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EPISODE  312  "Speak Truth to Power."

Native Opinion Podcast an American Indian Perspective

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EPISODE 312 "Speak Truth to Power."

"A cold how crew this genocide on slave introduce them to these things. There was quite every every inch. You have reached native opinion. We are indigenous information education and information radio show and podcast each week. We talk about current affairs related to and from our own native american perspectives. In my name is david gray at the top of every show or episode. We like to tell our listeners. How they can reach us and how you can do that is you can email us at host with an s. At native opinion dot com. You can reach in the twitter verse. At native opinion on our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash native opinion podcast on a web page at native opinion dot com. And you can download this podcast from your usual. Most favorite podcast directory download sites such as a podcasts. Google podcasts radio republic iheart and last but not least you can leave us a voicemail at eight six zero eight zero zero five five nine five again. That's eight six zero eight zero zero five five nine five reach out. Leave us a voicemail. Leave us a text. We enjoy hearing from our listeners. And we try to get back to you and answer our feedback as soon as we possibly can so we want you to know that twice a week. We have a podcast on the winston which you're listening to now and owner saturday show beginning at our usual time. The saturday show is live. And we thank you for listening and we want our listeners to know we appreciate every bit of support we received from you. The financial support we received goes directly to our cost and expenses associated with producing the show and some of those expenses are things like website podcast hosting. I'm music licensing. Our content development curation our daily business operations marketing advertisement and more. So please join the wonderful folks who have contributed to this show by becoming a patron and you can find out how to do that on our website at native opinion dot com forward slash support. And you can also find out how to do that on our facebook page. Just click on the learn more button and another great way to help is telling other people about the show friends colleagues family and again we thank you all for listening and sharing a show. It truly doubts. Help us grow and we thank you so much for your support. We also want to let you know about our sponsor but he can trading post mohegan trading. Post creates fine. Authentic mohegan handmade craft and beadwork ribbon shirts embroidered. Tat's dream catches and other specialty items. They also create coop mass that fit the entire family and their sizes and these masks made from one hundred percent pleaded cotton in two styles with various printed designs. They can be washed reused which we all know. It's a real advantage over disposable face coverings and they take custom orders for many of their products which are also available by request. So if he would please visit mohegan trading post dot com to view their wonderful designs and our thanks to and trading post for being a loyal sponsor and advertiser on native opinion. Well it seems that each week that goes by in this new administration. There's something new and surprising that comes down. The pike and i was a little surprised by this bit of information that i'm going to share tribal leaders praise nomination of brian newlyn to become next assistant secretary of interior For india fares. And i'm glad that a native was chosen for that position instead of a non native. Actually to be honest. And if you ask me that's forward thinking that's looking ahead and it's telling those who would desire otherwise that maybe a new time it's coming this. This article was produced by native news online staff for native news online on the twenty fifth thursdays and now announcement that former bay mills indian community chairman. Brian newman newland. Excuse me is president. Biden's nominee to become the next secretary of interior. The assistant secretary of the interior indian affairs of indian fares was met with praise from indian country orleans. Nomination will be sent to the us senate for confirmation in february. He was appointed by president biden to serve as principal. Deputy assistant secretary for indian affairs which allowed him to become familiarized with the position of assistant secretary of indian affairs when the announcement was made on thursday newland currently serving deputy was on the navajo nation when he joined the entourage traveling with first lady. Jill biden and i understand the first lady is about to wrap up a visit to navajo nation. And i quote. We congratulate mr nolan on his nomination. Excuse me hasn't been confirmed yet. But that's coming and we are pleased to welcome him. And first lady biden to the navajo nation in quote navajo nation president. Jonathan net said quoting again with his extensive experience and knowledge. We are optimistic that he will we will work together with all tribes and partner with navajo nation to advance new policies and policy changes that benefit our people and communities. We have a great working relationship with secretary. How holland and we're happy to extend our welcome to mr newland and we look forward to meeting with him on many issues. Congratulations to him. And his family in quote and there were a number of leaders that praised mr new a nomination president fon sharp sharp of the national congress of american indian sent a note and i quote in the country is poised for investment and new opportunities for economic growth and the time is right for new leadership. Amen to that. We are ready to engage in initiatives that create a sustainable inclusive and strategic agenda for indian country with brian. Newland as assistant secretary for indian affairs along with the first native american secretary of interior. We will have that critical voice for our traditional cultures tribal economies and the healing of our broken relationships with the federal government. Well it couldn't agree more president sharp. These appointments have been longtime coming. And i'll just say it should have never taken this long but we all know what those reasons were going to be naive enough to believe that there were no qualify natives for those positions so i don't know it may be common belief to some that the cabinet positions have to be filled from within the congressional ranks. And i don't think that's the case as you can see. Mr newland wasn't in congress so you know i find it hard to believe that. There were no qualified native individuals years past. That could not have held those positions years past another piece of Congratulations came from tony. Stanger mclaughlin director of and native american agricultural fund which is an important organization. Quoting brian. Newland is an outstanding pick to lead the department of the interior work with tribes. Naf director program. Tony stanger mclaughlin colville said new orleans background quoting again. As an attorney national policy advisor and tribal leader have equipped him with unique skill sets. That will allow him to be incredibly effective as soon as he is confirmed a decade ago. When working across departments with brian he was always receptive to make native. american farmers. rach ranchers needs. Excuse me willing to facilitate work between the department of the interior and the united states department agriculture through his leadership we can build stronger economies for everyone. And that's very true and a moment ago. I said the director of programs for the native american agricultural fund being a very important organization it is. They work closely with the united states department of agriculture. And i'm glad that mr newland is well aware of this organization. And i'm hoping that he's going to move the needle in relation to the department of agriculture native farmers. Mr bill sack. I think if i remember correct if i'm stating someone please let me know i e email mr bill sack who is i. Think the the new secretary of agriculture has had a few complaints made against in-form bread. Not really had a good track record with working with native farmers. So we'll we'll see how this works out how it plays out. I'm hoping that again. As miss mclaughlin said mclaughlin's eight. Excuse me through his leadership. We can build stronger economies for we won. We shall see There are a few more congratulations from various leaders and tribes from across indian country. I'm glad he's getting the support from these tribes and leaders because it's important to have that that backing it makes the job easier. It gets the indian voice out there the native voice out there and you know for once in probably decades we're going to be heard adequately completely for a good outcome. That's that's my hope. I think secretary howland and assistant secretary. When he becomes assistant secretary. Newland will will make sure those things happen. And i'm looking forward to the thanks that they're going to be able to accomplish down the road. I'm hoping that they will accomplish. Great things for indian country and the rest of the country as well. so congratulations. mr newland wish you luck and you confirmation and again. I look forward to seeing some of the great things secretary holland and you. Soon to be assistant secretary will be doing. And you're listening to episode three one to speak truth to power in you know the the time has come to speak truth to power for the good of people of color and everyone else because without truth we continue to live in a country founded on lies murder theft and genocide. There was a bit of stupidity that flowed from rick. Santorum's pie hole in the last couple of days. We'll talk about on saturday show and i. I can only classified as stupid ignorant racism but again. We'll talk about it. Done on the saturday show he. He will win the coveted spot of racism in america. His comments will will leave you scratching your head. Your jaw will help the floor you you stay tuned stay tuned so this next bit of information i wanna share. I was glad to see. I was glad to read it. And i'm going to be even more thrilled to share it because somebody has to speak truth to power and somebody that has a bigger voice than the average person needs to speak truth to power. This article comes to us by way of native new online staff again for native news online. Minnesota lieutenant governor. Peggy flanagan tweets. Minnesota is a place where it's not safe to be black and lieutenant governor is a tribal citizen of the white earth band of jebara. I'm glad she spoke up. And the article reads minnesota. That lieutenant governor peggy flanagan democrat tribal citizen of the white band of a gerbil tweeted on sunday afternoon. That minnesota and i quote is a place where it's not safe to be black in quote. Her comments come one week today on the eighteenth after the dante right junior a black man was killed by a twenty six year veteran brooklyn center minnesota police officer who claimed she thought she was using her tasers gone not her service revolver the officer. Who was president of the police. Union resigned on tuesday. Here's something to keep in. Mind something to know while these officers are still working for the municipalities of the state that they're employed by they have funds that are available to them to us not directly but the police unions and other organizations that are police related. You know can expend funds to help defend these individuals. Who commit you know crimes against the people. They're supposed to protect now if they resign or quit or are fired. They no longer have that protection. And it's going to be interesting to see what transpires for this twenty. Six year veteran so far i haven't heard of too much happening in the way of her being charged I'm going to have to go back and take a look. Maybe maybe she was charged. Maybe it'll tell me in the article here. But i don't remember seeing it but continuing on flanagan's post to twitter came one day before the junior jewelry jerry. Excuse me we'll hear the closing arguments in the trial of ex minneapolis police officer derek chauvin. Who was charged with second degree murder of george floyd. Well we know how bad outcome went. So here's the lieutenant governor's quoting this week. I felt my role as a mother. So deeply heartbreaking conversations wrote flanigan in a in a and she's talking about the conversation she had with her daughter regarding rights death quoting again. We must never forget the reason. They're a protesters and law enforcement in our street. And it's because dante right was killed by police. Police officer during a traffic stop in quote flanagan continued katie. Right lost your son dante. Right junior not yet. Two years old lost his father. Dante right should still be alive quote in continuing her tweet truth in light of this past year we must do what. Minneapolis many minnesotans. Excuse me capable capable of the bolden are thinking be steadfast in our accountability to change from top to bottom that means rethinking policy and rethinking count crowd control when people express righteous and just about viable outrage. That our state is not safe for black people. We must also find the right balance between safety in that free expression because surely we haven't gotten that right yet either. What is abundantly clear is that this is our reputation and this is our shame. The feelings are sharp. And there's blame for all of us but there's also an opportunity for action and for better and if we're lucky. Some measure of redemption going forward. Our moral imperative is to ensure that the set of circumstances that conditions that led to the death death. Excuse me dante right. Senior will be different for dante right junior and every other child like him george. Floyd called out to his mother. Dante right called his mother now. We're called to act as a mom and child advocate. I know we cannot turn away quoting again. As a child advocate she declared. I am grappling with the stark reality. That minnesota is a place where it's not safe to be black. This is the essence of emergency. We face this is i- reputation and this is a shame. She said again and going forward she again. Once the says once again our moral imperative is to ensure that the set of circumstances and conditions that led to the death. Mr right will be different for his son. Every other child like kim. Well i applaud the lieutenant governor for making those statements speaking truth to power. Because i didn't hear anything like that coming from the governor or any of the lawmakers. Mr right should still be alive. He shouldn't be dead. He shouldn't have been shot just because he broke free of the officers trying to cuff him and he got back in his vehicle to drive away. They knew where he lived. If the lady didn't know the difference between her taser and her service weapon she shouldn't have been carrying either when it's going to stop folks. What is it going to take. Every time i hear of another murder of another person of color at the hands of white police officers. It reminds me of the situation in palestine where the palestinian people are being brutalized and murdered. Just for existing. Yes statements may have opened can of worms. But i care not because what is happening to those folks in palestine should not be happening period. What's happening to people of color in this country should not be happening period. Mr right mr floyd mr brown. The list goes on and on and on. It should not be happening whether someone's committed a crime or not. that person still has due process. They still have the right to be taken into custody. Safely without injury incarcerated if necessary and given a trial if necessary i've seen countless situations where i would be driving down the highway or secondary road and the police officers will have someone pulled over who was not a person of color and they're talking to them like they're holding a conversation after sunday church. No hands on weapons. No weapons drawn and some people say well. That's not fair comparison. Well yeah it is a fair comparison them. Because i've had guns drawn on me for stupid reasons. When i've committed no crimes so yeah it does happen folks. It's real. Do i trust police officers to be honest very few of them. When is it gonna stop. It's got to stop the wanton murder of people of color at the hands of white police officers has become an epidemic in this country. It's gotta stop so thank you again. Lieutenant governor flanagan for speaking truth to power. I'm hoping it sets an example for more elected officials to speak truth to power without fear of retribution. From their colleagues or voters. Who know what's happening. But they care not and again. I congratulate mr nolan for his nomination and hopefully soon to be confirmation as the assistant secretary of interior indian affairs again. I hope to see great things happen especially for native farmers so with that going to play us out and bid everyone a good day and good afternoon please be safe out there where your mask vaccinated or not this virus still taking people off this planet and people are still being infected by the virus. There's new hot spots developing around the country. So please continue to wear your mask. Wash your hands often and keep practicing social distancing. Hopefully this won't be with us forever but again let us hear from you you can. Emails at host with an sf native opinion dot com. And please leave us a voicemail and and or text at eight six zero eight zero zero five five nine five and again. That's eight six zero eight zero zero five five nine five and my name is david gray. Al i'm a citizen of the cherokee tribe alabama. I bid you a good day and good afternoon. Donna dot guy and i will see you saturday talk.

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M 03 Hero Journey Custom Landing Pages

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

03:48 min | 2 years ago

M 03 Hero Journey Custom Landing Pages

"Walking back to another. Minnesota doctors perspective today, we are discussing. I guess I might be to be part of this story matters podcast by James Cook media number season one episode who's your hero. He starts out talking about who's your hero. Nobody really wants to be told. They're going to be loose Skywalker. Their Luke Skywalker custody to be iota need guide then following that type of stuff. Nothing new there, except that you just need to be the the guy when you're looking at your website. You're reading a bunch of stuff the sentences that you have a lot of high. There's a lot of we you should look at it and say, hey, let me write this. There's a lot more of you. So in the client when the patient reason like they can see themselves when you say, you they can see themselves, and whatever it is that you're talking about it. You say I are we again, you're making yourself the hero, which you don't wanna be you want to be the guide finding your avatar in their spree things online hub spot and just Google avatar. And they were discussing, you know, you might go through the process or maybe you've been in business for a while. And you really. I thought you wanted to do the elderly once you've got the elderly. You're like, wow. These people are not who are want to have as my ideal client, and it's a shame because I've been marketing so heavily in the last six years are, maybe it's athletes and your allies. Maybe the athletes are too needy are everybody thinks they're so special, and you're like I can't deal with that person anymore soul. Goodness. What do I do? I spend all this time. They like, okay. We'll figure out when you had random other patients. Of course, the United is gonna see athletes all day. So our old people whenever you do see the people when you're looking at the other. What are you like and then start building that avatar on that and start doing your advertising that is slowly start shaking clinic visas drastically change is out no longer street in these people well as really gonna hit your bottom line and gonna wish you probably didn't do that. So a slow process of changing his good idea. He mentioned this thing on empathy. I guess there's like a whole Jonah of business coaching based on empathy, and you can Google that in both the worksheets, and you can find out more about that. I didn't really know much about that yet other than I guess just an empathetic the words your customer. What you're doing? But like I said that may be something new digs for myself. I haven't really heard about that before one thing. He mentioned was when you're changing your avatar. And I've heard this more results in heating mentioned this. But can you change the landing page, you might have your generic catchall homepage website, but could you tweet kit? So you create a new landing page for sports Newland page for headaches new landing page for pregnancy. New variable web page for wisdom teeth removal for braces, etc. And when you advertise you advertise that link that delete the recklessly to that you still story brain website, this exact same thing everything, but it's a little bit tailored with the pictures and some of the orders directly to the condition that you're trying to treat and the giveaway that you would have would be directed towards that as well. And you probably should see convergence skyrocket to be that laser focused. Let's see. I overall nice guy seemed like he's got a lot of good information. It's my first time listen to his podcast. I saw his ad on Facebook. It looks like story brand I was interested. I gave the Email took a little quiz. It said. I am a something like influencing entrepreneur something like that the person that is famous is Richard Branson. So that's who I would rep fun loving get out there. Let's try something. New life of the party exciting. See something wrong with trying to fix it. Let's invent something. That's make it better. A like, okay. I can see that in part of myself. So wasn't a wasn't too sad about that that turn out sometimes like to take quizzes twice as like. All right. What do I think? I am in. What what are the opposite is see that actually chain always curious about the back? You see what else is out? Anyway that about a ramp for this episode. Join in the conversation on social media references podcast number. Doc, Justin tros player. We just went hashtag behind the curtain.

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Episode 199 | Bonus Episode: Magic Kingdom Annual Passholder Preview Day

Detour To Neverland

1:00:05 hr | 10 months ago

Episode 199 | Bonus Episode: Magic Kingdom Annual Passholder Preview Day

"Welcome to detour to Neverland your guide to Living Your Best Disney life through your hobby business. Here's your host Brendan and Catherine. Welcome back to the towards newland today is episode one hundred ninety nine, and it's a bonus episode that we wanted to share with you guys. Our experience back at Disney bursts as locals within second just as being the first time back in a very long time since the parks have closed, and it was a great day I think for a lot of different reasons I think it was a great day for me. Personally because it kind of gave us that sense of normalcy that we had been missing and I know that sounds silly, but it did give us kind of that picture into what we had been hoping for moving down here to Florida. With being able to go to the parks and being so close, it was something that we commented on several times. Today's just you know this is in our backyard kind of, but we're so close in. It was exciting to just be able to wake up Dr there. Drive back home at the end of the day and. It gave us a good hopefully window into what it'll be like. Forever. So before we get into the actual details of what we accomplished, today wanted to also point out that we are going to be guest on the W d. w opinion podcast with our friend. Connor Brown who I know. Many of you are familiar with was a guest on our show. while ago I don't remember the number, but you can search for it in the search bar if you WANNA listen to it, but connor has graciously invited us to go join him to talk about our experience of going back to the parks as well so be looking for that within the next couple days I would say make sure you're subscribed over there to w w opinion, you can hear our voices again. Oh yes, you can never get enough. So I think the way that we're going to break down is. First and foremost. We want to talk about safety because I think that's the biggest thing on everybody's mind of what it's like going back to the parks. Nowadays, they were GonNa talk about characters. Then, we're GONNA. Talk about what we accomplished today, and then just our final tips or final thoughts as to how Disneyworld is shaping up for an experience right now so safety. We were as pretty early in the day by friend on. If we felt mostly safe, somewhat safe or not safe. Think if you put it on a scale of one to ten. I was probably consistently around a seven and a half or an eight. That's the exact number had in my head, too. I think there are moments that were better and there were moments that were worse, but overall I would say I felt mostly safe. Our Expectation, or the our own parameters that we put on ourselves for this, where that we were not going to ride attraction for we have to touch things. For example 'cause that's kind of egg, for example, like space ranger spin like any kind of little gun or anything that you would have to. You knew him like a Dumbo, for example. If you WANNA go up, you have to hold the joystick. We weren't going to do that. We went back and forth something like Space Mountain where there's a lot more contact between you and the ride vehicle. We did end up writing it. We went like right after. Cleaning time, so we'll talk about that, so I think that helped, and we'll talk about that of how you can try to schedule that out if that's something that you're. Interested in, and then we never entered into any of the no masks zones. Personally just me personally I think those are kind of silly. I. Think that really the only time you should take your mask off when you're eating. Or drinking but I do understand you know for different reasons. Someone Might WanNa go into a no Moscow, but it was never even really a discussion that we had. We just knew that we weren't going to go into him. Yeah I agree so. We can't really comment on those because I. don't even know how well people were spaced out in their whatnot So. Let's start with. Disney's procedures. On things, so of course, every guest has to be wearing a mask. We didn't see anything. Firsthand about the gator style mask, and those are the ones that kind of hang down your neck. Disney's rules specifically say that your mask has to have an ear loop, so we heard that during cosmic previews that gator mask were being turned away, and they're making you buy one of their Disney mask that have the loops we both wore. Regular. Mass, but we got the ones that you can put the filters inside of an I think that was an excellent idea. It just again. It was something that we kind of decided last minute just as An extra way to kind of make ourselves feel safer. Not, that we ever felt unsafe by any means, because for the most part, everyone was wearing their masks. You know we had talked about before. We went to Disney springs like sometimes you see people just like walk around without their masks because they were holding a drink, I don't think I ever saw that in the parks. I think everyone was very respectful of the rules. I know like if you have little kids, you might be wondering about that I. Honestly didn't see many little kids because I was looking. Just like thinking about our niece and stuff like that, but I didn't see many little kids. and the only kid I saw that weren't wearing masks for literal infants, so that never really liked became an issue or was something that I saw. And then everywhere else, rather park's pretty much everywhere that you went into. There were directions on how you should be standing. The only place I would say that was not apparent was the emporium. Weren't like directional lines or anything is there were for checkout of course, but as you were perusing inside, there weren't i. would honestly say that would be one of my biggest takeaways. I'm probably not GONNA go into the imperium anytime soon again. The only reason we even went in there to be honest was because we were waiting for Mickey, mouse to come back out. I needed some shade and somebody's C ESL I would agree if if you are trying to really avoid crowds, shops are probably not the best place just because it is a little more free form. Than anything else, then it's more on the other guests and not as much on Disney in the procedures that they put in place and that's I. Think where you get I think there's going to be the thing through this where you get a little squirrelly. Yeah, say yet. Disney has very well thought out procedures. I mean they have lines everywhere. They even have Eros in some places like when we. We were getting back on the ferry boats. They have Eros everywhere trying to just keep people in your lane, so their procedures, kind of their expectations were very upfront. They have signs everywhere. They would have announcements. Come over so often. Just reminding you kind of you know what you should be doing and how you should acting. Be Acting, but again everything I think was very smooth in that sense. Entry Process I know when another big talking point so. We parked to the TC. Of course. They have security on. T. T C. Properties so that when you get to magic kingdom, you don't have to go through it there. And for the most part I think it went very smoothly. Their temperature tracks went very quickly. Yeah, very much like Disney Springs, or if you even A. Universal from what we've seen is probably the exact same. Yup, so advent health is running him. Stand with your party. They shoot the temperature at your forehead. Take your hat off. If you have one they were. They did say something that I had not heard at Disney springs that if you have hair on your forehead to move it. which I mean, it makes sense like if you were have bangs or Super Sushi hair something equals love sushi hair. The one thing I will say about. The entry processes that. If you bring a bag, so this impacted me because they're trying not to touch your bag. You have to empty out the entire contents of your bag into one of those little bins like what you'd see like an airport to put like your things in and. I don't WanNa. Say That was annoying, but it was kind of excessive. Luckily, I didn't pack much, so that would may be just be like a warning to any of you out there who are going? I would go as minimal as possible because you have to take everything out. They look through it all. You have to have to look in your bag and then you have to repack your bag. which was probably it was like me very meticulously packed. Everything had a spot, and it did not a couple of things. I WANNA. Say That was not the normal procedure. That's what happened to us because. They've ran out of the plastic bags. They were supposed to be handing you a plastic bag where you put all of your electronics and your metal stuff in one thing, and that's what you put off to the side that they look through in one cohesive plastic bag, and you would carry the rest of your bag through with you. So that you wouldn't have to do the entire compound process. Well I been just in case I ran on the bags again. I would pack as light as possible or just pack electronics in one. Gallon grocery bag. You could try it. Either way either way. You signal little salty. Having to unpack your entire. Live and I can only imagine like what what if we had kids? What if I had come prepared for? Something create I. Don't know people bring a lot of stuff going Brendan. Stuff I did think that if I had my camera bag, it would have been a nightmare. Yeah. Just with my little backpack. If elegant nightmare, but anyhow we're not complaining though Catherine. Designing it was helpful tip for any other people out there. Bringing bags ended safety. Add Safety, which is the number one goal number one goal. Anything else the entry process. The other thing I thought was kind of interesting is that they didn't check our ideas like? They said they would not that I would bring your id because you should definitely bring anyway, but I think they were definitely trying to get people through quickly, so it was very fast. We didn't have to wait at all to go through the normal. Turnstile area. And then to get from the t C. to magic kingdom, they were running the monorail, the ferryboat and buses. and. The buses were rapid fire that it was suggested by the people standing there the workers that we take the bus and at first. Chicago and I really want to. That's not good tip. If there is a bus, take the bus and the buses are very well socially distance what they have. All kinds of partitions up numbers depending on the size of your family. They assign you a number Yup. Crowd levels so all day long we kept coming on how empty everything was. and The only places where it got crowded I think we're in the gift shops. I think just main street in general because they're you know people want to see the Castle People WanNa take pictures up towards the train station. That's where you could see some characters so I think just that area in general is just pretty crowded but I would agree. That was where you saw the most people in where it Kinda fell the most I guess traditional, Disney, but the farther out you went I. Mean when we walk through Tomorrowland, it felt like we're the only people in Tomorrowland in storybook circus I counted. There were three other people in the entire land with us, not counting cast members and not kind of people that were in line for the barnstorming. Dumbo I saw on twitter was repeatedly running with like one or two people on the entire. Ride. I think just there in. Parts of the park or just somewhat deserted. which isn't a bad thing. We actually heard guest in front of US asking one of the ferry boat workers kind of how many people they thought were there, and if a normal day at the park would be similar to this pass holder preview. He said it'd be pretty similar. which is a good sign? He said, now of course. Don't quote this telling you. I don't know it's not an official number. Because of course, they don't really sufficient numbers, but didn't. He say they were thinking? They're gonNA cap at like five. Fifteen fifteen, okay? In my mind, I heard fi which sounded really low, but I think thousand. That's still really low compared to like a normal. Day So, of course, that's not an official number or anything, but that is. We heard someone asking that question. I yeah, I don't even know if I believe the ferry boat operator to be honest. It. Have some Seniority Brendan. No people. To think about that, and though people do they know probably don't know anything either. That's why I said. Don't quote us. You're. GonNa. Get in trouble. I will not. So crowd levels otherwise in the queues themselves. It was not bad at all the longest ride, the longest posted. Time that we waited for was thirty minutes. And it was not thirty minutes big thunder mountain said it was already I'd say it was probably closer to fifteen. Seventy dollars mind train said it was twenty five. We did have to take a break for cleaning, so that one maybe was accurate. But other than that. The accused look really long, but they're not at all. We'll have some more tips on that. At the very end, but. I'd say most people were in a queue for the majority of the time. And when you were just walking around, there wasn't a lot of people dodging that you had to do. Now there is always the issue is. I'm a pretty fast walker. That's not like Brag. That's just. That's just how brag. It's just how I. Do and I kept having to restrain myself from trying to pass people because I didn't want to get right next to them like a normally would on a normal park day. I did find myself being very just aware of the other families around you, because some families are more aware than others. You know, especially if they do have kids or anything with you so. Even just like unloading rides and things like that I would try to just guests like. ARE THEY GONNA go in front of me? Are they going to rush off or are they going to let me go I? Kind of thing, but cues. I think you know we're run very well and the one thing that I noticed a lot of them to where if they if you did have to snake, pass them in. Couldn't you know space people out? They would put up plexiglass so that you weren't near the other family. On the other side of the key of that makes sense. The only thing I think it was also good on those snake situations was that you would be offset? Brom, so you not not only be six feet away from the party in front of you in the party behind you, but also people who are in other parts of the cues that are wrapped back around your area, so it was kind of like a six foot radius at all time so sometimes. There would be ten fifteen feet in between you and the party directly in front of you, but the reason was because there was another family six to eight feet away. Horizontally so I think that was pretty smart I didn't. Think about that before we went, but like splash mountain cue that was very apparent as to how they were setting things up like then. The, one that stood out to me, the most was big. Thunder Mountain. That they did a good job there. So speaking of cues and speaking of of these common areas guests behavior. I'd say. Ninety five percent of the guests that we saw had good behavior today. And really by quote, unquote good behavior what we mean were they were just very aware I guess of the surroundings and the markers and everything the really the one time that we didn't see it may be upheld so well was with a bigger party and I can imagine that that's hard because I think when they put those lines down. They didn't necessarily take into account that there. We're going to be some big parties. I mean I think there were six people in that party may be and. And I think it's just hard for you to stay on your line, so they would kind of inch up a little bit. Luckily, we were behind them, so it didn't affect us at all, but for the most part everyone stayed on their line and Kinda like what I was saying. Everyone was kind of aware even in the bathrooms and stuff like when you walk in and out, people would stay like one side, or the other, or if someone else was washing their hands like they went get. In the sink like right next to you, you know they would spread themselves out a little bit I'm surprised you saw other people in the bathroom I think. Every time I went. There's only another person in there like once the entire day. Girls bathrooms are usually a little busier and it wasn't even busy by any means like even the popular rapunzel bathroom. Almost completely empty when I say other people in there. I mean like two or three other people. I will say. Here's one of my complaints. Okay I didn't think about this until now, but during the day it was a complaint. Is that there were not automatic. Paper Towel dispensers. In the bathroom. puddle bathrooms note for girls. There were not for men. In at least I didn't find it, but. The hand crank was necessary to get them out. In again, it's like I. Just Wash my hands I'm assuming that everybody else who's touched? This has just watched their anti the elbow. That's very difficult to do. I always do the elbow. But I guess that's just. That was my only thing, but there were no air dryers. Yeah I if there's been nothing good to come out of covid nineteen and the pandemic nothing at all, but if there's one shining light. It's hairdryers will hopefully die forever. Why Anybody Save the Environment? That was a good idea in no, it was a save the money. I'm going to go and save the environment. For for two hundred vinyl answer, that's my old man yells at cloud moment for this episode. That I, if I never have to use an air dryer again, it'll be too soon. Okay, now we know. They're bad news. They get this train back on track. Talking about guests behavior, we can kind of tie eating into that because I think that is something that brings up a lot of questions of people to. Say For we're going to be too crowded anytime that we decided to sit down and eat again. We were completely. Alone and abandoned. And I mean that. Made US feel better about taking our masks off and I'm sure it would make anyone else feel better to and every time we did. sit down to eat anything. There were like immediately. WORKERS CAST members there to clean up right after us. Clean up right before us like constantly just walking around spring. I think the cast members were on top of it. Because we sat down to eat twice and both times as soon as we got up. Before we even left that immediate area, they were wiping down our table. It wasn't in a way where they were rushing us or anything. It was just. Ready they were there? They were ready in his soon. You know before another family could sit down. which nobody was because they were both deserted areas. Than it was cleaned off in, it was ready to go in. That made me feel a lot better. Knowing that if you chose a random table. There's a high probability that it had been cleaned. They were even scrubbing like the. Columns of the Christmas shop. like. Just like the outside columns facade. She's like. Okay, you you, you I! Don't case someone like leaned up against it I guess. But I thought that was good and. Both of those. CAST members who were cleaning like sing along with the music in that just made me feel happy. Cleaning on rides. I think it's one of those things that. It depends on how much you trust what Disney says that they're doing. I happen to think that they are. Upholding what they said they were going to do. So our understanding as it has. Is. That of course you're, you're being separated. You're never sitting next to another party at least once per hour. The ride is completely shut down. And they clean it top to bottom all of their vehicles. and. We have this happened to us twice once on hunter. Mansion in once in seven doors mine train. We know that it shutdown and they've ran empty cars on seven dwarves. For Fifteen or twenty minutes. To get him all cleaned up and ready to go again. Now are they cleaning between directly in between you and the party? Who just got off no now. Do I wish they were. I think in a perfect world, yes. But then you're. You're gonNA wait an hour. To ride if that's what they're doing. So again it kind of comes back to that social contract of. Are The people in front of you, not touching their face, the people in front of you only touching the things that are necessary to get in and out of the ride vehicle. I think for the most part felt pretty good. If you. Don't want to deal with. Here my suggestions on and mansion great option. You don't have to touch anything. Goes toast lowers the bar for you and backup. Sandwich Peter Pan. That was mild. One Peter Pan is well the Pixie. Picks it up and lowers at. The other ones you know like Winnie the Pooh. You had to pull it down. And then it releases at the end of the ride and I knew that I touched it. As, early as possible. I pulled it down I kept that hand I did I didn't touch anything else with that hand, and as soon as we got off I, used hinted hand sanitizer and wash our hands. So I. Don't think any of the rides. Were that bad I mean nothing really stood out to me. As an issue now and like you said I think Disney is following through with what they said they were going to do. Because we did experience it twice, and it pretty much happened. On the hour right at the hour and you recognized it because for the most part, the lines just moved like it felt like old school Disney like before fast passes where? You really did just constantly move. Which is nice, too, but you know at those points at did stop and it was very obvious that that's what they were doing. So that's nice and you know Disney courses a good job of putting hand sanitizer absolutely. So again. You're just kind of hoping interesting that everybody's using it. So that I think cover safety. Pretty, well of anybody has any specific questions. Police you're Give our honest opinion of it. I think we both went in trying to. Identify as many issues as we could, and we didn't identify many well mostly just because we wanted to know like what we're getting into early. How often we're going to want to go back, you know. How safe did we feel? And for the most part they're definitely cleaning. They're definitely very aware of it and I think they're doing absolutely everything they can. The only things you can't control, are the people once. They go you know once they go there so they're trying to do everything just to make sure that everybody is aware unconscious cautious like at all times we were also looking out what you mentioned that you can't control the guests when they come in, but you can to a certain extent, and we were looking to see if there's anybody with mask off to see if a cash member would tell them to put it back on, and we never saw anybody with their mascots, so we never even had that opportunity. Yeah, I well I take that back right when we walked in the two teenagers Oh. They were taking self as they were taking selfies and taking their masks in front of the castle, so we did have like an eye Roman with them, but don't be those people was all make a social pact that if someone post a picture, a recent picture from the parks without their mask on, don't like. Yeah. Just like. Roll Emoji. Don't even give them any engagement block them. Now in walk in reported. Let's talk about characters because this is something that we were excited for It's not the same you know. Meet angry kind of thing that we're used to, but we were excited just to see what they did, and just who would come out and he'd get to see Brian early. As soon as we got there, we saw the The car of Trolley Trolley ruled by the Horse and we saw your ravitch and. piglet and piglet that was exciting, because I don't think I've ever seen rabbit before I love rabbit. I we he was out and meeting and Mickey's Halloween Party when we went to Disneyland in two thousand eighteen. And, we didn't get to meet him been distraught over at ever since I still need to meet him. Face? But. Rabid changing him was amazing We saw him twice and I think because the characters aren't actually meeting in greeting they they do come out. I would say fairly frequently and I. Don't know if they do have some kind of schedule. We didn't like study. You know how often they came our world order anything, but they came out frequently enough where it's not like a hide-and-seek kind of thing like. If you really want to see some of these characters, all you have to do is kind of hang around for a little while, and you are sure to see them. Listen for music when the music changes. That's when the characters are coming. So! You mentioned the hundred Acre Woods trolley other. The rest of them were floats pretty much. They brought, Tinker Bell's float and I think that's a boot to you float. I could be wrong. I don't. It's the big treasure chest that Tinkerbell sits on. It might just be from festival fantasy. Yeah, maybe so so tinkerbell comes out. She's by herself. Never playing Peter Pan Follow the leader, all kinds of music like that. I thought the coolest one. was. The Princess Cavalcade so it was led by Merida. On, a horse on a horse, and she was flirting with Brendan, she did. She likes red hair she did. I feel about that. We're an item now you. Areo to Achie- to now. Ariel saluted me Oh. Who Did you? A A line of Lara think. Burning got a wink and a nice hair today. I was also wearing a predators facemask. So maybe they're just big fans maybe. The Princess Catholic led by Merita horse and I'm sorry. We don't remember the horse's name from brave someone. Please enlighten us. The rest of the princesses were on their float from vessel a fantasy. And here's the ones that I can remember. Aerial? Cinderella! Trying to go in order, so I can remember. We had it on a- and Rapunzel. Oh, yeah! They were on their on their own slow. Bell. Was On the other side. Did you say Cinderella the fairy godmother I rounded it out. She was at the very top. Lane Avowal are. Aerial Already, said her and sleeping beating. I'm trying to. Snow, White Yes. Maybe she winked at you maybe. I'm trying to think was jasmine there. I don't think so. I don't think Jasmine unless she was on the other side, but anyway Princess Cavalcade. It was really cool, really cool, and I do think because there's lower crowds not like a festival in the fancy. It is not a parade by any mean is not a parade, so there's not as big of a crowd, and so they're having a lot of interaction with you in the crowd. They're pointing directly at people. They're not necessarily talking or speaking to you because the music is so loud, but. They're using body language. It's almost like every family. They are having some sort of interaction. With. Next would be. I called it the British float. There were some non British people on it. But. It was a lot of British people. Eighteen Mary poppins. So, it was led by guest on on a horse on a horse. And? Then it was a mickey sensational. is called now eight then. The party full. No, it's not sensational. It's move at shake it. Mosca dance it, but I think they changed the name of it again. You not talking about the little dance party that they have in the. On that was Peter Pan and Wendy on the front to British people. On the back. Was Hill who. Aladdin and Mary poppins. And then tigger was falling behind. The walk the hallway his he's. He's got too much energy Brennan. You can contain tiger. So that one was really cool. People were probably buoyed by this. Because you can look this up online well, it's exciting tasks. And then last one which we didn't see in person. But. It's another of the move mouse. And it had. Clara Belle. Mickey. Donald Daisy. Now a float, we just saw them at the train station and said, and then one more, and then that's it goofy Max. PAINT CHEETO say. Yeah. I think Clare Bells on that one. But anyway we did so as far as people say people as far as characters just kinda stationed in the park. We saw a couple of those two. We saw some of the country bears. Standing up on their balcony, we saw anesthesia Andrews. Ella standing on the back part of the castle. We saw stitch over in Tomorrowland. over where that dance party takes place sometimes. And I think that's all that. We saw just kind of out in a bow, but the coolest part of this. was every so often I probably a thirty minutes. One of those groups of characters that were in cavalcade together would go up onto the train station. In dance and they'd wave at people and they'd post in. They do funny things. For ten minutes Ursel. And people would stand down socially distance apart and wavered on blow kisses to Take Pictures, take pictures and that was. Pure Joy Everybody there was just so happy to see. These characters again and. I'll said however he wants I like to view it as the characters were so happy to be there to. I think they were you could tell I think. Everyone in general was just elated to be there. Every worker was waving. Of course you can't see them smiling, but I like to think they were smelling. They're waving or saying. Hello, welcome back! We've missed you. It is exciting. So I think that's for characters we were. We like Geir German greets. That is something that we do like when attraction lines get too long. That's something that we will do to pass the time that we enjoy. These cavalcades. I thought were awesome. I would highly recommend them to checking them out. Just you know set up on Main Street somewhere and you're bound to see all of them. And they were. A lot of fun. So as far as other things that we accomplished. Let's start from the beginning of our day. So Magic Kingdom opened at nine. This is probably not going to come as a shock to most of you, but we were running late. We had planned out our whole morning. We knew exactly what time we're going to leave. You know we had it like minute by minute planned out. Basically because we are so excited and we ended up leaving our house thirty minutes late. Want more. Weird about that really whatever it's fine. We ended up only being nine minutes behind schedule. Which tells you how quickly everything kind of moved along once everything got going. We ended up getting to the parks. I, think we looked at it and it was nine oh nine. Today that was pretty good. And then we left a round woody think Brendan were three, forty, five or four. Okay, so that was just what time we decided. We were done and high and need to come back home to the dogs, but as far as what we accomplished I'd say we did everything and probably more. Than what we had expected, don't you think? Though, we started with some rides. We started with flash just because when we first got there, it said it was about. Five minutes. No. I, don't think so. I think it did it might. At five minutes. We ended up waiting probably fifteen or so, but it was still really fast, so we did splash right off the bat. We were actually in the first row which I was kind of upset about, but we didn't get that wet. No one bed now. We did splash. We did big mountain. You're trying to knock out that Kinda back part of frontier land over those that was an on Wednesday would like to notice. How was your first big thunder after doing a storytelling upset on it and understanding more? Of what was going on? We did look for little things in the key. We read a lot of the signs and some of the posters and it mentioned. Like the Great. Thunder Mining Company and The Mr Bouillon big thunder mining company. Say Great Thunder. You know kind of the same adjective. It talked about Mr Bouillon. Who was the head? The owner of the mining company of course it mentioned anything being haunted, but we did catch ourselves trying to look for some of those things we did find some of those clues. Maybe next time you ride it, you will, too. Yep, so after a big thunder we went in. We Rode Pirates of the Caribbean. That was a immediate walk on. Oh yeah, and that's another good one. If you're trying not to touch anything, you just Kinda, sit stand leave. We took a break to eat a snack. At that point, we went to sleepy hollow, and we both got corn dogs. That was kind of an early lunch, and then talking about finding an area that was deserted, so we took our corn dogs in went back behind the Christmas shop. And, so, if you think about that area where Mary poppins, sometimes meets or where Jack and sally meat for the Halloween and Christmas, parties. That area completely, there was one other family back there, but there was like six tables in between us. We are seeing it sides Had a nice view of the castle it was. Really enjoyable, so hopefully that area would be pretty laid back for you. If you're looking for a place to space out, I will say the the seats right behind sleepy hollow. There were more people there will, because that's the obvious seating choice. You know that's like the quote. UNQUOTE, sleepy, hollow seating. So, I would just say. Get creative and think about try to think ahead about if I get something to eat. Here wears maybe a quiet place. That I could go to eat it if you're trying to distance yourself when you take your mask off. which is what we were trying to do? After we ate, we went back to fantasy land in Rhode Peter Pan. Walk on. Unbelievable it yeah I feel like the big hangup was in the darling home. Because of course, everyone wants to look at all the cool things that are going on But, as soon as you get past that, you walked, right on. We did seven dwarfs mine train. Am Glad we did you know I might that I had a lot of fun on that ride today. Maybe it was just because it's been awhile since he wrote it or. I don't know, but I had extra fun on that ride today. Usually we KINDA PUPA wit, so I think I feel like that means a lot. It was fun I will admit that. It's still not worth waiting more than twenty minutes, but it was fun, but hopefully right now you won't have to wait long. from there. We went back to haunted mansion. In Rhode Haunted Mansion which was Nice. As some cool air everybody loves that, so I'm sure you've probably already seen by now. They're not doing the pre show. They're not doing the stretching room, but you do. Go through the Q. In the stretching room, and they're all stretched out to have a great opportunity to see them all. You know lit up and and looking really nice. LIT UP IS A. General term is still very dark. Yeah, but. Honey Mason was awesome. We got stopped a couple of times. One was right in front. Of the bride, so we got to see her do her full spiel and the other time was in front of the singing busts. And that was also is. It was just call the singing heads. I guess at best is probably more official. that. We kind of Ping Pong around. We went to the castle. To facetime our niece and my sister and your sister, so we enjoy doing that, and then we also road Winnie the Pooh yes. And Again is a walk on Last, but not least we braved it and we timed it. We assumed they were all going to be. Cleaning the ride vehicles on the hour every hour. To, we waited until three o'clock as close as we could get to it. We got to space mountain. It immediately I think they were freshly cleaned. Yeah. We can't confirm or deny that because we didn't actually see it happen like we did for the other, so we're just basing it kind of off of what we experienced on the other rides, just knowing that that was something that they did, but that was a complete walk on two, at which was nice, because typically when I think about space mountain especially in summer months it does feel really stuffy in those really long hallways, but because there weren't a lot of people in because you never had to stop, it didn't feel stuffy, or kind of cramped and high, which I was a little nervous about in the. The CAST, member, who is loading us into the rocket ships actually had to wait for us because we're getting some of the hand sanitizer. Because it was just. Empty. There was nobody back there it all. Out over got we got, whip. Did, get a Web. That leads us in. A way -CCOMPLISH, the character cavalcades. We wrote some rides. We ate some food. Is a pretty full day in the park I you know I don't think we're park opened apart closed people anymore. especially as locals. I don't think we're going to do that too often. Not July especially not in July so I. Think we accomplished quite a bit? We did not do any shopping. We tried to stay out of indoor. Areas as much as we could. But. We just have a few tips if you are going to the parks in this season. In who knows how long this season is going to last? Just some takeaway from what we had were. The Queue Times in the queue links that you see. Are Probably not going to look like they match. And I honestly don't think they do. A lot of times it did seem like the Times where overblown for actually how long it was, and maybe they're trying to account for if you get stopped for a cleaning which is nice that they account for it, but. Like seven dwarves, the line was all the way out across from Phut. Like, it is on many. Days a normal part days. But with everybody, six feet apart. It was so fast. You're almost constantly moving. And I. DO think there's a psychological aspect to that as well. If you're constantly moving, it goes by so much faster. As well Oh, for sure because you don't actually feel like you're waiting. You're just kind of walking taking everything in. So I would i. don't let Longlines scare you away. Because most everything I would be shocked if you waited more than twenty five minutes for anything in any park right now. I completely agree yeah. Next is. Mobile ordering. We thought that we were so smart. We went to target this week with planned out what our budget was gonna be the go to the parks. went to target used are red card to get five percent off on Disney, gift cards that we can stay within our budget and save a little bit of money. Making you mobile order. Yeah, and it was something that you know. We knew that they were doing and we need that. They encouraged that. Strictly mobile ordering, and of course that's not everywhere like with the card sets not possible, sleepy hollow, for example that's not possible, but if you are trying to go to a cosmic rays or more Some of the other ones that I just a little to get a dole out. Yes, you have to mobile order, which isn't a big deal like we had it set up. It makes sense you know. It's less touching especially, you know if you think about food, you don't really want them touching a million people's cards and then touching your food so. Props to Disney I. Understand but it was something that we did not. Consider at all. Yeah so we have these gift cards down. We barely used them lease. Actually find a way to use them I mean. That's no problem at all, but I would just say be prepared for Mobile Order. Go ahead and get everything set up in advance. It did like sign me out at some point and I recently had to change my password to my Disney, account. And so luckily I had saved in my password manager. If I had not because I. did like the let chrome suggest your password I would have been waiting for a while, yeah? Got It done got it ordered, and it was quick. It was also very interested at cosmic rays. You could not enter the building unless you show them that your order was ready. And maybe just because they don't want a lot of people just sitting in there with the air conditioning. Just taking their mask off and I can appreciate that, too, because you know that happens. Anytime you go to Disney is people are always looking for a place to sit. There are always looking for some air conditioning and I think maybe that's just an extra precaution that they're taking in trying to make sure that your mask off. It's a legitimate reason. Last, thing I wanted to talk about is. I'm a Pansy. Are Both pansies will I'm Pansy in a way? That comfort is like? One of the most important things to me like if a t shirt doesn't fit right I'll throw it away if shorts figure right, I'll throw away like I cannot deal with discomfort very well, probably well as many other people can. and. I was a little worried about wearing a mask all day long, I. That's not say that I ever considered. Not Doing it, yeah, but I was just curious about how the mental side of it and my body would react to wearing a mask all day. I can say that like after thirty minutes of being there just felt like a clothing garment to me. That, it was like wearing a hat or something like that. Yeah, you have to adjust it every now and then to make it comfortable for you, but. I think there goes so much further if you just tell yourself like I don't have a choice. I'm wearing this for my safety for the safety of other people because it's required. It goes so much further than if you don't give yourself any wiggle room of. Will find a way around it and I'll just carry a bottle of water with me the whole time so I don't have to do it. It's not that bad. We went in July. A can't get much worse than this. And by the end of the day we're both kind of like all right we. We probably need some fresh air. To get out of the sun at least that that's something that we would have thought anyway. You know with it just being so hot and with us being there for you know however many hours that we were there, but I completely agree I mean. You know the mask itself. Was Not Terrible, and we did talk about before that we were gonNA. Go with the paper masks, but we did. Go with you. Know the more. I don't know if heavy duty is the right word, but we had the filters. We had the cloth masks. And everything like that so. You know in there are lighter options, but it didn't bother us. I'd honestly say that having my backpack and like back sweat as worse than having something on my face. You know so just normal you know July He. was more annoying than having the mask. No I would, I would recommend those filters to anybody because I an extra sense of security. Because of it, I think like if I was just where we were the paper masks, sometimes I go to public or something shopping. A lot of times mine thinking there is I'm protecting other people just on the off chance that I'm carrying something that I shouldn't be I'm protecting other people I don't know I'm not an expert in any of this stuff. I just do what I'm told and the filter whether it was. Real or not made me feel more protected, which I think went so much further to me being able to adopt the mask so much easier well like you said it all goes back to mindset like if you go into it kind of the way that I think we approached it up. We're just excited to go to Disney if this is how we have to go there. There then, so be it in. You know our whole approach to our trip today. Was You know what can we do to make ourselves feel safe and I think that's a real conversation that you can have with friends or family. If you're going with other people just like. Hey, what are you were? I guess boundaries. What are you willing to do? What types of rides? What kind of eating whenever we ate, we ate outside. just because we could just distance ourselves better. We fell so just little things that you can do to just make yourself feel better I think that goes a long way. So I have one last question for you. Okay, and we've we've stayed pretty. Quarantined I mean we have not gone. Many places it all during this entire process besides moving that was. Our big adventure. But even then like. We only got to go food. Then, go to restaurants on the way down here. Yada Yada Yada. Since being down here. The only places that we really on would be a grocery store and like Home Depot. Did you feel safer in Disneyworld? I'm tempted to say yes, and the reason. Why is because they do? Screen you much more than just like a grocery store does and I think especially in Disney and I can only speak for what I've seen, but I feel like the people who were there today. They just know like this is if we want Disney to stay open, this is what I have to do. You know I will wear this mask. I will social distance. You know I don't know how often people wash their hands and things like that, but it just appeared that people. Were just more willing to do whatever it takes more than just like your average person. Go to grocery store because they need groceries. You know what I mean. Yeah and I wanted to point out. That I'm not trying to say that. These are equal by any means I know that grocery shopping is a necessity Disneyworld is not a necessity at all. It's the furthest thing from it. However I do think that's a good gauge as to just being in public. How're things set up like what? Are you feel and and Everything that goes along with that and I I would agree I think. That? Publix and Home Depot anywhere else. We've been has given me more anxiety. Than Disneyworld did and I did not expect that at all. I kind of expected for us to have to bail early because we were very anxious. And that's not to say that you know. Disney's just like perfect bubble where everything safe I just think that everyone is being as cautious as possible in sometimes if you are running into a grocery store, or you know a target or something like that, because it feels so normal, people maybe ernest cautious. I think. I think overall. It's just like A. It's a positive thing on Disney. that. I think everyone is being so cautious. Made Sense, but Just. Throw it out there and pose that question I have a question for you. Cry Today. I wouldn't call it crying. Did you tear out, yes? You're sentimental. What did it for you? Saying Mickey. So, we waited all day long to see Mickey. We thought we'd see him walking like on a float. That would seem somewhere. You didn't know where he was, so we just camped out near the castle. And Catherine you had the idea. Let's just walked down main street and we'll see what we can find on there, and maybe there at the train station. We turn the corner in. We see him here. He was like the light was beaming on him in his celebration. How is like my Disney fan? Intuition just like where is Mickey I can sense him. He's here. Today I teared up I. Think I turned up a little when we first walked in to. Just through the gates I didn't even see the castle yet and as kind of just like. We made it like we did it. You know because. There's always just like that. You know. Oh, we're running late or just like silly things like. Are we ever going to make it? We did yell at each other. We don't do well under pressure. But not have a magical morning at home as you are straightening your hair and I was pacing back and forth in the living. which that's also a tip like why did that? Nobody knows because ended up in a ratty ponytail, but I turned up a little when I walked in, and then of course, seeing Mickey is like emotional. So it was a great day. Day We'll be back in you know. Maybe it'll be different, which is like the general public I don't know? Today was all pass holders. I don't if that makes any kind of different. Makes it worse. Soldiers in general, make it worse. They're just like Disney. Like Extra Disney fanatics who were just as happy to be there as we were is kind of what I mean, and not that people we just go normally are going to be as ecstatic. But you know I don't know if that made sense whatever. Interested either it was so next Wednesday were magic kingdom again than than following weekend. I think it's the eighteenth and nineteenth. We are Hollywood studios and animal kingdom. And! I'm excited for this I mean I'm excited for everything to come. I did have a revelation day in this. I noticed going off the bandwagon. I loved our Dan Magic Kingdom today. Hollywood studios might be my favorite park now. It's going to be super thrilling. If Hollywood studios is going to be anything like our day today, magic kingdom where you can basically walk on anything. Goodness. We are going to have to get drug outta there because we're going to be so. Just tied to everything, but we'll keep you posted. We're excited to you. Know Live vicariously through everyone else. WHO GETS TO GO over the next couple of days while we're not there. But we hope you enjoyed. Listening to our kind of bonus episode, we hope that if you are planning a trip, you know hopefully some of these things that we saw experienced today will be easier. Mine's a little, and of course if you have questions, we love to answer anything that we didn't answer right now. Yup, and make sure you listen to a showing connor for at www opinion. I could never have wd. In any of our. Branding? I can't say. If our friend. Julie from www is listening. BLASIO I. Speak but anyway thank you guys for listening. Hoping join us on Connor's episode. We'll be back on Monday within interview. It's been a long time since we've had an interview and I'm super excited, Kosovo, two hundred episode two hundred. So hope you can join us hope you have a wonderful weekend. We'll chat with you on Monday. Thank you for listening to detour to never land, subscribe to the show and Lee. Review to help more people find US follow us on Instagram at detour to Neverland Underscore podcast to see are pictures from the parks the.

