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Suspect shot after 2 women stabbed in Vacaville house fire

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Suspect shot after 2 women stabbed in Vacaville house fire

"For any evidence. A man wanted for stabbing a teen and a woman who were found outside of a burning Vacaville home was killed in an officer involved shooting. Back of Bill police say thirty eight year old Nathaniel Holland was shot after an hours long manhunt through the city. A police canine was stabbed while trying to take Holland into custody at canine is expected to survive. No other officers were hurt. Well, the manhunt began around six forty pm after fire crews found two stabbing victims outside a house fire. Police say firefighters found the victims a sixteen year old girl and a forty three year old woman in the driveway. Then they found a four year old girl with burns to her face and chest, a twelve and fifteen year olds were also found that the home they are now in protective custody. Please believe that Holland lived in the home with the victims and they're investigating the relationship between them in. What's become an annual tradition covered? California is reporting a last minute rush of people signing up for health coverage already given one extension, but tonight's midnight deadline approaches. Spokesman James Kalari says the procrastinators are showing up in force yesterday. We had fifteen thousand people signed up in select a plan, so many people are signing up late the state's insurance exchanges giving people somewhat of a reprieve. You still have to start your application by midnight tonight. But after that, you'll have until midnight Friday to complete that application what we really want to make sure is that people get the message that they do need to sign a by today. And if they can't get it done by today than they've got through midnight on Friday to finish the process. It's estimated that once all the applications are complete nearly one point five million Californians will be insured through covered, California, George Sampson, NewsRadio KPFK, the ongoing battle between teachers in the Los Angeles. Unified school district may be getting a moderator. The Los Angeles County board of supervisors stepping in. Now, they're set to vote on a motion today to identify millions and funds that could be directed to the district to enhance healthcare for students. It also instructs the county's department of health services and public health to identify strategies to higher school, nurses, and other professionals if passed the county's department of mental health would need to find up to ten million dollars for that effort. Well, even with more women in the workforce, there are less likely to be the breadwinner in their family, Sacramento. There was one of ten major US cities with the highest rates of female, breadwinner. According to an analysis by magnify money. We have one of the highest rates of female breadwinners at thirty percent. So what gives Sacramento boost six hundred the top ten cities on our list our state capitals. And I don't think that's really coincidence because I think government jobs tend to follow sort of payback structures a little bit more closely. So there's probably a little bit less room for bias to come in. They tend to have better benefits, which can be very. Helpful to people who have families keenly McFadden with magnify money para fair number of women who owned businesses in Sacramento. I think it's about thirty four thirty five percent, which is which is pretty decent compared to the rest of the country. According to the analysis Sacramento also has a lower pay gap between genders with women earning just about fifteen percent less than men Dina Kodiak NewsRadio KF became the flag at San Francisco's Lowell high school is now lowered in honor of grad Carol Channing who passed away at the age of ninety seven this morning upon hearing of the legendary Broadway stars death, fellow lowlights held a moment of silence school staff. Say Channing who was a member of the class of nineteen thirty eight would often visit her alma mater and during her last trip to Lowell she performed a moving cappella rendition of before the parade passes by from Hello, Dolly students, say they'll always celebrate Shannon's life whenever they perform at the schools, Carol Channing theater. A rep for Channing says she died peacefully overnight one in four adults reach for their phone as. As soon as they wake up, the majority of those adults checking their phones within the first sixty seconds of waking Armagh, lentils the study by route metrics on that thirty one percent of millennials are checking right away compared to just nine percent of baby boomers, we see less and less of Email, text is social media. And that's about it. The rush that we broke down with watching videos gaming and listen to music podcasts, executive director of performance benchmarking. Kevin Hayes Lee says it's not an addiction. To you. And it allows you to fill you to connect to others and be comfortable in your space. Forty seven percent of people feel unsafe without cell service. The majority of those where millennials Casimiro hall, NewsRadio K, if if you're planning a summer vacation based on gorgeous pictures, you've seen on social media research it well because five of the most popular destinations are fighting back against what they call the Instagram affect so many people are booking holidays based on Instagram travel pictures, the governments are limiting tourism to preserve landmarks from selfie. Stick wielding visitors one site in Ireland scene in the movie Star Wars has limited visitors to just one hundred eighty a day after hosting seventeen thousand people in one day last year at much UP to the visitors must get a ticket to visit only five thousand or available each day and an area of Croatia. Visited by game of thrones fans now has limited their visitors as well. All right, five forty at NewsRadio cave.

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