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"newsradio kfb johnny" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"Many Butte county residents. Stay connected all that. And a lot more coming your way next fifteen minutes right here on News Radio. K F B K. Bag got everything you need for your. Drive home. Remember once you're in the car, turn your radio to the go-to source that keeps you totally informed with Sacramento's news, traffic and weather giddy. O'neil PK afternoon news on your drive home. Newsradio KFB Johnny irksome Totta. And I do a fair amount of travel flying to speaking engagements, my assistance, and I know very well. The added challenges that come with traveling with the disability requesting an all chair from the airline calling hotels to ensure accessible room accommodations renting accessible vans a few years back when my husband can. And I were planning a vacation we chose to change things up a bit and go on a short cruise because everything we needed was on board. Less planning involved. Plus knowing our ship had medical staff on board gave us peace of mind. If you're disabled and had the wherewithal considered travel options that have fun and accessibility built in visit disabilitycampaign dot org for a free resource shape on planning accessible crews as well as other disability travel tips. And as you do. Bon voyage from all of us at disabilitycampaign dot org. Obstructive sleep apnea may sound like snoring. But it can also sound like a car crash. Blue suffering from sleep apnea or seven times more likely to be involved in or ADL said. Times likely to suffer from high. Times more likely to suffer a stroke. And ten times more likely to suffer a heart attack in their sleep. Sleep apnea is a serious and even life threatening condition. But it can be successfully treated. Insult with an oral and facial surgeon is part of a sleep medicine team to find out if you're storing is more than just north. Berlin facial surgeons are the experts in face mouth and Joe surgery. Learn more of that obstructive sleep apnea at Monaco, MS dot org. River city recovery center in Sacramento offers a safe environment for people seeking recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. It reassures residents that they have treatable disease and.

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