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Episode 317  My Buy Board Is Empty

Casual Fridays REI

15:07 min | 4 months ago

Episode 317 My Buy Board Is Empty

"Welcome to the casual fridays. Rei podcasts where you'll learn about the wildly profitable mitch of land investing active lane investors adam southie and justin sleep while are here to share their experiences with you so that you can learn how to build a massive cash flow and huge profits from this highly lucrative niche so without further ado here your host adam southie and justice leva. Hey what's up guys. I'm adam southie here with my co host just and sleep and this is the capital fridays. Rei podcast today. We're talking about how my board is empty before we do that though. Let's talk about the plum investment group. Do you ever probably need funding for plum. investment group. Is your solution. Plum help plan. Investors grow their business by funding. Your raw and purchase is truly an awesome deal guys and just to be clear. This isn't alone will actually partner with you by putting up the money for your project so do yourself a favor out the website. It's plum investment group dotcom. Happy friday sir. Happy friday how are you. i'm good. I was confused because you didn't say happy monday. I know we're friday only showed i remember I do remember yeah. It feels like it's been so long. Does it to you. It does it does. It's a it has been because we typically shoot so much. Should we see each other. But it's been a an accident a couple days. We've actually talked to each other as well other than text and email real quick But it's good to hear your voice. Well here's to. It's not like we're not seeing each other as we sit across from gord this but you have an interest it. It's an interesting topic today. Because i'm kind of going through what we talked about. We do for twenty twenty one and we're deep diving in kind of understanding. Where our personal is. You're talking growth. And i looked over my board yesterday and for those who don't know i keep a big whiteboard in my office. That has my buys. My sales has the four different companies. Things i'm working on in different companies but my board i had to take a property off of it and it was empty and i think that's the first time in probably man two years of that's been empty not something in escrow to buy and a property people ghosted And so it's empty. And i'm like oh shit my my inbound inbound deal pipeline is is gone it. Should i be scared. Should i be nervous. What the hell is going on Well i actually want to comment real quick because on the idea of having a by board you like having big whiteboard reconsider everything right. Everything on i two i love it i in fact i want like two or three more. It's like the whole wall behind you. I want to have one separate one for each thing. Okay but i know that some people don't like they will use excel sheets or whatever right. I can't do that. I like to be able to walk in my office. And take quick glance in and i feel like it's just this old school mechanical like. Hey i'm right here. People used to write on windows and do things like that. That is my. That's my that's my anchor. And you you have stuff on excel. Might i can tell you my whole. Crm stuff on excel but that is my like my comfort zone and lets me know that i'm moving in the right direction especially because you're just sitting there at your desk in like there it's right there it's always looking at. You can always see. It's a target. It's good for me. It's good for the goal Second thing okay. Let's go back like do you get nervous when the boards empty. So that's what i was thinking. I was like oh shit. Should i be. Should i be nervous right now. I started to think that i was like whoa millfield my family and six months in my not gonna and it's and that's where it naturally you'd wanna think and then i go wait a second. I've got like four five counteroffers on deals. I've got a mailer. i just approved then. I got to wholesale sent to me. And i'm like yeah. These are actually really good deals. Let's by those so while my by board was empty for this moment unlike my machine still moving so yes. I should probably have been nervous. Most people would have been like. I don't have any deals. Just don't have any deals and then for me. Because i understand what it's going to take for my business in my machine i said. Hey what are my other pipelines to bring deals in wholesale in my negotiating deals in my partnering on deals. And i look at it and step back and say call myself down and say okay well. Hey we've got a counteroffer on property. We offer one hundred fifteen grand for one hundred acres and buoy county. I think it's bill your red river county texas. I'm good with that work on a subdivide in texarkana. We haven't agreed on terms yet but we're real close so that one's their wholesale deal to wholesale deals and so i'm like okay so there's four there. I've got a house on waiting on. Let me walk. So there's five. I'm like okay. These are small deals. These are deals that are going to make enough money to be like. Hey second half of the year. I'm done but they're not on the board and the boards empty. I think this being nervous is really on going to be in. I don't know the right word. Independent of each person like where they are what they do. Because i talking to our former producer. Brian just yet. Just had the baby congratulated. both girls were born. There healthy moms healthy. They're off of cpap and nick. You getting ready to come home. If they're not home yet. So say a prayer for them. They made it. The babies are here thirty five one week. Brian was talking about the annual real estate cycles. Mail the beginning of the year. The clothes on things so close and i'm kind of thinking about the same thing because right now my bible boorda's empty but we had such a killer last year. Yeah the fourth quarter. I was thinking about that earlier this week. I was like man. Put like a million in revenue aboard in the fourth quarter. Yeah and so it really depends on where you're sitting and if you're didn't have a great year or you spend all your money then now you've you've got to be very easy to feel nervous when crap. I don't have anything going on. But if you are true investor good with your money or things like that right then you can take little relaxed like you just said well. I could take the second half of the year off if i wanted to and so i'm not i'm not nervous about it. I have mail bot. I have a male plan in place. I'm going to execute it my planetary out the door for by february so i know land will come back and and i actually talked to the bunch to a lot of new. Investors are like well. What kind of budget should i have to buy. Property time to mail all the time. And i don't i my response will most new landed our mailing every month. They they're told to buy somebody somewhere that you gotta so so many per month and we we talk about that in averages but i had the same conversation is it. Cyclical like send out. Seven ten thousand pieces of mail and i'll buy them sell them. It takes ninety days a cycle. Through the time i closed so and when i got my money back off that i may like i say i sent out six thousand. I bought thirty five thousand dollars in properties. And it's worth a hundred or one hundred twenty when i got my five back. I'm going back to work. Like the prophet is what it is like. I don't get excited about selling the properties once they're on the market. I'm my thing is acquisition. But i want to have that same money cycling attorney. Yeah what if you had to guess. I mean i was what i always tell is. Tell someone who's new and they're whatnot. Your mailing. i always guest. Is that most newland. Investors are male and once twice three times a year. maybe they mailed biannually every quarter. But they're definitely not melon every month. Yeah i i would say it depends on where they heard about land investing so the size of their mailer because it may send out five hundred pieces mail and they're like oh man. Mailer didn't hit or a hit. Eight hundred sixty seven. They've promised me. I get one for four hundred you know and i didn't get anything or you got deals in you. Just the great. You're scared to pull the trigger. And you just don't do anything with them. Yeah i guess that's another key to how much mayor. Because i like to see. Everyone sent at least two three four five thousand letters. Well there's gonna be a lot of people who will do five hundred thousand a month. It's the same number. You're still mailing every month but in our experience to go after the property that we teach the bass boat property it takes more than five hundred letters. Yeah it is going to. And that's that's a. It's it's funny how that works and people were like i don't wanna guarantee i want this man you're investing in a business and there's a human element on the back end that we can't guarantee so that's and that's kind of why this topic is is is a huge eye opener for me and for a lot of people's because when you're staring at that by board you gotta say hey what are my other pipelines direct mills great. I'm not. I'm not knocking it. But if today. I need to make a deal. I could get on every group and say hey. I need to buy ten properties wholesale. They need to be at least twenty acres have street access. Send me what you have now. I could have deals for zero dollars. That i'm looking at because the name of the game is a real estate investor is looking at deals and then pick one or two there now in the game. Baby i'm moving. Yeah yeah. I was thinking about that too. It's like the power of our network. Not just our group but every other group that's out there and you can definitely go out there if you're nervous about. You're vyborg be an empty. Just ask for deals. You know they're gonna come. And i think i kind of like a prime example that just in talks with me like hey i need some stuff diagnosed. Financial my call. I got to. Yeah perfect example. Don't you want to send me like forty. Make money off of them. I sell them to you. What i pay for them. And i'm double my money. And i'm great plus double my money. Plus you know and that's okay cool so those go on the market tomorrow in. We'll have a few deals out there. Yeah i i was thinking like i'll just resell a motor finance. What if i sell them. And i get someone that gives me cash for and they give me this amount of money but only who cares already made my money like selling them for exactly what i bought them for is still. You're still ahead. Yeah you cash flow. You did great the thing about that right there. That mentality shift is is so funny to me because we have gotten so much hate with the new year new me. People seeing are sponsored ads. Oh if there was so successful why would you give your secrets away. You're literally giving me you. Just pay me for what i paid for these properties. You've already made your money. You've doubled your money right or or maybe more. I don't know what you paid for him. I don't i. I kinda idea can look at the records but let's say i bought something from me for seven grain. Bought it for seven grain. And you've already got nine grand back out of it right now. You're one hundred twenty percent on your money and you're like hey oh pass it to you. you know. i'm going to sell it for between fourteen and twenty thousand dollars. I'm gonna put it on terms. Probably get two or three thousand dollars down couple hundred bucks a month or i may sell for cash for fourteen grand. You're giving me seven grand just because it's not really fitting what you wanna do right now. I don't really wanna mess with it. You got some other stuff. You want eyeball. I've got cash sitting in. It's it's that giving in where people were like. Oh they're so good at this. You're going to give it away for free. You don't do that. You big mobile's blah blah guy that the worst people in the world are on the internet. Yeah and it's always the broke dick loser who has something to say on your facebook account. You know they'll talk all this shit and then you go look at their page right. And they're they're just broke. There's and i don't even. I've been broke. I don. you've been broke. We don't care that you're broke. Don't be an asshole look. I don't care if you're broke. I have been like lived on land. Yeah lived off lamp. It's your attitude trying to a whole other topic with ideas like the was it like the smallest person talks the loudest or come on get it. I get it. It's it's but it's funny to me that that paradigm shift like it's like. Hey i can make money with you. You can make money with me. We can all make money together. And that's what that's what's funny about this so bringing it back to my bhai board was empty or my board. Isn't it still doesn't i. I wrote the two properties down today because we said okay but up until this is about three days of it being empty what what should we do like we said. Hey put some deals out there. You can get one for free. Go to coastal look at them. Things seem you decide to wanna to buy one or two there. There are ways to increase your inbound pipeline tour. You can look at properties make deals and move forward agree with. Yeah where we time wise. We're we're good okay. We got on a tangent there. And i lost track of time so i was. It's it's there's that. How do i say this without being. Come off condescending because i know some of our listeners struggle and taking a step in i don't wanna come off condescending in try to do this in a way but sometimes you have to be creative at and go after what you want. You can't just kind of sit there like i. I watched a video earlier today where the guy says you know. I wanted to start this company. I sent six emails to people responded in one guy you know. I did a thing for free for him to see if he would hire me for later. Okay cool will what. What did you do next will now. You're talking about well. It just didn't work the way i wanted to. And i learned a lot. Weren't you still moving. Aren't you still going forward. Why aren't you doing that next step. That's the hardest part of being a business builder. Not just not from building. A business as getting motivated staying motivated doing the work. And then if there's a hiccup or if things slow down as the continue to go that's why so many people fail that's why there's ninety five percent failure rate and businesses when things get hard or things get slower boring. He move onto the next object. I've actually it's funny. You bring it up and getting really into. I followed them for a long time. But i've really dislike learnt who he is and not is ryan stupid. The hardcore closer. Okay yeah yeah. Wouldn't you really learn his back story and what he does. And now he's a he can be really inspiring anyway. He's kind of saying what you were saying to. When someone's complaining or not. He as coach. He's not afraid to tell you that you're being basically you're being a loser right doing the job. Yeah you know. He's lost clients because he tells them what they they need to hear. They don't want to hear that's right. That's right that's right and so we see that too in our business. Because i feel i'm sure you feel that we give everybody every tool. They need to succeed There's gonna be people who give up and then they're going to say it doesn't work but it's like it's so stupid to say that when so many people that are in the group that never gave up. You're still doing it. Yeah a well real. Well that's all i got. Yeah i like it. I like it goes by quick. When it's just a just a friday show. I feel like we have time and more love to give. But that's we can keep you coming back to next week right so when did their. It's friday guess. It's a great day Just favor as always go to facebook instagram. Youtube gives like follow. Subscribe and then go to go to go to wherever else. You're listening to beaune subscribed to show we appreciate. We'd love to see guess.

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Defending the p-value

Data Skeptic

29:50 min | 7 months ago

Defending the p-value

"If I tried to persuade that the P value was the very most important statistic in the history of statistics. I would not like the achieve consensus among statisticians. This is data skeptic consensus the seventh installment in our series about how multi agent systems collective decision. The P value is increasingly come under attack and often for good reason but as much as one might WanNa situation to be binary the intrinsic goodness or badness pugh values almost always contextual today the show I speak with beauty powder on about his paper defending the P value. My Name is Judy poet ten professor advice the ticks Garland's got institutes in the Home Sweden and unique. Can you tell us a little bit about your specific areas of interest? What are the types of things you generally research minuses area is the primarily bioinformatics it involves analysis of sequencing data. So you may have heard about the genome sequencing, the NA, an arena sequencing though there's a lot of statistical problems in their involving. Example analysis of gene expression and my particular interest is application in cancer. One typical area is prediction of a patient survival for example, given their genomic characteristics on also prediction of drug response. So that involves looking out cancer patient. You take the tissue sample, the cancer tissue, and then tried to identify what kind of but Tara will be suitable for such patient based on their Genomic Characteristic Gotcha, and obviously we WANNA do that. Scientifically, which means we should have good statistical evidence for what we find. There are lots and lots of genes from what I understand. Is there a problem of bumping into doing too many comparisons or that sort of thing this right there are different types of problem that also known, of course in machine learning like the supervised and unsupervised learning in supervised learning problem example prediction of drug response, the typical input would be said. The collection of gene expression. So patients would typically contributes tens of thousands of measurements of genes. Of course, it we simply put all of them together is going to be a lot of regularization problem to try to avoid over fitting. The over fitting problem is like the multiplicity problem that you referred to. So that's the kind of problem we face. So I became aware of some of your thoughts on these matters when I. Came across your paper defending the P value which I certainly want to get into your core thesis. But perhaps before we share some of your thoughts, what is it that we're defending the P value from who is attacking the P value just to appreciate the problem but why people is being attacked? So I think we should understand what that is the piece. Of course for pro ability on the P value is the probability. Of seeing the observed data or something more extreme than the observed data given a hypotheses that hypothesis is typically called the north hypothesis and if we reject such newell hypothesis than we have what's called the alternative hypotheses, The p value is a weight of evidence for that Nola bodices and the procedure at the computer skull significant testing. So let's just give an example in court. A natural null hypothesis is that the defendant is. Innocent. So you reject that the alternative would be defendant is guilty in a clinical trial said, newland policies is drug s no effect and being it's like a placebo and reject that the alternative is the drug is effective on a small p value is called significant and that would be evidence against the null hypothesis right with a small. So we say that Nola policies is false or in that case, you can claim A. Discovery and the question is how small is small on dip address whole that has been used like one hundred years. He's like five percent in science, but in court according to be very tiny like the mind ten. So value has been actually around for more than one hundred years on our Fisher, as been name as the culprit in the GonNa problem associated with the p value his scientific giant in statistics genetics on. Very popular already from about one hundred years ago because he wrote this book or statistical methods for research workers, you know if there is a citation to Fisher for every use of the value, Fisher will probably have many millions of citations goes he practically build statistics for twenties. So what is the problem? Of course? The problem in recent years is that scientific? Production is just so many orders of magnitude more than nineteen twenties when Fisher suggested devalue five percent address to declare significance. So many critics would say that the P value particularly trestle to five percent with just lied to too many of false discoveries too many false positives what it means that you help non reproducible results. So mikey response to these criticisms that are. Really, misplaced, they're blaming the P value for the inherently provisional nature of science. Oh, it seems that the cannot see the some extent can think process of trial and error in science. It seems that is almost presume that by banning the P value it makes the process of science, a cleaner and less error prone but I don't think that is going to. Happen at all science by its nature is always going to be little bit chaotic. So why do we have this process in science that is somewhat chaotic when you think off management results particularly in medicine are statistical the results of uncertainties because of limited information, maybe because limited data, and of course, all these issues will disappear if we have certainty or near certainty. Perhaps in physics again have been much stronger results or experiments compared to in Madison. Say. So scientific statements that can be put in term solve statistical hypothesis scientists will always be aware of the uncertainty because they will manifest in terms of errors right potential errors we called them type one and type two errors in statistics. The type one error is simply the false positive where we claim a discovery, for example the. Drug is effective when in factors not. So that's the type one error type two error is false negative. That means we are missing a discovery. We say there's no discovery in factors actually something in reality any declaration that you make is also associated with an error and there is kind of a trade off in error rates between these two types of error. So if you want to avoid type one error like what? A lot of the critics of various say then your chance of making the type two error is going to increase if you're going to make difficult to declare discovery. Then of course, you're more likely to commit the false negative error you and you think of statistical methods are mostly developed to try to balance between the stairs, make them explicit and then make the balancing process rigorous and also association or a scientists. The method is supposed to make you aware of their relative errors a trade off between these two also important is to qualify to formalize the process of reporting results. So people understand the level of errors or uncertainty when you are reporting. So the purpose of, for example, reporting the P value level is then you are actually informing the reader, the level of uncertainty in the result on. I. Think they're the problem that. Is Really, I think difficult to understand in a way wider. So much criticism is that the balance between the false positive and false negative is very context specific different areas of science on even different stages of investigation going to have different costs for the errors is going to comment that I was involved in a project where we help decide what color to use on a website using the same statistical methods we. Tried to do them rigorously, but we weren't as concerned as maybe doing a vaccine test, same statistics different problem. So I think in some areas you know we're quite happy to make errors. In fact, scientists making errors for scientists is no big deal at all because they never make areas in probably don't find anything at all their discoveries without going through process just kind of error-prone is going to make it harder to. Find a true discovery if you're so afraid of false discoveries. So there are some areas which are very clear just to pick a colorful example, we have an activity is called gold mining. So we think gloat mining said the average content of goal. If you just go out and dig out some rocks, you're going to get about four, billion, four part but billion. So that means you get four grams were every thousand. Tons of rock. So that's not very productive but you have very good gold mine you get four grams, Tartan that's one thousand times better. But or grams per ton. That's not very much and it is still economic to have a gold mine where you have one gram in a ton of rock. Why is that? Because you know one gram of gold today is about sixty dollars one kilo is about sixty thousand dollars. I know that well, if you order a ton of rock, for example, you need for your garden or your driveway how much would you pay will much much less than goal they'll tell you that but decimated guest boy for a ton I don't know maybe a thousand dollars no way out. Is Probably in the order of ten to twenty five dollars Oh despite the way is just so common. Yeah and it's delivered to your driveway that sounds like a bargain. Yeah. Exactly. That sixty dollars for Graham it worth right because the cost of moving the rock is probably a new order of ten dollars is still a lot of profit to be made to what it means is thus your false positive is cheap and through positive is valuable you should never be worried about false positives also something that we should always remember this is really strange that Cyrus stations forget about it because strategic our students all the time that we should. Always, think about the relative cost of type one in type two errors they are not the same right. So George Soros everyone knows your source right the famous investor. He also considers himself like philosopher and you know he has a lot of very wise close on one of the famous quotes from your source is not whether you're right or you're wrong. That's important. Is How much money you lose when you're wrong and how much money you make new right is really just bouncing the relative cost of being writing being wrong but we can extend right down. That's not how often you're wrong or how seldom your rights as important what matters is. You're right eventually. So the process of being right, you can go true enormous number wrong things. But if you can afford that the wrong things are example, your job or their own things are easy to deal with then doesn't matter right? So I think that's kind of my point that's in so many areas of scientists. This cost of type one in up to errors different. So there are some areas of science, but example epigenetics familiar with. I know the basics of it, but that's about as far as I go. Let me feel to the engineers data scientists today when I tell you about our sponsor Monday, Dot com engineers are very familiar with ticketing systems, basic tools like that for managing the development of software, raise your hands. How many of you like the tools that your company has asked you to use nine out of ten of you're shaking your head? No, and even that rare satisfied individual should still check out. Monday. Dot Com it is the type of collaboration planning platform that. In an organization regardless of role and department can like it's almost guaranteed. Your team has gotten a bit more remote, maybe one hundred percent promote. So having a platform that's flexible and transparent and allows for communication collaboration on your workflows projects more critical than ever if your team slips into chaos, it's hard to recover when you're team effective, nothing can stop you now for data scientists on the team especially your. Does not like the software engineers. We can't as elegantly spell out exactly the steps you're going to do in your process because it's going to change issue, explore, analyze you need something more adaptive flexible, and Monday dot com is the right tool for you. You can start a free fourteen day trial Monday dot com that's a whole sprint if you wanNA check out this generous offer head over to Monday dot COM Right. So everyone knows that you know we inherit characteristics from our parents through the DNA, which is a molecule. So it is quite stable molecule. It has some mutations, but it's really very, very tiny like tinder minus a rate so I want to describe. A scientific phenomenon that is so valuable to know right just to indicate with like gold in the process of trying to discover EPI genetic inheritance, you might have to deal with lot of rock. The Standard inheritance is Deanna base, but with every genetics, it is not coding in the a body is like some molecule that is attached to the end. Normally, these molecules get removed during the processing of the germline in the body but there are some evidence that some of these epigenetics mark servings. They're not DNA are actually passed the next generation topic sample. If your grandmother or grandparents experienced starvation than the generation, you may have some impact. You know something like that is actually biologically quite amazing but extremely difficult to establish an any scientists working in. That area is going to suffer enormous number of false positives there will not be afraid of false positives. Any kind of clue they will pursue. So that's one example. So another area kind of opposite like in recent work in genetics is something Genome Wide Association Studies. Have you heard that I have? Yes. So enjoy association studies may investigate genetic factors ripe for example, response to a drug breast. Cancer. For example, in that process, you're going to measure like one million genetic variants. So the potential discoveries are really really abundant. You're going to get thousands of potential discoveries and any one of them that requires special investigation validate, which is extremely tedious extremely demanding. So you're going to be very stringent to go forward which one would you want to go forward you can't just easy to dismiss A. Potential discovery. So a false positive, there would be more expensive though you don't want to allow too many false positive in that case. But on the other hand, you can also have been of the luxury of getting rid of potential discoveries because they're so abundant. So I think those are some examples that I've given in the paper to highlight the fact that a p value is not the problem in. Fact we needed simply just as some kind of idea of signal to noise ratio because without that than we have no chance at all of knowing where to go surely, we must have something could there be something better than a p value p value plus plus so to speak, there are actually many variation of volume values the kind of universal scale bots depending on the problem, for example if. You're dealing with big data. Right thing is probably a lot of data scientists working with big data these days in the old days in statistics we have something called data dredging is he's gotten a bad idea to look around large database looking for significance because what happens in that situation is that you're actually optimizing the P, value you're looking around for significant value a win for small numbers but once. You do that the number that you're going to see is no longer unbiased right is going to be biased to be small. So you are actually increasing the chance of making false positive, but it's not reflected by the P value. So you may still say p value is a one percent but in fact, it could be ten percent in terms of the real error rates, but that's kind of. In a way that is familiar to people who are working with machine learning. Right when you have a large data set like the big data near new start building up your model, your chance of over fitting is enormous. So over fitting is like having a small value just based on some kind of going around looking for significant resell on the other hand in machine learning literature, you're not solve says. Over. Fitting. The sense that we should never do this kind of feature selection because you're going to have over fitting your number do that as because you know that whatever you do in the training set, there is a potential over fitting. So you'll always have a validation set. You always have a test set make proper unbiased assessment of error rate. So in a way, the P value is the same really no need to obsess about valley being bad or the wrong thing to do what matters is that when you think you discover something should validate rigorously. So I don't think there's any name to try to come up with better value or anything like that I think. The need is really a scientific attitude would means that you need to be always skeptical whatever you say as kind of provisional. That's what I mean by scentific attitude. But on the other hand, we cannot be arbitrary because some of the commentators or the the critics about the value say, okay you drop pitch but then they don't offer anything at all this. Okay. You just report for example, you're mean sample mean or standard deviation and you don't do anything for example, embarrassing than you don't make any judgment about the differences whether it is like a real difference or is potentially just do some chance. You know I think that's actively defeats the purpose of the scientific process. I'm puzzled by that as well. I struggled to understand the motivation to simply remove them I. Guess if it adds clarity which you could argue how does taking something away add clarity I? Guess it can in some cases but for the most part, it seems like you're just giving less information. Do you have a sense of how readers read values as? It was this is where the problem could be right that if the reader is very difficult, mind the then they just take value and then say, okay, you get some indication of significant result. You have something there and let's see where you get really rigorous validation of the results. But unfortunately, not everyone would see results that way if we want to look. At the criticism most positive way is that they really want to avoid the people who take p value in the most naive way they want to avoid them to be so confused about the results in this case, I also sense that they are so concerned about the public being confused for example, nutrition epidemiology is kind of notorious right for example, you have. Coffee all your from La Right. So at some point listen, they're judge telling the coffee shops still with some kind of warning that coffee can cause cancer right? Right? Yeah. We have this in California where I live. Yeah Right. Exactly. But they have removed that right? You know I haven't been to a coffee shop in some time now. So I'm not sure. You may be right. Yeah. Right. Cycling. They have removed I think from maybe the last year or the year before but anyway That's typical in kind of nutritional epidemiology saw many kinds of nutrients say is good for you. Even Egg Assembly NIH would say, okay too many eggs give you high cholesterol and then later on no eggs. Okay. That kind of result of course, very confusing for the. GonNa bad idea. So in a way, the problem is that the public and sciences have different cost structures, right? So false positive for the public in some sense is more costly. They get confused in the thing that all science is just so confusing but the nutrition epidemiology, but for scientists are being wrong, it's really no big deal at all just say, okay well, maybe is not right because of this because of that. But there is at some point going to get some kind of underlying truth but the public will never see the whole thing as kind of a continuous process. So that aspect but differences on how the public view results from science and the way the scientists you the results of science. I think that's a difficult issue. I don't know if everyone who hasn't read your paper yet would fully appreciate all the places that. Shows up. If let's say tomorrow, some sort of law was passed ending the P value. We wouldn't just lose the value. We'd lose some other things. Would we not? Yeah absolutely. So I made a list of areas in statistics where will be extremely awkward not to help the P value. So just maybe last but definitely, not least us dot the p value is part of a collection of methodology. With the designs of experiments. So the concept of type one and type two errors, power or sensitivity of experiments sample size like when you're going to start a clinical trial of like doing the covid scenes example face three but vaccines people talk about all you need at least thirty thousand people do this clinical trial out today get thirty thousand is all based on some kind of balancing between type one in the type two error and without at consideration than all this that we need or performing experiments particular medical experiments will not be possible though be value is part of all that. I have never seen any kind of discussion by critics of the P value how you deal with all the other things associated with testing. Yeah. Let's get rid of the government and taxes and the economy all at once to. Well. I know there are many journals that have taken some broad and some weeks stances on this even I think maybe one that's outright banned p value reporting altogether you spent a lot them thinking about this. If you were giving advice to a journal, what do you think they should do if anything when developing editorial policy around this topic so a Journal lead means in the research area. So you have a sense in the research area whether in terms of the relative cost of the type, one type, two errors, and also the relative abundance of potential discoveries. So if you're in the research area like genetics, today is kind of in a luxury position where potential discoveries is just absolutely too much then you. Know, they have the luxury to put the very, very strict P value like ten to minus eight. But if you're in another area where potential discovery really. So miniscule was discovering to you like a EPI genetic inheritance then doesn't make sense in that case to be so strict should allow all possible leads. Even the P value is much larger threshold so It really depends on the research area, Caccia, 'cause I. Mean Everyone's research area has more or less noise I would assume the physicists these days have got it down to a very few variables but sociologists on the other hand. The amount of confounding factors seem to have a huge impact on their statistics is that part of the core of why it's challenging? That's what to have. Some kind of blanket rule is really hard that sense. Yeah and I'm curious if you have thoughts on methodologies like the bond for only correction or false discovery rates, things meant to kind of assign or tweak the P value especially for large inferences. That's right. Actually work quite a lot on false discovery rate methods. So it is definitely an improvement in terms of the assessment of false positive rate. So, the best kind of assessment is probably what's called the flexible post Hawk of discovery method. So this method would allow you to look at the results, for example, in the top five, best result of the top ten best result, and then it will make moon assessment among those a top five are harmony. You have high confidence to be true discoveries, for example. So if you have multiple testing wrote the kind of admits. That is most flexible for practical statistics SAM and I guess returning to the thesis of the paper defending the value. We've covered a lot of areas of where it's still important in different aspects of science and understanding and I guess you highlighted as well that it's not the p value alone but you know the cost of the false positives and false negatives from the perspective of the general public and communicating to them how can scientific writing be effective and how can people convey truth I? Guess, which is sort of the ultimate goal investing to achieve is to get the public develop a scientific attitude but we know that this is very hard. I'm only the public have different cost structure of the errors competitive scientists. The public might also have different kinds of skepticism ascend tiffin skepticism is a healthy skepticism. It's necessary ingredient in our search for truth in our Arab, prone scentific process but the public scepticism could be just a political position nothing to do with interest or search for. Truth but take example climate change the scientists might have some skepticism. Yes. The global temperatures rising. But how much of that is due to human activities like the burning of fossil fuels on how much of that due to natural long-term variation perhaps due to orbit the changes for example, in geologic timescale of tens of thousands of years, we have cycles of global cooling and global warming. Your skepticism is needed to keep your brain opened possibilities, but public scepticism might just mean a denial example you. Deny, the possibility of climate change and you are a climate change sceptic. You're skeptical attitude is a position is not part of the process of finding the truth. Yeah. I would agree it's definitely a challenging issue. These are hard problems and we're GONNA need techniques like these to solve them I think statistics is the only language to sort out the answers for A. so I am glad to read your treatise defending the p value will then wrap up ut work and people follow you online. Does on my website, put your website in the show notes that people can find the paper, which is also an archive and read up on some of your other work that way ud. Thank you so much for joining us today. That can lose this installment of data skeptic consensus. Our guest today was ud powdered one. Our theme song is paradox. By Ostlund, Claudy armbruster is our associate producer. Vanessa Bercy had has guest coordination. I've been your host Kyle.

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1097 Dean Newlund: Get Connected To Your Passion & Purpose

The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

35:32 min | 9 months ago

1097 Dean Newlund: Get Connected To Your Passion & Purpose

"Coming up today on the nice guys on business thinking is really seeing the bigger picture. It's really began with being able to get yourself out of the day to day tasks start to see patterns in what's going on in making some sort of meaning out of those patterns, which then can translate into a strategy, which then can translate into a goal in a tactic. So Joy. Have you ever been to Turkey prison delight gladiator movies. The Nice guys want to know. Go from where you are now to where you could be. Get expert tips to grow your business to be more productive and more efficient whether you're trying to build influence, grow your community or make it rain bestselling author of Nice guys. Finish. First. Doug, Sandler can lead the way the Nice Guy on business is produced by turnkey podcast productions. Now, here's your host Doug Sandler. Walkabout brother from another mother dean. Nulan is just that guy not only is he a devoted wine drinker but he is a crater and creator of karmic culture a lot of alliteration in there. If you WANNA get your team and all on the get them all on the same page being become connected to your passion and your purpose take a dive into divinity and checkout CEO of mission facilitators. Welcome my brother welcome Dean to the Nice guys on business podcast not bad good intro just right that or tripping lay off the tongue. Of all of the things that I do the only thing I say if you just don't fuck up the Intro, you're going to be in really good shape and you know completely messed it up because I don't have anything else prepared so I figured it. Was Good. I WANT TO START I want to start with your podcast man. So you you released I'm not looking for accolades at all. You released a podcast to the world and all of a sudden you've scaled your your podcast across to the next level. Immediately, how is it that you podcasting? You became successful at it like right out of the gate how is that even possible? Well, I'm not sure I'm successful at it right out of the gate and a little bit of course to you guys but about. A year ago I just had come off of a rather extrordinary experience doing a Ted talk and Ben. Dor again, and it was such a shot in the arm. It became very clear that I wanted to expand our reach of our company and our message really needed to stop being just the facilitator and the coach asking the questions but being the thought leader and that was hard to do because I've always been trained to think it's really about the other person and I do think that's the case but. A lot of people were saying you've got message you've got a perspective you should start sharing and that's where we got into a pretty concerted effort around marketing and part of the marketing. Platform was around doing a podcast and it was an as an extension of that Ted talk on intuition and started just interviewing people gradually over several months in then you and I connected I think about a year ago connected again sometime in the beginning of twenty twenty and that's where we got serious and launched it and I have. Had No idea that it would be this fun and it's just been. It's been so much do this almost every day I got to tomorrow and I'm really looking forward. It's Nice on the other side but it's it's a been a tremendous way to get other people involved in a broader discussion. I think from my background on coaching a facilitating I'm naturally able to axe some probing questions and whether it's been successful right now I think that the time will tell. But over the several months I, hope to continue to expand but you know and you guys have been fantastic to work with what's what's your give a plug for your pocket and thank you dean by the way no. It's yeah. It's called the business of intuition. So so in that brings up kind of an interesting subject of this whole thing of intuition and I when I first chatted with you the first time we had a conversation, I really didn't think that you were on the on the Wu side, the longer I talked to you. I realized that you're a business guy that's got a lot of good. You know smarts when it comes to actually strengthening intuition how do you from a business perspective strengthening into intuition without scaring off a company that might think is this guy just talking Wu is this guy just like out there in left field because really when you talk intuition, aren't we talking about sometimes it? That's one of those subjects that can strengthen it can you is it? Is it wou-. Is Is it West? Is it? What is it exactly? Well, that's difficult part because intuition in and of itself does not have a language. It's something that you feel. So it's we're trying to describe something that doesn't have the ability to be described, which is sort of like wounded itself right from a business perspective I really think that we know when you look at hardcore analytical data centric organizations who are really focused on making decisions based on facts and information, which is not a bad thing. It's a good thing I think that it's important to know and I think a Lotta people agree that a person's. A knowledge in background experience does not just simply come from database perspective that when you actually allow somebody to open up to that gut feeling, which could be seen as created, which could be seen as innovative, which could be seen as the full expression of that person's potential. Then, we have the full person showing up and decisions are better. There's studies that say that the higher up you go in an organization, the more intuition becomes important because you become better listeners better ask questions. There is statistics that say that. Larger organizations and and and leaders who use that sort of intuitive sense backed up by facts and information truly make better decisions and can go to market to to with ideas and products, and so forth faster. So it isn't just a person who is you know? Very, Woo in that perspective it is a hardcore scientific neuro science based phenomenon that I believe that we need to get out of the closet in into the board room so that people who may not be subject matter experts can speak into things that they just feel a gut sense around and when you allow that sort of expression, you prevent yourself from making bad mistakes. You prevent yourself to Jim Collins 'cause you know. Were the how the mighty fall and we we've got great companies that have fallen off the face of the earth just simply because they weren't paying attention to some of those things that are not measured by data, but later, out proved to be. Fatal. My Gosh I mean when you said okay. So Jim Collins. What a great what a great. Subject to bring up because I'm the kind of Guy I opened up a Jim Collins book like good to great and I get lost I mean literally not lost in a good way get lost in. Oh. My God there's way too much too many facts and figures. So the fact that you even brought his name up in the same breath that you brought up or since you brought up the idea of people need to tap into their gut I mean that's the reality of it I think oftentimes, we all need as business leaders we have to tap into our gut in addition to the. Data that's out there and it's the combination of those two things and to be data driven to take a company like Kodak. Completely completely missed the mark. Let's say because they stayed in the film business and hitting it over to the hey maybe we should start getting into the digital world. They don't create film products. You know what they create, they create memories and the whole blessing behind that is holy. Shit stop focusing on the data for a moment and focus a little bit more on your gut and the intuition and think that whole organization would would have stayed afloat if that was the case. How do you teach that to an organization though that that is is you know I'm not saying IBM or Xerox are data driven. But jeeze, if you take a comfort companies like them. Do they have any type of intuition within their organization at a higher up level that the that they're feeding into. They do and good leaders encourage it. I was at A. Meeting with a series of senior level leaders at a healthcare company probably two billion company and they CEO. The company said, you know what? We really do need to start to trust in and tap into our collective intuition because we becoming. So focused on data and it's not a bad thing. I WanNa make that really clear data's really really no. It's just that it's not the whole story in their people within that team who were not speaking up simply because they didn't have factors support it. But maybe their idea that sparked that creativity that got sense should be paid attention to. Blockbuster had the option to buy Netflix. Well, what the heck why did they pass on that? There used to be a day when I was being told by my wife Oh pickups milk and stop by the blockbuster and the way home. That company is no longer around we have one left up in. Bend Oregon. So what what happened there? Why did we not pay attention to that? It's it's to say that we're focusing on a certain amount of of information by opening up to what you might call intuition. We're just tapping into more information more experience more creativity in that to be become the ultimate engagement exercise for companies, which is really important. Engagement is one of those things that people measure it has to do with productivity and retention rates and the ability for people to be fully. engaged. So if you really wanted to gauge workforce, start talking about their intuition all so I can easily go back and look in the rear view mirror at companies like Kodak and blockbuster and say cheese guys come on you. You missed the mark I mean look where it was going. Now it's easy to look back. It's not easy to look forward and say, what should we? What should I be telling us about the future? So how do you go into an organization and how do you explain to them the importance of tapping into that that gut that? Intuition, how do you share that with them so that they get it, you use examples like blockbuster and Kodak and they said while the movie but could easily say well, that was just a marketing fuck up I mean they might. They might not necessarily say that was a gut check that was really just a marketing screw up where we just didn't realize what are what are core level of service was in remark blockbuster totally different idea why they failed as opposed to Kodak they didn't realize that they that they really their marketing was in the memory not. The marketing was in the film. So how do you go in and how do you convince or talk to leadership within an organization because this can't work just on a mid mid level management approach a beat this has got to be an entire organizational approach. How do you convince them that? That's the way to go well, quite frankly that's part of the reason for my podcast is to create enough stories from CEOS and other leaders within organizations, and it's not just business people that I'm interviewing but is to start pulling that information and I just did A. We just had our last. I guess it was last week week before One of the episodes that was a CEO of a large nonprofit organization down in Phoenix Arizona and this guy is has a tremendous amount of respect for information but he also makes really strong intuitive gut decisions and his employees will attest to that. So I WANNA get more of that kind of experience out there. So that people go oh, this isn't woo woo. This is actually something. This is a business practice. This is something that makes sense I mean how come. You know the Challenger explosion happened. Well, one could say, yeah, it had to do with the O. Rings that didn't function but they were engineers that said you guys it is a cold day. These particular o-rings may not work. We have a gut sense that this isn't going to be able to quote unquote fly and the result of that particular explosion. They did a huge study and they said, you know the the hunches of these particular engineers were not paid attention by top management, which was part of the culture that created the issue that. That particular thing happened. So there's enough information out there if we can start to talk about it and most people, I'm not saying everybody but most people go. Yes I do know what intuition feels like I understand why it's important at made good decisions in my life. I made bad decisions but I didn't pay attention to intuition but I want to socialize it more. I want this to become more part of our vernacular I. That I mean, and that's perfect. So that brings me to a really valuable point here when you go into an organization and let's talk real world here, go into a company and you have to now teach them how to do what I what I would think is the most challenging aspect of your job, which is, how does it strengthen intuition within within an organization? Again, it's not frontline that's gotta by frontline probably has more gut. Feeling than top level management why? Because they have direct contact with the customer who is often telling them? Hey, at aren't you feel like there should be some a gut check here on this like if I call somebody if I call South West and literally put on hold for an hour and a half I, not that I ever been with southwest I call a a company and I put it you know get put on hold. I'm like Kit. You guys see where this is a challenge reorganization as a customer how do we go beyond that? So let's talk on the top Roma had he has strengthened intuition. Well, I have to sort of go back up to say that to frontline individuals have a stronger touch on their intuition than top line. I don't know whether that's always the case I think that frontline people primarily are focused on getting the job done. And they are set with a series of tasks, and so they are in a sense being asked to do certain things, and so they become more by wrote generally speaking and how they're running their their their jobs. I'm Haley. I'm. Just giving you the spotlight man. But. The top line I think that we've become more strategic you know what the word strategic I was just talking to. My wife who's also a coach and she was working with a person at a large organization around strategic thinking strategic thinking is really seeing the bigger picture. It's really became being able to get yourself out of the day to day. Tasks and start to see patterns and start recognizing patterns in what's going on in making some sort of meaning out of those patterns, which then can translate into a strategy, which then can translate into a goal in a tactic. A lot of the people who are doing front liners would say are more focused on not the strategy, but on the execution of strategy. So if that's the case, then a lot of their muscle is not being flexed to be intuitive their muscles being flexed to be a execute of strategy you know. Somebody else decided the direction. So that's just one clarification on that. How do you teach intuition in an organization I think is where you're going with F. Ruby bringing it into the discussion we talk about decision making process. You know there's a lot of those things out there there racy models there's this there's that consensus I think if you start to bring into a meeting with a group of people and say, all right, we got a meeting by the way meetings at one of the most unproductive sources of business activity there are. When you've got between twenty to twenty, five hours a week being spent by mid to upper level management doing meanings there is a huge opportunity for improvement. But if you set up a guiding principle inside of your meeting and saying, this is how we're going to run this meeting. This is the process. This is our guiding principles in one of them is people can actually speak to a gut feeling about something that we're talking about in we will not shop shoot you down. We will actually encourage that that is one way because we all spent so much time in meetings is to say intuition is allowed in fact, it's encouraged to that's one good way to do that. All right. So let's put it in. Let's put it in place. So that somebody that's within our organization or within our community right now that's listening what's an action item and I'm curious you've written down a couple of something I said either triggered something or spotted ideas tell me. What you, what are you writing down? I, don't know what it was, but something triggered an idea. No. It was just a note about frontline because when you were talking about senior leaders versus frontline I was wanted to remind myself to not forget that I wanted to sort of reframe the conversation around frontline versus top line. So that wasn't really anything I've already shared by idea around that. But I think the other thing is we do a lot of executive coaching and team coaching. That's how the company started back in Nineteen ninety-two was that was our backbone and we still do a lot of that and so if you take a look at the scale of an organization, you've got individuals got team you've got department, you've got organization, you got industry, and so we work at all of those different layers of the cake but I don't think that you can do mass change in an organization unless you have understanding about how to work with and help develop and grow a team and I think that's Also the case when you're working with an individual and before any of that can really really happen you need to sort of get your own house in order. So I mentioned those scales because our coaching is really about people tapping into in a sense that confidence and that knowing that they have which one might call intuition. Yes. We do a lot of stuff on in goal setting an and working through emotional intelligence issues with other employees all that's true. But in the end, what we're trying to get people back to that knowing and to trust that sometimes if you really get tuned in to that inner voice. Most of the time, it's the right voice it may not have. A data point to back it up and then there's stories and stories and stories that I have and others have where you make a decision that may not be backed up by facts but gosh, it was the right one and thank God I it. Yeah I mean it's it's very interesting because part of the challenge that most organizations have as you probably know is getting putting adding intuition in into a part of their strategic planning. As, don't they have to, they have to add you know it's not like you stand around go around the conference table and say you know what it's it's time to strengthen our intuition guys. Let's. Do this but that being said though what exercises can you typically bring into an organization to start to flex the muscle and to start the train the muscle into into becoming a stronger intuition like what can leaders and organizations be doing right now to make that happening well again. Notes. Anymore notes I. Sorry. Guys. I very visual I. Happen to see. I like this. I know right. Here we go. We're actually talking and something I'm saying it's actually triggering. You're right a note. Basically if Mike I gotta get some stuff at home depot what I'm making. No No. No nothing. Okay So it's not a conference table activity. So what is it? No, it is it. Trying to when you're trying to tap into intuition, you have to sometimes swap it with different words because people will still have this sort of A. Stigma around intuition you started off this this episode saying you know is this to well, people will make associations with that. So is there other ways that we can call it something else? Well, we've been doing things like brainstorming sessions in creative ideation sessions for years that's nothing new but is that when you have the complete freedom to allow all these ideas were not going to let them now, we're not going to try to figure out whether any of them are right or wrong. We just want a data dump I should say we WANNA dump of ideas and it's the number of ideas we wanted to get not the quality of them yes, the. Great great exercise for any organizations to do because what we do is like as soon as the idea pops out of her mouth, we start to judge it. That will never happen. We can't get that person on board. We have the budget for that or too tired. This is just bullshit we don't. We don't ever allow ourselves to truly expand our thinking and our brain and our synapses become very habit forming in what we allow ourselves to think. So is that an intuitive exercise for brainstorming without judging the idea absolutely because things start to flow and we WANNA get into that flow great book by the way called flow that. Allows people to think in different ways because we can't solve today's problems using yesterday's ideas or yesterday's pattern of how we think. So intuition can be slipped into a discussion with the team by saying, let's have a brainstorming session where we're not judging the idea yet that comes later. can you create a say? Can you create a safe environment with an organization that is not familiar with this type of methodology? Can you create because oftentimes somebody's GonNa say I I'm not GonNa sit around the conference table share my ideas with the that when you go great now dean while you're in front of our audience in front of our company, Everybody's going to love it then when you go away all life. Starts to happen again and I'm going to get can because of this, the idea that I came up with and I'm a guy that loves to come up with ideas of sitting around the conference table. But the fact that I'm going to be judged later will sometimes hold me back from sharing that how do you set that safe environment for an organization. So now you start realizing all of these things are technically connected. Disconnects that you know. So these the pattern here so can you create? Can you just jump into an intuitive conversation? No you need to have a foundation of trust in order to make that happen, and so how do you build trust while you need to be vulnerable? You need to tell the truth you need to be able to ask about what's going on your family and what's going on in my family we need. To share more, we need to be able to be more transparent. Does that happen overnight? No this this takes time we need to develop connection because I truly believe that we have a desire for freedom of our worries are pains are concerns are habit forming concerns all of those things that hold us back in order to create connection, and by when we create connection, there is that freedom there is that ability to Be who really are. So when you go back into the business situation that you're referring to before is that net you're right it you can't just automatically turn on the switch. Great leaders are very good at being able to create a culture of trust because they begin to model that began to share more and be more vulnerable be able to see the real authentic person show up so that we then encourage the crazy cockamamie idea we to say that was a great exploration of a new idea it may not work, but it was the. Fact that we WANNA give you pat on the back for the fact that you are. Oh Man I, love it. You're you're pushing the boundaries in the other thing. One other quick thing as an our little company is that we have our own guiding principles and that guide our behavior when we don't always meet them but it's something we we as it's an aspiration of our behavior that we want to be able to APP emblematic to to represent to ourselves and others, and that is one of them is we will not step over anything. So. What does that really mean if we hear something, we sent something in a conversation in adjust feels off. We're not gonNA. Let it go. We're going to say something delicately correctly, but we're not going to let something that feels like an elephant in the room just to be ignored because if we do then we begin to build what you were just talking about is that lack of trust to show up? Well, can you can you go into a company and say, Hey, can we talk about the elephant in the room for? Okay, but the example, and you tell me how this works. You got the guy that at the helm and he is the CEO and he rolls this company with an Iron Fist and you got the mid level manager bringing you in because he got buy in from the man from the CEO create crazy scenario. But I WANNA know if this is the reality of it, creating a creating scenario and then that CEO of the organization doesn't really buy into what you have to say, how do you? Convince them or maybe that's not your job. You're you're sharing your sharing the ideas of you've gotta be able to. You've got to be able to share the elephant in the room. If the elephant in the room is the CEO, can you call him? Allen's gently say Mr Ceo your the reason that were not able to put in these these methods of of of strengthening your intuition because I don't know that you buy into it yet is that something that's fair for you to break into a company Doug this happened just yesterday. Oh perfect. Okay. Call yesterday and I can't necessarily speak to name the company but it was with a board member a couple of board members that I was on zoom call with, and it was clear that one of the board members was sort of the problem that we were facing and there is an elephant in the room that we gotta talk about and and so how do you then I think is what you're saying is how do you tell the emperor that he has no clothes? Exactly limit your parliament of the dressing room and you say listen. And you gotTa do in private and you have to be able to create the kind of trust with that person. There's been many times when the value that I've created for a company has not been the report. That was generated or shut the team building that was created or what have you it's been the frankness of the information. It's going back to what I said before is not stepping over anything. Now, what we can do as the external person is to say something that the internal person woods does that put us at risk yes they could fire but okay but that APPs Zulu, there, that's what you're. There were there for and with we we tell them front in the in the engagement. This is what's really important for consultant out there. Yes we will work with you on whatever strategic planning developing or executive team getting better relationship with your board of directors what have you but what I want you to know up front is that my job is to do a variety of other things but also to tell you the truth as I see, it may not always resonate with you. But if you agree that I will be granted that permission to tell you the truth. Than when it happens I, need to be able to have that conversation with this is how it's going to go. We might need to be in a private place we need talk about it but I'm going to tell you the truth and people agree to that. That's bar intake. That's part of what we say this is what you are signing on for I. Think it's Great. It's it's like saying to somebody hey, listen you're going to buy my services and I'm GonNa tell you what you're doing wrong and that's really why they're bringing you in any way isn't it? And what you're doing right to you want to buttress the things are. Funny thing is we keep finding these things pattern bowling in each other's what you're doing right sometimes becomes done so much overdone. It becomes what you are. All right. I want to change the change gears just for just a moment because this is really important to me. Can we talk about wine for just? The whole business thing it's great and I know that you're really good at what you do and obviously Nice Guy Communities you're hearing this interview accepted the beginning part where I completely fucked up which is fine. I think you'd probably have more listeners, retain more viewers retaining the the the the view, the live you because they see me completely screwing up at the beginning of this episode, not listening to the replay of this. But I mean, if you're not watching this live on facebook and you're listening to as the PODCAST, you missed all of the greatness at the beginning of this episode you hear me completely screw up live. At the themes PR agents is going to say, can you get him to take that video down I'm not take the. Flavor at the beginning. Let's talk about something really important your huge weinvent anyway hold on. Let's finish out M. F. I. Leadership Dot Com correct right correct. If anybody in our community has interest in hearing more about what Dean has in what he does and how he does his magic and it truly is magic. I've had a chance to get to know Dean over the last several months since he's been a client of our podcast production business I know what he does is legit NFL leadership dot com go over to the website click on the about me page you see he's got depth to his to his staff. So if you don't like somebody team, you're going to like I promise. You love better looking to maybe you got a lot of lookers but I figured that was. That was good. So he is he is definitely there to go to bat for your organization strengthened intuition help you build that gut reflects so that you understand exactly what you're dealing with how to how to share your ideas safely within your team. If any of that stuff of your manager and you want some anyone deans company to come in and share what He. Does his magic with your company just get some buy in from your boss just to say, Hey, we need somebody to come in and share with the elephant in the room is in that elephant could be the CEO it could be the big problem that nobody is saying or could be something that's right under your eyes. You just need a third look at it. F. Leadership Dot Com can they talk to you? Are you untouchable or are you are you re? Remember they talked to and they call your organization. New People who will who they can talk to but eventually yeah, they can get to me I mean I'm always accessible. Through. Emails and so forth. So be happy to talk to anybody about what we do, and if you have any trouble getting to need just reach out to me and figure out how to get my Prophet I can I can get the dean I know how to get to my dad I'll just tell he's got my phone number right Phone number and I can I can hold back his next episode for release into. Zach. League I know how to do that. You've seen. The. Back End System, I I do know. All right. Let's talk about important stuff for the next couple of minutes, and then I got a rap here before having another interview of somebody probably not quite as important as you but I need to. Tell them that. I think I'm actually being interviewed on another podcast right after this. Why are you? Okay. So you live in by Bend Oregon I do yes. Okay and talk about the wine in the area because I know you're big big wine fan. You've sent me some labels of of some why haven't sent me any of the bottles but you only like. That you drink. What do you like drinking well. It's nice things about Oregon is that there's just such great. Pino. varietal here in over there in the Willamette Valley, and so we used to go over there occasionally and just go check things out. There's just so many things here to try out I mean Oregon is just phenomenal for its natural resources, and certainly the wine is a big part of that and it's neat because it's the same parallel I think is someplace over in France, and so the conditions are just an I'll while it's just a fun place I love I love working here and. Being here and you know we we still do our companies based out of Phoenix Arizona. So I spent a lot of time down there as well. We were just there this last week and it was just a fantastic to be down there again, seeing on clients and friends and getting back into a very different climate one, hundred nine when we got on the plane and fifty two when we landed at. Ben Oh my gosh, that's a hundred and nine what a difference it's like A. There, but it's but Arizona has certain things that bend head does not have and vice versa. So it becomes sort of a nice balance and I think that's one thing that in my life I love balance and I love to be able to have different experiences we love to travel in certainly the wind piece is a part of that lifestyle but. When did you move the band? How long ago about five years ago and or did you move from Arizona to ban? It was actually a very quick decisions my wife and my son, and I rented a house in Cannon Beach and I grew up Maggie grow up I actually started the company up in Seattle where I met my wife and we moved down to Phoenix after that. But when I got back up into the Pacific northwest is something clicked his like, Oh, my gosh four seasons in. Green and there's an ocean here and it just became a good fit and we moved up with pretty quickly and kind of surprised a lot of people how fast we made that decision but I'll go back to that. You know here we are. Here's Italian man go. To it. If thing it's felt like something opened up and it was hard to describe to people, friends and clients why you doing this? Week say things like well, you know the climate we liked the environment. All those things are true but it just felt really in a visceral way very, very important and I do pay attention to those things. I was only in band for one day when we had made the decision to sell two houses and move up. Bad. That fast. So when it went intuitive strike lightning hits and you know it's the right thing Luckily I've got a wife who also is very much a able to make those quick decisions and then boom. Our life is in a completely different direction and there's been about four or five times my life when things have happened where I've gone a completely different direction and they were absolutely the right thing and that's one of way to go way to go that is that is the true story of intuition following your gut and doing what you you know probably wasn't by popular come demand that that you did it. You did because it it felt right. It sounds like it felt right for your wife also absolutely. Amazing. Well Dean thank you so much for sharing everything that you shared today on the show I. Appreciate your friendship I appreciate your wine. I. Appreciate Your conversations that we've had on our on our after after hours. So thanks for being on the show. You guys are great. I really appreciate the the the professionalism, and the thoroughness of what you do. It's The light screw that up completely they let me do anything they wouldn't let me be. Obviously. Other other members of my team have been working with you then. You're great. I really big Fan Big Fan a Nice Guy Community never underestimate the power of Nice again. Special. Thanks to Newlyn all of his information including access to his website had to reach out to him, and again you need to reach out to him. Just let me know when I'm happy to help you and and all more information just be there in the show notes just click the show notes and head over there. Steve O'Brien go ahead and take us out of here. For the Nice guys on business, I'm Steve O'Brien. I have gotten away with the too if it weren't for you meddling kids. All right and we are alive. So welcome Nice. Guy Community talk about brother from another mother today Dino New and is just that he is that guy not only is he a devoted wine drinker but he's crave creator and and he wait hold on a second I'm going to back up and do this all over again. You know what happens when you go live you get a little nervous because you're live. So let's just start this all over again. All right. Take two. Okay. Just give me the. Can you give me the clap 'cause I? Don't give me the clapback actually didn't come across right Hold on. I'm GonNa, just give me the the clapboard. You can do that right. You're back. We're home. You've got three to one. You GotTa have the married to. Talk about brother from another mother Dean Newland is that guy. Just want to tell you all good luck. We're all counting on you. What do they make this a pterodactyl Approach. That'll do nice guys that'll do.

