changed from real estate. Because it used to be that you'd have an open for inspection people will through the basically say the has full maybe half an hour. If that failed they might spend fifteen minutes. They fell off. the comeback. Might look at the second time y'all off and then gotta the auction bid by it and end up spending one point five million dollars for something they've been in for all of maybe an hour and a half is that changing will have is that. How do you map that journey. It's a really good question. Because is an interesting dynamic in. This is probably another similarity automotive. The rest of the world is up here with fully digital digital is fully bright and there are many companies or jing ahead and leveraging digital era some of their inbetween that have got one foot in the digital camp and one for the we do it the old way cap and then there are those that a very rigid and change they. Weiss is c. Are the industry's con of in the middle. Those fundamental steps egypt described have been really challenged in real. Estate is not much different from that process. It what has changed is the cosima impoundment and their ability to go that a inspection all of the information. That could possibly want to nate. So they walking into that hass confident they need information asking full support of. I used to walk the lead me through this process because i can research everything everything at their fingertips so it's changing the dynamic and the value proposition of inside something. We really focus on without customers because we see it as such an important critical part of the ecosystem. The role they play. And won't they seem to be highlighted and and that's that role by to be really elevated in the consumer's mind because it is a relationship s- moment and a hit of automotive. It's the biggest and most expensive decision to mike in your loss and consumers just at ready and willing all of them. I mean admittedly you know. Maybe you're investors. Segment is probably more likely to buy property online on same the majority of stray liens. They hot is still in it. And i want to know the looking person. In the i the doing the transaction and as long as that's the way consumers feel and bain a really emotional decision. I play a huge role. So i think it's sort of a foot in nature cab and are adorned. Infacy hume as being confident enough to make decisions without that interaction processed dozen. It's changed to make it easier and with that see. That's things like stamp. Judy white contracts at dan. It's very very hard. Even the why the y- financing it's the really laborious task and what's scary guard through those moments of truth in be improved by. They moved to a more digital process or whatever that looks like we need to be focusing on how we make that a smooth process to consumers at the fundamental coal fundamentals. The still there. It'll be interesting to say in the next five years how much that changes and i think things like pandemics force change. Generic question for me is an automotive. You see all the customers doing. All the research online so dealer might not even know which customers coming to his wave saw and what they're doing until at some stage down the road then come into the dealership but they've already basically made up their mind so the dealer doesn't have opportunity to really engage the customer in the early stage of the prizes. Is anything happening. In real estate that you can engage with customers on the earliest stage stages of the process. So we have tools that help customers understand what a prospect is interested in and so that gives them a bit of leverage when they respond to that inquiry they have a level of insight into neighbouring cycle hassoun of asking looking to buy existing buyer or looking to sell as well and so that helps tibet a tale of the conversation. Mike morrell there's nothing worse than when you have a conversation with someone and you'll your point i because you've got. They're doing whatever he had to do. But they are point bay. And you're orono the same page. And i think changing and this is you know this is a really interesting challenge an opportunity for both industries but changing the purpose of that person in the styles for asylum person anymore. What what should they be called. I i our relationship builder. Their retention manager is the purpose to make sure they stay with the brand rather than buy that model. And i think that similar challenge for real estate with you know if they stay with that agency and there're ongoing customer they become a you know they become a landlord monsieur business. That's a really profitable client so about not fighting the consumer in trying to change their mind but leverage the information that and if you haven't received information attack you be smarter with getting that information from them some fascinating stuff the similarities between the two industries. I just it just keeps really standing up for may when you're talking about the investors versus the retail buyers investors like fleet by Automobile so you bought your collecting a number of them and your listeners. Not but it's all about the the financial returns. What's it gonna cost. What's more rachel pretend to be. And what's the capital gang prediction. Luckily they've now you. Can you really speculating as to what what it will be if if if anything we might have. Some bad years withdraws down one thing with cows one appreciate. That's one guarantee until it becomes a collected karen thirty years that goes up It's fascinating just sing. The the to when the crossover and some of the similar challenges that you've got with your customers and and one thing. I was gonna ask where the john's question ease hands Way accustomed goes to your saw but then turns up at the house. And i ask for your phone number. Does that number lincoln to the lead. That was sent three zero. Crm in the in the realize that i talked to together just title by chance at the real estate agency in this state they will use crm so they will know with that. Walk in ten day was match later. Safe from real estate accommodate you boy the portal for that meta way. Don have a process to understand that and so similar to actually reminded me of very early on back in beim w john but we were talking about using bacon in in dealerships and using that technology to tag and flag when a prospect had entered into a dealership and it's a similar. It's a similar challenge. Where you're bringing the offline and online worlds to give up but i think the key is can invest a lot of time and energy into matching that but the question to ask is what value does who get and what is the. What is what extra value is the consumer all the you know the by will pursue prospect. Getting and i'm a big believer in incentivizing dada feed give someone who good enough reason to give the data. They'll give it a blonde people on cheyenne heading over data when they think it's worthwhile so i think the question to ask and something we're always asking ourselves. Does that person get back. And how can we rather than relying on agent for example to being tracking things in investing intact due to it at can we get the consumer play a role in this and little things ariel suburb investment. Tips giving them everage rental yields. If we know they're an investor looking at a property but really could be. We've got lots of that content online but it's the pairing the room magic happen and i think that's fascinating that whole era. And how do you match it all together. Think it's that's where the value is is trying to get all that rots. It can take easy knees news to match and have a single point of truth of data. And it's it's irresponsible