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"nextwave cora" Discussed on TeeVee

"There wasn't really any evidence of at the point where Lena was like getting lily and just seem to strange. Yeah. It was James may be still getting those like nasty headaches seemed to be getting. I don't think we saw them. Okay. I have no idea then. So Lena for some reason, confronts been Lockwood on her own and till him about the president working with licks and you know, she's trying to get bin to tell her about lex and lex, I mean been saying, I don't know anything about this. What are you talking about? But she convinces him that yes he's been working for lex all along. And he he denies it, but then she seals season burning Roper out of the parking lot. And she and James, follow him, it was curious to me. Why James just stayed in the car if he was there. It's like why would you let go up to this crazy guy by yourself? Yeah. Crazy superpower guy even worse now maybe having James around another superpower guy would make it more likely that there would be a fight with bin, but then is just, you know wrapped too loose. Around the handle these days, I would not, you know, I don't think Lena should've met her life on. Going up to talk to me. Yeah, it worked out. Okay. I guess. All by Lena was judging the risks and made the call. Good point. Okay. Okay. And I think we get onto John and Brian dreamer. So many things I enjoyed brains knife to in saying that, you know, I have to tell her how I love tell her that I love her because if I tell her that I love her then that will relieve the pressure and I'll be able to get back to normal functioning. Even better as the next line is I need to get this out of my system before all the punching and exploding starts. Some great logic right there. Fortunately, the logic just gets worse. And then it gets emotionless the plan of the Wookey gambit, which is a fine, fine phrase, and it's funny having this interplay about Star Wars. It's all fine. Having John there to do the Wookey Gamba was a bad idea. But having the dependency on the imaging do sir for the rookie camp. It was obviously going to fail right? It was a terrible terrible. The DO and the agents of liberty everybody knows about image inducers. They, they, it's been a major plot point for months. It's disappointing that they tried such a stupid version of the plan. Yeah. So they get caught. Of course, of course, won't be any fun if they didn't brainy dream or do do because they had the said, no, we're not going to do that. And John went off to scout. And then NIA saw the little girl from her dream, and they decided for some reason that, that meant they had to go right in right than in there without consulting. John on it. Which still makes no sense. None of it. Oh. So they, they separate brainy. Andrea Mer and put rainy in a chair. And I think they're doing a combination of electrical shock and, and just, you know, punching him in the head knock something loose knocked. Looses ancestoral. Either evil overlord racial memories or something. And then he I don't know if he kills everyone or just knocks everyone in conscious. But I was watching carefully the second time as think he picked up a gun at some point hit someone with it. So for whatever reason they didn't have him kill anyone. I mean maybe they're being put into comas and they know wake up, but who knows that's normal, right? I mean you hit somebody in the head with a foot long wrench. Exactly. I think they decided to not have him. Kill me. One might just be the show style. But it's unclear whether Bruni act now that he's sort of kicked back to being a more true, emotionless Bernie MAC, five instead of brainy whether he's a bad person, or just an immoral person, and we don't quite know the motivation versus his style yet. True. But if he doesn't have motions in loyalties, I'm not sure even if he is still on team, protect alliens side who knows how long he will stay there, if they could do anything with brainiac five they want to now. Yeah, I did like say a Jones comes in and says, what happened and Verney says I am pre. Yeah, it's one of those things where it's like, okay was this, a full system reboot? Was it just a hard reset, like, in terms of just, you know, like resetting your phone or computers? It's like okay, how much of the brainy that we've come to know, over these last, however many episodes that he has been in is still there. Or is it just everything is completely wiped, and it's just all of the history that he has because he remembers everything. But if he remembers everything you think he would remember all of the stuff that happened before the reboot. My impression was they just turned off his emotions and freed up his full powers, and that was it like I was wondering is he actually going to be a true brainiac, and he's going to just try and eat the planet or something like that. I don't know if that's where it is, or if he's going to now try and contact his home world in the past which could involve brainiac coming meditating earth. If he does that, which they could do that, if they want it. So this lots of options, I under the impression that this is still bringing his brain. It's just has his emotions turned off. Got it. And maybe morals. Yeah. So maybe they flipped a couple switches. But that's it. Yeah. That was my impression make sense. It's a really a surprise raising the stakes though for the