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The Future of Work is (We Are) Rosie with Stephanie Nadie Olson


1:03:39 hr | 5 months ago

The Future of Work is (We Are) Rosie with Stephanie Nadie Olson

"The radio on your dashes. More than radio that sirius xm button is instant access to a world exclusive entertainment including ad free music channels for every genre and decade. You can also hear your favorite sports comedy talk and news. Plus you can stream with the sirius. Xm app on your phone connected home devices. So grab your phone. Dial pound two five zero and just say sirius. Xm to get twelve months for five dollars a month with a new select subscription call for details fees and taxes apply. Hey atlantia. This is a special episode. That we're dedicating to the sparkling life of marie mama to taro who is with us from june twenty-fifth nineteen thirty two december. Seventh twenty twenty. Here's a little clip of mama dropping knowledge on social media from atlanta episode. A little meta a little mama in two thousand seventeen enjoy my grandmother in law Who is the most active eighty seven year old. I know on facebook who has recently converted and self taught Her way onto instagram. So have fun with this one atlanta. What is your name on instagram To tara okay. Next month to get you on snapchat snapchat. That's where you put the ears. The no filters. I never put my face like that but you have more photo profile. Swabs in anybody. I know with the seasons on facebook. You change your photo with like it's like a. It's like a calendar pin-up cover but are will your friends on facebook. I'm curious like do they chat with you. Know what the hell how about do those. Mitch bitmojis yes. Oh i do. Those marches the girls who does my vendor placement. I don't talk to anymore. Sent her mouth and she knows exactly what i want. She looks forward what he said. Dr like give you an example if she didn't answer my tags and then there's a girl on the me it's supposed to be made hand on hidden get my tax. All i got so then. I can't get it on my show you i'll show you. You're making me laugh so hard. I'm cry what's up. I'm laura currency and i'm alexa kristen. Welcome back to add. Land lia got a great show today stephanie. Natty olsen on the mike so excited to have her she started an amazing company called with our rosie. And we are rosie was built to really double down on remote work and considering in twenty twenty the majority of our industry and the world working remotely. We thought it would be really insightful. To get stephanie on share some of the lessons that she's learned in building her business certainly but in what she seeing over the last six seven eight months and how agencies brand marketers corporations are adapting their model to meet the moment and given that stephanie was so far out in front of it an honor to have her here unsure what she knows and i love that she is not just a gig platform or service really. What stephanie was doing up front was thinking about. How do we get the people. The others in the world to become a part of this economy to actually be truly inclusive in the marketing and advertising space. And i think that using inclusivity as one of the reasons she got started is actually giving her a lot of legs especially at a time like now that we're in where so many people are out of work and also rethinking. Frankly poor i wanna be what do i wanna do and how do i tc. Skill sets and experience that i've had and translate them. Maybe into something else. So really excited to have stephanie. On and with that we'll be right back. What the badlands. We're back with our friends at yield for the third of a four part series. Talking about making attention actionable. We are here with lisa radnor. Gm of analytics and teddy jd head of product. It's really interesting to think about context as an audience strategy. Can you talk about how brands or working with yield. Mo- around building conceptually relevant strategies both on and off platform. We have several ways that we work with advertisers. The company started as a formats company and it started because our founders tech is one of them said you know throwing display out on a mobile phone is lousy experience. Let's create something that's native to the device itself and makes sense and out of that grew our formats business and it's about creating something. Somebody wants to engage in so we just locked. Sha format mega shopper. To shop -able ad format. That does a beautiful job of displaying. The brand right. It doesn't feel like some sort of hokey d. r. Cook just to get you to click here or no hula hooping cowboys or any the fence. We all remember from the early days right. But it's just about a really quality brand experience that resonates that somebody wants to go in and look and touched. And i think the other side near not saying at laura but it's true which is in after three impressions if somebody's not signaling any interest. It's time to go away for a while right that. We need to be equally sensitive to not the right time. Let's let's pivot or not the right creative. let's test something else. Let's keep working in iterating the messaging and put it together to make sure that we are showing up in an authentic and right way And context is absolutely part of that right even even brand i love. There are times. When i don't wanna see don't want to hear from it so understanding the context eileen in attention to context. I don't are really really important to not offending annoying people with our advertising experiences we started. You'll know we created these ads. We thought looked better and we would like to see in. They worked better And one of the things we got from initial customers right these work great. I'm seeing more sales from mobile but the click rate is lower than than in. They're just trained to think that the click rates need clicks. 'cause you know coming search herbs trained to think that this is the ultimate goal is get clicks and that was really the genesis of capturing attention because That's only had right. That's the only way they could assess. The quality of their advertising was clicks. And especially if it's hard to measure sales in these these new environments. That's what allowed us to get to creating attention and exposing way to evaluate the quality even added. It's even more important because you're inundated with messages and being able to get that feedback from a brand. This is working. This isn't This is really working in in attention. Is ultimately the closest proxy candidate in real time. Like someone is. This working is some care about this message or not and the faster you can give that faster. You can kind of operate on that as a brand the better. You're going to be well. The click through is a really interesting thing. Teddy right i mean. We all malign click through rate is terrible metric and yet ninety percent of media plans. Come across your desk. Ctr's the goal right. we worked specialty retailer. Who came to us and click through rate was their kpi. And we said okay. But if we can get fewer clicks but better clicks right row as war conversion. Are you interested in that. And they said yes and they put his head to head with several other partners in the space and we beat them all. We didn't beat them on raw clicks but we beat them on return on adspend. we'd beat them on conversion. So you know. It's not even a simple as all click. Throughs are bad. it's understanding which ones are meaningful. Which ones are somebody fat fingering the phone and if you can start to distinguish those in the wild you can start to develop a click three metrics that actually matters and brings value. How many clients are you working with. That are starting to use you to actually collect. I gotta and starting to actually really build the coffer right. Their coffers of first party data around is that matter to their brand we are increasingly. We have just launched our off marketplace data product and that is exactly what it's focused on is helping browns build their own corpus of a database that basically tells them cool what where when why is working for them and that's gonna look completely different for from one brand to another and even between competitive browns right now you just you go out. Bid on undifferentiated. See of impressions. And you hope you pick the right once right and it's price driven it's auction driven and you don't know what you're getting. Were helping clients build their own proprietary way of evaluating. This impression is actually worth a lot more to me than that impression. Even though they look the same right even though they're both brands safe and they're both fraud free and they're both -able but they are not the same for the brands and you can do that. From an audience perspective. You can also do it from an inventory perspective. And that's exactly the product we've launched and where we're going after is we believe the future is brand's bringing their own view of the marketplace and developing their own bidding strategy. That's customized for their goals as opposed to just sort of this open auction where we all just hope for the best. Thank you lisa and teddy so much for joining us for another discussion on making attention. Actionable for more go to. Www dot yield mo- y. e. l. d. m. o. dot com. Hey atlanta if you're looking for more of the new and next and marketing media and creativity every day check out our new community curated app new land yet with our partners at new stand. Go to newsstand dot com backslash newland lia andy w. l. a. n. Dia to register. It's free we'll see you there and atlanta. We are back in the booth. With stephanie natty olson founder and ceo of we are rosy and if i may add my favorite twitter. Follow of the moment stephanie. Welcome to atlanta. Welcome thank you so much. I'm so happy to be here. We're so happy to have you stephanie. The question on everyone's mind. What is we are rosie. Oh this is a great question. I mean we have spent two and a half years kind of defining that ourselves we are rosy a flexible talent solution Plugging into companies big and small to offer a agile independent talent on demand across the entire marketing spectrum. Take us to the origin story. How did we are rosy start. What was the sort of a ha moment That led to this amazing business that you have been building. Oh i wish there was one aha moment. There have been kind of several in my life. And when i look back i'll actually take you back a little bit further to my childhood. My parents come from two wildly different backgrounds. My dad grew up in a refugee camp multiple refugee camps and lost his mother at a very young age and came to the states with a third grade education working as a tailor and literally met my mother in a car accident here in atlanta. And my dad is brown muslim arabic man english as a second language. My mother is this white blonde hair blue eyed christian woman from nebraska And these two kinda came together in the most unexpected way and built this really unexpected family. That is kind of an aha moment for me that diversity for me is like baseline right like i have just always grown up around different people people with different educational backgrounds different languages. Different religions And so i've just had like a really unique appreciation for that And that appreciation married with kind of my fifteen year career in the marketing and advertising space has really borne we are rosy into the world right like i have always had an eye out for people who are overlooked and marginalized and underestimated in the way that my dad and oftentimes the muslim arabic side of my family has been throughout their lives. And i was seeing that happen in the marketing and advertising space. And i thought this is a shame you know we were having all these panels. Were talking so frequently about carrying about creating an inclusive industry creating a place where everyone can thrive increasing diversity. We've been talking about this for ten years or longer right for decades longer. Yeah and like no progress to be made honestly and i thought we are pushing a lot of people out of the industry simply because they don't feel welcome here and we have created corporate refugees and those are my people so i built we are rosy to be a home for all of the corporate refugees in the marketing industry. These are the caregivers. The people who don't wanna live in a major market people over forty the lgbtq community black marketers people of color marketers. All of the people that provide the richness that this industry wants That haven't felt welcome at home. And that's really my life's work and my passion And what lights me up. So it's it's been really cool to translate that into a new type of business and marketing services space company. How old is we are rosy were two and a half years old. Wow we'll be three in march. Yeah and i know you share with alexa story about your first brief There's an incredible story about the the magic of rosie coming to life seemingly overnight. Can you take us back to that moment. Yeah i mean. I was actually reflecting on this recently in thinking like the greatest gift we ever got as a small business with a big dream was the complete lack of diligence. Our first client did for us like we didn't have a website. I didn't have a bank account. Like i was still trying to figure out insurance and a agency hired us to afford a piece of business and i had just kind of started telling people that i was going to build this community of independent marketers and they other people started telling other people and it landed on the desk of this woman at a big agency. Who was in a bind and she needed ten media people to sail this Qsr brand into the sunset. The count was in review. And the agency wasn't gonna defend it and they wanted to take all their fulltime employees off of it and put them onto biz so that they would have to lay them off eventually when this Particular piece of business left the agency. So i got on the phone with them and pretended i had a business that didn't quite exist yet and They said we need ten. Rosie's it was thursday. They said we need ten rosie's to start on monday. I was like oh yeah we yes absolutely and i spent all weekend just hustling. You know like just calling everyone. I know finding out who was freelancing getting referrals from people on lincoln just hitting up strangers it was just like such a grind and we pulled it off and we ran all programmatic and social media for a giant. Us our brand for six months. We launched six hundred campaigns amazing rosie's in three time zones. I mean it was just completely wild. So ten rosie's to sixty five hundred in nearly three years how do you become a rosy and as a fast follow how do you hire a rosy yeah so to become a rosy you go to rosie dot com slash join and you fill out a profile. And we're really trying to revolutionize the way that we evaluate talent we are rosy. We're trying to question everything over here. All the time But we started to ask people yes of course like what is your experience and skills would have you don. What types of Brands have you worked on. But we're also asking like what lights you up like. what do you care about. What type of work really like makes you excited. And so once we have all of that information will match people with projects as they come available from the client side. We have a pretty deep client experience and success team now we are rosy so our clients will call us sometimes just with a business challenge that they need help thinking through how they can leverage flex talent sometimes with a really specific need where they say. I need this particular type of talent for a six month project Or matt leave or something like that and then we spin up. You know handpick a team or an individual rosy for them and say. Here's what we think can knock this out of the park for you. Here's why here's why we love this person for this. And then we kind of co create the teams alongside our clients. Are you guys also doing kind. Of non linear batching and giving people opportunities. And if so. What's your process to do that. Yeah to be honest. It's much easier for us to do that. Within our own. Four walls at the moment are for virtual wall so when we're hiring for our core team we use intuition over everything else right like my chief of staff who i absolutely cannot live without Came from p backed medical device company like it is not linear and she is the one who's negotiating contracts with all of our big clients and keeping me from going off the rails and marketing is totally new realm for her to the extent that we're doing here So we are always looking for people that are just passionate about what we're doing and are aligned with our ethos in values. I honestly care much more about that than what's on your resume so we've just kind of done that throughout our entire company as we've grown on for our clients it's hard right because we're trying to push them to change their culture through we are rosy. The beautiful thing is as our company is kind of blossomed. Is that a lot of our clients. Come to us. Say i want my organization to look more like we are rosy than what my organization looks like today for reasons around diversity and inclusion agility transparency all sorts of reasons. And so we're able to say look. This is how we do it so we need you to trust us right that this person on paper might not look one hundred percent perfect but if you keep using the same requirements you've always used to bring talent into your organization you're never gonna have diversity right like we have to change the system if we want a different outcome. So it's lot of repetition on that the era of remote work. Is it here to stay one hundred percent like the cat is out of the bag. How're you look anybody in the face. After this and be like you know you need to be in the office to do your job like gonna take you seriously. How has the conversation changed for you. And twenty twenty. I mean remote. Work is a huge part of that right like i my last business trip before Kobe head was to meet our amazon and microsoft clients. And i was there specifically to talk to them about remote. Work is a form of inclusion. And we had this wonderful conversation about you know if you really care about inclusion in your organization you cannot say i want a world class organization and everybody has to live in this market right. What are you asking people to give up in terms of community Especially from underrepresented groups of talent if you're forcing them to live in any specific market so that was the conversation. The that was the that was kind of angle that we had to have the moment to get people to come along the remote work ride covid kind of as you mentioned like we're all here together. Now we all know that this is the thing and it's happening and like we were making work potentially much more complicated than we needed to for a really long time and so the conversation has certainly changed from like. Tell me how people could work remotely to. Oh my. how do i support people working remotely. Because we're here now and it's really been a huge evolution for our business with we have moved over to like these full enterprise partnerships where our clients are saying we need we are rosy to be this. Flexible layer on top of our time employees. Because nobody knows what the future is gonna look like for totally down with remote work now. and we realized that we were never as innovative and agile as we thought we were because we were really caught on our heels when all of this kobe started so the conversation has changed in a huge way. Is there a. We are rosy playbook for corporate culture of the future. I think there's two things you know. There have been moments where i've wondered like. Is it possible to turn the titanic right. If you're an organization of twenty thousand people how can you incorporate meaningful change on that that type of scale where we have seen success with our clients in particular. I call them strategic rebels. There are people in these massive global organizations that want to institute change and have the power and influence to do it in their sphere And people have to see it work before they get more comfortable with it so you can do it from the inside where these strategic rebels start to really live their values out loud and foresee issue in us all of their influence in power to do that in internally you can also do it through external partners we are rosy. I had a client the other day. Describe us as like a cheat. There were like by partnering with we are rosy might team gets to see what inclusion looks like. My team gets to see what agility looks like and it becomes the norm here so we're slowly shifting culture presentative. This stuff's going to happen overnight. So i think that that's a really interesting way to think about you. Know what are the micro actions that you can take in some macro actions wherever you can too just like get closer to the destination you wanna be in and then what we've learned we are rosy that i think we get asked all the time. How do your rosie's feel like team if they've never worked together before and they're not playing ping pong together at the office and i can honestly say like i've worked at huge companies that worked at microsoft that worked at aol And like i have never seen a group of people galvanized the way i have seen the we are rosy community and it's the sense of purpose like every single person that joins the we are rosy community knows what they're getting into like. We live our values out loud. Were weren't you know an activist organisation. Like i'm pretty plain about the fact that we are. Rosie is in the business of creating access and opportunity. Wealth for people who traditionally have been left out of those conversations and opportunities and so when people join we are rosy like they understand what we are about as a company. And there's no 'ambiguities there. So we're like this rod for other like minded people and that is culture right like culture isn't grabbing drinks after work necessarily it. Isn't you know shooting the shit around the coffee maker. Culture can be especially for much-needed revolution. Like what we are. Rosie is trying to create with work. Culture can be a place that has shared beliefs and values and where we're all working toward normalizing a better way of work for all of us. I just Pulled up this tweet from seven hours ago from recording are so. Were you said In talking about rosie. This business has grown one hundred and twenty five percent year-over-year without and capitalized without compromising our values any outside funding tech. We're building that now. Client funded office space or business plan. You don't have to follow anyone else's blueprint you bootstrap the whole thing. Yeah what does that feel. Like two and a half years later. And what have you learned or wish you knew then that you know now to sort of pass it on. It feels wonderful to bootstrap this business. Like i've got to be honest like regrets. There has been a moment where i have been like. I wish we had outside funding In it has forced us to like be really smart about what we do. It's us to listen to every signal we get from our customers because they're funding this business in its liberated our business. We're in the business of liberation. We don't want to be tied down with anybody else's money our energy. I wanna be free to grow this business. The way i want. So that is. It's a really good feeling It's not always easy but like our business has grown so quickly like it. honestly we've been profitable since day one Were more than doubling our revenue year-over-year in the midst of all of this craziness of twenty twenty And were projecting three x revenue growth for next year in in terms of advice that i wish i knew i wish i knew that there are so many people that want to help this businesses like there say like all the time. They're angels everywhere. We have grown With his tiny marketing teen we have no media budget or anything like that through word of mouth and it's through these incredible influential people in this industry that are our strategic rebels that are like holy shit. We need more of this. That tell their friends and tell their friends and i wish i had known at the beginning that like it was okay to ask for help and to say hey if you know anybody that should know about. We are rosie. Please tell them who do you wanna work with next. Ooh who's on the dream list so we have like very nerdy dreams over here. I wanna work with salesforce. I wanna work with oracle want to work with adobe. We're killing it with a big tech companies right now and they can put so many rosie store so i always think about it from like who can we get an west that can put a ton of rosie's to work at once and png has been will stay on our list until we crack that one too. I think we have some people to see. See when this episode on twitter. Yes so talking about remodels. The shift from a awarta project base work which i have to imagine really leans into the need for the agility model that you have in co creating getting getting out producing the best work with the right team. What are you seeing in terms of. Aor versus project and do. Are you running different. Playbook depending on size and scope or is the model the model the model the model remains unchanged right like we are rosy can give you individual talent or teams the talent to get a project over the line and we thrive as you can imagine in project based environments right because project based environments are a great time to experiment. It's a great time to innovate. It's a great hundred really like actually show up with diversity inclusion particularly if you have access to a model like we are rosy so we're killing it on the project based front and what we're seeing. Our clients are big right into their they need. Nascar right like we work with microsoft's we will never replace your have no interest in that there is a place for a or and i- i- hat tip those folks but for us to be able to handle bolster in house teams to get project based work done in over the line. Internally is invaluable right now. Right as people just don't know what's going to happen tomorrow or what they're going to need the ability to just tap into sixty five hundred folks at a moment's notice and get them into your organization in thoughtful way is really meaningful. So i think we'll continue to see the growth of project base work certainly with all the instability are there any skill sets the jump right now or in the last year the organizations or cmo's are looking for. We haven't seen any specific trends in that way but in terms of what our clients are asking us for the only unique thing that i think is really worse. Calling out is our clients are asking us now for a flex talent resource manager so they are asking us for somebody that can sit inside their organization listening in on the business needs. What's coming down the pipe. What they're gonna and in which ways they're going to need to flex and can translate that need into a flexible talent solution or outcome and so this is. It's a new skill set. I it's somebody who's just kind of keeping an eye out for like. How do we do this with you. Know on our own using this. Massive community in growing community of independence and marketing is totally italian producer. Which i love that idea. Yeah i mean when you think about it to me. Hr is one of the departments or you know expertise. That needs to be totally disrupted. And it's still sitting in the world of like talking about the future of work talking about the gig economy but in most organizations. It's not happening now. Is that happening. You know there there's contractors freelancers and then there's t. ear fte's and it's the standard stuff. Yeah are you meeting with chr owes meeting with heads of hr yet. I mean most of our conversations center with the cmo and actually Deny so those are kind of our our main areas. Because we've made this public commitment that forty percent of the people that we put to work through we are rosy will be black or people of color and so the da teams that are partnered with the cmo's are quite interested in how we are rosy create that cultural shift and showcase diversity and inclusion through our partnership so that they can begin to move things along themselves. I agree with you. There is such a huge opportunity on the hr side because we hear all the stories from our rosie's who are like. I actually wanted to stay at this company and an incredibly valuable. And i told them that i needed to work remote recode obviously and they said no way or i told them that i needed to work three days a week or that i needed flex hours and they said no way and like there is just incredible talent streaming out the doors and they have options now and so the hr teams should be paying attention In start thinking about how they can retain talent as people begin to have more flexible options than i think. Kobe is pushing a lot of folks in that way. So stephanie have to highlight something for a minute adage named visionary of the year this year. Congratulations thank you. And as i'm sitting through this episode hearing you know from your origin story to to the roadmap to to where you're headed how you're handling the things coming in your inbox will we are rosie. A in advertising and marketing. I don't think so. It has become so apparent. Like greater than i've ever realized right that there was so much pent up demand on the talent side For people to work in a way that gave them more dignity and humanity and a better life and the ripple effect that we've seen through the work that we're just doing marketing and advertising where you can give one person an opportunity to work in a way that gives them the life that they desire and the career that they want there's a ripple effect and i think stopping at marketing would be a disservice because we certainly have the blueprint like we know how to make it happened And we know how to integrate this talent into other organizations a really meaningful way. So we aren't making any moves in that in that way direction at the moment. But it's certainly something that. I have an eye on and i think that the potential for us to have an impact in other verticals is is a no brainer for us. Yeah because i'm just pulled up your website and it says about a new era of marketing. And i'm waiting for the day. See marketing with the line and it just like a new era of working period. So what is in the roadmap. What's next we are building tack. Which is really exciting. It's totally client. Funded and i encourage anyone who wants to build tech like get in get bought four five hundred use cases where you're doing it manually. I which is what we've done So we're really excited to be building. A tech platform that will allow our clients to come see their rosie's who's working on. Projects accustomed curated bench of talent. That we've kind of handpicked that makes sense for their organization diversity metrics around the roses that are plugging in And also like some ways that we want them to stretch so were about to launch a bid partnership that. I can't name yet. That is really digging deep into matching people to work based on What lights them up. And what they're capable love and less on you know what school. They went to in what they've done so far so that will allow us once. We have all of that data overlaid on our sixty five hundred. Rosie's allow us to make more thoughtful recommendations to our clients but they can push themselves. So i think that's that's giving people a lot of light a lot of the insights that you've derived over the last two. And a half years have culminated in a podcast and the rosy report. Can you talk a little bit about the rose report and the direction you're going from a thought leadership standpoint there is a desmond tutu quote that i love that says At some point we have to stop just pulling people out of the river we have to go upstream and find out why they're falling in and i remember reading that Like six or eight months ago and thinking. Oh my god we are. Rosie is just pulling people out of the river. How do we influence the future of work in a way that prevents so many people from falling in to begin with. I really took it to heart and said like this is our responsibility to our rosie's in our community in like mission to create a better way to work and that has kind of come to fruition in a few ways on the rosie reports started out as an actual report right. The we have incredible view of the industry. We work with twenty fortune. Five hundred brands forty five agencies the data on sixty five hundred marketers so we compiled all of that into a report and case studies on what the future of work cannon should look like in marketing We didn't want that to be a static thing so we really kind of put our heads together on. Like what are the other ways that we can influence the future of work And the rosy report franchise has certainly expanded so there is a podcast we just launched season to the rosy report on where again we maintain that commitment that forty percent of the people represented on our podcast will be black or people of color. We are so wholeheartedly Into the fact that the future of work be created in. Id aided by everybody and not the same people that gave us this current system. that's not inservice of everyone. So we have the podcast we have our actual report incites report. That will be coming out again. Beginning of next year and then we also have the rosy report dot com so that's kind of the trifecta of the rosy report and the rosy report dot com is a content hub About the future of work not just in marketing and it's about how do we create a more inclusive equitable future of work. And how do we kind of seize the moment that is laid at our feet here to in a way that creates meaningful. Change that we've been chasing after for decades. Let's go to our game. Stephanie natty olson. What would you kill by do yourself kill in office. Work requirements obviously by like products stock investment. Whatever you can get your hands on from companies that are building a more equitable future in any way shape or form and i- diy like diy the life that will bring you joy. We all should be doing that right now. And steph of people want to get in touch with you to learn more about rosie or can they reach you on twitter at stephanie. In olsen o. L. s. o. n. And my email is stuff at we are rosie dot com. Thank you for having me. Thank you is awesome. Thanks so so. Great to have stephanie on the show. We've been watching the trajectory of her career over the last few months and years as she's built we are rosy and just really great to get the insight not just in bootstrapping her business and the origin of the company. Or really how. She's emerged going from ten rosie's to sixty five hundred one thing that i will leave atlantia listeners. To think about is you know we had. Ross martin kern shearson from known on and the question was what do you want to be known for. I think corporate culture needs to ask the same question. What do you want to be known for. And it's not just your product and it's not just your price and it's not your logistics. What do you want to be known for. Isn't that what we're pushing towards. What your legacy. What's your legacy talent at. The end of the day is one of those brand double things right in the best way. It is one of the most important things that makes you stand out to what he wants to be known for. You want to be known for your people and how you've taken care of them and how you've put them to work. That is completely unable to who your company is. I'm going to double down on. That alexei just talked to a cmo the other day and something that came up in the conversation. As i bet on you. I bet on people you know. I don't care if your organization was www dot whatever dot com. I bet on you and you know so in everything that you just said in really betting on people i co-signed and with that laura. We're going to bring an end. Schafer who we teased in our last episode is going to talk about a question that he put out to badland community an on his twitter handle and ian started an organization called kindred. He's the ceo of kindred all about training and talking about having really difficult conversations. But how were actioning on purpose and profit at the same time and with that ian schaefer with the burning question. Yin's invited a guest for this segment. Meet him alec head of diversity and inclusion equity impact at carta. Welcome ian and nita driving me. Thank you for having me very excited. So this segment. The burning question focuses on the fear of effing up. How do we get leaders. And ceo's today to actually make decisions and ian you've row apiece about this on linked in that i thought was great. Don't let the fear of effing up. Stop you from making decisions and we are seeing this all over the place and i think it's more extreme right now especially amidst cova. Did the place i wanted to star is. Why are we facing such an extreme. As you put it fo- fill in today's c. Suite people fear consequences just like they always at right now. The consequences are is wanting to have a reputational consequences in the workplace is another thing that have a reputational consequence in society where you live and i think the amount of attention that's been paid to cancel culture or at least a theoretical construct cancel culture You know has has been enough to basically put a speed bump but in some cases of wall between ten and action you know when it comes to decision making at a company or brand for that matter Which you know oftentimes is just some of the actions that accompany takes including right. It's it's cars and commercial but the reality of the situation is that people do get caught up in that net. Were in front of that wall when it comes time to take action. I was watching a movie. A mac on that list this weekend about the screenwriter citizen kane and my story that went into that and there's a great scene we're mac those into the office of irving thalberg who's are running at gm and and maga's confronting mr stalbur about the political tv spots that he's writing that meant to basically change people's opinions of candidate they're running for by not necessarily like seeing any facts but just like raw emotion and just appealing the lowest common denominator to get somebody to choose one candidate over another. Obviously they're powerless year tomato politics but i'm with albert said who's interesting any said. I know what i am when i come to work. I don't consider it slumming out humor to keep myself above the fray. I go to the mat for what i believe in. I don't have time to do otherwise but you sir. How formidable people like you might be if they actually gave at the office and to me like there's a lesson in that same. There's it's it's easy to talk. It really is but it's not easy to take an action because again you have to learn to be unafraid of those consequences and so if you've got saw this is all mita. Obviously you've perspective on this. You were with unilever for almost eight years though big corporate organization. How do you think about what's happening right now. Around cease we and cancel culture and decision. It's a great question is something that i know's rang on oliver minds. Just going to be really really vulnerable for a second day. I wouldn't want to be cancelled. No one does right. I think with the power of her wallet. It's really easy as a consumer to say. I'm really offended by this ad. This ad is racist sexist homophobic. I'm gonna stop buying anything to earlier. Point is about intent versus impact and really understanding that. I like to think that ninety eight percent of the people in this world lead with really good intentions. Otherwise i can't do this work. And then there's two percent who were in the headlines who don't have great intentions but really allowing people and brands the opportunity to apologize in bounce back and show after the apology. I think what's really important is what you do next. What are the actions that you're gonna take and it's just like relationships right. You think about relationships in your life and how forgiving you are and how you will allow for grace and allow for people to show you that they can do better and better and i think it's the same for brands. I you know. I see a big distinction between brands and the leader. I think that consumers would rather cancel a leader. I think culturally. We'd rather cancel a person then accompany it is easier to cancel a person because they are a We can picture than as a living breathing thing that makes decisions right and we all know that people i mean companies decisions. The he people do so. It's the people that work with these companies and it's more way more convenient to have a villain in a typical human contracts than it is to construct some kind of boogeyman of entire company. I think because of the advertising model being what is the algorithms of all of these social media platform where a lot of this quote unquote cancellations happening like the algorithm favors the anger. It favors the outrage. So almost feeds into it. So i think the actual cancellation of an individual is generally more temporary that we think it is by that. I mean if they're willing to feed into the conversation the take the hate and vitriol that is really there temporarily because people pile on in order to favor the algorithm so that they get more seen on the social media platforms so with all of that is said and done. I believe we do still have forums where somebody can be. Redemption happens all you know. it's a conveniently. forget about that because every moment on the naturals year But i think there's You know. I think that the again the the act of cancellations quite real but i think the results of that are sometimes overblown. In fact i think many people have created entire businesses out of getting canceled everyday. Think the industry talks about trust and empathy and all of these things but so many of us in organizations. Don't actually see that coming to light in our day to day lives within our organizations. How do you create the trust. It's really important that that trust is rebuilt. And i don't think you can just say maybe changed. Trust me doesn't work that way. You have to establish a pattern of promises delivered. You have to invite people on that jury with you. You have to exhibit a sense of transparency that shows people like there are a series of micro actions that we're taking is going to deliver on a macro action that were promising. This is the horizon You know how long it will take to get there. This is how we want to be held accountable on this hour holding ourselves accountable. This is the government's putting into play and this is how it's you know frankly like if you're a ceo. I want their compensation. If that's what motivates them tied into that too and guess what actions are contagious when people see like gets less courageous to take an action. The more people do it right. And so eventually a stop becoming a crater stack coming to nor i think to the earlier conversation on cancel culture and cancelling brands and people. I do you want to allow for grace and forgiveness but consumer retired. Progress has been slow. You see the same mistakes being repeated by brands and you wonder. Didn't you just see that happened. Two years ago and said that i think is where also the tipping point is in. I think ian. And i were talking. Or recent example with birt's fees and they actually sell apparel pajamas and so on their website. They feature great great intention featured families wearing different pajamas. The family they feature that was black did not include a black father and all the other families included. What you would say is an intact family so you can imagine the outrage as as it should be from the black community and for people like me who don't identify as black identify with the black community. And i'm an advocate. I'm trying to be everyday advocate for the black community and you wonder why are we perpetuating the stereotype that blocks authors are missing from their families and also if you just take a step back and look at all the images why why are we saying that an intact family is a mom died in two kids or a mom and dad are one kit right so if you multi-layered but that is not something that's new right that is something that as marketers one of the most important things is i know alexa you. So wow i can surprise and delight you product and service. You didn't expect. But do i know the history of your community that if i want us to review my culturally confident and so that to me is one where it's like. Wow like that's not the first time we've seen so Outrage is word. I think it's part of consumers right to hold the companies that they do business with accountable for their actions. And i also believe that should be the same way for the employees who work copies to and the distance that we have now from each other and from the four walls of our offices for a lot of us You know that is amazing. Easier to speak up an app right so we see more of this of the rance that might happen in a twitter thread. That would never happen in the hallway or in a meeting because of the very problems that that created that situation right. Which is that. People have just been afraid to speak out visit the consequences but i think above all else one of the qualities that you have to look for in a leader is decisiveness but then also the willingness to To actually deal with the results of those decisions by a lot of times like decisions are made in leaders. Walk away league for other people to clean up. I think again this is about setting future goals but are those goals might be an come writing a story in that story twist turns getting there but you still arrive at that point. Then you get to tell the story of how you got there. And i think that's you know. I think that would be a great story for brands. A right now with more brands wind up doing telling people what they're going to instead what they've already done and generally what the done externally which is you know again it's just putting a layer of paint You know on something that actually has Your infrastructural issues and that's usually company and reacting to what he in saying and thinking about the notion of allies ship and how not just individual brands. Like how do you up as an ally in an ad being allah is a continuous journey running. There's no destination than i'm a great guy and an and when you were an ally for someone you're only analogy when they tell you that you become an ally right because you have to show it in your actions in your words but the thing i think about is when people ask me like about allied shit ally ship is is difficult and you were going to make mistakes. It will likely cost to your pride. It can cost you your comfort. It can cost you financially. It can cost you all sorts of things but the impact of not being an ally is so much greater right. And what's mystery. Do you to be the question. You have to ask yourself. But so even when brands are making these mistakes that i go back over to the example and i applaud them because they actually had an apology very quickly. They saw what was happening on twitter and they responded but even in their apology. You could tell. They were scared because the algae was very vague rather than saying we actually understand what we were doing was perpetuating stereotypes of what families look like. and so. here's how we're gonna do better right. And so there's that fear like cal holidays check. But i'm scared. Actually say amid admit the mistake because if they did that than others would learn from it and the okay now through the lens. I understand what that mistake once. Why are the filters should be applied to people inside an organization as you're exploring a promotion to senior management for example and their ability to make these kinds of decisions and overcome that fear versus. You know let's say like the copywriting process and things that that that go into that. Are those fears similar. Yeah i think they're very learn. They're also very connected. I think that if you want to lead and business today and you have no understanding of the economic world around you and you know understanding of the as i say the new america and as we know i think nielsen released three point one trillion dollars of spending power from the multi cultural consumer. If you don't have a plan to reach that consumer now you're likely not going to be around ten years. I think that is like this idea of empathy right and i think that's also been lost in marketing. Actually interestingly enough with hyper personalization you would think that that would be something that we would be honing in on. I think we've lost the plot amongst so much pressure to hit targets and also be inclusive and feature people. Tokenism is not all of those things. And so i think that there needs to be much more of an emphasis on how culturally competent verdicchio. Because that is actually. I would say the driver to grow. I love to think about that as kind of the center piece of this burning question as a leader. What community are you a part of and what community are you building. And how are you starting to think about that. And does that build a modern almost network right for brand and company both from a buyer standpoint partnership standpoint potentially emanates stamp point. You know our leaders thinking this way or do we need to do much more education around this kind of mindset. I think we're moving from an era of cult brands to community brats in the sense that there's a lot more dialogue happening between the people who make that framework including people buy it and the people who were making decisions on behalf of that brand but the feedback loop and i don't mean like social media engagement and things like that. I mean like actual feedback loops between customers like all the stakeholders of a brand in the communities that that brand operate to right by getting that feedback helps create a sense of awareness that she realize that just like every issue is probably intersectional in some way. Like every decision is intersectional in some way. There's a cause and effect every one of those you have to be able to provide those channels back but then also show that you're acting on that feedback and fascist about good ideas. It's about you know constant improvement. A big part of the getting. The flu is as i wrote in. Mit you din is about validation and feeling like you're not on the journey alone at going back to your question basically like why we bill kendrick you know to give readers an opportunity for them to talk about those fears like a way for them to learn from others who have come. Those years have made better. Decisions on behalf of those companies have made those decisions off it. It's like a. I mean the reason why peleton works. I mean. it's the reason why they chose that word to name. The company is a group of writers. You get you get a. Because they're traveling together or get to where they're going faster and whether it's because one is provided wind shear for the other just providing motivation. I think there are. There is strength in numbers urge. You know i would add then. I just don't think we celebrate failure enough. We don't talk about enough in our companies to my husband. Has this famous. Cody tells me when i complained. Success has a thousand fathers and feeling is an orphan. Every time i complain of happening work we'd that's just how we're wired. Do we provide psychological safety whether it's in our communities as we're talking about corporations and it has to start there before it even shows up on twitter media are externally like do we provide that so i think that those are the honest conversations you have to be having because you have to allow to be able to unpack failure. And we don't we just vary it our. Ceo's founders. here's you know that and understand are setting rate examples. And i think you know on everyone to tell their stories right as to how they did that so that we can set the example for readers to follow. I think there are a lot of companies that are that are figuring out the inner trying. A lot of things that are working that would have been thought of like a year ago as a to out there even experiment with But now we're seeing the results paying off for them but this may be the way we go moving forward ian mita. What brand or leader is actually doing this. Well i'll go back to One of my old brands. That i love and i love ice cream. Giving it away with ben and jerry's i think has been on a really long journey and roads. Sometimes when i work with brands especially after the killing of workflow earlier this year and brands releasing want who will be inclusive in sparked the journey an ally for the black community and black consumers. It's like where do i start. Because i'm not ben and jerry's but ben and jerry's has been i mean their history in the voting rights act and so with them in two thousand sixteen when they came out with their statement on black lives matter which was not vernacular awards we could even say allow ranked the new fast forward to twenty twenty. And so i think that is a brand consistently. And that's that's it's about the consistency piece and they're very very sure on who they are and who. They're not which is again what we talked about. Magic of marketing. You can't serve people but they know what their values are and what they will stand for and who they will stand west. I wanna go like the non traditional route with this. And i don't think anyone is is doing everything perfectly unless they are like. You wanna see them through the lens of a more activist brand like ben and jerry's right because i think pranks can afford to be acted this necessarily because it may not just be part of their founded story. But i look. I look at a lot of brands in the context of what is the lens that they make decisions through. And there's some that have gotten to know over the years that are so aware of what that is that prevents them from making you know the the cash rafic decisions and encourage them to make the good once you know. I think each is one of them. eight inch radio as a company has had a cut a set of ethical guidelines that they've operated with that has really informed a lot of the work that they've done in fact we work with them on a on a mental health initiative in. They put they were able to almost overnight. Put together a real wit That just shows like literal decades speaking responsibly about mental health about Racing stigmas around these very difficult conversations and whether that was a little show about it called injury or you know the therapist sopranos or anxiety in euphoria and and the impact of plugs on that anxiety. They just have a heritage of being able to talk about that. So when you do something about it quite publicly or in town is is dealing with an issue also like are you. There are authoritative voice. They've done the work. They've partnered with an all prophecy. Better understand it goes way beyond you know philanthropy and giving. It's actually making sure that again. These stories are told them the right way. You know both in front of and frankly also behind the camera. So that your your living. Their mission Yeah when i think it would prove all brands to take a step back before the end of this year and And give their mission a long hard look and say. Is this a good enough lens that we can feel every decision. We make not just branding decisions but also personnel decisions higher. -sition this every can everything filter through this in a way that leaves us as a company and reasonable under their place. 'cause we're in A an issue is just one example of that. There are many others but You want to see that that mission lift state everything you just described as the company's brand and that filter and how then you execute it. How and who with and who you choose to do. Business with all of those decisions a call to action for brands before the end of twenty. Twenty what. Year mita ian. Thank you for joining us for the burning question atlanta before we wrap up. It's time for good land area a partnership between atlanta and the ad council this episode were featuring the work the ad council and partners are doing around covid nineteen which focuses on mental health and loneliness. Which many of us are facing as a result of more 'isolation both personally and professionally. The ad council recently launched research found nearly one in five people experienced consistent loneliness and sometimes resources are hard to find so the ad council launched a new campaign coping nineteen which provides actionable tips and strategies to help cope. You can find over. A hundred vetted resources in english and spanish at coping desch nineteen dot org and that is good land area. Laura hit with the list of all of our friends and family iheart who have been soga us and helped us get back on air big. Thank you to bob connell carter. Andy eric galvao michael jen. We appreciate you. Thank you so much for this opportunity. We'll see in two weeks. The radio on your dashes. More than radio that sirius. Xm button is instant access to a world of exclusive entertainment including ad free music channels for every genre in decade. You can also hear your favorite sports comedy talk and news. Plus you can stream with the sirius. Xm app on your phone and connected home devices so grab your phone. Dial pound two five zero and just say. Xm get twelve months for five dollars a month with a new. Select subscription call for details fees and taxes apply.

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Full Spectrum Cycling #91 No Sams Were Harmed in the Making of This Show

"Its that catchy. Beat folks means it's time again for full spectrum cycling here at the old river west studios of everyday cycles more importantly ninety one point seven so ninety one hundred show so ninety one point seven well through that a little over halfway through all the ninety one point right okay. Ninety one point five veering towards seven. Let's just in if you don't listen to wm ninety one point seven. Don't listener back. I can't take a picture. Tony jacket because the phones doing its thing over there. Jk can take a picture of tony's jacket because sa- gray's radio station of all time so this was supposed to be the three sam show and we have lost all our names for some reason. We are sam louis. We have become. Sam sam de dropped off as your son buffering the the fun part of it though still covering the fun part moves the beer to the other side tony. You can't teach an old dog. New tricks can't do that. Oh that austin powers antonia for what he had to put up with those depot terribly deep anyway so after the after the whole day of the stupid furnace not working in blowing. It's now slowing doing. Show awesome a chilly this morning. So yeah i don't like it. Eighteen fahrenheit of course. Yeah we're not in the old Celsius neighbor was chilly addressed for colder. So i was boiling really got here. So now that they have the vaccine out there that wants to live it minus seventy celsius. That'd be cold happy cold. I don't think. I want to live with that vaccine. I'm we re and discussing effect. I'll bet that hurts like hell when it enters your body at that temperature. I don't think it has to be at that temper. That's just for storage and then it can be whatever period of time you have. Those pats of butter. It's going to run them in your hands. It's going to be months before. Were allowed to have the vaccine. I think i'm okay with that. As long as i get it. Well there's gonna be another one to coming out real soon. That would be kept mind seventy as true true so beyond vested well in madeira or pfizer. Or both hey stock. Picks here folks Probably should have bought them before though might be a little late. Now or if. You're a nerd like me. And you realize the catastrophe of solar winds this week you would have bought and sold them last week. Yeah what about the conjunction of saturn jupiter. You know the whole world's gonna end on december twenty first okay with me that would be the. It l. i've had this week. That'd be okay. That'd be monday. I miss hustler. Oh that guy was great awesome. You did the twenty-first folks. It is a good day to see. They will look almost as one jupiter and saturn very close on this guy right. Now hit the linda tail of comet that the vortex parole my weight. So let me yeah. He knows who's driving making some progress over at the new space nice good. They moved the tapper van. Right in front of my door right outside. You're right outside the day you can open the door and so we feed and get a beer. That man moves on its own power. Yes that's impressed at the pump up the tires but yeah it's got throaty sounding. V8 and at it's actually pretty good. Yeah yeah smell. good Yeah it wasn't like race guests are. It's a little shorty. What is it mid sixties late sixties ford super chartres it or is it a ship abbott short little shorty thing. It reminds me of with like what twelve tap released. I took a picture of it yet. Twelve tappers. I should be able to throw that in the show notes. It looks like There's this band called drug saana. They do all their shows out of a out of a van. That's with a smoke machine but you know drugs who getting. It's very kind of clutch. Fu manchu dances on top of the van. Fire daycares you. That's one of the biggest things i miss about. Covid live shows was seeing daddy. Live shows but fucking dak any live show so as got a a live show on me home. He's he's in the band. Yeah apparently i mean. It was on the books before the Captain pabst pilothouse decided to go by in the closed the next day so They still don't you know i mean it's only a couple of hours normally a rotating crowd audience. 'cause they're all kind of taking the tour and whatever. Yeah it's i don't know it might be a destination ride. I haven't really been going out to the establishments. That's kind of a goofy time. Here in wisconsin indian like the third nastiest place to be in the country. They do. They do employ having it outdoors on many times. That would be a good call. So we're looking for outdoor. Thank speaking of outdoor things when we can which maybe will be not too far from now i did a recon ride around the complex where the new place is going to be into like a mile and a half course with a good section of it inside the buildings nice to be able to use the tunnel and go from one building to the other and there's many piles steps and talons and whatnot most tranquil. Yeah it's going to be. I think we're going to be able to have like a series because you could lay out different course every time and be all self contained within two and a half blocked by to block com possum complex. Now that's a neat space. It's filling up with folks. Were getting a bunch of artists types in there that the canoed canoe canoe can noodle doodle. Can you see what. I don't know if it's whatever the kayaks and canoes a tree awesome watching sam reid Through the place just like inside we lease inside we. These are cool but when you write him inside a building. It's cool x ten. Sam sam to the third power which and the being zero sam's notes one occurs. Yeah it's just yeah. It's like a star collapsing itself. And just say fuck. You sam's one sam's within stone-throwing distance he's right across a frigging street should had income over. I sent a message. Maybe still got a moon. Leonard boxer here see that Do mood landed in a box. Newland is no it just had to get taken apart to be frame saver did and brought up just yet again if the moon lenders more because people just beat the crap out of them and junkie conditions all the time. Check your seat posts. Folks you gotta steel framing and aluminum post bike crack post. This one was not quite stock. It was really close mine. If it would have gone another month of winter mind sober would not come out. And so yeah. We're gonna have to try the lights on yours. no. I'm not messing up that paint job. I'm doing the the the The reamer the to try to figure out. I got a love that road the only road bike. I enjoy writing. It's not at the correct position for you. I had a change the saddle. Maybe you can change the height of the seat enough for by it and it's way beyond that. Cut the seat posts. Cut it off. Sure be get one of those old school schwinn seat posts charlie. You're never gonna listen to this. Podcast per day bought a seat posts from unanimity. You cherry fuck that seat post by cranky. Well that's just a gorgeous paint job on that reynolds. Five thirty one and thirty unit vega just gorgeous main job. I can't lose it. That would have been well. I do have the rimmer. Just tastes like three hours to get through. I'm willing to spend three hours. Just sucks but you just have to take a little bit at a time rosie post on that and ride a dime however that go. That would have been one thing. I would have brought up with. One of the sims would be that next week. Not really advertised. The normally advertise it every year but destination. I'm gonna ride my bike down there and it's very outdoorsy over at nomad no world pub. They normally do the kung fu christmas. When is same kind of just curates. A a healthy healthy dose of grand grand kung fu movies. When is kung fu christmas eve in christmas day. No nice normally food ordered and normally and just got you know just. It's nice thing about no matter. There's a lot of nice chinese restaurants within a stone's throw and outdoor they've cultivated a good outdoor presence. Where you don't you don't tell us they don't feel something covid more already. Had it over there. Well do just rolling with punches. You know as normally pulled off. It's like oh you're gonna set me. So how do we end as whether zero sands here because you. The potential of three in two thousand twenty men works. It's basically every sam. I know that just came up like last week. Wasn't it was like no. No you have to differentiate each sam and then there was a potential of putting all of them. That's where the that's where everything broke. Yeah the weight of the threat of saber exercise. Maybe we'll see sam at the top of the hill so top of the will top in the terrapin hill. Yeah from georgia where seals. Jk just pulled this out of the old sample thin. Yeah it was a couple different twelve packs. Tis the season for the variety. Pack in the liquor stores if we're going to get together with your family that's good call 'cause not everybody likes the same beer. Oh exactly yeah and even as a beer drinker myself. Sometimes i just don't want that same one time legit. What did we started with. We have started with the jazz cabbage man man. This is all from the us. Cats misses the terrapins. Sensory pack way says pictures of marijuana on it. I can't drink this beer. it's a hemp. ip it's a ham pie appear is it says it's a hemp infused. Ipa with our is our danka spear to date packing in our very own special strain of him flavors as ip a will fill the room with aroma of the choices sticking notes. It does smell. Like i don't know anything about this. The marijuana in higher now that have no idea what marijuana smells like. I think some of the guy next to the shop is a cannabis hemp cannabis. Cbd guy grower. That's smells enough. a lot. Like no for real for asserts. That smell smoke cigarettes. Yeah that's what he's gonna make flower flower and can be only point three percent. Thc but they're on a test patch right twenty three. I'd be a little more. yeah. I think they're kind of going to have to dial in their less. Thc to be licensed. They're not officially licensed yet. So wherever not bad six percent it's tasty it's delicious. yeah it really is. I like most of terrapins beers. Like yeah i agree. Also do the cannabis. Don't they have. I'm pretty sure they do. They're very being there cannabis related for the was just like. Yeah yeah the other ones in the variety. Pack are magic brownie ale which and dancing dancing. Gummy bear which is like a sweet like a four percents. I'm betting bet betting these burs who've never once touched marijuana in their lives they're just gleaming onto society marijuana nuts. No leaning glomming gleaming. Just oh that one. That came out couple of years ago on four twenty. it was no hops. Acution are still around the emperor the hamper that was it. And there was a tapping at you'll know mattie as soon as they started cracking the beers whole embar just smell re re like it like everybody has had a bag into opening at the same time and the owner was just walked in a i mean. He was aware of the event not the pungent nature of stuck around for a month or two at certain places. And that's one of those little unicorn chason beers like if it pops up again. I think it was new. Belgium did that one. Emperor the hyper. I'm pretty sure it was new belgium. How are they going to keep coming up with new names for these things. Maybe you throw me smoke more weed and you'll come up with bat. Banadir the heavily shas. We can come up with these true that so we talked about maintaining your steel frame lube in your post and other luminaries post Been throwing the idea around over the holidays of taking a short hiatus from the show. Keep saying this show. We keep having shoved. I guess we were not going to have that one show and then fucking charter showed shots. I guess we'll just keep doing shows as long as i mean. We have a week where we have to. You know i mean only you kilroy and if you people are gonna be pissed off but all right all right sorry killer kill. Raise the guy looking over the very sorry about that. Our kilroy kilroy was here. so next one will be dropping on christmas. Yeah if we yeah. We go into tomorrow next week a week from friday today a week from today as christmas. Merry christmas everyone next week and then the following would obviously be new year's day so and i'm sure people are going to jump in the damn leak so yeah i was just kind of thinking about that. Is it actually going to be at three thousand person thing or now and even in the league of the mascot is it going to give me any more protection you and you get like one of those Neoprene ones and be like a wet suit and see. Your face stays warm bright. Well i remember when it was Vortex time and they just kind of cut out that one little area and the need just gonna put people in in waves yankee get x. Amount of time so i. That's one that. I don't think there's going to be any ice this year. No no certainly not. It's i mean it's going to be forty five degrees again on monday so there were a couple of games. There were a couple of snow. Flake says enemy motorcycle. I'm telling you right now. We should accumulate a shit ton of property because pretty soon wisconsin be florida. All you've either be bitching about bad winters like. oh yeah. We had a bad winter. It was forty two. It's going to be nice definition of ba. I wrote my motorbike yesterday. You know because it was forty five degrees thirty degrees. Yeah that's no problem. Yeah i just had to look out for the little slippery patches but no worries started right up. I wanna make sure the mice. Don't get to this air. So six fifty. Yeah it's moving to the shop sometime next week. Yep it'll it'll be stored there. I work on the five hundred. Get that thing run and get it down the road neck spring like it like it. Is that just a random thing. Yeah i i'm just trying to remember from year. We people use the do. There's there's one on the south side where the whole stretch of half a mile or something. Everybody goes nuts. I do that with ill. Bill didn't we. It was gorgeous risotto. Much yeah i mean and there are little pockets and places that we hit and they're going to do you know the places i do. These lights anyways. Yeah for sure i mean. It's probably more so this year than others because families getting in their in their pod and they can see the festival of lights. There's a couple of different ones. That have like i know up in grafton. They've got one where you enter the parking area the parking lot but you drive through this maze of stuff and it's like all lights and whatnot onnell's and pockets of neighborhood. I mean i know. There's always candy cane lane it's been but that's kinda cliche at this point. Sorry sorry what styles. I mean like you know down bayview same thing. They're like you know certain little you know a block zone. Everyone gets together and it's like right. Let's go crazy. So i've been audience of seeing some of that in the four fifteen to four twenty y'all sunset. Yeah we got actually I'm would it be. Monday is the shortest day of the year. Oh oh my god. Sorry that point yeah good. He's just trying to work in the job to work in the dark today. Trying to work at the new space after four o'clock is tough because there's any light in their sam show not sam. One of the samson didn't shop for three sam day helped me carry up a very large Bet to my house in complete darkness at would be scary. It was pretty. We had to wait a flight of stairs to a light on but it still was not enough to carry a you know three two hundred x pound my days aluminum old right. Oh my my niece says at my back says at my back that started even earlier back started. I was on to do a move mine like rear projection. Tv's large you know like they had like the the mirror and the cast of thing didinga ding try and just move that from one house to next door to another down like out the front door down four steps and when that op you know monolith just sitting there like ready to teeter to squish me like a fucking grape and my hand has slipped a little bit. I mean we. We've got an easy now. Kids kids these days. They don't know how easy they got their seventy inch twenty five years shit. Trinidad those cool moving straps. I don't need anyone else was like. Hello i can swap this all down the street kids these days. Either you guys get here early enough to see the guy with all the lights on outside pop in hell was going on there once. He popping and locking. Yeah we saw him. I thought it was you because he kept going past the window. I thought it was you as he was kind of cascade. Beer to walk downstairs. Gotta he was a there was a lady with them filming it and stuff. I don't know just weird people on locust i guess. I saw a car with like one like an old timey. Like news camera mounted on their hood pointed to the damn windshield as i was driving like like you know at a stop light and then just slowly going by their filaments something. So that's pretty weird. Yeah it was terrifying like somebody's making this milwaukee. Maybe it's one of those gas or might be cold. Cova kovin to illumine sounds too much like all right. It's carlton but it right in your mouth. Churn actually have a copy of jesus. Christ he's gonna readjusted folks justed me folks tyra covid not cove in knowing moco vin net covid and mark borchert's. You know idea to have this incredible movie that i actually own just print entertaining. See much better. That's up doesn't sound any different to me very directional just like beer. Yeah share retest. Stick it right in there. You know you should get a straw. Did a strong wish to get him a real microphone for christmas. Lots of real microphone. Tony right off one room for and you'd have to mike feed after phone. She'd have to case case from the microphone. Get right in there. Can't believe we're no samd sam's out there fail. You know as as god from travel. Sam to a sam free day as they were coming up ahead that thought in my head. I'm like you know it wouldn't surprise me in the least that urban none. I'm not built in pessimist this realist. Don't make me no nevermind. same free. Well we probably said the word. Sam is more times than any time so obviously super three x thing didn't work or if it did they're all congregating at one place just looking into each other waiting to hear something for all us. Surfers out there. The twenty twenty billabong pipe masters has been suspended due to covid nineteen pipe. Miss world surf. League is decided. They suspended billabong masters presented by hydro flasks blah. Lots lots of stuff. Yep even the surfers you know. I mean sharks you kick at the sharks no cova don their blood and the war just throws out that daniels rumoring chartreuse scarfs pyjamas. Sharks with scarves. It's pretty cute. Vail vail vail mountain reports a quarter one loss. This is the revenue target bailed us. That's what it says. Come on three sixty three a share. They lost their way too early for that. Well quarter one. i don't know. Was that a mountain by quarter. Okay good point. I'm not positive. I don't know when they're fiscal year. Starts however i have seen that you can rent whole mountains now. Fear of the ultra rich. Just so you can have your covid. Pod have a private mountain to go skiing on. If that's your thing snowboarding. I'm all for this as long as it includes me kicking him the nuts as they walk in just that one time. They're good exercise block. Spain but only for believers a new study explores the links between exercise and pain perception and how they can be easily manipulated. I manipulate my pain with another can of this jazz cabbage here. Rogers jazz is cabbage. That is hey. I liked the name. I'm just just it is a good night. it just yes. Walmart's lettuce will be the next one in line and walmart walmart's good place now because they joined the People for bikes coalition. Well tom walmart is pretty cool. He sees the guy getting bentonville on the map but the rest of his family go egg. But all right with me. I just i don't know for you. Burn your hand on the damn stolen of times. You don't fuck man on the stove anymore. And that's how i deal with any kind of walmart experience. He'll be fair. It used to be my place to buy five dollars sunglasses until it became unsustainable because unsustainable my brain just about exploded. I have one thing to buy. Self-checkout lemme thorough. Please i'll actually go up to damn software. Chartwell short i will. I have not been into walmart over. Twenty five years. I i envy you. I'm not quite as good as but i'm really like it's over ten. Yeah yeah yeah. I was there just before thanksgiving i mean they had one dollar Bottles of caribbean jerk marinade. Well and i don't know i'll use them selfishly for my own culinary needs. I haven't tried it out yet. But i just noticed this morning. That apple fitness plus now showed up on my watch. So i can do cycling thing on the tv deal. Oh lord cycling on tv. What does that mean. i don't get it. Oh you're to be old peleton yellow. And i got the green thing over there. You put your bike on it and then you look at the screen and it's supposed to ride for you and everything i think or something. Now here's what i was thinking of. I'm putting electric trainer. Think i've done eighty five miles an hour on guard. I know some of the what is it wasn't health. Rider was one of those where they had the the early tablet. And you you know. Do light tour de france in la whatever and it would have a you know a shot by shot if you paid attention looking at the the scenery and whatever so i mean that was kind of clever clever but under just put my ass on my own saddle being outside's all right to yeah. Yeah bike don't worry about it. what. I just don't understand why people go outside outside. It's like fresh air and so twenty twenty. Been a great year for you doing my basement for eight. Monks wait wait. Isn't there something on the notes tonight about the greatest human in the world. Don't think so maybe should refresh opposed to. There is a comment on things we dig. Scroll down scroll oh. That's all the way it's it's in the wrong spot. List is the greatest human in the world. Then is the greatest human in the world because he convinced me it one of these ridiculous oil fed radiators that you put in your basement and it is exponentially better than any shitty ass ceramic heater blower bullshit. That if you work in your basement this thing this week. I turned it on and after about twenty minutes. I'm like i'm a complete idiot. I should have had one of these from day. One is what spend peter's van this one a corner. I is a corner area. You could put one on each side so you go by feed. It is a gorgeous desks base. But literally i've had heaters. You didn't listen all of these types of heaters thirty dancing. Yeah i mean they give you the tail cautionary putting in this electric boiler thing. I am so toasty now. Compared to being frigging frigid cold. That yeah i if you have a basement office covert might be winding down. But if you have a basement office and you're looking to keep it comfortable these little. What did you have to pay for years. I bought my. I used to so i had two of them and used them originally for keeping poxy warm in a big insulated thing so that the poxy would cure properly and then when i got rid of that i had these two and i'm like oh but i don't remember what they cost. I think even not even seventy bucks and the emotive heat is six hundred nine hundred. Fifteen hundred watt. The the heat they produce is so comfortable and nice and his radiant as radiant. It's not yeah. It is gorge julius thanks. Jj bringing the marver here Chaz cabinet join you as one but there was a pinhole leak in one of the cans. Oh at home did you. Down there no owned itself which drove me insane. Bought the trip the twelve pack but only got eleven beers a note and say you're packaging suck semi at twelve pack sponsored by terrapin beer company. So this affords me the opportunity to try the dancing. Gummy bear. Try one of those next one pairs well with festivals four percent whereas whereas the jazz cabbage pairs well at snacks percent sour sour skipping. This is j. k. Like sellers. I know he does a bear lynyrd advice. Cherry hemp cherry probably should had that whatever all right folks well. It's that time again. do it again. You can do it again next week. I guess if anybody who wants to. It'll be your christmas present christmas present to you on at seven one seven seven two seven two four five three. That's bike and bike can be on the christmas show. He can say happy. Holidays are marrying long to snap is to whomever you might like next wednesday seven pm central standard time. Please call it until then everybody four festivus.