to go down that path that i think having worked on enough data by gration integration projects threat. By time the question. I always ask more value. Who get an what and as long as you can answer that question. And there's always a customer always a consumer in that in that response that's worthwhile now. Do know anything else. You want to add before we got to a summary into my mind and it was nice to refresh my memory on similarities between the two industries is that how do we get the to. Talking will think the same social drivers impact both industries and whether that's interest rates employment rights consumer confidence if there are so many similarities. What can we do to help. Leverage the years of experience in barth to seek out opportunities and and flag signals where we think that things are going well and they might be there might be opportunities. I think there's a big big patch of work to be done. And is there any data sharing between yourselves and say some of the auto industry portals. We work closely with castles. So i have peers that sit over there doing similar jobs and work with this team and we should is that you can imagine the parallels between our two businesses a. It's uncanny at times when we talk about what's keeping us up by two trends that we're seeing even at audience data. They're almost the trends uncannily. Similar sorry we information from that perspective and certainly we. We share a lot about how things like. Customer research and insights programs. And we really live each other's intel. It more can be done more can be done with maybe liam level baps mark to you to do the summary off. Been taking lots of notes here so with with highlighter and everything. I try to summarize h podcast with and do it justice because you've covered off a hell of a lot of stuff and marauding is getting worse as it all for to raid mine riding because i talk more than more than rod but i'll give it a crack. Let me enough missed anything. I'm trying to summarize and correct me if i've missed anything. He your story because it's a amazing one and thanks for coming on the show tonight. So you're a creative person now. Distant the baker eddy person. You'll you you may not director. And then you've worked through the agencies from the karate saw the things from banks through to automotive and so you journey has been a dog who is very much focused on saruman digital but also during brain events so Myth in moved across to laugh from i into real estate with the ange In go to market area. But you've also gone through a number of roles which is insane. You have a stint in malaysia which has been pretty saudi and working with a number of different customers developers the residential areas the real estate agents at centra and the commercial side. When we look at the backstory of real estate dot com. I was not aware it at in doncaster. Becky nine hundred ninety five garage. I was living at don cassar at that time. Cy i'm wondering which garage it was in but it's a pretty amazing success story when you think it's the out to mike Price for real estate and omitted visitors per month. Let's a fair audience at getting and you're dealing with agents and developers and a whole range of industry pliers so when you see the similarities and this is what we're really kinda focusing on these are the biggest purchases that individual has in so house fullest. Kasich safe thinking of Promo mighty perspective. The house is a is a significant. And you mentioned that. It's locked changes that drive the behavior. Where the moving up or down or this. Ed additions to the family People moving at so that drives up behind him but also talked about the similarities in the saudis. The relationships and this comes through in a lot of podcast took It's franchise groups and these relationships with head office -tracting retaining talent because it is really. It's an lucrative industry but also can be a challenging weekends and it can be hard work And when we look at the data because the data is everything and you look at visits to saw and sought so by. We get a lot of that primary data. But then you also get out. Sources From the industry as virus other indicators like what was happening from the current government legislation interest rights audience numbers and yet borrowing quarries coming through with what looking full and even just measuring the getting feedback on consumer confidence. The pretty strong leading indicate is all of which cross iva very much in. What spies and then relocate is k. drivers. I really would determine what is being held. A what what. All what's being rented ange in the challenge until baddies. Yeah the doubting to had one a chalk. Or if you're in victoria and have the industry has adept at pivoted but then we're getting still obviously traditional Requirements of that. The senate thursday not opens the inquiries online. If you're retail by you still want to get in there and crush the cockpit the feel it smell the smell the coffee brewing or the biking in the oven of the breed said that you can close the deal. It's that smelling of the new cow. When you do the test drives so that sort of it is very similar for retail. But you mentioned the investor who is like a fleet baugh they looking at the numbers. So it's what's the return of that suburbs that property type that square meter ridge and it's it's more analytical purchase as opposed to that emotional sun but most of its delays very mentioned the marshall purchase. Which is why the blend. And you mentioned the importance of that only channel if you can't go digital because digital during his you're empowering the customers and customer driving where the industry's going so if you're only doing with that really embracing the digital sawed integrating the data from the digital side and also what we collecting. I've been for inspections but then responding to those leads quickly so he can get into those for inspections. Jason sounds like a candidate shift john. It's fascinating to similarities and just even a Say that if you're not if you're in the auto industry and you not watching the real estate market and the trends in your area in newell state. You missing out. Because it's a really lincoln size stricken strongly and Different from real sites Responding quicker to laid slightly auto industry has had to do and is still improving. And it's amazing. Viewed dive italian from the asu was talking about best practice. What i say every day and join what was it was a one hundred percent. The percentages dropped as you the more minutes to as you'll success rights to style and it was quite frightening to sit so that difference but impairing having that good customer experience. Mike's love of saints and have missed anything. Incredible rock did i. Thanks very much for joining us. Today it's been after pleasure speaking to you. And i think it's this such because being great understanding that trust the two industries the thanks very much thanks for having me. Hypoc be part of bringing the two industries. Close it again. I'll absolutely by an makes so much sense differently. The collaboration between the two needs to definitely improve further his different mutual benefits. Thanks for listening to a podcast today. If you need any more information on what we've covered place reach out to other johnson clay or myself my pelvis strap on lincoln will leave us a message or comment on the yet linked below. Also if you're saying click the subscribe button and also on youtube and if you have challenges with you jay. Plays subscribe to it on spotify or an eye chains. Thanks for listening. Now thanks This thing we'll chat you next week.

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