penultimate episode. Yeah. Definitely. It worked. It was scary. It was creepy. It it was creepy. I was always, you know, interested in excited when I realized what they were doing with it. I just don't know whether they're, you know, how much of a plot point it's going to be the season or whether it will continue into the next so NextWave Cora. Alex and Haley tracking red daughter. She's been busy. Super Bowl went to the DO, and then they met up with Alex aunt Healy, but everyone seemed to be on side with actually working together on this, because really Lexus obviously the problem. And this is also where they do a couple things that blew my mind, was the used Super Bowl solar power signature as a way of tracking where red is Ben right point? I'm super confused because I'm pretty sure that'll point to absolutely every place. The car has been constantly. And the ignore that entirely. Maybe they'll bring that up next episode or next season, but what in the world of doing, and if DO can do that, why didn't they track down? You know, publican to me number one supergirl before with that will they had her on a machine for a while. So they probably needed or around in order to record, what that signature looked like in order to track it. Yeah. They needed super goal to help do that. But they're looking at historic information, though, which still should show up as much of where cargoes as to a red goes, they then talk about like these hits that have been going on taking the designers of the satellite weapon, and they're triangulated that to find her address. And at that point, I'm going, what's going on here. Science. That's not science. That's the writers didn't know what else to do here. So they just use the word triangulation law. Something anyway, supergirl flies off. Alex goes to reducers apartment and realizes that she's been sort of stalking Kara and freaks out. She likes to freak out about people finding out her entity. She doesn't every episode now. So anyway supergirl confronting red daughter. Asks red daughter about Mickael, which, I don't remember how Curragh ever heard of Mikhail whatever, I'll be found the diary at reds this, That's right? right. The divers picture. So she's had a bunch more information about that which could then bring up, but she only add like haffey information, right? Right. So red otr is, of course, infuriated by this and says that the Americans killed Mickael and a fight flight and. While while they are fighting and Currah is losing Alex is on her motorcycle, trying to get to the fight and Currah loses. And in fact, looks not only unconscious, but kind of did Alex runs tour in his crying will is she crying. I don't know. But she's her voice is certainly fraught with emotion as she says, you know, I know you don't quit. So you can't go now. Elisa runs off and looks horrified. Oh, yeah. Somehow, I cut out a bunch of notes here, 'cause I missed the part where the phone call from from Elisa mom, danvers, and Alex, and Haley, and Kara, all realized that read Dr was with Elisa. Right. I mean affectively all this leads to a fight and grass and grass away from the city which. Convenient and their fight for the most part. I thought was okay. It's really hard to tell these fights what hits her supposed to actually because ING them damage what hits they can just sort of taken brush off. But either way supergirl is losing this fight very much. Realistically, I don't know what lex has told read bit Lexus plan, obviously, nudes car and supergirl dead because he can't go into feet. Red saying he defeated supergirl and have supergirl still being around. So then clearly, he's not aware that she's not actually dad because by the time red dot early if she is under the impression that Super Bowl is dead. She can't hear a heartbeat anymore, and she has no idea that the grass is going to save her life, which I wasn't really expecting either. But it happened. Yes, she listens to the heartbeat stop. And by the time she might have wanted to do something else to make sure she was dead. She was think being impacted by what she was watching with Alex, Alex was emotionally impacting red. And therefore read is just I think, wanted to be out of there, but I have to say when Alex was, yeah. Shoving grass super girl's hand, I dunno. Alex that looks a little far gone. So it was a pretty shocking to me also when it worked. Yeah. When Elisa showed up, I was expecting something a little more scienc- to happen, you but that she just kind of stood there and then we're just looking at all of this grass. And I was like, oh, okay. That was not the reaction I was expecting to Eddie of this, but it works apparently because again science. Right. I mean. Technically, you know, plants do store, sunlight in the form of chlorophyll. But I mean it is okay. I really liked the emotions that Alex was putting across the way she was sounding kind of irrational and saying, look, here's Gress news. Some light here. You know, don't leave me. Don't leave me. I really liked the emotions of. Of the scene. And I was willing to turn off in a little brain for that supergirl, seems far more efficient or something about dude dealing with light. Like she generally is a better capacitor and superman. But yeah, pulling these sort of ATP from the chlorophyll sunlight from all the plants. At least I wanted to all the forest around them to die..

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