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Pivoting Pastors

The Angry Christian Podcast

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Pivoting Pastors

"Welcome to the angry christian podcast. It's time to face the problems that have been ignored for too long joined billion candidates since they talk about real issues within christianity and worked to bring healing to those affected. Hey what's up guys. Billy and jeffrey with the angry christian podcast. Everybody go ahead have to hit it. I'm sorry we got this new zoom recording. And i just have all these buttons. That are way too tempting in christ to push so thank you guys for showing up tonight. The applause are for you guys. I want to say hey i love. Have you listened to this trackers. A girl all right. That's okay that's enough. I'm sorry is the angry christian christian no so in this new year kennison. I really wanted to. We wanted to talk about things that really matter. We wanted to talk about things that really have an impact about time. It's about time that we get we get serious with this. yeah but as we do that like we we want there to be. I don't know i'll talking last night. You know we've had this conference this weekend. And i'm pointing up here and they're like who's the point man. Candidates is like she's here was lurking just washington lodging judging. But we were talking yesterday and it's like the more we grow in christ like the more. I feel like what this podcast is taking shape. You know. and that's and that's the grace of god right like the we didn't have it all figured out on her. We started angry christian. What does this and it's supposed to be like you know. Yeah there's people that are angry and we wanna help in so in that all that just to say this. I wanna talk about leaders because in in you know we were talking this weekend We had a little conference this weekend and The pastor the visiting mastermind. Good at a really good point he said you know there's as much hurt the comes out of the body as there is comes from the pulpit. Oh yeah but In the same sense. There's there's a high responsibility for for the pastor. There is a high responsibility in people or or at least my experience a lot of people. They tend to hold that position differently. Right like if. Joe schmo offends me you know. I don't know maybe. I maybe i do but probably not like leaving right in if i do then. There's some other things going on there. But when the pastor does it it hits me har it's over it's over. It's over so church hopping church hopping here chopping and shopping. and so. that's what i wanted to talk about. I want to talk about leadership church choppers. We're talking about that. Were pivot and i know that candidates said that you had a really great word and a bible study you did recently and so i just let you just gonna launch that. If you don't know who jeffrey is. You haven't been paying attention Jeffrey is the owner of hebrews. Coffee in we'll let him talk a little bit more about that. Property manager up here at new line. Properties which is where we're sitting. This is their studio. Let you talk a little. Bit about that Jeffries dear friend of ours. We've done jeff for a couple years now. Met him at a birthday. Party closed down the cul de sac. So we did And so with that. I'm going to let you just kind of jump in as my throat on the microphone. Nope i'm saying we're burning the midnight oil tonight for you guys. Okay for all the angry christians out there. Pray that you're listening and you're knowing that we just we just got done with the four day conference three day conference With a lot of really rich meat to chew on and it's it's ten thirty now almost eleven months eleven o'clock and we just finished a conference and decided to come podcast but the beauty is for all those who are local. We have this amazing opportunity here at newland properties in magnolia. Which i'm gonna plug. Billy because billy really was the one i I would say that this is his baby He really had a vision. I'm gonna tell you that. I was like all right. Podcast room cool but now it's so rich because there's so many people right now Small business that really have something to say and have to access their audience. So now there's this great space now just only the podcast in but we can also do small commercial clips video clips. We do really small editing here for you guys to come in from the outside but in for the tenants they get a little more discount than you do but they can come zip in and do it just a really quick youtube a really quick facebook live on. Someone's going on their business and amazing amazing so we have also on the property. Is hebrews the new coffee house. And just correct billy from earlier i may co owner the lesser of the owners. Because as you know yes hebrews but she also bruce moore and my beautiful wife my xio. She couldn't be here tonight. She's the xio of hebrews coffee but we have our cafe right here or a coffee house so we have a rocking community. We can do whatever here. It's really kind of crazy for the we had a guy come in and he's this is the craziest thing ever been a part of just came back to lease because you guys have the podcast room. I go to church product. There's a lot of believers like what's going on. So we're in the midst of revival brother get in the boat. The arc is sailing. Jesus tells you vote. Jeffrey tells you get in the boat. Okay so. I'm just really grateful excited. Billy has been on adventure a little bit here to getting a new job and all that kind of just probably fueling some really great content. Because i'm tell you. Marcia least myself i speak for myself. We're in this place where it's like. It's pretty good like were pretty good. Like things look good. I even the little problems like man. What's coming in so even The start of this conference was dealing with leaders on saturday morning and he concluded with hey trials or coming and so i'm i'm i'm i'm opening my eyes of to hear what the lord sang. Everything's really good. I'm not trying to be a naysayer but pan stuff could become an. I would say coming at twenty twenty one. We've been super super super super bowl or twenty twenty. Been super blessed. I only have great expectations for this year. But really with the lord's put on my heart. We have a little bible. Study bibles in the boardroom. Are beautiful brother andy. Bring comes down from tyler and co host with me when he can come in town. But and i don't remember which one kansas city and on but i think we started talking about leadership and some of the content was what happens when it's different this year than it was last year was different this year. Twenty twenty or last year. Everything was different for everybody. We didn't even talk about zoom zoom. Now every church is totally set up with the best video capability goals and zoom meetings. And so we all had to pivot but what if what if the warning in the scripture that we're about to read out of exoduses is is maybe the way we did things but then the way those things have to transition next season. Amen amen hi. it's get in it you at in the midnight hour. I'm an exodus chapter seventeen. So there's great victory in israel as they have now been brought out of this place of egypt okay I think going back through x is really powerful for for all believers once a year to understand what it took to get these people out of their place of captivity and who they use as a leader to do it and you might not think a lot of moses and you might think he's some chump that took off from egypt. But i'm gonna tell you that. This man was educated. This man made decisions really based on emotion but for the welfare of his people and there wasn't a lot of glory in those things he did early in his life and so god has to take him to a place called wilderness in order to prepare him for this other thing. That wasn't going to get any better. I mean it was going to get better for the people of israel but for him as a leader. It was going to get more taxing. And what i love about fifteen. Sixteen seventeen. Seventeen when i get an eighteen. You start seeing that. Moses has got way too much on his plate but before we get there. Let's read exodus chapter seventeen verse one and all. The congregation of the people of israel moved on from the wilderness of sin by stages. I think there's something to be. Taught there by the way they moved by stages according to the command of the lord and camped at referred him but there was no water for the people that drink. Therefore the people quarreled with moses and said give us water to drink and moses said to them. Why do you core with me. And why do you test the lord. But the people thirsted there for water and the people grumbled against moses and said why did you bring us up out of egypt to kill us and our children and our livestock with thirst. Moses cried to the lord. What shall i do with this people. They are almost ready to stone me. In the lord said to moses pass on before the people taking with you some of the elders of israel taking your hand the staff with what you struck the nile and go behold. I will stand before you there on the rocket horrib- and you shall strike the rock and water. Show come out of it. And the people drink. And moses did so in the site of the elders of israel and he called the name of the place massa and merida because of the quarreling of the people of israel and because they tested the lord by saying is the lord among us or not in this present time of his ministry. God did several things that seem a little peculiar right. The people are grumbling. Your congregation is getting weary. Things are taking place. God speaks to him and says go. Strike the rock and in that place in his ministry. This is what worked. And i love it. Because you know what the leadership and moses his heart right now is he goes besiegers the lord for answers even though people are picking up. I don't know if you feel like that in your church today. I don't everybody's back in your church yet due to covid but as a to passers out there in the frustration you're dealing with this is maybe pre twenty twenty instruction from the lord now. Here's my encouragement to you. Can you remember in the future when a very similar situation takes place. The people are complaining in the same way they are and god commands moses to do something but it's a little bit different so as we go on. Let's go to numbers chapter twenty. This is our base scripture. Time has passed. Things have happened. But here's the situation again. There's a bunch of people crying that the thirsty or hungry or they need more or they need something different and this is where it changes. So let's let's read this And we'll talk a little bit numbers chapter twenty verse two now. There was no water for the congregation and they assemble themselves together against moses and against aaron and the people called moses said would that we had perished when our brothers perish from from before the lord. Why have you brought the assembly of the lord into this wilderness. That we should die here. Both we in our cattle. Why have you made come up out of egypt and bring us to this evil place. It is a place for for grain and figs or vines are pomegranate and there is no water to drink then moses and aaron went from the presence of the assembly to the entrance of the tent of meeting and fell on their faces. This is surely a good sign of leadership for the two brothers to go and not be so frustrated this point but go back into the presence of the lord and ask him what they should do right and so they fell on their faces and the glory of the lord appeared to them in the lord spoke to moses saying take the staff and assemble the congregation. You and aaron your brother. Tell and tell the rock before there is to yield. Its water so that you shall bring forth water out of the rock for them to give drink to the congregation and their cattle. Moses took the staff from before the lord as he commanded then moses and aaron gathered the assembly together before the rock and he said to them here. now you rebels. Shall we bring water for you out of this rock question. Mark lows lifted up his hand and struck the rock and his staff twice in the water came out abundantly and the congregation drank and their livestock. And the lord said to moses and aaron because you did not believe in me to uphold me as holy in the eyes of the people of israel therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land that i have given them. These are the waters. Marabout were the people of israel quarrelled with the lord and through them. he showed himself holy. Now it's amazing to me because there's two parties. There's two things that are happening. Let's say three parties with the lord. included moses. does the right thing with his brother. And he goes before the presence of the lord and god says something different in this season. And i think it's important because once the word of the lord goes out and listen. I don't know how you feel about hearing from god whether it's the impression of god whether you can hear them audibly. It doesn't really matter. But i'm telling you right now. The lord speaks and when he speaks. I want to ask you this. Are you listening. Or is the twenty twenty one or pre twenty twenty. Are you still thinking in that ministry. Mind where it worked this way before. Why don't we just keep doing it. Can i tell you that. God has changed the game. Covert in this pandemic have touched everybody on this planet. Not only has it touched. It's also killed. This is nothing new scripturally. There's been pandemics and plagues and fires and famines and things throughout time in history. This is new to us. Because of the age we live in but even in our age of technology even in our age of ministry godel shut it down. He will shut it down. And what he's gonna do is gonna call ministers out and say i want you to do this now. And the the problem is that we deflect to what we know in the natural or what has worked in the past. What do we do a struck it before. I'll just do it again. And here's what happens to the authority of that leader. The people are still going to drink. Water yeah hold on. Wait a minute. But he was disobedient to the lord and we know that moses didn't enter the promised land but the people still got water. And listen. I'm not trying to give moses hard time i think this is. I think god had a bigger picture for moses. I think the ministry of moses spoke to the jewish people for the next fourteen hundred years whatever. It was the birth of christ. I think the ministry of moses was a was a picture of christ to get to christ the law that was given to them was what was going to drive them to the grace of god was still speaking at the time of jesus and then in a beautiful picture of the transfiguration here comes moses. Here comes elisha speaking to christ before his crucifixion. What i'm saying is moses is still in the game even though he didn't enter into but my problem is when we are disobedience to the lord and the thing is calling us to a new thing. We want to revert to the old thing. And here's what happens when i see pastors man. You know he's cheating on so and so his wife and he's out in the doing the deal memory he's still bridging. Nobody takes on the pulpit. Can i tell you this. God's going to deal with you leader but the people are still going to drink water right. And that's that's not to give anybody a pass or an excuse because god's purposes still for the people he's using leaders in different ways but when he shifts and pivots in this new season pastor. Are you willing to move in step with him. Or you gonna default to the naturally what he's done in the past and that's listen. That's that's that's. I can say that all day long from this little microphone and i have no idea that position situation right now but i know this as we fall before the lord on our face and ask him should we pursue reminds me of david who is so right in his relationship with god all through his battling before you know saul ends up passing away in For samuel every movie makes the ask the lord what to do. Should we go. Can i go. Can i do this. Can he's constantly in the presence of the lord fighting battles winning fighting battles winning finally finds himself frustrated and discouraged with the situation with saul and ends up fighting for the enemy camp and infighting for the enemy camp really befriends one of the leaders but of course the other five philistines forfeiting leaders. Say that's david don't you know he's the one who killed ten thousands. He ain't fight for us. He's going to turn. He's going but really david's his heart was non going after seoul if i have to do it this way. I'm gonna do it this way when we when we start fighting against the things of god and the commandments of god. Do you know what happens. Does anybody remember what happened in the first chapter. Twenty seven this great leader. David who's leading armies to conquer finally finds himself in the enemy camp sitting on the other side of the place. He's supposed to be in and when he finally heads back without even being part of that battle wife gone. Kids gone cattle. Gone everything gone. And now he's men come to him and say david. Why did you lead us into that place. Because now look at everything has been taken away from us into david and then they began to take up stones against him. I say this. Because then david wakes up. This is leadership man. We blow it. We can get in the enemy camp so easily we can start nay saying and backbiting and but my my encouragement to you is that we would get into the presence of the lord because then when david says god should i pursue this zik lags where they'd taken everybody shut pursuing going. Zigzag gets the human thermany gets the body starts. Praying and god says pursue. We're back we're back. So what is the change. What position do you find yourself in as a passer. Today i don't guys. We are in the mega church world. I mean i'm friends with all the leadership in our area in man. I i don't know what god's going to do in their next season. You know i. i love that. We have a small church. Because i feel like we're speedboat. If it's not here then we go to a house. If it's not there we go cafe. It's not at a cafe. I don't go to the streets. But to think about the infrastructure bigger buildings and organization it terrifies me and these and these people congregants sheep or not great animals. If that's our depiction of who we are. We like to think of the just kind of laying down and being idiots. Were not what we do. We look to leadership and then when leadership starts saying hey. We're not gonna do that. We we want to give re route up you know. And here's moses in the second part of his life saying you rebels. He wasn't like that in exodus. Chapter seventeen is a little different. His tone was different hop pastors. Now we're in two twenty one tone might change. Things might sound a little different rebels. You rebels but my my encouragement. Today's don't deflect to what you know. Don't find yourself standing in opposing the things of god even though you're frustrated and offend in your angry your job is a minister is to serve the lord. Yeah we serve in the presence of the lord the people once i'm filled with him. I s the ability. Have then pour out to these people and when when the congregations turning and things are happening. It's okay got so much bigger. That's his congregation But don't circumvent the new commandment. I don't know what the new commandment is for you. I don't know what it is for me. At this point. I think god just giving us a really wide open platform for something different. But i know that there's an ability and desire for people to stay traditional. Say that and i'm so anti traditional doubt lord. Jesus that it's hard for me to be in traditional settings. Even though i appreciate the deep down in my heart i do. I'm like scrape. We'll be traditional. There's something about the change in it. That i have to. I have to check my heart against all the time. Because i love when it's looks different in people can walk in. They might not even know churches going on. You know they they might see different. I feel like that's our angle. That's my hook. If i'm a fisherman. I want something different you know but god could shift me again. He said he might speak traditional. He might tell me. I need to listen but for the guy. Traditional of god's says now we're doing some different. What are you going to do in this next season. And i think you know the. That's so good. And i think that was one of the things it wasn't this wasn't don't ever give me the buttons guys. But on the on the flip side of the pastor right. There's us and i i just. I've read this so many times in cancer talking about this this morning because one of the things that was said this weekend. Was you know about that. Covering about having your pastor and i remember when we met our pastor. You know what. I don't know if i've ever said his name on here. Call his name christian more of when we met christian we were pastors at another church in. But i didn't have a pastor. We had this huge church and there was a guy that talked to me every week. But i didn't have a pastor. And when i met christian i've found my pastor in so you know he's talking about this weekend. He talked about like the covering of a patron how important that is. Sometimes the guy standing at the pulpit. Every sunday is not your pastor pastern. yeah and sometimes it takes. It took him. I forget what he said like nine years to find his pastor. Yeah yeah but but how important it is in a sale that to say this. I remember reading this zeki thirty four and i think god deals with it with jeremiah. Also in a couple of the places talking about the shepherds is to love reading fats shepherds you fat shepherds. You're feeding yourself when you should have been feed my sheep and like yes get them god get them god and it's like but you know what then happens is like we jump over here to efficient four in what is one of the is one of the things that god has given the church for the building up for the work of ministry pasha bird so the fact that a shepherd fails does not negate something that god has instituted in given us to bless us. And you know again. Yeah like getting god getting got. And that's not always the case. you know. Sometimes that that that pastor lives on you know that pastor continues to do his ministry moses continued he didn't enter the promised land. But god's got call on his life wasn't about getting the promised land about getting the people to the promise us good in. So god's call on moses life didn't return void it was it was without repentance. You're still the shepherd of my people in it. it's easy we want there to be this punishment and it's our carnal. It's our it's our natural self but it's not for us. It's not for us to to see that right like it's it's for god to deal with these pastors for god to love what you said like god is moving. God is working. God is dealing with that. So jeffrey is in trouble. He is passed curfew. My wife is calling me right now. A she live patron patron. Marcia you're on life. Let me say this too. Because i think it's important to understand from the pastor or the shepherd to the sheep. Those pov's those point of user very clear in psalms twenty three right. Moses is a type and a picture. He couldn't enter into promise which is important to note that the law cannot get you a new promise but it was his prepar preparation or allowing for preparation of a disciple named joshua. And it was joshua. Who's really name is was the one that took these people in the promised that had to happen. It's amazing moses couldn't get them there because the law wasn't going to get them into that place but what it was the disciple the next generation the joshua to get into the promise. Who's who's our type of christ right but from the pov of sheep. Why was david so amazing. And understanding his relationship and how it needed to be with king saul king saul was a wicked dude. He was tripped out man way he treated his son the way he treated david away. Treat people the fear of man the the covering of fear of may he had samuel in his life samuels mentioned as one of the three great people of scripture next to christ. You know what i mean. what's the scripture. Zeke is if samuel and daniel and these people were still wouldn't forgive you if these people that i've really loved saw had the wisdom in the word of samuel and saul did what he wanted to do now saul was the leader. The god i winning understand that the got allowed him to make choices in that position. But that wasn't it. If god wanted to take saul out. He could have been here. Here's the here's the sowing reaping of saul's life at the very end of souls life as a leader you happen. He watches all of his children. Die on the battlefield. So listen i judging saw saw got his man so have the deals in his crown get snatched by malachi was he should had all killed shouldn't even been on the battlefield lot of teaching in that right. So but here's david i'm not even cut the little deal off his robe but i can't touch the lord's anointed david. Why are you amazing. Man i get it. He blows it later. Do but you gotta look at david. And his young life of how phenomenally phenomenally phenomenally fearless and fierce. He was towards the things of god and as as sheep. We have to treat our passers like that. Because it's very easy to become the congregation of israel and start grumbling and let me tell you. Even though moses didn't let him lead them in the promise on how many people do you think actually got into the promised. Land moses only would've been leading to people in guys so the same congregation that's grumbling about water and the same leader that wanted to strike the rock. Those people didn't even get an none of them got the promised land. None of them even entered in these two men. You know josh were and kayla are the ones actually entered in right but the second generation so i sale that because there's this dynamic relationship how we submit to leadership and leaders who are listening not to you can be saul all day long bro. God's gonna use you your life's going to be miserable. I mean okay. You can be the pastor cheating on his wife and doing some stuff on the side and listen. You're anointed the words you speaker. Life is your life and it's garbage. But you're still speaking out and god's using you and you're doing conferences. I get it. But you're missing the entire picture of leadership and your sheep or watching that example but for us sheep. Even if we're watching that man you god might leave you under the leadership of that man. For a long time. I senator leadership for bad people for longtime couldn't understand it then. I had to look at ally and samuel feels flipped. Would've leaders decided. Like i'm sorry. I know we're running out of time. What if leaders decided like. I don't like these people anymore out well and they do. But i'm just saying how easily like we people will walk away from bad leadership and how faithful even bad leaders sometimes can be like trying to carry out their mission again doing wrong but you know what i mean. Like thank god. The david didn't walk away and thank god that that god's judgment wasn't total annihilation for a shepherd because through the line of david comes our salvation but david. Wasn't david failed. Yeah david fill to so just. I don't know. I just yeah just to kind of wrap up my thinking I love it and we spoke about the other day. I felt like there's more things probably cancer. We send the bible study. But i i look at myself and though i'm not in a position where i'm leading twelve thousand or ten thousand. I'm leading some. And where am i leading those people. And when god is telling me in this next season you need to do this although this thing over here is comfortable for you because you've done it for so long we're not. We're not doing that anymore. We're going after a new objective. We're going after you're gonna be on the wilderness. Maybe hey you might be over here in a really nice place. But whatever i'm doing it's gonna shift and change and are you willing to make the move with me and I want to be prey. Everybody on this podcast because otherwise this is when you sit in the place of anger. I want to move. That's good. I want to move. I ain't going nowhere. I want that church door open. I want to sit back at my seat. I've been doing that for thirty five years. Abraham i get. I like nice seats and air. Conditioning is sitting side. Nice churches to. But i'm gonna tell you god is calling those who are in outside and when we're outside listen the whether it's cold snow today it's cold outside. It's different you have to function differently. Think differently. It's not so warm and comfortable man. Let him burst the bubble because he's calling the next generation in leadership as well. We can only sit so long. I always think of the bible setting guy. I was i was. I was sitting under people for two years. I'm eating eating eating. Oh let me get off his trian. Let me come over here. All quoting every scripture. Oh you know so. And so lovable spurgeon said and i just got like are you just gonna continue to get fat i mean. Is this what you want this fat christianity finally had to step out and doing a bible sir on had to step out and search speaking and talking and engaging in disciple ing and whatever he was calling me comfortable i mean you look at me now and i'm like oh shut him up he won't stop talking but i've really wasn't like because it didn't know the oracles of god i didn't and you know and i had a healthy fear those like messing this up. I say some crazy stuff and twists this up artist. You always other people i am. I'm not doing it so in that. Fear of the lord and humility really brought me on more people more people and it was awesome. Now i listened to men that are really seasoned in the word and i just don't want to say anything you know i go and they got it. You know. they're good. And i i just i i try to humble myself out of that because here. We are when the next place of learning. We had a time. I remember running overtime. We're over time. Thank you guys. You guys are the ones. I love you guys. This is the applause for you for watching this and actually listen to my voice for that long amen. Amen okay well thank you jeff. Since you frontloaded your plug or front loader we love you guys thank you so much Hope it's bless you. I love whenever jeff gets to gets to teach because inches. It's rich in it. I don't know if it's fills wealth like it is well thought. But that's not. What i think is so rich about it. They could just you find like this word. That's like we read over and it just it just it's like no no that's it. That's the seat. So i love it. Thank you it's late Jeff gracious enough to stay with me otherwise it would have been me. Loan kanus wasn't having god. I love you guys. I hope it bless you let us know what you think in the comments below. We're going to keep bringing content like this until next week. You've been listening to the angry christian. 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Disney Cruise Line - Here is what makes it a great value

MouseChat.net Disney, Universal, Orlando FL News

56:09 min | 10 months ago

Disney Cruise Line - Here is what makes it a great value

"I am welcomed to mouse chat. Man I bet sharpie and. Probably at least. Sharpie. Lucky, lucky least. Right. She gets the the the other side mouse chat. Forever it's just recorded. House. More often. Stephen I have recorded. The two of us more often than it's just just been three of us. Lauren I tend tend to be. Out at the same time rollicking together. Yup. We're bad I'm sorry. But I'm here now. And I think we've got a fun topic. What we're going to do is we're going to essentially reminisce because. We're GONNA talk about Disney cruise line. And it's been a while since we've seen it operational and it will be a while before we see it operational. So we're going to remind ourselves. and. Kind of put ourselves in a mental happy place. Of all the things we love about. DC L.. And why it is perhaps better than some cruise lines. Yeah definitely advantages. So when you're looking at the price, don't look at price. across the board is the deciding factor. Against the other prisons because there's definitely. Things that that add up and if you've only got a week or two weeks. in your time really important and that's all you have for vacation and you want to make the most of it. does he is F. Lee an awesome way to go we. We've been many many times we were just talking before the show Sharpie just went. what November December. Yeah we cruise cruise in. November. Yeah. And as I don't remember our last. Disney cruise, it's been a little while. we did one last April. Two Long. What we do in February we do anything I don't remember. But yeah. So I guess we did one, we had a break or something. You can't remember I think we may have done one in February. So I remember amber taking pictures on the balcony there. So yes, that was last April. But anyway. So yeah, but. I'll let you guys. So let's start. Lisa. Out. kind of a top five ish. And it's interesting how these? points come to mind because. They're not necessarily in in order they're just you think of an aspect of the ship. and. Then you think wow. Yeah that's true. Oh yeah, and then there's this this is really cool. But the first one that I put down was shows. The The theater shows where you've got the live dancers. You've got the Disney stories going on. And the singing and everything is just it's it my opinion, some of the best. Shows the best productions on the seas? Broadway quality shows. And Great. Always feel like when I'm taking my kids there that they're seeing. You know it's hard to get them to go to things and then you get to get to experience it. They're and they're very well done. It's like you're going to the theater. Yeah, and you're there with your kids and they enjoy it. and the other thing I like about it now even more is the way Disney. Cruise Line is set up. If you haven't been before on a cruise you have dinner and then after the dinner, you have your showtime. just depending on I guess we usually have the early dinner. So we have the later show and sometimes it depending on your dinner I. Guess The show is before right. So if you're on the The main seating the early dining. which is usually about five, fifteen, five, thirty, you go to dinner, and then you have your show after around eight thirty. I. I don't even now but if you have the late dinner, then you would go to the show I. See that and then go to dinner. So I like that because you just go. On the bigger cruise ships that aren't Disney you have to reserve before you even get on the ship what shows you WanNa see what day and what day, what time and then you have to get there and get scanned and go find a seat. So this you know and then if you if you didn't get a show or whatever you have to go standby or you might not get in at all And this you you always have a showtime and you just go you're not planning months in advance and trying to book your shows way advance and hoping that you get access to them. Disney, builds their ships to accommodate everyone for all main attraction events. Yeah. So, with three separate dining rooms, everyone everyone gets a seat at dinner. No waiting You have an assigned seat every every night in each dining room So I. If you've never been on a Disney cruise dizzy cruise kind of pioneered the industry with rotational dining you change restaurants every night of your crews your waitstaff goes with you So by the second or third, night your your wait staff knows exactly what you want to drink. It's there on the table waiting for you they know your your preferences with how you order any dietary restrictions that you may have They treated like royalty they really. Yeah. Which is Which is really nice that they go with you and you're going around and you're not. Some other cruise lines, you have the flexibility of eating when you want and where you want. But you know you still have the flexibility if you want to go to the buffet or. Yeah, you still have that but I guess on the other cruise lines you have to. It's the same thing as shows your booking dining at advance. It's you don't have the same staff that goes with you. So you have to tell them every night what. So they kind of take the guesswork out of yeah as much you it's more personal. They know your words yest- work instead of guesswork. Yes. There you go. Because they know your kids names and they bring them their favorite drink with whether it's chocolate milk or a kitty cocktail with with. With all the Cherry's that they wanna, and they is. So it's it's really nice how that were. It's amazing how those little touches make a big difference. Well, you come to expect them and I think that's the case for a lot of aspects of Disney cruise line that you've come to expect them, and then you really notice when they're not there. We actually just covered too. So we cover the shows and rotational dining. Chirpy else you have. Disney cruise line. One of my favorite things is whether you are a family. with older kids family with the with. Middle, age, like older fourth grade fifth, Grade Sixth Grade Students whether you have the little tykes coming along. There is the everyone. Whether. You're. A couple of your honeymoon whether you are. A. Young Twenty something couple and just our love Disney. One experience at Disney. There something for everyone from the spas to the different activities to all edge activities that the that the ship offers. There's there's just so much for everyone it is. An exceptional value for what you get. The quality of the food is tremendous. So. If you're looking for that kind of we want to be pampered vacation Disney cruise line is the way to go. Yeah Because they will pamper you and they will make sure that. You get an exceptional value for your money. They just have A. A certain. Lesson tree to them You know the cast members they get to know you not just the wait staff lakes deep was saying. But a lot of people on the ship whether it's in the well I'm getting ahead of myself but the crew. And the staff is incredible really are. Burmese with kids. And I haven't found this on any other cruise line. The kids. Clubs. Disney cruise line or like amazing they're so are. Above. And beyond what any other cruise line is doing I mean and and your kids get so like when we took our kids in there little like, oh, we would come get them from kiss. Club. Kids Club and they'd be like, Oh, well, Tinkerbell came in and she lost her pixie dust and we had to help find it. So they're like interacting with Disney characters you know in a group of five or six kids in having a great time running around and they're doing all these things that they feel like. Is just normal and this doesn't happen at the theme parks. It doesn't happen on any other ship they get like these amazing experiences and their kids clubs are you know they've got like a whole section that looks like Star Wars. They've got a whole section that looks like Andy's play room and they're done up to these Disney theme park standards and you want somebody these other ships and there's just like an empty Rome with some tables and chairs and crepe paper. And they and they and they have that at at Disney were they do you know they make flubber and slime were they? They have these labs, arts and crafts rooms because our kids would come back with tons of drawings and stickers all kinds of stuff as well. But it's not the only activity they have so many there's always something going on it's included in the price is not extra. Hours are reasonable as well. Yeah and they and they go to a late time at night where you can actually go and enjoy yourself. You're not having to get charged extra after ten o'clock or nine o'clock or whatever on some of the some of the other ships. So I think the kids club is amazing and it's just well done. It's well-staffed. Your kids have magic bands. So they know when you walk up, they're like oh your kids over here. In. This cove therein. Crafts they know exactly where they are. they have these ridiculously cool hand washing machines. Their their their practices of cleanliness are unsurpassed and they had it right where it was wrong. Yeah Yeah. It's like you you. You Walk Up and you stick your hands down into these cylinders and the machine washes your hands for you like it's like your hands are going through a car wash. Yes. And then even glows in his awesome blue color. You is so cool I made it. They make everything. Like wash your hands. Cool. And you put your hand in this little thing and it just does it all for you and when you go in to get your kids, they make you put your hands in this little thing. It's the coolest thing and they've been doing that ever since they opened like sharp said. But yeah, the kids club just amazing and then if you will get I'm sure we'll get to later the private island. But if you go to the private island, they have a kids club on the private island. So the kids are out there playing in this area where they've got people there to watch them and play games with them and go on treasure hunts with them all kinds of cool stuff. Lisa who's next okay I can go next. the characters. So a lot of us are familiar with the Disney characters from Disney world. And Disney characters have gotten Udaipur popular. You've got character stalkers you've got lines you've got asked pass reservations or characters, and so peep O', the character meals to and you pay a nice pretty penny for those. And so if you WANNA see your favorite characters. It's it's a good effort or it's GonNa cost you some time or money. And when you're on Disney cruise line. It's it's so different because the characters of course have scheduled, meet and greet times and I'm basing this on. Pre. Ovid. And so they have the schedule, meet and greet times and very organized. So you'd have in the main lobby. Five princesses in five different stations and you get in one line. And you go to the first princess, you do your meet and greet your autographs. Your Pictures Your AG- huggy. And then you go to the next princess. And, and it could be Mickey Minnie Donald Goofy you don't know who's going to be set up there but they definitely do it with the princesses. and. So you get to see all five of them. It's organized. You wait in line once. And you get your fill. And and so that in itself is wonderful. But then you've got the unplanned meet and greets where they just might come out and start walking around. Whether it's bell. Or? Captain Hook or SMI, or it can be anyone it can. Yeah there was one time that. Bell went into the movie theater. There was a screening going on. She went in there. that was great. She just Kinda like what's everyone doing here I live favourite bell experience was we were at the future bookings desk and all of a sudden Belgium's walks by with her nose in a book and Jesse was reading a book and bell stops and talks and says, what are you reading I love that book and it was like she just went on for? Ten fifteen minutes just in this this exchange books and how wonderful learning is and it's like, wow that that. That's that's the real bail. It was awesome. We had something similar where it was just. Unexpected. With Cinderella I believe it was and the girls were young and that that of course made it even better and they just spent she spent time talking and engaging and. Just. Having a conversation like she's person. Princesses are people to. and of course, our Peter Pan Story, where he just scared the heck out of us. US really playful we were in the lobby and sitting on a couple of the couches and he just jumps up on the back of the couch like. A cat really and what you're doing. and. Just. Being a monkey it was awesome. So you've got that you can't plan for it. You can't expect it. But when happens you light up? So the character interactions I think are superb. They're actually. Superior to what you're going to have at Disney World Newland isn't story they have wonderful character interactions but. Cruises definitely better than world as far as the character interactions and what else I like about it. Is. The characters have. Not only holiday themed costumes, they have the ship theme costumes. So you're GONNA see Mickey in a couple of different costumes. He's got his pirate night costume If you're there for Halloween, they all have Halloween costumes or you know in Halloween time. if you are in Europe and let's say you're on an Alaskan cruise. Got Their. Their parkas and their cold weather. Postions. same with Norway it's. It's it just adds to the whole story and it adds really well. I. Think it's fantastic. All Right Steve what else do you have? just a little one because there's so many good ones. So, if you're on one of the two bigger ships or does it the fantasy and the dream they have the medieval fantasy s the mid ship detective agency. It's predate. So it's this this little tiny game, but I like it's so cool because I love the muppets and if you like the muppets, they have like an interactive game surf, you're at C. One day and you WanNa do something fun and maybe it's raining outside to you're trying to do something inside and you you know you you don't want to see a movie or some of the other activities are going on. So you get these little cards and you get a map at this little station and then you go by the way. Yes, it's. It takes you all over the ship. So you get to tore the ship, which is Great. If you do this on one of your first days because you get to figure out where things are on the ship and then the paintings all around the shipper interactive So you hold up your little clue card to these paintings and something happens or you open a secret or you open a safe or you do these different things and you get clues to try to figure out who stole something from the from the puppies are from the muppet show or or the Disney there's. There's Mickey version or there's a muppet version I know who stole the props there's some up at prop that is missing from Ozzy or somebody I can't remember well one prop from each person. From each muppet and then you have to figure out who stolen, but it's cool and it's you know a good hour so and you go all over the ship and you see other people that are doing it and the kids have fun but it's just one of those little things. you wouldn't even think of that's different is one of those Disney differences I guess. I think that a lot of fun I love the art were come to life as you walk past it. Yeah if you're not even playing the game, a lot of the art works. When you were waiting for an elevator if you go up to work. It might come to life and their animated butterfly might lie onto `Bambinos or. A pirate ship might shoot a cannonball exact that. Yes and they go for from picture to picture, which is bull. Sharpie do you have another one? My favorite. Favorite favorite thing about Disney cruise line are the state rooms. Rooms, are larger than industry average. another area were it is. Pioneered was introducing the split. Bath. And almost all Disney cruise line state rooms have split Bat. There are a couple of categories that do not. And by a split Bath, you have your shower and tub, and that's another thing that is pretty exclusive. Disney. Cruise Line is a bathtub. If you have kids, you can actually Baid your kids. You don't have to shower them but Disney cruise line has has has small bathtubs but you have shower and shower bathtub and sink one room, and then right next to that in your state room is the toilet at another sink So it really allows for flexibility and getting ready. So that way, you don't have to plan out an hour and a half to two hours. For everyone kinda cycled through the bathroom to get ready for dinner or or in the morning or whenever. The bathrooms flexible. So You have two sinks you have to separate areas well, one person's using the bathroom, the other person company be showering. and. Another great thing about cruise lines is you have plenty of hot water. So as a family of five, the last person to shower doesn't always have plenty of hot water. Yes. Is that you? Sometimes well, it doesn't really impact me because I don't take super hot showers I take like a very low temperature warm shower just because I don't like really really hot water but the especially with the kids with all three of them bathing. Or showering in the evening it the the last one they usually don't have all the hot water they would like. And we love to do. room with a veranda because. Especially, like after the kids go to bed at night, you can go out and sit for awhile. I love to sit out on the VERANDA. First thing in the morning, watch the sunrise over the ocean. It is spectacular. Nothing is more relaxing. I like to go I like to get up early go get coffee. grab some pastries from the buffet and just kind of have a a chill out time in the room. But you know I don't know why I've never ordered room service with coffee and stuff in the morning i. just haven't but the Burbach up to walk in the morning but I just like to kind of get out and see the ship before it. Gets really busy throughout the day but I just I. Just I love to sit for an hour hour and a half two hours just enjoying the ocean air watching and I. I also love to watch for birds especially on, we're going to be coming into a port that day. I. Love To Watch Watch for birds. You don't see birds out in all the oceans. Getting close to land and also love that you can check out the view from the bridge on your television. So if you just want to see what's out in the ocean in front of you I love to look for other. Satellites take a small set of Benach Oculus with me on a cruise kind of keep my on the horizon line and see other ships makes like that. It's really awesome and a make sure there's chips out there. You know not so much that but but also watching watching dolphins watching for Wales you'd never know what you're gonNA see. Abe likes to look for the fine fish. We see lots of fun every cruise flying fish. Yet and if you have a veranda. We'll just watch the water and he watched the top of the water. And then they'll just from the ways slide that door open and hang out because like on this cruise, we had to state rooms, the kids all three of the kids were in one state room Jesse, our and the other they were connecting. And the great thing about Disney cruise line is you can fold the wall. On Your Verandah between your two state rooms. So you opened up to one really large large veranda for the two rooms. But. Yeah, it's it's spectacular. It's a fantastic way to vacation I really miss the Ocean Miss I miss cruising. Yeah we we would do when we first started. We would go on the cheaper side and when we do the inside say rooms and it was a great cruise and then, but we would always do deluxe like sharpy was saying split bathroom. Yeah. Because the split platform was amazing and then they had the raise beds which which which most cruise lines at the time did not have I. Don't know if they've so you can put the luggage under there are extra things which is actually nice. Because it stathes. Room yes. He's a ton of room and then Then we finally got a couple of verandas wants and wants you to Rant as it's really nice because you like you said, it's so nice to look at the stars or listen to the waves at night, Um, and then you can see the islands at night when you're leaving them and they're all lit up and you just hear the hear the ocean and then in the morning. The Sunrise of the sunset and then all the different animals if you might if he sees the birds of the flying fish or whatever it's pretty cool. I did want to say one thing when Sharpie was talking about the lit bathroom having a tub shower it was a tub slash our not one of each. Though it was. Just want to make sure that was. Yeah you're you're you're it's. Like a typical kind of at home. Tub. Shower Combo. Yeah. Very. Cool. But they're spacious. They're not. They're not super super tiny. Thing with cruise ships is everything in the state rooms is typically super super tiny, not a whole lot of storage. But Disney cruise line gives you a lot of extra square footage. Large state rooms plenty of room for storage and drawers, and hanging close The other thing which is for me is is kind of like a complete luxury and I absolutely love it. Is Whenever you whenever you board the ship. Get your close together for the entire week that you're GONNA. Wear to dinner send them out to be pressed. They'll come back on the neck. That night or the next morning and that way you like you hang yourself from the closet. You don't have to worry about going to iron or are my clothes wrinkly you just and and it's like. A couple bucks at the beginning of the crews that is totally worth worth the cost us good to. Very. Good. Yeah. Sometimes on the on a cruise if we go through closed, the other thing is nice as they have their own laundry mat which some cruise lines don't have. Yeah, some some of those other cruise lines at the time did not have coin laundry. So if you wanted to wash on stuff. Or run out of t shirts or whatever. You can do you run out of close faster than you think you're not GonNa wear one outfit a day. So Yeah Pool and we'll. Yeah and then sweaty. Excursions and then dinner. So you you go through a couple day. Okay. So a couple of comments on the room or actually the going to start with a question. So sharpie having a family of five have you ever done one of the family size eight rooms? The this this was our only crews so far as a family and we we just we just did the to state rooms because it's so much easier with a family of five. Having to two completely separate bathroom area I agree. So yeah, four that's nice. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's that's very true. It was almost a a a sink for person. Mine. Well what comes with that is. Each person like Steve Usually will take like he'll set up his toiletries and all his stuff in. The shower bathroom. and. Then somehow, all three of US end up the other one. Can do whatever you want. Yeah. But we've often done the to cheaper state rooms. just to have to connecting to have the space. So I, kind of value space a little more than balcony. but sometimes, you can just per a couple hundred dollars more, you can get that balcony. Or the Verandah. And Yeah. But I am definitely a space girl I would sooner do. An Ocean. View family size stateroom than a veranda normal. A. Deluxe Miranda. I like the space and another thing about Disney, and I realized this after going on a recent cruise. Is that. Disney does utilize all the space that's available. Whether, it's having an Ottoman that you can store things in or all the drawers they put stuff around the shelves around the mirrors. They utilize all the space an having been on another cruise line, another cruise line. I kept thinking well, they should've put shelves here or they could put a cabinet here or. Something, you know a hook or sweaters something just that much more convenient. You do notice it when it's not there. Yeah. When you're. Living Out of your suitcase Szekely, you're like pull ups out of the bad. Weather. Is Not a lot of storage in this crus-. Yeah. So they've done that right? Up and the other thing is the. Shelving, it'd be. On it. So that way when the ship is is rocking or anything like that or you have a little bit rough seas, you have to worry about stuff flying off the shelves now. which is good. I've definitely been doing. been on a few. On, at least one that was really rough. We're none of that mattered. Through. There's only so much you can do. You can do in a hurricane when you're on the tail end of a hurricane. Although really hit that one didn't you. It was awesome. It was actually made for great stories and it's good memories as a man that ship was moving. It was it was pretty good and that was my first my first trip up to Maine and. New England and all that up there go to Baba. Yeah. So now I've done that. Before I before I got older. Not Not my favorite itinerary for kids and not definitely not a tropical itinerary like the Caribbean. So but if if that's your thing. And a Lotta lobster. And tides. And lighthouses. which was okay I'm glad I did it. But I'm not my favorite itinerary all the other Disney are all the other crews attorneys are much better. So. Why you guys who go out of New York got to sell it in New York and see the Statue of Liberty for the first time to that was cool. Because we've said on New York twice 'cause we sat out to do the The Canadian Maritime Province crews with Disney several years ago. Before we had kids, and then then this cruise was in November we sailed out The it was not a closed loop crews. Still we left New York arrived in Puerto Rico and then we flew home or flew back to Baltimore from Puerto Rico. So it had one or call that was Antiga. Hiya a Salata cruise ship time. y'All yeah. It was a lot of. A lot of at sea days which for for kids crew for the kids I cruise they loved it because they they got to do the kids, clubs and everything. So. Swimming pools. Slides. Movies, crafts event, yeah they You I, enjoy the ship days I like days at sea. The CDs. Are. Awesome. The only thing is we wish that there had been a CAST wiki. We. Wish there had been stop a castaway Cay. That is a good. Okay. So sharpie, do you have anything else on your list? So much. There's so much I have more. We'll go ahead. Okay. So this is a minute miniscule one, but it stands out. You get I. Run Disney movies at sea. So if. If. There's a new marvel movie that comes out or New Disney Pixar movie and it comes out on Friday night and and you're there on Friday night you get to see it you get to see it for free. At the same time the. World to see it. Yeah and you can see it in Three D. so I, do have the three also we saw tangled we did the night it can they have the merchandise to of course? So they have the tangled dolls after the movie in the in the store they have, and then we saw in three D. in the big theater, and then of course, it will play. For the rest of your caress and then we've seen we saw something else Dumbo does we did see Dumbo in the live? Yeah and we saw another animated salty's no not trolls are now the. Juliette Oh. Yeah. Remember that that was that you and I were on I. Think I remember that. No that was good. Yeah. So there's so that is cool and you're. You're seeing it before anybody else. I have to say my. I loved remmy and Paulo. So these are the the only two restaurants. And Paulo's on all four ships from his on the two larger ships. And it's the only two that aren't included like other cruise lines. It seems like everything's not included in dining and you have to pay up to get decent food. The food on Disney cruise lines already amazing and then if you want a really special extra night, I think it's I can't even remember now because everything goes up, it's either thirty or thirty five a person now for. For check for Paulo. But if you like great pastas Nice. Nice fillet steak is amazing the. The chocolate souffle dessert is oh my gosh, it's so good. The. Branch that The broth attack user it was spectacular. The brunch is amazing because they take you on this little tour when you walk over there and it's like and here's this and this and everything. So artfully done and displayed and they have like, oh my gosh, the brunches beyond amazing it's been so long since. An entree off the menu, you get a sample from the buffet, all the desserts, all the pastry. It's it's it's. Purely decadent. That's all I can say they're so good. Okay. So Paulo dinner is forty dollars a person plus gratuity. Yeah, it's worth it. Is So worth it. Because I've been to other things where I've paid for just all my meals at these different restaurants and it's just Is Not is nowhere near a level I haven't been to one, yet where I've think oh wow this is really amazing. But Paulo every time and then Rummy I've done once and if you were into that, it's it's good if you like really unique Victorian. Type of stuff from from the Grand Floridian with lots of intricate. And appetizers and Palette Clinton and. Every and very fancy desserts and and and everything and you're adventurous than it's worth doing and it's Never know anymore hundred and something. Romney. Or Brunch is seventy five and dinner is now one, twenty, five or twenty, five per person for and that is with out without the yeah. The Wind. The wind things are. I'm are definitely expensive but so good. I. Paulo is it must do remedies if you really want something unique. And I do grammy. so good. Because hollow is more of an Italian or gaskin menu. They give you an anti. French. Yeah. They give you anti Pasta at Paulo. To start. kind of like a lobster Ravioli or something. That's really good. Remmy is more of a haute cuisine. Yes. kind of play It's it's very. Very very high touch on the meals. A lot lots of preparation and lots of finessing of ingredients and Garnishes, and all that kind of tation you get some of that also but not. At the level you get remmy me. Yes. So rummy, they had when I went and had I opened probably changed since then but they had an American menu that was created by the chef from Victorian Albert's, and then they had a European menu that was created by one of the shafts over at Disneyland. Paris. And so we decided to get we and it's Everything. In that. That's on there. It's a set menu. So we said well of US will get one and one of US look at the other end we'll just we'll. We'll try the different items from both a news was share. So we got a Frenchman, you and the. Story and Albert's designed menu. And it was. It was very good. But I don't think Lisa enjoyed it. So. I may have gotten a corn dog after that so. Yeah so. You know if you if you like. The corn dog was in the style of the cart in the Anaheim location of Disney. Prepared by that chef. Yes. So if you if you if you like I, you know I don't know. Pat Tae, and you like escargot and caviar caviar on things. Little things of caviar and really weird unique different things in then you'll. You'll enjoy it if you. Things like cheese foam. and. I don't know. You know this is a long ago. You know the trends of all that changes constantly. So I don't know what what they have now and they So I'm sure it's definitely changed, but it was it was phenomenal. But if that is not your thank than yeah. You. Then you're not gonNA like it. At least always the love, the service of service tried the service was so over the top. This earth there was a guy I still remember that guy there was a waiter and then there was a guy who just came out to announce your food. Every TSA. He would come out and he would tell you like how it was going to dance in your mouth. He had this whole thing it was like. So elegantly put together about and he had his accent and he would just tell you about how this is the most amazing thing you ever experienced. It'll just dance in your mouth and your taste buds. It'll be like a party in and day just goes into this whole thing every every single dish and there are so many. He would have this elaborate thing he would go into. Every time. Ever come to your mouth it was there. Yes. It was. Yeah. And every time I'd be like Oh my gosh out in I was getting described this dish That was part of the fun was like the Sorus of UH. Of The yes, it was great. So that was pretty funny and they have a little purse. They have a stool for your purse I'm sorry. Yes. A stool for your purse when you come up for those the ladies and they gave you for your camera are they did they gave me a purse tool for my camera that I brought it doesn't have to touch around. It was Yes. Definitely. The top. Okay. But those are they're amazing. Those two restaurants at least Apollo. At least go out of their comfort. Lisa Loves Paulo. Go Out of your comfort zone. If you're not into that and go to Powell, you'll enjoy follow should I give them a tip? Sure. Okay. So if you are going to go to Paulo If you get one of the first reservations of the night, you are fairly certain to get a window table. And the sunset can't be beat. Well it can be if you're on the wrong side of the ship. Heading, direction. But if if the planets align It's a wonderful onset and nice. Do we had a table with the sunset? When we were there last time. Because we had an early booking. and then a Norway I think we had one. Well because we still like to see the shows and we're not lead eaters. I. Just kind of that. That's just US and works. Okay. So I do have a couple more No one said anything about fireworks at see those the best to. You can actually watch a fireworks show at sea and it goes along with this whole story and production, and so it's not just let's go out on deck and watch fireworks. It's part of a show and that's pretty awesome. Yet there early you have to get there early if you want. To be able to see the show that they do. So that's a that's a must. It's too with pirate night. Yeah, and and that. Leads me into my next thing, which is themed parties. So you're going to have pirate night, but then you'll also have During the different holidays you'll have. Themed parties around Alouine and they'll have a bash They'll do things. Specific or the time of year, which is nice. Yeah and these are all outside. they've got a giant. Stage production large screen. Lights pyrotechnics, and after pirate night, they have midnight buffet Oh gosh. So if you're hungry. You can go well zonked out in the room and Steve Come on they've got the buffet. So if you didn't want to buy, you don't want to buy one of those Turkey legs at the magic kingdom you can just go get one of the midnight buffet. Yeah. They have Turkey legs they have making ice cream bars and the ton of stuff. I don't know how things with covert are GonNa work with buff as I'm assuming, they'll still all be there. They'll just be serving you. The Food and then passing you the plate. So I. I'm sure we've got changes coming to all of that that everybody's working through but yeah, it's a reprieve spectacular. I think the buffets will simply be like you're saying just someone there to serve you castaway Cay. Sharpie. What's your favorite on Castaway Cay? All. My favorite thing on Castaway Cay, is definitely the adult beach. So Serene. So peaceful. The water is so clear. So warm. Truly, magical and you get your own. Cooks or cookies to or whatever place over there to eat lunch and they serve steak over there. Now. These are all the inside things it and. One, they don't publicize that. have to come to, mouse, Jeff for that kind of INTA. I've walked. They walk over there. Last time I think I. Walked in you walked down the airstrip, it's over there on. On the left is where the food is. Yeah, the private island is is really nice and during the holidays, it's it's adorable because it's like a winter wonderland in a tropical paradise and they've got. Men. Set up in the they have these little buses like that will drive around If you don't WANNA walk around the island and they're all dressed up with to be look tragically giant reindeer. Gosh Yeah. It's so much fun. Live Christmas trees and it's just done up to be like a tropical paradise with the Christmas spirit. So. It's definitely a nice getaway and then I think they did 'cause they're announce they announced a three ships. New a why the first one come to. Comes out and the first twenty, twenty three. So still got a while. I think they got another. Sailing by then yes. I think they have an island a new Ireland. to support those. New Ships so it'll be interesting considerate that was. They could have just said, we're GONNA make the schedule work. And you know just cram everyone on the island, but they didn't era gonNA, make it work otherwise. Yeah. So it'll be nice to see what they do. when they open up their new private island as well. But people love just going there because users don't hassle. You just get off. There's. you don't have to tender in you don't have to take a boat in you just get off on the dock you Easy. And There's plenty of beach chairs and activities and food, and it's all included. So you just your kids can eat what they want drink what they want get a ice cream cone at the self serve ice cream. Things and just enjoy themselves well that. Anna leads me to another thing that I'm surprised no one mentioned and it's not a big selling feature but. At the same time it kind of is sodas are free. There are free chocolate hot chocolate milk. Yeah. So you've got. You've got all this stuff that you would normally pay for in a beverage package on another cruise line that they're going to include at no additional cost. No limitations. But I guess for some people. The flip side of that is Disney doesn't do an adult beverage package at all do they. Do not think so I don't think they do an adult beverage package so. Yeah. The the yeah. There you can do wine and beer. Okay. Okay. I'm too out of it but like you're you're like mixed drinks and stuff are like they have, they have a a drink of the day that you can get for a great price us. Good. mixologist class. Oh my gosh. You did it in our November crews and it was. A lot of alcohol is. Alcohol. We did it on a dizzy travel agent Cruz where they took us. And they they had us all go when Disney took his to one and all of us were there and there was so much alcohol. It was ridiculous I didn't I just barely drank any of my drinks and then they were just drinks on all the tables are just piles and piles of drinks every. so much alcohol. It's amazing. So yeah. Just a few Y if if you are looking for a buzz. and. If you WANNA try I don't even know how many during at least five drawings or more they just kept coming. A slick one folder Gaza another. Oh, my gosh. But it was a good time is definitely a fun time. If you're there with a group well and speaking of a fun time I love the entertainment, the Games, the Trivia I love that on the ships. Yeah, they definitely do a very good job people running those games are lively entertaining. No People's names. On they definitely have been cast in the right role for to run those games and then they have a good variety and there's always something going on on on on the schedule on the compass. One thing that is commonly overlooked on castaway Cay. Is they have an afternoon drink special La and you can get two for one drinks. Usually, they start around two o'clock two o'clock to fifteen or so and it lasts about an hour you can get two for one drinks. That's good to know. Yes see I. Might Get a Pinochle Outta here or there And that might be it for me. My crews. So often they offer a beer mug that's refillable. and then they offer wine packages as well. So that is cool at the white packages for dinner, right? That is correct. And that's by the bottle. pettus cracked okay that I number but remember getting. Wine packages and having a different one every night. At some maybe that was on a different cruise I don't know what you're talking about. must've been when you're sailing sharpie. Remember we will were with a group of agents and was on it was and they bought they bought us uh. The cruise line. God at force or something I can't remember. So we had some ridiculous amount of wine. But anyways. Yeah Man I miss cruising now. I knew this would happen while the phone party we even get into the fun excursions and all the islands and. And it's If you want to experience things with your kids, but you don't want to try to plan everything out and have to deal with foreign languages and flying and hotels, and all of everything that comes with travel and then going to a country where your kids don't know what to eat. The ship has everything. Just like at home and if your kids don't eat it, the waiter will go and get you six other things that your kids will try and so and you're not paying for that every time like on a normal vacation, it's all included. So you have this kind of safe place. because we did what a Europe Disney cruise. and Norway and it was nice because. If the kids didn't eat. The the Norwegian food wherever we were talking they. On the ship they had whatever they would want, and so they had this place where everybody spoke English and they had fun activities with then we also got to go experience a different culture and go to really cool things. And they experience that as well, and we didn't have to worry about cabs and hotels and moving luggage and. Getting Lost in translation. So? That was nice. So it's the same thing even just going from Ireland Island. It's fun to. Go to the different islands and See How people live and relax on a beach. And, enjoy some warm sunny weather. The cold miserable winter months so. Is Definitely Fun. So hopefully, they will start up again soon and we will be out there cruising again soon. Mr Any I'm sure there's so many other things. With Disney cruise line but is that we're going to wrap it up. My List is actually done but I I was supposed to write down five things and I. Think I wrote down like eight Oh. I know there are other things that are fantastic plenty of elevators, which is good. Yeah it's amazing how you The things you. Well, there's three sets when you've been on a bunch of different cruise lines, you start to realize the differences. Very quickly. and and it really helps you realize the value. Yes. Because a lot of people look at the sticker price of a Disney cruise and see that you could do a longer who's with a different cruise line or an upgraded category but everything that's included and the class of service that you receive I mean I it's. The value really is built into the crews if you kind of break it down on what you're experiencing. I would agree. And you. When you I just look at the prices you don't realize. Steve You forgot the most important your most favorite thing on the ship. Coffee Well I. I'm surprised. You didn't talk about Co cafe, but the goal of cafes. Awesome. What else do you love? Besides the Cove Cafe I don't. Unlimited Can Eat ice creams saw. So much ice cream was like the saucer, but it's good saw serve and they have the little cones those little clay cake cones there and they have a good. They have this awesome strawberry that you can get mixed with a banana strawberry banana all its comes in it comes out looking perfect is like the perfect photographed ice cream cone own screen saver for years. It's actually and. With the ocean and the background, and it's also one of the the it's not on there now. But but it's also one of these cruise lines where you can actually see the ocean. Like when you're at the pool or whatever you can look out a Lotta cruise lines are so big. Now the you can be on the cruise the entire time and not even know that you can hardly get out. Or when you're on the top deck y'all you see is the sky and the and the pool. You don't even really see the ocean it's hard like deck four on. Disney cruise line you can walk around and you can see the ocean deck. Yeah, and it goes all the way around the ship and on other issue is almost impossible to even find that deck. And realized that you can the you're not in a shopping mall for seven days. Though I like. Seeing the stars at night and feeling the wind and hearing the ocean and. Just kind of relaxing and being out at sea and sometimes on some of the other ships you. You're just in the casino and the shopping mall and and whatever, and you don't even. Know that you're experiencing accrues. So. Okay. Oh. So if you want to dizzy crews with sharp ear Lauren. They can get you set up not necessarily today. And no rash hopefully And they have theme Cruises Star Wars and Marvel characters, and I'm sure they will have. Some amazing Bruce Specials I would assume they will do some short cruises. to their private island and the other cruise lines will do the same to get things started. and then as the other Caribbean, islands start opening up. And things get back to normal. They will have. Tinder Aries. Coming. Out. Again. But So. Much Fun. And with data I'M GONNA, go ahead and wrap up the show I'd like to thank you vacations response from the House. If you have comments or questions, go ahead and send those comments at mouse. Up thanks so much for listening. Please join us again next time. On. Mouse Champ.

