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"newport beach resort" Discussed on Awards Chatter

"For corn, delivers visibly clean fields for up to 8 weeks, they were a bit skeptical. We'll see how it works. So we decided to prove it. We set up cameras in multiple cornfields, treated them with tribal and filmed for 24 hours a day. For 8 weeks, we saw a variety of weather conditions and try Volt worked. See for yourself at trifold in action, dot com. Trifold is restricted use pesticide, consult your state pesticide regulator for specific restrictions, read and follow pesticide label directions. Hi everyone and thank you for joining us for a very special 463rd episode of The Hollywood Reporter's awards chatter podcast. I'm the host, The Hollywood Reporter's executive editor of awards, Scott feinberg. And for those of you tuning in as opposed to joining us here in this beautiful setting, we are recording this episode in front of an audience of film lovers at the Newport Beach resort and spa as part of the Newport Beach film festival. My guest today is an actor and comedian who has been appearing on screens big and small for 35 years and who I have loved ever since I was a kid and he was first making his name on TV Saturday Night Live and in films like Billy Madison, happy Gilmore, the wedding singer and the water boy. Over the decades since he has continued to pump out hilarious comedies that inevitably prove to be blockbusters at the box office. While also showing other sides of himself, it admired dramas like punch drunk love, reign over me, the meyerowitz stories, Uncut Gems, and this year, hustle, which Netflix began streaming on June 8th, in which he plays a basketball scout who discovers a generational talent abroad, and for which he has received some of the best reviews of his career. Now 56, The New York Times has called him, quote, one of the biggest movie stars in the world, one of the most famous comedians alive, and the modern inheritor of the legacy of Jerry Lewis, The Guardian has stated quote there's a strong case to be made for him being the most successful Hollywood star of all time. Not of the past 25 years, nor our generation of all time.

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