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What Happened to Europe's Economy After the Black Death

Odd Lots

46:25 min | 4 months ago

What Happened to Europe's Economy After the Black Death

"Your data is a powerful competitive advantage and the spunk data to everything platform can help you turn that data into successful outcomes across your entire organization. Learn more at spunk dot com slash everything. Hello and welcome to another episode of the odd lots podcast. I'm joe weisenthal. And i'm tracy alloway the virus situation in the. Us is extremely bad right now but i feel hopeful that we're on the last wave. Thanks to the vaccine that the light. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah so we're recording this. In mid december and i think gut the us caseload keeps going up keeps going up in other places as well. So i think europe germany posted its highest caseload on record in hong kong. We have a fourth wave as well. I guess with winter setting in in many parts of the world Temperature obviously has an impact and we're seeing cases in also sadly debts. Go up as can. I say something though i have i have something to say. Which is i read. All these stories about like congress under a new wave or hong kong under lockdown. But i gotta say like it seem anything like the same scale here. And when i look and say your instagram photos not that you're out partying but it does not seem as bad. Thank you stretch even close. Your definition of a wave is not our definition of a wave. Yeah def addition of a wave and this is our biggest ever wave. It's about a hundred new cases per day so really a fraction of what you're seeing other countries and our lockdowns are kind of weird and different because for instance You're allowed to eat in a restaurant but they all close at six pm and it's only two people per table so you can go out and of course you can still. This is what. I like about hong kong. You can still get drunk and destroying them outside after six pm and because the weather is quite mild. Here it's fairly enjoyable to do that. But you're supposed to do it in groups of a maximum of apple. There's literally nothing like our waves and people are still doing both parties right. Well they crack down on those so hotline the hotline so that people could report if they spotted someone holding their called junk parties here. If if people decide to hold a junk party who can't hold a party in a restaurant or bar they hire about. They got to see everyone drinks and swims and sunbathes. Now there's a hotlines you can report that behavior all right all right. Anyway this is a big doug gresham. But i just wanted to get this off my chest and when you would calling its worst wave yet that it's like i don't know yeah exactly that's my point to us. It's it's not the anyway so that of course raises questions. The the end of the krona virus crisis covid site that of course raises questions about what the post-crisis world the post covid world. Looks like right. And i think this is something that we've touched on in a few episodes now but one of the big questions is exactly what it means for the labor market. Whether we start to see maybe a wage is pick up again. Maybe we start to see. Workers demand Other benefits like work from home because they've all been so used to it over the past twelve months or so they discussion point right so there have been some articles that i've seen from time to time talk about a past pandemic in which it was. It was much worse than this one. And there these are they always say at the end of the black death. In the mid thirteen hundred's there was actually a pretty big spike in wages because was a labor shortage. Y this is not anywhere near as sort of deadly. it's extremely bad but it's not black death pandemic levels so we're probably not going to get some massive labor shortage but i let even still look. I'm curious about this because none of these things have read a totally satisfying because on the one hand. Yes i understand. There's a labor shortage but on the other hand. You think there'd be the sort of big broad impairment to the economy's it's not totally clear to me. Why wages went up. So even though i doubt it's that applicable to now is still very curious to understand what really happened when that For your pandemic came to an end. It's a really interesting question. Because the economic impact of the black death is sort of famous for leading to the end of feudalism so supposedly there was such a big supply. Shock to labor. I mean england lost half its population that wages started to go up and serfs who used to be completely at at at the will working at the will of the lord started to demand rights. And eventually you have the end of the feudal system. I think a lot of your confusion probably comes from a misunderstanding of that particular economy. Or you're thinking about like the modern economy. After i've been reading pillars of the earth recently. So i feel. I am now an expert on medieval economies. I am very excited about this particular episode. I think it's going to be a fun one. And even if the analogy between the plague of the middle ages and the pandemic now is a little bit off. It's still a really interesting point in time. And i think it's worth talking about very big tonal shift in this interview from us joking about junk both parties to half the population of england dying in a plague nonetheless here. We are as long ago. It was long ago so anyway. I very excited about our guess. Maybe just listened to you in our guest talk. I'm very excited about our guest. We're going to be speaking with patrick. Wyman is a historian. He's also podcast after the host of the tides of history podcast and also an author. He has a book coming out about Credit and finance and fifteen hundred so basically the perfect odd. Lots guest for this topic for this time Patrick thank you so much for joining us. Thank you so much for having me First time caller longtime listener of love to hear it. So we're going to get started. How would you characterize the pre black death economy in europe Trays he talked about the feudal system. But my kind of have some vague idea of what that means but how did the economy work. Okay so there are a couple of aspects to bear in mind when thinking about the pre plague economy and one is kind of the broad context where you're thinking about whatever exactly that's supposed to mean that something specialists debate in this field. There's anything specialists stoudt debate. But basically a system in which the a property owning class has tenant farmers working their land for them who are not free to come and go as they please and who owe the landlord labor services so not just that they pay the landlord rent they also oh the landlord a service on the land. That the the landholder does not lease out the called the domain land on an estate that the that these poor that these poor serfs who again not free to come and go as they please their semi free at best that they have to work the lords land. They have to clear out ditches. They have to plant crops after harvest crops after. Do stuff like that. The idea the basic narrative of the black death is that it makes that system less tenable because these formerly insert formerly semi-free people. Now do not have to do that. Labor service they can just run off. They can go. They can go somewhere else. They can go to a town. It can get a job working in a trade something like that. So that's the kind of the broad long-term shift that people talk about with the black death in its impact on the european economy. The black death comes at the end of what we call the commercial revolution. So the couple of century period leading up to the black death season enormous expansion of the european economy. It's the period in which most of the tools that were familiar with that kind of define a an advanced economy. Things like widespread access to credit high levels of international trade resident merchants. Who are capable of doing business over long distances. The key that's the time when these things all across europe are coming into play now. The reason for that is fundamentally demographic that this is a period when the climate is really good crop yields are good so there's a population boom. There's new land cleared. Newland comes under cultivation. These lords are to extract lots of labor dues and rents from tenants. Because there are a lot of tenants. And there's not that much land so if you control the lead you can get a lot from it now. By the time the black death rolls around in the middle of the fourteenth century. That expansion is over. The economy has peaked. It's already in a little bit of decline By the time the plague hits so the largest firms in europe prior to the black death what are called the super companies these The which are mostly based in florence and are involved in a whole host of activities all over the continent the super companies have already gone bankrupt by the time the black death hits so the economy is already in trouble when the black death heads and then you get this enormous wave of mass death before we get into that could you. Maybe so you've laid out the. I guess the labor side of the economy very very well. Can you talk a little bit about like the demand side. What exactly where people producing at that time and what was driving the economy. 'cause i think this is going to feed in later to answering jokes questioning so it's almost entirely an agricultural economy. You we can write really interesting things about the cloth trade about the long distance trade in luxury goods and it's not that those things don't matter they do matter for for reasons that i think will probably end up coming back to over the course of over the course of our chat today but it's primarily an agricultural economy depending on the region. You're talking about. There is no region in western europe specifically that has more than twenty at thirty percent of population living in towns everybody lives in the countryside. Almost everybody who lives in the countryside is involved in agricultural labor in some way shape or form so there is. It's not that the economy is simple. There is wage labor there are local regional and international trade routes there is a trade in agricultural produce. That goes over long distances that uses sometimes quite sophisticated a commercial tools to do that. Application of credit accounting techniques things like that but it is primarily an agricultural economy and so the by the population increase and bringing new land under cultivation matter so much the more people you have the more agricultural produce. You're you're putting out there. The more the economy grows the more surplus there is for lords to extract which they can then use for things like long distance trading luxury. I think this is like a key element here. So the consumption of all of this agricultural production was exported. So the lord's would export it elsewhere in exchange for something agriculture. Well either that or they would extract cash rents from their tenants and they would use the and and they would use the combination of that and yasser. Maybe if you're so you're the lord of a manor near london whatever surplus you grow from your land. Maybe you sell that to sell to merchants. Who are who are doing business in london. And then you have. The benefit of all of your tenants are also paying you cash rent for their for for being. So you've just got a good time to be a lord if your lord before the plague and like the thirteen thirty s thirteen forties great time to own land. Great time to be extracting rents curiosity. How big what. Kind of city was london at the time. So london is the biggest city in england. But it's not a big city by global standards in fact there no real big cities by global standards in the in the fourteenth century in europe. Europe is kind of a backwater. It's not as much of a backwater as it becomes in the mid fifteenth century. But you know. London has fifty thousand people. Sixty thousand people most peres has sixty thousand one hundred thousand and those are the the big cities. The biggest cities are places like still not so much constantinople anymore after the after the crusader conquest at the beginning of the thirteenth century but places like baghdad again probably declined a little bit after the mongol conquest but cities in central asia south asia definitely in definitely in china were dramatically larger. Also some places in the new world. We're dramatically larger than european. As of this point take your organization has a unique and powerful competitive advantage. It's your data and the spunk data to everything platform is ready to help you. Turn that data into successful outcomes for all of your teams data has never been more valuable transforming the way we work and the way we live if you're looking for a way to be more efficient secure an innovative with your data look at the data to everything platform learn more at spot. Dot com slash. Everything so in thirteen forty eight. I think that's when the plague actually arrived in england at the time it has something like five million people in total fifty thousand in london. As you just mentioned by the end of it. I think the population is something like half of that. Can you describe it. Exactly what the impact was of the black death on a i. Guess let's focus on england at the moment. But i am curious about the rest of europe as well. Okay so the. The death toll is regionally variable but high basically so trying to do medieval demography his hard. Because you're just like a list of people who live in a particular place and you can say this person died at this particular time. This many people died in the plague. So you're left to reconstruct demography on the basis of tax records records of landholding sometimes legal records basically. They're not giving you the stuff you want to tell like how many people live in a particular place at point a. and how many place at point b. What's the likely death rate the better. The data is for the period around the black death. I think it's notable that the higher the death rate looks so when the data is not especially like the more direct the relationship between the demographic data and the actual population the fewer kind of proxies that you have to work through to figure out how many people live in a place the higher the death toll looks so where our data is best in places like savoy northern italy some parts of england. The death toll looks like it's forty to sixty percent in places where the data isn't as good. It looks like it's more like thirty to forty percent. But how much of that is an artifact of the sources that word working with and how much of it is actually reflective of regional variation in death. Toll is hard to say. But yeah i mean. I think it's safe to say forty. To fifty percent is a good kind of low end number and potentially much higher but the key point about death tolls. When we're talking about the black death is it's not just that people die. It's not that the plague comes once it's that it keeps coming back. So the fundamental shift that the plague puts into place and which continues throughout the rest of the fifteenth century is a shift to what demographer recall a high mortality regime. So you still have high fertility. People are still having lots of babies but the death rate is just high enough that it prevents the population from rebounding. So it's not just that you have a one. Time demographic shock it's people die they keep dying and they keep dying so you don't get like even in a premodern society where population growth rates are really pretty low. Compared to what we're used to in the twentieth century twenty-first-century you would still expect if you have a sudden abundance of land and resources in the aftermath of a mass mortality for populations to rebound fairly quickly that doesn't happen after the plague and that's the key demographic factor that that's what shapes the labor markets. Not just in the middle of the fourteenth century but into the fifteenth century and beyond see. Now i've been reading forever amber as well as i feel. I am also an expert on plague in the seventeenth century in england. But you're you're absolutely right like the plate keeps coming back and just on that point one of the things that you learn i guess. From historical fiction is the plague. It doesn't just cause people to die it in sort of similar way to what we're seeing now with pandemic lockdowns it causes big chunks of the economy or it seemed like it to kind of come to a standstill because no one wants to go out of their house. They're not exactly sure how big is actually spread. They have family members who are dying back at home who might be locked in a room somewhere. What what does it actually look like. When plague hits a town in the middle ages. What tends to happen. So you do get quarantines so milan quite famously of mostly avoided the first terrible wave of the plague the one that caused so much death and destruction across northern italy because they basically bricked up any plague cases in their houses. They just they. They're like okay. Tough luck you're stuck in there you're going to die. Some belonged emerged from the plague in pretty good shape as a as a city with its population still almost entirely intact in that first wave now. Play does show up in milan afterwards. So it's not like they escape forever but there are things i mean. Medieval people did not have germ theory. So they did not understand what was causing the stuff but they did understand that there was a correlation between personal contact and the disease so they did try and avoid contact with other people they did try and stay isolated They did they did have some sense that that's the. The disease was being spread in that fashion. It's not entirely clear. even today. We still know about how the black death was transmitted. And we wish we did. There are still debates about this scholars. Still do not agree on every aspect of it but whether it's boubacar pneumonic plague what role. Various vectors of transmission played whether it's fleas on rats whether it's human fleas whether it's primarily airborne there are lots of debates about this but anyway Yeah so so. Lots of economic activity does grind to a halt and there. Are you read. Primary source accounts where it's like crops are left to wither and die in fields. Cattle are running around starving. Because nobody's feeding them. People are people are dying in their houses. The i mean it's funny. You mentioned that the junk parties. I couldn't help think of Does do camera. And so one of the great literary works of the middle ages is this dude. Caccio and the cameron is this series of stories. That are all like the kind of the central premise of it is that they're all hanging out at a country house outside florence while the plague is happening and they're just amusing each other by telling each other stories so they had junk parties. Just a nice villa in a nice tuscan villa. Instead of out on a junk the. I actually still curious just about the functioning of society. You mentioned like crops were left to rot. There were stories of animals that were starving. From the perspective of these feudal lords. How did their lives changed. How did they try to get by and operate. I mean what did they do. So lords as best we can tell the higher up. You weren't society the better off you were when it came to actually dying of the plague but in the sounds familiar. Yeah yeah it's not. Some things never change. After the plague landlords suddenly see their leverage over there. Ted instrument decreased so it's both a supply shock to the labor market. But it's also it's also a demand shock. The thing is the demand. Shock is nowhere near as severe as the supply. Shock is because i mentioned that population growth a little while ago. I mentioned that there are all of these kind of landless tenant farmers now. All of the sudden lots of people have died. There are nearly as many people who need to eat. Agricultural produce as there were a couple of years beforehand So suddenly there's there's a lot more land available you don't need the price of land drops dramatically the price of rents dr- falls dramatically and the price of labor. Goes way way up. If you're a landlord who wants to get your peasants out there to come to come clear out a ditch for you. They're not going to do it. They're going to go and they're they're going to find their own. Little patch of land. They're going to go to a town to work for wages. There are all sorts of things this is when we see some of the first laws trying to restrict the price of labor. We see these in england and the thirteen fifty s that they were just couldn't enforce them because you know the label what the labor markets we're going to do is what the labor market's going to do when you have a shortage of labor and still exceptionally high amounts of demand. Because people still have to eat you still need to pay for agricultural labor to to harvest crops to care for livestock to do all that stuff. It's just that they're not going to do it for what they would have done it when there were twice as many people right so i saw at the text of at least one of these laws and it was something like. You can't pay a labor or a farmer more than you would have done like last year or in like an average over the past five years or something like that. To os pretty like pretty explicit. What they were trying to do here. I just wanted to press you on on one point so we talked about how the economy is mostly agricultural at this point. There's all this land available had that feed into productivity at the time. 'cause i imagine when you had a higher population earlier on everyone was trying to get as much as they could out of the land. They were probably farming land. That wasn't entirely ideal. And now you can kind of pick and choose right. Maybe productivity goes up. Yes so it's a really interesting and and a really good point and so what happens is the marginal land that had been like cl- like a drained swamp or rocky hillsides. All of that land had been in use to grow cereal crops. Because that's going to give you the guts. What's going to give you the most calories per acre. If you've got to feed a lotta people what you gotta do is you've got to grow wheat so diets before. The plague were exceptionally dependent on on wheat. As you can expect like that's not a great for people to have. And i think there's probably some correlation between death rates in the plague and the fact that they were eating a diet that was almost certainly not optimal for for strengthening your immune system there that aspect too as the plague roars through as people die. You can let this marginal land out wheat cultivation. You don't need to suddenly. You don't need to use this rocky land or this martian land for that you can use it for other things and what. They ended up using a lot of this. Formerly marginal land for stock raising is for pasture land for sheep for cattle diets. Get better as after the plague because you have more land that you can be grazing the the grazing these animals on you. Keep the meat on the hoof You ucla Definitely in england you see an expansion of the of the wool economy even beyond what it had been before. English wool had already been in high demand that was one of the main sources of financing for the english government prior to the plague was was the the wool staple but after the plague it becomes even more important you get in some regions of europe. You get production moving out into the countryside because suddenly not every single peasant has to be working in the fields. You can have more specialization of labor. You can have more craft production. You can see this. There are some regional studies that point to the specific way in which economies change after the plague and basic. It's almost always. In the direction of peasants have peasants can do more things. They don't just have to grow wheat. They can raise stock. They can do crafts. They basically they have a lot more economic opportunity. And they're much more likely to be able to own their own land or at the very least least their own land instead of working as instead of working his low-paid tenant labor's let me let me ask you. So you know when when this virus eventually is gone. Like i have in my head. Like i'm going to fly to el paso and rent a car and drive to vegas and good. Oh casino for a couple of days and you know i have this whole fantasy. I'll probably never get around to it. Because i have kids so it's probably never going to happen but like i like you know like i imagine it will. Did you know the the black death was like far longer for worse in terms of just the sheer. Like you know the seeing the people you know. Di- did people have a party at the end. Was there like signs of jubilation and new behaviors and people doing fun things because there's awful period had come to an end. This is the pent up. Demand theory versus are people going to be saving forever. Because they're worried. There's yeah no there was. There was a huge kind of burst of consumption. After the black death an enormous burst of it. So there's a lot of anxiety especially among churchmen in the second half of the fourteenth century about all the conspicuous consumption. That people are doing so part of it is pent up demand but part of it is also lots of people died. There are lots of inheritances. So there's lots of money coming to people who may not have had as much money to spend before who are suddenly like if i could die in the plague next week. You're you're damn right. I'm gonna i'm gonna pay for this in this amazing piece of art like there's good reason to think kind of the flourishing of early renaissance art. The demand for that came from penta came from people who were like. Okay we have all these resources. Let's spend the month something the way to do that. Now we're going to compete with our fellow rich florentine merchants paying for art. So there's a kind of a material context to that specific aspect that i would imagine people probably fairly familiar with the comes out of the that comes out of the plague and one of the interesting things about this to to get into the into the monetary aspects of. It is around the time of the plague. You don't have that much actual money in circulation and you're getting to the point where there's almost a shortage of coins for people to use to carry out transactions. The plague kind of buys europe about sixty five or seventy years before that becomes a problem again because suddenly the amount of coin circulation per person is dramatically higher Half the population's dead you don't have nearly as much of a shortage. The bully and famine comes again. And that's another really important thing for shaping the post the post plague world in the early modern economy afterward but at least at that point suddenly the european economy is no longer cash poor. It's actually almost flush with cash. Actually that reminds me. We haven't released spoken about this yet. But what did inflation look like in the aftermath of the plank. That's a really good question. i'm not sure. I have a really good answer to it off the top of my head. All of those things that i mentioned are factors that play into it. They're still. There is not as much of a trade deficit between europe and the east as there had been fifty or sixty years before. There's not as much bullying leaving there. Just the fact that there isn't nearly as much of a shortage of quyen kind of reduced the need for non coin tools to pay for money to pay for things. There was a but in the long term you end up with the development of a lot of tools Macbook transfers things like that that allow you to function without as much money. The effect that that has on the money supply. It's it's a question. I'm not super familiar with. We're o'kelly what's book transfers. Okay so book. Transfers are when you both win when you and the person you're doing business with both have an account with the same with the same bank or even What they didn't what they didn't in like bruges which was kind of the center of trade in northern europe at this point It was a hostile owners. Who kept these. Who who basically kept accounts and everybody had credit with with the hostile or which you could do In venice you end up you and the person that you're in a business venture with Both have accounts with the same banker. You just move the money from his account to your account or from your account to his account so no actual cash has changed hands. But you've gotta transaction. It's one of the things that new innovations that allows you to speed up the velocity of money in later medieval europe without any sort of increase in the actual amount of coin circulation or even a decrease in the amount of circulation. So we started out this conversation talking. About how a pandemic nces to be a quite relative and you know one place might have a very different experience to the other. I'm curious when it comes to medieval europe. My understanding is after the black death. England sort of set set on this this road of Serfdom and ving towards something. That looks a little bit more. Like a modern capitalist system where laborers were sort of free to go from one thing to the other. that didn't necessarily happen in other parts of europe even though they went through the black death is well. Why do we think that happened. Why did england's seem to have this economic trend accelerated in a way that maybe other places didn't so this is the this is the thing Economic historians have argued about a very great deal If anybody knows a pseudo harassment on twitter he's the king of talking about the late medieval economy and the and the rise of capitalism. There's a whole thing it's a. It's a whole series of debates. So what what i would say is that prior to the sixteenth century. It's very hard to talk about. Capitalism as a system anywhere other than maybe the biggest cities of the low countries the merchants of london northern italy. You know merchants. In barcelona places like that southern germany to the hansa so basically you have their capitalists. There are definitely people who are trying to use their money in productive ways but the some of the baseline concepts that we associate with capitalism base. That everything is that everything is a a has a monetary value. That land is a commodity that can be that has a monetary value can be transferred from person to person. They weren't necessarily working with the same kind of baseline assumptions. So i'm a little uncomfortable with applying that term to it. But with that set with that caveat out of the way i gotta do the do the specialist story real quick with that caveat out of the way i think that england was especially well suited to take advantage of more intense into regional distribution in the later middle ages so you different regions after the middle ages. Because you are after the black death because you have this enormous population again not. Everybody needs to be Not everybody needs to be farming. We anymore you can. You can have more specialization. England is really well suited to expand its wool production. The cloth market is the cloth markets and the low countries where mostly are turning wool into finished cloth for export. Some will also goes to some. We'll also goes directly to italy to be woven there and then exported england is really well suited to take advantage of this and because everything is in close proximity to london which is a financial center right on the north sea. London is very tightly connected to the commercial centers of the low countries which are some of the most commercially advanced places. in europe. there's a geographic aspects to it where where england is just really well suited to take advantage of these things and it has a legal system that protects property rights which is helpful. There are some demographic things going on one of them being that Women in in england tend to have much later ages at first marriage so the so there are more Female wage earners and the economy Which is which is a sign of its dynamism. Even before marrying and starting a household women in england the low countries to some extent northern germany are Are much more likely to be participants in a wage based market economy than they were elsewhere in europe so that that aspect plays into. It does a lot of things happening. it's hard. It's really hard to separate out any individual thing. But if i had two points in one i think it would be some combination of lots of wage-earners a a monetize economy much more fully than other places. In europe people were thinking in england in terms of the monetary value of the abstract monetary value of things. They weren't necessarily using the most advanced accounting practices but the mental tools. Were there if that makes any sort of sense so even even a peasant is thinking in terms of how much is how much is my labor worth. How much is the. If even if i'm trading one commodity for another were you were doing so with a monetary standard in mind. So we're converting this thing's to a to a monetary standard as we make this barter transaction. But i think that's really important is just like even at the village level. There was lots of credit available in england That's true all over europe that they're kind of informal systems for providing credit to people but that was especially true in england. We have lots of really good evidence for that. You could take out a loan on your land and you could use that money for productive investment. That's a thing that existed in england. not necessarily as common elsewhere. So i'm kind of. I'm loath to point to a single factor but i think all of those things put together mattered. A great deal the distribution networks. Get much more intense. In the later middle ages with more regional specialization. You have even if the actual volumes of goods moving as are not as high as they were prior to the plague. I think more people participating in those kinds of Regional and long distance networks. I think that matters a lot. I think war people were were more closely tied into a kind of broader a broader systems of exchange. I'm not sure if that's a good answer but it. I think it's a little bit of everything i think. All of those things matter to some degree so you describe all of these sort of things that came about in. The post plague world postponing economy. Many of them pretty good Greater sophistication of money More productivity so forth drellich too many like comparisons to hard lines between then and now but one of the things that i feel about co vid and this crisis is that a lot of pre-crisis trends just got like supercharged. An accelerated like we're compressing five or ten years of history into six months and you see it with the rise of telo teleworking and telehealth ecommerce and other just all things in asset values flying to the moon and interest rates plunging and interstate tax competition. That was already a thing. Pre-crisis really accelerating with all the people leaving california supposedly to go to texas. And so i'm curious like to. What extent can we say that if with the black death that that had an accelerate effect of things. That would've happened eventually. Or maybe things that were trending in that direction and did that. Also of the effective. I guess a rapidly pulling for pulling forward history that was inevitably on its path to unfolding a slower pace. Yeah i would not say inevitably but those trend lines were definitely in place. So i mentioned that like the florentine super companies had already gone bust. By the time the by the time the black death happened. The economy was already trending downward the peak of population had probably already been passed already The the landlord's ability to demand things from their tenants was already lower than it had been. There were more peasants rebellions already even before the black death than there had been before. So there's there's more unrest that whether that system could have survived in the same way without the black death. I still think i still think would have been better off in the long run even without that particular shock and i mean i think you can see the some of the dynamics operating now. It's like when something like this happens. There's no going back. People are not going to forget the thing that happened like workers who have spent the last nine months working from home and like doing it are not gonna forget that they like working from home people who have been able to demand a small rise in wages are not gonna forget that their that their wages went up. People who like me moved states and And are not going to forget that they liked moving states Things like that. There's you know the and the black death is is much the same that like if you come out of that as a laborer that like you can tell your landlord that you're not going to work for him. And the bailiff on you well you can punch the bailiff If he comes to get you like you don't forget that that's happened. And i think that's the big thing. Is that like once this once. This stuff happens. It's then part of your collective experience. It's part of your expectations of how economic life is supposed to work in a way that it hadn't been before and so that's the parallel even if the inflection point itself is much different is that there is no going back. You can't force people back into the box they were in beforehand Back into their ways of thinking beforehand. I think you're gonna see that. Especially with state financing fiscal stimulus There's just there's no going back on those fronts. something a switch has flipped. Well any other sort of like last key thoughts. Patrick of like Points that you think people should really understand think there's no underestimating how important the black death is to to the later development of the european economy like i think the labor shortage is the the labor shortage that comes out of that additional freedom that laborers have it's spurs things like an increased emphasis on labor saving technologies. So i don't think there's a world in which you have the printing press without the black death because that's the labor saving technology not just in the sense that That you have the attempt to save labor on that but also the financial mechanisms that make it possible for you to fund the development of a printing press like it's a super capital intensive process involves multiple layers of transactions a whole lot of kind of delayed return expectations. I don't think that whole process. Not even the desire to have the thing. In the first place would have existed without the black death without this increase in ways of thinking creatively about investment Ways of moving money around even in the absence of coinage. I don't think that any of that stuff would have happened without it. So it's really the foundational event that gives you the early modern economies so even though in the short term there is a there is a net drawdown in the european economy. European economy is smaller after the black death Europe is more of a backwater in the fifteenth century and than it is on the fourteenth. That's like it's the end of eurasia like nobody wants to go there. There's they don't export anything that's worth anything. That's why european ships travelling elsewhere at the end of the fifteenth century and not vice versa. It's because they're the ones who need to go find things of value but what happens during this really rough period and also something to talk about. The climate got worse it got colder and more variable crop yields wet down. There's just incessant war in the later in the later fourteenth into the fifteenth centuries. The hundred years war just being the best known of them like it's not a good time but the tools that develop during this period especially fiscal tools. The things that states learn to do in large part in order to make war for longer and more efficiently. There's a whole bunch of stuff that happens. In this period that's almost like a product of scarcity and having to think outside the previous economic box that gives you a lot of the developments that we see around fifteen hundred and afterward the things when we see the quote unquote the rise of europe. The emergence of a of a capitalist system and eventually gives us the industrial revolution so the black death was good. I think if you've made it through the black death and you could deal with the emotional fallout of half the people you know dying you were. You were likely to be better off in material terms than were beforehand. Okay it's almost seven hundred years past instead so we can. It's not bad. It's not to send patrick. Thank you so much for coming on. This is a real treat and just really appreciate your joining us. Hey thank you so much for having us an absolute pleasure. I'm a big fan ier show. I've learned so much about finance and the economy from listening to you guys. Thank you awesome. Well we'll have to have you back after your book gone. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you that was great. I really did have a lot of. I was confused. Prior to genuinely didn't understand exactly but the explanation of the sort of Supply-side changes the labor shortage. The productivity shock the new demand from previous peasants. who weren't having all of their all of their consumption. I guess exploited or surplus exploited. I finally feel like he. He did such a great job putting it all together. Yeah he really did. And i thought the point he made towards the and about how a lot of this was what you know. Some of these trends were sort of on the wave but the idea that the experienced the unusual experience of the black death sort of stuck in people's minds and made them realize what was possible. This idea of you can ask for more money or you can leave your lord and go work somewhere else if you go far enough like. That definitely has resonance in the cova period. I think yes absolutely. And i was just gonna say it made me think like we might be underestimating. The change that's gonna come out of cove it. I mean like you know. I think in many respects our lives will go back to something resembling Normal but it also seems like you know this is just been. It's this period has not been as deadly as the black death was by any stretch. But it's been a global disruption to virtually everyone's lives on the entire planet and somewhere another for what turning into a pretty extended period of time. It seems plausible. That we aren't even like really can't even really grasp the ripple effects that an episode like this will have. I think that's fair. Although i think you see some inkling suffo- your life hasn't changed. I know because you guys don't really have it but but for watch the world for outside. We decided okay. I'm gonna dispute that. I'm an interest puteh off line of way from listeners. But i would say you are seeing. We've discussed this right. You are seeing inklings of some changes especially in the us where there isn't necessarily as trauma social safety net as in places like europe. You don't have free medical care things like that. I think twenty twenty is the year where quite a few people are starting to call for additional government involvement in in those sorts of things in providing extra unemployment benefits fiscal stimulus. Some sort of national healthcare. Whatever like you are seeing that the us. yeah no. i feel like life is going to change. at least that's my feeling right. Now december seventeenth six fifty three pm eastern time after talking to patrick wyman get our. We'll come back to the question and we'll have patrick on again Unveils his group. Yeah okay shall we leave it there. This has been another episode of the thoughts. Podcast i'm tracy alloway. You can follow me on twitter at tracy alloway and i'm joe weisenthal. You can follow me on twitter at the stalwart follow our guest on twitter at patrick underscore wyman and check out his podcast. The tides of history follow our producer. Laura carlson at laura. Carlson follow bloomberg. Podcast francesca levy at francesca today. And check out all of our podcasts. At bloomberg under the handle f. podcasts. Thanks for listening

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What Do These Words Have in Common

The Nordic Mum

20:00 min | 1 year ago

What Do These Words Have in Common

"Hi there I'm Susanna to Nordic mom I expo how do they block the minimalistic natural way embracing the Scandinavian less is more approach in life. I talked to nude woman about their journeys and how they live their life with the new lifestyle wherever they are happy healthy the living to Scandinavia. Way this is the Nordic mom I is on your podcast host in and bonus episode. I know I said I'm going to take a break. So if this is you following me and you listen to me for a while you know ah won't be back until mid February yet been already baffled. Few episodes like bonus episodes and I could not resist again to come and talk talk about some Scandinavian words which I think would be interesting to define the kind of same meaning a little bit different meaning but before we get yet the. If this your first time listen me let me introduce myself. I'm Susanna. I'M DOT COM. I'm the voice and the person behind Hyundai Sport cast. I'm originally from Finland and I live in Australia where I recall these podcast to you. And I'm all about Scandinavian. Dan Living living your life with less more approach and about the Knicks simplicity. which is what my podcast is about so that you can leave your life like we we nudie people do with some little more? Simplicity and I covered didn't cut of suffix concept Scandinavian concepts. And I also have scanning Scandinavian guests mostly women but I've had one male guest and I might have another one coming along as well so yeah. That's what this podcast is about in. Hope you enjoy it. But today's it'd be so let's get back to it so today's episode. I'm talking about some words and you're like what do you mean. Well I'm talking about words like who guess cease to Music Coz leak and so forth and so on and I just wanted to kind of talk about them because if you are overseas and you don't don't leave in scam countries. You might not have heard them or you might have heard one or two of them. But there's other words which are kind of similar learn and they kind of cover saying concept which will come in a moment so the first word is gear. Okay now you must have heard about the like it was the word of two thousand sixteen. Everybody's going bananas as being books reading about it. It's everything about you now if you translated it means coziness and being comfortable and and feeling of contentment. That's what you gaze now. Hugh get eats about. You'd be Hooky by having coffee with defend in Nice Coffee Syrup and just drinking a hot drink and chatting about life. That's okay okay. or it's kind of level of comfort like you have a warm trying. You might be at home having food and you'll be warmed as phya gaming wing and yeah that's who guests well and I'll talk about who episode sixty eight go and listen to that. That's it's about how you can be comfortable and be who Gabe budgets because hey concept you don't have to go and buy candles goals. You don't have to buy jumper the blanket. You can be just who get without anything. It's a state of mind so go listen. Listen to episode sixty eight. which is there for you now? What else now? That's the Danish word now. The Swedes Swedes. Have a word called music now. Music is if you translate from word to word in English it would be a pleasant comfortable cripple cozy so you realize it's kind of similar to get bright and the sweet used. Is it in a similar way is someone can smile with music. Someone can smile with these comfortable content small to you. Music also have another candidate because Musa is is a slang word. And we'll be meeting sex so you have someone. Okay you want to have Mussa. Yeah we carry on from there. You know what I mean so comfortable. Being comfortable in in terms of music can be something something else as well not just being underneath the blanket with your friend and you know drinking hot chocolate you might be underneath the plank with someone else anyhow anyhow moving on my friend. Ingrid upstart who was on my episode number. Seventy nine. She he told me about this no region word which is caused a leak now again if you translate it to English it's about coziness nece intimacy warmth happiness and just being content. Sounds like music and doesn't it. Well it does yes. And it's kind of like they know each explained to me that it's like you go in in industry and you have Costa leak movement or you'd be in a coffee shop outside an amount and you have blankets around you to keep you warm and this candles on the tables and it's kind of deem and that's causing leak again. Sounds very similar. Doesn't it now another word that I wouldn't do. TOUCHABLE IS FICA. Gotcha now. Fica is a concept of state of mind again. If you translate to English and it's part of the Swedish culture in sweeties you can say Fica and the question and it literally means that. Let's share a cup of coffee or tea with little something to eat like a cake. Arabia's skewed or a bank so you can just speak to someone say Fica and you know they know exactly what you mean that they want to get did you know comfy cozy with you a hand. Have somebody do hope drink and something to eat now. I've seen France using FICA as like a question. And then you get one would and one where answers yes. No maybe or you just have something. Yeah one o'clock and one so it's quite handy as well so this is sweet tweeted. This is the concept of Stefan. Being comfortable and FICA is having you Know Cup of coffee with your friends or work coexist so again. Eight is kind of similar day needs. A Norwegian and Swedish were music now he in Finnish. Interestingly we Finns liked to be different now Finland and if you follow me and if you listen to me I use scandinavia and Scandinavian life. A new club very loosely. But if you would be really strict Scandinavia's maybe is everything except Finland and the Nordic countries and the Nordic is everything including Finland. Now the difference. This is because Finland we don't speak Similar languish to our neighbours Sweden Norway Denmark Iceland. Our language in which is different. Eight is part of the fee no Ukrainian language group and not the Scandinavian language group like Sweetie's. He's no which is Danish so the word that we have and this is just shows how we Finns. It's called Khalsa also cabinet if you translate it to English like word means pants drunk. They go the stereotypical typical thing. They are drinking and it definitely talks about alcohol here not having a coffee under a blanket. So it's it's kind of. It's very difficult to explain. I actually had to have a conversation with my phoenix friend. How would you explain this to people and Kyle sorry? Cabinet is used to describe about having a class of good wine wearing your or Underwear with no intention going out so basically getting drunk on your own in the SOFA watching telly. That's colored again and on strike and yes it's getting cozy and comfortable. Of course you know you just wearing your pants you know some actually said to me that you actually when you have all taken you actually are. You know you usually bitching about your your your manager or your boss at work and you're swearing and being you know Gone you know that was terrible day and terrible week and you know my my manages is a D. head and whatever else so yeah you comfortable but he must be having a little bit edgy. Kind of thing going on there as well so does to Phoenix word. Culture get pants drunk and if any of these words you wonder how to pronounce them etc.. They will be in my website underneath the show with this particular podcast episode which have been written yet hints. I can't give you the reference but you will figure out there they will be in the actual notes for this particular episode as well. Now other word which doesn't have No it's very definitive. Once you've gone through like ulcer gang new music fica who costly these different. This is Cecil now. See so I talk in episode seven seven. What it is and I'm talking to the love? Liana Newland who has written a book to finish out of courage about this finished concept and yes it's a concept and it. Yes it's a state mind set of mine just like the other words and it's described as one word describes you can really translate in English as not a word for English English but it's about resilience and it's about the termination do go through no matter what and doing despite the odds and and bravery it's about hardiness and it's kind of expressing the national character of the things that's how how we would define CICERO's and you can display Sisu in different kinds of situations but you might not name assist you. You might have a really tricky situation at work where you are on the pomp and under the pressure and you have to do things really fast. And you didn't with determination and resilience and that Sisu or you might have a tricky situation at home where you have something really horrible happen and you have to make brave decisions in a in a in a in a situation which is not you know cutesy tuition being an someone has put themselves and you need to help them and you do it with the bravery and akin with determination and that let's see so see probably is different all the other words that have covered here but they're still a state of mind. Now what I WANNA do go through. These words is because I see him quite often except the new kitchen. Were that my friend. introduced me From England upstart from the Scandinavian. Feeling who she's a Norwegian and I am in Interviewed her my episode. seventy-nine secure listen to death one. So she told me about the league. So that's a new one for me. But interestingly they all all are quite similar in today state of mind that's what he's GonNa Damian saw. It doesn't none of these words that I have talk to you but you don't have to go buy anything. I can't sell you hinting except that. If you study these words you will find that you can have them in new world in your life in your everyday going. We don't anything there's a stare you just have to kind of name. The emotion turned over the behavior. They might be Sisu. They multi multi pants drunk. You might be doing that. And there's no shame on that you you might have some music all's I'm UK Awesome Coast League in your life. So this is my bonus episode about Scandinavian tabin words and their meaning. And if you want to read more about this references in my notes notes in my website the newly mom dad calling for. What's our podcast where you can find these episodes notes swell now before four ago? I do want to address the terrible fires. We've been having here in Australia. I've had lots of people conducting me asking. Are you ride knowing that I live in Australia so we leave about hours drive down from south from Sydney so in south coast of Stralia we. We have been really lucky. We haven't had any fires. The closest one is thirty kilometers from where we are. And thank you so much for all of you who have have called knocked me and who has asked how you doing doing all right. I really appreciate your your concern and we've had a lot of smoke but but we haven't had any fires but the smoke is bad enough that we can see to see which is found us you know. I can see it here when I'm in living and doing the podcast or the escarpment which is behind us which I can't see when there's lots of smoke going on so it's been quite limiting being in particular. It's school holidays so dry to you. Know Take your kids out. You have to kind of time with the right time of the day and I don't have asthma. Neither does any of my kids. But I've carry in Halo with me because this getting really hard to breathe sometimes and just in case we needed And I was just have to say that. It's been terrible to watch the fires. They're so close. By but not close enough that directly affect us but just st sheer amount of you know bushfires the intensity of them the long term impact of the smoke which probably going to be studied in years to come the fact that it's affecting other countries New Zealand covering the smoke as well and all those is animals who've thought is five hundred million died all those livelihoods and houses lost lives. Lost is nearly twenty. People passed away as a result of the fires. And yes. It's been pretty horrendous. It's kind of like Apocalyptic scenes that you see your armor. Get on and you don't know where what's going to happen next. It's really it's really leaping difficult to explain these to your children of because of course they hear and see things and you have to reassure no. We're not going to burn to the death. No our house is not going to disappear. We're fine we are right but I say that I have donated money to the Rural Fire Services and I know lots of other people have and there's been this world I duNNo. World has just gone crazy supporting Australia. Giving so much for us and we are so thankful for that anyone everyone who has given something thank you thank you thank you you and even more so please come and visit us. We are not closed. Our businesses are suffering. Because there's no tourists coming along long because they are worried about the fires but you know businesses are still open. We're planning now that some restrictions and some of the closed road saw Donna opening up to go and visit those location. Spent money there and make sure that those people will have jobs and livelihood going back Wendy's fire season by finally finishes and not going to talk about any of the political side because that would be just another episode on. Its own like into say that I. I love living in Australia. And the community. Feel that how people are pulling together. uh-huh supporting each other and helping each other and all the money has been raised. And you see amazing things that people do they just get what they have and they just drive from hundreds kilometers to go and help their fellow Australians. And it's really exceptional. Do witness said that so there so we find an we wish that we will continue to be so and the fire season. Hopefully we'll start. You know trying up as there's some water promised in this week when I'm recording this on the fourth of January so this week week there's probably going to be some more rain which is very much needed and we hope that will Continue but thank you again and thank you for tuning in for this episode of the Nordic broadcast which is a bonus and you will hear from me again. I don't know if I'M GONNA do another bonus. uh-huh appeared before I started recording real episodes in middle of January. So let's see it's either absurd or are comeback middle middle the February once. My kids are back at school until then stay safe and thank you so much for listening to sign author not now go and check off the Nordic Mom dot com for third resources an reading and this episode show notes and the blog post. You can also sign off for my Phoenix. Dessert recipe for free at the website. Helped get you again next week for another episode of the Nordic Mom.

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Ep 202 | Phil and Jase's Relationship Breakup Advice, Male vs. Female, and Trump's Inauguration

Unashamed with Phil Robertson

51:48 min | 4 months ago

Ep 202 | Phil and Jase's Relationship Breakup Advice, Male vs. Female, and Trump's Inauguration

"Him unashamed what about you to use some adjacent terminology when when jesus arrived via the virgin birth which had been prophesied about yup. So here comes god. Is that a hundred years earlier. So jesus is here and and the weight. The weight had been about roughly five thousand years by my count from the original prediction. Somebody the seed of a woman will crush satan genesis three fifteen zero you and you look at these events as they begin to unfold from four different writers that four different writers but i noticed one thing is throughout the whole thing because we live in a culture now where they said. Well that's your that's your true. I have my truth. Well what what we see and hear is one individual who ever lived on any issue. He keeps saying like in john. Twenty one over about eighteen. I'll tell you the truth. I'll tell you the truth. I'll tell you the truth. So i think the argument to the cr- the truth crowd. We have our truth. You have yours. We say one difference air truth. It's thousands of years in the making jesus crash them where where half are back. Does your state. What i'm saying to two hundred years. And they well to marxism or whatever right. I mean they run it back to their college professors year before he said y'all have we have you see i'm saying go back to that. Pilot was great. What is truth. I think their sides always want to quote shaquille. O'neal tells you remember. They said you know. What do you think about this guy who's up and coming who and they said he's his name and he went. Who never heard of you but better came over. Go google that one. It's he said a lot. Yeah and you catch what he's saying from four different riders but at the end of all of it you add it up and you say this is quite the individual as far as if you just want to put a resume. I mean creator. Reconciler redeemers aviator. That's what i mean all these people in these college. These college professors who who are you. Yeah i got a guy who was a prediction over hundreds of years. You talking about long term prognostications thousands of years thousands if you tie in the genesis story and all of a sudden but these specific ones that i was talking about that that come to fruition. And we're dealing with star from the every prediction that y-. How many is it. Prophecies about jesus hundreds. Yeah it's a lotta. I had a list of even ish in though does even what people think of other ancient religions or not really that ancient islam was six hundred years. Mohammed was six hundred years after christ. I mean it's it's a fairly old religion all the way back. Some of their arguments. The atheist argument is well. Some guy just rolled in read the old testament and then he said i'm the one that we're talking about so the when it gets down to. So how do you explain his virgin birth. I mean his arrival your about that. How could he said yeah. That's me there. Well what's interesting is though and we share christie's christians we share our history with judaism but then we forked off. Jesus for those. That didn't come along with us because they're still practicing judaism those really interesting. I mean we do go back. I mean we're i think as christians we got the two things. You've heard me comment on this. And i mean. I'm saying this and and and love one is sometimes christians quote that salvation is found in no one else jesus but they almost say it in a way that's like and i'm glad that they're proud their well being being -tarian to a point where you're eighty and eighty the people who don't look at jesus and i'm like no. Our job is the opposite yes. Salvation is found in jesus and it's our job to make him presentable to the people. And the way jesus did that he went and ran around with riffraff. He wasn't going around saying you know you're lost without me which was greatest criticism from these sectarian crowd because remember. They didn't want these people in. They're just like you know. i mean. Every time they dealt with him is like oh these people who've lost their morale. And jesus like i won't everybody you know it's done through love and grace n jesus look is the place where presentation does matter. It matters how you present him. Because you can go to the story earlier when i was in austin you know there was a street. I was gonna say preacher. But he was just a street hater just everybody. That wall by is hollering ferociously. Hail fire and brimstone using four letter words but in the name of jesus. I thought maybe we think he's going to convert. I'll tell you zero. Maybe one other crazy dude. What i'm zero in on is in today's culture in lieu of all. What's sad about this jesus. And all the things they say about him and the ones who volume the message of the cross first corinthians one eighteen is foolishness to those who are perishing. They're like what he did. What he he got here. How virgil like he actually believe that junk but us being saved its power of god. It's written on destroy the wisdom otherwise the intelligence of the intelligent off frustrate whereas the wise man. Where's the scholar because we have a world full of them. Where are the Where's the philosopher of this aid. Who's going to go up against the seasons Has not god made foolish. The wisdom of the world. He goes on down and said brothers. Think of what you were when you call. Here's what makes a mad. today's culture. The college professors the news media and all of them. Not many of you were wise by human standards. You see the the the the c minus crowd. I'm a c plus whoa will be. Then you have your and the crowd. Al and the f. crowd you say the apostle paul seems to be saying that this is this is far. You get so smart. She jeez hides in planes that right in front of and you can't see your lack. Who not many of you were wise by man standards. Not many were influential. Not many were of noble birth. But if you start down that road you say all these people being saved because they believe in. Jesus look at that stupid but we're looking at it like who we're looking at it. Act like the the the wisest man of all say fear god and do what he says. Yeah we're just trying to make it simple and say look at these degrees How the has hippie with your cnn's and that physical death coming up you're going to die well and all your brains with you. Even super smart people still have the same problems. Everybody else has. Shirts aim san problems. So really that makes it common because christianity and jesus was born out of a need for something i mean need redemption need for all those different things so essentially as you. You're talking about the sort of the chaos of the street preaching. It took me back to. We went to trump's inauguration and sixteen. You and willie had a little bit you know. They're more known the mazo they were had a little more secure situation. You know they had a bus. That took them out. I was out with a communist in the throng. I wouldn't have gone if i had to go. Well you drag dragon up and rear. I was in. The rear is is a very bad situation so after trump is sworn in. They had a twenty-one cannon salute. The problem is. I wasn't ready. I didn't know about the twenty one candidate. So i thought somebody said a bomb. I mean like my inside the f. Personal booth you remember how and so you know so it just kind of create and then you had a bunch of protesters there to anti-trumpers had a lot of different tastes. Just they were anti trump. a lot of them are anti america. Everything right so there's a lot of skirmishes going on there's people yet at each so when we're going out there i'm in the mode of i gotta get outta here because this is a huge throng of people so it took me back to what jason so the situation is care at. The roads are blocked. You can't just go anywhere you wanna go. You have to go with the masses. And they've got these guys with these microphones and they're kind of these big tall signs the indus coming into the world. And they're just yellen into these microphones they have and all it was do it. I mean me as a believe. I let thought you were just adding to this super chaotic terrible situation. I was like show. I looked at him as there's no difference in what you're that's what i thought and what you're doing because all they did was made me want to get it. I mean i'm just now almost at a gallop. 'cause i'm thinking this i have wound up. I have sunk into hell. It's hey manifests itself in different ways and you gotta remember whenever this. This makes people uncomfortable and you talk about it. But i'm not sure the exact versus in first corinthians but it says the evil on himself masquerades as an angel of light and so do his servants. It's not like we think where we think he's were the ones running around with a pitchfork and all you know some of the people that we think but that's just evil but he also works in churches where people come across as good and they may even have the facts right but boy is just their hateful and we look. I think everyone of us has been too and this is rare but we've been to churches that are filled with. Hey but you know and we preach don't love it didn't go. Well the did we just weren't. I told you. I've said many times about the time when i was coming into in a bit. And they don't bleed bring anybody black with you. I said i'm not coming. Unless i have somebody black women. Now that you've put that out. I mean and i and that i mean that's been twenty years ago but still it's not that far so look. There is racism alive. And how was a part of that. But i said not only. I'm bringing my closest african american friends. And i'm preaching all racism and love. They said don't come. I said okay. I mean there are mentors that smith bill smith all the guys we talk about on on the podcast. They told us stories in the sixties before we didn't get twice. He wrote to seventy five of because they had always been open to. Black people advisory road and in the sixties. There were multiple times when crosses were burned on our churches property as a as a warning. You keep having these black people new church. We're going to torch the whole place and that happened at the place where all at no that was. Just you know a decade before we got there. So you're right. I'm saying that there's there's pockets of people everywhere i think i said before i brought a guy to the lord and during his transition when he was thinking about it he you know we. We came to where we meet and he leaned over now. He hasn't responded yet but he said. Hey there's there's a lot of black people in here. And i said i had noticed may math but i realize this guy income to copyright. We're we're you know you just don't treat him with haight right. He's he doesn't mean it did. Make me mad. But i thought that was the best response and look it lead him to tears because he was a victim of was raised and and making bad decisions and carrying that. But at some point you gotta stop the cycle. I mean and. I've said this hundreds of times. Jesus is the only one that i know of. That actually has a plan to bring all races of people together. Is well documented in here. You do not notice people's color what they have what we all come together centers at the foot of the cross and you don't even eat throws out the gender as well which is another notice one of the quotes that that i made on the podcast. That made the rounds on social media. Was that so. I guess it was. Some conversation has that. Racism has no place in christianity. And it does. And i preach that my whole preaching career. You know because we're in the south and you know. I know some people who think like that but i've always priest strong because it makes no sense. I mean we've talked about for. You've read the verse relations you know there's none of that is gender male or female race appeal. It goes both ways some of our closest friends who are african american. They took a lot of heat for heaven. Like me and willie used to hang out in that neighborhood all the time and they took heat for having us there tell us they had say they call us these names and then people don't care for you or you know. After a few years i feel right now could go anywhere in that neighborhood. People know who. I am there and they know i do not feel threatened. I do. i'm colorblind in that situation because we have built a legacy of love with our family to this one family but everybody knows who we are when we come there. Would you agree with that. Already up no doubt about it. It's a small neighborhood but still let's take a break. So one of our favourite sponsors dad is mega. xl Had a great conversation with them just a few months ago Sort about the science behind what they do. And basically did a tax inflammation They've been researching this thirty five years and putting out a great product. It's been super helpful to me. I know it has to you. It'll make you feel better. Speaking the truth in love. I have no aches and pains zero. That's pretty that's that's quite a statement so not one. So if you're suffering from aches and pains you you might want to give this a shot. I'm hearing from a lot of our listeners to that had been trying and they've got good results as well so appreciate getting that feedback. Here's what you do go to omega. Xl dot com. You can buy your first bottle. You get your second bottle for omega. Xl dot com slash. Feel and you can also call them at eight hundred eight four four four eight. That's eight hundred eight four four four eight eight check it out. You're right days in in really the critical race theory. This new thing supposedly is really just reverse racism that now. It's like 'cause you're white you're instantly privilege. And then they list all the stuff. But i mean is that racism is no me. I'll to reach a place where you don't notice it. I'm like why. Why are we having to stop and notice every group of people. It should all be where your color but hadn't been here in this day with the all the talk about biden's cabinet it's always it's always about gender race. This is the first whatever to whatever to i mean. It's just like why would you just get to people whether they're black hispanic. Why what difference does it might think. Only jesus really produce. Because they're like we're not gonna do it. You're only saying that because you're white. I'm like well. Let's give them. Jesus 'cause i know this by the way who wasn't white right. It was a person of color. I mean you know. Go to the middle east. And i'm participating in worship with every possible ethnicity on the planet. Nobody in earshot of me is thinking about. Oh i'm standing next to a black person it it's not happening because we have that one. This indie i mean to me. You wanna do it that that'll that'll work. Would you agree. Yeah even the actors who played jesus and all the pictures that portray. They got him. You know kinda like blonde had all those pictures you see. Saw him had me newland. You lost me. So today is january. The fourth which means tomorrow is a momentous very imported day to either of you know i shoot a green wing teal. Dray in your honor back story on. That is why. I used to for years when i ended a lot because i don't have much anymore. Our for head about a ten year run in killed greenlee till my birthday now. One of the raise that happened. I didn't have a lot down here. We were bill. Debbie and our hunting across the river and a lot of feels. And so there's a lot more -til available. We was ten years in a row. I killed a green. We'll treasure the grand wing tail more because they're so good to number one and so that was kind of yearly tradition and then i started exclusively down here and then i went about a ten year. Drought where we never never kill. So i don't know maybe you could find one. I haven't it's my birthday. By the way is the momentous occasion. I haven't seen a green wing teal well as one in the last two weeks. So out in a green wing teal. Drake is still one of the to me. One of the prettiest ducks when he's in full plumage. He's a beauty. You know ducts are the the mail on this species is typically the one that you know which most birger like that. They're the most plumed the lions because they're competing right well and the hen. She's built for hiding when she's nesting right. So what does feel says. What category of seaweed determine this water the drake. I do this a little bit in my speeches. I get up that because most people that hear me do the duck call thing they don't they don't know what i'm doing it. They're like has some sort of dangling things around his neck devices devices hanging around his neck. Sound like bird. And i'm trying to share it. The birger sounded like me. I'm trying to get to jesus but these people have seen you know when we were on tv. And they're like well. You make duck whistles. That's what they usually say that you know. We have a couple of whistling ducks most of them quack crackers or make some sort of sound but i'll say no look. I know this is going to be really hard for you out to grass but in the duck world hin will. She does a lot of talking. She does feet and if you think about street she does a fee call. She doesn't quacking. She does a hail call. They call it. Hail colleges around. I said but the drake he does one thing he just goes and he wants everyone to stop and take notice of how he looks while he's doing so and i'm like i know this is a stretch us being humans but in the duck world the hands do a lot of talking and seemingly won't stop talking and the drake will do one thing and just want everybody to stop what they're doing and acknowledge their presence. Well i'll get the human beings. Men women us on average about twenty five thousand words a day men about seven. This is been style. You're helping my argument so it is kinda the same you know. The idea of the older year mother gets the faster and more talk coming out. I have noticed that. I don't know what that's about. Duck is the most hilarious because he's the most colorful duck. I believe there is. He's more colors on him than any other. And all the drake does is this. It's it's a real silent. The hen scrounge like we call him in danger. Call nine one. One may be a slight connection between boisterous for here so so dad. I'll be fifty six. Did you ever think you live to see the day where your oldest son is turning fifty six years old. I mean i'll be sixty in you know former world birthdays. I'm glad that we got started early. Because i've been running with y'all for fifty years we've been able to whichever waited like the millennials which forty four you marry. You'd be long well. We talked about this before on the podcast. But you you bet as you know my now fifteen year old granddaughter. Who's your granddaughter. Oh so there's a pretty good chance if you know if you stay as healthy as you are now that you may actually see her. Your granddaughter get married. Which is amazing. This is incredible. I mean that's another whole another potential. Say what they want to about the patriarchal structure of families but when we all come together and look at it now. I can see clearly from the top to the bottom and all in between you know you you your children your grandchildren your great grandchildren at the great grand and now the next one is great. Great grandchildren not too. Many people see that because they don't start early with their births say well right in american. The trend has been the last few years maybe smart way role but it looks like to me the patriarchal system i know about it. Yeah well in our case and give the truth to christianity. I mean we're all still married to original wise and now my kids are married. Your kids are married. I only your kid. And i noticed if there's any children little little mischief makers in there it's with us. It's our complete total from top to bottom a family response to it is. Let's not if it's win the big family issues on the teenage teenage years or trouble for everybody. Remember your teenage exactly. Just but i think that's how you should respond. I mean i wish families more families out there because look at the. The world is after your teenagers. Yup there's no doubt about that the predation because this their first awareness of spiritual things of their own inabilities. I mean that's when everything comes alive. The internet She would be my granddaughter. it's great granddaughter. One of my great granddaughters is now a teenager and she hugged me the other night when she left. She said i love you pappa. Al-said be good. She was like header. Eyes should be good too. That's what i wondered hesitated for about a second dialect. Be good because you know. There's the first exposure to send to worldly stuff out the internet of course and social media's we've talked about me and this stuff now this being basically developed to help people send more. I mean it's the evil one is behind so much of it so there's no it's just it's easier and it doesn't mean it's any more pervasive or more difficult. It's just easier and the access gets early early. Let's take another break. So i got a crash course into home tattle theft and i gotta tell you i pray it never happens. Do you need us because it could. It ruins people And here's hat happens. The legal titles to our homes or kept online where they can be hacksaw cyberthief defined your home tattle. He forges your signature on a quit claim deed stating that. You sold your home to him. Then he takes out loans against your home until equities go so that's how they work it out to be able to steal someone's home you know about it until all of a sudden the creditors start coming to you saying where's our money and you realize someone literally historian your home so Hometown lot Is a is a company that can help protect you. You go to hometown a lot. Dot com register address to make sure already not a victim or are one use the code radio for thirty three days of protection. That's code radio at hometown. A lot dot com. I guess that's the perfect segue into back into john. Twenty one because last time as you talked about the community and really. That's what you see in a family unit. If you're doing it the right these disciples. I it's kind of a structured family. Struggle is certainly patriarchal structure because as as one who well audit altogether. He didn't say this last time. But i thought about this setting. Jesus is about to have this conversation with peter but you remember when they're all sitting there around the fire. Jesus already had some fish some bread. He had already started the meal. It was a family setting brings people together. That's why brought up the us solve the women that was following them. It doesn't make some here but but they were there. I'll ask one. You're gonna see that a little clear thought. This was the first kind of scene of what the new testament church was going to look like. I love acts one. It says when they were all up in the upper ray along with the women and they pray no. And i mean because our our our churches get so legalistic. They're all we. We're going to do this in decent an order and the men are doing this and the women you had a group of people put their faith in jesus. The holy spirit was fixed to fall out. Acts one fourteen. And guess what you got one hundred twenty people here which is sad based on what jesus said just done. Rambo was that small it shows you. How many people scattered to the four without a lot of people saw. You can't read anything into that. It's all the believers were were. There was one hundred and twenty seven when jesus died when he came over in luke. Which is where we're headed next. When all the people had gathered to witness the site saw what took place and that was that was when jesus died they beat their breasts and went away. But all those who knew him including the women who had followed him from galilee stood at a distance watching these things. Yeah well let me read this field because you know what i'm saying that goes in with what i'm saying. It says in those days in acts one fifteen. Peter stood up among the believers and then in parentheses says a group numbering about a hundred and twenty well right before that in in verse fourteen. It's at all the apostles were there and it lists them and it says they had all joined together constantly in prayer along with the women and mary the mother of jesus and with his brothers you got the crew here and my point about this is is when somebody gets mad or things happen or somebody makes a mistake tomer teenager or we tend to do you know. I'm i'm quitting and moving to antarctica. And i'm doing my own thing. That's just not how we're supposed to respond. You gotta roll up your sleeves. Swallow your pride and work it for especially for the common calls. Jesus but i mean that train has to move on. Because i believe in the same way as what those did in those hundred and twenty. I don't think anything's changed. What we're doing we go out. We share. Jesus there's ups and downs within our family but no matter what happens. We're gonna work it out. I was given a young use some some guidance. His girlfriend broke up with him. He asked me what i thought. I mean he's he's probably twenty. I don't know and he's like well. You know i was asking him about it. That's how come up and he's he. He's i said well now what happened. He's a worse she just he'd been going with a couple of years and he said she said she needed some some time and some space. I said to do what he said she told. I said there's no side woman. Says i need some space because he means and i need to disappear as is. I don't need you in my space. I said so. Let me get this right for for your relationship. She wants to isolate from you and and do what he said well. She said she needed to work on her and then she would let me know when that's worked out. I said you have to move out over. But he's you mean no. She's she's time space work now that there's no scenario where this is good because when you get married guess what. Let's say she does come back. You get married. What happens when she says it's time for me to have space again. And you can't take time outs and married. You need to tell her whatever we do. Whatever you're going through we're going to get together you can't isolate and say i'll get back to you. I said she might have just been being nice saying by meager. But there's no scenario based on what i read from spiritual view where this is a positive and negative to your point about marriage to become one. You don't become too again. It's not the way it works. Well and you build a found. Add one yesterday they ask me that. Question has the family group and they had they Up to obey the letter when the when the bible says be fruitful and multiply because they had twelve children and they were in a line and the oldest one's about nineteen. He had woman problems and they said the have any words for whatever his name. He's got well. It was a lot of twelve marquette. Basically said could you help here and i'm just i told him i said look Just listen to today's lesson. Keep relationship with god intact bangs. Come and things go. I said if you have severe problem here it's best. This pre mayor geologist dating. They were planning the mayor or whatever but she pretty well put the a neat little space here and he was devastated tried to cheer him up set up eternity because riding on highway operated on planet earth. Take in stride. Put it in the lord's hands and it worked out but you know i'm not. It sounds like we're being coy about it. But i remember being that age and you know you get in love and somebody says that and you just say oh well maybe it'll work out but when you apply these spiritual principles us what all of these has been through and everybody been through and they made a great decision. We're gonna stick together. Yup despite all the difficulties and now we have a reinstatement. Which i think says a lot about how we are to be in the church. No matter what anybody does anyone says god in his grace and mercy always provides a path. Your your mother told me barely and stone. They were there last night. They'd been. I don a hunt you know. And i wiped little Shrimp are gratin. And i remain in a bat and they. They showed up and they having that all right. Listen but miss. Kay said at fourteen and i was like sixteen. She said that is the man i want to marry. That this guy right here. I wanna marry him. She said i made my decision right there. Fourteen i've never wavered sense. So she's essentially. She said she wanted to pioneer man. Which you have certainly become but you aren't there at fourteen sixteen or whatever it was that careful what you wish for. That can be bumpy. She said one of the parameters was. she said. She mentioned that. She said he told me that. When when hunting season came along that The dating process were pretty well over until. Oh that's all. She said. He reminded me that and he stuck to it he he went go. I didn't see much. When i just waited all the way her she she did it. I wouldn't have hung in there. That's the reason you're here. So he's agra me too close to. I had to revoke your mama. Thank you my thoughts on modern day. Miracles after this happened. No way in heck now with a lot of people do that. Let's take another break so so to are back to our john twenty one One of the things that We haven't mentioned yet which i thought was interesting. Because i i just preached a sermon on this text and once i was kinda davin back into it i realized it. You go to luke twenty four. Remember the two guys the road to amass which we've talked about during the story and so afterwards. The two disciples that jesus appeared. He walked down the road with them and then they sat around a meal. It's kind of similar to this. And then all of a sudden they recognized who he was they vanish he disappeared. They go back to the other disciples. And here's what they said. This is lou twenty four thirty four. The lord has risen and appeared to simon and then right after that he appears to all of them so and then also in paul in. I corinthians fifteen five and then he's laying out jesus appearances going back. He says and that he appeared to peter and then to the twelve. And you think this happened. I well either that or it could be the other possibility is that he appeared privately at some point during these appearances to peter. We just don't have record. I'm always look at the timing of the different gospels as we never know 'cause by their own way yeah you don't try to figure out the details and i've been churches that do in it becomes boring because one thing is hard to make everything fit right but meanwhile you're missing the point of what happened here. Which is the greater heart for us. I mean the point is you would think. Peter denied jesus publicly three times after saying he would all die for you and all these things and now you have this confrontation so so. That's what i'm said. The two possibilities are is that he had appeared to him privately and had conversation and this is the more public conversation because the other disabled are or this is that instance that they're talking about if you it does here. It's after someone saw you die. That would help helps a lot. In fact you mentioned that you saw him die and then we'll think about this. I was wrong. One said in that you describe numerous said and his brothers were there. Were you remember when his brothers were around. All through the gospels. They didn't believe on seven. Five clearly stated his brothers did not believe in you know and then in acts one. They're sitting there and rain praying. What chase what happens when your brother dies and you go to his funeral and then a few days later you're like hey i'm back. Guess what you are. Now a believer. I'm listening to this guy. Whatever it takes. So so. The only reason i brought it up is because like you said jesus i questioned to sam. He's going to ask him three times. Do you let me be the first one he says. Do you love me more than these. And so in my sermon. I mentioned so who or what are the these does. That's a hanging pro now. Is that. We know that from our english as well. It's a hanging pronoun. We don't know who these are or what these are and so it was really interesting. So i talked about in my sermon. That i'd always taken this to mean that that these were the other disciples because this is the third time the jesus appeared to his disciples. Well i was raised from the first time when he just shows us time. I didn't know who was examined. They had the doors locked and then rain and then the second time was when Thomas who is the first time so he comes back again a week later And then there's this one so you had the door when the head doors lot. they had the thomas reveal. Yep and then yeah that's right that's right so and that's the three that john recourse. So what's interesting is when jesus says this. I've always assumed it meant. Do you love me more than these either more than these do or do you love these guys more than love me go away. But then jay's talked about on the podcast. I think we talked about the podcast we did. I share the story of jeff. I guess i think yeah. Smith didn't sat my servant. But hey one best people i know. He basically deal with the trout. Lower what we did with dot calls. He is a trial. I would say commander yeah. He's a trout. Commander and i have fished with him a couple of times. And you know. I'll fister timer to in my life and he beat me ten to one catching was. He's just like a human trout. I think the name was lowers. Trout magnet trout magnet. They they come at him because he's figured out every way to catch a trout doing so i told him thank. You say these guys love me but they didn't do what you did. Which is what pas love me more than the but in story. I was fishing with jeff. And he said we're sitting there fishing and he's he is a very jesus loving spiritual when he asked me. Do i do it. Because he is a jesus man. I like having people like him in my group. Yeah i just because his lifestyle prison so we're sitting there fishing and he said. Do you love me more than the just kind of said that. And i was like what is. He told me. I didn't recognize the passage right off the bed. He said what do you think that meant. And so then. I started going through the chapter in my mind as we were fishing and i said well there's two choices it's either the disciples or those hundred and fifty three fishy. He cut when i said it like that. He said you're the first person i've ever known who had that number off the top of their head. So i'm a convert commercial fisherman when he said he got one hundred and fifty three without breaking mash. I'm never gonna forget that fishing store. And so then do you wanna finish this hour Let's take one last bright. So so i'm telling the story because i had never thought about that till j. Spotted up on the podcast because what happened is with with jeff is. He heard that the sermon. He asked himself that question. If it were the fish he thought he thought he's sitting in a sermon and he thought do all love. Jesus more than i love kitchen trout and unfortunately he asked himself. Happy miami's your their story. Now he said the answer was now well he loves fishing so what he did was he said. I need to do something like that. So he parked his boat for three years partisan his boat for three. I think it was three years two or three years. It was a long time to make sure he had it right so he asked himself that question over and over and he's there came a day where he said i love geez any poured himself into john jesus and when the day came that he loved jesus more than than fish he said. I started fishing again. Which i love that story because we get asked a lot about that. We've talked about the past about hunting. And how do you make it. Not an idle and in my sermon. I just went down that road. And i use. That store is a launching pad about how powerful idolatry can be. And i told the story about lisa which we talked about it before him was on the podcast that she had made me her auto you. She had a living off of my faith and she didn't have any she was buoyed. So fifteen years in marriage. Because you didn't have jesus as her lowered. She had me is her lord. I was her idol. Well the whole thing falls apart and our marriage you and i was making the point because a lot of men are like. Oh man i wish. I had a woman worship. No you don't you don't you know why because you're not worthy work is never going to work and so that was my poor. Jesus says you can't serve. Two masters is really brit. You'll love one and you'll hate the other. Think about how that works. If you love jesus more than anything else. The new hate simple. Stir you. don't wanna be a part of that. But if you love the other stuff more you love jesus you'll eventually hey got and you see it happen every single you know. Jesus is the most brilliant one there. John problem about jeff he and now he uses that fishing talent mean. Not only i think. God bless his business. I mean he become the big trout leur salesman in the world but he also uses it like every year. He'll take there's a local christian university there where he's from and he'll take these young us who are going to give their life to share and jesus or preaching order. He takes on like a weekend of fishing and but he's trying to make them fishers of men which i love it because the very thing the he had to look himself he didn't do it for a story or he don't even know i'm sharing this. He just looked inward and said you know what. I'll go to church because He was basically going church as insurance policy but what he loved fishing and so now he goes fishing and uses it to the glory of the lower. What he loves is jesus and that was the transition so he uses it now like a platform like day even though he's not a famous guy he's famous in that world because of his skill set in his lures. I love that that. That's that's the conclusion that he made and he then go around and speak. He's not much of a speaker but he'll call me and i'll go speak to them boys that he's taken fishing. It's just a perfect situation. Because these are the last time i went up. Fifty of them fifty guys teenagers early twenties. Say we're going to be preachers well. Who in the world do you want to give a good good taste of jesus and share stories like this. So the point is whether it's the whether it's the fish or the lifestyle of commercial fishing or whether it was the disciples the point is the same nothing can be above. Jesus that's correct so any of those scenarios are all the same bank. That'd be you gotta look at yourself. And because it's not where i take issue with some religious people is they'll get up and rail about somebody going fishing on sunday if heart is right and he's had that conversation. There's not some legalistic set of boxes that you have to check because a lot of people go to church every sunday and are meaner than a rattlesnake. We met these people. Where would just in the last bucket. You talked about taking a couple of guys hunting on a sunday morning and with the purpose of sharing. Jeez with which you shared his plan to meet at charged later. But when you go you realize when you go out in the honeymoon things happen. And so. I wound up being late. Missed the whole thing but in my mind. I'm like feel bad about that. God knows my heart. And i'm sure and jesus and i had the right. You're omissions. your own task burns me up when i know i hate it when when preachers get up and rail against people who are not there. I'm like we're here. Their lives her people out there shooting deer this morning instead of being with the lording grinding. This out like you say the country song where the guy says. I'd rather be on on the lake. Jesus charities thinking about fish which kind of songs ever and you guys. You sent me emails. And i was wrong about that. You need to repent so so. So jesus ask him three times. Which i think is a direct correlation to. Peter denied him three times in other. Words is the only has to be that. So peter says first time he says you know you know. I love you lowered the same time. I know you love your third time. It says he was hurt because jesus asked him a third time. Which is kind of funny. 'cause you'd think jeez peter would understand what jesus was an idea want on. Oh there was a third but it didn't. It said he was hurt in east. Here's what his answer was different. The third time he said you know all things. And you know that i love you. And that's just a little phrase. But i thought you know he's really making a statement because he say and you know everything you know that i love you. Because he did he knew his heart he did. But i think you should give them a quick to to'real he used a different greek word. There had four words for love correct. And so there's there's two different words that our president and so the words are filet o. Which means brotherly love philadelphia the city of brotherly. The another greek word is the word A gap which you save primarily in the new testament which is basically lead a sacrificial christian love so if we were if we were using the greek words it'd be like this jesus said do you fillet o. Me and peterson yes. Flu in other words. Yes i love you brother my brother then then jesus said do you pay me this interesting. Peter says yes now. These are john recorded third question. Do you pay me yes. He never says he never tells. Jesus back yes. I got you and so i said my sermon. I don't know the implications obamacare right. Because then because that love being sacrificial this is the deep point in a short period of time but then june in a minute jesus tells him about how he's gonna die. How is going to be sacrificed. I think look there's a deeper love and that's why you gotta look into yourself. Which is why. We told the trout fisherman story with. It's not a story. The gaza real god. I mean he had to ask himself that question. And i think as a fisherman because a lot of people think we are just you know what if it is the disciples. She got their up. Oh it was that well you know it was because of any says what you said. They tell you the truth when you were young. You dress yourself but there's gonna be a day where you stretch your arms out of someone else's going to dress you mean and then john said he meant to say that's how i was going to die so so. That was the ultimate later on in his letters that he wrote you know he said that was that was my i. I knew that i kind of death was coming. He said and that's my departure. Way looked at it. He didn't say that was my death. That was the end to me. He said it's not depart. That's what he said. Yeah but it's a good question florida's reminding me of what kind of death and all relationships you know. You're you're dating a girl you're like okay. Do i love her. Yeh what i give my life for now. Keep in mind. Peter head said that earlier which is what makes all this. I think to your point mainstream because memory he said. Oh i'll give my life for you. Jesus said yeah. You fixed ninety hitting road and then he did give me what happened to you. And i think jesus took that comment. That's why you shouldn't make stupid comments that the embellishments when it comes to making them out of the lord lead the no no. Don't say under the. I'll give my life for you when jesus knows that. You're fixed at nine me three times. But i wanted to say this. I think the reason we can relate to this as fisherman. I think he was so caught up in the excitement of see on the hundred fifty. Three fish being called. Did you think about all our memories. Feel because we love outdoors and hunting and fishing. We can go through a top ten list of greatest excitement. Where one hundred ben tales come in at the cyprus lake. I mean you remember. You were there which goes to tenure argument between me and but that's beside the point. It was such it was a also. Then you've been when we cut the hundred bass at a beaver dam and then all the way back we ran a net and there was a seven foot alligator gar in the. I mean it was like we call one hundred bass then. We catch a seven foot alligator gore. So we mirrored the excitement of these things that happened over the last forty years. We're here this happened. I think to get their attention which is ultimate so Ferrari in the woods Watchers i got one more bonus point. I wanna make so for unashamed. We'll see next app. Thanks for listening to the unashamed. Podcast help us out by rating on itunes. And don't miss an episode by subscribing on youtube. And be sure to click that little bell to get notified about new episodes and for even more content that you won't get anywhere else subscribed to blaze tv at blaze tv dot com unashamed.

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More Signs the Message of Change is Being Embraced Throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Quest for Change

32:46 min | 1 year ago

More Signs the Message of Change is Being Embraced Throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina

"They went to the town of divinity in our region of River Sava the North Northeast artem buzzed into enemy. Had the the symbol of the The first initial assembly of all the members who elected They elected their representatives in the city. Our City Committee Governing Committee as a hazard presentative to their regional assembly. That was really actually Nice it was fun. It was Well down hot really really hot in town. They actually prepared a small actually prepared. Small venue for US spoiler menu when you full But then it was extremely hot than we ended up being going to something much larger cooler it was like A cinema a large hole. And so that was actually fine The next stay we can back to so many of the next owners in an I traveled. We ended up going alone to go out. Stay in the eastern hard to buzz still Federation or above the event Annalisa. I saw in imitation the youth of set cd that we didn't have the larger than station that city by they invited us to to common and asked me to talk about the issue of professionally. Some competency as the key to solving Bosnia roses problems. which is something that I really love? Talk about until the time Danny was interesting and until that sponsor Something's to surprised everybody into the number of people in show now because of Daddy's something that others there's one of those large parties have struggled on and so we really have access to the people in in cities like that it was we've yet to cooled own bend And that was really. Oh I thought he was Sorta well-done they liked it to be state for a long time and a lot of young people were there then. That's to ride on the money when it comes to our message and our messaging after that we stayed low but who them of hand had the copy stated light in in city After that we ended up. I'm going to need our. There was three hours away within CA. Subscribe the genocide happen in then we had the conversation with the gentleman who is on the has been on the Committee for organizing the peace march coach. has been used in months. Wait let committee on we talked about Mitch. Booties with that process. And I talked about some ideas to to something larger than we actually hiked to law spits spence up on the cliffs really hire their tickets forty five minutes climbing. We didn't expect it so be old nicely. Dressed dressed got up there view from that initally very energetically and sit steep. Climb to get there. We did go there. The view is gorgeous. Came background Then when I talked to 'em mouse in organization that a worldwide visitation that helps people in need visitation profit to talk with him. Then I had a lightweight and what I would do a live feed from facebook or Saturday Sunday night and and I talked to somebody who has a mayor of seven insights from point. A who lost the next election is Ryan again and then I talk to representatives from eight mile we talked about seventy the whole region economic outlook allies. Some people. Did you decided to come back to seventy south off to being displaced only to find there are no jobs in the government has appeared about nibbled for them again left left and we talked about plus ability or bring those people back up to the day. Today was a very interesting celebration. Quoting Bonn Always liked him something similar to move toward in Florida person who asya whatever some similar that sire but somebody who is Early on a piece of land and he was hero. The larger I at that time in the seven eight eleven need Probably the first sign of Bosnian state and he was the ruling at that time. This is a celebration of eight hundred. Thirteen years of his Mation permission than the proclamation will announce is that he wrote to piece of paper that gave to all of those from the Dubrovnik Republic. Luke the merchants Chandler's whoever who came upon the BOB newland freedom to move about as freely as Frequently very quickly free to be protected from any Har- and that was a sign of the first written document basically talked about the Bosnian Bosniak country. Talk about the talked about the sub tolerance appreciation lenders and it celebrated Aubrey to them today. It was one part of. It's called Art two members of the presidency but apparently type presidency visit two of them. Were there on hand to talk about it and I actually just like the occasion And that was also another another thing that pose opening the That was unveiled in the park. They found a stone upon which was written in order from a the judge and from the same tier and as approved that there was a legal assistant about this. Coming back from that Drawback adversary of the book Signing in presentation by the offer tonight tells contend that to desert tonight nine pm the meeting over the presidential council the talk for progress there were couple outreaches that were dealing with founding assemblies in these two towns that you visited. I know when we've talked before there was a little. I don't know if infighting is the right word but the politics going on. Who should do water? Whatever are you still running into that with these meetings that you are attending or is it a little different based on the town that you go to right so it's different from town to town? I was today in in town of that. It's weird the biggest inviting actually happen to to fractions within Got Created and then that led to a lot of issues meant to base. Some of them came up to me about plants retrieved two and by the acting creo making actually good progress in changing things around and Also talked about somebody who will be appointed to sabotage a new organization in the. There's also star of that was in that troubled part of the country that was somewhat of tough because the personally had was pretty up to the task but we now we have somebody who's slow variant active works really hard making in your own important decision expanding organizations in via they seem to be on the path of full recovery in so They asked for is also river to ask for ago leadership issued resolving so it really is a it all it. The whole the kings of the person who leads in just like just by Kuala wasted light it is if you have the right person everything is fine the going the right direction the right people. Right Helpers get elected Chosen and there are are up to the task and they're healthier Don't add that person daddy's that leafs our our our valued Than than everything really false apart. That's a lesson. Learned a quality over quantity anytime find the right people. Okay fewer better if the right people Fewer interest of Dogo for the quantity the numbers of people get behalf to recognize delays. All of members. They are someone. Sabu somebody special devalue really country honesty the competency and We've learned that the hard way had to be more Every end today was the best example of that. I was Buying homes buying some shoes. Actually I wanted to vice shoes and I went to let store ahead something that like dating him the size and the latest in what we can bring them from the from another story. It's very close by just five minutes ten minutes long term perhaps no let me go to another store comeback back in the same shopping. We'll come back and then I'll talk to you the now see. Try to shoes the pair of shoes that you were bringing bringing she said the case came back it was like fifteen minutes later. Offended colleagues was widely in of the colleagues said of thing to be with him and the lady said she said the two of us were just talking about ready to come back. It'd be bolted on there. He would would. It will come back Thinking about politicians or most people don't bites. He said Oh no no he will And that's what we want to promote that Re people can trust. That was a really beautiful explanation of WHO. VR got to stand for someone of alight better. That's what you're looking for. Every SCIPIO sue Sir and the the meeting with the youth group any observations that you can take away from that. I know that youth is key for you. Bet Did anything. There ops their observations thoughts that were shared with you that you can relate. The interesting thing to me was the fact that Thinking was detect them. They they wanted to it for me about that and there is really when I talked about exactly when I talked about education when I talk about the role in in in in the venting Bob Nancy during the day they are living in part of the country that has suffered a lot. He was one of the most successful municipalities in Yugoslavia now at the bottom in Bosnia and within the bottom of a economically speaking and they're trying to fight and figure out how how to get a better place. A lot of young people have left in the these are the ones who are saying we will rely and what struck me was their willingness and readiness to make contributions Russian. Even though there's fear that they might in the end price for its needing we the ruling party and the ruling parties in these little towns. They are really vengeful. If you not against them they allow you to access to almost anything that all people should actually have so it is interesting that this is this. This was something that term candidate came up themselves with said the topic of Conversation Association in afterwards will not of the picture and they didn't want anything special agents forty two to be ear inn for us to have a normal fish more than anything. Their choice of topic was very interesting. And telling to the to me. It was assigned vestiges spreading that. It's catching up catching up. That's what I was GONNA ask. Excuse me your take away from this. I know it's only one section one town in the country but how how does this help your cause the movement. 'cause moving forward knowing that youth is very important. How do you leverage this to your your benefit with meetings such as it is very Horton? TES Yes the youth. They are very important for us because they have the time to get ask her up events as the more mature you loved the population for the older take. The population I think be changed with them will be easier. They had a many of them in the oven. Boats numbers that is shoot. We talk about the youth all the time so much so that yesterday as I was walking Eh streets those ladies running after me and the professor professor around ladies Retirement quietly clearly and she said Oh come on slowdown. Homeless didn't catch. You can have time chatted for coffee in that. So let me just by when I was plagued by have copy in river city down every copy. She said well I see all these young. The only people should be a return on membership cards. Synthetic annoying Six percents Young or younger there's forty percent who are older and therefore you're not alone reason to but the message is clear that we believe in trust in in UK's of Bosnia and we expect them to accept those so it is It is refreshing to see how many of them are volunteering to be candidates. It's for positions within applied for the ABC Eloquence Dad back educated. They have a lot to contributes The serious about their role and all of that combined with the fact that I'm being recognized more and more often in the streets example in the clinic Goldman tolman Iran to the shopping mall awaiting the seriousness to ask about the shoe stores related. Eighty recognize the Obama member than I'm in tune. The shoe store three of them in all three of them The sales people recognize the and the name professor related to this two things Covi- to the DOC young people who are with us in reading to fight the greater recognition of the cost of Jimmy. It really encouraged that. She might hope that thinks may tomorrow. Well I find it interesting since you know again. We've been doing this for quite a while but when you first got there relatively unknown professor from the United States wisely doing this or whatever and the longer you're there the more serious people it seems to me or taking the message because they know you are serious about this and this wasn't just day why I'm here I'm gone it's over. You're still there her and you're still finding for them and their cause might jump in too far here. Well Yeah. I think that there is so so besides a greater level of recognition. There's a greater level of open trust at something can be done rituals really important Detroit the copy. Our message is PUCCI which is also signed. Loyd things are moving up in a for us. the fact that our live. facebook live Depending on the guest is more more on a observed by people from other parties. And we know that because because they are the ones who started adding negative comments th-they're elections have static Allen Social Media You see those battle l.. Organize them financially sound or or Rela. Rd's they have already employed employed people who are tasked with social media warfare over fair decided to be. They are actually going to going. Every where there is a in places that importance ordinance to them and they tried to attack and tried to minimize the importance of anything anywhere else and when we see that normally for us our live between hundred fifty two hundred fifty people at ten ally Thousand would see Megan week or so and we suddenly see an influx. Oh hundred hundred fifty people who are the normally those are the ones that called from other parties could start hiding and and it's it's so interesting the so the fact that they are copying fighting games also another sense to recruit nation and satisfaction of being noticed today in wins in its own as I said two members of the presidency where there was just spending in the crowd and they're passing Option wailing one else. Catchy to the other play The current the presiding member of the presidency. Mr Compasses passing by and I didn't say anything in say A. Hey because he knows the we don't know each other well but be take time secretary in passing or know each other and I know I bumped points during the Canadian without was against in one talk. Show talk show. And they were putting makeup on. The he was passing by displayed there. He was the Guests often me. I heard him he said Oh recited sailing even meet him and then be met just briefly but after not be really. You can't couple times but these times was passing by and I didn't say hello. I didn't try to extend my I repeat by just by accident. He was looking around and turn to me. And just recognizing expect me. He stopped and then extending his hand than we shook and he said just how you doing fine. How're you doing but in the fact that nobody would just passed by a because eight cents opponents right? Why would give attention order a recommendation to an opponent? But I didn't see you stay. He's handling a lot of people around noted so that is also also recognition. But there's a great deal level of recognition when I've got two quick ones. If you've got time I mean one back to your visit to shrimps up and I know you had the meeting regarding the march and you would like to see how that can be developed. Some make some changes to. What kind of changes did you discuss? That you think can make is it to make it more awareness of it. Or what are the the things that you're looking at. Now what's what I would like to do. It extended sanded beyond now three days. Peace March had that ends meet the some Matt's funeral in in commemoration of the United States would like to make them send open air. I would like it to be a audie route. That would like people to be able to go there whenever they have the time. One day three hours again. The money helicopter to flyover. Should I spent ten days in cave guides will make money in that Locally on me people will open their doors their homes news and let them sleep there and then provide food and make money on talk about their struggle where they would meet people who actually only three days we would Range the whole itinerary in much much better. doesn't endanger life. Last few ignore yet there was one person who actually died from injuries sustained a a peace march. You know when last year was really hard disk was hard as well. The found the opened a new segment that impose extra real segment So they could open it for the this March attendees wokers than it was who was raining mud everywhere. In the month than actually may Mesa hard you'll you'll sliding back in the mountaineer can This is the inability of the organizers. To make that used to be the second they'll Marci supllies supposed to be the hardest steep climb up the mountain. Cold would age and it was a narrow halfway through the forest protecting Protecting the people be raining a protective of The the small Darrell have a And the the tree roots for keeping goods would be Passable off aw protected from the Sun protected from the rain because the Of the other trade of the trees expended made it like four three yards y and removed the rules and therefore now it's rainy is not going to hold the and it becomes running water running month in. That's horrible saved. Saved have last year. Thinking happened this year and I don't want people to think about whether they'll survive. I want people to think about those who went through those scarring events You can see now items of clothing shoes of those who perished just on the ground in the trees. Those should in protected in case in glass I li- like people do have Nation and pays for the headsets Graham around the region as they move through the area to understand what was happening. What Day was that all of that? I mean there's a lot a lot of money. That's given annually to the organizers who didn't do really much wiggins and I know it's probably some money even disappears of corruption. This could be a unique open air museum that people could live through the or not to answer the horror but experience at least to be informed about an order by walkie to looking steps. The people when you can paternity to talk to survives. How often does he have a reversal of the leads? The the marks to at least this count the person that I mentioned honest. I'm who carried the brother. I do of injury that was dead. Carry him for six days to the territory. Capri Territory Sunny Berry in Gaza Too much going to dump these. It's insulting you didn't even have a trash Scans that people as each is throwing survey oriented to help clean up crew of go for days. It's the cleaning up We didn't have changed to in an organized. Way to speak to people who Elite three weeks. I haven't I was the lucky one. Who is I mentioned? Twice in their own of talking to sleeping at the house of the person who was the scout for the for the whole movement the movement of the people to it was a retrial escape from surveys of did I had a chance to meet the person who carried a Ah just happened to be passed by on the trail. The person who who just sever year in he was run beginning on told the regional in nineteen ninety five Passage who was a young boy in here is just talking about people in his family that perished. SV Walk by his telescope wearing learn how they leave them who they're rare. People are hideous. Oh I just feel horrible so so little they have so much to show the world. One last one The recent political happenings in Italy with the change range of the power structure. In the right wing nationalist kind of out of the picture disaster impact Bosnia. And all. Is it something just to Kinda keep tabs on or well. It's impacting everybody of uh I am did more. We get to the point where extremists it. Don't get a chance to to rule the the better the world will hit elite has moved to the right substantially. And I just hope that these events descript Back Centre any any movement anywhere in Europe or in the world for that matter to censor is the news for buzzed because people will see that the world is not as a gun computer that I don't have anything against the right. I have a lot to against all streams of the people who want wants to make the place at a place for everybody regions for some part not all of us and I have the problem with that and that's what this extreme movement to what is actually happening to make place for view view in La Parole and I think it's good news for Bosnia if if In Italy happens what can can be meeting moving towards center. There was a possibility of for the move to the right with The gentleman who is read them either. The extreme right by the entry on he was not offered to establish the government's Probably because it's a recognition that he wouldn't be able to do so so radical sign not able move completely from the center but it at least not will further to the right. You think it will be a good news. A what's happening in England relentless happening in Bosnia. How extreme and how far they will to the right in? There is indication to Laurie. will do exactly that probably Encouraged by president trump so wilson.

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Farm Laws - 2020, 2021 or 2022 ??

Everyday Talkies

31:18 min | 3 months ago

Farm Laws - 2020, 2021 or 2022 ??

"Hello guys. Come to start. Cost everyday. Talkies which i don does not come. I am unsure. And i talk about trying to things to random people majorly about life but specter's and thinking process it's like an interview or let's say more of the conversation with one or two guests about china topics that interest us to be really honest. It's just a way to reduce my ambitions and talking to so come join me and enjoy. Hello everyone episode of everyday doggies so today we have an old guest but somebody with a unique perspective for the last episode. You guys must have been board last today. Yeah lasted episode. You guys must have been listening to me and scrambling about reviews from movies and series. But today i think contrast who what we were doing for the past three weeks we'll be discussing. Which is very much in the news. I think all of us should know because Well all of us eat was electric reduce to unite in the ion show. Thanks for making game For people who not have deep mail you should have watched my previous episodes by leonardo watching the previous episodes. I think he was one of the first ones in the usually has started regain monday to its was farming and the second one talked about the project or company that started and is working on. What amazed because it industry india or the world who knows soden flown back and coming to the topic of debate. Today we are like you guys must have already known we're talking about families daum laws which was launched ready twenty not yet implemented and put on hold probably may get delayed for under eighteen months or might be scrapped. Altogether we do not know so now people is someone who who's already working industry will give us this additional insights and not feel free to orlando comfortable with where the methadone he so much by. Being is a language to conquer. I was thinking before jumping into the explain kikaya palm like what are the things which was ratified by the government in the late september. Twenty and then we can jump. Do what exactly. it is. Ideal to perspective. Cooper and all of that Your team Formula los angeles woke thank. You market create carnegie maga- dookie. Abmc get toolbar. Gatekeeper abuse market committee. You'll be generally five months Keeping continues to be problems Which i do now when problems get it now but it's name. He bought tidy effigy jay. What's holding media naples. Weekly it wide much kicking off key. It's not declan beneficial to us. It has benefits but it's not much on the programs especially in the and because walker. Abmc dunia what a strong at the latest one woman. Abmc tomorrow or walking launch happened meant that we got this cheated or when he gave augments video if lee a wide if i'd once got active u s currency nor nor incapable back to discuss each we talk about what the lowest discotheque how it can benefit or hampered and both of the story. I'll start with the first one dome. Nikola earned i'm bad with names of people You want to correct me peace. Somebody correct me so the first Law which was ratified always Farmland produced and commerce in the back of promotion facilitation agricultural. Now you just to give everyone a brief. It is basically allowing the farmers to have contact with in order to sell. The farm products can be anywhere in india. Now i don't know what was the scenario so we might get that from the but in the ideal what the act says is that if i can get an agreement with the buyer for minimum product cycle of one season or the maximum of five years so it basically that get into an agreement before the producers steady and when supporters eighty five i will deliver the product and get back the money and it addition to that government has given technician snack if within thirty days of something the money's not retrieved then the famous companies they have I think create t levels of mechanics in terms of policing so that The people don't want to be with money and all contracts are valid and people are the main reason also What is that initially. What used to happen was that when the buyers not used to get the money and promised not at the money to associate so newland behind. Newmarket's dylan's or markets that houses in order to get loans and basically what Caused a problem because obviously you want more your line which gives you money right and if you are unable to pay loan then on your whole i got so in order to prevent that to do this now. That is on now. What is your take on this From somebody who is impotent. How people have come from mississippi the version in this New law is only ended up with the a day under this next is concerned about a of entry point for many of the laws in indians. That would reduce i Meister definitely gadget. When you gets on me when i'm driving up that gave up when you say slow go yes. I used a guy. Islam underneath biking lost newest. What what one. Where did a ministry was getting fiddle skinny road. What what we'll say. They pull a java exhausting just negligent of five minutes about what now he got engaged. Not key on the garden run behind in other things. Marketing box issue. Incorporate is unreliable. It's about cool. You're wanna he Five months ought for the market there next the needed someone who intervene and who can take care of all the things and finance sergei on their crops to mentioned abmc a couple of times explain ta gmc basically emc on yet. More will get What we introduce kyoto and Ms hiding major skit skin products. Don't give me one victory much. Duck aunt Steak waste control price. Hikes take out book pick gave up. Abmc mcateer key aby one who was dictating the pace. If it'd be amc's saying that you are caught. What fifteen hundred. But it under the scott meal dougie actual brace which autozone bellevue mcmahon. I'm these very clearly can. Just make a ten fifteen years. And five months low fifty times open. Not a good debater. Abmc gear janey. Do not be disappointed with it. The minimum price set and government. And what like if. I'm a quick confirm but he's gotten from incoming but the problem here is and That is causing problems in order to alleviate that i think that when we come to the second law which talks about if i am correct This one is the. I produce trade and commerce to the promotion facilities and it's me what they have said. Goldman is allowed. The farmers go beyond medes and sell the products anywhere in the country. Intrastate interstate the barrier and it has introduced laconic leading and market fee was abolished. And all of this so now according to your argument where you said key yes. The two sides of the coin key has gone. confirmed income from the government and people that they are buying it from that but the prices are too low and once you remove that boundaries and much open. A market for the fall must capture prices and the The whole world is wiser restriction from apm cappella job. Debbie nineteen then. We'll stay maybe. I'm going to do nothing not indicate when i could paceman or video. They appears conveys me teach the game when i get up on his big just Those season man when behind this little bit. We'll see the other day. Could he took it. And then i'm hanging out of nolan pitch. We'd be with you the hottest going on that but we'll stay in demand cookie or he retains. How did your way zima. Abm's optum dot incorrect pay school It may get key becky. I'd want spooky. He said pain. National transportation goes way federal loan stock up and then we explain in one. Four tour will appeal baseball. Many nation orbit other by the abebe. Flip the mission vision can sign goat. Many uncon- on replacement patient haning so for from excellent. Oh maybe i'll base lending envision of the yankee if you talk about e commerce industries. Let's say amazon. And all of that. The items within the. Let's talk about a he. When you're starting wilson was even nine online language one. I taught many up jihad cutler. Mitchell dramatically keeping millionth other gunman electronics them. But it me with e commerce and the whole industry of these. Small relocate shops is dying and they're not sustain because they are the big companies can offer discounts which these companies cannot and they're giving access the heck who decided to buy it because they have fun they can afford to in god loss for you know how many years for and cabot eight hundred went than turned. The battle started. Think one fear amongst the farming community is that the big players like amazon lions and these common began stop used as you mentioned syndicate or their foothold into the market. That bill by a touchy prices and as such and such deeper levels that local farmers market Licking bart loss. I wanted to men. Net net loss came out on brennan. Abmc a contractual key bought in mail if emc nettie context of succeeding. Yoga may ten amateur hockey Traditional point of jonky. Any and all of us i mentioned number of a just the many his production line in the art machines has gone. Nickel safe expedi- all be check unusual. Turkey hang it in logo data pavement. Inflation now go. This may be starkey did maybe a low occupies manipulation when talking apple store could get on top of you What a pump to since you talking about that later we just people know so toward a about was incorporated under this was essential commodities. So under which Initially what trump was that in order to regulate price in the market government itself. Hide a gap in the stories that they can do what he's commodities products you the food that we used essential commodity as well your fuel medicines and all of that but you're not talking about the that farmer so initially what happened was that you're not allowed to stalk tons and tons of food and that is why the big players ought comment because in order for the only way they can earn profit is when they are when they're able to stockpile stuff and then again in the market according but In order to avoid that government through regular and maintain that cap but in this new what happens is government has degraded tire cold-storage idea and this is true for multiple aspects. The first thing is that missile bringing you players some outside so that they can you stop stuff and Approach all year round will bring a new players who are interested and it will also. This is apartment which i never read in the newspapers what i was actually relating go up. Different piece of article will increase the horror stories technology for india. Now why do i say this. Because let's say during this pandemic india country very easy means of contracting the over lapsing that we get administered by now they have additions. And why was that. Because really mr wooldridge technology access skin because there is no other products that you would need to go through such for other than food. No food was under that act so the was not developed now in order to enhance that aspect as well. I think this might act ballot again. This for the mvp discussing before key. This'll be new. Into the market is bringing big leads into markets it will infuse investment into the farming community but the local were not that very educated or who as an marketing car government livelihood so way cheesy with manhattan fbi to have corporation offering the nation. Which is a responsibility to ensure food safety and a nation which has the right to buy food for us so we'll have equal at the stood ventured off school disappointed. When the be excellent autocratic labor day jason guide to lentil everything is wing works in huntersville by three day. Just a private. I know that they will do the same things that you have. And then George doesn't give us in any on a game. what do you call a pretext play. You goldman is your lackey down Cheese war she just establishment going up to a book. That conflict is still count maybe Pity valuable what the loss go. Fish nick Other jewish five minutes societies your dandruff like diesel storage physically. Look when go you're right. I'm not saying that it's the only one of the best solution for this. What i think. I might do make pumpkin yoga five win. Or noko cobra. Operatives were destroyed. Nhl clinically bordman. Seventy percent to the and ashanti's nick violence producer nation. S p o. Kagi it now law scaling up. We'll be caffeine. Make eight outside if a management indicate just like you say about your skin. So i just put up the managed for a tales. Thank you remember. Unnamed about the in built management could make this a kamata. And you're but he he Same gotta find did she. Didn't he got he He's got i think it was. I don't spawn schuster who made a counter private public relationship essay and bills when cockman management got weekly nonprofit. Object to out the manage managed. Five more skip you difficulty. I'll producers commend. Much weight was one or maybe way on. August management are got to be a water. Could he must manage that. Even if not easy most management he financial persona today. Let's give war obliquely now. Paste brought again at storage got into but natural. Start dating bronco distant. Oh we'll stay. Stain pay bus muscle. This footage on this then. It will be beneficial for months on We'll get up. We'll offer technical login. Who's been means a ministry of the biggest mystery. Animal miller expedition is bad. A rice is with expert. Who are doing this was a company. Mandate cookie five months later today. A little hood on copperfield saying he's an email ignored five months or joe five squawk on gifts unmake off other deemed on a study. That nicky about you angel it. It wasn't good initiative by the government that accused the talking and he on some problem wing with abmc generally autonation gear with the problem identification. It's a thing that i can identify the problem that this is a long wing on and the proposed a solution but offered wants to include kiloton species and what skill pinkett better bridge ball on the mob to key points key farming industry industrial. You will empower the farmers. Because i got whoa he and he they want From or so to see in harvest crops lukanen cushioning ticket and classics ideal. Don't keep you up near medium. Which which privacy. I'm looking at shell facilities aramco's in the agricultural industry might not be that exactly. How local investment otani as nicky. What government is hot. as the as. You've gotta kitty problems. They identify key which lucia condition conditions might be here and there. So i think the recent discussions that were going in the key element is ready. Who delayed the laws by eighteen months and they have set up a committee. The supreme court where the farmers and the union according to the government can't work on these laws modified them or introduce new ones as the former district that they what msp's all across india across the crops so things like this not obviously somewhat some questionable to me but lieke adamant that point kiara habits the woman and been looking at government. How you're discussing economic and government live up near sorts. Thank you by the news. What newspapers gig farmers mind. Lena you with a heart was just look. Farmers will dig name ukraine beating. But is he may be caught that he even the government we will we will. We will stay on that for eighteen months ago. Discuss on this but beaches job you participate when pay income tax rates by police harassment. What i don't think we want to discuss. Say you want to break. And i think it is one of the very few civilized for scored as india's as nobody but civilized and peace. Something which is. Obviously we don't want let's go. Let's see how will speed say mark speak man actually maccabi a skill that i won Create a new market for five months. Maybe says he can get up on. Once dole eve lead producer again become agreements. We'll man we ought to land night screaming the whole idea off demanding that elope amnestying forget might be mention. You find must be making a bit so again. It's being sold in the simply you happy medium On the non just medical. I keep any of you. Maybe didn't give him a speed. It raised it and marquis gentle head but market collect human. Thank you e workman comp. Gonna did what they have. P. a. b. c. d. He go confidence judge Medical domestic legitimate on hong which campaigning dilemma dot com. The pilot stubble burning the podcast. What was bombing rope. Make elliott and was gardening or more cutting campaigning for apartment. Saying is making very much hand. What also not in a new. And i had such a loss Rob with an up but The of those things would just any media votes. Pick five hundred go. They can go find that. Go into confidence. Moves go hand. He yeah not given holdout. Datta jobe looking. Yes saying nielsen cookie. About whole point. Isky jag miss the best lawyer but because local casinos in san bay to take your california accent. Any obviously spectacle amendments bureau regarding and mondays and free market. But it's not me language about curry key wing stable job or for obvious. The free market is like a business open. Up was the the call a monument but we have a job. You need effort and work. But it. But i don't think even in india joel embiid up their majorly dispute. Some people might not have increased and he came up with a. You will talk beneficial at john. Jin below it by george would if women or cutting ical or breaks and you'd just get used by some people but me just give us a player award tundra as light will do control us logic. Is it beneficial normal. They can why he had just one inning to produce catan yogi of buying a year. An in display costs a banana. The key membership option dot the end up going that open. My me and i have want look. Yes you stay as dickie waldman. Wins feed get mcmahon admitted movements ads on their. We'll talk if i were. I'm thinking sense. Dining by basically who is not the proper. Listen and key ago. he's fallen anyway. I disrespect panel discussion namely to laboratories across. What is what's causing it and this opening gutter urban area medical jitter but he wasn't with the book last source of highest part of hooligans magistrate night. So was maybe not in politics you from it right. You are in india. You have to deal with it. And it's all about a middle class family. Laura's mom uganda ford hoop go office nagin. And that means we're gonna go connections. Say we can circumvent laws and with like. Don't say it makes appropriate I'll be looking. We feel when market but even the open market vendor dependent breaking and chancellor warming dench in spill. He government cocaine sixteen mill. One mike and mike and we'll stay invention. Jay talk you benefit. We'll see invention corporate or nobody lost. Maybe broken the intention to worker of william and there is no way to confirm this and obviously applicable custody but Since the key point becky people like us. Who are will be the future the opening with a job but speaking everyone in general everyone is contributing meeting future since the he people like us should talk about these things and finding about dropping for the first time. I seriously thought about opening bell bottoms up to hong fifty. Don't use my thought they. It'll every day may relate to what you do at that so it's up to meet our interest. What and even. I want to know more about it because it is affecting the entire definitely mr thing. They can enter defeats. the gossips. All of us to talk about it. I know we're not great policymakers give us a nation right now but the more we talk about it the more we understand the more i think better solutions can be presented to the government talked about that. It's all about giving you be. It's all about What's best for the partners. And what is best for the country and taking it forward. That's it from my end. We haven't talked about this last forty minutes. Something have anything losing democracy. No no no. I was humptulips for everybody. Who's listening to this. Obviously as well as can understand what he does and has also. You don't encourages taking one and deals aspects. So just talk to him. See if you can help the farming community. Inada god and your heart initiatives which was talking about. I can all also listen to a previous episode talking more about exactly what has company doesn't matter the venture that he was looking forward hopefully soon We'll get more about. What the new initiatives that is and talk about that but Thinking of before gracing us at this episode and everybody listening keep thinking keep fobbing opinions lead read and read type get as much more or less and make educated decisions tanks and tank. Have anyone who commissioned this gus. I think it could give a new prospect deal about the whatever go for anything is can me might be using or merely the inflection. What are on children for giving up. Before rent's let's keep it to that. Thank you thank you. Thank you an excellent pang. Thank lynch thank you to all. The listeners are cats with you again soon but someone new and lots of interesting discussions so by.

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195 - Nashville Brief - Ukraine backstory - The Biden-Poroshenko Tapes

Republic Keeper - with Brian O'Kelly

1:31:40 hr | 4 months ago

195 - Nashville Brief - Ukraine backstory - The Biden-Poroshenko Tapes

"And welcome to the republican keeper broadcast. My name is brian. Kelly will be here host for today's adventure broadcasting from the forest in washington just outside of seattle. Russian-made cleveland microphone. This is broadcast on the long hundred ninety five Yep nope remember hip hop on parlor hub me. We of course the big ones too but uh hit me up on those places. I brian your bro. And let's kick off like we always do thanking god for good health and the ability. You're sharing with you today. I'm grateful for your time and attention little late. Starting the my part of the broadcast. I started the stream early and Hoping that i would get the little green light flashing. That says the smooth. The stream is a smooth and not You know chunky anywhere so to speak. And but i'm not getting it. I've got still red and orange and yellow flashing at me. So i apologize if it's if it's less than smooth i don't know what else can be done on my and So i don't want to delay anymore so here we are Big news happening all over the world. Of course and i've only got an hour. So what am i going to focus on right. What is the time and attention going to go to on today's broadcast. So the first thing i want to go into and just very very briefly is the nashville bombing. And i just wanna spend like you know under a minute on this But i wanna talk about it briefly and because there's this Persistent claim circulating. That it was a missile strike and the police department has released Hd video of the of the thing and so let's take a look at the hd video and see what does it look like And i think that you will be able to see pretty clearly enough. And i'll just tell you what i did because i'm a i'm a geek on the stuff right. I want to not get it wrong. And so here's what i did on background. I the first thing i did when i got this video. I put it into my video production software and i slowed it down. Okay so i put it down to It was filmed at Looks like sixty frames per second case in one. Second shot sixty different frames. And i took that video and rewind it and i went frame by frame from the time that you couldn't see the explosion to the first frame where the explosion showed up. I'll just say it this way. If something came from the sky it wasn't on the video that's been released. Maybe it's been doctored. Let's okay. But i'm just gonna say it's not on the video that's been released. That's the first thing the second thing i did is. I talked to some guys that i know who are in this business. That's the best way i can say some. I talked to guys. I know that are in the business of munitions of the sky on a professional basis k. That'd be a good way to say it. I talked to some guys. You know a little bit about blowing things up and how the military does it and what. Their tools look like k. And the short answer is that if this was a military operation whoever's involved is probably getting fired wrong munition wrong size wrong everything So you know the the reality is like they really needed to eliminate that. At and t. Building first of all if the government needed to do it. They don't need with a missile. They just go in with with you know federal forces and surrounded right and so and if they wanted to eliminate that building with munition different munitions would have been used as what i was told. So submitted for your consideration here is the hd video and there's no sound on the video guys just in is what it is policemen walking and you see the rv straight ahead and third is boom so i slowed it down. I looked at it backwards and forwards and from so i don't know right i'm just a guy You know. I don't have any perspective on this or any way to know. I just know that what i saw. I didn't see anything coming from the sky in the video that i was able to see. Okay that doesn't mean nothing came from the sky just means that i wasn't able to see it and that the guys that i talked to who know a little bit about this stuff said absolutely not k. The only people. I've heard say that it was a missile are people who i know. Don't have perspective on it. They're not And so i know. I don't have perspective so i'm not gonna judgment. I went to find people who did. And i don't see any reason to to to buy the argument that this was anything other than A guy who grew up an rv now motive and all that is he connected anything it whereas the at and t. building a target for him for him for some reason or for whoever he's associate with all that remains to be seen And you know is there some organization or whatever fine but missile strike. I'm a hard pass on that. Okay now what we're gonna talk about. Today is ukraine and talk about it because this has come back into the news of late The tapes. That were released last summer. by andre dirk watch and another social of his. Yeah they pose. Closer was across the street. The doesn't doesn't look right to me. Wayne looking at your comment here. I don't know what to make of it. What i make of it as is something other than a missile. I don't know what to make of it. Okay we're the so. But i i don't make a missile of it and i don't make a us government involvement of it. I don't make a false flag Part of it doesn't mean couldn't be i just do not. I'm not seeing enough to make those claims at this point So you know it. Just it is what it is so But on the under ukraine and we don't wanna talk about this because this has now burst back into the news. This is really. It's kind of old news but now that the hunter biden thing is actually gaining traction from legal standpoint people are looking at it again and so i wanna give you guys a brief background and primer on how donald trump got impeached. If you will and how this ukrainian thing came to be and what the likely future of it is So let's take care. Nc thinking it's not just a guy on an rv. Yeah i know. It's i don't know but i don't know what to say of it but it you know and maybe it was a ground launched missiles or something but i just doesn't look again. I'll just say this this way. I have a family member who is intimately familiar with these things. All i can say it's all i can say. That's his job is to be an expert on these things for our government k. That's as much as i can say. And i asked him. What do you think he said. I think a guy blew up an rv. That's what he said. So that i'm gonna i'm trusting him more because i know him and i know his background. I'm trusting him more than guys. I don't know making random specious claims on the internet tapes. That's just me you trust who you choose. I'm sharing with you the information i have. Because it's kind of what i what i have right how i do it now. Ukraine this is important. So what we're gonna get into. This is a little bit of a history lesson. So if you're bored with history stuff This'll bore you if you're not a don't think it will We had this situation over there in ukraine where The government was a guy named viktor yanukovych back in two thousand twelve and thirteen janocko which had been there for a few years and yanukovych was also elected in a corrupt election. Yanukovych was the A russian puppet. Okay that's that's gonna kovic was and the next comment here son. The national thing. Somebody wanted to really destroy evidence. They would have burned down. That was one of the points that my family member to me. If the purpose was to eliminate the building this was not an efficient munition. There are munitions that would have been much more efficient in terms of eliminating anything in that building and this was not an this was not inefficient munition for that purpose. So what he said to me wrong munition if the job was to take out the building okay. Just saying not. Not that he's right. I don't know what do i know. I'm a podcast. Broadcaster ad salesman right so anyway. Ukraine victory kovic. It was the installed russian puppet there okay. Ukraine is important guys because russia is just a gas station masquerading as a country. It's all russia houses natural gas now all of the natural gas in europe. All not some. All of the natural gas in europe flows through ukraine. What doesn't come on a on a barge or or a boat or something else tanker. Okay what comes through. A pipe comes through ukraine okay. So all of the gasoline in europe comes goes through ukraine. And that's why ukraine is so important to everybody. Okay now the dictator there or installed. Puppet yanukovych was in putin's orbit. We wanted ukraine in the european orbit. We wanted to move. We wanted to swing the influence of that country to europe and the us away from russia. Now that may have been a worthwhile goal. Okay but that is what we were trying to do. And so we were. When i say we i mean the cia. I mean usa id which joe biden lamented yesterday. The hollowing out of usa usa ideas the new cia in many ways. You said you were stirring the pot in ukraine against yanukovych. They were involved in active psychological operations on the on behalf of the us government and the state department to try and stir up in ukraine. Okay and it worked. What they ended up with was this. Let's see it shows her. Maybe not that's not going to display. Tried again in kiev. Communist idol came as anti-government detested well in kiev. A communist idol came crashing down onto the next one comes up. Anti-government protests toppled vladimir lenin the russian revolutionary with sledgehammers. They smashed to pieces. The symbol of russian influence over ukraine. Everyone wanted aspects of lenin. it's the most sought-after souvenir now in kiev ukrainian you three now and it's symbol of revolution in our freedom. That video not working. But the upshot is they were They were trying to bring about a free ukraine. The people there didn't want a puppet government anymore. They wanted to have a free government and we were stirring the pot and trying to move them toward toward the west. Now if you want to know where Antifa techniques were developed right here in ukraine on. Us dollars k. The whole color revolution thing was developed right here in ukraine and so What that produced in. Was these big things in the street. Let's see if i can make this video work. If not i'm gonna take a break and come back and get it working during the break because this is important. The next thing that happened was this is december. Two thousand thirteen Viktor yanukovych is under pressure to give up. Because the protests in the street and we sent a united states senator there to say this people of ukraine. This is your and that's not gonna work. I'm gonna take a quick break and see why it's not working and come back that was actually john mccain there. I'm not sure what's up with the video display things. So i hang tough i will be right back and Sorry for early break but let me troubleshoot this at the rest go smooth and Give me just two minutes. And i will be right back. I think even the brick thing was working the way it's supposed to hear about it and welcome back republic rebroadcast and thanks for your patience. Why took a quick early break there. Sorry about that. Let's see if i can get this Video thing working. I'm still not sure. Got it right guys And if not we'll just Muddle through and do without the video. An audio i program anyway. Most you guys are probably You know getting dressed making coffee not looking at the screen anyhow so the time. So let's see if i can make this work. This is john mccain If displaced people of ukraine and not agree scared so wash movement. This is about you know what else say this is about the future you want for your country. This is about the future you deserve raw version. Wouldn't give actually in korean. It zebra my boot yet. Now ukiah with us a future in europe my board the you rob future may all of your neighbors mybookie clashes. A free world is with you. America is with you. I am with you should the destiny you see lies in europe and so john mccain goes over there and says to and i wish the video. I'm so sorry. It doesn't but there's i mean there's a million people no joke a million people in might on square in kiev and john mccain is standing up there. Saying i'm with you america's with you were all with you as and as you overthrow your government. Just think that through imagine last year when we had the autonomous zone here in seattle which they had set up an autonomous zone. Kief just like the one we had here. It looked at just like it and they set up an autonomous zone and kief imagine if when we had the autonomous zone in seattle. We had a lawmaker from another country. Coming in saying i am with you. Russia is with you. China is with you as you try to overthrow the us government. That's john mccain was doing over there That was us policy to make that happen So yeah. And i don't know why these things are. Just how. maybe. I got to unlock this thing. Maybe that's the trouble here guys. Sorry about this. Maybe i can fix this and we can see some of these pieces of video. 'cause they're pretty good so So the upshot is that they're in the middle of this revolution in the street in ukraine. We send john mccain over there to say Good on you more power to you right. That was in december. Okay In february by by middle of january the yano cove government had fallen. Okay and Ukrainian protesters were now controlling. Keiv and i think i may be able to get this video to work of this. Let's see if i've got it and here. We go again with a dramatic turn in the crisis for control of ukraine. This morning there's an apparent power. Vacuum air with reports is president fled kiev the capital after signing a peace deal with opposition leaders. Holly williams is in kiev. Holly good morning. What's the latest okay. That's rough but at least it's working. Good morning anthony. Anthony to the center of kiev ukraine's capital is now under the control of anti-government protests. Is independence square here for nearly three months but just a day ago there were lines of riot police facing off with the demonstrators. Two days ago scores of people were killed in a bloody clashes. Now the police have melted away and the protesters have encircled the presidential offices yesterday. Parliament sacked the interior minister now the ministry which controls the police force says. It serves the ukrainian people and shares their desire for speedy change. A top aide to president victoriano. Kovic said he has left kiev and going back to har- cave in eastern ukraine which is his power base. One opposition leader said he will now push to impeach the president yesterday. Yanukovych made several concessions to try to end this crisis including a promise to hold elections and an amnesty for the demonstrators. But it wasn't enough for the protesters who have said all along that they would leave the streets until the president is removed from power. They accuse him of being corrupt and increasingly dictatorial. A volatile situation. It's a power struggle. That's already turned violent but the demonstrators do now appear to have the upper hand anthony in veneto williams in kiev ukraine. Thank you okay. So that was the scene in keven this mccain video working. I don't really care to show the whole thing. I just want to see the size of the crowd for the washing Let's see if i can get this. There's a million people. Just look at this. This is your moment wide. Let's see where it is and it is get this wide shot up. Look at this. There's a million people in the street. Okay these people want their government to not be a russian puppet government. Okay so maybe we were doing a good thing helping them. Overthrow it right now The next thing that happened though is This guy Kovic fleas okay and flees to russia. Okay and in the middle of it We're trying to figure out who we want to put in charge and we have. This woman named victoria newland. Who works for the state department. She's the under secretary of state for ukrainian affairs working for john kerry and she's working with geoffrey pyatt who's also a secure state guy. I think he was also an under secretary of state for europe or something like that. I don't remember their exact titles and these guys are talking about Who they think should be the next prime minister of ukraine another. It's translation the. Us overthrew the government. The us is going to pick who's gonna lead ukraine next. This phone call that they made together leaked when you're a high ranking official talking about diplomatic efforts in ukraine. The last thing you want to do is drop your guard so that would be great. I think to help glue this thing and have the un help. Glue it and you know the you but that is exactly what reportedly happened between us. Assistant secretary of state victoria new zealand and us ambassador to ukraine geoffrey pyatt the exchanges since surfaced online including the crude swipe at the european union the audio clip of a woman and man said to be new london pyatt his them discussing strategies to work with the three main opposition figures. I don't think we should go into the government. I don't think it's necessary. I don't think it's a good idea in terms of him. Not going into the government. Just let him sorta stay out and do his political homework and stuff. I'm just thinking in terms of sort of the process moving ahead. We wanna keep the moderate democrats together. The problem is gonna be tiny booking guys and you know. I'm sure that's part of what yanacocha calculating on all of this i think he is the guy who's got the economic experience the governing experience. He's he's the guy you know what he needs yotsuya week. You know i. I just think clear going in. He's going to be at that level working for yachts. And you know it's just not gonna work. There is a suggestion for new zealand to contact klitschko directly to play to his top dog sensibilities on newland refers to getting the united nations involved in a political solution. And that's where the unfortunate comments arises. I'm obviously not going to comment on private diplomatic conversations other than to say It was pretty impressive tradecraft. The audio was Extremely grossly trade craft ranch your bread from america. We're here to condescend to you. This was countries ding independence square in kiev in december stranding out food to protesters and police. This latest episode is embarrassing for the us and allows russia to argue that. The opposition is being manipulated by washington. Something that barack obama has always denied the clip said to being posted online by the russian deputy pm but that has not yet been confirmed. The opposition is being manipulated by washington. Something washington the allying. Barack obama administration had always denied. So we're picking winners and losers. We overthrew the government we stirred the pot. We fueled it we funded it. We trained it. We made it happen. We send a us. Senator there to encourage people to overthrow their government. Well when you overthrow government you have vacuum right and vladimir putin putin putin got a knack for identifying a vacuum and filling it. that's kind of taking exploiting it. He's an opportunist right so the crimea. The crimean peninsula is a butts right up to russia and the crimea is the the most important port on the black sea for ukraine Sebastian pull their navy. Port is there used to be an important russian port back in the day and flat over putin wants it back and so in the vacuum putin invades crimea overnight. Dozens of armed pro. Russian forces seized control the international airport and military airport and ukraine's region day after pro. Russian gunmen took over government buildings in the city and raised the russian flag as the crisis in ukraine deepens. The fugitive president is expected to emerge from the shadows a week after being ousted this morning. Report the humiliated leader will hold a news conference in russia his announcement likely to echo the indignation of pro russia demonstrators against ukraine's new interim government on thursday yet. A kovic told russian news agencies that the parliaments activity is quote illegitimate. His defiance comes as opposition leader. Sending in uk takes charge her sitting ducks in your to the prime minister guy. We show every and use all joe biden situation crimea. He's concerned about images like these in crimea pro russia demonstrators outside the encampments overnight on thursday. Crimea remains the last stronghold of opposition to the new leadership in ukraine this embattled region near the border representing a country divided where many in the west to increase ties with europe while some in the east wants to rejoin russia just over the border. Russia continues to ratchet up their military exercises positioning fighter jets along their western borders and deploying album personnel carriers in crimea. I expect russia to be transparent about these activities and i urge them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted. Take any steps. That could be misinterpreted. You're invading the country. There's no misinterpretation okay. You're invading the country Chuck hagel the maybe the most useless Secdef we've ever had Here he is again. General dempsey and i are both over the last few days been in constant touch with the Our fellow ministers and chides at nato as well as Russia ukraine in fact today We're putting together a call for me with the new minister of defense for ukraine Last couple weeks. I had conversations with the previous two ministers. We thank you for joining us. We meet today to hear from you about the fiscal year. Two thousand fifteen budget proposal across the administration our efforts as you know. Mr chairman had been focused on de escalating crisis supporting the new ukrainian government with economic assistance and reaffirming our commitments to allies central and eastern europe. I strongly support the administration's approved to this de-escalation the so deescalation translation. We're not gonna argue with them. We just don't want to get worse. This was the obama administration's approach to everything. It's already what it is. We can't change it. just don't make it works. never ever did. They say that's wrong. Yata backup just not what they do. So barack obama himself weighed in at the time as vladimir putin was invaded crimea to provide a brief update on our efforts to address the ongoing crisis in ukraine since russian intervention. We've been mobilizing the international community to condemn this violation of international law and to support the people and government of ukraine. This morning i signed an executive order that authorizes sanctions on individuals and entities responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine or for stealing the assets of the ukrainian. According to my guidance the state department has also put in place restrictions on the travel of certain individuals and officials these decisions. Continue our efforts to impose a cost on russia and those responsible for the situation in crimea and they also give us the flexibility to adjust our response going forward based on russia's actions. We took these steps in close coordination with our european allies. I've spoken to several of our closest friends around the world. And i'm pleased that our international unity is on display at this important moment. Already we've moved together to announce substantial assistance for the government in kiev and today in brussels our allies took similar steps to impose costs on russia. I am confident that we are moving forward together. United in our determination to pose actions that violate international law and to support the government and people of ukraine and that includes standing up for the principle of state sovereignty the proposed referendum on the future of crimea would violate the ukrainian constitution and violate international law. Wonder overthrowing the sitting president was a violation of the constitution or international law. barack obama. Because that's what you did. He overthrew the sitting president use. Us tax payer money us tax payer energy and resources to overthrow over three kovic and regardless of whether victory a kovic is a good guy. Or not i'm not sure that's the. Us's role so that speech was on the sixth of march came. This timelines really important. We're about to connect one hundred biden and joe biden. So hang in there okay. On the thirteenth a week later the wall street journal published op. ed or saying that The obama administration was going to go ahead and send 'em ariz to the ukrainian troops that were fighting russians but that we would not send them any weapons we're going to send them food and blankets. No weapons came so yeah and Diana goodwin dan gooden's right. This is all about. Joe biden his treason. We're going to get to it now. That video you're referencing down was released last summer. And so it's it's old news but we're going to bring it up here we've got it okay so The thirteenth was Wall street journal says hey no weapons. Blankets and food came the sixteenth. they held an election. Crimea the european union and the. Us said it was illegal election. What no one said is that it was a corrupt election. Just that it shouldn't have been held. The people of crimea voted to become part of russia. According to the vote now maybe it was corrupt. We don't know but the question is why would people in crimea wanna be part of russia instead of part of europe. What the heck is going on. And how does that work. Well you think about it. You're a tiny little country. Tiny tiny okay. Like you're about the size of south carolina. you're a very small country. Okay and you have a choice of partnering with the west europe and the us as your big brother partner or with russia as your big brother partner. You're looking to partner with a bigger deal than you. Because you're tiny. You need a partner now. The the ukrainian people in the crimean people. Guess what they speak russian. They used to be part of russia. They were raised thinking about how great russia is right. A lot of that was propaganda but the point. Is that the idea. That the crimean people. The the ukrainian people necessarily wanted to be part of europe is not an assumption that we should make. It's an assumption that we did make. But it's not one that we should have made necessarily and putin knew that. A lot of the crimean and ukrainian people wanted to be part of russia. So he knew that when he came in with troops he wouldn't have as much resistance as if there was nobody there that wanted them to be there so this is all happened in the first two to three months of two thousand fourteen. Well if you got a big international crisis what have you got. You got a big international opportunity to move things around control things and be in charge. And that's what they want it because again all of the natural gas in europe flows through ukraine. Whoever controls ukraine controls a lot including controlling the russian economy. That only has one customer. That's europe where they natural gas. So what did joe biden. Do he did. Joe biden does. He's a corrupt crat. He could smell the king. Joe biden got an airplane and flew to ukraine april. Twenty first and twenty second. Joe biden flew to ukraine. We'll guess what right about the time. That joe biden decided to go to ukraine hunter and devin archer ramped up their campaign to get hired by barista This is the reporting. We had this yesterday. Let's see if i can get it to display right because i've been having issues with that but This is reporting from john. Solomon at just the news. I for more than a year now. Since one hunter biden ukraine's scandal. I burst onto the scene. One of the remaining questions that has been. How exactly did hundred biden. And his business partner devon archer land a lucrative multi million dollar relationship with a ukrainian gas company known as brima holdings by hunter. Biden's own acknowledgment. Didn't have any ukrainian experience. Didn't have any natural gas experience and probably got the job. He says as a result of his last name. I'll biden but today at just the news. We have obtained emails that the fbi is possessed for a year going back to last december that show that hunter biden specifically scheme to planned plotted with devon archer to take advantage of the fact that his father the vice president. Joe biden was visiting ukraine in april of twenty six fourteen and he was gonna use that to force the or persuade the ukrainian company burrito by the higher him put him on the board start paying him large amounts of money in fact as part of the effort he writes his colleagues that we should take credit for the fact that joe biden his father mention natural gas in his speech while in ukraine. He wanted brisebois to know that so that they would hire him on the board. And that's a consultant. These documents are explosive clearly. Show hundred biden was trading on his father's name consciously willfully and skillfully to get the big contract. He ultimately landed turn the mic on so actually reporting by john solomon and just the news there And so this was a hunter and devin archer angling to get the burrito job while joe was getting on an airplane april twenty first and twenty second to go to ukraine. When did hunter get his job. April twenty eighth april twenty. Eight hundred was hired. Seven days after joe went to ukraine hundred. Got his job without an interview without speaking ukrainian without any natural gas experience. Hunter got hired to get paid whatever. It was fifty grand a month or something. I don't know what the money was. Whatever it was it was not for anything related to their gas business k. So that's how this whole thing came about. That's kind of the backstory on it now. So now Joe biden is vp. Right and they've still got no president in in ukraine they have a prime minister. This guy yacht cynic. The prime minister is not the president. Right there different things. The prime is elected by the parliament. He's the prime minister. They say you're the guy who leads our parliament. The president is like us. We have a president and a legislature prime ministers the he would be like there. Nancy pelosi okay. But the nancy pelosi is more powerful than the president if you will. The legislature sets a prime minister kind of situation so the prime minister's end but there's no president yet in ukraine so they have an election and the winner is this guy Petrol pora shinko who This is just kind of a fun. Aside in this video you'll find out what pora shaneco did for a living confectionary tycoon. Petro puertas shaneco has claimed victory in ukraine's presidential election according to exit polls the man known as the chocolate king. One more than fifty five percent of the vote giving him an absolute majority with no need for a second round run-off former boxer vitaly klitschko claimed to have been elected mayor of kiev in a separate poll immediately porta shaneco said his priority was to travel to the east of the country to end the war and chaos you green now in the state of ukraine now is the object of aggression every single night. Ukrainian soldiers given their lives for restoring law order. Mp's in eastern part of ukraine and me as not only the president but as a future commander in chief of pain and forces tried to do my best to defend ukrainian people to bring security and to bring peace. Eighteen candidates have competed for the presidency exit polls put former prime minister earlier timoshenko a distant second with around thirteen percent. Yup put golden should not come on. Y'all so booster. I'm convinced the that poor anco gets elected. Tell you the chocolate king okay. So the chocolate king becomes the president of of ukraine and joe biden. Travels there on the sixth four the inauguration. He's there to be petrosa swearing buddy. Okay and you saw there The cliquot said klitschko was elected. Mayor of keiv. Klitschko is one of the people that newland and piat were discussing. Now we don't want klitschko. He won't work well with the so. They moved klitschko to be. Mayor of. Keith is what happened right now. It back in a video to when they were talking about the government being overthrown. They said that the interior minister had been sacked. The day before yanukovych. I meant to pointed out the time but the interior minister is who This guy is low cheifs key. Who is the head of barista's right. That's how he got to be the gas tycoon. He was the interior minister and gave himself all of the government contracts for gasoline okay. That's why they were prosecuting barista k. So just to give you context. Why was this prosecutor. General after bruce mma because the interior minister had given them a bunch of no bid contracts corruptly from the government because the interior minister was a member was the owner of brewery. Sma disguise look cheifs key okay. So that's the back story now. We've got is audio from. Joe biden and petro pora shaneco coming up one more. I think before that. And then we'll get into and we got some audio of joe of john kerry and petrol shaneco anco on some pirated phone calls also This stuff is explosive. If you haven't heard it yet You need to and just hang tough Victorian newlyn and keep pay attention because her name is gonna keep coming up. She'll be back in the news. If there is a biden administration she would be an an integral part of it Here is victoria newlyn. In front of congress talking about the conflict in ukraine this now is fast forwarded to july so again overthrow the government in january february new prime minister that we chose the vladimir putin invades. Were not going to help. Resist that okay. New election in may swearing in june. Here's victoria newland in front of the senate in july is my honor to appear before you today to discuss the situation in ukraine and our response to it. These are indeed challenging times for the people of ukraine and for people everywhere who care about democracy economic prosperity rule of law and a european future for that country first. Let me express our gratitude to this committee and to the us senate for your leadership on ukraine and for the superb working relationship between the executive and legislative branch of government on this issue senate resolution three nineteen introduced in december and adopted on january. Seven sent a strong bipartisan message of concern and support to the ukrainian people at a key. Moment i also wanna thank and commend senators mccain and murphy. So let's just stop right there. That's what the obama administration did. The crimean people are being attacked by russian forces and driven out of their homes and what the obama administration is doing is sending a strong bipartisan. Message of support and blankets came so Is what it is so coming into the end of the year now of two thousand fourteen things just kind of continue a pace and joe biden is back and forth making trips november. He's there He said Poorer shangqiu you must be getting tired of seeing me as often as you do and Biden winter like sixteen times inside of a year and a half. And so you know that's a lot of attention for a vice president to give to a one country right and so but there was you know. Joe biden's travelling back and forth and december. two thousand. Fifteen is when he was supposed to be there with the billion dollars in loan guarantees right and so and then sixteen of course trump gets elected. So let's back up. And i wanna make sure get the date on this right This is john kerry and petrol porsche. Anco and the phone call happens on december third of two thousand fifteen. This is john kerry saying to petro porsche. Anco boy it'd be really good if you could get rid of that prosecutor before the vice president gets there. Take a listen. Just wanted by this problem of replacing security kim because these block the clean up of the prosecutors office and i am very concerned about the good to try to have dot coms Clarity as to the steps to take visit and speech to the rock. Dr a good opportunity to showcase your as we continue forward and i think i doubt that any ave general pacific and can do that but we provide absolutely transparent procedure for the selection commission and the procedure was widely accepted both inside the country including my opponents older end you all the parliamentary forces. They widely accepted as an absolutely transparent and effective situation and as i promised the very next day before the first of december executives as i promised vice president biden these personal who was selected by this election commission as the point now. All of us should understand the prosecutor. General office has now any opportunity under the law to make any cases against corruption. Because it's immediately goes already from the first of december the day before yesterday to the new anti-corruption than you could after prosecutor office. And i was very proud that Junk you care the lab and everybody welcomed. It is a very strong position of anti corruption persecute engine prosecutor's office for the prosecutor position for inspector fact the general. I am also proud that executive as agreed we'd be your minister of justice. Guy the embassy the office okay. Inspector general is already stab each is coordinated not by general prosecutor by the deputy general prosecutor. Mister secretary the exactly as we read with the vice president and we them ambassador for the continuation pursued journal. Shokhin other things. I think i will speak with vice president biden and i doubt that it would be impossible to make a decision with to any arguments a before view. Detailed discussion turn the mic on. Sorry so now So how can we can. We have any sense that these are true and reliable. What is the source of them. Are they disinformation. And why am i playing them for you trying to be a responsible broadcaster here and so i wanna tell you why. I'm playing them now. First of all these have been out. Since may i think we're the first ones then. There were some in july. And i think more in september I have ten more clips though. That's the only little john carey. The rest are with joe biden. Ten more to play for you after the break. Now the these have been out since last summer The reason that i believe that they are. There's good reason to think they are. Authentic is twofold. Maybe more than that number one it is known. And you can google and look this up. The most proficient wiretap people in the world Had been at one time. Maybe not aren't now but had been the kgb fsb folks and the part of the kgb fsb that was known for that was a ukrainian secret police Outfit that's one thing that's known. The second thing that is that lends credibility. This is the the leaked phone. Call with victorian newlyn that we played earlier. They have not they never. They claimed they said yeah. It's authentic the tradecraft was impressive. That was an authentic phone call. That was intercepted so again. Evidence of the capacity there on part of those players and then the third thing is that these tapes have been out and the for as long as they've been out. There's been no response from the biden campaign about them at all None they've never been asked. The press has never question them and the only thing that they've ever said. Whoa i think one time somebody who's asking they said. We don't responded. Disinformation okay now The source of these is a member of parliament in ukraine named andrei. Dirk hatch and andrea. Dirk hatch is a known russian agent so just to be clear. I'm playing is from a guy who is a known. Russian agent came so it could be disinformation. Be very clear about what it's where it's from and what it is. Okay but Andre dirk hatch Is a known. Russian agent maybe current russian agent. No one knows for sure. The obviously the russians don't say who their agents are neither do we. But what what what is known as this is under your catches about my age some mid fifties guy and so. When he got out of high school i graduated in eighty. Two one hundred or catch was eighteen. Nineteen years old and he joined the army the only army he could join was the russian army because ukraine was part of russia so joined the russian army. He became part of their Kgb fsb stuff. He was a a spook for them but when ukraine became independent he left russia when back home to ukraine and ran for parliament. And he's been in parliament ever since and To for from a lot of people's viewpoint he's a ukrainian patriot and I don't know what to make of it. Except that's who he is. Okay so that's the source of who publicly released the recordings He didn't say where he got him But that's that's where they come from so there are ten more of these on a take a quick break and when i get right back we will have john John kerry joel biden on the phone with petro porsche. Shangqiu talking about victoria newland of all things. So give me just I don't sixty seconds or so and make sure this things lined up right while some of the trouble we before. And i'll be right back. Welcome back to the keeper broadcast. Thanks again for your time and attention. Those you who are new the broadcast way this works. Here's a listener. Supported viewer supported stuff so I asked people to do three things to support this broadcast. If you think there's value here number one pray for me. I need a wisdom insight balance All that kind of stuff. The stuff that i would need to do this on top of a fulltime life right and second is if you think there's value in this finding the subscribe button for the shear button or both and on the street if you subscribe to The alerts when i see news events happening. If i'm around a computer. I'll turn it on stream it to you If the alerts you'll You'll see that and of course May or may not work to join. But you'll see that happened and check it out later. and then the The last thing is The show needs money to run and I'd like to make a buck or two at this too so We're a long way from that right now. I'm still a volunteer. Everything that comes in Goes out in Expenses and so the addresses are scrolling across the top of the screen. The main is patriot. dot com. 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What if you only have time to pray for one thing prefer prefer the country and pray for donald trump right but if you if you got to add something else i'd appreciate it so So joe biden on the phone april fourteenth with petro porsche. Anco and well. Let's just play it. I guess that's probably the best way. Here's what it sounded like introducing president for cinco de mayo. Joe congratulations very well. Indeed jaw really happier a again general doors as we agreed. I wanna thank you by the way in my case. So those little dropouts those little dropouts at here sometimes are where the thing may have been edited right. And so that's why it's let's be careful about Leaning too much on that. This is a pure conversation. It is what it is and you know you guys are smart so i just want to make sure that you know that when you hear those little dropouts and things those are edits in what was released and we don't have the full phone call and edits sometimes can make things sound different than they are. I still think even with the edits that this is damning stuff. They wash tortoise. Signal about the support of mr lukashenko tori sent a signal. That's victoria newland. Okay about the support of let's sankoh prosecutor so the state department sent a signal that we think this guy be. Okay wouldn't translate. The president of ukraine is getting permission. Confirmation from you and i asked tomorrow i have a meeting with the motoring. Rose stadium roy's tomato asked him to support look circle and to accelerate the process for the close ovation with fraction and next week to have voting on the general prosecutor history and i hope that the that the signal of support would he michael important for me and he's already present to me first of all. He has a clear picture of the reform. In general prosecutor officer is interested. Very much to work with the united states on the reformed have permanent representative of the united states in general prosecutor's office as a adviser. We have several possible candidates for that. And i would be more than how more than happy to launch those immediately. Okay number petro. I'd never misled you. Okay so petro. I've never misled you. And then So he's getting permission for who can be Their prosecutor right next call. Same day So again we don't have the whole call. We got two pieces. This is also dated april fourteenth. Two thousand sixteen introducing president for sankoh. Joe how're you joe. Congratulations joe. i'm really happy here again. And as i promised to you this week. Excuse me my phase hour parliament. Save our s as you told me. Yeah i got it reminded me up. Can i got you down and copy it. But didn't by the way i spoke to atlantic I emphasize very positive. But i emphasize that one of the reasons people bought user right joy a inside and outside of ukraine. Wasn't he was gonna have the curry the now what was targeted even often getting the government that he was gonna actually step up and with your help. Hold the rod to make genuine reform lose eleven major changes plus the tariff on energy and. I told him that if he starts. And you show any progress here. I'm gonna be able to get the congress to not push back on our effort to get you another billion dollars and we can do something with you or them however that we would in a in a one step process stock maybe due at signing ceremony like you and i talked about about bill a you know as you move forward when you get the i. The imf saw we will provide another billion dollars right and so this is the way when when they talk about doing diplomacy your tax dollars at work. We got some money for your petro. But you're going to have to get the right people into the right jobs and do all the right things just the way we say. I know you think you're an independent country. And i know you think you're the president of it but let me tell you who the real president of ukraine is. It's me joe biden. I'm the president of ukraine. Because i took the last president out and i'll take you out the same way. That's what they're saying now. You think i'm kidding here. We go the next clip is Poor shangqiu talking about the state department. He's talking to victoria neuland again. They're talking to the state department about giving grants to some of the political parties. And he's lobbying for them to not get these grants because they're not the right kind of people and this is what we do. We throw state department money around to buy influence in foreign countries. This is how we do it. Take a listen minute for vice president biden that second thing president shinko. Now i have an. I think we can trust each other the park. He'll have seen or are we a circle of trust. They were union. Developing of the general prosecutor of the government vulcan vocal. And i hope we have significant level of unfortunately this is not fully enough this is almost majority in the apollo and those who goes to the united states. Some of whom Timoshenko and this could go there for different reasons completely against that because of the political this is nothing to do with the essence of the moves. This is just a dirty political tricks and ask him from the jackson. Please do not give the grants to some approach. Do not give them a money because this is not the financing for the opposition party. This is the prevention of the absolutely irresponsible political leader. Who is doing very bad things for the future. Mike came for green for the security. And that's i think. First of all. I am completing steffi's filed with the messages they receive in washington. There were quite strong quite. I think that'll be a good idea if you continue to press on some oppo mitch because if let's go get my shankar. This is the loss on some appointments. Because you have support them in vegetation they would give a positive response because without some oppo. Mitch we cannot even expect any positive things on the constitutional thing. Okay that would be forced. Because if i can count on me with the law election law i can find out the will be doubt some oppo. Mitch i cannot find out the votes on the constitutional changes this side but we will do everything to help you to get votes. Turn back on. So there is Joe and petro and petro san hey throw your money behind these guys because and this is what we do again we pick winners and losers right and we give grants to political actors and this is much alike. Facebook went out and gave all these grants for voting drop boxes and and to help judges get elected and to get the right prosecutors in all. That's exactly exactly the state department plan. They executed it inside the us. This is what we do overseas. This is how we cook the books and change things to our advantage. And so here. Is joe biden offering to petrol porsche. Anco that we would get a us prosecutor into their country. Introducing president poor shaneco federal. Joe joe very good to hear. Thank you very much. Indeed you kind together even more important moment of history of my country. You are like my guardian angel. Introducing president portion go federal. Joe joe editor good to hear. Thank you very much. Indeed you are kinda. Give me the most important moment of history of my country. You are like my guardian angel. Another thing i wanted to mention to you is that when last we spoke you asked if i could find a ukrainian american prosecutor no justice department that come over and help your new prosecutor general nine. No you know we found identified. Such a person he'll be there by by mid july and and i hope that portends that you're going to be able to continue to do what you've been doing cleaning up that office and and continue to reform where the You know the new prosecutor general. So far is team is it is it. We're we're impressed. A looking forward to continuing to to work You know intensive dialogue here with you guys so It sounds like things are on track are they. I look in this very difficult condition. I can say that. I fully satisfied with his first steps. Here return the thrust to the general prosecutor's office as far as i understand. He will demonstrate the first appointment of the deputy prosecutors several and nobody would be from inside the general prosecutor's everybody would be very famous activists k. There's there's him picking out a prosecutor right. And so this is what they wanna do is Control the government and so petro porsche. Anco is basically saying to joe biden. Get the right guy and we'll set up the prosecutor's office the way you want. and so. that's what they did now Of course all of this. That's coming to poro shaneco for shangqiu gets to be president porsche. Aggregates to live in the presidential palace gets secret police. He gets all kinds of stuff right. He's got to give something for that doesn't he. I mean poor. Shangqiu doesn't get all that without some giveback right so there was some giveback and the giveback was in the form of a thing called the black ledger. Have you guys heard game. Paul manafort just got pardoned. The black ledger was released by poro. Shinko here he is admitting it. We release the The body documents from the former legions. Then what are the key adviser for the replayed again. We released just a joe. We released the voted documents from the former agents pocket as the stand while the key adviser for the mr pot hole. Monifa resigned today. Think he'd gone back to russia. I don't know. I think this was a bad idea to take the adviser to the top teeth. I think so too but there's a lot of bad decisions he's making right. I'll talk to you begin week. All right thank you very much under. But let me know about after meeting with of the lodging bomber and i can share the information to better than mainly. We can do tomorrow with after you whenever you believe it. Just let me know about that. Okay say goodbye. Goodbye right so let me know after the lunch with obama. Because obama doesn't know about any of this right. Obama doesn't know about it so now you know one of the reasons why. Donald trump asked to mirror Zilenski the president of ukraine. This thing about the biden's in ukraine. Can you look into it. Got impeached for asking the question and Anyway so joe biden. They're not done provoked. Bank was the largest bank in ukraine. And if you think that your assets can't be stolen by communists who are interested in controlling things They privatized the private bank. They didn't privatize that they publicize they. What do they call it. They made it a a state asset. I don't know what to call it. What the right word is but they They took it over. Okay and here. Is joe biden discussing plans for doing that with petro porsche. Shaneco introducing ukrainian president or shaneco. Mr president joe biden. How are you as usual rubber. Need when i hear your voice. That's a pleasure. And thank you for having prompts after my call me about the The the reorganization of the bank Whether that's likely to continue to move forward. I'm told that there's some some hope there The The credit bank. And and then i was happy to talk about anything. You wanna talk about. But for the cleveland bomb this occasion. I think the situation is getting worse. Because mr columbus key is going into our from the corporative line. Kim explain before are you. This is this. This is appear with the position. He's people start to attack in my national bank governor who is extremely good and extremely tough on the process of. She's my personal protection. But i think that the we tried to rise up the coordination on that and we should be decides. He cannot have to finish the roses of restructuring and nationalization of they're pretty well part and less things. I wanna thank you especially your guys who they're the cia for the extremely important corporation with by intelligence guy of contract you chief of my intelligence for their cohen entire acting the russian scenario using the polynesian. Ker who is giving the russian pass for the very next day. Make a scenario for the distillation to s- occasion queen in extremely could go ration- what i came to you for them. This is good look we. We had our televisions capacity telling me. We have a good relationship with your folks. Your intelligence service teams help continue to east strong ties. I'll let you know after. I speak our city How many went. Okay right so got instructions for our semi. They know what they wanna do and they wanted to do with the bank with coal moise to you know. Pull him down and You know basically Joe biden is running the country. Joe biden is did the defacto president of ukraine. So the next call. He's talking to poor shaneco. Any wants to know. What can i tell yahtzee acc- what else can i tell you can. How else can we rearrange. The deck is the way we want them here. In ukraine introducing ukrainian president for a shaneco. Mr president joe biden. Our you as usual very need when i hear your moods. That's a pleasure. Thank you for coming from my cole. Time was i told you car city. I called them. He said he was coming to washington. You meet in person. I'm going to be seeing about believers tomorrow beyond making the case to him that he should back mentioned. Start to speak to what we do. What else would you like me to convey to him along. This is the nation of his minister. Because i really have a problem with avakian via french bus of the company and said that he was extremely was extremely disappointed. Not only in a statement of provocative but also with the meeting with the french ambassador who was very aggressive and the reaction from the french side would be certainly be and i think it'd be absolute dog needed. I asked do that great. And i think that's a senior research. Do something and things. I think that it would be extremely grateful. If you encouraged message to the be fully supportive with a government activities including them going budgetary process and to stock coordination. Not on the in general means but go details of. He's support the lime provided by me as president in via bomb team and one coalition that situation. I think that would be extremely important to promoting the means can to support the government not light government not on on the public. We should support them because this is the only way to do that. And i think we've reached the results for the i. I will do that thing president. Boris shaneco a good week. Hey by the way look The other thing i. I'm getting this from almost again. They the improvement and not to gases operations and profitability. Big party or success story in economic reforms and my team is working very closely with not to guys leadership and considers a team to be two nations reformers and talented managers. We hope the current leadership stays in place. I talked to you about that before. I know that it is not something that that The the prime minister's happy about but i i really think it's a i follow them the judgment on my team here. I don't know. I know everything else talking about intimately. I don't know this intimately but but i really would you know with all the other things you're doing have your team. We keep an eye on that. Okay i and i don't have any information about a i did. I'm just raising. Because that's yup turn this morning before i got as to make the call. The reason i raise it koba chief executive also knocked after gus and speak with him directing. What's what these peculiarity. Because all right asian. I am here. I'm looking forward to seeing you in january plus. I'm looking forward to talking to a number of times between now and then again. Congratulations this is finally beginning to get some movement. Okay no guys'. Facebook didn't silence me. I've silenced me. I have this really great apple that i wanted to take a bite of it. I didn't hear me you sorry. I just need to never do that. During the show. Just leave the mic on. All the time is not facebook. it's me so Anyway so a couple of names to look out for as this thing moves forward almost hochstein. Almost hawks teen was joe. Biden's energy i is what he called him and he ended up on the board of naftogas afterwards. I think to make sure that the money kept coming And we'll see how that works out and of course what all of this is about. This was all known inside of ukraine. Okay the ukrainian people just like the american people are not stupid people. They could see what was happening in front of them. They could see that the us had stirred the pot. They could see that their president had been overthrown. Some of them wanted him. Overthrowing obviously a million people in the street right so that's all fine but then they could see that the corruption that they had fought against hadn't gone away that it had just changed. It had moved from. Yana kovic and slow shefty to paro shangqiu and yet and their team ansley chef ski was out of the country now in russia but he's still controlled and owned brima. Okay and so All the ukrainian people could see what was happening. They knew what was going on here and That's why they wanted this prosecutor to go after the The brisman right Victor shokhin was prosecuting brisebois. Because they needed to The your cane people knew that it was corrupt. They knew that he had give charisma. Had all these contracts for natural gas that were no bid contracts. They knew that they knew that slow. Cheifs corrupt they knew that he was still controlling charisma and they knew most importantly that ukrainians were paying too much for natural gas because of it and they were pissed. Imagine if you knew that every gallon of gas you buy was a dollar to a dollar fifty more expensive just to pay for corruption. That's exactly what was happening inside of ukraine and so the ukrainian people wanted wanted victor shokhin to prosecutor is. They wanted the corruption done. And so. Bruce wanted that you know to go away. So what did they do. They paid a bribe right. They use this guy under under a klitschko. His name i think was the guy who paid the six million dollar. Bribe to make a thing. Go under kisha okay He signed a deal with. Us aid as a member of parliament and got that cia money flowing into ukraine back in two thousand fourteen and then he was the guy who pay a bribe to try and get rid of victor shokhin. Okay and so. All of that culminated in this famous now. Famous clip And let's see if i can get it to display on the screen. The right way of our buddy the not president-elect because president-elect won't happen until the electoral college has vote but Our good buddy joseph rob burnett biden. I remember going over convincing our team to convince you that we should be providing for loan guarantees. Now over guess the twelfth thirteenth time to keep and and i was supposed to announce that there's another billion dollar loan guarantee and i had gotten a commitment from port shaneco and from Yatsen yup did they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn't so they said they had they walk out to press. I said i'm not gonna we're not gonna give you two billion dollars a said you have know thirty year. Not the president. The president said. I should call him. I said i'm telling you not getting billion dollars. I said you're not getting the billion. I'm be leaving here. I think it was what six hours i look. I leaving six hours if the prosecutors not fired you're not getting the money well son of a bitch got fired and put in place someone who was solid well son of a bitch just like that. So we threatened and we're gonna keep the billion and you do what we say you make this case. Go away against my little boy. My little boy hunter little boy hunter smartest man. I know you make this case. Go against my little boy. Hunter you can have your billion dollars. And so That's the back story on what's really going on over there and you know again. The tapes you know other edited together. But that's joe biden. Talking joe biden said what he said when he said you know. Do you want me to talk to this guy. Do you want me talk to that guy. You want me to lean on him. What about this. My debts joe biden talking and the complaint on the part of the cranes at rightly so is we don't want to be governed by the united states we'd like to be governed by ukrainians and so That is a very. You know big important point right. Imagine what we're complaining about now is we. Don't want to be governed by the chinese right. We want to be governed by united states. People elected by us right. That's the that's the deal. We don't want to be governed. By out of out of the country people and neither do the ukrainians they want to be governed by ukrainians they want to be governed by the people they elected and they want the people they elect to be honest and they haven't been and they know it and now they could see then they could see that joe biden was involved in it and so for donald trump to say to the president of the new president. Who by the way wasn't supposed to win. Just like trump wasn't supposed to win zone. Linski wasn't supposed to win. Poorer shaneco was supposed to win. They were supposed to keep the corrupt kratz in power over there. So that none of this stuff got Know came up. And what do you think. The chances are that Colonel vindman and the whole whistle blower thing. That was all about them. Being on watch for does trump's say anything over here with ukrainians. Does you start to dig. Because if he starts to dig they might find something so the minute trump made that phone call the best way to shut down. The investigation was to open this. This impeachment thing. Because you're not gonna go over there looking and people complain that that trump was over in ukraine digging up dirt on joe biden and i always just say a simple thing. You can't dig up dirt on somebody if there's no dirt to dig up okay. I mean Over in ukraine sent a whole team of investigators. Let's send the fbi top guys to investigate to ukraine to dig up dirt. anouar me. What are they gonna find nothing right. You can dig up dirt all you want to try and dig up dirt all you want but if there's no dirt to dig up There's no there's there's no threat right so they were threatened. The minute trump made that phone call they throat them. The minutes zone linski got elected. They knew that there they were probably in real trouble so none of this has turned out for them. The way they they wanted to hillary was supposed to be president. Poorer shaneco was supposed to be president. The gravy train was supposed to keep going and joe biden was gonna ride off into the sunset. He didn't want to be president. He still doesn't want to be president. He's not up to being president. The only reason he ran for president is because of he doesn't he doesn't figure out how to get himself into the white house. They're all going to prison. That's why joe biden ran for president plain and simple. Joe biden is a corrupt that who has committed in my view. Several federal crimes that there's ample evidence in the public domain to make them knowable and You know the inaction of prosecutors that cetera. i'm just find myself somewhat mystified at this point So we'll see what what happens and I think that You know a lot of us feel. I don't know about you guys. But sometimes i feel even doing this program and i got people watching has influenced and it matters but i feel like It somewhat know impotent right. what can i do. How can i impact the situation. How can i make it better. And so my suggestion is The one thing you can do is remember to pray. And don't discount that and remember to pray hard and remember to pray for. Joe biden even pray for transparency. Pray for truth. Pray for wisdom. Pray for clarity. And pray for our nation to continue to lead the world in the idea of transparent free democracies and so that is the joe biden ukraine back story. I hope you found it valuable and so on and so forth. this is the republic broadcasts. Please remember to visit the website and support the show Donations merchandise doesn't matter. Let's keep this thing going. It does need money run. And i don't like asking i'm supposed to not be embarrassed about some trying to try to be better about it anyway. Thanks again gordon will be back tomorrow and see.

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Review Corner: Tenet [Movie]

Everyday Talkies

35:15 min | 4 months ago

Review Corner: Tenet [Movie]

"Hello guys. Come to start. Cost everyday. Talkies which i don does not come. I am unsure. And i talk about trying to things to random people majorly about life but specter's and thinking process it's like an interview or let's say more of the conversation with one or two guests about china topics that interest us to be really honest. It's just a way to reduce my ambitions and talking to so come join me and enjoy. Hello guys welcome to episode of everyday takis and today i have back no no. I'm back so very old. Oji guest whiskered is on the house of his long break. What was it long who wisconsin lazy to reading your books on western slow so we have decided to change partner review gardner because he knew motive movie reviews reviews. What in my defense. I also had a lot of college world and the books. I've been attracted to these all been thousand basis lonzo. Yeah and i'm also lazy. But king joe biden. None of the thing is you're not lisi excess that you spend way too much. I'm watching too much too. I don't know you don't care about exams. Lv that. i've seen you binging on day before exempt. So let's get that out of the okay. It helps me study. Alright be listening to this. But it's more high. You'll have to participate If music a good enough and it gets you some action in your house then will not to buy moraga too much to this. Forecast is costing much. It's benefiting me a lot and mooching of too much great content will be last night in the gulf in or you know what last bit would just your book logic and becoming a national bestseller. That's didn't i don't know about that every kid not so far. Nothing happened so eating out there. it's coming through. You'll get you good news a much progress. Let's get to the main team. Oh god what are we doing good at. I think we've already we already have. The audience will have to listen to this podcast university in order to understand what with anybody can move the movies from this small and beautiful synopsis. By perspect- right don't comment section lord you do. I don't know that the comments section so greeted. The conversation has just d- emma slater encyclopedia when your tears. Okay thanks. this is a good. This was a good show of tabby. Oh unique or difficult. It would be reviewed this inner reverse or inverse manner. I mean we could just do what norlander did you shoot a bunch of things and follow it and then we just non winning and then released released that it was on the basically real and the fringe that everyone is using. You're seeing the ruling ripped off instagram radius. Not boomer what i. oh yeah don't be a boom boom a boom dumps Social media gays and it. After all this. I don't know like ovalles. We decided to review this behemoth movie on a. Let's try and hopefully is not become like this unreleased episode of the galaxy of you be established of at equal tradition in a stock nick. Lachey review days of eating the log lehner with capital. I'm just by clinic. Catholic nolan dvd. Costa okay. let's open a bi weekly cluster. Fall guys watching the years which is who they were started. A betty amazing experience expedience event to us and only five of them. Were just the locators. There's an awesome covert. Experience can have the yourself asked theater guys too late for you on a slow motion. let's be seen. don't understand. it would be worth it. Yeah dude like. It's like being drafted like nine months to be didn't A whole industry. Who are to pass shooting or do whatever they had to do like we have this whole thing for london. Slamming one numbers doing this whole simultaneously releasing you Release dead movies. One of those leasing all that next year big movies does this seeming so this at the same time so like owned directors and all the actors go completely angry with them because they aren consulted at all. Yeah i get frustration. Because what happens is most of these big movies. Most doesn't act as what they choose to insert in stroke taking an upfront payment that a nominal fee and then we'll pick up us percentage ordinance. If you open it does industry we earn anything that these people get not to defend the people already but still. It's a british shooting an opportunity when you make them over. You wonder producer to dust on enough profit. Not like that. Such movies yvonne coming. You don't want this whole thing amd now that have been moving in the past bed. Do budget look on. It is being like one of the biggest examples. I don't know how did the second sequel. And that's what. I more scared of the but even that sequel tanks. So that's what i'm scared of now that has said that he's a first doing movie. That's coming out. It's only going to be the first half of the book and depending on. How does they're gonna decide if they let them make the second half so like. I'm very worried about what's going to happen. The though that let's google it has spent everybody's losing money but well. We had not yet to talk about that. Let's jump into an after school of listening. Wendy what we don't have any fans on moonlit simulate just the future the future well yes. Yes yes south. Lots of the future guys. Let of the diabetes when they know what an equity okay. I'm with only one. And and fighting for the survey with update tired. Put agonised janis. Twilight world of international spots on a mission that will unfold in something beyond that they managed to jammy leg so much of a so much of the movies gabardine simple words like twilight world would be dismissed one thing emperor pincer what moment y movement they put that in this description was hundred percent would have been just as confusing okocha. Cluster for spoiler. I don't know like guys. please watch it I think it's some savings douglas's as whiskered. And i think it's on crime or who comes soon own bite of lake. It's not a practice by that movie. Specifically i think i it's out every now and we'll talk about louis talk about you know first impressions and leaving and then we'll move onto expert. Maybe i don't know. If i would say i am so charlie not the best soap whisker. You watched this movie twice. So i ask you what was supposed to fall theater experience. What's the experience. I think is a movie that can only be watched and ideally liked the movie. First of all. I absolutely enjoyed watching does and the thing Because of the second time. I watched it. I honestly tell you like it's not that it's not a watchable or something but if you're watching it on a small screen you just you just keep getting distracted because it's not as kathy to avoid saying that it's boring about anything but yeah but then you said it feed gap. Dvd on the second of which was it because because of the plotline because of how people have complained that how confusing it was and how the south design something people really like no. I have no completed the song. But i don't know why people are saying that much just ignorant about that but was it because of the consumer hotline or was it because that standard that that's just newland company and one of his movies that sometimes I'm being a school. Usually takes over new country. That i but that is one of the reasons why you should watch them. Because when i was watching. I had absolutely no problem with any of the sounds or anything like that Granted i was watching it with subtitles. But still you go to a a nolan movie. Because you know you have some constant audit in this case ludwig ranson who i think has make almost made a better score than handsomer ever you get to here. Let's go to Environment and complete. That is amazing. That's what i was coming at key with the bennett. I like it because it's like. I like to talk about how it was made more than itself. I'm not interested in the us such as much as how it was me. It's one of those movies for so you're more into the technical side of things. On graph year the it was short. And all of that. But that is something which you get fascinated with all movies. Right that is something all movies from interstellar who meet efficacy. That's the thing but see what happens. There are movies. You watch a new. How emotional connection with them. We stayed with you and your you know that. Does your heart good movies. That are just like comfort watches that you can do something like that. Something like ten is. It's like i would rather watch a documentary about two more times than watching what about you. What was your first impression with me. I cannot watch us. So i had my laptop close up so that i could get your feeling and long as it is. Yeah it does not once it starts at absolutely does not stop. i mean it was black breakneck. Speed your something. Which i like. I want to stress because of the length of the more usually. Sometimes you feel boring except of the few evans movies but this movie was so fast paced that you can get a beating space that usually some movies this action action action and then the lose donors. Did you catch up but here. The scenes were changing so quickly and on this was so abrupt that it just you know sometimes to my head hurt mr katz up with the whole movie exhausting point. I guess i can understand that. That's why i think you should definitely watch. Because you have absolutely no distractions tapes. So you can keep. You can keep up better with the speed of the. I even watching the first time i was watching with a friend and even the absorb that after the first topic was make. It does not give you time to know you wonder i collect your arts proceeds just happened and then you you're onto the next action or the next our dialogue or you know it just keeps on going going going wound without giving you much time. Apart from all of this you know my fuel small criterias of like i am not that into technical of our shot and all of that twitter. You're not getting into that. They come enjoying the process. And how his shot and another distinct Some of these movies by come on it fifi. it's noland. It was something that would exclude with. What in epsom. I like it. I like it. Usually hundred thought everybody was saying that. This was confusing. I take industrial effect where everybody music i liked it and i understood was i had some background. I thought the because. I have some background and i have i. I'm interested in these budget. sally. We get it. We get tired. Yeah i've been able to be wrong Mr the general concept. I understand everything. But there's state that into minnesotan some scenes or the other it. What exactly is happening there. Which is this the forward. Because i took out my bridges becomes black. Know what happened to that happening. But yeah i thought it'd be to also in many parts of the movie. It's hard to make all because just the way each and the autograph is awful but also in some places though. It shot and edited together. Sometimes you and to get confused about which if you if you're going forward i'm going into things and then comes out. Exactly what is happening for me was last seen duty. And that's they're doing but what does the exactly like. Even i was gonna go to that because the end the whole way. That the finale short there are some parts of it which are very cool which are like the woman that day lieutenant that equally in a blow up a building you blowing up and forward. Stay the school but the rest of us. You're lost most of the end because it's either somebody's running and somebody's running at the time and no weekly shooting teams. One is the forward payment on. It is that he must have. That's good book. It's pretty much you can that. But then we have these shooting by delic company of by now with the ready. Imagine the bringing forward what newest thanks to retrospective attention was back. That's what this. Yeah the thing with dr. They're like four starts intermixed together and then you sometimes gets confused. I in the beginning of each other. Because i could not see must not just see what is like what finding against cd micah except the few things that rose where not the end and all of that. But that's the thing. I mean It does not give you any time to get prepared. Get acquainted with a lot of things you know. You just have to keep up with Nolan nolan thinks is not speed. Let's start with maybe get into some spoilers or something and basically from what i read on movie nolan had this idea for ios and he had been. Dipping tenures biggest. The you know the select the usual thing all that know you have quentin tarantino who Who thought of writing starts back in the nineties but it took him like the deals and whatever but this is always that okay so initially decided we'll keep brought on a gibson was the physicist. That was the on started to explain although quantum mechanics. And i think this is pitiful cheat because i honestly think we should. All you get like auto roy blunt cake next to us away watching the he can explain. What exactly is happening up something which will require but very dressed in fact on this one which was back newly himself said. This is accurate because that was considered a night when he said this accurate and On backlash at there was a community and all of that i think he was a he. Acknowledges that yes that it is based on facts phenomena but yeah. Obviously it's exaggerated. I've seen the movie twice now. And i still have no idea. How exactly do you immortal thing like how exactly you could be over thing inversion how beautiful. It is something that you look at this machine. That's a crazy. That's a target at the use metex. What the whole concept that you can people is. I like this a book that i thought about this avenues of and how it a very i read it way back and the fullest by the disclosed at the beginning of the my know about this. Get to split. Since i'm going to the computer. I was like i still don't get completely though idea of inversion nick. Okay you in word something you forget about people because people have a vanity have even so they can get invited and do whatever they want but if a changes in order how does it travel back in time so enterpise biz like the expansion of the universe. No no no no okay. That's the misconception and rookie. Is that aboard. Eighty pence will move. What standard would escape to for disorder. Now known anybody who's more educated and more explained in the social media section and. Please don't blame me. I'm trying to split the best desperate times. We can anything wrong comic comic or what. What about this is by giving disclaimer. Let's go head to basically if you see Let him out this week. That you have Influence box and you Let's say once the off oxygen. The general state of matter is that it will expand it will vibrate more. It would motivate a state of disorder. That universe is expanding because a magnet is into a more naturalistic of disorder. Let's look at it this way. If you drop a come. And it drops florida tricks. So the entropy disorder increases in the universe. But that's the entropy so what we see. Is that with time increases disobeyed night. Okay so the whole idea behind invasion as you try to put scaled-back cook hills. Yes exactly so. If you the kiosk what will happen a broken piece off cop will reach itself would ordered state of oil into a more ordered state and i think i should touch upon a bit more in a very small section would like i don't know how this when they were. They had this dialogue about climate. That certainly my friend were talking about. It is actually a environment climate. Yeah yeah. I think the future people who what was that humans pas not care of earth and everything was dying is what is happening. The world has got denied. So what did was at that is because devoid moves. words immortal. The arctic states here extinct today. The climate is reducing. And we don't get but what the future people card must be reversed state. If the divorce moves ordered state clever to always be number the estate on whatever it make sense like instead of the world is always moving toward stagnation. you'll feuded blizzard. Words motor state. Okay okay now though plan more makes more sense because when i was watching it i was like. You're definitely on the side of tagging missed. Because you can't obviously in the past you won't have a future but if you it i think it makes a lot more is one thing but iphone. They just used it for the brought the movie. What's that set. The future who saw were people were part of. This would be a good idea and it won't affect like i was wondering how because again they use these guys all of his because he's of no on search. You are left in the idea that can think whatever they want mitchell. Innate sense of common sense which financial bring on your way to physics is reverse order of payment of this past. How would you yourself dead. There are many many things you could talk about. But then yet so something which was bothering me but i understand you know nobody knows about it. So let's just go with it studying. What most people maybe of hindu with this movie and the even when you introduce something like time travel or i don't know if these quantum physics type subject in a movie usually what you lose you introduce them so that you can move your story so maybe you want to have make asserting english not seen between. Let's say someone like you want to create situations of emotional tension which would not have normally happen. Realit- for example. You take back to the whole point of back to the future is not about creating not explaining how time travel moldable. We know mighty medflight going back in time to see his parents at his age and interact with them. Don't make that. It's the story of the aspect exists. Alleged can force the characters into this kind of situation which is generally impossible but it. It has a lot of emotional we ended. It's like. I think nolan is more concerned with how the time travel works rather than lake. How the whole invasion works rather than why. It has why it's happening. Because of the protagonist as he's called he is not actively he does not become an active of the story until the warrior. When you find out that the whole thing was actually his idea from each other. And this. And that i up until then he's just like oh he's just bear because he got caught up into this whole massino select the characters around him always have more information than he has and because of that we just lost as he he is and does not a lot lot of emotional to any of the story and that one thing that You know put. The cotton catherine's got and whatnot but also like so much on the sidelines. Good point that Bias important protagonist brutus. That's the thing veep badly know anything about them other than your keys. He's a good person and he's trustworthy because he did not give up steam in the opening scene of. That's pretty much all we know about him. I'm just speculating here. But probably more phone of the. I'd of this idea that said rather than Anything with the audience. Because i understand automobiles and all this work you can see that. He explored this veered concepts and he tries to putting them. I mean simpson cinema. And i love that about it and i never stops because ethnic totally jay but you also understand that who introduced it would also bring that emotional panic because even if you don't understand be obliquely piece you to the character's journey and you feel what he's really make what i meant. Okay i don't know if it makes sense but i think that was something which is missing. I guess gore i. I'm not saying that nolan. sure Certainly intellect something Because the style has definitely works. I think caucus probably his strongest film and in that It definitely works because it's trying to trying to talk about the larger message of walk in start off you know maybe characters because the whole the whole movies about this one big event and how everybody You know for that. Doug evacuation to happen. Everybody had played remote small parts. So you don't maybe lake in in that case you don't need to know liberties motivational. Everybody's because you have a good late general idea for this familiar concept for the british are the good guys doughnuts guys so that one stage is set for you. So you don't need to do it. I can't say the same about this. Because this it comes with absolutely no information context and i get that you know. Nolan is trying to make us look. It's historic on. Maybe what james bond movie would be like but again it's late you need something more than just one coon concept that you have and not that. There's anything because. I still enjoyed watching the movie. Yes it has all And everything but it has you. It's still customer nolan. Movie with christopher nolan budget vent his whole vision which is really interesting to to what. That's why i wouldn't have to watch a movie about the making offended rather than entrance. Mix mix and okay so let's start stood up if i actually ask you. Who's your favorite character. Would you say it was the bulk of a okay. Okay yup makes it look at now. Oh that's what. I just read news. Because i was just looking. Let's go to see if find something interesting. Plus news pops. Up editors the most watched Moving into necklaces looks. Yeah it's not like that aren't enough nolan fans in india already like okay but something some interesting stuff about it now. One like One personal connection. I have pretended. I guess now is that you know the scenes that different dimbleby. I lived there dude like that scene in colombia where he first comes out of this cafe or walk reward that's actually That is like the cosby and i. I lived there for a month when i heard Last year so i used to like walk that same part every day for a month now. That was funny like that was interesting to watch. And it's funny to watch a movie shot shot in the places that you've been because you immediately start to realize that the geography of this absolutely makes no sense just wanted to interesting places the together because If you look up from that cafe there's building that show. It's not some other building some place. Another funny thing. There was You don't believe they were actually going to use instead of one day ended using because they could not get permission. La embodies house. That would be the main reason why wondered lots of question was i thought you would say michael was accused by not because you people that keep such an awesome to move. I mean yeah. It's like it's a pretty well known at this point that you know mike. Basically has lucky charm. He likes to keep them all list. Movies yeah like. I think my favorite is probably needed because neal is like he's like the james bond that you want in spy movie because the protagonist as much as i love Dr john david washington who's denzel washington son. And if you haven't seen a black landsman used amusing as much as i love the actor. It's like he's not given a lot allah make. He's not doing anything to relieve accept. You don't look look story. Can you know maybe do a little action. But mcneill is you know neal's He's got like little. We find out that he basically knows the whole plot of the movie before the move. Even that was really good and one thing. I absolutely hated about this morning. I think it's kind of beneath nolan at. This point is Government coastal doc. I understand why can brown because can run is basically. She's been in a funeral in movies and he's just bad so the cost him. But kenneth branagh has played the same character in at least two other movies. He's played the same russian oligarch villain in he played that in the jack leach will respond and i think another movie like he's played the same and you know like the first moment he came on screen. I was like oh this. Is this just the same dialect. I cannot seriously because this is a cartoon that heavy accent and you know talking talking about serious and whatnot. It's just two completely tune up. Robert patterson in this. He's first of all an amazing actor and you're still hung up on the whole thing late. Go watch any of his movies. He's done after toilet. He's absolutely amazing. Just for just batman yup be. Okay what about you. What was your favorite not. Just what what was your favorite thing. I do not know whether to dismiss backup to take my favorite aspect. Was i would say in end sequence after going to from breaks the chain of actions open eight gene affection when neil was the beauty. It'll ask was there was all he turns again us he goes. Okay yeah so act sequence. I understood the whole thing. Because before that was close and then fat actually in and that involve me and then the sequence. So i think i i like the whole event mississippi. I told you that cinematics with back probably you can judge would be a secrets and when it reveals that he was the guy that you understand your he will become the guy who saved him in the beginning sequence in the forest short. You couldn't predict that. But then he was what dead into. What's the edmund democracies. Yeah that whole thing was awesome to accept that i would say the leading on the board with gags e taiwan goddess I think there is some really cool things about it definitely to minded me off. Some of the ords final source basically joy god. He's not used to patients that you have back. Which when ordinal league james born level page spy movies but maureen acquired resort type of spices. Like something night manager or the spy who came in from the cold or so just by reminded me. A lot of died. Back was amazing. just shoot another thing just the sheer dusty of a crashing an actual boeing-747 seven. Forty seven thousand. Yeah it's such a big deal out of it but it's not really that big of a part of whom we just. It's shit or nasty that someone like me nolan could do. That was amazing With this was that crass shooting at i think it was probably like some out of commission Or just I have no idea how the classroom. But they actually bought a boeing seven. Forty seven I don't know if it was functional on functional. Something but d-actually coke it and actually clustered and nolan said that it was cheaper than Hiding hiding visual effects people and Making the whole thing sepia. What did like i knew that he would see too because has a secret that he has not wanted on the and you can do. This is why we love this. One st pete donka copy exception. All of this. You have this little seeds. We can easily done by. You've got to look at this critical options and make them. that's the thing there are some amazing dublin. One building that. I talk to you and for those things to figure out how they take it so amazing because when i watched it i was immediately. They can't this is a model they used to have these martin's they blew up two packs of the two models and then the mortgage the short i one was in forward one. Wasn some amazing stuff that you can Enjoy that and also like i found out about the whole seniors could alligator description. Let them forget outlet that no but The second time watching it idealistic. Everything on that square is mentioned in the movie. The second of the four as well. Yeah so you mentioned now. I'm just mentioned. Obviously because then you have just the thomas who's guy who ruled the fake. Yes yes yes then. You have tendered obviously than whereas opera uprise openings in basically accept and the last one is tells the company that owns all those reports of what. What about houses that goes. That was interesting. And i don't know why he used because there's no deal symbolism there's anything in your face no but i think it's one of those squares not that if you inverse it up miss that if you did it me that is a very simple. There is a middle one word old What what does the word. But an example of it would end. Flip it around in the bedroom but look it from bottom or if you flip it upside donaldson you saving next. But this squad is basically only yeah so executive because if you could have credit like a magic sweat leap all the columns and all the would some later but this is not the case. It can only be didn't see me if you flip inversely. It's a mirror image. Which is what. Google reverse entropy taking all of that. I guess i guess what. I think we talked too much about. I mean that's the whole point of this episode. Yeah people here. Just in this edward gladstone. Small factors could be very interesting for you and definitely that as expire teams. That are some interesting things. Take secret cities in soviet russia took Then you have the whole nuclear aspect of it Hiding hiding the ninth algorithm in nine countries with nuclear capabilities. Because they'll have most heavily guarded so these kinds of things already don't house by a they have expected in the aspects of it which i absolutely which i really don't let me ask you this question. Obviously not seeing so many movies boss of months and you have no you know like we all in not seen so many. Cd's what would you have preferred wanting to score being more exploited a more Snored i would yes. You did abboud in a mercedes vice for that or was a movie. I honestly don't would have to watch a whole series about a whole cds. That could be that is basically a movement was good because like i enjoyed the movie not because of the whole aspect of it. But because of the whole filmmaking aspect. And i got to watch it in a theater. I enjoyed the cinematography. I insured this design. Your own music scored all that. I don't think because the writing. I was betty plus very fast and second of all. It was confusing. Get let's end episode of this beautiful or that you give a damn which rep guys was watched. The movie just because of This year what do you make the movie on this. And when i'm a good document how he made them. Because i'm sure that would be more amazing but even even somebody who's not interested in watching behind the seats and all of that because the way it is and the combined educated really amazing and i recommend to us Through whatever personal messages comments of ireland with an outlaw something and tell us which when we should be which movie which tv show. Richer buchnevich Media lifting name place animal. Whatever we shouldn't do yes you'd open mic because we have become you guys a quick sneak me. Even door is coming. If i want to get on with watching my minute. Mandalorian season died as well. That interview guys. Thank you so much. Pick at you next for listening to the official first episode of one menu book on guys. Forget this quarter and no secretary connor because there are too many things that ain't gonna was like a failed by late on this imagining that you look reading books that's an ecstatic pilot so we will have to buy because the on. Who was the captain pilot episode one way or the other. Thank you finally by. This is the start of the podcast. thank you to all the listeners are got up with you again soon but someone new and lots of entrusting discussions so by.

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LTB#386 Decentralized Identify and Granular Identifiers

Let's Talk Bitcoin!

51:41 min | 2 years ago

LTB#386 Decentralized Identify and Granular Identifiers

"It's the twenty seventh of January twenty nineteen and this is three hundred eighty six of let's talk bitcoin. On today's episode start bitcoin. My name is Adam LeVine. And I'm here with Andreas and apples. Hello Jonathan moham- and special guest. Daniel Buckner who works on decentralized identity at Microsoft to be here. Thanks to our hosts guests and do you listeners for joining his show? So Daniel, this is the first time the we've talked to you on the show, but you actually popped up on my radar back in twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen through the w c three payments standardization group that manner sparring was working on back. Then before we get into today's discussion. Can you walk us through your introduction to in sort of experience with bitcoin cryptocurrency? Yeah, -solutely. So goes back a little ways I bought dick. When when it was at about four dollars when I worked at Zola Missoula about half a decade, my buddy next to me. He was just sorta the guy that was early into both libertarians and stuff. So he's he's check it out. And I only bought a tiny amount because I was like I'm gonna use it to technology. He is so me twenty dollars bought him lunch that day. And he's like, oh, send you like you were absent bitcoin. And so I was playing with it. Use it to gamble and stuff like law enforcement listening, but. Stuff like that. And I eventually did buy a little bit more. But nothing Newland buzzer coming out. But it's interesting because I got I involved in the tech side, the colored coins thought, oh, well, you Mark certain bits of information that might be useful. And quickly thought maybe that could be an identifier system to create synonymous identifies. In. That's actually where it started up Mazzola in very early twenty twelve it's called fire. Fox handshake in internal thing. If you really wanted to do it. But at the time Lucilla was very focused on fire, FOX less which turned out to be sort of a big blunder money suck. And in our project was like while we can't handle too two big things at once. So in twenty fifteen my buddy, Christian howling who wasn't Missoula, but had gone to Microsoft work on edge said, hey, you know, you come over here and do some of the same stuff, which I ran the developer system, PM stuff ZOA. And so I my mind I actually wanted to go to Microsoft. Different reason, which was to work on this stuff in my my thought there was, you know, identities a big enough thing that you really have to be one of the bigs to be able to make run out. So I went in the auspices of working on edge and about a year and a half period sold it through to the identity organization. This was important thing should focus on. Oh, I believe we invented that increase. Call the Trojan horse. So now, you're working at Microsoft ends in technical products for decentralized identity. How how would you characterize these centralized identity as a goal or an activity within Mark solves decentralize it entity is, you know, it's funny to think of like, well, why would Microsoft wanna do this disinterested? And he's actually important in the sense that creates providence for relationships, which doesn't necessarily mean that has to be a single identity or identifier. But it actually it's really important business. You'll see a lot of the watching stuff out there, which I personally skeptical of that says all these things are gonna happen on these Blockchain's really in most of the scenarios what people really want is granular claims Preuss trust. And that's more of an identity problem than it is you know, putting things into blockchain transaction. So we've looked at tons of scenarios where it's it's it's the individual owning the identifiers a plural and data. And being able in trip that data signed things that's most important. So that's that's what they were interested in from reasoning perspective. Why would Microsoft do this versus someone else? We don't make the bulk of our money off of owning people. There's a couple of other companies who do that. And so for us to say, well, we're going to give you an identifier means of getting identifiers that you own encrypting data that doesn't hurt a corpus model, and it provides us a lot of other benefits on the business side that were interested in. So compared to some of the other companies were Hugh of might be using their logging mechanism to access various websites. So that they own not just the identifier, but also all of the identity management around that probably the the most widespread mechanism fried entity federation is off people don't know what that means. But generally when you say log into this website using. Facebook, you'll accountable whatever. And the website bounces you to Google or Facebook, log in there asses a credential back and says, hey, guess this person did log in and here's their Email. Here's their whatever identifiers that's a federated identity. But it's implies you're not. You're talking about something completely different than that. Absolutely. Yeah. Federation. It's it's kind of the the best. They could come up with what they had at the time in one of the reasons we couldn't come up with something better for a long long time. DPK I really requires a system sort of like a Blockchain's to work. I mean, we've had other things to hold on. Sorry. Let's take that DPK eye cream and parse it out. That's the centralized public key infrastructure. Yes. Great. All right. Great. So a one of the things I've talked about in the past. And I think this is something where we seem to be in agreement to. The one of the unique things bitcoin did was the largest deployments in civilian hands of public retarded fi systems. He's UP never chief that SSL bits because it's all server side other than the department of defense, which has the largest guy is bitcoin and all of the crypto systems that came out are the largest deployment PK on me hands. Would you agree with that? Absolutely doubt. So that's DP KOA. And for the first time ever, people care about keys, and the only reason they care about keys because if they don't they lose money. That's a fantastic alignment of incentives, which really prance the entire security model because once you care about money, and you care about keys now, you can use these to do other interesting things like, for example, identifiers and signing and ownership and at the stations and things like that. But tell us more about how that plays out. Yeah. So it's kinda works in how we envision this. I was on a different podcast many years ago, where someone said, oh, you don't need that new just trust the quick quick Facebook blockchain in the Twitter blockchain those identifiers in my point to them which actually ended up being wildly true. A bad way. Was, you know, whether it's Diaz domains identified as social network, those things can be taken from you at a whim and the are being today. People are being deployed for him. And you know, it's all fun and games when it's a hipster losing their Instagram filter out, the contest, photos or something. But when you start time Preuss to those things to centralize empires federated. Identifies like Email. It's really is dangerous is dangerous because you could be essentially whites from the digital landscape with snap Snape finger, and and that's something that we want to advance in. So the way we're doing it is we focus on this technology. That's being conducted w through C called decentralized identifiers, and really what that is is any means. The means vary based on the group or the, you know, the construction a means of embedding in target system like a bitcoin or some blockchain other type leisure an entry that stands for an identifier. That is not provided to you. There's no Google or Facebook, Microsoft, that's handing you identify saying. Hey, use this and I technically own it. It's you creating a key endpoint backed identifier. You own as long as you own the keys, just like the coin self. So I won't beating bike for example, have made attestations about my bitcoin address. I've used to bootstrap my key base accounts. I also own some ethereal names in the theorem name service, which is a smart contract. The tracks names which have signed with serum keys and spent two theory him in order to secure those is that the kind of thing you're talking about. Yes. That's like I would I'm not gonna say simplistic in a negative way naturally George here. But that's a simplistic means of creating art castle. Yeah. Portraits medical. It's it's kind of the early stages. Rough prototype. Exactly. And so there's lots of groups working on de ide- implementations that kind of take that in Nick scale. And that's that's what actually we're working on contributing a piece of technology to make DID's at scale initially on the bitcoin blockchain that allow for potentially one bitcoin transaction to anchor the PK ops of you know, tens of thousands of different DID's and one point to make here is that an individual doesn't just have one d ID because that would be scary because eventually will be correlated. Eventually people will come to know that we're not the ID pops up. It's dan. So what we believe in is there called pure appeared, the ID's or paralyzed ID's for many cases, where you may wanna create a D just for one relationship that you don't share you don't correlate anywhere. And that keeps the scope of the identity interactions between you and not other party in a way that doesn't invade your privacy or exposure to the risk of fingerprinting. Daniel you're talking about building on top of the bitcoin blockchain in bidding kind of number of these points in it right now, you know, with bitcoin addresses, of course, you can have as many as you want does this use bitcoin addresses directly. Or is this another layer you're building on top. That's just embedding into the bitcoin blockchain another layer on top. And we do that for scale ability reasons. So it's later too. It's not like acne constructed like lightning. But it's similar to that where you know, you can have a lot of different ops occur in then you can root them in one transaction, for instance. So the way the protocol works is that essentially reads from zero boot up one of these nodes truly essential does any peace and it reads through transactions whatever hits one that's betted with one of these payloads of batches vox it pulls it from the shared IP festering. That the other nodes of already pin the data for there. It is. I was when I was looking for so using IPF S as the distributed file storage layer. And then you're having multiple parties pin. So you on the background that kind of acts more like a federated type solution. But there isn't really a better option for that sort of data storage right now based on current technology. Right. Yes. It isn't even like a large company federation scheme. So the one cool part about this protocol is unlike a blockchain is differential, so I could persist for instance, only the backing meta data pecan meta data for the DA's I on or my family or something else. I don't have to maintain total state on that second layer to participate in replicating the underlying meta data. So the series that user will just selectively choose to run IP pheasant pin their own stuff, which then does create this distributed network in a way that's much more distributed for federated just know large companies running notes things like that. Yeah. I mean, so who's going to go to that link to run that on their machine not all going to do. That it'll probably, but it's possible. It's technically, absolutely. We encourage it on. But you know, the thing here is it's it's definitely gonna be run by companies like, Microsoft and others. But we do encourage people around their nodes. I think it'll be a heterogeneous mixture of from individuals to large companies that are helping and like you saw cloudflare, right? They're nearing. So one of the fundamental issues in this entire discussion around identity is the when you talk about density as it relates to Blockchain's the initial impulse. The most people have is to centralize this and centralize this hard either under a single company, and we see that was the number of startups in the blockchain space which wants to be the owner of identity or they want to associate with some kind of government program. So if you talk about the various blockchain or DOT projects the people claim to demonstrate the success of privates controlled centralized. They almost always talk about some kind of government related identity related project. Whether that's real estate in Dubai or identity in some other jurisdiction cetera et cetera to me, all of these things are terrifying. They represent the exact same risks is. Being deployed formed by corporations they represents the culmination of of the surveillance states surveillance capitalism coming together in one glorious surveillance fascist Khmer. So I've been very vocal against any attempts to create immutable unique individualized centralized identities for human beings, as if human beings are unchangeable predetermines end forever tracked because that seems like a mechanistic framework the crushes individuality. How do we scape from that path? How do we get away from this trajectory towards these really fascist ideals? Hundred with on the little I think you fall now little bit on Twitter, and even this brief you days, he probably got a glimpse of that. All figures our side, hold back about my personal views. And I completely agree. I think there's a few technical and policy things that we have to be mindful of as we pursue these systems one on the technical side. And you'll see other groups do this in. It's very bad is well, we have a blockchain for identity, and it's not even just ri- dentist, not just repeating I, but it's also for the data in that is truly scary. I would never want. It's terrible practice to put data on blockchain that could anyway percent find anyone in. So we stay away from that one hundred percent our belief is that the chain is literally only used for AI, and that's key rotations these identities of which remained lots the other piece. The big piece that unique identities somewhere this data has to reside. There has to be like the Proust's that you sign other things. We think that happens off chain entirely these things called identity hubs, which are essentially encrypted personal data stores that you control that are cash Deger devices that you could wipe from any serving time, and no one has the keys, but keys you possess for your ID's. And so that gives you a level of control over the situation that we just don't have right now. Because right now, you're storing your data with Facebook, Google, all these other folks, and they can read that. And I think the situation move on from L almost any discussion about this topic. People instinctively Goto this appeal to authority whereby the only way for a dentist to be legitimate. I hate that word legitimate, and recognized and of valuable and verify -able is if you have some kind of central authority do the Athol station this like, yes. But who's gonna tell me that this is really the person going to issues the passport driving licence? The real estate, title, whatever fall of that government that takes the discussion straight down the road, the leads to add har-. If you're not familiar rated by the way, either at Horo sesame, look, those two things up and prepare to have your minds thrown into the dark fascist future that we are all approaching at far is the completely centralized totally corrupt civil rights destroying identity system that the government's introduce which ties by metrics Bank accounts, so phones and access to everything to a single numeric identifier that never changes that can be easily compromised in one big central database controlled by the governments. It's the ultimate fascists nightmare or it would be until the Chinese invented sesame, which is the exact same thing. Plus a scoring system to show. How loyal you are? And then decide whether you should get access to any of your civil privileges not rights anymore. So these two are the endgame at horn sesame, and they start with the central idea that in order to have IT to have identity. You have to have an authority that certifies it the chose that it is. In fact, you the station problem. So a very familiar with both systems the greater down yard for Microsoft little background on it. We service ninety five percent of institutions organizations governments and enterprises on the planet. That's the scope of Azure, act directory in a d in. So I have worked on those more sensuous technologies I came to do this. But very very familiar with these systems in other folks, we work within the community. We definitely don't have a a brightened Sherry view of the systems. You mentioned you think that they're doing things in the worst way possible. I mean, I could be a little bit or explicit than that. I'll tell you this that a fourteen year old meet never imagined a world where Microsoft would be fighting for the rights of the users identity online at centralized in open source way and Google will be partnering with the Chinese government to track every single human cell phone number or late to every single search. They make in perpetuity, we're in a fun time. Bottoms? Everything comes. Excuse me. I'd like to pause this time line in the multi verse. Try some of the other one. So on contract to dress topic you about stations. I don't believe that you have to prove identity with the thirties that we always think of today as being essential as stories. Most governments some things will probably use bootstrapping phase. Like, you might get an identifier. You just use the DMV. And this is not one identifier. Just reiterate, but you might generate one just for your DMV relationship and only if you need to prove that you have the ability to drive you would present that potentially to officer. But there's actually lots of different organizations in the world that can attest to certain things. I worked a little bit with the credit union street. They are actually through some of their fiduciary duty stuff in the village. They have they can actually test a second party proofs to say I legally under penalty perjury checked, his doc. This is what it said. And if whoever the relying party is, you know, this could be like some other business world says, you know, I trust credit. Union XYZ that they're saying this person's real that's another way that you can achieve proof of hey, I'm actually a real human. I'm not just bought in a relationship that may be important that make sense. I think one of the fundamental misunderstandings is the people who are new to this conversation tend to confuse the concept of attestation identity risk managements trust that all of that becomes mired into one big blob, we use identity as a proxy for risk. And it's not a very good proxy. It's a poor proxy. Like if we know what this person did in the past. We can make certain assumptions about what they'll do in the future. Therefore, knowing who this person is tells us, what this person might do in the future, which is very very loose kind of correlation. Right. Because first of all if you look at people who do very, very bad things and. Until the moment when they did that very first very bad thing. They had a perfect history of doing very good things. So that didn't have very good predictive power. If you sign up for any bar brokerage account, the first thing they going to do is read out a quick disclaimer with his past performance is no indication of future performance or actions. And yet we have some difficulty on this thing that applies to humans not only can cook people too bad things in the future unexpectedly in suddenly, but the opposite is also true. If you sept- the possibility of human change of remediation reform, redemption than you have to accept the bad people can do good things in the future. And that means if you type people to actions they did in the past Onis of bad predictor risk. But it also crushes the possibility of redemption for humans, so one is that the other one is the idea of outside bent, the lot of people have difficulty grasping, meaning that I get stopped by police officer who wants to check if I have a valid current drivers license and insurance what the hell difference in may if my name is entry and tuneup loss or something. Else? They have no reason to no none whatsoever. When I was born where I live. What's my name is what my ass Nic background is from that name or anything else doesn't if that's his relevance. All they need to know is have I been certified by some organization as to my competence in operating a motor vehicle and have I paid for the sufficient insurance in order to protect against their party risk. That's it. The rice is relevant. In fact, the rest is all prejudicial profiling information that is used routinely to prejudicially profile people it's completely irrelevant. So why can't I show an idea that simply has a number of it? What's your name? I'm sorry. But I refuse to answer questions without my lawyer presence. Absolutely. And that's that's something that we wanna make possible is disclosure of just the values necessary. So in this way, you might get a proof. Actually, you bring up the canonical one everyone uses in their examples, which is if I walk up to a bouncer to bar I hand in ID. There's no reason that that person needs to see all of that stuff. They need to understand the twenty one. And that's it. I, you know, I would even argue that that law, particularly, but. But in most cases, that's fact, they don't need to see where you live that could be very scary liquid say your woman might live alone. He says, you know, I want more. Happen to be working in the crypto currency industry. And you don't. That you have large amounts of token assets at your domicile. Yeah. Yeah. There's lots of people who in circus and only need to prove that one bit. You wanna make possible with these proves to do that. So that they're not actually tracking identifier in some cases. Not even using identifier. But have the sign of thority that might have identified. So they know. Yes, it was this organization is company whatever that says, here's a proof of something. I'll accept this idea that you can do at station. Prove a fact, which is what stations proof fact about you without proving cool, you are which is completely irrelevant has gotten to the extreme absurd. Where people will look at identity as a proxy frats station. Even when the Athol station is any I'll go into a high security building, they'll be like IT, please I need to check your ID watt for all we require ID from everyone in order to the secure facility. Why what for a not attesting testing to anything? The idea doesn't. Actually, you're not running against. A criminal background check in running. It's against the wanted persons list. You don't running it's against the no fly. No walk into building lists. You're not running into anything. What are you going to do? You're going to take my ID look at the name and go her name some laws, and I got you. I got. What have you memorize the names of all interesting persons? Right. So you've got this complete security theater where they take your idea. And they look at it. And all you've attested for is that you had the bone breaking patients to sit off DMV for two hours and interact with those people to get your photo taken and get a little Wyman eight it's hard. That's you've attested to. And does that grant you access to a federally secured building, the you could prove to have an address that's all you've shown nothing else. They don't even make a copy of it in many places. So you've gone from attestation requires identity to identity is required to identities required for no affiliation reasons to let's just do security theater around checking your identity for no discernible reason whatsoever. One of my favorite or the the more you break this down the sillier. It gets is if you ever tried to get the points necessary. Getting my driver's license. And I had my passport and my passport was one week expired. So my passport went from four points of identity zero. So then I take that to the post office to get a new passport, and the passport that was worth zero points was all that was needed to get a brand new passport, which I then took to the DMV and was now worth four points. Right. And that's the American system. You don't even unto locate the kind of eurocracy and ridiculous security theory that goes into getting at Har I d-. Okay. Okay. So let me jump in with a quick question here. So I hear everyone saying that there's no need for identity to be associated with these attestations. But where I'm getting stuck on this concept is how does someone who is receiving and valuing an attestation. So like, the how do they know if there's no picture on it or anything like that? Like, I understand you have all the other information. But the point of it is to identify you. And once you're identify. Fide then that information can be applied or not. Well, I mean, I think that that's the on its face at least assumption. The purpose of an station is to de risk and engagement, and they're basically two types of risks risks that are financial nature in risks that are of a kind. So for instance, like if you're ordering a pizza, I just need to know that when I show up with twenty pies someone's going to pay for it when I show up one way to de risk knowing that that's going to happen is knowing that the person who lives there is the one who orders it, but I don't really care to know the person who lives there orders what I care about is when I show up someone's going to pay for it like that's one type of station. Order this pizza send it ear and the entity that ordered the pizza. We'll make sure that it gets paid for when they arrive irrespective of who that person is the other type of identity risk is I have to know that this is the person I'm dealing with like is this person, they terraced or this person is voting and only these people can vote is this person one of those people, and that's not a financial risk. That's the. Of a kind, but it has to be that person. And it's in understanding what type of that station, you're dealing with. Is it a counterparty risk exposure? Or is it like you actually need to have that person? Which is where a lot of people can flake distinction between an identity station and a credential attestation. Okay. But given that in the DMV example where I'm going in and applying for driver's license or renewal of driver's license or something like that. And if my station only has the information that says that I have the relevant information. But contains no identifying information whatsoever. Then how does the DMV know that when I handed to them, and they check it that I'm not handing them someone else's at station. They don't need to know who you are. They need to know essentially that the person they tested is the person they give the attestation to and the cop needs to know that the at the station, they they receive this for violent tribal license if you decide to give licensed dry to someone else give them control over that station too. Then transfer all of the risk. To you. While they drive around is that really a risk. We need to protect against. I mean, it's one that already happens cle-, it's one that already happens. But you know, is that the worst risk or see this that you probably wanna picture paralyzed yeti tied to that attestation such that you're not disclosing when a cop pulls nearer either the attestation says you can drive check. And you see you see just the picture. There's no other permission aunts. They know this roughly looks like it's supposed to look like or contains a Perez de ID it signed to one. So that you can prove the approved. Yeah. This is the deity that was presented for this batch of information and whoever's in possession of the St. I d which is low lower bar is the one who can present it in penalize just the relationship with like if I use another the ID as say my suit honesty for Twitter. None of those two things recorded. They can't say, well, you know, he he showed his IT here. Look. On now notes personal Twitter. Okay. So I go to the DMV, and I present this station. And then I actually signed with the key that was used to claim that station which demonstrates have kina, very bitcoin like way, and that sort of proves it. It's still not perfect because again, they're signed your photo. And and both at the cop and see your face, which which again, you know, their risks because if he used various biometrics like photos, which are subject facial recognition for fingerprints or things like that. Then you can very easily start creating a correlation in trail between them why you need to change your d pairs all the time. So it seems like there are certain types of of at station, the do require identification. There are other types that really don't we're talking about this kind of in the context of real life. How does that change when you're online? Does it change the stuff always your mind? The bar exam section of the goods you have these websites today. Privy twenty one. He's got a punch in. I was born in nineteen at one, which I guess. Person on the planet all sorts of stuff, and you know, again security theater down just point. But that might be a place where you wanna provide a minimal disclosure proof and never be bothered by that again, just say, look, I'm willing to stipulate him twenty one now call sites sites that have proof that they actually benders buckle my favorite challenge of response proof of age was a leisure suit. Larry, and I think the nineties video game wouldn't ask you your age. It would ask you who was the president in the fifties. And like a bunch of esoteric policy questions, basically be your twenties still understand that we could do that with internet memes. Very today. Been talking about what I turn core identity. So core identity meeting like all the things if you ask the average. Hey, what's your entity? Some people might say their Facebook profile, but a lot of people's, oh, that's my my d- card here. And those things actually in the in the scheme of things really like five percent of identity interactions by how we look at identity with this system. How we're looking at it identities. Really everything do say, you know, strange between people. Everything's got an imprint of identity. Like, you're done is essentially this book of your life of all the stuff you've done, the pictures taken places you've been so all that stuff today is shorted out across all of these centralized authorities in companies in everything, and you're sort of leaving this trail who you are. And what we believe is the proofs shouldn't just be yours in permission yours to this. But also the data that comprises absent other things. So that's that personal tour really comes in is having an encrypted data for that. Tied to these identities that you own allows you to start gauging in different absence services that are kinda just between you in the service, and they start storing their data with you not the other way around. So for us. This is just as much application layer as it is a court identity. Proofing layer them when we when we talk about rights, and the things that people should have versus things that companies governments should have access to. I'm still very much in shell shock from the prison disclosures back in no nine and I feel like everyone forgot about it. Just because the the right politician or the wrong politician wasn't office to still freak about it today. Is this the type of thing that would make Microsoft if this were fully adopted by everyone who's a windows user, would this be like a higher level of prison resistance to Microsoft? Can you remind us Johnson what exactly prison Waugh's at high related to things like Hex? Peacecorps and other revelations by which Noda, oh, boy, Andrea, you could do a far better job at this than I. But functionally Edward, Snowden whistle. Blew on the fact that the US government was using as a proxy, private companies that compelled to disclose user data on and then was collecting this data and using it for government purposes. So in the same way that we have the five eyes alliance, which is an alliance between five countries that can't spy on their own people, but spy on each other's people for other people, the US government constructed this framework, whereby it compelled private companies that disclosed data that they had. And then use that to the not need to get a search warrant on every American. So here's the interesting thing is that there's a couple of different programs than they overlap in a number of ways prison, the one that collects internet data. So this was about the famous room in in the building on Folsom street in San Francisco in various other rooms around the country, where they basically tap into global fiber back links and poll VN tire internet, so anything that's unencrypted as well as internet companies like Google Facebook etcetera through seven oh two sections seven to five amendment by by compelling them. It's not even a will action. It say you're compelled to do this. And you can't even talk to your lawyer about this or bring it before court because that too is a secret Joe worried about prism. I'm more worried about x corps, which is far more relevant conversation having now unless talk about the correlation between rice case court is a database of global identifiers this. Includes I m e is which are international mobile identifiers. Basically a unique number that corresponds to your phone, which is recorded by cellphone towers captured MAC addresses IP addresses and accounting dis on various things telephone numbers and things like that. And won't. The two parameters to give their allow you to take internet data this being captured through prison index it and search for it using identified stored inexpertise court. That's where it gets really really interesting. And that's really the identifier information that's being captured. And the us meeting thing about this is that when this disclosure came about all of the companies that were forced to comply with this decried. How bad it was how sorry they weren't how much they wanted to change or it. And it's actually quite wonderful. But I didn't inspect the list of companies involved that it would be Microsoft that would be making the most material, you know, engagement with the core of the internet to try to solve that problem because the pulse, you have certain speak for them here podcast, but my personal belief. You know, I don't believe in third party doctrine. I think it's a gross overstaffed of of the constitution. I think the framers before find it just clarify there again, less clarification of terms. Search party doctrine is a legal doctrine that says that when you store your data with third parties such as these service providers, you have reduced expectation of privacy ends that data is no longer. Protect. Acted by the strict constraints of the fourth amendment against on reasonable search and seizure. Any the scary thing is what constitutes a third party. So is your computer of third party is your filing cabinet of third party. So what I think it just came out that Facebook was selling advertiser data to your private instant messages on Facebook because that is considered a third party disclosure now. Absolutely. And those are the sorts of things I think people should absolutely be secure in their in their digital facts. The same way they wouldn't were else. Just like the free speech on Twitter in his words that are not the book was Asians of our amounts. So so this does give people a sense of security privacy that I think that they haven't had for a while. And I think that's a great thing. And we should brace it, and I hope that you know in America. Anyway, that patriotic folks here do invasive because that's our rights in one of the things that we sort of lost over. But I do want to emphasize is how fantastic it spin to sees from a distance you work with the the w three c Adams talked about them a multiple times on the podcast, but the double three sees the World Wide Web consortium, they're eight non political standards or that sets things like what HTML five should look like what all these different functions that browsers us would look like in could look like, and they're one of the most powerfully impactful non-political global organizations out there. So to see this key infrastructure stuff that you're working on at the w three c in an open source manner. Get adopted it means like this isn't that far away from reality to underscore that point ninety percent of the code that we've written today for this project is all already open source onto the centralized any foundations repos, it's licensed under patchy too. It's covered under the same IPR's W3._C. So people are going to be free to use these systems in these protocols the layer two protocol, I mentioned it's actually not chain specific. So it's kind of like if you Britain adapter for your or something or some other chain as a community interested in you could make that same protocol work there as well. And it's one of the most like open source libertarian things that I've ever felt or seen the w three c which it's it's a standard Oric, and you could shoot yourself with all the nonsense that happens standards or, but when the w three says, hey, guys, we think we're going to use this. They're not telling any government to use it. They're not telling any companies to use it. They're not telling anyone else in the world use it. They're just saying. Us these four companies that happen to represent ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of the browser market. This is how we're going to interpret pockets communicated across the inter. Absolutely. Yeah. So the identity solution you're working on once approved and implemented. It's going to be like a switch or it's just every browser in the world can start using an engaging with it, which is going to be amazing. I certainly hope so I also tend to be pragmatic and realistic. I mean, the reason I went to make up to do this is because I thought it had a fighting chance, right? Like you. There's a lot of other great groups out there that are doing good work in the space even work with us. But you're going the titans, you know, well, even even stance within the w three c like we'll happen to three peat. Ryan. It's a great example of a standard, the promise aloft and even golf standardizing ratified, but never went anywhere in terms of mutations. I think the beautiful thing about this particular one is that most of the core identity. Interactions permission. All that stuff is gonna happen through these wallet apps anyway, secure world outs. And so even if say some companies refuse to adopt it maybe empathetical to their business model, whatever they're still a lot of meaningful things, you can do which just the wallet up infrastructure outside of the browser. Save another browser company didn't add it to their stack. It would still have a ton of value. Math one reason we think in opposites essential one independently of them giving it the non which is the ultimate power. So if we had some kind of decentralized organization that it implement this. The instance were opened public Blockchain's really can start influencing the future of application. Right. Once you have a wallet in your protecting keys because of the security of your money. Now, you can use those keys to do other things once that wallet is interacting with your browser with various protocols in you need to have a Enbrel capabilities. Like, we see with things like meta mask, jacks and other Wallace like that. Now, you've got to relationship it's winging the web and your wallet. Now, you can do more interesting things. So the next step is being able to tie identity or discentralising identity to that PF s on other protocols and start building some of this vision of the decentralized web. I mean that's goal. It's beyond core identity. It's beyond just people typically think about thin layer of thirty basis entity well into the realm of powering essential is applications more personal in cryptic communications. All of that stuff is stuff. Vital top of this. You know? I mean, I know you're saying that's why. You wanted to go to Microsoft, heightened? But I always try to remind the people at a theory him that you know, links is awesome. But Lennox really became Lennox when I b m titan through themselves behind it though to see Microsoft throw itself behind open source in the blockchain space in the areas. I think we're the fights need to be had. I think really is one of those like unsung hero sort of things that could really turn the tide in the same way that IBM really did a lot to make Lennox succeed. I know we're kind of come to the end here. But this is my hypothesis of a possible future that could happen. You know, how there's all these folks in the bickering Tinder cryptocurrency community, Peter Schiff, and nearer beanie, and they always make this terrible argument about intrinsic value, which I think all of us agree doesn't exist. Value is sort of this manifestation of the heat in mind, more than anything, and the intrinsic utility of some of these things a piece of paper a hundred dollar bills written on the ability to scribble message on or do cool origami figures. Those are the utilities of the. Those instruments. I would argue that the utility of public Blockchain's even before they were known as money and had that inference by humans was PKI. And so I'm curious what happened when he systems landed if they reach scale in adoption, it kinda sucks, the wind out of those narratives in my estimation. Because now, you can turn around to them say, hey, you know, what you may think it's only, you know, a subjective asset, but it's actually doing this this really mechanical utility function right now that is being used for something that is outside of this composition of money. And I I'm curious what your take on that might be your that might be how goes down. Well, I think it's a cycle, which is that that utility creates value, but the value is the security mechanism. So I you have utility, right? You have something useful than that makes the acids underlying the system valuable and then the assets because they're valuable secure the SIS. In the case of bitcoin. They secure the systems through proof of work can the incentives of the consensus honcker them. But also in the broader sense the existence of value also makes every user who participates in the system for the first time ever care about key management PK on it self failed to launch again. And again in again because there was no alignments into between protecting the keys and something important, and you can't bootstrap it by saying, let's build something important like identity or after station or trust on top of these keys when you don't have any reason for securing them. But once you have money behind them, the money makes the keys worth securing which then makes those keys useful for other applications, which then make the money more valuable, and you have this feedback loop. I think it's it's really a feedback loop. So intrinsic utility value. Value create security security creates more intrinsic utility. And you just keep going circle. So Daniel we're gonna put some links in the show notes to the things you mentioned the repose. If someone's interested in participating in this or in kind of helping out on the effort, where do they go who they talk to? What are you looking for great? Yeah. So we're active in the centralized identity foundation. The euro identity foundation, and the get hub repo is essential is dash identity all the code. You'll find there's patchy too. It's under the threes. PR all the contents critic comes for so feel free to get involved. Also, the w three c has agreed that current group is the credentials community group. You can get involved with that as well. Great folks, Kim Duffy from learning machine and Christopher Allen, formerly block stream or running that group. Those the two groups right now that were participating in love more people came and got involved from policy, advocacy, or code point of view. Now Daniel, you know, just to kind kinda go back a little bit the. Second at his station. You know, your insurance company, for example, we haven't really explicitly talked about it. But this feels kind of like, maybe how the web of trust concept that as entry said is kind of been tried and failed a bunch of times. Maybe it finally goes mainstream is that kind of the goal of this project, or is that where you think you're going or are you basing this off of some other way of thinking in the web of trust. So we definitely believe that the crew attestations were bundle of two stations. Could prove some composite rate. Like, you could say, hey, I need you to give me this proof is this proof of these types. And then I will believe in give you a Bank account. So those proofs could be numerous differential in signed by ton of different issuers. We think that there may be a commercial play. There may be abilities that hey, you know, I can analyze Preussen. I I know who these institutions are. So I'll help make scoring to say. Like, I'll well. Yeah. This is reputable agency were they did comfort done in Bradstreet or whatever the relationship on Texas. You can kind of set parameters say this is what I'll accept. As relying party. So we do think the trust web of trust on in there. And that it probably will play a part. Thanks for listening to this episode of let's talk bitcoin, thanks to Buckner Andreas, and Jonathan Moheb and Adam be Levin preparing on today show. This episode was edited by Dave and Adam and featured music by Jared Rubens, thirty beats John Barrett. Lynched Shaw and more. You may think that this is the credits, but keep listening I prize for listeners both new and old any questions or comments emol, Adam at let's talk bitcoin dot com. Joining us today and with these formalities out of the way hand off to my good friend lead Shaw. Enjoy the show. Hey, you how'd you like VIP pass to the super secret? Bitcoins. Gravy after show. Yeah. Follow me. We'll take you live now to the stork woodland street theater in beautiful east Nashville. Tennessee, Reverend Janis big band down home country jam set today. Byu their new single owed to Toshi hit it, Johnny. Thank you, very. I'd like to dedicate this song to the great American freedom fighter and songwriter. Mr. Pete, see may you rest in peace. I would also like to dedicate this song to undress onto novels for his words of wisdom and hope for Saul now climb aboard y'all this train is bound for glory. Many of room for. Joshi knock Emoto that someday. My love to say, and we don't know much about him. But he came to save the day when he wrote about the way things are in the way things ought to be. He gave us all protocol this world had never seen Khan gone into the old blockchain code. I know you're going to rain Goto rain to everybody knows. Everybody knows. Everybody knows your name. Down the road will be told about the death of old mouth guards of traders trading alter coins at miners mining blocks, but then good back near the nose down to Tennessee. See they don't care to be a millionaire won't end to be three. China's going into the old blockchain. I know you're going to rain gonna rain to everybody knows. Everybody knows. Everybody knows your name. Of Calcutta the halls of parliament thinkers count our money out for every government of bitcoin vise on through the skies virtue. Addity honest to deliver from angel tear the con going into the old blockchain. I know you're going to rain. Everybody knows everybody knows. Everybody knows your name town. Everybody knows everybody knows. Everybody knows your exposure. Everybody knows your name singing. Oh. Space. Go. Here. He's. You'll be good to hear.

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"Hey was a everyone welcome back to stars. Philip inspired gas. Jan The hung and you'll host fall and I hope OHEKA Jan.. Salaam out night. But Tho, loyal new book support that Mr Brahimi Major Noel minima along the skies where so sorry in the Journal these. And in CASIRAGHI IN BUYING A. And In Gaza? So I hope Nah am butting Gaydos they stay with Dan and safe butting go Jan.. And Glonass and New Guinea where it come from boggle on Monday on welcome getting data I think my podcast. GonNa give. Me About home by guest now, Gordon. So by the way you podcast Ghanaian is not your ordinary podcast guide. So a whole support behind you rain we talked about positive within Amanda by Guest Neon. Somalia and Literally Your No. The the sad thing is stories Philippines podcast GM. Brandon Hammond guy when about buying them and Gumy Beto but he didn't give me A. Long Time I. Addo Otto The you upload nothing in the last few months. And during the pandemic Lallana I hope and and thirteen Ko. Now hypoc Ano- is Zan in you bugging. Alone Dan is a man at Osama GonNa mean the your sanity. Avalon knows eleven. and. Gays we really really think you and. Some by my sponsor someone getting sponsor or not then a Yohan. So by the way, guys invade. And NASA and Dan Yachting Badri on. May Yep, nate nothing on delegate Aina my exclusive. Atrial and so. I-. stationed. down. Ray. Jan.. And of course, adding Youtube membership now and if you want to support. Non. I'm if not among our youth again the. The. least you can do is to lie the Youtube video and to share it, and when unless I faced the unions are tweeter. Commenting in an to interact with US I. Know. Miami Miami marlins ZANU PF Eugenie Dan Nath against silently listener lung. So we to know you more we want to interact with you. We want to build a community. No PATAS happen. So I hope we'll give my yet game domino guys. So he asked me stats dominating so say hi Salo. Again. So, in a gay guy at welcomes adding episode neo irony though or Gabbay. Welcome. And Auburn an anathema was nothing. Now, young. Episode Nathan. Nine? Organization the. Jesse pay making by. So alumna about that Ghanaian. BABBA. Our No mark windows new. Non, laugh when that the what Bible Jonathan? I hope Nah. Mcginn ao? Gone. Deny Guadagno semangoh. That but magnetic are coming. You're near up Berrow I think Chaumont with Roy Kosei what I service. So Jim, Bittermann at Boom Yanyan well as shown Misa suburban. So I don't know. When It pushed. By MELENA. So if ever that sham up recording Cami. In. Guys you know by naming live Saffi's will Kenyan. Live being Nan adding my win the. Hang Up. So I just let us know case our Maceio. CASTIGLIA. Gordon Gum in but I'm got down dependent by. Not. bogey-bogey. Joke. Lung Boggy by MOM tumultous point though. Anyway so What I ninety nine hundred. Zero Baba. Really. Ban. I think my window at. The up again battery. Guys I An avid listener here. Thank you so much. God bless. So here it goes. Silent Laugh at but behind the uncommon at one, not log. What more do I using? It'll now pardon my in Asahan he. Winter Long San Antonio. Optical. Story happened on October two, thousand interesting. Seal ethical why Nagoya works long up or Nagoya works out long ago and we'll boardinghouse Shah though in the scene Santamaria present lists programming. So Michelin Me Sapping Data Bowen Yeah. That Lucy Long Mukasa. Must boardinghouse dishonesty at the says inside in does as some Public School College. At you. At the Kim Gay beginning of prevention mean Nanayakkara balloting donor. Eddo McCabe. AC- Lan. Wholesome tobacco. Don't they me? You know Maurici happy says up Rabin Shannon Amina. Szemberg Daniele. By paying those he at the non guiding sad abou. Nessa Ben ABM Neon at Macbeth extorted and yet they keep giving your at asa need don't. UNLESS, those snowmobiling Arrow battle, you think by the wounds after Diana Extra facebook Cher. Karam Domna deemed ocean and Don. Neck do toothbrush morning shower apples mass acquired the me Latte in ice now. Manila. DOC- unkindness grandma's by NEELA. I use them comedy La I see at at at the team and the be Sephora seen soon. Pinson Hamming Mollet Motto Log. Simpson, I mean it mottola shown at all sides on. Trauma. DIADEMA DIMING and umbrella barnaby weapon guy meets he got bin Amin and easy nathen that. been along dose element bulldog yet they can. Demand Doggone keep you he got. The Gedo Shannon Dilawar wound. GotTa be. At Gas. Honeymoon Baggy. BIDAULT BE PATHOGEN hospital. Doug Edna. Then last thing whether Leonardo Nadeau. My unimportance yet. Not Shy. Being in Malayan demanding up Asiatic Kim at NATO Lughnasa they've been yet none. He Gun Lico. Sonya Numb big lie though Nagaland Dowse, you add something no bills headed for nearby. Made them at our biddle number land. mcnabb the though shall senior Newman and Catholic Nagano? AURAS. Battle I think that the We got that will it's the at synagogue how you said for. The League with? Traffic at the Kim. In the one. Friend seeking but we now Zolia guy no one Jessica mean mcelwain Que- but when will been door by New York causing was equally In though you seen beside. Yeah. I don't be no horse animal amid job. Known not any day on. Big. He happen in Egypt Casino Dow. Comma. Lulu I. Don shall means. Can La Bhutan Shannon mock keeping young none but in Bahrain. So Brown, known yet hallows. Bloomberg Jessica, com by the by SABA high. By McGee one seven. Lebron nomadic Sabanilla. It can win the UNI at the advocate at Odyssey's. Romy Patsy Lon Dorm Ieng. At Juliette. From. CHROMA exam business. We grab him going D'Amato Maso brand. I can be going Ho Yan Jace Union Nomex up ninety gun a bug mass. I know. Boy. So. Puna Nah make other bake. In. League with Pacific. So. See Neue you know. I don't know you by noon. On see at the Fifteen. Or so five years ago. So? Next is story number two. catcalled. LISTENER IS WANNA share experienced recent dilemma since I was leaving on my own. Self employed NBC laggy on? Unusually. Meighan Isaka no balloon five to six AM. So these happened no much seventeen. Thousand in seven. It was almost four hundred M nat we decided to buy two seven eleven. Where the Shyla? Battle, it will six or seven Franco Bag Omaha done. Seems Twenty. Now, workout dug a hole up one donor. MUST MIGHT BE LEASE So I was walking by belleek nine, an apartment. When a felt someone's following me. When I know home by. Say Money. My Amana may my glycine by? Bennie, tried to stop the kick. My phone untung he been. The my surprise you WanNa go. On Cinco deny hindalco narrating eating again, footsteps no NASA liquid gold. I Don I. Saw Shannon Leather Shoes Aiming I. I started working again. As I step. Navigating a good the next. Yeah. The media. Indonesia. then. The home mortgage. Navigating. Go. Beaten. Decian Luma lappy. Alamganj bye-bye show lackey. Mainly Montagne Papa boggled apartment go. Little may up don't bungle shot. Asked I'm meese liquid Tunisia known. The mean dig and he? Set them lion it yeah. Meeting. Awesome. Buying. Compaq, Maura. Own if he. Had Be. Market. When? The My dan say street naming that time. Saying Amon Corner Milwaukee happy. When I was about to step forward. May Not. That that that you how about John. Busey, Sarah. Included notting. Hill. And Academia. MEIJIMA downside. Afternoon Bucks with. Net. Now. Do you alone on Pasta. And Gone Sat Napkins in COONASS Opon- Boston a shop the my shop. About you. Can Be. A Maga. Economic Horsey. Stolen Mine Megan to. Know my by on my post, they stated Nalen. then. Not. Any left. Ben. said a year. Afternoon. quillet Latin and lower. Nothing allow because. She needs. Me Lem. Pasta. Guide the Omagh allow of. That name. stabling lower. Nagorno Hunan Markelle Mako. beeping inauguration. Murphy Lackey. What Mata? You Meeting Literal Nah? India. Mindy Tip Shah. Accelerate national. Paul. Somebody. Manage some bipolar pizza barrel Mark Brunell Hope Abolish Eleven Ning, he manhattan alum but the whole. Safe Nah so you sleep goal. Seen Syllabus, home aboard and seven eleven. Not, any Gonan supplemented icicle drivers. Everyone. Many the whole May. Say some steep gin and gave up a Hema combatant unit who ever do? On how Benjamin Bob Ameican depending on Both tops in. My Lab. Doman spend a whole knowns apartment. Nick decide the hundred on me but after week India's not but Maga whole boggles. Menomonee hinden Vita goumas onion on. Hosie non-payment Papa. Be Exact. So Mason and this many laying Lugar in dial. Camry. Resins. WE CANNOT BE Borrowing. NAME MAGICAL GUYS IN A. I don't mind by style Samara dicamba. Guy. You might starting at the. Be. So ING ING at Tomago and one mother. About. Not Seventy living that dismay. Apartment. Goldman. Along. Say That We know magazine. But anyway. I don't go in your Nazi the Guinean Orrin Napa. Me Immune but I'm them say no debe. Jim I'd seen Obana money. A young guys next story. at the inviting I three months. This is a story about my friend who has a very tragic experience, her name sneaky. Of course, at her real name Niki. Very good. Friend of mine. She has a boyfriend was named David also not this real name. Niki and David are lovers were fibers. Last month, we had a conversation with Niki phone. She called me up exactly to am because she had a very strange nightmare. See Nabbing Ashkenazi David they, saw last up on a Guinea. and his hair west coauthored now Baden Doug Guiding Lang side. But got look. And his eyes is red and bloody NAP Biden me on the go. Begging for him. And he's holding three rows. Below my knee David Battle Kenya Mabul it. He still far. She tried to run towards him, but she can move her legs for it west heavy. then. Very loud. ECHO came out into her ears and because of that. She will come. When she will. She found herself crying. and her bed was on. Scott third. ECZEMA Orlando Shanmuganathan David. The no argon yesterday we better be seeing Leonardo. At Thornton Bola Toilet. But still very busy. When she looked at her side. She saw a very strange shadow. Young Mama Bene-. Nagoya Shah no no. Allow any. No. You know why? Why good. She told me everything with the week voice. See Be Cool. About unbanned beaten a monopoly. One adding the weeds Vineland, my man apm won't GonNa Yet Worth Nemo Bamenda. Seni- because Hannah and in a very worried voice. Both in my not GonNa Menendez Shah Hyper Buydell. Demanding ATM. We went to the house. But our Sir Bryce. When on DVD LUMA BASS Instead Her mother asked. That, he died of a murder. He they'd because he was protecting Niki from a man. As he was walking along the street. These men is Niki Stalker. But Niki has already a boyfriend. So he planned to rape Niki on her birthday. David was walking along the street towards the House of Niki surprise her for her birthday. The incident happened when Meka dreamt of him crying with blood. At exactly midnight. The people found him lifeless. Still. Holding Three Rosa's he bought for Niki. Niki was is stunned and was shock and she never stop crying and very cold wind. Bass aspire cheeks. Gently And a voice saying. And Peter now's that'd be more. Happy Birthday my dear. We never stopped praying for his soul. For, my friend's birthday became. Very tragic death fist boyfriend. From era of. Story I NAPA Guy Lung Mun. The delay at again a bad. Mom's I or someone special to you. A NOLAN EASTERN BOB item. We never know whom? Elegant or elegant Benon Yada but in A. Anyway Stella Gung. Cat The haunted on what the holidays are window. And now I don't got so brat. Thanks for that story by the way is these these all story now being Bossa who came from Spooky Fight Beach So. If Obama by signing iming Meighan though this is a beach facebook. And thank you spoke fight for letting us very this story. And but again. Story. Next story neither anything story number four. God's message. And a Guinea Ho Nassau Brung leam. Bow Labus. Anassa Alani. Including young my home so maccabean Boina. Hot One morning Yati. Unbinding one, young a guidance allowing it. aren Gillette Kit Lung. People were crying apple's new mealy one on it. Soberly wine I got my colleague NAP. By. The Latin. Sam. Judgment Be. Jesus is coming. In a ballot ahonen effort. So tackled. Dumas bilateral look back. My whole. My Bella. Honan Yuck. Hold not what the whole hubbub me. The all Ma means allowing it's attack owner being about both happening. I was begging God to forgive me for my sins. About buying on our honeymoon. Only CAN LEARN NASA BE DABBLE MIA. Apple Snag using a whole. PHTHALATE buttonhole doing as if we gene coon. It could be a glimpse, some willing pogba Jesus pack, or judgment the. I do not know what it means. It was not the first time nine and a Guinea. Paul God. Jesus. Why Mary? Ma Saints. It started when I was a fibrous all done in our. Recent dream school icy seemed Philip Neri. Doom. May Sixteen two, thousand, seventeen. It was Michael. The Archangel. Coupling, and again, gas on Alexa. He knew in your heart. Casino Selah. Baidoa. I always tremble with fear couple of cigars. That's Jesus. CanNot even face them because of fear. I will share my other dream. Deals next name Saddam Banana. Amazon as a Bible. Hadn't nine Ghandour Gay God or Jesus, the tremble with fear. The kind of fears putting towards. I can't sleep. So I decided to share this behind the reason Wayne and a Guinea Bahama Bella SONATINA. Let people know that there is God God is freely Jesus Israel. He is coming like that on the by boiler. Know at seen. You will tremble with fear if got. But he's spree and pre and repent. Is Army secrets only may hospital knew about it. And share it with anyone because Ainu most will not believe. Ordinary, in our long. Battle I always pray and ask forgiveness from my scenes both INTENTIONAL UNINTENTIONAL I always bray they're also in the morning and before I sleep. Together with my hobby. Every morning thinking him for everything asked the forgive my scenes. Rafer my loved ones for the souls and for those who are seeking dying. Bilas are needs for the seniors and bill us with me leave God and how forgotten him. For the country and our. Leaders. Any advocacy the up just for yourself. We go to church every Sunday. We are devout Catholic. We have eased as religious as I am humans I you born again if Conan Affleck on that. Do, not judge may believe there is no right and wrong religion. Unimportant. They Fade Moi Guida by versus religion sprees, pastors old and other church leaders won't save us our faith in God with. That is the only way again, Ray and bent by E C of Manila. Yeah AC YOU'RE RIGHT By. Nala Gate the NA every I will see Mary need bowel. Knew that time revelation. and everyone will weep cut by doing named. But I think everyone will see. Everyone really see. What I, exception, technology neither noon. Imagine, Yoga. Nassau. Let you on thousands of years ago. Technology not. For. The maglev may not phone Naso. Monier China. Now though that Agai. Everyone will see when Jesus came back here on Earth. And everyone will try and boy. They will we? Say. You by. at the Yuba. Diet is go to young adult napping Taniwha the MAGNA. Whether the others will be because. Maria Leissner la. Now Molly by. Bennie newland or the now. ALAMEDA, Hon. Do not believe in. God. But. It's no, it's right before their eyes. And that's why everyone will we believers nonbelievers everyone will we? And now my in in we beg for forgiveness. Judgment a Judgment Day. and. Not Allow Again Lallana if you're not sure with With. Our done you open. After this life when I. There is life after they skies. And Mandy. Discontinuing the ever. May Not by homecourt savvy. Outdone Combat Gas Gallagher. Domes make English. Began been, appointed on ace. I know must be in more. You'll many while you're anime. Joyce. Oppose found out. Mona. When Adam umbrella after Momma Thi-. Or you'll neekam many wilander majors abundance boy jar and then after my. Milan will not pushing. and believing than gays as A. A knee your owner. or You. Animal your. NEW MONEY while La. You believe at least you believe with all your heart. And then. You'RE GONNA must've been. When Yati Alan? NAIAD and then after after Mobile Mama I. Went on Bella Guinean. Up Please Shinde Dina signing on them all. Out Done. Got Aloe. Essay, you live your life Righteous. I getting important. Go You live enjoyed to order to the fullest. Debate. On Osama. By Gas, I wake on In begun, any new wireless joyous opposites you find out. Now. But come on Damon will end up. And Apolo that Palacio so it's too late. So. Nice no whatever your belief he's been in. Respect that. But the fact that he can be thank you and you believe in the afterlife and you believe what? What is behind you believe in the spiritual. Realm. Nearby And I repent. ABC ABC. BCS ABC long except that Jesus? He's has died for your scenes. Believe. Believes on Yana Shannon jus-. In confess. Must. ABC. When I went outside in. Gus Maga hat on buying something. Union guys. So in. India, yeah me myself I believe. I believe I came from Christian. Family. And I used to go to church every Sunday. So since pandemic while. Guys you know? Impetus. On. by the day with them by the Danish. Is What annoying running gag going mole after this life. By as he the reality star is something beyond this. About When where will you spend your? Choice man joy snapping allowed me piglets happen. Will on him. I love him, and Danya. I'm loving debility, JEN, gas guide guide I. Love. Indianapolis happened. Betas seem even Bouna inbound loving God been upper Assan. Macau Indeed Shannon APPA To though alone in huma go and nothing consequences. By John Loving lobbing is Hannah Minardi Button. Now these. Is Late. Moon. About on Goma alum Leeann. Never, Indian beat tomb love. I owe more. By. Going yeah. They need more message. For sure. By. Arkell name would anatomy doll. Good I. Know. God is leading you hear this. And Any any going on. There is some point in your life that you will hear about God and he said them give. Them to work on the cross. There is one point in our lives guys. Guy On Raymond not the yen. Be wouldn't does a boy you're an unending Yuna. And Alabama. Vein. Jesus the Mothership Outta your of the worst Fasak Salonen. And making and I don't WANNA sound religious here but that's the reality. Reality Guys let's that he -ality. Okay so So I hope Major Maha by and I think my window. I hope Onen Guy so may parked. Next time now no. Man. Made but I. Amber episode in though I hope. Hope me. Not something. On the tournament and unexpected Goma new you and the. Guy In the sound Massana so Any scripted known. So, if you want to know more about life positively dive diving gone my. Blue High Gagnon mining are not your ordinary guests young say spotify. and. 'cause I'm Huntingdon's era and Mayo and now me Guangming Episode, then publish. Night is about your relationship with your emotion so Santa Bangor new guys. Madly support and. This is.

Niki Stalker NASA Shanmuganathan David India Gordon Gum Philip Neri Maga Youtube Eugenie Dan Nath Paul God Mindy Tip Shah Ray Jim Manila Bennie newland Somalia US John Loving Brandon Hammond New Guinea
One Step Beyond

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

05:06 min | 1 year ago

One Step Beyond

"Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I've your host kit chrome. I'm working my way up to my two hundred podcasts. That that'd be my two hundred mystery. People ask me where I get ideas from my stories again everywhere but I do the same thing that every producer of every mystery show show is ever done. They look at newspaper articles. They look at strange things that have shown up on other newscast then they do their research. Not exactly what I they do. Come up with stories and then I have to dig and find out. Is it a program or is it just an interesting factoid. Well today we're going to go back. Sixty the years in time to nineteen fifty-nine. Were a lot of this began. America was a different country in so many ways spaghetti came in a can. There was only waxed paper. The cheese of choice was VELVEETA. Nobody had heard of Cappuccinos. Television was relatively new technology for the public and color. TV was just coming coming. On the market westerns dominated the airwaves many historians referred to Nineteen fifty-nine as a sponsor identification year who can forget Campbell's jumbles lassie many major American companies like Revlon. US steel were sponsors of original dramatic shows shows like the life of Riley was sponsored by Prell Shampoo. PABST blue ribbon beer. An American Meat Association but one company took a bold step Alcoa Kohl presents. That would be Alco aluminum. It's sponsored the first paranormal anthology. In the television show one a step beyond host. John newlyn introduced each episode as documented based on real human events. One step beyond predated needed rod servings twilight zone by ten months though John Newland Rod Sterling. Were friends the theme of their shows. Were light years apart twilight zone. According to serling was pure fantasy newland based each episode are real human event one step beyond was truly truly the beginning followed by the twilight zone tales of the unexpected amazing stories the outer limits and half a dozen other horror fantasy programs but none could boast the their program was based on real and true human. That's indeed one step beyond was an exception to the programming. I mean formula in celebration of the January nineteen fifty-nine launch one step beyond we're gonNA take giant leap back to eighteen. Ninety create an amazing novel to Tilleke written by Morgan Robertson in eighteen ninety eight remember that date. The story was about the largest largest cruise ship. Ever constructed the tighten it could steam along at twenty five knots a speed of unheard of at the time on his maiden voyage. It struck doc an iceberg but because there weren't enough lifeboats thousands drown now remember. This is the fictional story of Titan. If this sounds a little familiar a little I could. Titanic let's compare notes remember. The Titan is completely fictional and written fourteen years before the titanic both ships I had a top speed at twenty five knots. The Titan weighed in at seventy thousand tonnes the titanic at sixty six thousand times Titan was eight hundred hundred feet long. The titanic eight hundred eighty two in the book the Titan was described as unsinkable. As was the titanic. Both ship ship struck an iceberg and sank in the month of April. We'll never know where author Morgan Robinson got the idea. For the book futility about the unsinkable Titan he was born in eighteen sixty one died nineteen fifteen but futility was his only book in nineteen fourteen. He reissued a new version enough utility and included a short story called beyond the spectrum which described a future war between the United States imply Japan Japan does not declare declare war but launches sneak attacks on. US ships route to Hawaii. There he goes again did more than Robinson have dreams of the future without knowing or was he possessed a pre cognition. We may never know. Critics are silent on the topic. This BAIXA question during this the Golden Age for riders a time when more books are being written and published in any other time in history will another Morgan Robinson emerge someone who rights of the future event and Louis to see it occur or will his or her story be rejected as too fantastic and highly improbable. Only only time will tell the events of sixty years ago one step beyond was produced here night owls sound studio and Al Creek Cabin Dot com long. Check it out. I'm your host Kit Chrome. Thanks for listening.

Morgan Robinson US John Newland Rod Sterling producer John newlyn American Meat Association PABST America Prell Shampoo Alcoa Kohl Morgan Robertson serling Japan Campbell Hawaii Tilleke Riley Louis eight hundred hundred feet seventy thousand tonnes